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As Vegetarianism, Extreme Vegetarianism, Pescetarianism, Non-Vegetarianism and the Balanced Philosophy with Regard to Man's Feeding on the Plant and Animal Kingdoms

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 17,  by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Astrological Ages: Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism, the Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concepts and the Guiding Principles," January 1992 - September 1993 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section D: "Vegetarianism, Extreme Vegetarianism, Pescetarianism, Non-Vegetarianism and the Balanced Philosophy with Regard to Man's Feeding on the Plant and Animal Kingdoms," pp. 66 ~ 77)




1   We are talking about the Law of Reciprocal Feeding and we are not asking one to interfere, modify or dictate the law and its materialization ‘as it is observed as it is’.  Objective truth and careful statistical observation reveals that man both in the Piscean astrological age as well as the Aquarian Age feed on beings from both animal and plant kingdoms.  There are 2 lateral octaves in the fundamental geocosmic octave – the 1st lateral octave at the MI-FA Interval of all the plantae beings such as the Protista, the monera, the fungi, the algae, the moses, the ferns and the plants and the 2nd lateral octave at the TI-DO Interval of all the animalian beings such as the vermes, the insect, the Pisces (fishes), the amphibians, the reptilian, the aves (birds) and the mammals – which can become the 1st being food for man which is vibrating at the tip of the mammalian inner octave at (Ti).  The 2nd being food comes from the fundamental the geocosmic octave, notably Air (SO) and the 3rd being food comes from Light/Sound/Spirit/impressions. As a food rule in the process of the choice of foods for all organic beings at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, the higher level organic beings eat on the lower level organic beings or the lower level organic beings become foods for the higher level organic being and this includes man.  As each higher level being is built on or upon the lower level being, the highest level organic being such as man has all the accumulated basic elements from the lowest level contained in part as organelles in its cells, then in types of tissue, the types of organs, the type of anatomical and physiological systems.  Now these elements can be depleted in the process of growing, maturing, declining and ultimate death and needs maintenance, repair and replacement continuously.  So a range of 1st being foods from the 1st and the 2nd lateral geocosmic octaves is certainly the rule.  As to the specific food choices for this range by beings of the higher level on the lower levels, it should vary from being to being and even for the same being at different times in a day, and different too on different days, weeks, months and years – but the range specific can always be observed.  Any other rule for food extreme specific in choice such as no pork or no beef religious extremism or only vegetarian foods extreme vegetarianism or fish/shell-fish pescetarianism due to religious belief, taste disdain or otherwise, for short-periods practice would be normal and perhaps natural therapeutics but for the whole life span practice would be ‘abnormal’ as a rule for reciprocal feeding in the Organic World.  Yet this ‘abnormality’ exist and real but in less percentage for the general organic man for some of these human hethormen three-brained beings has absorbed in flashes a few finer psyche hydrogen that come from the Will of the Absolute at the  TI-DO Interval in the (our) Ray of Creation but unfortunately, these fine hydrogens are meant only for 2nd and 3rd being foods for beings in the MI-FA Interval of this same Ray of Creation where their physical bodies still need all the necessary range of geocosmic elements for natural physical growth, maintenance, repair,  wellbeing and physical reproduction – instead of requiring these beings there to be divine beings at the TI-DO Interval where beings here are simply ‘Wills’ or ‘wills’ of the Absolute.


The definition of truth is simply man is an omnivore for both astrological ages obeying the law of Omnivorism or the law of balance food intake – plantae and animalia balance diet.  So our premise begins with this observation and understanding.

The Astrological Age of the Aries is filled with killings of other beings for food or in the process of the reciprocal destruction of beings amongst the animal kingdom and it is the same for man who feeds on lower animals and even feeding on man.  In this period mercy, love, care, pain, faith, hope, higher feelings and all the hydrogens related to this factor were not mature until the arrival of the being psyche hydrogens of Great Religions of the Piscean Age.

