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By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 19, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Enneagram of the Sociocosmic Stopinders, Laujinggong and the Epoch of the Increasing Aggressiveness of the Business Stopinder Beings", March  1996 ~ June 1996 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section A: "The Social Relations, Emanations, Influences and Atmospheres of the Coated Sociocosmic Stopinders," pp. 125~153)






1   Contemporary organizational behavioral social science identifies and develops paradigms based on the three sociocosmic group of stopinders.  They are:


1. the Individual (DO)

2. the Group (RE)

3. the Family (MI)


As to the last group of stopinders, it did not separate the inner categories or octaves.  In the new dimension, the organizational group of stopinders would be identified and examined using the triad, the octave, intervals and other models to reflect the actual situation in a real world for our current polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism (1788 AD - 2148 AD).  I intend to introduce in this work for the organizational dimension the following group of sociocosmic organizational stopinders.  They are:


4. the Organization (FA)


The organizational stopinders have internal triads and can be collectively separated into seven inner corporate stopinders of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval with 1st lateral inner enneagrams, and they are:


1) the Sole Proprietorship (Do); do-laujinggong

2) the Partnership (Re); re-laujinggng

3) the Private Limited Corporation (Mi); mi-laujinggong

4) the Public Limited Corporation (Fa); fa-lau/dongjinggong

5) the Co-operative Society (So); so-dongjinggong

6) the Privatized Corporation/GLC (La); la-lau/dongjinggong

7) the State/National Corporation (Ti); ti-dongjinggong


An example of a 1st lateral inner enneagram is the enneagram of a production-distribution-consumption organization shown below with 6 main systems, namely: the Strategic System, the Human Resource System, the Finance-Accounting System, the Production-Operation System, the Marketing System and the Research-Development System.  The three-centered corporate enneagram is the same for the production phase as in a factory, the distribution phase as in warehousing & logistics and the consumption phase as in malls and retail shops found at the MI-FA Interval.  It is the also the same for all the three-centered nationate enneagram found in the regulatory 2nd lateral octave at the MI-FA Interval.



Then the regulatory sociocosmic stopinders are introduced into the organizational dimension, all of which are subject of geocosmic influences and geographical territorial ownership boundaries.  These higher stopinders are:


5. the State (SO)

6. the Nation (LA)

7. the World-of-Nations (TI)


The regulatory organizational stopinders have internal triads and can be collectively separated into seven inner nationate stopinders of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval with 2nd lateral inner enneagrams but started at the “SO-LA Interval,” and they are:


1) the state regulatory organization (Do); Do-Dongjinggong

2) the nation regulatory organization (Re); Re-Dongjinggong

3) the United Nations (and various IGOs) (Mi); Mi-Dongjinggong

4) the Humanity-at-Large Organization (Fa); Fa-Dongjinggong

5) the Space Exploratory Organization (So); So-Dongjinggong

6) the Interplanetary Exploratory Organization (La); La-Dongjinggong

7) the Interstellar Exploratory Organization (Ti); Ti-Dongjinggong


An example of a 2nd lateral inner enneagram is the enneagram of the United Nations Systems shown below:


As a whole, we witnessed an enneagram of the Great Sociocosmos as shown below:


The General Fundamental and Lateral Social Relationships

These stopinders emanate continuously creating an atmosphere around them which then influence far out socially into other sociocosmic stopinders leading to many possible inner circles of stopinder identities, attachment, influences and various types of eso-meso-exo social relationships within the enneagram of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  These relationships emerge at various stages of the development of the sociocosmic enneagram during the formation of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders, the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinder.

The social relations, the emanations and the influences of the sociocosmic stopinders are fundamental if the original flows are along the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave (from the Individual (DO), the Group (RE), the Family (MI), the Organization (FA), the State (SO), the Nation (LA) and the World-of-Nations (TI) and if the original flows are along the inner fundamental octave according to the mathematical order 0.142857 ........ in repeating sequence; are 1st lateral if the MI-FA Interval original flows are along the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave within the 3-Inputs triad; is 2nd lateral if the TI-DO Interval original flows are along the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave within the same 3-Inputs triad.  These are movement along the enneagram lines either ascending or as descending.


