Volume 146       June 23, 2021


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 23, Further Records: Article 35, Topic "In Search of the Viriocosmic Octave, Biocosmic Dominance and the Harmful Pandemics", June 23, 2021)



Article 35, Topic:


(Written and completed on June 23, 2021)


1   The world of the very fine microbiocosmic viruses has been in our ecosystem for billions of years and they evolve and mutate periodically.  The viriocosmic octave the biocosmic octave and the sociocosmic octave exist in unison, as a one evolution in the history with periodic changes in gravity-center dominances.  In 2019, there was a surge of viriocosmic dominance from a type of virus known as the coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 and its variants causing a coronavirus pandemic or a COVID-19 pandemic. These coronavirus replicate themselves in the human host cells by the billions and infected millions of human beings on mother Earth’s surface leading to millions of deaths as they gain dominance in the world of 3 octaves - viriocosmic, biocosmic and sociocosmic octaves. These microscopic coronaviruses and their variants became the dominating lau beings for reducing the number of human hethormen beings on mother Earth's surface at the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation somewhere before 2019 with uncertainty of man's ability to overcome their temporary lau power.  The resulting number of death tolls has it accumulated an abundance of askokin to be released and stored  as food for lunar (moon) and planetary (planets) maintenance and repair in our Ray of Creation in accordance with the fundamental law of conservation of psychic energy.

The human cells seem to be the most favorable host or nest for this replication process due to the mitotic engine present in the human cells.   The human kind was very much disturbed by this global catastrophe.  Scientists, philosophers, politicians and many others world-wide are much drawn into overcoming this ill-fated COVID-19 tragedy as these coronaviruses target the system of Archangel Hariton’s breathing apparatus in the human body that digests the 2nd being-food, air, and any mishap that cause this breathing apparatus to malfunction will lead to speedy death because humans will progressively die as their 2nd being-food is reduced in stages to the death line.  Humans could hardly live without oxygen (air) for 10 minutes.  While other virus beings enter into the human body through the fluids and ordinary solid food and water as part of the 1st being-food, and even through the very fine and moist surface of the sexual organs via the reproductive system into the system, this particular coronavirus being enters the human body through the breathing system as well as other moist surface of the organs especially the eyes as the 2nd being-food.

The virus being can also be viewed from a broad-based philosophy of the general laws of nature to obey certain “rules” and “orders” such as the law of three and the law of octaves, and philosophies tend to dwell in the most general laws of nature.  An octave model to view it from the microbiological octave as shown below:



A Historical Microbiocosmic Octave


1. Do: Virus (genetic particles or virions with capsid/envelope)


2. Re: Prokaryote (unicellular archaea and bacteria)


3. Mi: Eukaryote (unicellular eukaryota e.g yeast, protist)

Mi-Fa Interval [1st lateral anatomical/physiological Octave Sperm(+) & Ovum(-) unity of sexual opposites required to become spores and etcetera, pollinated seeds or fertilized eggs]                 

4. Fa: Our Cell (A dependent eukaryotic cell of human being)


5. So: Our Tissue


6. La: Our Organ


7. Ti: Our System (Anatomical and Physiological)

Ti-Do Interval [2nd lateral psyche/psychological octave, namely, instinctive, moving centers, feeling center and thinking center]                                                                                       

8. Do: Our Psychophysical Body

As the law of unity of opposite sex is a fundamental most general law of the organic life, the virus being also needed to obey this fundamental law to have a “sexual opposite” in quotation mark or what is called a host in contemporary scientific terminology. These hosts are “sexual partners” in quotation mark.

Virus is the ‘First Before Biological Life’ and exists as a chain of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) with a transitional ‘Protein Life’ (Do) in the organic chemistry. Prokaryotes such as archaea and bacteria are are unicellular organisms without a true nucleus are regarded as the 'First True Biological Life'.  A eukaryote is the next unicellular organism such as yeast and certain unicellular protist with a true nucleus.  At a higher level of the eukaryote development when the male and female principles are separating progressively amongst multicellular organism further evolution occurs at the Mi-Fa Interval of the Historical Microbiocosmic Octave.  A ray in this very long period of evolution of this historical microcosmic octave is the formation of our human eukaryotic cell at point 'Fa' in this ray.

A virus acts more like an infective agent and is host-dependent sexless ‘organelle’ that needs host “cell” to replicate itself to complement its missing sex factor proper but rather needs a host as imperfect “sex partner” to replicate and bear “little children” - like “husband sperm” live together symbiotically with its 3 “wife ova” natural hosts, namely, the prokaryote (Re) (unicellular archaea/bacteria micro-organism) and the eukaryota (unicelluar/multicellular micro-organism (Mi).  So viruses are normally grouped into the archaeal viruses, the bacterial viruses and the eukaryotic viruses.  Viruses exist with the archaeal (a prokaryote), bacterial (a prokaryote) and eukaryotic hosts perhaps for a 2.4 billion years by now (Gustavo Caetano-Anelles) as the first organic life on mother Earth’s surface, and found at the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation.  They cannot stay independently for long without a host and their life energies would further downgrade further to nano chemical protein particles with no real biological octaving life.  As a summary, their natural hosts are the archaea, the bacteria and the independent eukaryota including the non-independent mitoting cells from spores and etcetera and up to the pollinated seed or the fertilized egg of the higher level plantae and Animalia.




2   Some diagrams for vizual discourses on the first 3 notes in the Historical Microbiocosmic Octave – the archaeal viruses, the bacterial viruses and the eukaryotic viruses (independent organism or dependent cells of higher organism).

