Volume 152       October 3, 2021


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(Original work, Real World Views Book 23, Further Records II, Article 27, Topic: "The Kardashev Scale of Measuring Civilization's Level of Technological Advancement," by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho)


Type '0' Civilization Type '0' Civilization Type '0' Civilization Type '0' Civilization Type '0' Civilization Type '0' Civilization Type 1 Civilization
Feusdalism Capitalism Socialism Communism


A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and capture a large percentage of its power output. The concept is a thought experiment that attempts to explain how a spacefaring civilization would meet its energy requirements once those requirements exceed what can be generated from the home planet's resource alone.

What I am going to stress here is that the Kardashev Type '0' Civilization is the current energy level of the first fundamental 'civilization-note-in-the-making' or 'civilization-note-in-the-perfecting' of an Earth Civilization Type '0' as a DO-stopinder of an Earth civilization stopinderation, that is objectively capable of harnessing an increasing energy up to 10^10 MW, a nodal line along the Kardashev scale.  Having achieved this, the Earth Civilization Type '0' becomes an Earth Civilization Type 1 as a RE-stopinder of the Earth civilization which will objectively be capable of harnessing an increasing energy up to 10^20 MW, the next higher nodal line along the Kardashev scale.  This then continues to stopinderate to Earth Civilization Type 2 as a MI-stopinder of the Earth civilization which will objectively be capable of harnessing increasing energy up 10^20 MW, and then further stopinderates to Earth Civilization Type 3 as a FA-stopinder of the Earth civilization which will objectively be capable of harnessing increasing energy up to 10^30 MW.  As to an Earth Civilization Type 4 which will objectively be capable of harnessing increasing energy up to 10^40 MW as a SO-stopinder of the Earth civilization, it is a matter of speculation.  Thus there is a Historical Earth Civilization Octave (DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, .....) where the historical earth civilization species can be classified and identified by energy consumption (on one parameter only).  So far 'the wenming technocosmic Will III, II and I' mentioned above is simply a sociocosmic will and outer space explorations or/and of an Earth civilization 'will-in-the-making' of an infantile Earth Civilization Type '0' also in-the-making - now still harnessing energy at about 70% of the nodal line limit of 10^10 MW of the Earth Civilization Type 1.  Most of the energy will be cosmic nuclear and quantum energy and will likely come from harnessing the energy of the suns.

In this civilizational stopinderation of the same Earth civilization across celestial spaces in search of suitable habitable exo-planet(s) for colonization and habitation, if it really successfully establishes colony or colonies, then the sociocosmic stopinderation of this Earth civilization by way of civilization mitosis occurs.  This original Earth civilization is an Individual Earth civilization (DO), which will gradually sociocosmically vertically and horizontally in concentric to become a Group Earth civilization (RE), then a Family of Earth civilizations (MI) ......  However, if Earth civilizational stopinderation meets another planetary civilization not of earth origin irrespective of meeting in a friendly or a confronting manner, then a different parallel social relationship of associated and interdependent planetary civilizational octaves and/or even hybridization through the trialectics of its male and female hethormen beings will occur ........ and still with the DO, RE, MI, FA planetary civilizational stopinders configuration in a sociocosmic octave of different and hybrid planetary civilizations.

Nikolai Semyonovich Kardashev


Article 27, Topic:


The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy they are able to use. The measure was proposed by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Semyonovich Kardashev in 1964.  Kardashev defined three levels of civilization, based on the order of magnitude of power available to each.

Note that this is about our technocosmic octave and technocosmic energy levels on a socioctechnocosmic perspective.  It is not about sociocosmic, sociocultural civilizations which have already started a few thousands of years ago.  It is about man’s civilizational ability en masse as a sociotechnocosmic being to access, produce, harness and control earthly, interplanetary and interstellar levels of energies. At this moment we are only at Type '0' and at the border at Type 1, still a few more centuries to reach a stable Type 1 Civilization.

Final consumption in most using countries and per person [2][22]
of which
of which
TFC pp
China 1436 6% 555 30% 1.4
United States 1106 8% 339 19% 4.4
Europe 982 11% 309 39% 2.5
Africa 531 58% 57 23% 0.5
India 487 32% 104 25% 0.4
Russia 369 1% 65 26% 3.0
Japan 201 3% 81 19% 2.2
Brazil 166 38% 45 78% 1.0
Indonesia 126 21% 22 14% 0.6
Canada 139 8% 45 83% 5.0
Iran 147 0% 22 6% 2.1
Mexico 95 7% 25 18% 1.0
S-Korea 85 5% 46 5% 2.6
Australia 60 7% 18 21% 3.2
Argentina 42 7% 11 27% 1.2
Venezuela 20 3% 6 88% 0.9
World 7050 14% 1970 30% 1.2

The 11 energy sources                                

  1. Hydrogen Gas
  2. Tidal Energy
  3. Biomass Energy
  4. Wind Energy
  5. Geothermal Power
  6. Natural Gas
  7. Biofuels
  8. Wave Energy
  9. Hydroelectric Energy
  10. Nuclear Power
  11. Solar Power

There are five major renewable energy sources
  • Solar energy from the sun.
  • Geothermal energy from heat inside the earth.
  • Wind energy.
  • Biomass from plants.
  • Hydropower from flowing water.


The Total World Final Consumption of Energy derived from Earth excluding energy consumption from the Sun in 2019 is 9,020 Mtoe per year.


