Volume 160       March 15, 2022


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 2,  by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "Biocosmic Nervo-Reflectant  and the Theory of Material Reflection in Man, Inner Development and Social Upheavals," July 1973 - September 1974 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section H: 'Man-Made Laws: The Laws Obey the Triad and Octave Laws', pp. 133 ~ 149)




(Revised June 19, 2021)


1   Each day I found myself in great disagreement with those artificial man-created laws.  Some laws play fundamental roles, some play secondary roles and some laws are simply created out of the necessity of the mechanical logic itself.  These abstract laws cannot possibly exist in real nature.  They can only exist in photographic nature.  There is no mistaking that nature works more than dialectically.

Man makes laws so he changes out-dated laws and must change them upon discovery - that is the fate of laws in history!


2   It took me quite a reflection to become sure of the inevitable presence of the law of reciprocal feeding, the laws of reciprocal cooperation, the law of reciprocal exploitation, the law of reciprocal compensation, the laws of reciprocal destruction of beings and the law of nourishment to be a set of laws peculiar to the behavior of all beings with life forces.  All these laws obey the triad and octave laws.  The man-made laws obey these greater fundamental laws within the concentric dimensions.


The man-made laws mostly apply to the hethormen human beings and those sociocosmic beings in the sociocosmic octaves. Peculiar enough other unfortunate associated beings can be entangled into a legalanaic triad with man beings too.  A hethormen crocodile being (or a hethormen tiger being) can also become a defender being, say it has killed the son of a hethormen human being and his father, now a plaintiff, has accused the defender of an offense and the hethormen human judge being has delivered a death penalty to the defender in absentia, even in presentia.  The executioner of the law has now to do the legalanaic job of putting this hethormen crocodile being (or the hethormen tiger being) to death.  So our tri-legalanaic force is not just operating within the concentric sociocosmic circles of stopinders and their 1st sociocosmic physical bodies which include those associated chance entangled hethormen organic beings, technocosmic padrigine beings and commodity property beings such as drugs and dangerous bio-hazard viruses, germs or chemicals as well, mostly for death penalty if the beings are living and for confiscation and/or destruction or redistriobution if they are commodity properties (or property beings).


3   Man has emanated and continues to emanate social laws ‑ that peculiar regulations, rules and restrictions set by groups, classes, states and nations for and against adversaries.  Because of the reciprocating application effect, they are also applied to the organizations that formulate them but in a manner of reciprocal catching called laws, although applied fairly to all, yet one of them would get the whip.’  Laws, in this sense, have special aims bestowed by Great Nature.  They are traps for the mice. It is a peculiar supportive function of beings by beings.  Whenever conflict arises, laws come in to seal the dialectical opposites in a triad.  The resolution is the outcome.  Law is a good in that they ensure the existence of that said class which will become extinct if it stops feeding on other classes by “"necessary laws."

The instruments of law emerge in man’s dream of a just world with a philosophy, a vision and mission of this just world full of hope, full of faith and full of love but empty of conscience of a class-identified, a race-identified, a religion-identified, a culture-identified and a civilization-identified world - of a slavery society, a feudal society, a capitalist society or a society with ‘socialism-in-quotation-mark’, etcetera; of white race, of black race, of yellow race, etcetera; of Judaism, of Christianity, of Islam, of Hinduism, of Hinduism, etcetera; of western culture, Chinese culture, Indian culture, middle-eastern culture; of western civilization, of Chinese civilization, and of Indian civilization, etcetera.

The essence  and cocoon of the governmental laws in kingdom (SO-Sociocosmic stopinder) and dynasty/imperial dynasty (LA/TI-Sociocosmic stopinder) governances must be comparatively different both in the Western World and in the Chinese World along historical timeline from 1800 BC till today - emerging, growing, maturing and declining governances - all must certainly be different.  Laws of governance human-made disappear with the collapse of the government, and totally disappear altogether with the extinction of humanity!



