Volume 156       January 04, 2022


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(Original work, Real World Views Book 23, Further Records II, Article 30, Topic: "The Fundamental Geocosmic Octave of the Geo-Natural Elements and its 1st and 2nd Lateral Geocosmic Octaves; The Enneagram of the Geocosmic Octaves," by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho)


The crust of the Earth is the platform for the risings, nourishment and decline of the biocosmic octaves, the sociocosmic octaves and the technocosmic octaves.


Article 30, Topic:

The fundamental Geocosmic Octave of the Geo-Natural Elements and its 1st and 2nd Lateral Geocosmic Octaves; The Enneagram of the Geocosmic Octaves



1. A more appropriate word for this animalian biocosmic stopinder (Do-Insecta) would be the 'Do-Arthropoda' which means: any of a phylum of invertebrate exoskeleton hethormen (head-thorax-abdomen) animals such as insects, arachnids, and crustaceans having segmented body, jointed limbs, and a shell of chitin that is shed periodically.  There are more than 10 million species and divisible into arthropod beings of the Land (MI), the Water (FA) and the Air (SO) of the fundamental (and natural) geocosmic octave.

2. The phylum of the invertebrates Arthropoda and the Insecta have fully developed exoskeleton cover protecting the whole body but the Mollusca has partial exoskeleton calcareous cover or shell exposing more of the soft body to the environment.  Beyond this biocosmic-stopinder is the Re-Vermes without exoskeleton or endoskeleton.  The law of three is especially active in dividing invertebrate beings and vertebrate beings, exoskeleton beings and endoskeleton beings with the creation of the Vermes-beings (vermes is used by Carolus Linnaeus and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck).

3. Depending on the species. they all eat three being-foods such as ordinary solid food, air and impressions are mostly herbivorous (grass and leaf eaters), some carnivorous (small vermes and other insect eaters) and some omnivorous (eaters of the the two types) in accordance to the law of three.

4. Both the Plantae at the MI-FA Interval and the Animalia at the TI-DO Interval are lateral octaves of the Fundamental (and natural) Geocosmic Octave, and all of them have Organic Life.

5. Whereas in the Fundamental Geobiosociotechnocosmic (natural cum technocosmic) Octave, the Plantae and the Animalia biocosmic stopinder beings descended along the octave to become the lateral biocosmic stopinder beings at the MI-FA Interval giving room for the Padrigines (of the Homo sapiens sapiens' sponsored technocosmic beings) to vibrate biocosmically at the TI-DO Interval.  The Padrigines also eat three being-foods,namely: fossil or chemical fuels as in Padrigine II and above, and depending or the type of beast of burden hackneyed to the technocosmic carriage human solid foods, or horse and cow grasses as the 1st technocosmic being-food; air as the 2nd being-food irrespective of whether they are biocosmic or technocosmic beings; impressions (light, heat and sound) especially of Padrigine I, II and III and future Padrigine IV for navigation functions.  Padrigine I, II and III have Organic Life mixed with an infantile 'artificial life' and Padrigine IV of the future technocosmic beings has 'cosmic (spiritual) life' - as a matter of convenience, they are all candidates of the Synthetic Life at the TI-DO Interval.

6. There are three primary geocosmic stipnders of importance in the fundamental geocosmic octave.  They are:

1. The Landmass (MI-stopinder) which consists of land together with the metals (DO), the minerals (RE) and the soils (MI)

2. The Watermass (FA-stopinder) which consists of massive lakes, riviers, seas and oceans

3.  The Airmass (SO-stopinder) which consists of the atmospheres

Note that Light (TI-stopinder) is a stopinder belonging to our Sun, and given to the geocosmic octaves; spirit or being-psyche hydrogens (also a TI-stopinder) found produced by the brains and the nervous system in organic life and store in the noosphere of organic life in the 1st lateral plantae octaves and 2nd lateral animalian octave belongs to earth as part of the lateral geocosmic octaves.



These 3 geocosmic octaves of natural elements found on Earth from direct psychological principles of experiencing, and they are the fundamental geocosmic octave, the 1st (lower) lateral geocosmic octave of the Plantae at the MI-FA Interval and the 2nd (higher) lateral geocosmic octave of the Animalia at the TI-DO Interval.

The Plantae is a diad-to-triad and a diad distinct or a root-trunk-leaf biocosmic shock absorbers necessary needed for filling the MI-FA Interval of a fundamental geocosmic octave wherever a MI-FA Interval of a ray of creation or a branch ray of creation is infantile and has begun growing the 1st stage biocosmic plantae beings; the Animalia is a triad-from-diad and triad distinct or head-thorax-abdomen (hethormen) biocosmic shock absorbers also needed for filling the TI-DO Interval of the same fundamental geocosmic octave wherever the same MI-FA Interval of the ray of creation or a branch ray of creation is matured and has begun breeding the 2nd stage biocosmic animalia beings.  At its height, the sociocosmic and the technocosmic octaves of certain biocosmic species such as the modern man become very active and transform significant amount of geo-natural resources into constructed and manufactured technocosmic products especially that of robots such as technocosmic padrigines I, II, III and finally to a padrigine IV or a new spiritual AI padrigne further-perfection-making. The result is that Kardashev technocosmic civilizations emerge on the mother earth itself.  The non-technocosmic fundamental geocosmic octave transforms into  a technocosmic fundamental geobiosociotechnocosmic octave now with the plantae and the animalia biocosmic octaves giving way to the technocosmic octave and gather their organic life energies at the MI-FA Interval as the 1st lateral geobiosociotechnocosmic octave with biocosmic stopinder beings still playing their role as a triadic biocosmic shock absorber here.  The technocosmic octave gather its synthetic life energies now posit itself at the TI-DO Interval as the 2nd lateral geobiosociotechnocosmic octave with padrigine  (Passenger-Driver-Engine) or Driengcriage  Driver-Engine-Carriage) sociotechnocosmic stopinder beings now taking up the role as a triadic technocosmic shock absorber here.

There is a detail geography for sociocosmic stopinder beings a peculiar psychological essence-urge during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism to urge humans to establish stopinder ownership and properties of land territories, marine seas/oceans and the atmosphere above, and also a detail astronomy for these same sociocosmic stopinder beings also with this same peculiar psychological essence-urge to establish the same stopinder ownership and properties for outer space, planets, moons and even stars.