Saintly human beings began to flourish in limited numbers during the Astrological Age of the Pisces where being psyche hydrogens bearing the name ‘all great religions’ flourishes.  A certain point of interest to this is that part known as Vegetarianism where through various factors cosmic, earthly or much killing-of-beings consciousness in the real world produces a Piscean teaching whereby the animal kingdom should not be unnecessarily feeding itself to extinction by the process of reciprocal feeding.  The teaching is that man, the highest being in the animal kingdom must totally eat vegetables – not a single bit must be meat, so to say.  During this Piscean Age Non-Vegetarian extremism regarding being-food eating by man beings does not exist, and does not exist even in the Aquarian Age.  The majority or 100 per centum of beings has always in their life time omnivorous.  This is known as the Law of Omnivorism for man or the Law of Balance Feeding on plants and animals - it is the best medicine for such beings known as men.

Wiseacring to become different, even ego and business niche, or blind beliefs or ‘stationing-of-the-spirit’ on shallowly observations in contradistinction to this Law of Omnivorism by continuously feeding only on beings from the plant kingdom alone starting from very young age to old age upsets this mechanism and results in a chronic type of illness or nature is compel to modify the man being to comply with the Law of Herbivorism for certain type of animals.

However, nothing happen to our Vegetarian man beings because anyway, they become vegetarian only after ¾ of their life has gone.  For the last quarter, it does not matter if the man being is 100 per centum vegetarian.  Because the first ¾ he is not vegetarian.

Again certain types of animals are carnivores.  Certain types of plant beings feed on plant nutrients as well as small animal.  They only feed on beings from the animal kingdom.  They obey the Law of Carnivorism and their body is built to kill and eat animals.

He who dares to make a baby a few weeks after birth to feed solely on beings of the plant kingdom does not know what he is doing.  They have forced the engine to burn with kerosene mixed with water instead of petrol.

However, there are other animal beings which feed on beings in the plant kingdom and only specific groups.  They did not die. Pandas feed on bamboo; koala feeds on Eucalyptus and cows on grass.  The animal machines were constructed in this manner for this purpose.  However, there are also no ‘teaching’ that might instill in them the conscious and direction to feeding on animals.  Their machines were constructed to eat only beings from the plant kingdom.

As the Aquarian Age is emerging, this Vegetariansim is under the influence of science and business.  If there are 100 sociocosmic restaurant stopinders breeding on our sociocosmos and operating using the Law of Balance or the Law of Omnivorism, one of which is likely to be a restaurant stopinders basing on the Law of Herbivorism.


2   “Better to kill plants and eat them than to kill animals and eat them” said the vegetarian Buddhist.  “Never kill or eat a single animal in the animal kingdom,” said the extremist vegetarian puritanists.  “In addition to vegans, eat fish and shellfish but no meat,” said the vegetarian pescetarianist.  “Eat mostly fruits,” said the fruitarians. “Eat a lot of insects,” said the entomophagists.   “To be strong and powerful, eat a lot of meat and even more raw meat,” said the carnivorous meatist. “Eat more meat if there are too many animals and eat more vegans if there are too many plants,” said the omnivorous sociologists.  Therefore, they begin to isolate themselves into various cults and begin to “treat” one another as bad, dirty and evil by nature except themselves, whom they see themselves as doing good and the fragrant ones on Mother Earth amongst all human brothers.


3  Those who believe that extreme vegetarianism is not right and added two more categories of being foods to include fish and shellfish (from sea) but no meat that comes from land and air are called Pescetarianist and their philosophy is Pescetarianism.  The extreme vegetarians believe in eating only beings from the plant kingdom and under Buddhist influence the essential reason behind this philosophy  is to reduce ‘killings’ of beings from the animal kingdom and to increase ‘killings’ of beings from the plant kingdom for food, in obedience to the Great Law of Reciprocal Feeding.  No human beings have been able to be extreme and stupid enough to the extent of only feeding on the mineral world for their food in their great teaching.


4   Higher beings eat lower beings down the scale of the food chain or scale of feeding.  Higher beings might not survive eating on foods too far below the scale of the food chain.  The raw materials or food used from the mineral world begets the plant kingdom, the raw materials used from the plant kingdom begets the animal kingdom.  The raw materials or food from the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom beget the kingdom of modern man or the Homo sapiens sapiens kingdom and their sociotechnocosmic kingdoms.  Little knowledge in teaching about being-foods good for modern man is dangerous!

