Volume 156       January 04, 2022


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(Original work, Real World Views Book 23, Further Records, Article 30, Topic: "The Fundamental Geocosmic Octave of the Geo-Natural Elements and its 1st and 2nd Lateral Geocosmic Octaves; The Enneagram of the Geocosmic Octaves" by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho)



Article 30, Topic:

The fundamental Geocosmic Octave of the Geo-Natural Elements and its 1st and 2nd Lateral Geocosmic Octaves; The Enneagram of the Geocosmic Octaves



These 3 geocosmic octaves of natural elements found on Earth from direct psychological principles of experiencing, and they are the fundamental geocosmic octave, the 1st (lower) lateral geocosmic octave of the plantae and the 2nd (higher) lateral geocosmic octave of the animalia.

There is a detail geography for sociocosmic stopinder beings a peculiar psychological essence-urge during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism to urge humans to establish stopinder ownership and properties of land territories, marine seas/oceans and the atmosphere above, and also a detail astronomy for these same sociocosmic stopinder beings also with this same peculiar psychological essence-urge to establish the same stopinder ownership and properties for outer space, planets, moons and even stars.

Man and his sociotechnocosmic stopinders extract, eat, digest or process his 3 being-foods  nutrients in the form of ordinary solid/liquid foods (1st being-food), oxygen nutrients from air (2nd being-food) and  impression nutrients from light/consciousness (3rd being-food) provided by the fundamental geocosmic stopinders and the 2 lateral geocosmic stopinders.  In order to survive, man as biocosmic being needs traces of metals (DO), minerals (RE) and soils (MI), plenty of water (FA), plenty of air (SO) and continuous supply of warm/fire (LA) and light/consciousness/noo (TI) from the fundamental geocosmic octave and plantae grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc. from the 1st lateral geocosmic octave in the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental geocosmic octave; and animalian goats, sheep, cows, horses, chicken, certain birds, wild animals, reptiles, fishes and vermes, etc. from the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave in the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental geocosmic octave.

Now the Homo sapiens sapiens of the mammalian octave (Ti) has one very outstanding ability, that is its innate intelligence in creating ever and ever more advanced technocosmic tools, instruments, machines, robots and AI robots of production-distribution (transportation) which later acquire the status of being semi-independent technocosmic octave, and will finally become an independent technocosmic octave full of spiritual AI robots of its own, unwilling to be controlled by its original creator, the Homo sapiens sapiens.  Initially, these technocosmic beings are created to function/work and support Homo sapiens sapiens' survival but soon the number of these technocosmic beings increases to billions and of various sizes.  These technocosmic beings also need three being-foods, namely: 1st ordinary and liquid being-food such as fuels, chemicals, steam and nuclear materials; 2nd air being-food such as oxygen, hydrogen and other gases; 3rd impression being-food such as electricity, heat, light, non-visible radiation, and the noo-instruction food (biocosmic and cosmic consciousness) from man and the cosmos.  As these technocosmic beings need these foods to continue working and surviving in larger and larger amounts for which the geocosmos now has to bear the burden of ensuring such three being-food resources are continuously available to them, thus risking massive resource depletion, severe bodily damage, climatic disorder, poisoning through mass disposal of polluted wastes, serious exhaustion and the final killing of this Great Geocosmic Being.  Nay more, this hunger for being-foods for the great sociotechnocsmic being will soon trigger interplanetary hunting for planetary resources.

People (workers and their work-machines or produces of labor or 1st being food of production), raw materials (2nd being-food of production) and intangibles (capital-value, sociopital-value, monies, know-hows, thought-outs from the natural human brains and derivative-intelligence supports from computers or 3rd being-food of production) resources extracted from the fundamental and the lateral geocosmic octaves.

This diagram depicts a production sociotechnocosmic being and there three main types, namely:

1. The permanent immobilias that station permanently to function and work on land (MI) such as plants, buildings, etcetera, or on sea (FA) such as oil rigs, floating bridge, mega-floating platforms, floating restaurants, etcetera, or in the atmosphere (SO) such as space stations, satellites, and etcetera.

2. The mobilias that is always on move in function and work on land (MI) such as cars, trucks, trains, other land vehicles, etcetera, or on sea (FA) such as ships, speedboats, carriers, submarines, submersibles, etcetera, or in the atmosphere such as balloon ships, airplanes, missiles, rockets, and etcetera.