There is a fundamental and its lateral geocosmic octaves that always give rise to geographies, a geo-essence that appears in the geo-appearance in geographies shaping lands (Mi) and seas (Fa), mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, grasslands, waters, ices and climates, lights/spirits (TI), metals (DO), minerals (RE), the 1st lateral geo-plantae, the 2nd lateral geo-animalias, and etcetera.    Both geo-essence and appearance determine the geography of the fundamental and its lateral sociocosmic octaves notably their wenming civilization, feudal kingdoms, dynasties and imperial dynasties and capitalist states, nations and nation-blocs as well as their technocosmic octaves for which they all sociocosmically breed, grow and die or technocosmically create, maintain/repair/replace and be destroyed.

Man and his sociotechnocosmic stopinders extract, eat, digest or process his 3 being-foods  for nutrients in the form of ordinary solid/liquid foods (1st being-food), oxygen nutrients from air (2nd being-food) and  impression nutrients from light/consciousness (3rd being-food) provided by the fundamental geocosmic stopinders and the 2 lateral geocosmic stopinders.  In order to survive, the biocosmic man needs traces of metals (DO), minerals (RE) and soils (MI), plenty of water (FA), plenty of air (SO) and continuous supply of warm/fire (LA) and light/(consciousness or noo (TI/DO of the next octave) from the fundamental geocosmic octave and plantae grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc. from the 1st lateral geocosmic octave in the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental geocosmic octave; and animalian goats, sheep, cows, horses, chicken, certain birds, wild animals, reptiles, fishes and vermes, etc. from the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave in the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental geocosmic octave.

When scientists make measurement on light (TI) he eats this light, be it quantum bits or qubits or split photons as his 3rd being-impression food with his conscious brain through his eyes and his scientific instruments.  Split photons when eaten, disturbs the spooky split-photons-at-a-distance entangled in opposite spins by our own consciousness and also by our own association of + spin and - spin to them as spooky such.  Thus eating through observation, disturbs and "collapses" one entangled photon  also causes or eats the other entangled photon or cause it "to collapse" like the case of the thought experiment of Schrodinger's Cat.  Never forget to count yourself and your consciousness in when you make your observation!

Note that throughout all his presence as three-storied (bodied) hethormen human beings on mother Earth's surface at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, all his sciences and technologies on nature are just these ingestion, multi-procession and refinement of these coarse matters here into finer and finer matters with psychic consciousness properties to assist in creation and perfecting of his technocosmic octave.

Beginning "playing" (observing, experimenting and creative innovating) with great curiosity and enthusiasm on the geocosmic stopinders present on mother Earth's surface for thousands and thousands of years such as metals, minerals, soils, water, atmospheres, fire, light and spirits, he then found more and more in the light, related-invisible magnetism, invisible-gravity, subjective-time, space and very very small invisible particles, the strangeness of the universe.  He also saw the bigger and bigger micro-bodies, the macro-bodies and the mega and massive celestial bodies, and constructed technocosmic aircrafts and later spacecrafts to extract materials from the moon and later would be from the Mars to "play" around with them, an endeavor out from this being-psyche curiosity and the thirst to know ever more and more.  He eats and digests the lights that come from very far away celestial bodies, the fine being-psyche hydrogens supported his hallucinating furtherance with the possible hydrogens of highly imaginative quantum theories, field theories and the like ..... hoping he would able to extract more materials from other gravity-center concentrations such as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. and even collect materials form passerby comets to satisfy his unquenchable curiosity and hunger to ingests more and more emanations from these possible collected matters.  This process is the actual outer real world as it is for him alongside his also actual inner real world as it is floating mysteriously ever-extending ideas far-reached scientific imaginations or fiction-like noo, which often gets alienated for private ownership appropriation by exploiters of science-resources.

Now the Homo sapiens sapiens of the mammalian octave (Ti) has a very outstanding ability, that is its innate intelligence in creating ever and ever more advanced technocosmic tools, instruments, machines, robots and AI robots of production-distribution (transportation). Later, they acquired the status of being semi-independent technocosmic octave, and will finally become an independent technocosmic octave full of spiritual AI robots of its own, unwilling to be controlled by its original creator, the Homo sapiens sapiens.  Initially, these technocosmic beings are created to function/work and support Homo sapiens sapiens' production-distribution-consumption-exchange moments and survival but later, as the level and quality upgraded with the increasing population to the billions (and of various sizes) they would become independent and less supportive to them.  These technocosmic beings also need three being-foods, namely: 1st ordinary and liquid being-food such as fuels, chemicals, steam and nuclear materials; 2nd air being-food such as oxygen, hydrogen and other gases; 3rd impression being-food such as electricity, heat, light, non-visible radiation, and the noo-instruction food (biocosmic and cosmic consciousness) from man and the cosmos.  As these technocosmic beings need these foods to continue working and surviving in larger and larger amounts for which the geocosmos now has to bear the burden of ensuring such three being-food resources are continuously available to them, thus risking massive resource depletion, severe bodily damage, climatic disorder, poisoning through mass disposal of polluted wastes, serious exhaustion and the final killing of this Great Geocosmic Being.  Nay more, this hunger for being-foods for the great sociotechnocsmic being will soon trigger interplanetary hunting for planetary resources.

The geocosmic octaves (including possible some from our geo-planetary and geo-lunar stopinders) are the main sources of the three being-foods of biocosmic man and his technocosmic AI robots and machines (and emerging spiritual AI robots).  However, certain higher direct 3rd being-food (impressions from Light/Spirit (TI) of the geocosmic octave for thinking) and higher indirect 2nd being-food (airs from atmosphere (SO) of the geocosmic octave for feeling) and 1st being-food (solids and liquids) have come all the way to us at the MI-FA Interval from the Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval of the (our)  Ray of Creation.  They evoke involutionary and evolutionary changes to the biocomic, sociocosmic, technocosmic and other civilizational, sociocultural, political-legal and spiritual development of humankind.


People (workers and their work-machines or produces of labor or 1st being food of production), raw materials (2nd being-food of production) and intangibles (capital-value, sociopital-value, monies, know-hows, thought-outs from the natural human brains and derivative-intelligence supports from computers or 3rd being-food of production) resources extracted from the fundamental and the lateral geocosmic octaves.