Western World

Chinese World

    Dynasties Description







NEOLITHIC AGE. Agricultural communities in Yellow River valley cultivated loess soil with stone tools. Domesticated dog and pig. Hunting and fishing tribes in Yangtse valley.















BRONZE AGE. Primitive Yellow River city states. Probable use of irrigation. Shang-inscribed bones give base line of history. Sheep and goats domesticated. Writing. Beautiful bronze castings. Potter’s wheel. Stone carving. Silk culture and weaving. Wheeled vehicles.










Trojan War








AGE OF ANCIENT FEUDALISM: Expansion from Yellow River to Yangtze valley. “City and country” cells. Increased irrigation. Eunuchs. Horse-drawn war chariots. 841 B.C. earliest authenticated date.













Carthage founded






Hebrew prophets



Greek lyric poets




IRON AGE. Round coins. Magnetism known.



CLASSICAL PERIOD. Confucius. Lao-tze.


Persian Wars













Bronze mirrors.


Punic Wars




(Unified Civilizational
Wenming China
only ONE (1)
LANGUAGE Completed
 in 221 BC)

Palace architecture. Trade through Central Asia with Roman Empire. Ink


Carthage and Corinth










Birth of Christ

First Buddhist influences in China.


Jerusalem destroyed






Marcus Aurelius











Political disunity but cultural progress and spread.


Roman Empire divided




Buddhism flourishing. Use of coal.


Odoacer takes Rome

Trade with Indo-China and Siam.













Large-scale unification. Grand Canal.


Mohammed's Hegira


ZENITH OF CULTURE. Chinese culture reaches Japan. Turk and Tungus alliances.

Revival of Confucianism weakens power of Buddhist monasteries. Mohammedanism. Cotton from India. Porcelain. First printed book. State examinations organized. Rise of Khitan. Foot binding. Poetry, painting, sculpture.




Moslems stopped atTours  








Holy Roman Empire





Wang An-shih.



Classical Renaissance. Paper money.



Rise of Jurchid. Compass.



Navigation and mathematics.


Magna Carta

MONGOL AGE. Jenghis Khan. Marco Polo. Franciscans.







Operatic theater. Novels.





Printing in Europe


Yung Lo builds Peking.


Turks take

Period of restoration and stagnation.



Portuguese traders arrive.



Clash with Japan over Korea.


Religious Wars






American, French,Great
Britain Industrial


Critical scholarship.


Canton open to Western trade.



Treaties with Western powers. Spread of



Western culture. Taiping Rebellion.


First World War

Boxer Rebellion. 1911 Revolution. Nationalist



Russian Revolution



Revolution. Unification under Chiang Kai-shek.


Second World War

Japanese invasion and World War II.

  Unified Civilization

Western Countries
with only


completed yet

Note that this is only a comparative listing between the Western world and the Chinese World.  There are other smaller population worlds, and a big one is India, another in Russia, etc. which have not yet achieved a unified civilizational wenming with ONE (1) LANGUAGE.  Civilizational wenming should be based truly on its own wenming DO, RE, MI and FA intrinsic common population counts in one unified geographical zone and not based merely on contemporary westphalian political nation-state zones or historical unstable SO and LA extrinsic implanting/conquering colonial governances geographical outreaches aplenty which are often poor indicators of integrated civilizational wenming.


Laws that very feeding trap of society which man cannot genuinely fathom the depth of their inner and real meanings – are the law makers’ deep hidden dreams of their 5 inner centers at work in their struggle for survival and for the survival of the fittest-in-law amongst the sociocosmic stopinder beings with much hope, faith, love and conscience.  The man-made laws are enshrined in the code of ethics, in code of conduct, in the stopinder constitutions, in all agreements amongst personates (individuals, groups and families), in all agreements amongst corporates (all the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval of our fundamental sociocosmic octave), in all treaties amongst nationates (all the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders of our fundamental sociocosmic octave) and in all other forms of agreements amongst the 7 sociocosmic stopinder beings horizontal-wise and/or vertical-wise, just or unjust, fair or unfair, equal or unequal, right or wrong, sue or be sued, defend or be-defended, judge or be-judged in psycho-normal court, psycho-abnormal court or kangaroo court ……. all of these particularities of man-made laws and the legalana postures are truly specific and peculiar to the current FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.