3. The duo-purpose mobilias designed in a way that they can station or move on land, water and air such as the flying cars, the seaplanes, amphibian vehicles, and etcetera.


The main geological, natural and geomancy elements of Earth

Metals (DO) → Minerals (RE) → Soil (MI) → Water (FA) → Air (SO) → Fire (LA) → Light/Spirit (TI) → The Living Earth (DO)


The Plantae Rootrunleaf (Root-Trunk-Leaf) Forces Acting on the plantae

Protista (Do) → Monera (Re) → Fungi (Mi) → Algae (Fa) → Mosses (So) → Ferns (La) → Plants (Ti)


The Animalian Hethormen (Head-Thorax-Abdomen) Force Acting on the Animalia

Vermes (Do) → Insecta (Re) → Pisces (Mi) → Amphibia (Fa) → Reptilia (So) → Aves (La) → Mammalia (Ti)



These 3 cosmic octaves or the (our) Ray of Creation from viewed below are the fundamental cosmic octave, the 1st lateral cosmic octave of Organic Life and the 2nd (higher) cosmic octave of the Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE.


Ascending forces after the creation of the (our) Ray of Creation

Absolute (DO) →Moon (RE) → Earth (MI) → All Planets (FA) → Our Sun (SO) → All Suns (LA) → All Worlds (TI) → ABSOLUTE (DO)


Organic Life Forces Acting on the Plantae and Animalia

Protista (Do) → Fungi (Re) → Plantae (Mi) → Vermes (Fa) → Insecta (So) → Animalia (La) → Homo sapiens/Modern Man (Ti)


Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE Forces Acting on the All Worlds and the All Suns including the Organic Life on Earth

Machines/AI Robots/AI Spaceships (Do) → Sun Matters (Re) → All Suns Matters (Mi) → All Worlds Matters (Fa) → ABSOLUTE Matter (So) → Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE 3 (La) → Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE 2 (Ti) → Will-of-the-ABSOLUTE 1 (Do)


At the "SO-LA" Inner Interval, the machines/AI Robots/AI Spaceships need sun matters as food (fuel) for itself to "survive" and continue space, interplanetary and interstellar explorations.  These sun matters can come as external food (fuel) from our 3rd order sun in our solar system, and from the 3rd order suns of other solar systems within the (our) galaxy, the Milky Way or from the 2nd order suns/stars of the other galaxy groups combined to provide the external food for the space odyssey.   They can also come from the nuclear  materials extracted from the sub-atomic particles through man's nuclear engineering processes and stored as fuel for the space odyssey.

In the 1st Lateral Cosmic Octave, our Organic Life generates numerous protein-based biocosmic octaves and stopinders such as the protista (Do), Fungi (Re), Plantae (Mi), Vermes (Fa), Insecta (So), Mammalia (La), Homo sapiens/Modern Man (Ti), and finally, his Machines/AI Robots/AI Spaceships (Ti/Do) in a union of ambiguity of the 2nd lateral Cosmic Octave where the Organic Life is gradually coated with more and more human-sponsored machines, buildings and robots of the technocosmic octave of the productive forces in the Organic Life itself from the production activities of its Ti stopinder.  Spreading its presence in the land, marine and avian geographical dimensions, both the Organic Life and its non-organic coating especially these technocosmic 'being-spaceships' tentacles to other material cosmic concentrations before it meets and eats the energies from the 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave at the “SO-LA Interval” – the Sun Matters (Re) of the 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave and receiving more of the higher All Sun Matters (Mi), All World Matters (Fa) and even the possible Absolute Matter (So) and more of the aboves where Will-of-the-Absolute reigns - Will of the Absolute Matters 3, 2 and 1 (La, Ti and Do).  The density of vibration is the highest and the density of vibration decreases down the Ray of Creation from the Ray of Creations’ own 'spaceships' known as All-Worlds (Galaxies), All Suns (Stars) including their planets and moons, where the density of vibration is lower and the density of matter is comparatively higher.  The nature of this 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave is beyond our comprehension as we are only one of the biocosmic beings of the Organic Life dwelling as Modern Man, a biocosmic being vibration at (Ti) and lives there as it is in the captivity of the MI-FA Interval of the Fundamental Cosmic Octave, and without hydrogens (H1 and H6) to understand this higher 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave.  We can only at best try to visit Her (Rays of Creation’s) various mega-gravity-center cosmic concentrations created long long ago by Her using our own clumsy flying 'spaceships.'