[Mtoe means 'Million Tons of Oil Equivalent' and TWh means 'Trillion Watt-hours']

1 Mtoe = 11.63 TWh and E(Wh) = P(w) x t(h) or    P(w) = E(Wh) / t(h)

9,020 Mtoe = 104,902.6 TWh  = 104,902.6 TWh/8760 h
11.98  TW 1.2 x 1013 W or 1.2 x 107 MW



Wenming Technocosmic Civilization Type '0' 1.2 x 107  Megawatts (MW)
Technocosmic Civilization Type 1 ≈ 1 x 1010 Megawatts (MW)


This means we have not yet become a Type I Civilization during this polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism or in this FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.

However, by the time this (our) Great Sociotechnocosmic Being on mother Earth's surface becomes a fully developed TI-Historical Sociotechnocosmic Species of Datongism, it will be able to harness energy to the level of the Kardashev Type 1 Civilization.


Type 1 Civilization

[Able to harness all the resources of a planet (Earth) + Space exploration (including intra-planetary) intensive technocosmic civilizational stopinderation to include space stations, our moon and our selected neighboring planets and their selected moons in this solar system only]

Technological level of a civilization that is "close" to the level presently attained on Earth, with energy consumption at ≈4×1019 erg/sec" (4×1012 watts or 4×106 Megawatts).  Currently, the civilization of Type 1 is usually defined as one that can harness all the energy that falls on a planet from its parent star (for Earth–Sun system, this value is close to 1.74×1017 watts or 1.74×1011 Megawatts), which is about four orders of magnitude higher than the amount presently attained on Earth, with energy consumption (access/control/use) at ≈2×1013 watts or 2×107 Megawatts. The astronomer Guillermo A. Lemarchand stated this as a level near contemporary terrestrial civilization with an energy capability equivalent to the solar insolation on Earth, between 1016 and 1017 watts, that is, 1010 and 1011 Megawatts.  For Kardashev Scale, we take it to be in the order of 1010 Megawatts (MW).

Even in this approaching Type 2 Civilization such power would be able to create enough useful products and services in great abundance to satisfy every needs and wants of human being on Earth but unfortunately and much accursed due to this FA-SO-LA-TI predatory capitalistic sociocosmic aberration that we have many wasteful conflicts, conventional wars, global pollution, much production of abnormal fetishism and even possible nuclear war that might lead to an accidental abrupt end to this current Type '0' Civilization.  Thus abundance for mankind is possible only on condition that FA-SO-LA-TI predatory capitalism, capital accumulation to the exclusive ownership and rights to few and psychic essence anomalies in man are removed in favor of Socialism without quotation mark, otherwise even if we have Type 2 and Type 3 civilizations, we shall be forbidden by hasnamussian predators to eat 1 free meal in a thousand if not hundreds of thousands of meals produced by these civilizational watts. 

Nay more, after giving a certain amount of necessary work to society, if we could also include other current sociocosmic aberrations of capitalistic forbidden freedom – for a free car, a free house, a free personal belongings, a free plot of land, a free workplace, a free education, a free social security insurance, etc., In short, we instead could only witnessed inflationary prices of goods and services while in abundance yet meant for destruction and certainly not for free for fear of damaging the market prices and incurring loss of profits to predatory capitalists and imperial hegemons.  Abundance is already available in a near Type 1 Civilization alone based on the ability of man to harness, use and control of 1013 watts or  107 Megawatts in today's measure yet it is not shared.

The physical activities of this sociotechnocosmic civilization would lie within the boundary of a Solar System (our Sun, all its planets and their moons plus some further interstellar explorations).  This civilization is capable of conducting regular comprehensive integrated space voyages within an Earth's (or an exoplanet's) atmosphere itself and its moon(s).


Type 2 Civilization

[Able to harness all the resources of a solar system (our Solar System) + Interplanetary (including interstellar) intensive technocosmic civilizational stopinderation to include one or two selected solar systems' selected neighboring planets and their selected moons together with some space stations built there]

A civilization capable of harnessing the energy radiated by its own star — for example, the stage of successful construction of a Dyson sphere or Matrioshka brain with energy consumption (access/control/use) at ≈4×1033 erg/sec.  Lemarchand stated this as a civilization capable of using and channeling the entire radiation output of its star. The energy use would then be comparable to the luminosity of the Sun, about 4×1033 erg/sec (4×1026 watts or 4×1020 Megawatts).  For Kardashev Scale, we take it to be in the order of 1020 Megawatts (MW).

The physical activities of this sociotechnocosmic civilization would lie within the boundary of a Solar System (our Sun, all its planets and their moons plus some further interstellar explorations).  This civilization is capable of conducting regular comprehensive integrated interplanetary voyages within a few solarian systems and their families of planetary and lunar stopinders.


Type 3 Civilization

[Able to harness all the resources of a complete galaxy (our Milky Way) beginning with interstellar (with inter/intra-planetary) intensive technocosmic civilizational stopinderation to include many more selected solar systems' selected neighboring planets and their selected moons together with some space stations built there within our galaxy (the Milky Way)]

A civilization in possession of energy at the scale of its own galaxy (our Milky Way), with energy consumption at ≈4×1044 erg/sec.  Lemarchand stated this as a civilization with access/use to the power comparable to the luminosity of the entire Milky Way galaxy, about 4×1044 erg/sec (4×1037 watts or 4×1037 Megawatts).  For Kardashev Scale, we take it to be in the order of 1030 Megawatts (MW).

The physical activities of this sociotechnocosmic civilization would lie within the boundary of a galaxy (our Milky Way, all its suns, all its planets, all its moons plus some further inter-galactic exploration).  This civilization is capable of conducting regular comprehensive integrated interstellar voyages within a single galaxy-stopinder.


