Volume 158       January 15, 2022


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(Original work, Real World Views Book 23, Further Records II, Article 37, Topic: "The Light Spectrum, the Enneagram of the Visible Light and its Octave of Colors," by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho)


Article 37, Topic:


Now having realized that I am just a human hethormen being that has been brought into the world from a reproduction process of the trialectics of my father and my mother, and was also bestowed with two wonderful gravity-center eyes located in perfect symmetry on my face with the purpose of enabling me to feed on the most important 3rd being-food called light and its colors from an impression food menu (consisting of light, sound, tactile, odor and taste) that is presented to me by the 7th stopinder 'TI' of the fundamental geocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation of the everything living universe, and due to my innate intense curiosity essence deeply buried in my soul over this peculiar being-light, I decided to observed it through the lens on a broad geocosmic basis, the everything living cosmic principles, the law of triads and the law of octaves and in ways different from and not exactly the same as the highly analytical scientific ways of contemporary scientists but rather to further complement this analytical scientific method with a psychophilosophical method to give a complementary perspective.

This being-light is very fine if not the finest matter that is also highly vibrant to the highest density of vibration and therefore is amongst the lowest density of matter, in fact without matter but is just a quantum of wave-particle full of electromagnetic range of particle photons and at the same time a full spectrum of light for which the colors that are found on geocosmic Earth delivered from our sun is a mere small spectrum known as the visible light spectrum.  This being-light consists of transverse wave packets or photons, enter my body through the eyes as a first major 3rd impression food, ingested and converted to energy for use by a process known as photoelectric effects; just as being-sound which consists of longitudinal waves or "sonons" also enter my body through the ears as a second major 3rd impression food, ingested and converted to energy for use by a process known as 'sonoelectric effects.'  This being-sound is also from the 7th geobiosociotechnocosmic stopinder of the fundamental geobiosociotechnocosmic octave (padrigines inclusive).  I also noticed that the technocosmic stopinder-beings notably, padrigines I, II and III and certainly the future padrigine IV and above of the technocosmic octave would also ingest these light and sound as the 3rd impression foods for these padrigines.

Many organic and inorganic beings and objects respectively consume these colors of the visible light spectrum in a peculiar way - if these beings are observed to be red in color then they have eaten all the other colors except the red color to their disdain for reasons science would called it that all the other colors are absorbed into the body having big enough empty tiny spaces amongst the atomic sub-particles and amongst the atoms  that have enabled their penetration and absorption by the body, and that the red light is unable to enter the body that left it reflected out.  So the same goes to the faith and luck of other colors not eaten by the body.  Most plantae beings are green in color so they have a disdain for this particular green color. Animalia are mostly not red, green or blue as they like these primary colors and often rejects most other “dull” colors whereas the flowers and the fruits of most plantae are very colorful and attractive owing to the fact of the need to lure the psyche of the pollinating animalian agents in according to the plantae trialectics of the male and the female principle for the reproduction of their plantae species.

Then black and white are not consider as colors – they are the yin and the yang respectively – black color having no wavelengths at all and white color having all the wavelengths of the whole visible spectrum of light.  But the 3-Input triad of this visible spectrum of light is always the 3 primary colors – Red, Green and Blue enter the enneagram at points 9/0, 3 and 6 respectively.  The basic octave of this spectrum of visible light is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Then there are the numerous invisible but all powerful “ghosts” existing at the fringe outside this enneagram of visible light – the long wavelengths such as the broadcast band of waves, the radio waves, the radar waves, the microwaves and the infrared (IR) waves and the short-wavelengths such as the ultraviolet (UV) waves, the X-rays, the gamma rays and the cosmic rays.

Colors as 3rd being-food of impression nourish and give by addition, printing inks (and pigments) as consumers eat and take by subtraction.  All material beings which are not light are consumers, eat and take by subtraction.  Colors are delicious normal impression foods to humans and other animals, and so shall give you the subjectiveness of beauty experiences, and likings – because they are natural impression foods of beings.  Colors are impression foods transported or supplied to material beings, both organic and inorganic and other gravity-concentrations in the universe by a quantum force known as the electromagnetic force through one (1) of the four (4) "quantum vehicles of transportation" known as an electromagnetic field at a constant speed of approximately 300,000 kilometer per second. The speed of light for the visible colors and the invisible radiations is necessarily high for a reason amongst others that only at such high speed(s) could be the duty of creation, maintenance, repair and replenishment be satisfied and to ensure that this type of impression food which also carries along it the vital communicative information and emomation or feeling-information impression food supplements are quickly available to all the micro, mini and macro 'gravity-centers' existing in the body of the emoligent and intelligent Great Universe Being.

