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Each sociocosmic stopinder of the 1st lateral and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octaves is born, grows, matures, renews or recycles and dies.  It has a profile of itself in the proper names and engages in routine activities to keep it living, has proposals to extend and advances itself and has projects to realize and materialize into larger sociotechnocosmic beings.  Its laujinggong forces of production enables it to produce more and more goods and services, distributes them to many parts of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being for consumption.

Its is a productive organization in the sense of producing commodities such as goods, services and ideas (intellectual properties, IPs), distributing them and consumming them by all the sociocosmic stopinder beings in the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  These commodities are consumed to maintain, repair, replace and dispose the toxic wastes and to keep all the sociotechnocosmic stopinders alive, not to forget and certainly includes the biocosmic human beings - the basic unit of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.

These organizations are sociocosmic enneagrams and each enneagram consists of definite 'moments' and move in accordance, mainly to a standard enneagram model as depicted in the diagram below:


The traditional model of its production/operation system can be described in the diagram below:

The laboring forces for production (the human resources) continuously enter as inputs and convert raw materials into outputs which leave the production system and enter into the distribution system for packaging and transportation (instead of conversion) to destined locations and finally enter into the consumption system in the retailing centers and into the households and as well as the work places for the final end users.  The goods, services and IPs or commodities are accumulated labor that become alienated from the producers to the capitalist owners during this FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.

ManHo Management Consultancy investigates, conducts research studies and writes about some of these organizations of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave which arise (in Malaysia) and present their profiles, proposals and projects in hand, not in trioctave materialistic terminologies but in contemporary professional terminologies of our times with the aim suitable for the peculiar contemporary logic of understanding.

Some 57 papers are listed here:

MMC's proposal, projects and profile write-ups for corporate clients:


  1. LOH Corporate Identity System and Human Resource (Project cum Report, 64 pp., February 6, 1995 ) -- Car Aircon Retail Industry

  2. Hock Enterprise Group of Companies (Company Profile, pp.23, June 20, 1995) -- Plastics Remanufacturing & Recycling Industry

  3. Hock Enterprise Group of Companies: Strategic Management System, Strategic Business Unit (SBU), Business Plan (Strategic Analysis Project Paper, 56 pp., June 20, 1995) -- Plastics Remanufacturing & Recycling Industry

  4. Paya Beach Resort Redevelopment Project Pulau Tioman ( Feasibility Study & Concept Development Project Paper, 100 pp., 1995))  -- Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  5. Project Evaluation: Paya Beach Resort Redevelopment Project, 5-Star Resort  (Project Evaluation, Feasibility & Cashflow Analysis Paper, 27 pp., October 30, 1995) -- Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  6. Flotation Exercise of Proposed Crescendo Corporation Bhd. Information Requirements to Securities Commission (Project Paper, 47 pp., November 26, 1995) -- Housing Development & Construction Industry

  7. Project Evaluation: Paya Beach Resort Redevelopment Project (34 unit Chalets) (Project Evaluation, Feasibility & Cashflow Analysis Paper, 20.pp., December 11, 1996) --  Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  8. A Preliminary draft on a Proposed River Theme Park at Sungei Paya, Paya Beach, Pulau Tioman (Proposal Paper, for Merdeka Hotel, Kluang) -- Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  9. Sin Seng Long Springs: Small Springs Manufacturing Industry (Company Profile, 11 pp., April 10, 2000) -- Spring Manufacturing Industry

  10. EVA-CORP : General Purpose Electroplating Services for SMI (Upgrading & Revising Company Profile cum Project Paper, 21 pp.) -- Electroplating Industry

  11. U.D. Motor Group: An Organization Specializing in Car Spray Painting, Alarm Protector, Accessories, Mudguard and Accident Repairs Services (USPD contractor) (Company Profile cum Project Paper, 22 pp., July 20, 2000) -- Auto Repair Service Industry

  12. C-Max Industry: Used Car A/C Compressor Remanufacturing Industry. Information for Loan Facility & Investors (Company Profile) -- Car A/C Compressor Remanufacturing Industry