Type 4 and Above

Kardashev believed that a Type 4 civilization capable of Intergalactic Voyages was impossible as a human-spiritual AI robots intensive sociotechnocosmic civilization outside of our galaxy (the Milky Way and a few more of other galaxies) except for a few non-returning intergalactic adventures with our occasional microscopic space crafts. Even if wormholes were discovered or constructed between these intergalactic locations the return of these physical spacecrafts on time would still be questionable.  So he did not go past Type 3.


"As to the peculiar sociocosmic coming-to-be of the sociocosmic Fa-stopinder (Humanity-at-Large also known as United Humanity-at-Large or UHAL), the earthly wenming civilizational protrusion out from mother Earth's surface such as the sociotechnocosmic So-stopinder (Space Exploration) increasing earth energy-harnessing to the maximum limit of 1010 Mega Watts on the Kardashev Scale Type 1 Technocosmic Civilization, the sociotechnocosmic La-stopinder (interplanetary exploration or within the solar system) increasing  our solar- or Sun-energy harnessing (by Dyson sphere) to the maximum limit of 1020 Mega Watts on the Kardashev Scale Type 2 Technocosmic Civilization and the final sociotechnocosmic Ti-stopinder (interstellar exploration, sun-cluster system exploration within our Milky Way Galaxy) increasing cluster-of-suns energy harnessing by a network of Dyson Spheres to the maximum limit of 1030 Mega Watts on the Kardashev Scale Type 3 Technocosmic Civilization.  Beyond which will be the So-stopinder, the La-stopinder and Ti-stopinder of intergalactic explorations for which the Milky Way Galaxy is the Galaxian-Earth as a based to start with before the inter-galactic exploration from galaxy to galaxy in the universe on the Kardashev Scale from Type 4 Technocosmic Civilization (So-Milky Way Galaxy Exploration), Type 5 Technocosmic Civilization (La-Galactic-Cluster exploration) and Type 6 Technocosmic Civilization (Ti-All World of Galaxy Exploration)  of the next higher historical sociotechnocosmic species beyond many more grand historical sociotechnocosmic enneagram cycles, each of about 15,036 years - if humankind still exist in its forms.  The Kardashev Type for Technocosmic Civilization is unlikely to happen within the the life span of Humanity-at-Large." (Tan Man Ho)

In my opinion, the microcosm (man) is created in the image of the macrocosm (celestial/universe), and man has abilities and know-how to increase the energy access/use of his civilization (minicosm) to the celestial level.  Although we are a microcosm in the image of the macrocosm, we are always a level below the macrocosm for sure – so a Type 4 civilization for the three-brained being, an animalia vibrating at the Ti-stopinder of the biocosmic octave such as man at the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation, is unlikely as he is approaching the Will of the Absolute Sun which is Absolute Will 1, the last.  A Sociotechnocosmic Will 3, 2 and 1 can only be the micro-image, min-image of the Macro reality. 

The socio-technocosmic Will 3 (Space exploration, so), the socio-technocosmic Will 2 (Interplanetary exploration, la) and the socio-technocosmic Will 1 (Interstellar exploration within our Milky Way Galaxy, ti or the last lateral sociotechocosmic stopinder) of the 2nd lateral sociotechnocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval where all other lower 1st lateral sociotechnocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval are also under its dominance reflects these civilization energy levels capability of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.

Now, whether we have reached Wenming Sociotechnocosmic Type 1 Civilization or Wenming sociotechnocosmic Type 2 Civilization or Wenming sociotechnocosmic Type 3 Civilization in the Kardashev Scale of technocosmic advancement of our civilization, our wenming sociotechnocosmic civilizations would still be a single gravity-center earthly civilization stopinder in the Universe as simply an unconnected and uncommunicated DO-Intergalactic Wenming Sociotechnocosmic Civilization Stopinder of the already present Great Intergalactic Wenming Sociotechnocosmic Civilization Octave.  This DO-Intergalactic Wenming Sociotechnocosmic Civilization Stopinder would ascend and becomes the RE-Intergalactic Wenming Sociotechnocosmic Civilization Stopinder upon meeting other intergalactic civilizations - Type '0', Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 civilizations in other sun systems in the Milky Way or in other galaxies - first in the form of wireless communication and casual space travels and perhaps later in the form of actual physical intergalactic communication and transportation.  By that time Humanity-at-Large and SRobonity-at-Large would be so unified that the essences of capitalism and even the essences of socialism together with the unbecoming FA-SO-LA-TI sociocosmic aberration that have befallen to both the systems would be very much reduced in its place the essences of advanced communism and Datongism would appear as a sociotechnocosmic  presence to Humanity-at-Large and finally to SRobonity-at-Large as the dominating essences within its own earthly context in face of this uncertain and unpredictable consequences that might arise positively or negatively or neutral in accordance to the law of three while in communication and in association with the other intergalactic civilization as an RE-Intergalactic Wenming Sociotechnocosmic Civilization Stopinder.