1   The Fundamental Geocosmic Octave, the 1st Lateral Geocosmic Octave and the 2nd Lateral Geocosmic Octave is the general modus operandi of the general laws of triad and octaves on our Earth at ‘MI’ of Our Ray of Creation.  The geocosmic stopinders are of distinct qualities and quantities to our ingestion and daily, routine environmental experiences – easy to see, feel and act on them so to say.  They are amongst the first group of geocosmic stopinders, both fundamental and laterals.

We shall start from the very coarse in the materiality of matters or what is the same from the very low density of vibration to the very high density of matters or the highest density of vibration as the triadic geocosmic forces ascend with increasing density of vibration and decreasing density of matter as they octavize along the emerging geocosmos starting from the inner core of molten metals in the center of mother Earth.  Our mother Earth is born into a great spherical being with all the physical parameters regulating her – obediently rotating by herself, revolving around her Sun in our solar system, changing her shape from spherical to ellipsoidal due to her rotation around an axis but tilted 23.44º resulting in four (4) the seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and its gyroscopic phenomenal leading to a precession resulting in the twelve (12) astrological/cosmological/ taikological ages (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scopio and Libra, and Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries).  To our feast of the 3 being-foods, nay more there are numerous hidden and almost invisibles physical measurables and geocosmic quantitative changes according to the law of the transition of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice versa such as temperature, pressure, height, gravity, speed, velocity, vibrational frequencies, wave length, electromagnetic flux, decibels of noise, Kano models of smell and taste measures, etcetera.

All the geocosmic octaves have great influence over the biocosmic octaves, the agrocosmic octaves, the sociocosmic octaves, the noocosmic octaves and the technocosmic octaves in determining their quality, quantity, type, shape, size, social determinants, psychological behaviors, productive abilities and the political-legal, economical, sociocultural and technological matters.  The geocosmic octaves play roles as the base, the house, the platform, the support and the mother to all the developments and activities of the biocosmic, the agrocosmic, the sociocosmic, the technocosmic octaves and all the other noocosmic octaves (or psychological/spiritual/mind octaves).


The Earth is a 4th order sun in the (our) Ray of Creation; the Inner Core is where this sun is located!

The Great Columbia-Nuna Supercontinental Embryo Geocosmic Being


Wake up in the morning today as a being on the surface of mother Earth!  You will immediately notice the obvious - land below or the trees, the people, the  animals or the sea in front and the sky above - however, there are more in the surrounding above and below.  So three-centered hethormen human being like myself amongst variously other differently pigmented similar to me, would share the same externals or outer world of these 3 basic fundamental geocosmic notes or elements, the high-valued MI, FA and SO immediately, namely:

1) the land or soil surface of the earth's crust (MI) under their legs and organic beings both plantae and animalia (and the instruments of production sponsored by those man beings of the animalian octave) of the 1st and 2nd lateral geocosmic octaves respectively in front of their eyes

2) the water or sea or ocean surface  (FA) under their boats or ships and also in front of their eyes

3) the air or atmosphere (SO) above their heads and in front of their body.

Metals (DO), Mineral (RE), Fire (LA) and the psyche Noo or Light and Spirit (TI) of the fundamental geocosmic octave and those microscopic organic beings of the 1st and lateral geocosmic octaves are not immediately obvious. 

Metals (DO), Minerals (RE), Fire (LA) and the psyche Noo or Light and Spirit (TI) of the fundamental geocosmic octave and those microscopic organic beings of the 1st and lateral geocosmic octaves are not immediately obvious.  Metals and minerals are hidden underground, fire happened occasionally and light is colorless and everywhere like air and finally, noo or spirit is hidden behind the senses/perceptions as the seeing 'I' and always invisible except for the self-seeing and observing mind peculiar to the monks.