  13. Elica Interior contract: An Organization that Specializes in Wood-Based Furniture and Fixtures Making, Construction and Renovation Services (Company Profile, 14 pp., September 9, 2000) -- Wood-Based Furniture cum Interior Decoration Industry

  14. Penney Trading Sdn. Bhd. An Organization in the Textile and Garment Industry that Specializes in the Production of Various Types of Garment from Knitted Fabric and in Chemical Dye Stuffs Trading (Company Profile cum Project Paper, 24 pp., December 23, 2000) -- Textile & Garment Industry

  15. Paya Beach Resort: Investment Project, Phase 1B with Amendment - Multipurpose Hall (5 pp., December 10, 2000) -- Resort Industry

  16. T&J Electronic Sdn. Bhd.: An Organization in the Plastic Industry that Specializes in the Production of Bottles and Plastic Supplies (Company Profile cum Project Paper, 24 pp., March 12, 2001) -- PET Bottle Molding Industry

  17. The Financial Analysis, the Projected Income Statement and the Cash Flows for Paya Beach Resort Sdn. Bhd. (Group); Earlier Proposal & Feasibility Studies and other Related Documents (69 pp., July 27, 2001) -- Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  18. A Complete and Economical One-Stop System of Disposal or Recovery of Unwanted Transformers and other Scraps from TNB throughout Peninsular Malaysia (Company Profile cum proposal paper, 31 pp., April 25, 2001) -- Scrap Industry

  19. An Efficient and Cost Saving Plan for TNB Workshop Services’ Existing Storing, Inspecting and Repairing Services of Broken Down Transformers (0.75MVA ~ 30MVA) at its Main at Malim Mawar and at its Regional Stores (Proposal Paper, 30 pp., April 25, 2001) --  Scrap Industry

  20. The Main Issues of the Value-Added Services of AMI’s Proposed Contracting Schemes for Scrapping and Disposing of TNB Transformers throughout Peninsular Malaysia and its Relevancy & Benefits to the TNB Vendor Department Policies (Report, 11 pp., July 16, 2001) - Scrap Industry

  21. Yong Ann Heong Food Industries S/B: An Organization that Specializes in the Manufacturing & Sale of Bakery Fillings (42 pp., August 10, 2001) -- Bakery & Confectionery Ingredient Manufacturing Industry

  22. Ownbake Ingredients Sdn. Bhd.: A Wholesaling Cum Retailing Trading Company in Bakery Ingredients: Preliminary Draft on the Proposed Investment Opportunity at Ownbake Ingredient S/B (Company Profile cum Proposal Paper, 10 pp. August 14, 2001) -- Bakery & Confectionery Retailing Industry

  23. Project Profile :  The New Chalets, the River Houses, The Family Suite House, the Multi-Purpose Hall, the Health SPA and the Swimming Deck at Paya Beach Resort (Project Paper, 25 pp., September 1, 2001)  -- Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  24. The C.K.Chai Group of Companies: A Group of Companies that Deals with the Diversified Business of Civil Engineering Construction, Building Construction, Transportation, Quarry Mining, Housing, Industrial & Commercial Development, Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturing, Investment Holdings, Rental Business, etc. (Company Profile, 38 pp. October 1, 2001) -- Housing Development & Construction Industry

  25. C.K. Chai's Proposed New Housing & Commercial Project at Taman Mount Austin, Johor (Project cum Proposal Paper, 31 pp., October 1, 2001) -- Housing Development & Construction Industry

  26. Dolomites Confectionery: An Organization that Specializes in the Manufacturing & Sale of Bakeries & confectioneries (Company Profile cum Project Paper, 31 pp. November 6, 2001) -- Bakery & Confectionery Manufacturing Industry

  27. Paya Beach Resort Sdn. Bhd.: A Resort located in the Tioman Island, Malaysia - one of the Idyllic Isles in the Sun (Company Profile, 18 pp., November 27, 2001) -- Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  28. Guna Sejaya Sdn. Bhd.: Cadangan Bagi Pengurusan dan Penyelenggaraan Keseluruhan Bangunan Terminal Bas dan Teksi serta Kompleks Membeli Belah Taman Johor Jaya. Information for Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru Tengah (Project cum Proposal Paper, 28 pp., January 6, 2002), Privatization Project of Central Johor Bahru Town Council -- Trading & Retailing Industry

