The mission of Holistic Well Being, Health food and Health Care in the Light of Hattapattana Perspective
Hattapattana Win Center: OMA's Vegetarian House / Ga Ga's Cafe


A philosophy that has its origin in Theravada Buddhism, the oldest form of Buddhism but related to health care and holistic well being.  The most important Meditation practices laid by the Buddha are the Four Sathipattana Meditations. Sathipattana means being in Mindfulness. These four different meditations guide one's mind to understand reality behind the connection between the mind and the body. They are Kayanupassana (Contemplation on the Body),  Vedananupassana (Contemplation on Feelings), Cittanupassana (Contemplation on Thoughts) and Dhammanupassana (Contemplation on Dhammas).

Pattana and Anupassana carries the same meaning of contemplation/meditation with the exception that the former also means renewal and continuity. All beings associate some kind of a physical body or Kāya (in Pali) for which the 4 forces of creation operate in the body. These forces are: 1. Patawi or Earth (Feeling/sensation of hardness and solidity)   2. Apo or Water (Feeling/sensation of liquidity)   3. Vayo or wind (Feeling/sensation of air)   4. Thejo or Fire (Feeling/sensation of heatiness or mild temperature). This philosophy of healing resembles the Traditional Dai Medicine of the Dai tribe of Yunnan. 

To quote a research analysis findings:
“TDM theory has its own unique characteristics. “Ta Du Dang Si” Theory (TDDST or caturmahabhuta) and “Han Ta Dang Ha” Theory (HTDHT or skandha) are the core theories. TDDST regards the body as being formed by four cosmic elements including wind, fire, water and earth. Disharmony of these elements gives rise to pain and disease while harmony results in good health. HTDHT refers to form, consciousness, feeling, perception and intention to explain the physiological structure, phenomena and spiritual activities of the body.

"Ya Gei” theory (YGT or Detoxification theory) is a unique supplementary theory of TDM. Its core content is to “detoxify before a disease commences and treat a disease after detoxification". TDM believes that all materials which can enter the human body, including food, can produce certain poisonous effects to the body if they are consumed excessively. In order to keep healthy, people must take antidotes regularly to eliminate these micro toxins, and thus reduce the chance of illness and prolong life. Therefore, Dai medicinal theory believes that in the process of daily life, all kinds of internal and external pathogenic factors may lead to imbalance of four cosmic elements and produce some toxins, consequently generating disorders of physiological functions. However, antidotes could be used for release of toxins and adjustments of physiological functions. Therefore, keep the balance of functions of four elements can reduce illness and death.    (Analysis of prescription database extracted from standard textbooks of traditional Dai medicine by Chuang Zhang, Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong, Niwat Keawpradub and Yanfang Lin)"

Hattapattana starts from understanding the true nature of body. The body is the beginning of all sorrow, pain, anger and suffering. The diagnosis and treatment go beyond into the feelings, thoughts, sex, instincts, moving and the subsequent dhammas/suffering "bodies".

The Hattapattana philosophy of living, as taught by her, values living in the present and for the present or for today because it believes that tomorrow never come and yesterday was gone. Both today and yesterday do not exist. Living on today indicates a state of the mind that is Being Present somewhat near but not exact equivalent of Being Present in the Fourth Way understanding.  Fourth Way people in Being Present will always value living in and for the present.  The Hattapattana of K.Win emphasizes the famous philosophy of Know Thyself, and discovering of I AM. Silence is a requirement for such journey for the "Work".


Rarely stressed in the history of Buddhism, the origin of the Hattapattana School of "belief-in-touch" began about 400 years ago, with Mekairs who believed in healing through the hands by touch.  The Mekair guru taught and treat illnesses using hands from generation to generation, developed the Hatta art and practice in treatment at both the psychological and the physical level. Master K Win is the 4th or 5th generation of the Mekair lineage for the 200 years second half of this 400 years lineage, and also the last.  She has perfected her practice and recorded the techniques of Hattapattana treatment in the course of her 40 years of practice.  It was also under her that the word 'Pattana', which means renewal and continuity, was introduced into this philosophy.  Under her, Hattapattana School came into existence. Unlike Jivaka Komarabhacca who is essentially a herbalist healers and Father of Thai Traditional Medicine, the Mekairs are truly eternal expert hand healers who also made herbs. 