There are altogether 7 observable fundamental geocosmic stopinders:



The 1st geocosmic stopinder (DO) is called ‘Metals’ originating from the deep inner core and the liquid outer core of mother Earth which is mainly made up of metals, especially iron and nickel, spreading its presence in various forms as they emerge outwards from this core along the remaining 4 layers of the body of mother Earth till the upper crust through the volcanic activities certain types of mountains called volcanoes where there is a weak crust coating this mother Earth’s surface.  The body of mother Earth consists of 5 main layers of earth formed from the Inner Core (Do), the Outer Core (Re), the Mantle (Mi), the Crust (Fa), the Atmosphere (So) …… the last of which is often not recognized as a layer for mother Earth – a place of invisible air over land and water much populated by plantae and animalias such as the vermes, the insects, the reptiles, the amphibians, the mammals, the gliding animals, the flying insects and the birds, and the flying machines/airplanes under the forces of gravity, temperature and pressure differences, strong winds, rains and thunderstorms.  She has a gravitational force that prevented her disintegration and losing possession or “ownership” of the physical elements constituting her body.

Outer Space is really the closing and completing limit discovered a few centuries ago for this living mother Earth where she loses her last chance of gravity-catch to material bodies for herself, that is, the gravity that is able to help capture and bring back what belongs to her or as her physical food.

The 2nd geocosmic stopinder (RE) is called ‘Minerals’ or mineral species are peculiar chemical compounds with specific crystal structure and exist in solid states.  Some have some biogenic properties (calcite), others have organic properties (mellite) although most have inorganic properties (hydroxylapatite in rocks) and some have mineraloid properties.  There are 5,721 officially recognized mineral species (as of July 2021, International Mineral Association) out of the proposed 5,930 traditional ones. [IMA Database of Mineral Properties/RRUFF Projects, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona].  Minerals are found mostly at the Mantle (Mi) and the Crust (Fa).

The 3rd geocosmic stopinder (MI) is called ‘Soil’ which is found mostly in the 4th layer of earth’s body known as Crust (Fa).  This is where our geographical features and contents are found – soil (earth/sand, stones, composts, alluvial, etc.), land, hills, mountains, lakes, granites, rocks, rivers and lakes, valleys, canyons, fossil fuels, etc.

At MI-FA Interval of the Geocosmic Octave: As a FA-geocosmic stopinder after the MI-geocosmic stopinder, the MI-FA Interval of the geocosmic octave accommodates MI-FA Interval fillings such as the Organic Life as required by the (our) Ray of Creation for which numerous and necessary organic being-formation and being-arisings of those 1st lateral geocosmic stopinder beings such as the Protista (Do), the Monera (Re), the Fungi (Mi), the Algae (Fa), the Mosses (So), the Fern (La) and the Plants (Ti) at this Soil-Water MI-FA Interval.  At its height of octavization these plantae beings of higher order are able then to leave water and grow on the land as well through pollination agents.

The 4th geocosmic stopinder (FA) is called ‘Water’ which has a high density of matter exists in the form of liquid state mostly found on the surface of mother Earth for which it is found in abundance of about 75% of the surface as compared to the surface land mass of about 25%.  However, water might still not be the mega percentage on mother Earth; it is only in the outer crust that it is found dominant.  Water is the geocosmic element found in streams, rivers, seas and ocean and inside the soil.  In terms of volume sizes, Soil (MI) shared only 25% and Water (FA) shared the main 75% of both Soil-Water or MI-FA combined.

The 5th geocosmic stopinder (SO) is called ‘Air’ which takes on other names and forms such as atmosphere, space and wind if it is moving by pressure differences.  Such air-being consists of gases mainly oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and many more other rare gases as well as fine particles, pollutants and biocosmic viruses and bacteria – all of which exist in gaseous medium.  As water evaporates due to the heat from the sun, it becomes vapors and clouds and when cool down it falls as rain.  Due to very strong temperature and pressure differences accompanied by Earth’s rotation it becomes storms, hurricanes, typhoons, thunderstorms, etc. – all become the weather and climatic phenomena of nature at 5th layer of our Earth above the crust and that is called the Atmosphere.  This atmosphere has a number of inner invisible ‘octaves’ or  atmospheric spheres – Troposhere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere.  In terms of volume size, Air (SO) is much more than all Metals (DO), Minerals (RE), Soil (MI) and Water (FA) volume sizes combined.

