Volume 153       October 19, 2021


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 17, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Astrological Ages: Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism, the Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concepts and the Guiding Principles," January 1992 - September 1993 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section B: "As It Goes, the Meditation says .......," pp. 97 ~ 105)




1   The Meditation says:


Influences come into you as being-foods; 3, 6, 9 are the three being-foods – visible or invisible


The triangle comes out of the symbol of the octave of life because the human being does not eat anymore; 3, 6, 9 comes out of the symbol. Crystallized essence or notes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 are dispersed or taken as being foods by the ‘earth’, sometimes the ‘moon’. Finer matter may go to the ‘moon’.


The percentage speed-wise of centers are :

1. Move center (50% )

2. Sex center (40%)

3. Emotion center (10%)

4. Think center (near 0%)


The percentage quantity-wise of centers are:

1. Think center (50% )

2. Emotion center (40%)

3. Sex center (10%)

4. Move center (near 0%)


The percentage power-wise of centers are:

1. Sex center (50%)

2. Emotion center (40%)

3. Think center (10%)

4. Move center (near 0%)


The octave looks like this:

Do – 1

Re – 2

Mi – 3

Fa – 4

So – 5

La – 6

Ti – 7


The human being has this structure:

1. Carriage – physical body

2. Horse – emotion

3. Coachman – intellect

4. Passenger – ‘I’ or the ‘spiritual Master’


The Law of Three says:

1. AFFIRMATION is always challenged by

2. NEGATION which leads to argument and final

3. RESOLUTION which is becoming a new Affirmation


Stretches arm down to lift the lower?  What about from the lower level? Higher educates the lower: lifts the lower higher. Higher feeds on lower.


We should allow ourselves to be subjected to higher forces, shouldn’t we?  Then what should the lower forces do?


The Levels of Love are:

1. Instinctive love (biological and chemical)

2. Emotional love (anti-biological and is the in-between)

3. Conscious love (psychological)


Instinctive love + emotional love = the love of a slave


The inner flow should be separated from the outer flow – between the two rivers is a boundary of reflections.  Avoid one way - from inner to outer directly or from the outer to the inner – always inner to outer to inner to outer to ……


Man not only frightens another person but he frightens himself through his own reflection.


Physical body is the passive region of man’s body.  The astral body is the active region of living body.  The divine body is the cosmic region; you have to meditate out of your living bodies to be with this cosmic body.


Values only exits in your mind; you would not like to show off with a Roll Royce when in a land only of real wild animals – real wild animals around you and you are the only man.


Learn to listen to music automatically. Separate mechanical attention from automatic attention.  Then you are in harmony with music!


‘Distract’ becomes ‘Remember’ = Re |Member|

‘DISTRACT’ becomes ‘Put out of TRACT’ = Re |Alignment|


Distraction is man’s enemies against attention and remembering.


The fluidity of all the ‘centers' or 'passing–over-of-postures' is observed when we perpetually 'watch-them’ only from our separated self.


What you called earthquakes and volcanic explosions can be looked upon also as an ‘emotional explosion’ of the being called Earth.


What we want our atmosphere ‘to–be’ but it always becomes something else because we have no control over our atmospheres.  ‘Atmosphere can kill a man’.


Man must be able to control his own atmosphere, to produce different kinds of atmosphere in different places.


Chemico–physical influences come into the

1. Carriage atmosphere

2. Feeling atmosphere

3. Associative atmosphere

4. ‘Passenger’ as master influences of the atmosphere.


Then emanation of the sun can kill every living beings on the earth; ‘moves’ a man too.


Associative influences consist of:

1. Forms

2. Feelings

3. Persuasion or suggestions

4. With Superiority


Reciprocal invisibility and the projection of that ‘person’ in you to him is due to influences.  He sees himself in you and he sees his image in you - you are the mirror


External agreement and internal disagreement is likely the case with people coming for agreements!  The compromise is the catch.


If you are angry you must try not to express it and if you want, not to express it at the same time. You must not keep it in the ‘heart’ else you unknowingly change it to ‘kundabuffer’.


Too ‘good’ to listen to anybody. So all is shut out – good and bad.


Law of Opposites: Support that ‘it’ opposes, opposes that ‘it’ supports.