  29. TC Auto Service Centre: An Organization Specializing in General Auto Repairs, Engine Overhaul, Windscreen & Accessory Fittings, Wheel Alignment & Balancing, Car Air-Con Service (Company Profile cum Project, pp.25, April 12, 2002) -- Auto Service Industry

  30. Wise Exhibition & Promotion: An Enterprise that Specializes in All Kinds of Events Management for Corporate Clients such as Arranging and Coordinating Exhibition, Promotion Fairs and Others (Company Profile, 22pp. April 8, 2003) -- Event Management Industry

  31. The Production of Recycle Paper Products: Industrial Papers Type 38 grams and Type 75 grams (Project Paper, 38 pp., June 10, 2003) -- Paper Recycling Industry

  32. Ikatan Maximum Group of Companies: A Group of Companies that Operate a Diversified Business of Production of Recycle Paper Products, Scrapping Business, Export of Fruits, Sports Toto Agency Business, Securities Trading, Personal Property Development, etc. (Company Profile, 14 pp., June 10, 2003) -- Diversified Business of Scrap, Paper Recycling, Fruit Exporting, Sports Toto Agency & Securities Trading

  33. Altikan Maju Sdn. Bhd. & Penternakan Lamar Sdn. Bhd.: A Malaysian Poultry Rearing and Processing Concern that is Actively Establishing One of the Largest Integrated Poultry Projects in South East Asia (Company Profile, 29 pp. June 28, 2003) -- Poultry Farming Industry

  34. Newly Ten Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. An Organization that Specializes in the Manufacturing, Distributing, Importing & Exporting of Confectioneries, Desserts and Bakeries (Company Profile, 26 pp. December 1, 2003) -- Bakery, Confectionery & Dessert Manufacturing Industry

  35. The Setting Up of Newly Ten's 4 Production Lines: Kuih Lapis, Kuih Crystal, Kuih Bakar and Mua Chee (Project Paper,  37 pp. December 1, 2003) -- Bakery, Confectionery & Dessert Manufacturing Industry

  36. Calinta Maju Sdn. Bhd.: The new hotel & tourism wing of a group of companies known as WFC Group that intends to invest and develop Malaysian hotel & tourism projects starting from the District of Pontian, Johor (Company Profile, 24 pp. February 1, 2004) -- Hotel , Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  37. Calinta Maju Hotel & Tourism Project: Consisting of a 69-Room budget Hotel known as Hotel Pontian, a Shopping Center, a Conference & Meeting Hall, a Food Corner, a Health SPA & Relaxation Center and Calinta Tour Center (Project Paper, 56 pp. February 1, 2004) -- Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  38. A Feasibility Study Report of Eagle Ranch Resort Project at Port Dickson (Project Paper/Company Profile/Documentation, 94 pp. March 6, 2005) -- Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  39. A.O.S Machinery Sdn. Bhd.: An organization specializing in the supply of all kinds of industrial machinery spare parts, systems and equipments for heavy and light commercial vehicles – namely, engine parts, gear boxes, axle parts, belts & chains, clutches, other transmission parts, brake systems, tires, fire truck equipments, aerobridge parts, etc. Proposal to Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) (Company Profile & Proposal Paper, June 30, 2005) -- Machinery Spare Parts Supply Industry

  40. Proposed Sale of Chalets, Restaurant, All Resort Facilities (Assets) and Business Operations of Tioman Paya Resort or Shares of Tioman Paya Resort Sdn. Bhd. (Sale Proposal, 32 pp. August 20, 2006) -- Resort, Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  41. Hotel Sri Perhentian, Pontian-Consisting of 32 rooms, a conference/meeting hall, a food corner and cafeteria (Project Paper pp.20, October 22, 2007) - Hotel & Hospitality Industry