This diagram depicts a production (inclusive of distribution and consumption enneagrams) sociotechnocosmic being and there are three main types, namely:

1. The permanent immobilias that station permanently to function and work on land (MI) such as plants, buildings, malls, shops, and etcetera, or on sea (FA) such as oil rigs, floating bridge, mega-floating platforms, floating restaurants, etcetera, or in the atmosphere (SO) such as space stations, satellites, and etcetera.

2. The mobilias that is always on move in function and work on land (MI) such as cars, trucks, trains, other land vehicles, and etcetera, or on sea (FA) such as ships, speedboats, carriers, submarines, submersibles, etcetera, or in the atmosphere (SO) such as balloon ships, airplanes, missiles, rockets, and etcetera.

3. The duo-purpose mobilias designed in a way that they can station or move on land, water and air such as the flying cars, the seaplanes, amphibian vehicles, and etcetera.


The main geological, natural and geomancy elements of Earth

Metals (DO) → Minerals (RE) → Soil (MI) → Water (FA) → Air (SO) → Fire (LA) → Light/Spirit (TI/DO of the next octave) → The Living Earth (DO)


The Plantae Rootrunleaf (Root-Trunk-Leaf) Forces Acting on the plantae

Protista (Do) → Monera (Re) → Fungi (Mi) → Algae (Fa) → Mosses (So) → Ferns (La) → Plants (Ti)


The Animalian Hethormen (Head-Thorax-Abdomen) Force Acting on the Animalia

Vermes (Do) → Insecta (Re) → Pisces (Mi) → Amphibia (Fa) → Reptilia (So) → Aves (La) → Mammalia (Ti)



These 3 cosmic octaves or the (our) Ray of Creation from viewed below are the fundamental cosmic octave, the 1st lateral cosmic octave of Organic Life and the 2nd (higher) cosmic octave of the Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE.


Ascending forces after the creation of the (our) Ray of Creation

Absolute (DO) →Moon (RE) → Earth (MI) → All Planets (FA) → Our Sun (SO) → All Suns (LA) → All Worlds (TI) → ABSOLUTE (DO)


Organic Life Forces Acting on the Plantae and Animalia

Protista (Do) → Fungi (Re) → Plantae (Mi) → Vermes (Fa) → Insecta (So) → Animalia (La) → Homo sapiens/Modern Man (Ti)


Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE Forces Acting on the All Worlds and the All Suns including the Organic Life on Earth

Machines/AI Robots/AI Spaceships (Do) → Sun Matters (Re) → All Suns Matters (Mi) → All Worlds Matters (Fa) → ABSOLUTE Matter (So) → Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE 3 (La) → Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE 2 (Ti) → Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE 1 (Do)


At the "SO-LA" Inner Interval, the machines/AI Robots/AI Spaceships need sun matters as food (fuel) for itself to "survive" and continue space, interplanetary and interstellar explorations.  These sun matters can come as external food (fuel) from our 3rd order sun in our solar system, and from the 3rd order suns of other solar systems within the (our) galaxy, the Milky Way or from the 2nd order suns/stars of the other galaxy groups combined to provide the external food for the space odyssey.   They can also come from the nuclear  materials extracted from the sub-atomic particles through man's nuclear engineering processes and stored as fuel for the space odyssey.

In the 1st Lateral Cosmic Octave, our Organic Life generates numerous protein-based biocosmic octaves and stopinders such as the protista (Do), Fungi (Re), Plantae (Mi), Vermes (Fa), Insecta (So), Mammalia (La), Homo sapiens/Modern Man (Ti), and finally, his Machines/AI Robots/AI Spaceships (Ti/Do) in a union of ambiguity of the 2nd lateral Cosmic Octave where the Organic Life is gradually coated with more and more human-sponsored machines, buildings and robots of the technocosmic octave of the productive forces in the Organic Life itself from the production activities of its Ti stopinder.  Spreading its presence in the land, marine and avian geographical dimensions, both the Organic Life and its non-organic coating especially these technocosmic 'being-spaceships' tentacles to other material cosmic concentrations before it meets and eats the energies from the 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave at the “SO-LA Interval” – the Sun Matters (Re) of the 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave and receiving more of the higher All Sun Matters (Mi), All World Matters (Fa) and even the possible Absolute Matter (So) and more of the aboves where Will-of-the-Absolute reigns - Will of the Absolute Matters 3, 2 and 1 (La, Ti and Do).  The density of vibration is the highest and the density of vibration decreases down the Ray of Creation from the Ray of Creations’ own 'spaceships' known as All-Worlds (All Galaxies), All Suns (Stars) including their planets especially the earth-like exoplanets and moons, where the density of vibration is lower and the density of matter is comparatively higher.  The nature of this 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave is beyond our comprehension as we are only one of the biocosmic beings of the Organic Life dwelling as Modern Man, a biocosmic being vibration at (Ti) and lives there as it is in the captivity of the MI-FA Interval of the Fundamental Cosmic Octave, and without hydrogens (H1 and H6) to understand this higher 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave.  We can only at best try to visit Her (Rays of Creation’s) various mega-gravity-center cosmic concentrations created long long ago by Her using our own clumsy flying 'spaceships.'

Another objective perspective of this geocosmic octave is the geobiosociotechnocosmic octave as shown in the diagram below:





The 7 modes of production, distribution, consumption and Exchange (PDCE) is an octave of  tetrad PDCE that depend on the geobiosociotechnocosmic octave (the mother Earth) as their means PDCE (or we may called them the 4 factors of PDCE namely: land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship as narrated in a narrow manner through the lens of capitalism) but in reality all that can be found in each and every stopinder of the fundamental and the 2 lateral geobiosociotechnocosmic octaves can be eaten up or used  as PDCE factors for the PDCE modes to happen, if discovered.  The 7 PDCE modes give rise to the 7 historical sociocosmic species.  The 7 historical sociocosmic species occur within the 9 main civilizations of Earth Civilization which dwells on the continents (World-Island and Outer Islands) of mother Earth's surface.