Do not love art with your feelings; love art consciously and with a specific aim in mind.


Take the understanding of the East and the knowledge of the West -  and then seek. (Gurdjieff) [Na dong fang de liaojie her xi fang de renshi – lan huo jixi quanjing.]


It is the case with man that in calm conditions his centers are in right tune but as soon as ‘external conditions’ change all his centers are in disorder.  Such is the average man.


A developed divine body contains many dimensions; you can only see a part of it always.  The same is with the astral body of man.


Mimicry acts to replace the astral and divine bodies of man is not real.


Islam – touches on the ‘horse’ with great hope.


A dog’s barking emotional manifestation not only frightens many an animal but also many a man.


‘Quarreling’ is a sign of a person’s inability to control his own ‘horse’.  ‘Talkativeness’ is a sign of a person’s inability to control his own ‘coachman’ and ‘Restlessness’ is a sign of a person’s inability to control his own physical body.


It is possible to use ‘feeling’ to ‘see’ instead of the mind to ‘see’.


The Sun Absolute and His lower order ‘suns’ is the essence of the Universe, it is very ‘cold’; it does not ‘heat’, it emanates ‘remorse not always of conscience’. And yet it is ‘fire’, it is the all – powerful pervading ‘horse’.  In ‘anger’ it passes over into ‘fire’ and destroys regions of the Universe, of itself.


In ploughing, the ‘buffalo’ moves in front and ‘you’ follow behind.  But if ‘you’ try to move in front the ‘buffalo’ will goad ‘you’. The ‘buffalo’ always moves in front; it is essence - ‘you’ only teach and educate it to listen to ‘you’.  But if ‘you’ don’t educate your ‘buffalo’ and obstruct its motion the result is ‘chaos’, ‘disharmony’, ‘no right rhythm’ in your body.


Personality forgets past, essence remembers.  Essence cannot be ‘moneymanship’.  Vanity – a sign of smallness, a disease.


Drink whiskey to teach the horse. But the ‘horse’ cannot be educated with whiskey.


In feeling, there are 30,000 more ‘times’ that appear to be ‘vacant time’ when compared with thinking.  The inner world processes become faster in feeling, so fast that it often appears to move from nothing into nothing, that is, it appears as ‘slow and boring’.


One can tread along daily surroundings and yet ‘see’ nothing or ‘see’ them differently.  At first he 'saw' his wife and home, now he 'sees' none!


Either too many ‘I’s or no ‘I’s – such is the ‘I’s of ordinary man.


Certain knowledge can be understood only in a definite being–state due to the unity of knowledge with being. Each kind of knowledge is associated with its own being–states. When being–states do not support the kind and level of knowledge it would not be able to digest it. The knowledge would be incomprehensible.


Little ‘twitches’ of the muscles, small aches ….… pains, itch, reflex motion are almost uncontrollable.  These are the ‘it’s. ‘I’ is in the upper story, in the higher centers.  They should dominate the ‘it’s.  But ‘I’s should be dominated by a Master ‘I’.


‘It’s will always be there, but you must be a permanent ‘I’ observing them.


Without esoteric ‘school’ how can you acquire a permanent ‘I’?   Everything would just continue to happen by itself if not schooled. You ‘do’ but do not know you have ‘done’. They just proceed all by themselves; they happen by themselves for you. First you have to absorb some B influences to build a magnetic center which is your steward.  Then you seek for C influences first in the outside world and you could not find Him but finally He is in the inside world.  By the time you have found your C influences inside you, you are already the C influences to yourself and to others.


Types exist because the ‘currents’ of the centers are automatized in a specific identifiable pattern ….… the filling of blood to the region of the active center makes the type glows in identification.


Two conflicting ‘I’s – I must eat now.

But I must also go to the toilet now.


Life circumstances are very often precisely like this. Many conflicting ‘I’s in him causing him to live in a state of stupor and loss.


Personal suffering is useless if work suffering is useful; work suffering is useless if personal suffering is useful.


The inner method of spiritual cultivation is natural for the introvert because he could see and sense his inner process more than his counterpart, the extrovert.


The inner method seeks to repair the faulty parts, might even discover the centers and control the inner processes, and hence change the exterior form and the physical body of a person.


Education often than not is the artificial frame hindering the proper functioning of the centers.






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