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For Direct & Fastlane, just
+6012-245 5127 or SMS or WhatsApp or Line or Viber on same mobile number.
Contact Persons:
1. Tan Man Ho  Mobile: +6012-245 5127
 2. Teh Gi Ya   Mobile: +6012-268 7955

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Thank you in advance for your ebooking interest.  We will reply to you through your phone, email or otherwise to confirm room availability as soon as possible!

Note: If you did not receive a response within 48 hours, please contact through our alternative communication channels. Contact Tan Man-Ho at emails: tanmanho@hotmail.com , admin@tanmanho.com, tanmanho@gmail.com, manho2u@tanmanho.com  tanmanho@yahoo.com  or SOHO HQ Office: +607-590 9688
Mobile: +6012-245 5127 or use LINE, Whatsapp, Viber, Facetime, etc.


For Walk-Ins who are already in the island, please pay Cash to TIOMAN EAGLE RESORT at the Reception Counter!  This method is not recommended as you have no Room Guarantee until we have received your CASH.   Please fill in the ebooking form at:


and state the room no. in the 'Remarks Box' and take your room key when Check-In.  Return key when Check-Out
and collect your refundable secured deposit (MYR30 per room).  Note that the deposit will be deducted for any damage or lost of items or appliances during your stay at TIOMAN EAGLE RESORT.

 PAYMENT METHOD: Pay Online For Early Booking to  Tan Man Ho @ tanmanho.com or Fourthway ManHo Center

This method is recommended as we can confirmed your booking.  Before you make any Online Payment especially when you want to participate in odyssey activities from our center, please request, check and confirm for an Invoice or PayPal's Request for Payment from Fourthway ManHo Center (JM0349891-H) Make payment within 3 bank working days after receiving the invoice or the PayPal's Request for Payment.  If no payment is received after the 3 bank working days, your invoice is considered invalid and you have to contact the center for re-endorsement of the invoice or PayPal's Request.  After you have made payment, your room/and or activity participation will be fully confirmed.  Please make sure you bring along the receipt during your participation.


1.   To confirm and secure your ebooking, you must make a non-refundable Full Payment ONLINE through Pay Online to Tan Man Ho or Fourthway ManHo Center (PayPal)

2.   No room can be confirmed or secured without a payment but unsecured rooms will be reserved for you till the last minute!

3.   All Walk-Ins through ebookings or otherwise are unsecured bookings eventhough they are ebookings.  Bookings or ebookings are secured only upon FULL PAYMENT. at Tioman Eagle Resort reception counter (CASH) or upon FULL PAYMENT  to Tan Man Ho (Maybank) or to Fourthway ManHo Center ( PayPal) or any other designated payment center.

4.   Please ebook about 1 month ahead especially during peak seasons - public holidays and school holidays!  Also there will be no refund for no show on the date of Check-In.  Check-In time is after 10:00 am on the Check-In Date and Check-Out time is before 10:00 am on the Check-Out Date.

To Pay Online - Click below for Official Internet Banking/Non-Bank Sites from which you wish to conduct your online payment.  Some of them are listed below for your convenience:

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