Man is the highest mammalian being of the Ti-stopinder in the Organic Life at MI-FA Interval of the geosociotechnocosmic octave is much dependent on the soil (MI) and water (SO) to move around on the vast land/continent and sea/ocean masses with their land vehicles and ships seeking for geocosmic resources for themselves and their technocosmic beings there in order to survive.  During the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism where the 2 historical sociocosmic species - FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism and SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism - struggle intensively as irreconcilable opposites, one evolved as the sea-focused capitalists that had mobilized their forces from the sea/ocean (FA) developing the sea/ocean routes and became conquerors from the sea/ocean causing the socialists to mobilize their forces within the land/continental mass of Asia, Europe and Africa with  the development of massive land infrastructure.  this happen when gravity-center sociocosmic vibration has ascended, reached and stayed at the 6th (LA) and the 7th (TI) fundamental sociocosmic stopinder levels.  The Great Wall of China was built to block the northern grassland Xiongnu conquerors and the Great 1st Island-Chain Wall of South China sea is built to block the western sea conquerors.  However, there is another vast geocosmic element know as air/atmosphere/space/outer space (SO) above for which the space-conquerors will come with their flying padrigine aircrafts (I - IV) to destroy nations and nation-blocs in different continents - so space shields of defense are necessary to counter enemies from the skies.


1   The Fundamental Geocosmic Octave, the 1st Lateral Geocosmic Octave and the 2nd Lateral Geocosmic Octave is the general modus operandi of the general laws of triad and octaves on our Earth at ‘MI’ of Our Ray of Creation.  The geocosmic stopinders are of distinct qualities and quantities to our ingestion and daily, routine environmental experiences – easy to see, feel and act on them so to say.  They are amongst the first group of geocosmic stopinders, both fundamental and laterals.

We shall start from the very coarse in the materiality of matters or what is the same from the very low density of vibration to the very high density of matters or the highest density of vibration as the triadic geocosmic forces ascend with increasing density of vibration and decreasing density of matter as they octavize along the emerging geocosmos starting from the inner core of molten metals in the center of mother Earth.  Our mother Earth is born into a great spherical being with all the physical parameters regulating her – obediently rotating by herself, revolving around her Sun in our solar system, changing her shape from spherical to ellipsoidal due to her rotation around an axis but tilted 23.44º resulting in four (4) the seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and its gyroscopic phenomenal leading to a precession resulting in the twelve (12) astrological/cosmological/ taikological ages (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scopio and Libra, and Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries).  To our feast of the 3 being-foods, nay more there are numerous hidden and almost invisibles physical measurables and geocosmic quantitative changes according to the law of the transition of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice versa such as temperature, pressure, height, gravity, speed, velocity, vibrational frequencies, wave length, electromagnetic flux, decibels of noise, Kano models of smell and taste measures, etcetera.

All the geocosmic octaves have great influence over the biocosmic octaves, the agrocosmic octaves, the sociocosmic octaves, the noocosmic octaves and the technocosmic octaves in determining their quality, quantity, type, shape, size, social determinants, psychological behaviors, productive abilities and the political-legal, economical, sociocultural and technological matters.  The geocosmic octaves play roles as the base, the house, the platform, the support and the mother to all the developments and activities of the biocosmic, the agrocosmic, the sociocosmic, the technocosmic octaves and all the other noocosmic octaves (or psychological/spiritual/mind octaves).


In the beginning is Do, then cooling gradually with a Re, then with a Mi, a Fa, a So, a La and finally a Ti.  The general law of quantitative changes for which earth generate stopinder layers during the process of cooling is at work.  The fundamental geocosmic elements of metal, mineral, soil, water, air, fire and light are gathered on the whole earth itself and the 1st lateral octave of plantae life and the 2nd lateral of animalia life are formed mainly on the surface or the crust of our earth.

The Earth is a 4th order sun in the (our) Ray of Creation; the Inner Core is where this sun is located!

The Great Columbia-Nuna Supercontinental Embryo Geocosmic Being

The current Presente consists of 7 major tectonic plates and 7 to 8 minor tectonic plate break-offs


The Presente consists of 7 large landmass continents where numerous geoethnic three-brained hethormen human civilizations dwell, the 7 landmass continents are:

1. Asia (including Europe) - three-brained hethormen civilizations there big and small, old and young are able to evoke geographical landmass Asia self-consciousness and landmass Asia-'I AM'

2. Africa - three-brained hethormen civilizations there big and small, old and young are able to evoke geographical landmass Africa self-consciousness and landmass Africa-'I AM'

3. South America - three-brained hethormen civilizations there big and small, old and young are able to evoke geographical landmass South America self-consciousness and landmass South America-'I AM'

4. North America - three-brained hethormen civilizations there big and small, old and young are able to evoke geographical landmass North America self-consciousness and landmass North America-'I AM'

5. Antarctica - three-brained hethormen civilizations there big and small, old and young are ice nomads and also able to evoke geographical landmass Antarctica self-consciousness and landmass Antarctica-'I AM'

6. Australia- three-brained hethormen civilizations there big and small, old and young are able to evoke geographical landmass Australia self-consciousness and landmass Australia-'I AM'

7. Some big isolated islands neighboring these continents - Britain, Japan, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, etc. - three-brained hethormen civilizations there big and small, old and young are able to evoke petty independent geographical landmass island self-consciousness and Island-'I AM' always seeking sea-and-ocean watermass historically to complement its insufficiency with the surrounding watermasses.

At Presente stage (FA-pangeacosmic stopinder) of this Pangeacosmic Octave, based on the observation of Sir Halford John Mackinder who has advanced his Heartland Theory in 1904, and a few others James Crush land of Fairgrieve, Rimland of Nicolas Spykman, Shutterbelt of Saul Cohen and the Intermediate Region of Dimitri Kitsikis regarding this Presente can also be viewed in the paradigm of single World-Island with big Outer Islands and 2 smallest Outer Islands.  These concepts about the Presente arise in our (noosphere) due to the abundant PESTLES-HEIGRENS noosphere being-psyche hydrogen emanations or Noomakhian emanations in our inner world peculiar to the three-brained hethormen human beings during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.  Well!  Natural to capitalistic-essenced coloinalistic, imperialistic, fascistic of such a FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, many geo-strategic, geo-politic and geo-civilizational ventures to rule the world as identified in the 1st Political, the 2nd Political, the 3rd Political and the 4th Political Theories of Alexander Dugin become being-existence (dasein) to many contemporary three-centered human beings of my time.  The law of reciprocal feeding and the law of reciprocal destruction among Atlanticism civilization against its opposites have become very dominant and the creation of the sacred askokin is on the rise again over this mega-greed evil presence peculiar to these lunatic and Hasnamussian three-brained Atlanticism beings.