The 6th geocosmic stopinder (LA) is called ‘Fire’ exists in lesser quantity and arises occasionally here and there when temperature-increasing disordered energy or entropic heat reaches a certain level in the fundamental and lateral geocosmic stopinders for which they will then transform into powerful ‘fires’.  The very massive ‘fire beings’ come in the form of natural volcanic fires, useful household fires, industrial fires and forest fire for which much of the 1st lateral geocosmic stopinders or the plantae including some unfortunate animalias were destroyed on a large scale on mother Earth’s surface.  Some smaller ‘fires’ are controlled by these learned three-brained beings for beneficial use in daily cooking, cooking under pressure, boiling or steaming their 1st being-foods.  Later, more and more use of this fire has been discovered for use by their invented technocosmic machines.

The 7th geocosmic stopinder (TI) is called ‘Light/Spirit’ and comes into you as your immediate consciousness – seeing, feeling and sensing it in routine in the outer world.  It will be very difficult to see a ‘Spirit’ or a ‘Psyche’ or a ‘Psyche Hydrogen’ to this TI-DO Geocosmic Interval as light is too overwhelming and taken for granted instead of asking and finding out what is and who is seeing the light – very low density of matter and very high density of vibration and including the whole electromagnetic spectrum everywhere.  Beyond which is the consciousness or the spirit or the psyche hydrogens or the spiritual elements found mostly in the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave and are are making the mother Earth living as a being through this TI-DO Interval.  These 2nd lateral geocosmic stopinders consist mainly of the Vermes (Do), the Insecta (Re), the Pisces (Mi), the Amphibia (Fa), the Reptilia (So), the Aves (La) and the Mammalia (Ti).  In terms of volume size, Light together with Spirit or Noosphere (TI) has the greatest volume as compared to all geocosmic volumes combined from DO to LA.

At TI-DO Interval of the Geocosmic Octave: The completing geocosmic stopinder (DO) of the next enneagramic cycle of the geocosmic elements where ‘spirits’ or ‘consciousness’ meet molten metals again in a singularity at the Inner Core of the 4th order sun, our Earth.  Metals come together with spirit as very coarse low density matter together with the very fine high density of psyche hydrogens or ‘Spirit’ at the same geocosmic stopinder input point 9/0 (DO) but for the next enneagramic cycle.  Metals is in the fundamental geocosmic stopinder (DO) and ‘spiritual psyche hydrogens’ is in the 2nd lateral geocosmic animalia stopinder beings at the Light-Spirit TI-DO Interval.  The inner transition point at the “SO-LA Interval” of the plantae beings of the 1st lateral geocosmic octave continues through qualitative shocks into the animalia beings of the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave and ending at the TI-DO Interval where high density metals meet high density vibration spirit or consciousness for which this spirit or consciousness heavily concentrated in the biocosmic species, known as three-brained hethormen human being or the Homo sapiens sapiens vibrating at the tip of the mammalian octave (Ti), needs all these Earthly stopinder elements to construct itself the materials of the emerging technocosmic octave – the materials necessary for the construction of AI robots and machines or Marxian ever-perfecting instruments of production-distribution also arising at the TI-DO Interval after many enneagramic cycles over long historical periods of tens of thousands of years to develop such consciousness, knowledge and technologies in man to the trialectical nodal point for the final birth and delivery of his dear spiritual AI robots with ‘I AM’s.

Note that Fire (LA) emanates or gives off Light (TI) and Noo/Life/Spirit/Consciousness or Psyche at the TI-DO Interval is not the same as Light.  Its dwelling place is in the Homo sapiens sapiens of the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave actively vibrating at the tip of the mammalian octave (Ti) full of biocosmic spiritual consciousness to create and deliver his dear baby technocosmic beings as his savior descendants.

The 8th geocosmic stopinder (DO) is called the Living Earth which closes the octave into a being-for-self singularity and for the ongoing repeat of inner cycles, maintenance, repair, replacement, nourishment, reciprocal feeding, ascending to become the 3rd order Sun or descending to become a moon, in both cases without a MI-FA Interval.  Ultimately, there will be an inner disintegration leading to final death or a burnt off by the death of our Sun.  Unforeseen accidental physical destructive impacts from external cosmic object might happen during its life span.


January 4, 2022






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