They are a special lineage in the history of Thai massage whose methods and practice is not in line with traditional Nuod Thai but associated with treatment methodologies through the hands. The small group of Hattapattana followers especially the Oma followers, mostly ladies, are highly disciplined and follow strict precepts. They wear all-white and eat only vegetarian food once a week and on Buddha Day. The higher level individuals are full vegetarians. They consume cheese and milk in place of meat.  They meditate or Samadhi once a day, early in the morning or at mid-night and often practice group meditation. One of their gurus is the revered Ohm Namo Trithep of Thailand. The notion of Oma or Guru of 'Motherly Love' is a part of the understanding that is blended with vegetarianism. Their understanding about religions is 'Religion is universal and it is one'.  The meditation has far-reaches to the level of cosmic meditation.

They practice the art of, beauty, SPA, divination and have intimate knowledge of the Tarot.  The high level of practice that is expected from the pupils soon lead to the diminishing number of Mekairs.  K Win is considered a developed individual or higher Mekair.


Early in the 2006's through the 2015, Hattapattana win operated a Vegetarian House and an OMA Cafe at her Hattapattana Win Center in Ban Tharnintorn in Don Mueang, Bangkok in Thailand. the house offered good tasty healthy organic vegetarian foods which were sourced mostly from the organic farm in Nakon Phanom, Thailand.  There was a small mushroom culture at a corner in this center.  The food was well prepared and OMA Menu more or less standard, and cooked with heart and love and that is why the food taste unique and excellent.  According to this health food philosophy of Holistic Vegetarianism such foods cooked in this way would taste better and spiritually good for health.  The philosophy of this Oma, meaning 'grandmother' in the German is based on the wisdom of motherly-love where love for holistic vegetarianism is practiced.  The house was pioneered by a lady called Aachan Pithoonthong Saengthong (nickname 'K. Win).

Later in 2015, the house was restructured because of declining business and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are offered as a balance.  Kaka's Cafe (often known as GaGa's Cafe) is introduced and OMA is retained and meant to serve vegetarian foods while Kaka is meant for non-vegetarian foods to take on a less esoteric style, a sort of a departure from the vegetarian context.  The house still sells quality coffee, drinks and smoothies, and Kaka Coffee drinks found here include Expresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha. Green Tea, Ceylon Tea, dutch Coco and Italian sodas are sold here.  Hattapattana is reserved for some treatment therapies which is also offered in this center.


There was a mini-library consisting of books related to holistic health, psychophilosophy books, new ageism, vegetarianism, meditation, etc. You could often hear the soft whispering new age music at this center.  There were some good information on tailored private tour packages available to various natural therapeutic tourist spots in Thailand such as the Hindad Hot Spring and Saiyoknoi Waterfall in Kanchanaburi.  The center also helped to arrange and coordinated small private GITs (Group Inclusive Tours) for the purpose of holistic health tours and conventional tours in Thailand such as Bangkok Odyssey. It is an excellent place for small business meet - truly homely.

There is a free WIFI where customers can relax and surf the internet or do internet work with their own portable computer.  The WIFI has good speed.


In the course of her 40 years of experience in treatment on headache, migraine, stroke, rheumatism, etc. The Hattapattana Therapy services were provided at this center.  Hattapattana Master, K Win has developed a treatment system based on touch known as Hattapattana Treatment. The healing touch system is a combination type of massage that is derived from Thai traditional massage, Indian yoga, Chinese acupressure or Japanese shiatsu, certain western soft tissue manipulation, hand meditation and various oriental massage techniques.  A unique characteristics of this type of treatment is its strong focus on treating through the meridian point with precision, positive use of "pain" for healing, starting from the inner energy of the giver to the receiver and vice-versa,  treating the physical body, heart and mind together and treating the elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire in the body. Treatment services must be by appointment ONLY.  This service continued till today!  Fore more information regarding, Hattapattana Therapies workshop and services, Click Here!


The Hattapattana Secret Herbal Recipe products are normally prepared for the use by the inner circle, pupils and special customers but are made available upon specific order.  The group also concocts 3 notable herbal remedy products whose secret recipe is handed down traditionally from the Mekairs with an understanding of the 4 principles of Earth, Water, Fire and Air principles.  These products are:

Hattapattana Oil (15ml)

Hattapattana Oil (5ml)

Thai Astrology

Thai Astrology

1) The Hattapattana Oil which is concocted in various combinations and proportions from up 24 types herbal ingredients and 100% pure.  The oil is developed through transforming the crystals of solids (Earth principles), liquid (Water principles) and mantra chanting by a pair of male and female chanters.  User of this oil is required to place a bit of the oil in their palm, rub the palms together to provide heat (Fire principles) from his/her body so as to vaporize the oil.  Then inhale the vapor of this oil as aromatherapy.  The oil is good for curing headache, dizziness, body stiffness, tension, dryness of the mouth, sore throat, blocked nose, eye-ache, neck-ache and useful when one feels very sleepy while driving a car.