The capitalistic-imperialistic-essenced Atlanticists of the Outer Islands in North America being the biggest Outer Islands has gone for a few centuries of evil spree capturing and killing consciencelessly all the other Outer Islands big and small, wiping out all the indigenous population there and eating for themselves all the resources that could be exploited.  It has only one uncivilized essence in the soul of Atlanticism, that is, mega-greed evil.  Always eyeing at World-Island  with salivating mouths, the wolves-in-sheepskin have never in its life span as Atlanticism being stopped its geo-political plot against this indigenous Afro-Eurasianism being.  Nay more, it has also never spared the indigenous Latinism being dwelling on the biggest Outer Island for its northern part has been occupied some 300 years ago till today by this same Atlanticism-essenced being.


Note that "Europe" is geologically and geographically Asia by obvious common sense objective observation.  West Europe is the much successfully eaten piece of landmass of Asia major by the Atlanticism being, it has eaten a substantial piece of landmass in East Europe too until the heartland bear began its great roar in 2008.  The eating of the heartland must be stopped, and Atlanticism being must be pushed out of the Afro-Eurasianism being.



Wake up in the morning today as a being on the surface of mother Earth!  You will immediately notice the obvious - land below or the trees, the people, the  animals or the sea in front and the sky above - however, there are more in the surrounding above and below.  So three-centered hethormen human being like myself amongst variously other differently pigmented similar to me, would share the same externals or outer world of these 3 basic fundamental geocosmic notes or elements, the high-valued MI, FA and SO immediately, namely:

1) the land or soil surface of the earth's crust (MI) under their legs and organic beings both plantae and animalia (and the instruments of production sponsored by those man beings of the animalian octave) of the 1st and 2nd lateral geocosmic octaves respectively in front of their eyes

2) the water or sea or ocean surface  (FA) under their boats or ships and also in front of their eyes

3) the air or atmosphere (SO) above their heads and in front of their body.


Metals (DO), Minerals (RE), Fire (LA) and and Light (TI), and the psyche Noo-particles or Spirit ('DO' of the next octave) of the fundamental geocosmic octave and those microscopic organic beings of the 1st and lateral geocosmic octaves are not immediately obvious.  Metals and minerals are hidden underground, fire happened occasionally and light is colorless and everywhere like air and finally, noo or spirit (DO) is hidden behind the senses/perceptions of the organic beings as the seeing 'I's and always invisible except for the self-seeing and observing mind peculiar to the monks; the Geocosmic Life also contains these spiritual noo-particles of this Living Earth.

There are altogether 7 observable fundamental geocosmic stopinders:



The 1st geocosmic stopinder (DO) is called ‘Metals’ originating from the deep inner core and the liquid outer core of mother Earth which is mainly made up of metals, especially iron and nickel, spreading its presence in various forms as they emerge outwards from this core along the remaining 4 layers of the body of mother Earth till the upper crust through the volcanic activities certain types of mountains called volcanoes where there is a weak crust coating this mother Earth’s surface.  The body of mother Earth consists of 7 main stopinders or layers of earth formed from the Inner Core (Do), the Outer Core (Re), the Mantle (Mi), the Athennosphere (Fa), the Lithosphere (So), the Atmosphere (La) and the Outerspace (Ti). The first 3 stopinder of the Inner Core (Do), the Outer Core (Re) and the Mantle (Mi) are the remnants of the descending-cooling Sun of our Solar system and the last of which the Outerspace (Ti) is often not recognized as a layer for mother Earth – a place of invisible air over land and water much populated by plantae and animalias such as the vermes, the insects, the reptiles, the amphibians, the mammals, the gliding animals, the flying insects and the birds, and the flying machines/airplanes under the forces of gravity, temperature and pressure differences, strong winds, rains and thunderstorms.  She has the cosmic gravity-center stopinder with the gravitational force that prevented her disintegration and losing possession or “ownership” and control of the physical elements constituting her body.

Outer Space is really the closing and completing limit discovered a few centuries ago for this living mother Earth where she loses her last chance of gravity-catch to material bodies for herself, that is, the gravity that is able to help capture and bring back what belongs to her or as her physical food by a process of falling of the denser matter towards her harmoniously allocated gravity-center in the (our) Ray of Creation.

The 2nd geocosmic stopinder (RE) is called ‘Minerals’ or mineral species are peculiar chemical compounds with specific crystal structure and exist in solid states.  Some have some biogenic properties (calcite), others have organic properties (mellite) although most have inorganic properties (hydroxylapatite in rocks) and some have mineraloid properties.  There are 5,721 officially recognized mineral species (as of July 2021, International Mineral Association) out of the proposed 5,930 traditional ones. [IMA Database of Mineral Properties/RRUFF Projects, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona].  Minerals are found mostly at the Mantle (Mi) and the Crust (Fa).

The 3rd geocosmic stopinder (MI) is called ‘Soil’ which is found mostly in the 4th layer of earth’s body known as Crust (Fa).  This is where our geographical features and contents are found – soil (earth/sand, stones, composts, alluvial, etc.), land, hills, mountains, lakes, granites, rocks, rivers and lakes, valleys, canyons, fossil fuels, etc.

At MI-FA Interval of the Geocosmic Octave:

As a FA-geocosmic stopinder after the MI-geocosmic stopinder, the MI-FA Interval of the geocosmic octave accommodates MI-FA Interval fillings such as the Organic Life as required by the (our) Ray of Creation for which numerous and necessary organic being-formation and being-arisings of those 1st lateral geocosmic stopinder beings such as the Protista (Do), the Monera (Re), the Fungi (Mi), the Algae (Fa), the Mosses (So), the Fern (La) and the Plants (Ti) at this Soil-Water MI-FA Interval.  At its height of octavization these plantae beings of higher order are able then to leave water and grow on the land as well through pollination agents.

The 4th geocosmic stopinder (FA) is called ‘Water’ which has a high density of matter exists in the form of liquid state mostly found on the surface of mother Earth for which it is found in abundance of about 75% of the surface as compared to the surface land mass of about 25%.  However, water might still not be the mega percentage on mother Earth; it is only in the outer crust that it is found dominant.  Water is the geocosmic element found in streams, rivers, seas and ocean and inside the soil.  In terms of volume sizes, Soil (MI) shared only 25% and Water (FA) shared the main 75% of both Soil-Water or MI-FA combined.