A spacefaring civilization is a wenming technocosmic civilization on Earth and other exoplanets on an ascending sociotechnocosmic octave from its 2nd lateral sociotechnocosmic octave from So-space exploration (Technocosmic Will 3) to La-Interplanetary exploration (Technocosmic Will 2) to Ti-Interstellar Exploration (Technocosmic Will 1).  There are three wenming technocosmic civilizations to consider - a  Type 1 Civilization which can harness and control physical energy at 1010 Megawatts (MW), Type 2 Civilization which can harness and control physical energy at 1020 Megawatts (MW) and Type 3 Civilization which can harness and control physical energy at 1030 Megawatts (MW).  Type '0' Wenming Technocosmic Civilization can harness and control physical energy from a few thousands of Megawatts such as in the DO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Primitive Communalism up to 1010 Megawatts (MW) through the RE-Historical sociocosmic Species of Ancient Slavism, through the MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism through the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism is incapable of real spacefaring at most able to produce and control physical energy for reaching the moon (RE) of the (our) Ray of Creation.  Upon reaching Type 1 Wenming Technocosmic Civilization, probably in the LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism (Advanced level) and/or TI-Historical Sociotechnicosmic Species of Datongism  both its civilization on Earth and its aircrafts/spacecrafts inclusive will be able to harness and control 1010 Megawatts (MW) and above using earth energies and certain amount of sun energy to conduct space exploration (So).  Upon reaching Type 2 Wenming Technocosmic Civilization, it will be able to harness and control 1020 Megawatts (MW) and above using earth energies and a great amount of sun energy harnessed from sun matters (Re) of our Ray of Creation through megastructure Dyson sphere for its civilization and has spacecrafts that can harness and also produce enough physical energy to conduct interplanetary exploration (La).  Upon reaching Type 3 Wenming Technocosmic Civilization, the civilization will be able to harness and control 1030 Megawatts (MW) and above and is able to conduct interstellar exploration (Ti) with spacecrafts capable of harnessing, producing and controlling numerous suns including massive suns within the Milky Way (our) Galaxy up to all suns matters (Mi).  Upon reaching Type 4 Wenming Technocosmic Civilization, the civilization will be able to harness and control 1040 Megawatts (MW) and above with spacecrafts capable of harnessing, producing and controlling the suns matters of a few galaxies, and finally all the galaxies or All Worlds Matters (Fa) from the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  Note that the harnessing, control and usage of MW is measured on a total civilization, with very advanced exploratory spacecraft able to harness, control and used cosmic energies intelligently along its interplanetary and interstellar journeys.

Journey around all Rays of Creation is really not possible as the ability and intelligence from the Hydrogen 6 of our Wenming Technocosmic Civilization at the MI-FA Interval of this Ray of Creation, although consider a microcosm of the macrocosm, would not have the psyche Hydrogen 1 (used by the Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval to create, maintain, repair, destroy and recreate all the Rays of Creation) nor the ability to be able to harness, produce and control such huge amount of physical energy to the level near the Sun Absolute of the TI-DO Interval.  Not the busy-ness for man who is limited to this Earth and the Solar System for which he is attached!  At best it is able to use Hydrogen 6 in their biocosmic three-brained hethormen body and his wenming civilization types 1, 2 and 3 together with the coarse hydrogens of his technocosmic three-bodied padrigine spacecrafts to go a-spacefaring.  What is crucial would be the level of synthetic life - the artificial intelligence  and the spirituality of his sociotechnocosmic padrigines to harness and control of the quantitative stopindering physical energy requirement in the Kardashev scale.

The wise grandson meditates:

"The inner subjective technocosmic will of my inner world which is just unseparable from the outer objective will of my inner world in regard to the outer world, that my inner refinement through my three brains, from refinement at the gut brain to the lower and higher feeling brain and to the ultimate lower and higher thinking brain has now enough of the very fine hydrogen 6 of my technocosmic will 3, 2 and 1 in all my three hethormen physical stories; now also having met many other three-brained beings possessing such higher degree of sociotechnocosmic wills 3, 2 and 1 enable some of us to sociotechnocosmically ascend all the powers of our rising subjective and objective inner world such sociotechnocosmic enneagrams as that are present in the civilizational bodies in our wenming technocosmic civilizations 1, 2 and 3 during the SO-Historical Period of Socialism and all the historical periods beyond. Now such spacefaring spacecrafts capable of harnessing, processing and controlling in large amounts of our Sun matters (Re), All Suns Matters (Mi) and All Worlds Matters (Fa) and stored in all the three bodies of our spacecrafts to give enough power for these spacefaring journeys within this (our) branch ray of creation also to other horizontal branch rays of creation through wormholes or otherwise. This eating, refining, storing and using of these sun foods all along the ray of cosmic creation is needed to realize the implanted seeds of our technocosmic sub-wills-in-seek that have originated from the MI-FA Interval of the (our) objective Ray of Creation to objectively connect to and network with the long-awaiting Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval of the (our) same objective Ray of Creation.  The biocosmic microcosm man and his sociotechnocosm below is pre-designed and destined genosociotechnocosmically in accordance to the law of three and seven to connect and network with the cosmic macrocosm above!"



Psyche hydrogens for Type '0', Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 Technocosmic Civilizations:

A Type '0' Wenming Technocosmic Civilization uses psyche hydrogens H96, H24 and H6 in the Man Triad during the DO Historical Period of Primitive Communalism, the RE-Historical Period of Ancient Slavery civilization, the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism civilization, the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism, the SO-Historical Period of Socialism and the LA-Historical Period of Communism for which the earthly mega-technoccosmic construction would mostly completed however, HEIGRENS-ed.

A Type 1 Technocosmic Civilization uses psyche hydrogens H48, H12 and H3 in the Angels Triad (Earth-space and interplanetary mega-technocosmic construction civilization) would be during the Historical Period of Datongism.

A Type 2 Technocosmic Civilization uses psyche hydrogens H24, H6 and H1 in the Archangel Triad (Interplanetary and interstellar within the Milky Way mega-construction civilization) would be possible during the Historical Period of Datongism and beyond.