The proletarian and the bourgeois, the exploited and the exploiters, the oppressed and the oppressor, the robbed and the robber, the defeated and the defeater, the weak and the mighty, the non-owners and the owners, etcetera struggled in the court and for a resolution of the decision from the judge who come as just, unjust and fair already casted by the law of triad.  The judge and his judgment has an agenda and a feeding apparatus.  But this apparatus may be genuinely different and therefore good (just) or bad (unjust) or doubtful (fair-like) or disguised with ulterior motives apparently good but genuinely bad (unfair).  In other words, we should go about studying and analyzing cases carefully and not to be deceived by all of them or to be desensitized by the used of prejudicial words.  The exercise of that very famous contemporary laws which mystify the argumentative mind of humanity is also part of the process of reciprocal feeding.  The history soft battles for capitalistic accumulation of wealth and socialistic de-accumulation of wealth is endless and is balanced at the 2-point ‘Socialism in Quotation Mark’ and ‘Socialism without Quotation Mark’.

Even in our ordinary eating, we subject our foods to various treatments before we really eat them – so is the usage and treatments of the man-made laws.  Now, here for human, real eating is harder, and hence more complicated treatments are required to really eat the human food.  The most important ‘food’ or energy giving substance to be tapped for such cannon fodder is that something which we called labor or work.  Sometimes the craze for such labor is so criminal that it puts our contemporary Almighty-Eternal-Endlessness into shame for it is so contrary to what certified teachers taught to the little children about the niceties of just judgment and of the terrors of the unjust judgment.

My brave reader!  You see.  There is hardly a day of real safety, especially the said “invisible” strings that steal your labor.  So long as we cease to be machine, cease to be pulled by invisible strings and construct or build our permanent '‘I'’, we would remain a permanent cannon fodder.

The peculiar thing about contemporary laws is that they are always broken and it will remain so forever because breaking laws is a law of God itself.  Laws are made to be broken and now law breaking is to be made a law.  And having outlived its usefulness law breaking is again illegal.  For we shall see through experience obtained from certain event occurring in the twentieth century where classes of beings begin to operate on a feeding law called ‘broken’, that is, breaking of old laws, in place of new laws-for-feeding.  The longer the arm of the law the easier it is to be broken the execution of the law is geographically and sociotechnocosmically constrained.


4   The laws in most sciences have yet to notice that they are created out of the necessity of mathematics.  The real nature is constantly neglected.  These abstract man-created laws do not really exist…… they only exist in pure reason, not in real nature.  The laws of dialectics or trialectics or the laws of octaves are the most general laws of real nature.


5   Laws are made to regulate the sacred impulse of love, faith, hope and conscience.  For love laws are man-made to regulate by the process.  A lawyer’s divorce is a question of paper work ‑ only these shortsighted people will regard that paper as the real.  True marriages are never bounded by heart and instinctive consciousness alone.  Therefore, couples can divorce in the “black and white way” ten times, unregistered again and divorce again.  These paper works are plaything.  No amount of paper works can substitute the real heart which outweighs a thousand agreements.  One can also divorce and re-marries the same person.  There is nothing special about it.  However, this hardly occurs for a number of reasons.


6   Law is not just something floating in the heaven or the skies or god-made, or divine.  For laws to be, there must be a material organic being or just a hethormen being called human being to vibrate as a being proper on mother Earth’s surface. Having such hethormen existing, there must formed in its inner dimensions especially those digested from the three being-foods just those special psyche hydrogens that forms and capable of expressing the all-centers legal-anas or legal nature and therefore legal postures that later lodges into a massive inner and permanent legalana gravity-center vibration in the body of man.  The quality and quantity of this body psychic law beings in these hethormen human beings then themselves obey the great general universal Law of Unity of Opposites, the Law of the Transition of Quantitative Changes into Qualitative Changes and vice versa, the Law of Negation of Negation, the Law of Three and the Law of Seven, the Principles of Base and Superstructure for which Law is an essential part of the superstructure and Relations of Production.