Viruses contain either DNA or RNA as their nucleic acids, and some other protein molecules for their outer membranes.





Diagrams showing host eukaryotic cells and their organelles where each organelle has its own specific function within the cell

A typical eukaryotic animal cell


A typical eukaryotic plant cell



RNA virus (coronavirus) replication of virus in the host cell and release - the host cell becomes an infected cell and also a factory for producing more RNA viruses


Viral Infection and Viral Protein Expression

Areas of Infection in the Human Body



Standard Taxonomical Classification


Various Groups of Viruses


Properties and parameters relevant to a viriocosmic octave


A Summary of Baltimore Classification 


It can be noticed that the viruses are host-dependent nano genetic materials which have already innerly stopindered into the DNA virus and the RNA virus before seeking for hosts, and it is placed in the viriocosmic octave awaiting hosts.   They have their own stable gravity-center of chemico-protein vibration, and it is a one-centered (naked) being or a two-centered (enveloped) being or a third one-two-centered (naked-enveloped) being in accordance to the law of three.  The virus needs a host or “house” for which it needs the replicating machines in the “house” to replicate itself by the millions if not billions.  This was done with the archaea, the bacteria and the eukarya micro organisms since ancient times.  The dependent eukaryotic cells of plants and animals are also common hosts as the microbiological octave continues to produce higher organic beings.

The 3 fundamental hosts (houses) of the viruses in line with the law of three have helped us in classifying them into 1. Archaeal viruses  2. Bacterial viruses and 3. Eukaryotic viruses.

But how do we octavize based on the law of octave to this basic triadic 3 host-domain classification of the archaeal, the bacterial and the eukaryotic viruses according to the law of triad that have been observed so far?

The Standard 3 host-domain classification has shown to be in line with the law of triad and other classifications have also been used and they are good in a limited way, only that the logic used to classify them is the formal logical approach and the primary datas are still incomplete to justify anything ‘octave.’

The best approach from my observation is the Baltimore Classification of viruses (1971) based on the way the viruses produce the messenger (mRNA).  The use of the 4 properties and their parameters of viruses in the way they are combined and processed to produce messenger RNA (mRNA) has made it possible to identify One (1) octave of 7 groups of viruses (DO for Group I, RE for Group II, MI for Group III, FA for Group IV, SO for Group V, LA for Group VI and TI for Group VII). This approach leads to a new standard scientific (non-philosophic) and formal logical model of classifying the world of viruses – a standard scientific classification and is more octave-conforming but not as yet having ‘octave periodic’ inclusion.  However, here, the logic used for this approach is the tri-octave dialectical materialist’s approach which does not seek to alter any findings already enshrined in this standard virus classification of the respected biologist, David Baltimore (a 1975 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medcine), for which this search of the viriocosmic octave is found but subject to further observation.  And even this viriocosmic octave finding will be subject to much future scrutiny and over many more years …….. whether it will or will not withstand the test of time in the realm of the general laws of philosophy or musings with the most general laws  on the world of viruses.

The triad and the octave laws cause the world of viruses to evolve and develop into types or species as such, and not just any accidental or unrelated evolution and development.


3   The Fundamental Viriocosmic Octave

Now the viriocosmic octave with octave periodicity, runs thus:

From the various inner elements or parameters found in the 4 main properties of the genomic diversity of viruses observed, namely, from property group related to the their nucleic acid (DNA, RNA or DNA-RNA at various stages in their life cycle), their shape (linear, circular or segmented), their strandedness (single-stranded, double-stranded or mixed single-double stranded) and their sense (positive, negative or ambisense) these genomic being-virus discovered are grouped into 7 viriocosmic stopinders of a viriocosmic octave.



The 7 ways mRNA are produced by the virus groups (I - VII) 1971


The Fundamental Viriocosmic Octave


I. Viriocosmic Stopinder (DO)

Double stranded (dsDNA) DNA viruses such as Adenoviruses, Herpesviruses and Poxiviruses


II. Viriocosmic Stopinder (RE)

Single stranded (ssDNA) DNA viruses (+ strand or sense) such as Parvoviruses


III. Viriocosmic Stopinder (MI)

Double stranded (dsRNA) RNA viruses such as Reoviruses


MI-FA Interval [DNA Virus and RNA Virus in Transition]                        

IV. Viriocosmic Stopinder (FA)

Single stranded ((+) ssRNA viruses) (+ strand or sense) RNA viruses such as Picornaviruses, Togaviruses


V. Viriocosmic Stopinder (SO)

Single stranded (-)ssRNA viruses (- strand or antisense) such as Orthomyxoviruses, Rhabdovirsuses


VI. Viriocosmic Stopinder (LA)

Single stranded ssRNA-RT viruses (+ strand or sense, RT = reverse transcriptase) RNA with DNA intermediate in life-cycle such as Retroviruses


VII. Viriocosmic Stopinder (TI)

Double stranded dsDNA-RT viruses such as Hepadnaviruses


TI-DO Interval [RNA-RT and DNA-RT Virus end]                                    


VIII. Viriocosmic Stopinder (DO of the next higher octave)



The first viriocosmic stopinder is then called a DO-Viriocosmic Stopinder where viriocosmic beings such as adenoviruses, herpesviruses, poxiviruses which have the following inner property elements or paramenters - Double stranded (dsDNA) and are DNA viruses - are considered Group I viriocosmic beings.

The second viriocosmic stopinder is called the RE-Viriocosmic Stopinder where viriocosmic beings such as parvoviruses which have the following inner property elements or paramenters - single stranded (ssDNA) DNA viruses with positive strand or sense - are considered Group II viriocosmic beings.