Now, each LA-nation may send and station into other LA-nations its own LA-Embassy for ambassadorial relations and treaty realization; each SO-state may send and station into other SO-states its own SO-Consulate for consular relations and treaty realizations of course with approvals from respective nation-stopinder; each FA-corporation may send and station into other SO-states and LA-nations its own FA-corporate for project investment or business relations and agreements; each of these MI-family, RE-group and DO-individuals can migrate into other SO-states and LA-nations, and do business, work in corporations and live as foreign non-permanent and permanent residents or under permits of the Immigration Departments.  However, all issues and problems amongst LA-nations have to be resolved into the now accepatble and recognized platform known as the United Nations (Mi) of the  2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Sociocosmic Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, and certainly not just an 'international order' unipolarly set up by a single LA-nation.


The social relations, the emanations and influences are geometrical within the enneagram if the influences, emanations and influences are cross-interactive area-interfacing circles.  These are depicted as geometrical perspective in the diagrams below, with many more possible areas of common “interests” and social relations, emanations and influences within each area, and even much more richness in content if the 1st and the 2nd lateral inner enneagrams are taken into consideration.


The sociocosmic enneagram is symmetrical along the red line with inner octave the RE-Group (1), the FA-Organization (4) and the MI-Family (2) on the right side of the symmetry often views as the lower order and the TI-‘World-of-Nations’ (8), the SO-State (5) and the LA-Nation (7) on the left side of the symmetry as the higher order.  Both the right and the left sides are connected at DO-Individual (Inputs 0/9), RE-Group/LA-Nation (Points 1/7) and MI-Family/TI-‘World-of-Nations’ (Points (2/8).  From the Chinese philosophy view, 国家 (Guo Jia) or ‘country’, an equivalent of the ‘World-of-Nations’ (TI) in this sociocosmic enneagramma is like a bigger, higher level and more powerful (Jia) or Family (MI).  So in the fundamental inner sociocosmic octave, stopinder MI-Family at Point 2 is immediately linked to stopinder TI-‘World-of-Nations’ at Point 8 in the internal movements of points 1, 4, 2, 8, 5, 7.



The 3-Inputs Geometric Social Relationships 



One of the many Geometric Individual Social Relationships


One of the many Geometric Group Social Relationships


One of the many Geometric Family Social Relationships


One of the many Geometric Organization Social Relationships


One of the many Geometric State Social Relationships


One of the many Geometric Nation Social Relationships


One of the many Geometric World-of-Nations Social Relationships


The relationships, the emanations, the influences and the atmospheres are possible because in each sociocosmic stopinders or gravity-centers whether fundamental or laterals are found and present the Individuals (DO) - the real human beings - the individual is himself, is in a group, is in a family, is in an organization, is in a state, is in a nation, is in a nation bloc and is in the singularity of the Great Sociotechnocosmic beings, so he can represent his group, his family, his organization, his state, his nation, etcetera, within the concentric sociocosmic rings.  Everything connects to everything and flows into everything!  There are many other possibilities for which the social sciences have to detail all the particularities in the Great Sociotechnocosmic Singularity just for the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism (1788 AD - 2148 AD).


Without identifying and separating these sociocosmic stopinders as separable real world sociocosmic concentrations, contemporary paradigm on organization could not cross the threshold of a new dimension in organizational behavior, and has to be satisfied with only the primary sociocosmic stopinders.  If the ‘creatures’ are not separated properly, the behaviors could not be separated distinctly.  The paradigm so formed would generally strive to seek the basic laws of a homogeneous ‘lump of similar organizations’.  In reality, they are not!


2   Each sociocosmic stopinder being, I must tell you now, as Gurdjieff would do so if he is here, would always radiate and create an aura, which you beings would call it, personal image, group image, family reputation, corporate identity, state symbol, national identity and world identity.  In the distribution system, those what are called chain stores and franchises value greatly their stopinder aura or corporate identity.  These beings display all aspects of the aura, from the name identity, trade mark, the physical elements of colors, the shapes and the forms, the standardization of operations and layout, the standardization of organizational system, the structure and culture and everything down to the individual behaviors - dressing and cosmeticization.


