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Staffs and Appointees

Mostly part time and contract staff or appointees for specific works with some internal staffs. They are either attached to FMC, MMC, MHE and other departments in the Fourthway ManHo Center's organizational matrix.


Associate members are essencely independent members who have enough knowledge and background of the activities of FMC and are linked to it independently.

As an associate member, FMC gives you the priority and recognition of your FMC-relevant services such as introducing clients, researching, consulting, training, mentoring, facilitating and retailing activities that are related to FMC programs and activities.

As an associate member your activities and conducts are separate and independent of FMC.


We also have volunteers helping in our organizational network.


Plans for corporate associations and affiliations both mutual and non-mutual are still in progress.  There are 2 types of affiliations, one for related business affiliations and the other is Fellowship of Friendly Corporations.

Fellowship of Friends and Friendly Corporations

To be a Fellowship of Friends of the Fourthway ManHo Center, you only need to email the Fourthway ManHo Center to express your desire to be with us and to be in our list, and yet not be incorporated or sociocosmically stopindered. The only condition that is required is that you have to be ESSENCELY in the First, Second or Third Line of Work in the Gurdjieffian and Ouspenskian understanding and your "membership" exists ONLY when there is the WORK PRESENCE in your striving towards 'I AM'.  Your "membership" is non-permanent and is based on moment-to-moment recognition, and for which this FOF is just benchmarking indicator of potential individuals who "seemingly" are on the Fourth Way self-enlightening process.

Fourthway-real world corporations or enterprises that is born out from the legal-ana registry in the mechanics of the sociocosmic octave that belong to you as your legally sponsored beings would fall into the category of the fellowship of friendly corporations or into affiliations.


"At this highest level of measure on humanity and relationship no paper, bars nor chains can be genuinely useful." 

"What is is" (Krisnamurti)


General Benefits

Opportunities and benefits are always available and you can enjoy in the broad sense, without obligation, the following benefits with FMC:

  • Be in the circle of people who are seekers in search & research environment

  • Access to esoteric knowledge and Work Methods, and possible potential link with 'less ordinary' human beings

  • Do your personal research and gain doctorate degrees at your own pace

  • Be mentored and mentor others

  • Invent/build your own products, services and organizations, and operate sociocosmic stopinders "consciously"

  • Business opportunities in cooperative research, consultancy, training, facilitation and marketing are available

  • Have your works listed/or published in the net

  • Participate in research projects procured from corporate clients

  • Be in the network and doing conscious business cooperation

Some Staffs, Associates, Appointees and Volunteers

Malaysia Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho Fourthway ManHo Center
55, Jalan Damai 9
Taman Damai Senai
81400 Senai
Johor, Malaysia

Mobile: +6012 245 5127

Malaysia Tan Wei Song (Volunteer)
Consulting Computer Engineer
55, Jalan Damai 9
Taman Damai Senai
81400 Senai
Johor, Malaysia
Mobile: +6012 424-6786
Thailand Aachan Pithoonthong Saengthong (Volunteer) OMA-Hattapattana Win Center
22/65-66 Thaninthorn Village, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Seekan,
Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210, Thailand

Mobile: +6681 912 4685

Malaysia Tan Yean Ling (Volunteer)
Consulting Pharmacist
55, Jalan Damai 9
Taman Damai Senai
81400 Senai
Johor, Malaysia
Mobile: +6016 789 0237
Singapore Tan Wan Ling (Volunteer)
(Consulting Physiotherapist)
Jurong West Central 1, Singapore
Mobile:+6016 720 9121
United States of America Stella Lee Lin-Far (Volunteer)
International Physical Therapist Consultant & Advisor

1447 Kewalo St. # 402
Honolulu, Hawaii HI 96822 Hawaii
United States of America

Japan Olena Nekrosova (Volunteer)
Fourth Way & Reiki Consultation & Language Training
ICE Global Venture
145-0075, Ota-ku,
Nishiminemachi, 10-7, Bell Foresta Kugahara, 401, Japan
Tel: +8103 6715 5310
Tel: 0803 725 9555 (Japanese line)
Tel: 0908 504 4848 (English line)
Email: and or
Singapore Jossy Chen Chew Ling
(Agape Councelor)
656A, Jurong West Street 61,
05-339 Singapore 641656
Tel: 87999038 (Singapore)
Mobile: +65 8799 9038 (Singapore)
Mobile: +0111766549 (Malaysia)


ManHo Higher Education of Fourthway ManHo Center became an affiliate of St. Clements University group. The Fourthway ManHo Center has legal agreements and authorization letter for mentorship, supervision, counseling, evaluation, advice and challenge examinations for training and education of the content or subject matter of an educational program - Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree programs - offered by these international universities.

For more information contact Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho.    Email:  




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