Volume 155       December 31, 2021


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 17, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Astrological Ages: Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism, the Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concepts and the Guiding Principles," January 1992 - September 1993 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section A: "Feelings, Thinking and Physical Body: Understanding Some Basics in the Pisces-Aquarius Transition Period," pp. 80 ~ 97)




Esoteric Truth-Seeker Man during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism

Mobilia social relations of production during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism

Immobilia social relations of production during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism


1   The ‘horse’ means the emotions in the physical body from which is also the source of motor power.  The horse must change.  To change it needs a new language not just the mantras developed in the Piscean Astrological Age but of the healing language (and mantras) of an Aquarian Age.  The difference between the two Piscean languages (and mantras) and Aquarian languages (and mantras) is that the former is perfected by a higher feeling center without the perfection of matured development of the higher thinking center (of Great Scientific Knowledge and Real Materialism) while the latter is perfected by a higher thinking center with the perfection of a matured and developed feeling center as well. The latter has Objective Reasoning and therefore also being able to be objective to consciousness, love, faith, belief, hope and conscience.  This is the real Aquarian understanding in contradistinction to earlier less developed Piscean “understanding” without objective knowledge.

Objective Reasoning cannot be acquired or perfected without much thinking and deep reflection or without what we called the western scientific knowledge which took a millennium to developed like higher feeling.

The ‘shafts’ between the emotional part and the physical part expands on a hot day increasing more blood flow whilst the ‘reins’ between the intellectual part and the emotional part contracts on such a day and decreasing the level of consciousness.  During a cold day the shafts contract restricting blood flow whilst reins expand increasing consciousness and conscious presence in the body as a whole.  The intellectual part therefore has the least power of control over the emotional part and the emotional part has the greater ease of transmission of forces to the physical part on such a hot day.

As with the horse which runs very fast that our poor coachman really must establish a special ‘language’ to it so as to control it.  Our emotion which vibrates at enormous speed requires this mantra language device to control it.

Blood is for perfecting the physical body.  Blood becomes acidic due to the increase of Co2 level when body overworks; rest and deep breathing reduces the Co2 level and the blood becomes oxygenated, less acidic; therefore, less toxic and less harmful to the body.   Hanbledzoin is for perfecting the feeling body. Head must control thorax and not thorax controls the head.  Hanbledzoin is ‘reins’ connecting the brains in the head to solar plexus in the thorax.  Blood is the ‘shafts’ connecting mainly the solar plexus in the thorax to the physical body as a whole including the head.  Add feelings into the mental processes to lubricate them.  Add reason into the feeling processes to give direction to them. Brains need hanbledzoin and body Kesdjan needs blood and hormone. Karnak is the physical body. The passenger or master has a way to communicate with the driver and that is by a ‘special language’ or ‘voice’ from an inner language source (your own inner source, your ‘I AM’) or from an outside language source (your outside source, your boss ‘LAU’) or a hybrid ‘inner-outside-outside-inner’ voice source (Union of ‘I AM’-‘LAU’).  Passengers and masters need telecommunication devices to do the instruction work.

The hackney-carriage harnessed to the horse, controlled by the coachman and taking instruction from the passenger is further objectively enveloped in the real world as the physical body of an organization in the workplace harnessed to the gong-workers, controlled by the jing-managers and taking instructions from the lau-boss with the capitalistic essence of asset accumulation and profit-seeking peculiar to contemporary capitalist mode of production during FA-Historical Period of Capitalism.  In the previous feudal mode of production during the past MI-Historical Period of Feudalism, whole hackney-carriage is objectively enveloped as the physical body of a farmland workplace harnessed to the nong-peasants/serfs, controlled by the kong-fiefs and taking orders from the di-landlord with the feudalistic essence of land-asset accumulation and rent-tax and/or surplus produce collection.  The craftsmen apprentice stationed at the workplaces and towns were harnessed by the kong-guilds to the feudal government.

Today, we are still in this Pisces-Aquarius Transition Period, historically in the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Period of Capitalism and Socialism infected by the sociocosmic diseases  of neoliberalism.