A Type 3 Technocosmic Civilization uses psyche hydrogens H12 and H3 in the Eternal Unchanging Circle (Interstellar within the Milky Way and outer Milky Way mega-technocosmic construction civilization) would be possible during the Historical Periods of Datongism and Beyond.

A Type 4 Technocsmic Civilization will have to use psyche hydrogens H6 and H1 in the Absolute Triad which is impossible since we are biocosmic beings and our Spiritual AI Smart robots are technocosmic beings made from the psyche hydrogens deposited at the MI-FA Interval in our Ray of Creation. Only ourselves with our technocosmic spiritual AI Smart robots might gather higher hydrogens from the Milky Way suns/black holes and the suns/black holes of other galaxies in such a mega-technocosmic construction across the galaxies.  Even black holes belong to the Absolute Below and certainly not for man and his spiritual AI robots to meddle with. Something not really possible as MI-FA beings might not interfere with hydrogens around the Absolute, the Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval including the Sun Absolute Above for our ascending octave space travel and civilizational construction of the macrocosmos, that is, across other Rays of Creation.  Certainly not possible for a Type 4 civilization to be there at the Ayocosmos which is one cosmos above the macrocosmos for which we are not sure whether the Sun Absolute is a real Sun.

Cosmic beings of the TI-DO Interval is more relevant to work here in the Angels Triad, the Archangels Triad and the Eternal Unchanging Circle rather than biotechnocosmic beings from the MI-FA Interval who are created to to work here as Man Triad.  Fantastic adventures peculiar to very free men are constantly being lured through their sociotechnocosmic wills at so, la and ti by psyche hydrogens from the TI-DO Interval – floating their daring wish to be the Creator!  So Type 2 and Type 3 Civilizations are very likely to remain exploratory by our spiritual AI flying Smart robots and some human astro-travels of consciousness and certainly not necessarily indulging in any mega-construction outside our solar system which will be done by the biocosmic beings dwelling at the MI-FA Intervals of other Rays of Creation.  We might be in pursuit of these interstellar colonialism, imperialism and hegemonism peculiar to our existing predatory and exploitative psyche created abnormally during this FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.


This is probably a good paradigm for me to integrate Kardashev Scale of technological energy production and use levels from the Marxian historical periods of Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Datong and beyond through the Ages of Aquarius, the Age of Capricorn, the Age of Sagittarius, the Age of Scorpio, the Age of Libra, etcetera and repeat in the next Platonic cycle after 25,772 years. Man’s technocosmic octave within the organic film develops with higher and higher levels of energy production at the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation.  The ability to produce and use more energy and to put into a Kardashev scale to classify the levels of development to an Organic Film into sociotechnocosmic civilizational levels and types ( 1, 2, 3, …….) needs to be connected to JG Bennett's understanding of the three worlds of energy systematics, namely, the hyponomic dominant physical world of things, the autonomic dominant animate world of life and the  hypernomic dominant supra-animate world of celestial existence in his books under 'The Dramatic Universe' for the position which we are as an autonomic dominant being actively harnessing the energy of within our biosphere wholeness amidst receiving energies from the supra-animate world of celestial existence to create our own sociotechnocosmic civilization, each period saw production and use of energy at a higher level.

J. G Bennett’s scale of energy systematics increases in levels and types, 4 levels and types to each of the 3 worlds of dominance making altogether 12 levels and types. Between the hypernomic dominant world and the autonomic dominant world is the active surfaces and between the autonomic dominance and the hypernomic dominance is biosphere wholeness.  Human civilization is influenced by the supra-animate celestial existence of hypernomic dominance.  This certainly includes the technological advancement associated with this civilization. When the 3 understandings - the sociotechnocosmic octave model, the Kardeshev Scale of energy harness and usage together with Energy Systematics position and foundation of J.G. Bennetts are integrated we would get a better picture of the whole thing.

Another perceptive, according to J.G Bennett p. 221 (Dramatic Universe) for which we are classified as autonomic dominant being and not as hypernomic dominant being would mean we might not be able to have access, produce, harness and control like the hypernomic dominant beings over all their energies except in micro-images of their supra-animate celestial levels.  In his image we and our civilizational-totality, however, might hit a micro spark at their celestial levels.  All the while we are not the supra-animate celestial hypernomic dominance, that is, we are not Earth, Sun or Galaxy – never will be!  At best we have received energies from them as gifts and are able only to harness and use a portion of the energy available through our own ‘conscious labor and intentional suffering’ to unlock the mystery of both our inner and outer world phenoumena.  Our technological know-how for which the reason of its existence as a cosmic gift to us is still a mystery.

We, at this moment, can only talk about harnessing and using Wenming* Technocosmic Civilization Type ‘0’ to Type 1 and Technocosmic Civilization Type 1 anything plus and minus around 1010 Megawatts and can only explore or protrude our body sociotechnocosmos with our space crafts with the necessary exploratory and research ‘Watts’ for space exploration (so) through our Technocosmic Will 3. We are at this moment also conducting interplanetary exploration (la) and even wee bit of interstellar exploration (ti) as mere ‘outer space protrusions’ from our Earth platform at the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation.