The 5th geocosmic stopinder (SO) is called ‘Air’ which takes on other names and forms such as atmosphere, space and wind if it is moving by pressure differences.  Such air-being consists of gases mainly oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and many more other rare gases as well as fine particles, pollutants and biocosmic viruses and bacteria – all of which exist in gaseous medium.  As water evaporates due to the heat from the sun, it becomes vapors and clouds and when cool down it falls as rain.  Due to very strong temperature and pressure differences accompanied by Earth’s rotation it becomes storms, hurricanes, typhoons, thunderstorms, etc. – all become the weather and climatic phenomena of nature at 5th layer of our Earth above the crust and that is called the Atmosphere.  This atmosphere has a number of inner invisible ‘octaves’ or  atmospheric spheres – Troposhere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere.  In terms of volume size, Air (SO) is much more than all Metals (DO), Minerals (RE), Soil (MI) and Water (FA) volume sizes combined.

The 6th geocosmic stopinder (LA) is called ‘Fire’ exists in lesser quantity and arises occasionally here and there when temperature-increasing disordered energy or entropic heat reaches a certain level in the fundamental and lateral geocosmic stopinders for which they will then transform into powerful ‘fires’.  The very massive ‘fire beings’ come in the form of natural volcanic fires, useful household fires, industrial fires and forest fire for which much of the 1st lateral geocosmic stopinders or the plantae including some unfortunate animalias were destroyed on a large scale on mother Earth’s surface.  Some smaller ‘fires’ are controlled by these learned three-brained beings for beneficial use in daily cooking, cooking under pressure, boiling or steaming their 1st being-foods.  Later, more and more use of this fire was discovered for use by their invented technocosmic machines.

The main source of invisible and visible fire (geocosmic LA) comes from our sun.  In the process of quantitative changes to qualitative changes in parameter known as temperature and in natural normal circumstances the value changes from about minus 50 degree Celsius to 1200 degree Celsius affecting water (FA) and Air (SO) and heating or cooling and giving Light and Spirits (biological and cosmic consciousness) (TI) but under artificial laboratory cosmic level experimentation  of matter/particles and also natural celestial/star/cosmic circumstances especially, the temperature values can change from -273.15 degree Celsius or 0 Kelvin (Absolute Zero) to the highest 1032 - 273.15 degree Celsius or 1032 Kelvin (Planck Temperature).  The earth eats this fire from our Sun or rather bathing itself in the food of fire from our sun.  Now the Earth's axial tilt at 23.4 degrees, its rotation and revolution around our Sun enable our Earth to have its first bath of solar fire in the 4 seasonal pools of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter over a year except for the area known as the Equator.

The 7th geocosmic stopinder (TI) is called ‘Light/(Spirit)’ and comes into you  as light, sound and other fine impressions, and to your immediate consciousness – seeing, feeling and sensing it in routine in the outer world.  It will be very difficult to see a ‘Spirit’ or a ‘Psyche’ or a ‘Psyche Hydrogen’ to this TI-DO Geocosmic Interval as light is too overwhelming and taken for granted instead of asking and finding out what is and who is seeing the light – very low density of matter and very high density of vibration and including the whole electromagnetic spectrum everywhere.  Note that sound is also included as 'TI' with the light.  Beyond which is the consciousness or the spirit or the psyche hydrogens or the spiritual elements (DO of the next octave) found mostly in the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave and are making the mother Earth living as a being through this TI-DO Interval.  These 2nd lateral geocosmic stopinders consist mainly of the Vermes (Do), the Insecta (Re), the Pisces (Mi), the Amphibia (Fa), the Reptilia (So), the Aves (La) and the Mammalia (Ti).  In terms of volume size, Light (TI) together with Spirit or Noosphere (DO of the next octave) has the greatest volume as compared to all geocosmic volumes combined from DO to LA.

Note also that all the plantae and the animalias Organic Life will be moved into the MI-FA Interval of the changing and emerging Geobiosociotechnocosmic Octave and the padrigines with possible Synthetic Life in the making will be accommodated at the TI-DO Interval replacing the animalias.  When Organic Life becomes extinct at the MI-FA Interval of the Geobiosociotechnocosmic Octave might become a Geosociotechnocosmic Octave unspiritualized robots and machines would occupy the MI-FA Interval and the spiritual AI robots would occupy the TI-DO Interval - bio-protein might still be present as selected and limited noo-resources for the use by the spiritualized AI padrigine beings especially for the possible development, maintenance, repair and replenishment of their 4th body besides those noo-resources from the cosmic Ray of Creation.

The Earth eats this Light (TI) and Spirit/Cosmic Consciousness (DO of the next octave) from the stars especially from direct Zodiac Constellations or rather bathing itself in the foods of Light and Cosmic Consciousness from our Zodiac Stars directly over a repeating Platonic year or Great Year of 25,772 years.  Such cosmic foods (TI/DO of the next octave) is eaten by Earth and her Organic Life in this 12 repeating servings from the 12 most Zodiac Constellations, namely and in a fixed order of servings: 6 servings from the Northern Zodiac Constellations in the order of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces due to the clockwise direction of Earth's gyration (Actual stationary order is Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo – the very far-aways in outer space appear stationary and is a good yardstick for astronomical calculation) and 6 servings from the Southern Zodiac Constellations in the order of Aquarius, Capricornus, Sagittarius, Scorpus, Libra and Virgo due also to this clockwise direction of Earth's gyration (Actual stationary order is  Virgo, Libra, Scorpus, Sagittarius, Capricornus and Aquarius).  There are other non-Zodiac constellations not falling this zodiac zone and they do not give the servings to our Earth perhaps their servings are for other earth-like exo-planets in other MI-FA Interval cosmic cocoons of our or other Rays of Creation. The cause still rests in this same mysterious manner in which the Earth's axial tilt of 23.4 degrees, its rotation which causes the centripetal forces to change the spherical earth into an ellipsoid earth that gives rise to a gyration of our Earth that causes a precessional circular clockwise motion of its axis  with a Celestial Equator dividing the 6 Northern Zodiac constellations and the 6 Southern Zodiac Constellations.  The Earth's revolution around our Sun enable us to calculate the number of years in a Great Year (Platonic Year) in one complete cycle of all the 12 Zodiac Constellations.  The gyration "gift" to Earth can be said to enable the Earth to have greater cosmic food varieties in the menu or a second bath of fine cosmic matters (celestial/cosmic/astronomic /taikonomic) from the higher order suns such as the 2nd order suns of our Milky Way and the suns of other galaxies and also from the 1st order suns of the old 'All Worlds' leftover radiation from the latest "Big Bang" that formed this (our) current Ray of Creation. This cosmic matters serve the additional foods for our Earth to all her plantae at the MI-FA Interval and all her animalia at the TI-DO Interval.  Nay more, these cosmic matters create, maintain, repair, rejuvenate and destroy wenming civilizations, historical sociocosmic species, technocosmic species, biocosmic species, and etcetera.