Even this being-identity of the various sociocosmic stopinders is in constant danger of being "attack" by other beings.  This is due (thanks to the increase in population and the great modernization in the transportation and mobility of our ever improving technocosmic octave) to their reaffirming assertion of their own peculiar identity after they have replaced the older individuals who previously formed the fourth and third body of the sociocosmic stopinder.  I said the fourth and third body because only these two bodies are the direction-decision makers of the coatings and aura of a stopinder being.  The aura world changes if other beings take over these two upper laujinggong positions and assert their own newer corporate identity.


3   In order to reaffirm the material existence or presence of their sociocosmic concentration as a living enneagram, these individuals are most ready (and would spend quite a lump-sum of ringgits) to fence the property coatings of their concentration.  If it is an intellectual property, a service or a software, they would fence that too with all the patents and copyrights laws available from the existing legalana-substopinder, and by rule of laws and action-police keep the material and spirit boundary intact, bringing themselves to a point in the neighborhood of reciprocal destruction laws.  In the process of peaceful feeding on everything, these stopinder directed beings would grow by getting as much as possible all value-beings or material and spiritual beings within the legal ownership of their stopinder.


4   The essence of each sociocosmic stopinder is to be found in the essence of the individual.  While the individual is clever enough to coat itself with the RE, the MI, the FA and the SO sociocosmic stopinders as its strategic positioning, nevertheless, the true essence of the individual still lies in itself.


5   Just as a slug and a caterpillar would not be a three-storey being nor are they appropriate for possessing the pyramidal head-thorax- and-abdomen structure, so is our group and our family or our small sole proprietorship which are not appropriate for a perfected laujinggong structure.  These two-storey sociocosmic slugs exist in large numbers on the planet Earth.  The big differences between them and those beings in the biocosmic octave lie not so much in the variation of physical shapes, but in the psychic centers which are continuously emanating being psyche hydrogens.  With their powerful technocosmic devices they could send messages to beings everywhere on Earth and even to any technocosmic beings (spaceships and satellites) of their inventions which were launched into the outer space.


6   Without separating society into their respective sociocosmic stopinders as a frame of reference for building paradigms about society, any attempt to develop general management paradigms, without specifying its base, would impede understanding and mismatch theory and practice.  Contemporary management models are basically meant for the various species of the FA-sociocosmic stopinders.  It is not very helpful for a MI-sociocosmic stopinder or even the RE-sociocosmic stopinder.  It would be incomplete for a DO-sociocosmic stopinder.  This is because the ideas and paradigm is forced to revolve round the gravity-center of FA-octaves which is not the only most power sociocosmic note that can override everything sociocosmic.


Then there exist many forms of sociocosmic emanation that have no tangible physical bodies and are of a behavioral nature moving like sociocosmic telecommunicating or telecomputing fluid circulating every concentrations in the great sociocosmic octave.  These are known, in contemporary management philology, as the external environmental variables for the FA-stopinders.  They are more or less stable as radiating-influencers-of-the-business-stopinders and would continue to glow as 'being-process' to all business bodies.


They are stated below:


1.    The radiation from other FA-beings in the same business (or the "competitor").


2.    The radiation from DO-beings, FA-beings and all other sociocosmic stopinder beings which would participate in the multiautomarketo feeding exchange at the retail end (or the "customers").


3.   The radiation from essentially the FA-beings who would also enter in the multiautomarketo feeding exchanges in the input or purchasing end (or the "suppliers").


4.   The radiation from other FA-beings who are the allies of mutual gains (or the "strategic allies”).


5.   The radiation from the SO-beings who would strive to check and balance as well as regulate the behavior of the FA-stopinder beings (or the "regulators”).


6.   The radiation from their own gong-beings who have stopindered as FA-stopinder beings in their fight proper to the unbecoming behavior in laujinggong (or the "unions").


7.   The radiation from their own lau-beings who owing to the fact that they are on top of the pyramidal laujinggong, they (or the "owners") would want to squeeze more of the wealth.