  42. Vitaton (M) Sdn. Bhd.-One of the largest natural mineral water producers in Malaysia that specializes in the extraction, processing, treating, bottling of underground natural mineral water, and producing of cooling, carbonated drinks and beverages under GMP Standards (Company Profile, 39 pp. December 25, 2008 (2nd Impression)  and February 20, 2007 (1st impression) -- Mineral Water, Carbonated Drinks and Beverage Industry

  43. RM16 Million Vitaton Expansion Project: Business Plan (Project Paper, 70 pp. January 1, 2009)-- Carbonated Mineral Water Drinks and PET Bottle Caps Manufacturing

  44. Vitatrade's PET Bottle Caps Production Project (Project Paper, .21 pp. May 18, 2009)-- PET Bottles & Caps Manufacturing and Mineral Water Trading

  45. The Vitatrade's New RM18 Million Expansion Project (Revised Project Paper, 59 pp. August 7, 2009) -- PET Bottles, HDPE Caps and Carbonated Drinks Manufacturing

  46. Yu Hong Agro Food Project: A 120 Acres of Agricultural Land for the Cultivation of Pandanus amaryllifolius (Pandan Wangi) and Cassava (Tapioca) at Lot PTD 31036 and Lot PTD 31038 in Mukim Kota Tinggi for Local Consumption (Project Paper, 43 pp. September 3, 2016) -- Agro Food Project, Agriculture & Food Industries

  47. The Shen Zhuang Group: A Group of Global Companies that Specializes in Providing Integrated High-End Professional Interior Décor Projects for Corporate Clients (Company Group Profile with Market Analysis Paper, 51 pp. January 10, 2020)  -- Interior Décor for Buildings

MMC's own proposals and projects undertaking:

  1. Tioman Holistic Wellbeing Resort/Retreat (Also called Tioman Eagle Resort) - A Health, Education and Tourism Project at Kg. Paya, Pulau Tioman: A HEIGRENS project for holistic healing, rejuvenating, inner work for possibility development, balance, harmony and peaceful lifestyle (Project Paper, 105 pp. August 6, 2006 - May 6, 2011, An MMC's own project) -- Retreat, Holistic Health, Hospitality & Tourism industry

  2. Proposed OIO Bank, PNG (Proposal Paper, 14 pp. September 8, 2008). The Proposal Paper is renamed to Proposed World Peace Bank in March 26, 2011-- Banking Industry, Consular and Diplomacy

  3. OIO Bank: Business Plan (Project Paper, 68pp. September 8,2008 to November 15, 2008; Completed, An MMC's project; The Project Paper is renamed to WPB: Business Plan in March 26, 2011 -- Banking Industry, Consular and Diplomacy

  4. Proposed IPSP Bank (Proposal Paper, 8 pp. October 16, 2007). The Proposed paper is renamed to Proposed World Peace Bank in March 26, 2011) -- Banking Industry, Consular and Diplomacy

  5. Proposed PNG Overseas Mission Office - HK (Proposal Paper, 6 pp. September 20, 2007) -- Consular and Diplomacy

  6. The International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP) (IGO Profile, 68 pp. January 10, 2010) -- Consular and Diplomacy

  7. The Proposed IPSP Delegation to Papua New Guinea in April 2010 (Proposal paper, 9 pp. January 10, 2010) -- Consular and Diplomacy

  8. Proposed International Holistic Well Being Organization (IHWO) (Proposal Paper, October 16, 2007) -- Retreat, Holistic Health, Hospitality & Tourism industry

  9. The 4 Body Shoppe, Holistic Point and the International Holistic Touch Initiative (IHTI) of Fourthway ManHo Center -- Holistic Health Education, Professional Services and Retailing Industry

  10. Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (Mid-Western Region of Uganda) and the Association of the Representatives of the Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara, worldwide ARKBK CLBG, Basic Information (Basic information compiled by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho, January 20, 2011) -- Consular and Diplomacy

  11. World Peace Bank: Proposed constitution of the World Peace Bank with the World Peace Bank Chapters - A Proposal to the World Peace Assembly and the Respective Countries of Domicile (Proposal paper, March 26, 2011) -- Consular and Diplomacy

  12. Etc.


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