We must be careful not to eat beings too far down the scale in the food diagram like a cockroach which can survive by eating paper and cloth.  We might tend to eat beings a level or two or even more down our own food scale such as the pre-cambrians, shellfish, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.  Some have tried monkeys but hardly anybody has eaten human beings – they are just about the same level in the food scale.


5   There are the Absolute in the Protocosmos, Sun(s) in the Deuterocosmos and Human Being(s) in the Tritocosmos.  The Absolute exerts His will, the Sun emanates His nourishing light and Man emanates His conscious energies.  Absolute-Sun-Man from Proto-Deutero-Trito cosmoses respectively is the great triad of ‘gravity centers’ in the Everything Living Universe. The Absolute is the 1st Cosmos, the Suns are His 2nd Cosmos and Men are His 3rd Cosmos.  Piscean Gurus are the sub-stopinders amongst men with active Higher Feeling Center and Aquarian ‘Great Leaders’ are also the sub-stopinders amongst men with both active Higher Feeling and Thinking Centers.  During the Age of Pisces these perfected beings are known as Gurus but during the Age of Aquarius they are called ‘Great Leaders’.  The difference has a lot to do with the existence of higher thinking center and higher knowledge about the external world, science and technologies.  During the Age of Aries, the higher feeling and thinking centers could not be reached, and His 3rd cosmos is from the three centers in men, so you have ‘Great Warriors’ with great physical energies for fighting and brute animalian warfare.

When there is heightening reciprocal feeding, there is also heightening reciprocal destruction. It is enjoyment on one and suffering on the other side.  A kundabuffer is needed to prevent one from seeing the suffering so that one can enjoy the enjoyment.  If the kundabuffer breaks down there will be a shock and inner changes ….. leading to something else.

According to the Laws of Reciprocal Feeding, everything up the scale feeds on everything down the scale and everything down the scale feeds on everything up the scale.  The reciprocal feeding is selective according to the Law of Balance Reciprocal Feeding (Reciprocal Maintenance and Repair)t the Law of Survival and the Law of Reproductive Living.


The Diagram of Everything Living of G. I. Gurdjieff



6   Cows feed on grass but in the world of grass lived numerous types of animals especially insects, worms and slugs to enrich the real menu of cows.  But their main menu is still grass.  So are all the other “vegetarian” herbivores.  Man’s main menu is rice and/or bread which come from the vegge world; his other accompanying menu is from the animal world at all levels but not including his species or any species nearer to himself.


7   Proteins are the basic building blocks of physical life; their level of chemical being is derived from a level or two below their existing chemical being.  Growing animal infants cannot continue to feed purely on proteins in the plant kingdom alone for that kingdom has not enough the protein type necessary for the physical construction of the higher animals.


8   We consume, digest and extract the same groups of being-psyche hydrogens from the food octave which consists of the groups of biological beings and other material beings such as water and minerals.  From the animal and plant kingdoms we take their lives as subjected to the laws of reciprocal feeding.  We are using their hydrogens for ourselves and ours for some other higher beings in our Ray of Creation.

Such a feeding extraction from technocosmic approach is like padrigines or vehicles consuming fuels such as ‘petrol – Octane 91, 95 or 97’, ‘diesels and biodiesels – B2, B5, B20 or B100’, hydrogen-powered and water-powered, etc.  In man, our fuels come from both the animal and the plant worlds!  It is supposed not to be called ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the Aquarian approach although there might be such values in the Piscean approach.


9   The vegetarian forbids and does not eat for sure the ‘Soylent Green’ (Richard Fleischer, 1973 film) from beings from the human octave as food, as you know, he does not eat any such ‘Soylent Green’ made from any beings in the animalian octave.  He consumes only beings in the plant kingdom only, real vegetarian soylent, for he does not want to be lure into indirect cannibalism or indirect killing.  Direct and indirect plantism (plant killing) is acceptable.  Vegetarian eats ‘soylent steak.’  Cannibalism in man is man eating man at the same organic level, but sociocosmic man at the FA-Level of the sociocosmic octave also eats man by exploitation through a laujinggong configuration in a FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism!






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