A  New Age Cabin Concept



Hutfam Evolution is a 'Real World Views' objective observation and study of the evolution of the Hutfam Stopinder or  the first substopinder (Do) of the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave 'MI' which is  based on the 1st Physical Body types or Types of Building Paradigm as its immediate obvious outer expression of this substopinder sociocosmic being.  The Age of Aquarius witnesses the evolution of the Hut Concept of the Piscean Age into A New Age Cabin Concept which is a significant evolution in hutfam design,  construction technology and a set of utility inclination directed towards simplicity, naturalism, holism, environmental harmony and transquility all with commercial tourism purposes relevant to our times.  This approach is based on the psychological principles and relies on an established sociocosmic octave model for classification and reference.


We introduce you a Cabin Concept in the light of the philosophy of New Age living lifestyle in Northeon Walden Forest:


    A New Age Cabin Concept (Norway Evolution) 



Price Per Unit:  MYR35,000

(Excluding transportation costs but includes installation or setup on site; no interior appliances & equipment, refer to details)

Delivery time in Malaysia:  2 weeks  after order

Professional Contact Person:   Tan Man-Ho


If you are interested for more information, please contact Tan Man-Ho

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