The hethormen human being becomes the first monad or Individual (DO) of the Great Sociocosmic Octave and in him are subject of other laws arising and regulating him by the laws in the biocosmic octave, the laws in the technocosmic technocosmic octave, the laws in the geocosmic octave and the laws in the cosmic octave.  There are 7 billion hethormen human vibrators on mother Earth’s surface possible for legalanaic emanations in this Great Sociocosmic Being during this FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism (1788 AD - 2148 AD).  The hethormen human beings are the only fundamental monads for the reciprocal interaction, reciprocal feeding, reciprocal destruction, reciprocal nourishment and reciprocal balance of the hethormen human beings for objective concern.

As the sociocosmic law also necessitates the octavization of a group sociocosmic stopinder (RE), the formation and presence of this another individual stopinder now becomes an activated and functioning psyche hydrogen legalanas between 2 DO-stopinders and all combinations – agreements, contracts, even treaties, thereof.  Growing and changing complexity in the multi-social relations of the legalanas due to the stopinderation of the sociocosmic octave from the Individual (DO), to the Group (RE), to the Family (MI), to the Organization (FA), to the State (SO), to the Nation (LA), to the ‘World-of-Nations’ (TI) and to the Great Sociocosmic Being (DO), and to all the 1st and 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval and the TI-DO Interval, have placed these hethormen human beings under extreme hardship in within LAW 48 and Law 96 degrees of legalana freedom at the MI-FA Interval of the Our Ray of Creation. Their psyche hydrogens in the form of the legalanaic set of laws of particular qualities and quantities are only historically temporary laws and must be subjected to the greater law of changes from one historical period to another each per 2148 years.  Law is of essence and therefore changes can only take place over long historical periods and the change of man-made laws must obey the fundamental law of transition of quantitative changes (in the code of law) to qualitative changes and vice-versa and all the other fundamental laws on the being of laws as psyche mentating beings of reason.

Law moves because of the law of three acting on the three legalanaic activated sociocosmic stopinders in unity also according to the law of unity of opposites, namely, the existence of those sociocosmic stopinder(s) known as the plaintiff, in opposition to another sociocosmic stopinder(s) known as the defendant and a third sociocosmic stopinder(s) known as the judge who will emanate a ‘judgment’ for further actions by the power-possessing (MI-Lau, FA-Lau, SO-Lau, LA-Lau and TI-Lau legalanaic beings of action) of a particular historical period.

A three-brained hethormen human being must first be objectively recognized to be the only real material living being and there are by now 7 billion such beings on mother Earth's surface for possible sue and be sued legalanaic triads.  All the others are derived sociocosmic fundamental and lateral beings when observed are just these same three-brained beings wearing many different cloaks.  The man-made laws become the laws made by them and only by them in all loneliness and one due to socialization of man with other man or with the objective representatives.

Essencely related and relevant laws as psyche hydrogen beings of the lateral sociocosmic octave, soon gathers around these sociocosmic stopinders during the DO-Historical Period of Commun(al)ism as the Laws of the Jungle or if they vibrated at a higher level become the Natural Laws of Herds and Primitive Community and also the laws found associated with the Tougeng, diad sociocosmic shock absorbers the place where laws are truly active as there appears a primitive social contract” between the Tou beings and the Geng beings. Over thousands of years, when the RE-Historical Period of Ancient Slavery emerged, these man-made laws also changed to accommodate Zhu beings and Nu beings as the “social contract” now becomes more complicated due to the qualitative changes of this diad sociocosmic shock absorber of Tougeng into the higher level zhuguannu level of a classed society.  Also, during this period, laws are stopindered to serve the sociocosmic gravity-centers potentials from DO-stopinders, RE-stopinders, MI-stopinders, FA-stopinders and possibly a few budding SO-stopinders of the time and depending on the stages of development of this period where the zhuguannus of the MI-FA Intervals meets the budding feudalistic wills at its own TI-DO Intervals for which more man-made laws are budding rapidly.