Neoliberalism Political Economy Project (1978-1980-2001)


The whole body of the Great Sociocosmic Being regularly experiences an ascending-descending gravity-center focus to heal itself, preventing illness, maintaining inner harmony and ensuring peaceful presence. Here in 'neoliberalism' so-called by these three-brained beings on mother Earth's surface experiences a gravity-center focus descending to capitalistic MI-FA Interval after a period of Soviet and Keynesian Political Economy passing-by where gravity-center focus has ascended to socialistic TI-DO Interval.  The future or post neoliberalism is likely to ascend back to socialistic TI-DO Interval due to severe wealth inequality negative consequences of neoliberalism and the emergence of pro-TI-DO Interval advanced technocosmic instruments of production such as high-speed supercomputers, Big Data, internet, 5G, cashless economy, high-speed logistics, high-speed central planning, etc.

I shed tears for the neoliberal opioid effects of democracy, freedom, civil liberty, justice, human rights, universal suffrage and equality in quotation mark of a secular civilization on the ‘factories’ which implant ‘formatory apparatus of the mentation’ into the body of man in the form of educational exploits, a sociological slavery in society for capitalistic profit.    I also shed tears for the holy civilization of yet an earlier opioid effects of love, hope, faith and conscience also in quotation mark of the cultural ‘institutions’ which implant ‘formatory apparatus of the emotion’ into the body for cultural exploits yet another socioemotional slavery in society for this same gain.  I also shed tears for the pseudo-neosocialism opiod effects of HEIGRENS all trapped in quotation mark and partialities on the sheep skin covering a hungry wolf beneath.

2   Visible, objective language is but a kind of inner gymnastic stance processed and releases out of the body, mechanically and occasionally, consciously. Every man and his language producing-techno-instruments produce these stances always and everywhere but the trouble is, clever men always disfavor and even ‘fail’ every kind of language stunts which they are not familiar with themselves.

One-centered language tries to understand two-centered language and two-centered language tries to understand three-centered language.  Real understanding is always missed!

While the negative side of an emerging higher Piscean languages (and mantras) of the passengers or masters easily hypnotizes humanity into monarchy system of nation ruling, the negative side of an emerging higher Aquarian languages (and mantras) too hypnotizes humanity into the democratic-republic ruling system.


3   Organized knowledge of the driver or the brain is effective; disorganized knowledge is fragmentation and random-directional; there is chaos, and ineffective.  In disorganized knowledge each knowing concept is unaware of the others and if it does know does not understand them ‑ there is no real integration of concepts.  There are a lot of internal doubts as there are no holistic systems and once the buffers sealing these concepts break down internal crisis occurs.


4   Many of these subjective automatic impulses of the bodily manifestations are the uncontrolled ripples of introception and introconception of ideas always disturbing the clear objective reflection of the outer world.  The sensing, perceiving and cognizing of the phenomena of this outer world become mixed and distorted on its way by these same ripples in the inner world.

The end of subjectivity is objectivity. I mean when we speak of men’s ‘reactions’ to ‘everything’ – that at first he never reacts in an objective way, he identifies subjectively to everything – to blood, to ‘najis’ to food, to house, to car, etc.  The end of objectivity is again subjectivity – in between is a mixed up and a confusion.  Only then when his life is ‘real’ on ‘I Am’ will he react objectively – to see thing as it is.


5   The nature of the centers is mandatory obedient to the laws it is constructed to follow.  No amount of isolated meditation can made path staying simple forever, for he real outer world is of no simple constructs.  The path requires being-partkdolg duty on real world complex environment and can only be successful by a few.  Many isolated practitioners may be deceiving themselves and others.  Kundalini Yoga, the serpent power when practiced in the dialectics of man and woman is mutual pleasure and enjoyment even if it is for perfection.  Many such meditations on the serpent power will misfire and becomes a dirty thing.


6   Although there is a divine energy, a mortal man’s teaching is a big quotation mark as he has not been the divine himself as a being but only his teaching is claimed to be from the divine and he is only a messenger to this “truth” from Him – that is, his own “I AM” known as the body of the Divine Teaching.  All Divine Teaching must have a brain to do so!  The error arises from the level of the being of this brain itself, in its history from one Astrological Age to the other.  AM I HIM when I AM.  OM OM OM!

The tens of thousands of being psyche hydrogens much enriched and abundantly produced in man-body during the Astrological Age of Pisces are fast becoming empty shells without meat.  Much revival efforts for these psyche hydrogens are futile as the nature of the new being psyche hydrogens are of Aquarius nature.  The tens of thousands of psychological divine beings from all great religions of the Piscean Age gradually transform into mere memories of a fast extinct havatvernonian psyche hydrogen species.