The third viriocosmic stopinder is called the MI-Viriocosmic Stopinder where viriocosmic beings such as reoviruses which have the following inner property elements or paramenters - double stranded (dsRNA) RNA viruses - are considered Group III viriocosmic beings.

The fourth viriocosmic stopinder is called the FA-Viriocosmic Stopinder where viriocosmic beings such as picornaviruses, togaviruses, polioviruses which have the following inner property elements or paramenters - single stranded ((+) ssRNA viruses) (+ strand or sense) RNA viruses - are considered Group III viriocosmic beings.

The fifth viriocosmic stopinder is called the SO-Viriocosmic Stopinder where viriocosmic beings such as orthomyxoviruses, rhabdovirsuses, influenza viruses which have the following inner property elements or parameters - single stranded (-)ssRNA viruses  (- strand or antisense) RNA - are considered Group V viriocosmic beings.

The sixth viriocosmic stopinder is called the LA-Viriocosmic Stopinder where viriocosmic beings such as retroviruses, HIV which have the following inner property elements or paramenters - single stranded ssRNA-RT viruses (+ strand or sense, RT = reverse transcriptase) RNA with DNA intermediate in life-cycle - are considered Group VI viriocosmic beings.

The seventh viriocosmic stopinder is called the TI-Viriocosmic Stopinder where viriocosmic beings such as hepadnaviruses, hepatitis B virus which have the following inner property elements or paramenters - double stranded dsDNA-RT viruses - are considered Group VII viriocosmic beings.

The eighth viriocosmic stopinder will be the next higher octave of this viriocosmic octave, that is, a DO-Viriocosmic Stopinder of the next higher octave.


The study of the Intervals is important but we do not have much information for now:

At the MI-FA Interval are the DNA virus and the RNA virus that have entered into a union of opposites and subjected to the law of unity of opposites between two permanent poles of material presence and perhaps even a middle forming a triad union device.  Forces flow in-between DNA and RNA reciprocally influencing and affecting each other as virocosmic shock absorbers.

At the TI-DO Interval are the RNA-RT virus and the RNA-RT virus that have also entered into a union of opposites and subject to the law of unity of oppoisites between again two permanent higher level poles of a higher material presence and perhaps still even a higher middle triad union device, and also due to a higher level transformation of the DNA and the RNA viruses into DNA-RNA hybrid individualities that were not formed at the MI-FA Interval.  Reverse transcribing (RT) viruses have genomes made of either DNA or RNA and replicate via reverse transcription. These two groups of transcribing viruses exist in the form of single-stranded RNA-RT (ssRNA-RT) viruses or double-stranded DNA-RT (dsDNA-RT) viruses and emerge because of their proximity to the TI-DO Interval of the viriocosmic octave.

The triadic viriocosmic shock absorber between the DNA-RT virus and the RNA-RT virus has a third factor, also in according to the law of three where this factor is known as the messenger RNA (mRNA), and these protein molecules and factors reciprocally interact and act on one another, in a certain balance or equilibrium if not imbalances.  The TI-DO Interval is the interval of possible possibilities for the budding of the next higher viriocosmic octave that would bud a different series of viriocosmic beings in the great biocosmic octave at large.

Viriocosmic Aberration exists between the DNA and the RNA viriocosmic notes at the MI-FA Interval as well as the RNA-RT and DNA-RT viriocosmic notes at the TI-DO Interval of the Viriocosmic Octave producing the viriocosmic aberration that is likely to shock the scientists and us due to this aberrating phenomenon of the virus in producing mutants (more than 12,700 coronavirus mutants from 2019 – 2020), and the historical (or time-spread or history-spread) would register their possible arisings in the evolutionary process of these viruses.


4   A Wee Bit on RNA Transcription and mRNA Translation

The nucleus of a cell where DNA and RNA exists together in the same ‘house’, RNA transcription takes place to produce mRNA.


Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Transcription



During the process of transcription, RNA polymerases in a 6-staged RNA transcription process to produce messenger RNA (mRNA).

RNA Transcription to Produce mRNA

The completed mRNA strand comes along with a carrier lipid nanoparticle 5’ cap exits the nucleus and enters the cytoplasm and later attaches to ribosomes where genetic message translation takes place to make the amino acids or proteins inside the cytoplasm which later move out of the cell to be either stored or to be translated.  Once the mRNA has created a protein during translation, it is then repressed and broken down into individual nucleotides to be degraded or reused by the cell for creating or repairing some other organelles within the cell.


mRNA Translation to Polypeptide (Proteins)



If mRNA is introduced from outside into the body in the blood stream during vaccination, it still needs to enter into the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell in our body where the ribosome is found in order to do any translation into polypeptide.



The vaccine mRNA instructs the ribosome in the cell to create the spikes proteins of the coronavirus (S-Proteins) which act as the antigens, and on protruding out of the cell wall will trigger the body’s immune system to produce neutralizing antibodies and kill this good cell.  The antigens (S-protein) produced by the mRNA are biologically inert and found to be quite harmless – only that it is a wolf-head with a sheep body ready to be kill or devoured.  The more doses of mRNA you received the more your good sheep-wolf-head cells everywhere in your body will be destroyed.  The mRNA comes into contact with the ribosome in the cell to produce the S-protein antigens which stay in the cytoplasm with S-Protein protrusion on its cell wall and would soon change into a harmless somewhat ‘wolf-head’ or 'wolf-skin' cell awaiting destruction by the attacking killer lymphocytes or if free floating cell in the blood or fluid would be misidentified by the leucocytes as 'bacteria' and devour it.  “Good luck” to all vaccinated three-brained human hethormen beings on the journey to the world of having many doses of mRNA vaccination.