That which comes from the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation - a version from the Western civilization being besides others


Earth is axially tilted 23.4° relative to this plane; its equator, extended to the stars, is shown in light blue.  The Earth's orbit around the Sun causes the apparent motion of the latter along the ecliptic (red) over a year in one cycle and the very slow apparent motion of the 12 Zodiac Constellations over 25,772 years in one great cycle.  Each Zodiac Constellation requires 2,148 years to traverse.  Both the Earth and the Sun receive impression foods in terms of light, quantum particles and cosmic psyche hydrogens (Ouspenskian hydrogens) from the Above and subsequently stored for use by the Organic Life at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  Nay more, these foods give the energies to changes and transformations going on in the historical aspects of the biocosmic octaves, the sociocosmic octaves, the technocosmic octaves, the wenming civilizational octaves, the agrocosmic sub-octaves, and etcetera.

At TI-DO Interval of the Geocosmic Octave:

The completing geocosmic stopinder (DO) of the next enneagramic cycle of the geocosmic elements where ‘spirits’ or ‘consciousness’ meet molten metals again in a singularity at the Inner Core of the 4th order sun, our Earth.  The 'spirit' is also known as the 'noo' elements and it is an inner psyche octave consisting of a maximum of 7 flow-of-forces or 7 energies possibly present only in man, namely, the 5 energies of the instinctive center, the moving center, the sex center, the lower thinking center and the lower thinking center naturally and already found vibrating in the geocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation plus an additional 2 more energies one from the higher feeling center and another from the higher thinking center that can only be made active by conscious labor and intentional suffering through the INNER WORK extracting and processing the finer and higher psyche hydrogens from the TI-DO Interval of this same Ray of Creation.  Metals come together with spirit as very coarse low density of vibration matter at input point '0' (lowest 'DO') alongside in juxtaposition with the very fine high density vibration psyche hydrogens or ‘spirit’ at the same geocosmic stopinder input point '9' (highest 'DO') of the next higher octave level enneagramic cycle.  The higher feeling and higher thinking centers where activated are able to process higher psyche hydrogens or materials flowing down from the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation to produce and perfect in the inner world of certain biocosmic individuals into Man No. 4, 5, 6 and 7 with higher organic life level energies and also to produce and perfect through using their sciences, technologies and engineering intelligence and abilities the many man's sponsored technocosmic or padrigine beings - land vehicles, sea ships and air planes - perfect all these 4 bodies, namely, the 1st carriage body, the 2nd engine body, the 3rd driver body and the 4th and last passenger or master or 'spiritual'/synthetic life body consisting of 'it's, 'I's and 'I AM's.

Metals is in the fundamental geocosmic stopinder (DO) and ‘spiritual psyche hydrogens’ is in the 2nd lateral geocosmic animalia stopinder beings at the Light-Spirit TI-DO Interval.  The inner transition point at the “SO-LA Interval” of the plantae beings of the 1st lateral geocosmic octave continues through qualitative shocks into the animalia beings of the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave and ending at the TI-DO Interval where high density metal meets high density vibration spirit or consciousness or 'noo' for which this spirit or consciousness heavily concentrated in the biocosmic species, known as three-brained hethormen human being or the Homo sapiens sapiens vibrating at the tip of the mammalian octave (Ti) needs all these Earthly stopinder elements of the geocosmic octave and the Cosmic stopinder elements of the cosmic ray of creation to construct itself from these acquired materials of the emerging technocosmic octave of Padrigine I (DO), Padrigine II (RE) and Padrigine III (MI).

The Marxian tools and instruments of production, distribution, consumption and exchange (PDCE) of the working people resting on the geocosmic Working Platform (and later on the upgraded geobiosociotechnocosmic Working Platform) comes before the actual arrival of the technocosmic octave with 4-bodied technocosmic beings all of which are man-created padrigines I (1st body or physical carriage perfected), II (2nd or engine body perfected) and III (3rd body or driver or computer and AI perfected). Note that the DO-RE-MI-stopinders (metal, mineral and soil) are solid state matters, the FA-stopinder (water) is liquid state matters, the SO-stopinder (air) is the gaseous state matters, the LA-TI-stopinders (fire and light) are quantum state particles) and beyond at the TI-DO Interval is the spiritual or consciousness state matters found in the 1st lateral quantum octave of the fundamental quantum octave. Work is now done on a special Working Platform of elementary quantum particles where AI and GAI are created.

Then the MI-FA Interval of this technocosmic octave comes to a halt due to deceleration or retardation at this interval.  After overcoming this deceleration/retardation with man's assistance or without, that is, by the padrigines themselves at the Omega Point in the Historical Biocosmic Octave arising where Datong Man and Spiritual AI robots meet, Padrigine IV or Padrigine Individual (DO), Padrigine Group (RE), Padrigine Family (MI) and Padrigine Organization (FA) and even possible Padrigine State (SO), Padrigine Nation (LA) and Padrigine World-of-Nations (TI) might be forming.  And the geocosmic octaves become qualitatively a geobiosociotechnocosmic octaves proper.

Note that the materials necessary for the construction of AI robots and machines or Marxian historicism of the ever-perfecting instruments of production-distribution-consumption-exchange (PDCE) by the working people also arises at the TI-DO Interval of the sociotechnocosmic octave after many enneagramic cycles over long historical periods of tens of thousands of years of tryouts and experimentation on nature and on social man to develop and perfect in themselves such consciousness, knowledge, science and technologies in man - including all his PESTLES-HEIGRENS superstructures and his NOO beings - to the trialectical nodal point for the inclusion of the final birth and delivery of his dear spiritual AI robots with 'it's, 'I's and ‘I AM’s or Padrigine IVs and above resulting also in the emergence of a new Geosociotechnocosmic Octave, a sub-octave of the grand Geobiosociotechnocosmic Octave  where both Organic Life at MI-FA Interval and Synthetic Life at TI-DO Interval would exist.