This radiation has a direct impact on the FA-stopinders.  They call them the task environment.  It is then, thanks to the further observation by the jing-beings, that more and more radiations are discovered, and they are further listed below:


8.   The radiation from the technocosmic octave and its countless techno-cosmic four-bodied beings which could weaken or strengthen the productivity and efficiency of the FA-stopinder (or the "technological dimension").


9.   The radiation from the MI-stopinder (family), the Homo sapiens biocosmic stopinders called the race-stopinders and the peculiar specific behavior of the psychic centers in the individual-stopinders culmination in various religious and cultural behaviors of beings (or the "sociocultural dimension").


10. The radiation from the peculiar behavior of lau and jing beings of the SO-stopinders in their politicking and legal wiseacring of laws (or the "political-legal dimensions").


11. The All-Kinds-of-Radiation from the inner and outer concentrations of other LA-Stopinder beings on Earth.


12. The radiation from the inner activities in all the components of the body of our Great Sociocosmos grouped under the called-name, the economic dimension.


13. The radiation from the Great Cosmic Octaves and their stopinders upon not just the FA-stopinders but on all organic beings on Earth


7   When upward and downward mobility amongst the lau, jing and gong beings is strained, the transformation of gong-beings into jing-beings or lau-beings is also restrained.  The gong-beings might resort to increasing the returns (rewards) as compensation for opportunity loss, and the lau-beings would employ these jing-beings and their consultants to wise-develop the latest carrot-donkey delay of the transfer of ownership of being-rewards.  Jing beings are peculiar three-headed snakes good at threatening the lau and the dong beings using the scary cane of the gong beings and threatening the gong beings using the scary cane of the lau or the dong beings ensuring both the above and the below are under their control.  When in uncertain or peaceful situations, the jing beings would take the stand of the middle - neither up nor down.  The unbecoming movements within this laujinggong create mysterious sociocosmic inner and outer perturbations in the various sociocosmic stopinders leading to an anomaly in the socio-cultural emanation that could not be generalized for all sociocosmic stopinders.


8   The psyche of each being of a sociocosmic stopinder being is captive in its continuously moving away and returning to its gravity-center concentration.  Like a religion-stopinder that could not orbit far away from its gravity-center, so a business concern psyche does not venture far away from its specific business concern.


9   The atmosphere and emanation from each of the sociocosmic stopinders intermix one another creating the unseparable communication in Great Sociocosmic Body.


10   Having thus journeyed through the mind, the wise grandson continues:

The mind of contemporary DO-stopinder beings besides already splitted into the seven psyche sociocosmic stopinder centers has also splitted into other major and minor knowledge matters, into just those well-known subjects which are just mind beings.  These are chemistry, physics, biology, zoology, botany, economics, mathematics, logic, philosophy, politics, social science, arts, engineering, law history, business, language, architecture, geography, medicine, health science, and so on and so forth.  All of them obediently obey the great laws of octave, the laws of triad and the laws of symphony.  And they are displayed in the aura or atmosphere in various formations and degree of development surrounding every sociocosmic stopinder and particularly around the DO-sociocosmic stopinder.


11   All the "-isms", "-cracies", "ways", "religions", "values", "sciences" and "thoughts" are auras in the atmospheres of each and every sociocosmic stopinders beings.

Telecommunications are connections linking all the stopinders from within and without.  Its role is to distribute these auras (aura-transportation) amongst the stopinders within the body of the Great Sociocosmos.


12   And the wise grandson could not help not laughing at the sight of the knowledge drumming:  Let me tell you about their knowledge explosion and the way these beings wiseacre.  It is a big-mouth-being-with-a-small-tongue-and-truly-jumpy-noisy-ting-ting when-the-tail-is-caught-and-shaken, no different from an ice-cream bell.


13   Regarding the emanations and atmospheres of the coated sociocosmic stopinders, that of the FA, SO, and LA stopinders, the wise grandson has a reminder for them during the customer-oriented mass psychosis period and that is:

The auras of your stopinder must be presented in a truly, friendly, and all-generous manner to all passerby beings so that your unsuspecting 'food' is within easy reach.