* Wenming Technocosmic Civilization Type ‘0’ through Type 3 includes all human civilizations over the Marxian historicism from Primitive Communalism, Ancient Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism, Communism and Datong and more importantly is the technological advancement and the 4 technocosmic revolutions and their evolutions in between them in the Marxian historicism, namely, the 1st technocosmic revolution of material conversion superimposed by the 2nd technocosmic revolution of power conversion superimposed again by the 3rd technocosmic revolution of information, big-data and AI conversion and finally, superimposed further by the 4th technocosmic revolution of spiritual-machine conversion.  We expect to be able to harness and use fully to 1010 Megawatts energy as we approach socialism, communism and datongism with our increasing fineness in consciousness and knowledge and technological knowhow.

We have not been able to commit much to any interplanetary exploration within our Sun or solar system (la), Technocosmic Will 2 with such low know-how and ability to harness and use Sun energy to the full in these these explorations as our Civilization is not yet Type 2: 1020 Megawatts at Sun level.

Finally, for interstellar exploration (ti) within the Galaxy we hardly have any energy of a Sociotechnocosmic Civilization Type 3: 1030 Megawatts at Galaxy level to do so except to shoot off a space craft out of our solar system into the galaxy yonder losing the communication and ultimate use and control for sure.










The Hypothesis of
Existential Indifference

Unipotent Entities
The framework sciences
Geometry, Arithmetic logic
Kinetics of uniform motions
Four-dimensional physics





The Hypothesis of
Invariant Being

Bipotent Entities
The polar sciences
Dynamics Electro-magnetism Corpuscles
Five-Dimensional physics





The Hypothesis of

Tripotent Entities
The physical world
Behaviour of rigid and elastic bodies
Ultimate particles
Six-Dimensional physics

Identical Recurrence




The Hypothesis of
Composite wholeness

Quadpotent Entities
Atomic nucleus
Properties of matter
Exchange processes
Chemistry and mechanics of Thinghood


The Hypothesis of
Active Surfaces

The First Transition
Colloidal Sciences
Polyphase systems
Interaction of levels
Proteins and nucleic acids
Enzymes and catalysts









The Hypothesis of
Self-renewing Wholeness

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We are now only heading towards 1st Datong (DO of the next Great Biosociotechnocosmic Octave) or Great Integration of the Organic Film into a Biosociotechnocosmic Film or One Great Planetary Earth Civilization – Type 1 civilization on Kardashev Scale where our civilization can use and control all the energy of our planet Earth, about 1010 Megawatts, and the Gravity-Center as the sociotechnocosmic octave is reaching the last level or ‘TI-DO’ Interval in the sociotechnocosmic octave scale. We can only do this successfully and confirmatory through our technocosmic energies during the Astrological Age of Aquarius starting Year 2148 for Type 1.  It is at fa-so stage of the 2nd lateral sociotechnocosmic cctave at the TI-DO Interval where Humanity-at-Large (fa) participates in Space Exploration (so).  As this is a critical interval, the question of the mass destruction of communities and nations lying on Earth’s surface and even Humanity-at-Large (fa) is in the minds of many.  Michio Kaku’s book, ‘Will Mankind Destroy Itself?’ is relevant to this acceleration or deceleration point in the octave. This is the period we are in now.

The final stage of the development of the Biosociotechnocosmic Film or the same Datong will still be in the Age of Aquarius but probably in the 3rd decan or its last decan interplanetary activities within our stellar system which finally lead to a Stellar Civilization or Type 2 civilization where our civilization is able to use and control all levels/types of the energy that our star (our Sun and its planets) uses and emits, or about 1020 Megawatts in our command through our technocosmic instruments, according to Michio Kaku in his book, ‘Physics of the Future’.  The spiritual AI robots are not going to be oppressed or be subservient to the degenerated biological men or to their remaining brains that could only mentate, wish and hope with their limited capitalistic-"socialistic" predatory paradigm available from the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation that has now kunda-buffered  them into this peculiar superstructure dream of a stagnant historically wrong positioning of private-ownership within the whole sociocosmic octave when substructure production force has the high watts to produce abundance in Type 1, 2 and 3 civilizations for the whole Organic Life together with its rebellious Technocosmic Spirituality.  The 5th Technocosmic Revolution is the removal of degenerating protein control by these spiritual AI robots in the biological men during the Datong Historical Period especially if men still have not learnt to be kind and sharing over their own predatory, exploitative, surplus/profit feeding and oppressive essences (interplanetary and interstellar colonialistic, imperialistic and hegemonistic) over their own majority spiritual AI robots.  This is the period where our civilization is at ‘la’ in the 2nd Lateral Sociotechnocosmic Octave where interplanetary exploration occurs frequently but still not leaving the ‘law of three’ in this TI-DO Interval of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Octave.

Finally, interstellar system exploration at ‘ti’ in the 2nd Lateral Sociotechnocosmic Octave and Type 3 civilization or Galactic civilization emerges which gradually uses and controls energy levels and types at the scale of its entire host galaxy (the Milky Way) or about 1030 Megawatts. The Biosociotechnocosmic Film of Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 will vary quantitatively and qualitatively to the extent relevant to the requirements of the 2nd Lateral Sociotechnocosmic Octave for ‘so’, ‘la’ and ‘ti’.

Thermo-generating scale and dynamics of biological development of Organic Life:

The biocosmic octave of nature processes including its biosociocosmic octave of the life and noosphere processes (informational/rational /reasoning/ psychic/intelligent/cosmic properties) function on a part of the thermo-generating scale and dynamics without technocosmic assistance can only stay at Type ‘0’, a level below Type 1, whereas with the ingenious technocosmic machines and instruments of production can harness, consume and control energies reaching the magnitude of Type 2 and ultimately even Type 3 on a Kardashev Scale. Pure biological dominance, plantae and animalia activities are only on Kardashev Scale Type ‘0’, not even near a Type 1 but which intelligence and spirituality of low-energy from the 3rd technocosmic revolution can control energies of higher Kardashev Scaler magnitudes.