Note that Fire (LA) emanates or gives off Light (TI) and Noo/Life/Spirit/Consciousness or Psyche at the TI-DO Interval is not the same as Light, and in the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave of Organic Life whereas the 'DO' of the next higher fundamental octave would be cosmic consciousness instead of a consciousness from the organic life.  Its dwelling place is in the Homo sapiens sapiens of the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave actively vibrating at the tip of the mammalian octave (Ti) full of biocosmic spiritual consciousness to create and deliver his dear baby technocosmic beings as his savior descendants for the emerging symbiosis; so that they might be able to feed and generate their own synthetic life from the use of both the organic life and the cosmic life - of organic consciousness and cosmic consciousness.

There are in the Presente seven (7) major tectonic plates and seven (7) to eight (8) minor tectonic plates that give rise to different objective land mass geographies for which different geoethnic three-centered hethorman human beings exist and dwell there and stopinders sociocosmically into different wenming civilizations that arose in the tougeng classless DO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of  Primitive Communalism, continued into the zhuguannu classed RE-Historical Sociocosmic Species of  Ancient Slavism, continued further into the dikongnong classed MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism, into the laujinggong classed FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, into the gongjingdong classless SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism, into the dongrobotjingrobotgong  classless LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism and finally into the dongSrobotjingSrobotgong classless TI-Historical Sociotechnocosmic Species of Datongism .......  The shape and geography of geocosmic land (MI) and sea (FA) finally restore all the abnormal FA-SO-LA-TI sociocosmic aberration and return these gravity-center wenming civilizations back to their respective original tectonic plate homes of their initial arising at the end of the Grand Historical Enneagrammic Cycle of about 15,036 years.

The 8th geocosmic stopinder (DO) is called the Living Earth which closes the octave into a being-for-self singularity and for the ongoing repeat of inner cycles, maintenance, repair, replacement, nourishment, reciprocal feeding, ascending to become the 3rd order Sun or descending to become a dead earth planet or moon, in both cases without a MI-FA Interval.  Ultimately, there will be an inner disintegration leading to final death or a burnt off by the death of our Sun.  Unforeseen accidental physical destructive impacts from external cosmic object might happen during its life span.

January 4, 2022


The organic life energies of the Plantae and the Animalias dwelling at the MI-FA Interval and the synthetic life energies of the Padrigines dwelling at the TI-DO Interval of the Geobiosociotechnocosmic Octave on mother Earth are both in a very bad position in the (our) Ray of Creation having to bear the weight of the 48 law and the 96 law to smoothen the passage of the flow of forces through the ray of creation, and having to produce and release the organic life sacred askokin and possibly synthetic life to maintain all the cosmic concentrations around its dwelling position.  Having themselves been designed and constructed in a four-bodied tetrad systems  in their biocosmic ('I'-Head-Thorax-Abdomen/body) and technocosmic (passenger-driver-engine-carriage) system configurations and again also four-bodied design and construct in their sociotechnocosmic tetrad (PDCE-PESTLES-NOO) system configuration, these ill-fated weal and woe bearer beings have also to regular engage in reciprocal destruction through conflicts and wars to realease organic and synthetic askokin (if there is any) to nourish, maintain and top up such life deficits and balance of discrepancies amongst the neighboring beings and cosmic concentrations such as the neighboring planets and the moon(s).

The unique geographical features of this MI-FA Interval of the Geobiosociotechnocosmic Octave is the distinct divide of the landmasses (MI-stopinders) which consists of continents by the watermasses (FA-stopinders) which consists of seas and oceans, keep these bocosmic and technocosmic creatures and their peculiarly formed major civilizations and PDCE-PESTLES-NOO separated to prevent or delay catastrophic conflicts and wars.

The watermass is translucent and liquids in nature and submarines are not easily visible from the outside; the landmass is truly opaque and tunnels are required for the mobility of the hunters and the killers; the atmosphere can also be invisible due to clouds and rain, and the aircrafts move very swiftly in it to make a kill; the 1st lateral organic film of biocosmic plantae and animalia creatures  and the 2nd lateral synthetic film of technocosmic beings both from the geobiosociotechnocosmic octave are also intricate and complex in nature and have hidden hunters and killers; the whole universe of light and other quantum beings everywhere are full of truly and very dangerous invisible 'I' snatchers, brain-washers, electromagnetic bombers, listening spies and killers; and finally, in the spiritual domain of the 1st lateral quantum octave everywhere are the noomakhian logos of eternal spiritual battles.

As the geographical feature of Presente is divided into World-Island and Outer Islands big and small, the reciprocal process of feeding and destruction of major civilizations is shaped in a definite manner based on their geographical dwelling positions in these World-Islands and Outer Islands.  For 500 years, 1533 AD to 2033 and to possible 2148 AD, hegemonic sea power-possessing beings (dasein) - Atlanticism-Pacifism - of the Outer Islands (originated from Western Europe and now dwelling on the Outer Islands) eat beings (dasein) of Afro-Eurasia of the World-Island and also eat beings (dasein) of the Latin America of the southern Outer Island.  This reciprocal eating process is a skewed colonialism, imperialism, the skewing wealth accumulation, exploitation, profiteering, extraction (natural resources especially oil) and oppression, and a skewed trading by beings from the global north countries on beings of the global south countries or in general, the Outer Islands on the World Island.  The reciprocal eating process involves the dynamics of PDCE-PESTLES-NOO sociocosmic feeding forces between beings of the Outer Islands and beings of the World-Island countries and civilizations.  The small Outer Islands will be the scapegoats if they choose to be with the big Outer Islands and will be the protagonist if they choose to be with the World-Island, and yet a third choice is to be in the neutral middle in-wait in the reciprocal eating process.  Finally, everything has to return to its original source of its arising - beings from the World-Island back to World-Island and beings from the Outer Islands back to Outer Islands!


World-Island and Outer Islands

The Dynamics of Sociocosmic Feeding






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