14   The large-scale availability of mass communication devices with supercomputer info to every sociocosmic stopinder reduces the ability of the SO-stopinder to continue its monopoly is only one side of the whole picture.  This is because the state would use all its mass media and supercomputer info to track all stopinder activities on Earth with such newly developed instruments.  It would be wrong to belittle the power of state enterprises if they reincarnated into aggressive business entities in the international scene.

This is no surprise.  In the objective sense, much of our theories, ideas, concepts and paradigms together with all kinds of subjects, faculties and disciplines are just these emanations and atmospheres of the sociocosmic stopinders.  The meanings, the language, the phonology and the information are the stopinders’ telecommunication materials or being psyche hydrogens mutually interchanging within and without amongst these sociocosmic stopinders.  It took me quite some time and careful observation of this phenomenon from the first, second and third world perspectives to come to his conclusion.

These logicnestrian growths of ideas and what not are just the wiseacred radiations of telecommunication amongst beings to yoke one another, and to ensure smooth transportation of being psyche hydrogens for World-Creation and World-Maintenance.  Man’s fancy with his own subjects-of-emergence is a wonder to man himself. The great tree of knowledge is sure to radiate to the periphery of every being by intra-communication and to every other being by inter-communication.

And the wise grandson continues:

Catching matterless vibration of communication is a troublesome matter.  You never fully know what and why you are catching.


15   Much of the communication materials of man or its radiations and atmospheric peculiarities consist of just these psyche hydrogens proper to the reality of the stopinders' essences.  That is to say, just emanating as individual matters from an individual, as family matters from a family, as business matters from a business organization, as state matters from a state and as international matters from various nations.  Man's atmospheric emanations run around these stopinders like a busy body.  Falling out of this busy body topics, man would again be busy with the non-sociocosmic matters, that is, just those cosmic bodies natural scenery and beings that took his fancy.

And these radiations are just one of the impermanence of the evolutionary forms of the atmosphere.  The psyche hydrogens either move as communication vibration or stay in the body and transmit matterless vibration into the atmosphere.  Even without movement of matter in the communication, work can be done at a distance.  The special property of these psyche hydrogens can do that.

The types of psyche hydrogen produced in the body of man 2,000 years ago, 1,000 years ago and the present time is not the same.  However, as these psyche hydrogens are produced in the centers, they can still be produced by these centers ever to a high degree of finess, depending on the types of beings we are talking about.  For certain species, they can no longer produce these psyche hydrogens as they do not have the capability in their construction to build those centers proper for the production of higher matters.

Man has more intellectual and emotional psyche materials that distinguish him from the animals.  The atmosphere from man is much more developed than that of the lower animals.  However, sex centers are just about the same as, the lower animals in terms of the type and quality of the psyche hydrogen produced.

Man has 7 centers to regulate and control, animal has three (instinctive, moving and the sex centers). That is why man’s atmosphere is never the same as that of the animal’s.  The atmosphere of each individual is also different and it differs according to the historical periods of their existence.


16   Because of the immense size of this Great Sociocosmos of ours, the great distance amongst these sociocosmic stopinders and the dilemma of when-in-demand-the-distance-is-far-and-when-not-in-demand-the-distance-is-near, willy nilly the physical body of the Great Sociocosmos has to be constructed with a huge transportation network for the easy movement of the four-bodied technocosmic transportation machines, for reason to supply swiftly and in sufficient bulk of life-sustaining being-foods for each and every sociocosmic stopinders on Earth, and to ensure World Creation, World maintenance and repair and to enlengthen the life span of all the sociocosmic stopinders of our Great Sociocosmos.

Although, telecommunication is able to resolve the already mentioned dilemma by the scientific wiseacring of being-scientists on televibrations of the cosmoses that occurs always in the mental or information stopinders or the soft vibration, the physical body of the Great Sociocosmic being, owing to its massiveness, would still have to obey the laws proper to the mechanical nature of a real physical body.  And because of this the Information Technology would lose its emperor position as the king of all sociocosmic atmospheric emanation and sinks back to a position proper to its vibration amongst other psyche data-vibrations and to assist in the reduction of the unbecoming sociocosmic radiations in the social interactions of all the stopinders by becoming less prominent as a vibration or in short less lau amongst humans.






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