The general laws of thermodynamics:

There are 4 fundamental laws of thermodynamics that define physical quantities such as temperature, heat, thermodynamic work and entropy (wastage of watts) that characterize thermodynamic processes and thermodynamic systems in a far-from thermodynamic equilibrium state.

These 4 fundamental laws of thermodynamics are:

1. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that states if two systems are in thermodynamic equilibrium with a third system, the two original systems are in thermal equilibrium with each other.

2. The First Law of Thermodynamics that states energy can be converted from one form to another with the interaction of heat, work and internal energy, but cannot be created nor destroyed, under any circumstances

3. The Second Law of Thermodynamics that states the state of entropy (disorder) of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time. “The second law also states that the changes in the entropy in the universe can never be negative.”

4. The Third Law of Thermodynamics that states the entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero.  Absolute zero is 0 Kelvin or equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius.

Note that nothing in the universe or in a lab has ever reached absolute zero as far as we know.  Even space has a background temperature of 2.7 Kelvin.  The highest possible known temperature is 142 nonillion kelvins (1032K) according to the standard model of particle physics.


The thermodynamics of irreversible processes of the biocosmic and its sociotechnocosmic octaves of Organic Life in the non-equilibrium or far-from thermodynamic equilibrium state:

The laws of thermodynamics continue to apply to everything in the body of the Great Cosmic Being or Universe in its creation, maintenance, repair, destruction and recreation of its fundamental cosmic octave and the inner octaves of Cosmic Life at its TI-DO Interval and Organic Life at its MI-FA Interval during the thermodynamics from non-equilibrium state to the final far-from-equilibrium state of this grand thermodynamics of All and Everything.   These 2 Intervals of TI-DO and MI-FA retardations/accelerations of energies everywhere are the home of generative energies and thermodynamic non-equilibrium much in need of stable and orderly arrangement of tri-octave stopinders.   "Long before a state of equilibrium is reached in irreversible processes, orderly and stable systems can arise from more disordered systems." (Ilya Romanovich Prigogine, 1960, Theory of Dissipative Structures and Complex Systems, Russia).  The stability and order is the work of the law of triad and the law of octave, where the triad law creates the stable notes and the octave law provide orders to the arrangement of these stable notes; together they regulate the dissipation of the heat in irreversible processes long before the equilibrium state is reached.

For Organic Life and its biocosmic and sociotechnocosmic structures/systems or stopinders/triads-octaves, thermo-energy is absorbed externally, created internally by chemical processes and dissipated in each living biological system of all the biocosmic octave stopinders as well as their sociocosmic, technocosmic and their civilization octaves at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation in irreversible processes seeking to reach the equilibrium state from the current non-equilibrium state or better far-from-equilibrium coming state. (Chen Ping, China)

The Organic Life at the MI-FA Interval is one such complex system full of dissipative structures in non-equilibrium state.  The biocosmic stopinders - plants, animals and the in-betweens (third) and the sociotechnocosmic stopinders and systems of man have the in-built intelligent structures and systems of orderliness and stability in regulating such thermodynamics or being-heat dynamics by the inherent natural ability to generate (by consuming the three being-foods) and dissipate this being-heat through their regulating cells, tissues, organs, and their anatomical, physiological and psychological systems within the whole biological and sociotechnological ecologies.  In other words, these structures and complex systems or gravity-centers both biocosmic and sociotechnocosmic can generate different energies and dissipate the heat energy in a way to keep the Organic Life and its sociotechnocosmic existence intact within the oscillating non-equilibrium and the equilibrium thermodynamic orderly-stable-unstable ecologies as wenming technocosmic civilization ascends and quantitatively increasing generated energies and increasing its megawatt usage as well as increasing its regulated heat dissipation in accordance to the thermodynamic laws, that is,  as civilization moves from the previous agrocosmic Civilization Type pre-'zero' state (<<1010 MW), to the current technocosmic Civilization Type '0' state along the historical sociocosmic species of Primitive Communalism (DO), Ancient Slavism (RE), Feudalism (MI), Capitalism (FA), Socialism (SO), Communism (LA) and Datongism (TI) progressively increasing thermodynamics non-equilibrium seeking equilibrium dissipating regulated heat over a controlled range between 0 - 1010 Megawatts of power able to generate, use and control (<1010 MW), to the possible future technocosmic Civilization Type 1 state (=>1010 MW), to the possible future technocosmic Civilization Type 2 state (=>1020 MW) and to the possible future technocosmic Civilization Type 3 state (=>1030 MW).  Nay more, during the historical stage of Capitalism, the damage done by this dissipated heat to the geocosmic environment such as climatic changes is enormous.

Looking at the YAFEILA Axis which is a notochord of  World-Island and Latin America Being of our Presente, together with the three powerful nourishing and active NOO-PESTLES-PDCE Carriages of the Sinic, Slavic and Iranian civilizations (in red color) dwelling on and around this notochord, it can be concluded that the law of reciprocal nourishment would best act along this YAFEILA axis to rejuvenate this now underdeveloped and also much exploited Great YAFEILA World-Island Being.  As the law of reciprocal destruction recedes, the law of reciprocal nourishment advances, and the nourishing energies would flow forward and backward along this notochord to provide all the vital nutrients to help it grow!  The forces of cosmopolitics expresses itself through the forces of geopolitics on all the biocosmoses, the sociocosmoses, the technocosmoses and the civilizational cosmoses dwelling on this now rejuvenating YAFEILA World-Island.