After translation, the mRNA becomes unstable and disintegrates sooner into “harmless” non-messaging protein nucleotides for which they can re-enter the cell nucleus.  The instability of mRNA is why public health experts have been concerned about its storage and logistic temperature, and whether there are nano-pollutants that could easily disturb the stability.

The mRNA vaccine developed and collected are unstable and has to be stored in conditions such as the disorder energy caused by heat.

The Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 virus mRNA vaccines must be stored at the temperature of -70°C.  The Moderna and the AstraZeneca replication competent viral vector vaccines remain stable in under freezer of -20°C for up to six months, under refrigeration (2-8°C) for up to 30 days and at room temperature for up to 12 hours.  The Sinovac Biotech live attenuated (weakened live) or deactivated SARS-CoV-2 virus vaccines are more easily developed on a large scale, collected and stored at room temperature.

Higher temperatures, solar radiation, ultraviolet light and used of certain chemicals such as formalin, formaldehyde, ivermectin, etc. can deactivate coronaviruses and destabilize vaccines especially the mRNA.

How many mRNA strands are there in a single dose of the CoViD-19 vaccine such as in BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine?

The amount of mRNA per dose has been reported as containing 30 micrograms of mRNA strands.  So the number of mRNA strands according to calculation is 11.8 x 10^12 or 11.8 trillion mRNA strand.  Each mRNA strand has the potential to produce 1 spike protein (S-protein) and also 1 spike protein has 1,273 amino acids.

Assuming after storage damage and other factors only 50% of these mRNA strands have been translated into S-proteins, we have 5.9 x 10^12 or 5.9 trillion S-proteins found mostly inside the cells with some freed from the cells.  From this you can visualized how many of these 'wolf-head sheep' cells might have to be killed by the lymphocytes if not the leucocytes in our body and how much of the freed lone and outside-of-the-cell S-protein antigen-antibody agglutination into blood clots might happen for just 1 dose of mRNA BioNTech/Pfizer vaccination.  The more doses you take, the more the risk, and yet you also need to balance the pros and cons of having infected with CoViD-19 if not vaccinated.


5   Proof of Vaccine Safety


To learn more, you can find out from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, MD at




The SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that cause the COVID-19 pandemic and it is a RNA virus with long genome (27-31kb).   Although the mRNA vaccines injected into the muscles of the body to demand the cells there to produce S-proteins by the millions in the muscle tissue, the continuous circulation of the fluids in the living body will transport all these millions of mRNA and S-proteins to every parts of the body in a matter of hours.  The S-protein antigens in the cytoplasm of normal cells (sheep) that have transformed into ‘wolf-head sheep’ is always inside with protrusion outside and not outside the cells - therefore S-protein "infected" cells becomes 'wolf-head sheep' for a fairly long period of time in wait for detection by the immune system to produce the antibodies to destroy the S-protein antigen directly if outside the cells  but unfortunately the S-protein is inside the cells themselves and in their S-protein protrusion on the membrane cell which will be capped by the antibodies in order to make them recognizable and tasty for the T-cells and the B-cells (lymphocytes and leukocytes) to eat them. Both antibodies and lymphocytes/leucocytes have to work hand in hand in search for the lone unattached S-proteins (for which the potential antigen-antibody binding often leads to blood clots) and cell-attached S-proteins or ‘wolf-head sheep’ cells to recognize and destroy them before the messenger RNA and the S-Protein inside the cells naturally degraded and the 'wolf-head sheep' cells to return to normal cells again after successfully removing the toxin of S-protein without the help of antibodies or otherwise, if this ever happen.  There is also a long-term hunting battle if vaccination doses are continued after doses, somewhat searching for the real coronavirus and the fake coronavirus in the universe – this time the battle ground is everywhere in the universe not just respiratory system of the real coronavirus.  Although the mRNA have self-disintegrated into nucleotides or even otherwise, the spike proteins that have being called forth in the normal cells have not and might still be hidden in the cells of the essential organs such as the ovaries, the bone marrow, the brains, the lungs, the kidneys, the blood, and the lymph and all the other systems.  If you search for them (S-protein antigens) within the 'wolf-head sheep' at any places in the body, you might find them but if you did not search for them they need not have to be not there!

The unfortunate fertilized eggs in the ovary, the stem cells in the bone marrow and others might be misidentified for destruction by the body itself for the battle ground for the organelle, the virus or the cells is truly vast in the universe of the human body.  The S-protein antigens, the degraded mRNA nucleotides and the remaining mRNA will further add to confusion in identification between a fake coronavirus and a real coronavirus.  An important good guy might be mistaken for the bad guy and get destroyed. This spike protein enabler or mRNA are not necessary the good guys as they are also the deceptive messengers and instructors for ribosomes to do something of a false alarm and to mislead the immune system of our body into believing the shepherd’s cry, ‘Wolf, wolf, wolf’ but not forever.

The spike proteins (S-proteins) in the bone marrow brings forth the many white cell army to the region could possibly lead people to developing leukemia which can take up to 9 years before it surfaces.  So it can be unsafe for the pregnant women to get these mRNA vaccines as the S-Protein antigens would also called forth the same white army to the ovarian battle ground.  It can also lead to a reactivation of latent viruses such as shingles in this biocosmic confusion to bring forth a health disaster.