The plantae beings at the MI-FA Interval of the geocosmic octave  prefer to eat the primary red and blue colors and dislike impression primary green colors, and therefore, this reflected-out or disposed unconsumed green colors of our light spectrum that comes from the sun becomes available in abundance to all the animalia beings at the TI-DO Interval of this same geocosmic octave.  These animalia beings prefer eating primary green color impression food, have a natural liking to it and also like to build their nests amongst these green color emanating plantae beings.  They do not radiate or dispose off green color from their body and only for some colorful avian beings through their hairs, feathers and outer skin which turn green as a camouflage for survival or for attracting the females for copulation.  However, the geography of the geocosmic notes at the crust and the atmosphere are different in different geographical latitudinal regions - equatorial, tropical, temperate and artic regions of mother Earth's surface in the  land-sea-air triad and also for reason of four seasons that have arisen due to the Earth's own tilt, rotation and revolution around the sun.  This leads to the equatorial regions receiving plenty of rain, water and sun light suitable for the animalia and the plantae beings.  The plantae beings breed in large numbers and radiate plenty of green color impression food.  Those plantae beings in the artic regions are fewer in numbers and smaller in size and do not octavize to higher levels, year-round covered with snow and ice which always provide white color impression food.  Those plantae beings in the temperate region provide a varied seasonal difference of colors or colored impression foods to the animalia beings especially red, yellow and brown colors during autumn covered by white caused by snow during the winter, and finally changes to light green and full green from spring to summer as green impression food in abundance to the animalia beings after a few months of slumber and hibernation.  The technocosmic octave tends to be an antithesis and a geocosmic aberration to the working of the fundamental and the 2 lateral geocosmic octaves.

Capitalism's lack of social responsibility results in much synthetic processing of the natural geocosmic light from our sun and that of the cosmic light from other stars that produces countless bulbs or 'gravity-centers' of LED blue-light, ultraviolet light, lasers, infra-red light, micro-waves, X-Rays, quantum radiations, revolving and rotating colored lights, street lights, and various artificial light pollutants in large uncontrollable quantities into the body of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  Human consciousness is prolonged and more labor hours are extracted and fully exploited day and night in schools, factories, entertainment centers, offices, and etcetera rapidly increasing private wealth accumulation, maximization of profits, property/financial ownership of the corporate and nationate sociocosmic stopinders for the ultimate transfer/laundering of normal public wealth into the hands of the few rich individuals - all of which lead to repeating human crises, repeated wars and the ultimate death if not extinction of the main and sub-species of capitalism.

A blackbody is a physical material body that eats all electromagnetic radiation including all colors of visible light irrespective of frequency or angle of incidence.  It eats and also emits blackbody radiation.  All other organic beings, plantae or animalias are black bodies of various degrees capable of certain degree of blackbody radiation depending on their temperatures. Man is a near infrared blackbody radiator being.  A cavity with a hole in it (body-less) is also a blackbody that eats light without emitting any.  A piece of charcoal eats and releases light from their surroundings corresponding to its temperatures all the time seeking and maintaining its heat exchange equilibrium – it is a blackbody.  When its temperature increases it radiates red light, then orange light, yellow light and perhaps near to bluish when really very hot.

The general law of transition of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice-versa applies here.


Flux, Wavelength, Temperatures and Colors of Stars:

Temperatures (K) and Colors of a Blackbody Radiation

Blackbody radiation curves at several different temperatures. Credit: Swinburne


As a blackbody eats so must it releases!  As blackbody releases radiation, it is called a blackbody radiation and the qualitative change in the radiation emitted is dependent on the temperatures of the blackbody as measured in Kelvin (K) from the absolute zero, 0 K or -273.15 oC upwards.  The spectral distribution of the thermal energy radiated by a blackbody (i.e. the pattern of the intensity of the radiation over a range of wavelengths or frequencies) depends only on its temperature.  For example, a red star is approximately 4000 K, a yellow star approximately 6000 K and a blue star is approximate 18000 K.  Qualitative changes of the stars such as red star, yellow star and blue star in the spectral radiation is dependent on the quantitative changes at ~ 4000 K (red), ~ 6000 K (Yellow) and ~ 18000 K (Blue).  These are the basic primary nodal points of the colors of stars as blackbody radiators.

Now just as our zodiac civilization is releasing cosmic properties such as photonic undestroyed images, movies, and certainly 'consciousness', intelligence or psyche hydrogens from the Earth out into the outer space, far into the intersellar and intergalactic worlds over numerous if not millions of light years might be received by the Organic Life as planetary station receivers at their MI-FA Intervals in other zodiac constellations, so here we are also receiving such cosmic properties, from the earlier civilizations of our zodiac constellations elusively and spooky into our civilizational Organic Life in a subconscious, dreamlike manner, that drive our wenming civilization and the sociotechnocosmic historicism forward along the Age of Taurus, the Age of Aries, the Age of Pisces, the Age of Aquarius, etc.  If we have advanced telescopic devices or a system of such light detection synthesizers, these images and movies while still on their way to mother Earth might be processed and observed, otherwise our own organic body might have eaten them subconsciously giving the energy that propel our civilization forward to their image as our future yardstick.  Our body is a time machine that collects cosmic hydrogens emanated from the zodiac constellations of the past, and our advanced telescope is also our time machine that can collect cosmic hydrogens especially as the light spectrum from both the zodiac and non-zodiac constellations - all 88 constellations to date.