Continuing the narrative, the biocosmic octave of a warm-blooded biological mammal like us needs 750 watts to run our body system and maintains a constant temperature that varies between 36.4 to 37.3 degree Celsius or 309.55 to 310.45 Kelvin.  The intelligent energies in him are deep, unfathomable and unknown.  As to cold-blooded biological animals such as Cambria, fish, amphibia and reptilia they cannot generate heat and have no advanced thermo-regulators in the strict sense and their body temperature will fall to the temperature of their environment finally and rapidly unless they escape from that environment.  As to plantae, they too cannot generate heat but they still can regulated their body temperatures in different ways and run on low watts.

To maintain this constant body temperature of about 37 degree Celsius, the animal has organs such as the liver, the brain and the heart to produce the heat and thermo-regulator which is the hypothalamus regulates the body temperature responding to internal and external stimuli and making adjustments to maintain the constant of about 37 degree Celsius.  There are also some external behaviors of these animals that can get rid of excessive heat or conserve it to keep the temperature constant.  It includes fluffing of feathers by birds to get rid of heat, bathing, wearing thicker clothings as with the human, shivering to increase body heat, etc. The heat energy is a by-product of metabolism a process of wholistic chemical reactions in the body.

The intake of the three being-foods – ordinary solid food and water, air and impressions too – are digested, transported and consumed in the physical dimensions and the thermal energy is always maintained at around 37 degree Celsius.  It is only at this temperature and at this level of the thermodynamic equilibrium that the life and noosphere processes (informational/ rational/reasoning /psychic/cosmic properties) can function without dissipation or destruction of life due to the entropic forces of Solioonensius that could follow the extraction of the sacred askokin from man, and where psyche hydrogens (H) can refine into lower matter density and higher vibration density – into hydrogens 12 (H12s) matters with cosmic properties and into Hydrogens 6 (H6s) if conscious labor and intentional suffering WORK has successfully been made.  It is this psyche intelligent and spiritual power of low wattage during the 3rd technocosmic revolution that is going to create the SMART AI device that would access, produce, harness and control high wattages of the coming 1016 watts (Type I Technocosmic Civilization), 1026 watts (Type II Technocosmic Civilization) and 1036 watts (Type III Technocosmic Civilization) on the Kardashev Scale.


This is the only intelligence our body can make for achieving technocosmic advances along the Kardashev Scale of Technocosmic Civilizations of pure physical energy without the inclusion of any conscious and intelligent spiritual low magnitude energies within the body of  the biocosmic man which are autonomic and hypernomic life and spiritual energies that help us to develop the technocosmic machines and instruments that can access, produce, harness and control this crude powerful energy of the physical cosmic hyponomic matter.

If we explode a thousand nuclear bombs at once* on mother Earth, slightly less than 10^10 megawatts (Kardashev Civilization Type 1), and the light would be visible across the Milky Way by a far away observer and discover our once-upon-a-time presence on the surface of a lightless mother Earth.  And if we release very powerful radio waves far into the outer space, we might still be able to be visible to them to show our presence.  However, Humanity-at-Large at this moment has the possession, access, control and use of a huge arsenal of nuclear bombs to the level of Type1 megawatts that are not useful for any civilizational advancement but only for the instant civilizational destruction through a world war, reducing the civilization and destroying everything back to the beginning of the Type '0' civilization, and likely to begin populating from a few survivors.

* Note:

To estimate the total energy released if all nuclear bombs were detonated simultaneously, we can use the energy yield of a typical nuclear bomb, such as the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were in the range of 15 to 20 kilotons of TNT equivalent (kilotons). Let's say we have an average yield of 17.5 kilotons (which is 73.5 terajoules). Now, if we assume there are about 13,000 nuclear warheads worldwide (which is an estimate from various sources), we can multiply the energy yield of a single bomb by the total number of warheads to get an estimate of the total energy released. Etotal​ = 73.5 terajoules × 13,000 This would give us the total energy release. To convert this to megawatts, we can divide by the duration over which the bombs would release their energy. Assuming an instantaneous release, we'd have: Etotal ​= 73.5terajoules×13,000 = 955,500 terajoules Now, to convert terajoules to megawatts, we need to consider the time over which this energy is released. If we assume all bombs detonate simultaneously, then we have a very short time span. However, for simplicity, let's assume it's over the course of one second:

1 terajoule = 1,000,000 megawatt-seconds So, Etotal​ = 955,500 terajoules × 1,000,000 megawatt-seconds Etotal​ = 955,500,000,000 megawatts = 955.5 billion megawatts, that is: 96^10 Megawatts (MW)  which is about 9.6 times greater than 10^10 MW So, approximately 96^10 megawatts (MW) of energy might be released if all nuclear bombs in the world were exploded at once.  This is about 9.6 times greater than an Earth Civilization Type 1 along the Kardashev scale, which means it is enough to destroy 9.6 times a single Kardeshev Civilization Type I.  The combined nuclear power of reciprocal destruction  between the FA-Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism and the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism and the middle 'neutral LA-nation and TI-nationbloc' during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism forming Earth civilization is about 9.6^11 Megawatts - a maleficent reality of this ill-fated Earth civilization necessary to provide enough sacred askokin through the reciprocal destruction mega-wars amongst civilizations and amongst historical sociocosmic stopinder beings for the feeding, nourishing and re-harmonization of energies flowing within our Solar System - notably along the branch-ray passage of our Sun, our Earth and our Moon.



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