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The list below are some of the Academic Research Projects supervised/mentored by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho, or in collaboration with other research supervisors,  as partial fulfillment of St. Clements degree awards.  One of the aims of ManHo R & D Center with regard to its deep interest in research works of other researchers is to spot "discoveries" in their research works that might be of great value to humanity, and to gradually made them known to the world through the internet or other media for the benefit of mankind.  Small and insignificant though some of the ideas contributed in their research piece may appear to the unsuspicious eye, the possibility that they might be contributory to humankind must not be hastily ruled out.

FMC research philosophy is essencely directed to cater for the quality few and not superficially pursue quantity.  Those potential researchers are expected to contribute something more conscious and higher to meet the criteria intended for this type of essence-focus research center.

To meet a real world mandate, projects in the real world - Corporate, NGO and IGO - are sourced for and worked on for betterment of the self.

Corporate, NGO & IGO Research Projects


Some Graduates and Academic Research Projects of St. Clements University Group through MHE are:   

Doctor of Management

Dr. Tan Lai Seng:
"Cross-Cultural Management Issues and Challenges of Working with Foreigners for Global Managers in Malaysia" 

Dr. Fong Swee Suan:
"An Overview of the Management Structure and Datok Culture Management Style of the Feudal Governmental and Political Machinery of  Malaysia from the First Quarter of the 15th Century to the Contemporary Models Today"

Dr. Fong Yong Chau:
"Global Corporate Investment & Strategic Management – Mixed Culture & Crisis Management in Asia" 

Dr. Ho Kim Wah:
"An Overview of the Decision Making and Strategy Review for Decision-Maker in Malaysia to Fight for Survival in a Fast Changing Environment" 

Dr. Lim Kin Fatt:
"An Overview of What the Malaysian Chief Executives, Managers and Operation Workers Can Do During the Recent Global Market Demand Slowdown"

Dr. Moo Chung Hean:
"Inventory Crisis Management in Malaysia"

Dr. Moo Haw Leong:
"Population Ageing Management in Malaysia" 

Dr. Tan Bon Siong:
"A Critical Review and Analysis of Organisation Behaviour and Culture and its Effects on Malaysian Organisation" 

Dr. Tan Yin Huang:
"A Critical Review of the Benefits of Strategic Information System and Information Technology Adopted by Multinational Company" 

Dr. Lim Meng Ming:
" To Develop a Business Strategy Plan for Semi Precision Stamping Industry to face the Challenge of AFTA Implementation" 

Dr. Kaw Ham Why Chin:
"A Critical Review of Change Management to meet the Challenges and Survival of the Competitive Organization" 

Dr. Tan Hui Yang:
"A Critical Review and Application of Corporate Strategy and Crisis Management in Volatile Situation"


Master in Education Management

Chong Teck Siong
7 Education Management research assignments plus a thesis (in Chinese)


Bachelor of Arts in Education Management

Sokhvender Kaur:
7 Education Management research assignments plus a thesis


Bachelor of Science in Psychophilosophy

Chen Chiew Ling:
“A Summary of the Key Points on The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution by P. D. Ouspensky"
"Abnormal Psychology: DSM III & Natural-Based Therapeutic Recommendation Studies"
"A Practical Guide to Counselors Working with Young Children in Malaysia"


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Ngeow Kim Siong:
"The Influence of IT on the Small and Medium Industries in Malaysia" 


B.Sc. In Computer Studies

Yian Xing Jian:
"An Overview of the Java Language and Its Potential in the Future Development of the Computer Language" 


B.Sc. In Information Technology

Chin Wei Yen:
“The Introduction and Development of Windows NT Security”


Bachelor of Business in Computing

Chua Chee Jen:
"Human Resource Management" 


Bachelor of Business in Accounting

Hiew Choon Kong:
"A Review at the Legislation or Buyback of Share in Malaysia" 


Bachelor of Business Management

Lai See Keong:
"An Analysis of the Prospects, Marketing Strategies and Implementation for a lightweight Concrete Product in the Malaysian Construction Business" 


B.A. In Teaching English As A Second Language

Ng Seak May:
“A Modern Approach in Teaching Effective English in Malaysian Primary Schools”


B.Sc. In Computer Studies

Chong Boon Leng:
“Basic Computer Language: Research and Development” 


Bachelor of Business Administration

Teo Sok Kiang:
"Management Styles in Malaysian Firms as Perceived Through the Current North American and Western European Management Theories" 

Leom Fan Suan:
"The Merger Process of Financial Institutions in Malaysia During the Financial Crisis of 1997"

Gui Kian Boon:
"Understanding Consumer Behaviour and its Importance to Modern Marketers” 

Sung Boon Chin:
"What and How Marketers Can Do With the Current Marketing Concepts and Tools”

Doony Woon:
“What a Human Resource Manager Needs to Know about Human Resource Management” 

Ng Sun Sun:
"What Corporations Need to Know About ISO 9000 Certification"

Sim Tze Fang:
"Understanding Sun Tzu through Modern Strategic Management Approaches" 

Dii Siew Peng:
"Logistics and Physical Distribution Management" 

Tan Tze Yin:
"Personal Qualities, Communicative Skills and Selling Techniques of Effective Insurance Salespersonship: An Instructive Prospective" 

Lai Geok Jin:
"How to Become A Marketing Professional"

Loo Nic Kee:
"The Approaches of Japanese Business Management and Leadership Styles" 

Daisy Chong Yang:
"Recovery plans for the current economic crisis in Malaysia: - The Malaysian Approaches"

Song Poh Long:
"Understanding International Communication and Negotiation"

Tea Hua Tian:
"The Analysis of Malaysia's Economic Success Story Now and Then" 

Ong Bee Kim:
"The Benefits of Insurance to the Various Sectors of the Malaysian Society: A Systematic,
Theoretical and Comprehensive Approach" 

Tan Bee Bee:
"The Recent Currency and Share Market Crisis in Malaysia" 

Lim Pei Ying:
"The Importance of Training and Development in Business Organization"  



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