Now, the proteins in our body have psychic intelligence in the form of H6, H12, H24, H48, H96, H384, H192 and H768 (Ouspenskian H indices of psychic elements) and could misdirect in different ways and the coronavirus or even the independentized RNA nucleotides and the mRNA have intelligence for which we might not know exactly using our current scientific or phenomenal methodologies.

Didn't you notice that of all the vaccines that humanity has encountered in history on this coronavirus and its mRNA vaccines have caused such a socio-economic, political-legal, socio-cultural, social media and even military aberrations between the 2 sociocosmic essences of capitalism and socialism for our FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods and only peculiar to this periods and not other periods? And did you ever suspect something amiss, ever questioned for something that never seems to happen in human history over vaccines and this special virus, and especially this type of high-valued virus? Firstly, this virus both of natural origin as well as synthetic technocosmic natural is of high-value military grade-able bio-nucleic substances.  Secondly, it is lung epithelium targeted through our consumption of the 2nd being food (air) a repeat breathe-in and breathe-out of a few seconds. Thirdly, messenger RNA or mRNA vaccine asks your cells to wiseacre and produce 'wolf-sheep' to alert your lymphocytes and the leucocytes (armies) to kill your own self's 'infected' cells and at the same time produce antibodies in greater amounts from dose to dose, endlessly - thus a high-value opportune commodity for capitalistic business or pharma corporates' continuous wealth accumulation. Fourthly, it soon becomes the nationates' soft-power vaccine bioweapon and bio-savior  yin-yang elements paradox suitable for the reciprocally destruction and healing process globally and across country borders.  So this mRNA is a unique vaccine after all and a good candidate of a new kind of biopsychosociocosmic  vaccine-dependency like all others alcohol, cigarettes, opium, panadol, drugs, etcetera - an unbecoming history of pressured-sociocosmic perturbation yet not entirely unprecedented for it is a vaccine in quotation mark of our hungry capitalistic pharma corporates  having similar predatory and manipulative philosophy of 'divide-and-rule' to perturb the the world-of-cells in man's body, to perturb various human communities in the body of the Great Sociotechocosmic Being through social determinants of disparities and comorbidities, to the death of many 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval and heavy causalities to the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders in the TI-DO Interval.

The proof of vaccine safety will be known only through many years of testing, perhaps decades to discover the truth of its genuine safety!  But the ultimate herd immunity by nature will still happen, and you need to thank great nature more than you thank the technocosmic vaccination but vaccination still should receive a thank anyway for the real scientific essence it has alongside the much perturbed, drummed and magnified role with ulterior predatory motives of capitalism it has been coated with.

To kill the wolf, the sheep is also killed

But soon our immune system discovered that this 'wolf-head' is harmless and so has learnt to accept it.  But what happens if it encounters another "wolf-head" without knowing that this time it is a real coronavirus?

Many doses of mRNA vaccines and even of the traditional deactivated and/or weaken virus vaccines injected into the body, triggering and re-triggering, stimulating and re-stimulating the immune system over and over, again and again will finally confused this wonderful immune system of ours to become autoimmune, that is, out of control, suddenly producing a lot of antibodies without reason when there are no viruses or bacteria or not producing them when there are many viruses or bacteria, and leucocytes attack healthy cells out of the blue moon.

6   Getting into the World of Proteins

A protein being, so to say, is the 2nd level of development of the octave of the microcosmos.  There are 3 primary stopinders or gravity-centers of vibration along the microocosmic octave.  The 1st primary microcosmic stopinder is the atom(s), the 2nd stopinder is the molecule and the 3rd is the compound stopinder.  The protein atoms are limited only to a certain type of atoms, namely, Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O) and Phosphate (P) and others such as sulfur, etc.  They combined into many linked molecular groups known as the amino acids, grouped only in a specific manner and structured physically into 4 levels of qualitative differences through quantitative increments, namely, 1. The primary level, 2. The secondary level, 3. The tertiary level and 4. The quaternary level.

The world of proteins consist of polymers made up of nitrogen-containing monomers called amino acids. An amino acid is a molecule composed of an amino group and a carboxyl group, together with a variable side chain. Just 20 different amino acids contribute to nearly all of the thousands of different proteins important in human anatomy and physiology. The world of plantae and animalian proteins contain a unique combination of a few dozen to a few hundred of these 20 amino acid monomers. All 20 of these amino acids share a similar structure. All consist of a central carbon atom ( carbon) to which the following are bonded:

·  a hydrogen atom

·  an alkaline (basic) amino group NH2

·  an acidic carboxyl group COOH

·  a variable group

1.    The Chemical Nature of Protein

Chemical structure of the DNA oligonucleotide dAGCT (left) and the RNA oligonucleotide AGCU (right)


Under physiological conditions, the phosphate oxygen atoms are deprotonated

Chemical formulae of the standard bases in DNA and RNA oligonucleotides

The Five nucleobases are nitrogenous bases — adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), thymine (T), and uracil (U) — are called primary or canonical. They function as the fundamental units of the genetic code, with the bases A, G, C, and T being found in DNA while A, G, C, and U are found in RNA.


Chemical formulae of the DNA oligonucleotide dAGCT and the RNA oligonucleotide AGCU




Modified purine nucleobases

These are examples of modified adenosine or guanosine






Modified pyrimidine nucleobases

These are examples of modified cytosine, thymine or uridine







DNA structure


DNA vs RNA Structure


2.    The Dimensionalities of Nano Protein

A dimensional approach is also needed to study and understand the nano molecules.


But this dimension can also be viewed from a dialectical and octave perspective instead of just viewing it from a formal logical approach without motion or movements and also functions in evolution.