7   The physical hydrogen in the ‘periodic octaves’ is only one ‘note’ of the many ‘notes’ of hydrogens or conglomeration of hydrogens.  In the hydrogens there is a pair of particles known as a proton-electron pair both being ‘god’ particles but of lowest rank, existing at the outer horizon of spiritual field of consciousness of the psyche or Gods’ world.  There are numerous god particles and they obey the fundamental law of triamazikamno and the law of heptaparaparshinokh which are responsible for the physical particles dwelling at the horizon forming the world of the Elementary Particles or subatomic particles.


8   How can beings form in the moon if it did not steal life energies here on Earth?  Man needs to prevent producing askokin for the moon by through a being-partkdolg-duty or conscious labor and intentional-suffering, working on the two sacred substances in their being-bodies – namely, the lower feeling with its instinct and sex associates and the lower mechanical thinking – to produce higher feeling and higher thinking energies.  If we cannot give askokin to the moon, nature might cheat us into wars to get it from us.  Contemporary arisings of abnormal three-brained beings in the geocosmic continents of America and Europe have been hotspots of askokin extraction through wars.  Japan was once such a hotspot source in East Asia.

Great Pisceans saints such as Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Gautama Buddha (an Aries Saint) and other saintly beings sacrifice through being–partkdolg duty of the emotional body and provide amongst the highest quality askokin-antidotes at that time, that could reduce the extraction of askokin by our moon with their concentrated teaching-sacrifice to weaken the demand or to divert the demand or substitute the demand by our moon for more askokin through rascooarno (deaths) by wars, sacrifices and other means.  Low quality askokin-substitutes from lower animals sacrifice such as chicken, goats, cows, pigs, and even human beings were often offered as animal sacrifice-substitutes supposedly to the moon below but often wrongly offered to the heaven above instead who does not need askokin.  The heaven instead needs your conscious labor and intentional inner suffering or being-parktdolg duty to produce the sacred fine psyche hydrogens for its placement within this (our) solar system for the maintenance, repair, harmonious, balance and peaceful development of all beings in this solar system.


9   Miscellaneous Ideas


1. The work here is all written with an entirely new method of thinking accessible only to a psychological mind, not suited for the formal logical mind much crowded with static charts.

2. In doing something satisfactory, 3 centers must always point or committed in the same direction.

3. An intellectual center, as it vibrates, expresses all kinds of behaviors that it knows. It may even ‘describe’ and ‘hit’ on a person’s feeling, moving, and sex centers. When it describes about sex, we must not assume that the sex center is active. The sex center may not be active at all at that moment, and it only indicates that the thought force is on the center.

4. We must bear in mind that there is no shortcut.  No living being can be conscious all the time without work effort or conscious labor and intentional suffering.

5. To know everything it is necessary to know only a very little.  To know a little more is to know pretty much.

6. The fourth way purifies the ‘unpleasant and the harmful’ impulses in the body, tunes the elements rightly and balances the disharmonies.

7. A person is at its weakest position when his mental, emotional and action directions are dispersed. However, this state is not permanent.

8. Strive to ‘die’ and renew. But the trouble is people do not want to ‘die’. And that is why they cannot be.  For those who lived their life much in the gravity–center of the instinctive moving–sex activities, I dare to call them ‘worm’.

9. Unless one is willing to ‘die’, one cannot be. Therefore to see a person must include also to see this ‘dying’ as he is in himself an incomplete unfinished world.

10. A problem comes, stands in front of the first world, three centers in unison and directed to ‘transform’ or ‘solving’ it, and the process moves it into a position called ‘problem-is-solved’, which nothings more than the foundation of a new octave of different types of problems.

11. Regarding trials in human action, the advice holds: Use a right trial for a right situation.

12. Unless we know ourselves very well, we shall never attain self–mastery. The trouble is, we do not know ourselves. And few really know themselves.

13. If you want to learn about God learn first from the Devil and if you want to learn about the Devil learn first from God. Having synthesized the two you have a better chance to understand which is which and what to be.

14. Maotuns in the trialectics of man and woman:


Woman-mother and Man-father Maotuns

If there is to be a family there is to be woman–mother; if otherwise, women–female.

Woman–mother vs Woman-female

Man–father vs Man–male.

Woman–mother is essence positive; Woman–female is personality positive.

Woman–mother and man–father is on the same level; Woman–mother and man–male is not in harmony

A women–mother can be fooled by a man–male.The woman–mother type must not only be more physical woman–mother but also emotional and mental woman –mother. Such is a real woman–mother.