The law of transition from quantitative changes to qualitative changes for the electromagnetic light spectrum can be observed as thus:

When the wavelength of light decreases to 1 kilometer a qualitatitive change to Broadcast band occurs, when further decreases to 1 meter it becomes radio wave, to 1 millimeter it becomes radar wave, beyond which but greater than 1000 nanometers it becomes microwaves, at 1000 nanometers it becomes infrared (IR) waves, at 700 nanometers it enters the visible light spectrum zone red, 600 nanometers yellow, 500 nanometers blue and 400 nanometers violet, decreasing further but greater than 1 nanometer it becomes ultraviolet (UV) waves, at 1 nanometer it becomes X-rays, then greater than 10-3 nanometers it becomes Gamma rays and finally, less than 10-3 nanometers it becomes Cosmic rays.

Based on the triad law the whole light spectrum can be divided into 3 components, namely:

1st component: the invisible Broadcast band, the Radio, the the Radar, Microwaves and Infrared (IR)

2nd component: the visible light spectrum of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet colors (ROYGBIV)

3rd component: the invisible Ultraviolet (UV) light, the X-Rays, the Gamma Rays and the Cosmic Rays

All the three components can combine to form the whole spectrum of light with inner octaves and triads.  The whole light spectrum can be the bigger holistic enneagram of light where the 3-inputs will be the ivisible long-wavelength light (point 9/0), the visible colored light (point 3) and the invisible short-wavelength light (point 6).

In the spectrum of visible light, black and white are opposites “colors”, there are polar union is a union of opposites or yin and yang union according to the law of unity of opposites.  In white “color” contains the octaves of colors and the black negates all the colors in the octaves.

The visible light spectrum can be an enneagram of visible light specific as shown in the diagram below:



RGB color is additive mixing of colors.  It is best suited for on-screen applications, such as graphic design.  Each color channel is expressed in accordance with the Law of Quantitative changes from 0 (least saturated) to 255 (most saturated).  There are 16,777,216 different colors that can be represented in the RGB color space.CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black) is subtractive mixing.  A printing machine creates images by combining CMYK colors to varying degrees with physical ink. This is known as subtractive mixing.  All colors start as blank white, and each layer of ink reduces the initial brightness to create the preferred color. When all colors are mixed together, they create pure black.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black) is subtractive mixing.  A printing machine creates images by combining CMYK colors to varying degrees with physical ink. This is known as subtractive mixing.  All colors start as blank white, and each layer of ink reduces the initial brightness to create the preferred color. When all colors are mixed together, they create pure black.


In the Ray of Creation, visible and invisible light are everywhere filling the vast emptiness endlessness lighting up the universe like a bulb in the mega-backdrop of darkness.   Their sources or origin is from the only 1st order Sun Absolute of the World of Galaxies from which countless gravity-centers and concentrations of the suns in orders of this Ray of Creation emerge – the 2nd order suns of the specific galaxy such as our Milky Way, the 3rd order sun of our Solar System and finally, some invisible infrared wave from the 4th order “sun” of our Earth’s inner core but none from the moon which is a dead gravity-center concentration that can reflect this light for use from the sun during the night.  Lights from the 1st order Sun Absolute and the 2nd order suns also come to every surface corners of our Earth day and night.  At geocosmic levels on Earth, this light-from-our-sun fill up our entire Earth surface that faces our sun forming a huge medium of wave-particle light and stretching from our sun to the Earth surface (147.15 million km or 1 AU) from center to center. Both our sun and all the other suns are a huge source of impression food resources for all living beings in the organic world at the MI-FA Interval of this (our) Ray of Creation – supporting hand in hand with the Consciousness or Spirit that it accompanies to this interval and dwell here as the most important element amongst all the other very important geocosmic elements such as metals, minerals, soil, water, air and fire, and all the geocosmic plantae and geocosmic animalias.  While the visible light from our 3rd order sun provided us with much of our daily, monthly and yearly impression food, the 2nd order suns from our Milky Way and a dozen (12) of our zodiac galaxies group or 12 zodiac constellations provide ‘Humanity-at-Large’ (Fa) at the MI-FA Interval with a special kind of civilization impression foods of similar civilizational essences both in quality and in quantity over an astrological age of 2,148 years.  Then it changes to the next civilizational impression foods as the next zodiac constellation comes along to deliver new influences on the new 2148 years. Then again changes to the next civilizational impression foods and civilization influences to another astrological age and so on over a Platonic year of 25,772 year.  The cycle then repeats but at different levels.


January 15, 2022






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