This is approached thus:

The microcosmic atom(s) is a no-dimensional monad or a point in the microcosmic scale in constant motion.  It did not start its motion today or yesterday but has been in motion long since.  As it moves and bonds with the other microcosmic protein atoms – hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphate (and others such as sulfur, etc.) it becomes a one-dimensional chain or line or a primary structure of different types; as the chain(s) moves and bonds with other protein chains it becomes a two-dimensional sheet or surface or a secondary structure of similar and different types (alpha helix or beta pleated sheet); as this sheet(s) moves and bonds with other sheet or surface or  secondary structure of similar and different types in a planar manner it becomes a bigger two-dimensional  surface network or a tertiary structure; and as the surface network moves and bonds with other surface networks it becomes a three-dimensional solid or body or a quaternary structure.

Beyond that this dimension will be a time-based dimension and is of psychic and cosmic properties with possible intelligence within for the motion of this solid body of protein beside its motion in space as expressed.


3. The Cells

Then the organelles of a human cell  whose origin is from the mitotic zygote (a typical non-independent eukaroytic cell) shown in the diagram certainly with functions are formed and perfected which further grow and integrate in specific manner to form a perfect cell.


The Eukaryotic Animalia cell as having anatomical gravity-centers or organelle with physiological functions

The Eukaryotic Plantae cell as having anatomical gravity-centers or organelle with physiological functions


Now, what about psychic gravity-centers or minds within and behind the anatomy and its psychological functions?

They are in the fourth dimension is the time dimension of these nano protein molecules.


4. The Organocosmic Octave of the higher plantae and animalia

The cell is the 1st primary stopinder of the organocosmos and from the cells emerged the 2nd primary tissue stopinder which later from the tissues emerged the 3rd primary organ stopinder of the organocosmic octave.


A Fundamental (Internal) Biocosmic Octave or An Organocosmic Octave of the higher Plantae and the Animalias


1. Do:  Cell (Fertilized egg or pollinated seed in mitosis)


2. Re:  Tissue


3. Mi:  Organ

Mi-Fa Interval                                                        

4. Fa:  Anatomical System


5. So:  Physiological Body


6. La:  Psychological Body


7. Ti:  Pyschophysical Body

Ti-Do Interval                                                        

8. Do:  A Living Oranic Being

For details on the anatomical systems of human being, refer to:


7   Nay More of Other Biocosmic Dominances and Harmful Pandemics


1. The current coronavirus variants

By now the inner octaves of this SAR-CoV-2 variants due to viriocosmic aberration have reached a staggering 12,700 and more in a short period of about 1 year.  The duplicating error is common with this RNA virus as it enters the nucleus of a human cell to be replicated into the same virus or the mutated variants which are expelled from the cells.  Some of these variant groups such as B.1.1.7 (UK), B.1.351 (South Africa), P.1 (Brazil), D614G (India/China), Cluster 5 (Mink from Denmark/Spain/US), E484K (South Africa/Indonesia) and etcetera are more binding to the cell wall and therefore more dangerous.  There are at least 7 billion human beings in the world and the trillion trillion cells of unexplored nature would witness a large number of possible variants.

Natural immunization and vaccination to achieve herd immunization:

The purpose of the existence of the human being like all the other natural organic material beings is to keep itself intact as a living entity and survive, while at the same time achieving herd immunity to also keep the herd intact as man himself is a herd and social animal.  When harmful viruses (or bacteria) attack the cells in the body, the T-cells will come in large number to counter the attacks and neutralizes the antigens (or toxin of the bacteria) of the viruses with their antibodies until the body is immune to them.  The long struggle for survival as a whole is a natural immunization and the body must fight for survival together with the technocosmic assistance of vaccines and the technique for vaccination.  The inner octaves of the body is created to be maintained, replicated, repaired and replaced, and reproduces in an orderly, harmonious and balance manner into posterity.

2. Biocosmic dominances and harmful pandemics

The coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 has recently (2019) become a lau being to awake our consciousness because it has chosen a liking for a new host in the dependent eukaryotic cell of the human body, that is you and me.  This negative-energized CoVID-19 virus becomes a biocosmic dominance and hydrogens of religion which might have accumulated in your body in abundance would easily make it your feared god to be prayed as you would pray for the dreadful negative-energized Cobra god, the fearful mercy-energized Christian Cross of the Roman Empire, savior-energized Elephant god, the almighty celestial-energized Moon-Star god of Islam, etc.  The  military-industrial complex as a stable gravity-center of sociotechnocosmic vibration has a sociocosmic inborn  unquenchable hunger and thirst, always following to the closest every fine twist and turn of  such a "useful" coronavirus in terms of invisible warfare and wealth accumulation through the use of the paired human-virus vaccine dependency strategy - somewhat like human-psychedelic drug dependency, the minor human-tobacco dependency, even more minor human-alcohol dependency or just human-coffee dependency and so on - all linked to the money-making opportunists' and hasnamusses' peculiar psychology of capitalism.

So you need to study the appropriation of the Intellectual Property (IP) of near hundreds of pseudo “novel-like” patents to the ownership of the private three-centered hungry corporates at the MI-FA Interval, where the house of the predatory capitalists breed during the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism. The private ownership of the means of production of vaccine and synthetic SAR-CoV-2 should not be allowed but should be public and under the control of the real not-for-profit socialist beings at the TI-DO Interval.  Having made this mistake on IP appropriation gained through corruption as is always common to capitalistic, colonialistic, imperialistic and hegemonistic culture of money-making, a huge pandemic becomes a plaything of the private corporates and many innocent lives have been risked – is becoming crime-against-humanity - virus pandemic hand-in-hand with vaccine in quotation mark pandemic.