During the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism or FA-SO-LA/TI Historical Periods of Feudalism and Capitalism, these man-made laws grow even further, gathering around in greater numbers on each and every sociocosmic stopinders in the fundamental as well as the lateral sociocosmic octaves.  At its MI-FA Interval more “social contracts” emerged amongst the Di-beings, the Kong-beings and the Nong-beings around land mass, peasants, farming animals, agricultural produces and more wiseacred case laws emerged due to these contradictions and the any resulting judgmental decisions become good precedents for future cases.  These “social contracts” and TI-DO Interval “treaties” generated more and more case laws as sociocosmic forces of fundamental and lateral sociocosmic stopinders such as from the kingdoms (SO-stopinders), the dynasties (LA-stopinders) and the imperial dynasties or empires (TI-stopinders) at the TI-DO Interval become active.  Above all the decisions of these case laws are full of sociocosmic aberrations   abnormalities in man-made judgment decisions.

During the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism or FA-SO-LA-TI-Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, social contracts proper in the triadic sociocosmic shock absorbers between and amongst the Lau-beings, the Jing-beings and the Gong-beings are born and case laws grow by the thousands per day all over mother Earth's surface just at the MI-FA Interval alone and would grew into hundreds of thousands with the oncoming “social contracts” and “treaties” when both fundamental and lateral sociocosmic stopinders such as from the state (SO-stopinders), the Nations (LA-stopinders) and the United Nations (TI-stopinders) at the TI-DO Interval, and above all the decisions of the these case laws are also full of sociocosmic aberrations abnormalities in man-made judgment decisions especially during its infantile stage of development..........

Without knowing about the law of three and seven, these hethormen human beings would naturally explore, discover and collect the being psyche laws that emerge historically, and  classify them in standard formal logical manner - the laws in fragmented non-octave order, namely, in categories of inner mind associations and within the context of the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, although some of the classification are derived from the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism and the FA-historical period of Capitalism and retained at the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism, thanks for the preservation due mainly to the existence and function of the Law of Negation of Negation on the legislatures (contents, contexts, scopes or elements) that are essencely formed during these historical periods during historical transition.


A list of scanty examples in law peculiar to our 'formatory classification apparatus' indicated here is meant for your reflection interests:

Private Law - for MI-FA Interval and the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders

Public Law - for TI-DO Interval and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders

Civil Law - for DO, RE, MI and FA sociocosmic stopinders

Criminal Law - for listed ‘criminal’ activities recognized by the SO, LA and TI sociocosmic stopinders of the period of history of its nation or LA-citizenry in particular.

Others - Constitutional Law, Substantive Law, Procedural Law

Municipal Law - for zarooarian sociocosmic octaves, i.e. cities, villages and counties of governance

International Law - for TI sociocosmic stopinders

Written Law - for laws put in writing form when written language emerge the human civilizational process

Unwritten Law for laws not having written form

Common Law the part of English law derived from customary and judicial precedent rather than statues, and in contrasted with statutory law

Civil Law – adopted by the Law of Negation of Negation of the English common law (adopted and modified) by the different states (SO-stopinders) of the US and by the federal government of the US (2nd lateral sociocosmic Re-stopinder of the fundamental sociocosmic LA-stopinder). Includes partnership law of a marriage (for binding the trialectics of man and woman in couple-marriage to create family)

Others - Statutory Law, Equity Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Environmental Law,  Insolvency Law, Intellectual Property Law, Property Law, Tort Law, Regulatory Law

Case Law - The case law that unites the plaintiff, the defendant and the judge into a ONE CASE of triadic elements that leads to a decision or judgment of the case, and often its decision becomes a precedent of future similar cases.  This is a fundamental legal-anaic force that is objectively aplenty for all laws in action to come into objective and materialized being known as legal cases.

Miscellaneous - Business Law, Eternal Law, Divine Law, Natural Law, Human Law, Proper Hierarchy Law, The Law of the Jungle






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