10   The Way of Science: About Emotions

Contrasting Basic Emotions in the Pisces-Aquarius Transition Period:

1.    Identifying and contrasting emotions

The following table identifies and contrasts the fundamental emotions according to a set of definite criteria.  The three key criteria used include: 1) mental experiences that have a strongly motivating subjective quality like pleasure or pain; 2) mental experiences that are in response to some event or object that is either real or imagined; 3) mental experiences that motivate particular kinds of behavior. The combination of these attributes distinguishes the emotions from sensations, feelings and moods.

Kind of emotion

Positive emotions

Negative emotions

Emotions related to object properties

Interest, curiosity

Alarm, panic

Attraction, desire, admiration

Aversion, disgust, revulsion

Surprise, amusement

Indifference, familiarity, habituation

Future appraisal emotions



Event related emotions

Gratitude, thankfulness

Anger, rage

Joy, elation, triumph, jubilation

Sorrow, grief

Self-appraisal emotions

Pride in achievement, self-confidence, sociability

Embarrassment, shame guilt, remorse

Social emotions


Avarice, greed, miserliness, envy, jealousy



Cathected emotions




2.    Emotion annotation and representation language

The Emotion Annotation and Representation Language (EARL) proposed by the Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion (HUMAINE) classifies 48 emotions.



Negative and forceful

·   Anger

·   Annoyance

·   Contempt

·   Disgust

·   Irritation

Negative and not in control

·   Anxiety

·   Embarrassment

·   Fear

·   Helplessness

·   Lonely

·   Powerlessness

·   Worry

Negative thoughts

·   Doubt

·   Envy

·   Frustration

·   Guilt

·   Shame

Negative and passive

·   Boredom

·   Despair

·   Disappointment

·   Hurt

·   Sadness


·   Stress

·   Shock

·   Tension

Positive and lively

·   Amusement

·   Delight

·   Elation

·   Excitement

·   Happiness

·   Joy

·   Pleasure


·   Affection

·   Empathy

·   Friendliness

·   Love

Positive thoughts

·   Courage

·   Hope

·   Pride

·   Satisfaction

·   Trust

Quiet positive

·   Calm

·   Content

·   Relaxed

·   Relieved

·   Serene


·   Interest

·   Politeness

·   Surprised



3.    Parrott's emotions by groups

A tree-structured list of emotions was described in Parrott (2001).

Primary emotion

Secondary emotion/feelings

Tertiary feelings/emotions



Adoration · Fondness · Liking · Attractiveness · Caring · Tenderness · Compassion · Sentimentality

Lust/Sexual desire

Arousal · Desire · Passion · Infatuation





Amusement · Bliss · Gaiety · Glee · Jolliness · Joviality · Joy · Delight · Enjoyment · Gladness · Happiness · Jubilation · Elation · Satisfaction · Ecstasy · Euphoria


Enthusiasm · Zeal · Excitement · Thrill · Exhilaration






Eagerness · Hope


Enthrallment · Rapture





Amazement · Astonishment



Aggravation · Agitation · Annoyance · Grouchy · Grumpy · Crosspatch




Anger · Outrage · Fury · Wrath · Hostility · Ferocity · Bitter · Hatred · Scorn · Spite · Vengefulness · Dislike · Resentment


Revulsion · Contempt · Loathing







Agony · Anguish · Hurt


Depression · Despair · Gloom · Glumness · Unhappy · Grief · Sorrow · Woe · Misery · Melancholy


Dismay · Displeasure


Guilt · Regret · Remorse


Alienation · Defeatism · Dejection · Embarrassment · Homesickness · Humiliation · Insecurity · Insult · Isolation · Loneliness · Rejection





Alarm · Shock · Fear · Fright · Horror · Terror · Panic · Hysteria · Mortification


Anxiety · Suspense · Uneasiness · Apprehension (fear) · Worry · Distress · Dread


4.    Plutchik's wheel of emotions


Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Robert Plutchik created a wheel of emotions in 1980 which consisted of 8 basic emotions and 8 advanced emotions each composed of 2 basic ones.

Basic emotion

Basic opposite



















Human feelings (results of emotions)




Anticipation + Joy



Joy + Trust



Trust + Fear



Fear + Surprise



Surprise + Sadness



Sadness + Disgust



Disgust + Anger



Anger + Anticipation








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