These predatory-inclined corporate beings called Pfizer, Moderna and others have wiseacred on virus and cell modification through their virus-enhancement research technologies where messenger RNA vaccine becomes the gravity-center (or ruler) of long hegemonistic, habitual and abnormal 'Divide-and-Rule' Philosophy Trap this time over not just the nations but on the innocent good normal and obedient cells of our body especially starting from the cell walls of our inner blood vessels and later everywhere depending on how much or how many doses we have been injected to produce spike proteins in-mistake and in-error risks leading to variants and ultimate confusion of our white blood cells to search everywhere in our body, to identify and kill or destroy or eat our own messengered 'made-to-be-freak' cells that wear spike proteins on their membrane (exterior) together with the  real natural and the human-made virus variants of the military-complex that might be around.  The more doses of vaccines the more to kill and to kill our own cells until we finally died of actual coronavirus or often in association to comorbidities in medical records. With more and more money-making doses the search-to-kill goes on through months and years with aplenty white blood cells accumulated in our body leading us to mysteriously die of leukemia.

The lipid nano particles of spike protein vaccines and spike-protein-induced mRNAs developed from techno-engineering on the original SAR and SAR-CoV-2 genome sequencing and hand-in-hand mutually vaccine-virus computer simulation and pre-programed as a bioweapon-in-action for making a lot of money, attract investment, media manipulation, killing people for depopulating “enemies” and also enable the release of the cosmic substance called the sacred askokin to the rejuvenation of our moon and our planetary neighbors.

As the wise grandson says about these three-brained hasnamussian beings for which scientists and technologists are converted into their modern slaves:

After wiseacring the nuclear bombs, the virus bombs and the current vaccine-disguised genetic mRNA experimented future mRNA micro-bombs would come naturally and inborn as their next hasnamussian venture and mis-adventure!


Fort Detrick in Maryland, USA,  a 13,000 acre US Military Bioweapon Grade Farm built 1931 has a long history for the medical research and development of viruses such as Spanish Flu virus (A/H1N1), Swine Flu virus (H1N1), Japanese Encephalitis virus (JE), Nipah virus (NIV), Ebola virus (EVD), Smallpox Variola virus (VARV), Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and its Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Middle East Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus (SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2), all other types of RNA and DNA viruses and all kinds of candidate bioweapon grade germs such as Bacillus anthracis, Brucella, Francisella Tularensis, Clostridium Botulinum, Yersinia Pestis, Leptospira, Pasteurella Multocida, Borrelia Burgdorferi, Coxiella Burnetii, Rickettsia, etc.  It works in association with the vaccine production Pharma corporations in USA.  It was abruptly shut down following a ‘cease and desist order’ by the Us Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in August 2019 following serious safety violations in particular related to the disposal of dangerous materials.

However, this novel coronavirus virus came originally from an ongoing and octaving H1N1 coronavirus or Spanish Flu whose origin was traced to the USA which was an aggressive harmful pandemic lau being once in the 1918. Later it mutated into SARS, MERS, and etcetera with more variants, both in nature and in the good scientists labs and virioculture farms for harvesting their de-activated viruses or for extraction of their mRNAs or of making the synthetic mRNAs as well as in the bad Industrial-Military Complex' labs for the production of biogenetic-virus variant weapons to destroy socialism at the TI-DO Interval of our great sociocosmic octave by capitalism of the MI-FA Interval of this same great sociocosmic octave, and enabling hegemony of the few powerful nation-stopinder beings to live longer. They have been mutating non-stop in the coronavirus octave many decades ago before they become a-consciousness, a-thinking and a-politicking.  Any one type of these biological beings can turn progressively from epidemic, to endemic and then to pandemic to become the current aggressive pandemic lau being of the biocosmic octave.

Those who have the technology to produce mRNA vaccines have the technology to produce RNA virus which is the SARS-CoV-2 and their variants.  Hurray!  A false over-confidence of our hasnamussian power-possessing beings over these modest seekers of the truth scientists regarding the understanding of these very ancient billion-years virus beings existing at the borderline between the living cells and the non-living proteins.  In the same tempo of inner excitement, the bioweapon developers of the industrial-military complex, the power-possessing beings then took some off these newly developed invisible bioweapon virus through the human body itself as carrier of these "infected" three-brained beings to enemy-targeted places where their enemies-of-invention sociocosmic three-brained beings dwelled in large numbers with very high sociocosmic concentration, that is, those big zarooaries in some nation-sociocosmic stopinders such as Iran and China, and as usual their habitual careless leaks of these invisibles from the source-carrying "infected" three-brained beings have also "infected" other unintended friendly beings as well in other nation-stopinders - certainly all along the journey to natural doomsday.  Regarding this invisible mission, after all like a hide-and-seek child play in manners that look like natural pandemics and indeed what is wrong with neither natural nor unnatural for the hasnamussian souls that derive happiness from the misery of others and fun from politicking over this political virus where there is a full of confidence Hi-Tech mRNA vaccine(s) already patented during the 1st outbreak from source and before the 2nd subsequent out break in China. No wonder, the predatory exploitative corporate wealth accumulators to make more money out of these IP patents seem to gain full media promotion overshadowing the voice of truth by the honest scientists.  As the fire of this coronavirus pandemic spread globally even to the source of its arising, the Fall of Capitalism instead of the Fall of Socialism takes place.