2) The Hattapattana Ointment/Cream which is concocted in various combinations and proportions from up 24 types herbal ingredients and 100% pure.  The oil is developed through transforming the crystals of solids (Earth principles) into semi-solid ointment (Earth-Water Mixed principles).  User of this ointment is required to place a bit of it on the region of the body where there is pain and rub so as to generate heat (Fire principles) so as to relieve the pain.  This pain must be from internal injuries or chronic pain due to internal causes where there are muscle bounds, sprains, and stiffness of the muscles, tendons and ligaments - something that has been formed over the years.

3) The Hattapattana Herbal Remedy which is a mixture of numerous herbs and carefully prepared to preserve the active ingredients.  It is in powder forms (Earth principles) and to be mixed in warm water (Water principles with mild Fire principles) and to be drank.  In the digestive system, the products can move and disperse bad 'congested pool of gases and winds' in the intestines that causes uncomfortable

 feelings, headaches, mild tummy aches, indigestion, cloudy minds, etc.


Master K Win is well-known in Thailand and European countries for her famous Star Reading (Divination) track records for which she has more than 40 years of experience. She has read the Stars of prominent figures in Thailand before. She is known for her high level of accurate predictions (high probability of reliable predictions).  If you wish to have your Star read by her with the printed versions in Thai and English, please provide your EXACT DATE and TIME of your birth to either Master K Win's email address at pithoonthong@gmail.com or Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho's email address at tanmanho@hotmail.com. The fee is USD65.00 and must be paid before she would accept your Divine Star reading assignment. The interpretation will briefly answer the following questions:

1. What you want to know about your general life in the past, now and in the future

2. What you want to know about your business, health, luck and others 3 months ahead from now (into the future)
Interpretation will be to the months and the days if the exact date and time of birth is accurately provided

The center has a big comfortable superior Hattapattana treatment room, a divination room, a guest hall, an oil treatment room and a spa treatment room. It has guest rooms.  Both treatment and trainings are of very superior nature - World Class status so to say and with knowledge and understanding. Trainings are mainly on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Guests normally come from European countries, Middle East, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and various parts of Thailand.


The center, now shifted to Malaysia and under Fourthway ManHo Center Malaysia, offers some short-term trainings and educational courses related to holistic health, nutrition, vegetarian science and well-being living.  It provides consultancy in trainings and education in such fields and facilitate overseas certification.  Certification from the trainings related to holistic health comes from foreign professional centers and universities, and awards include professional certificates, diplomas, degrees from bachelors, masters to doctorate level.  Courses consist of online, workshops, seminars and tests if needed. Trainings must be by appointment ONLY.  You can refer the programs from ManHo Higher Education and contact either Dr. Tan Man Ho if you want more information.


Master Pithoonthong Saengthong popularly known as K. Win), the last Mekair (Hattapattana Master) in the 400 years old esoteric Mekair lineage of the School of Hattapattana Practice whose special manipulative and touch skills are transmitted only through inner family circles.  She is founder of Hattapattana Win Center and establishes an Oma's Vegetarian House later in the same center, which is further changed to Ga Ga's Cafe.  She is an established professional holistic health practitioner in her own right.  She has 40 years of professional and expert services in the Hattapattana therapies which is known for their unique and unparalleled methodologies and astonishing healing results.

She owns and operates a Hattapattana Treatment Center (Hattapattana Win) near the Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand.  The center is well-known for its effective symptoms relief therapies for migraine, lumbago, headache, neck & shoulder ache, and others. It also offers oil treatment, heat therapy, divination, and others.  It also provides trainings in Hatta Pattana treatments and educational services for people interested in earning foreign university degrees.

She has numerous professional certificates related to alternative and natural medicine.  She is one of our IHTI masters and advisors. She has been active in the humanitarian services especially at the HIV Centers in Thailand.  Her hattapattana practice is transmitted orally along the Mekair lineage.  She is managing the Hattapattana Win Center and also work as a free lancer aachan!

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