Wuhan City in China, the size of 80 Paris, one of the biggest metropolitan cities on earth directly related to the Fall of the China's Monarchy before became a suitable "test" ground by external forces in a coronavirus outbreak in December 2019 identified as the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and to be named as the "Wuhan Virus," by politicking of certain power-possessing hasnamussian beings.  Of course, this city is unlikely to be the source and cause to deliberately trigger its own similar Fall of China’s Socialism when its success is a miracle for which the citizens have fully enjoyed over the decades - it is illogical for this to be the cause when it is the effect of another cause.  Besides previous origin elsewhere denials for this virus weapon (2019) whether technocosmically or otherwise, a possible continuation of hybrid wars in another subtle form or  naturally in the form of natural pandemic in the world of the human biocosmic octave and later as it enters the sociocosmic octave globally leads to a peculiar social phenomenon existing in the form of human mask-dependency, human-distancing dependency, human-MCO (Movement Control Order) dependency, human-SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) dependency where the hasnamussians of the highest fourth type conduct profitable businesses.  However, instead of the Great Fall of Socialism intended, the Great Fall of Capitalism happened with heavy casualties and many deaths of business organizations of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval the original home of capitalistic essences of all kinds, and their controlled state and nation stopinders above at the pseudo-“SO-LA” Interval also belonging to capitalism in quotation mark but not of that at the TI-DO Interval.  The death of many business organizations releases many unemployed proletarians including proletarianized bosses!

Nay more, with the activation of the technocosmic octave on this vaccine ingenious invention and the medical concept of herd immunity, the technocosmic intervention leads to another sociotechnocosmic phenomenon known as human-virus vaccine dependency.  This leads to a much repeat vaccine business and the necessary superstructure politicking and vaccine nationalism peculiar only to the abnormally strong capital accumulation urge existing in three-brained beings during the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of capitalism and socialism.  Thus we can observe how intimately connected are the 3 worlds of the viriocosmic octave, the micro-macrobiocosmic octave and the socio-technocosmic octave.

Just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the biggest industrial hub of Imperial Japan had once being "tested" with atomic-nuclear 2 bombs (1945) with data-collected for further analysis and development by these fourth level type of hasnamussian beings of the Industrial-military Complexes of the US.

The same goes for dioxin herbicide and Agent Orange, where plantae beings and certainly human three-brained beings in Vietnam were sprayed on a very large scale by those hasnamussian-directed three-brained war beings from the US army during the Vietnam-US war (1961-1971).  The excitement of discovery by the good scientists is soon abnormally hasnamussiated into testing on other sociocosmic stopinders!

Within a short period of about 2 years, the coronavirus has killed a few millions of human lives and wiped out by the hundreds of thousands or more than half of the world's 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders (the small and medium-sized organizations) due to lockdowns and movement control orders.  Next the vaccine weapon  itself becomes real messenger commander for normal cells to transform into 'wolf-head sheep' cells to be destroyed and devoured by the body's own lymphocytes and leuococytes.

The Great Plague caused by Yersinia pestis bacterium transmitted by the bite of human flea or louse resulting in more 100,000 deaths (in London alone) during this harmful pandemics in Europe in 1665 to 1666 and other plagues pandemics such as Black Death in Central Asia (1331) and pneumonic plague in 1750.

Nay more, for the bigger beings, the dinosaurs of the reptilian octave had once roam mother Earth’s surface, turned into aggressive dominance as lau beings feeding frantically on other biological beings. They dominated the Jurassic Period.

During the Holocene epoch which began 10,000 years ago till today, the homo sapiens sapiens or modern man is the dominating species amongst all other species in the Organic Film but recently in 2019 this dominance is challenged by the coronavirus beings quite severely but not to the extent that it will be come real temporary dominance for human population reduction.

So is our current aggressively human-sponsored machine-robot beings of the technocosmic octave now gradually, peacefully and obediently sponsored by ourselves truly by the millions for the future “pandemic” scenario when they have “mutated” their cyberin or subatomic divine particles and acquired their fourth body artificial intelligence and spirituality, that is, their spirituality and independence which in turn might one day become hostile to us – initially using us to control us and finally they directly control us.  Protein intelligence begets the cosmic (subatomic) intelligence will unite in opposition in accordance to the law of Unity of Opposites between man and his spiritual machine.  Both protein intelligence and cosmic intelligence are natural intelligences that reciprocally feed on each other if not reciprocally negating each other.

Instead of eating nutritional impressions we have now eaten and continue to eat harmful wireless technocosmic radiation that will upset our microbiocosmic octave.  These type of radiating impulses attack the cosmic (subatomic) world of the biological beings and are analogous to what the viruses do to the microbiological world.  These micro-protein-cooking wireless impulse-radiating harmful pandemic technocosmic beings called mobile phones, tablets, telcommunicating platforms and stations, computers and other communicators’ pinging harmful carcinogenic EMI impulse constantly are hidden unassuming “friends” if not enemies of man.  We are also experiencing a latent radiation pandemic world wide without being alerted.  Analogously, we need “vaccines” for filtering the harmful “viruses” that might come into our bodies targeting the brains, sperms, ova, in the form the 3rd being-food or impression food.  We need technocosmic filters to remove such impulse-radiation (electromagnetic or ionic radiation) before feeding with the ears or through the skin-in-contact.

Why this study is important is partly due to a possible potential coming genetic misdirection and ill-fatedness arising from man’s own strange psyche of deep-fear, hasnamussian and aggressive tendencies amongst themselves in the pursuit of this knowledge and technologies.  Their continuous manipulation on these virocosmic nano-proteins of the microbiological world is likely to bring about a mega-disaster to mankind on a subtle scale, even more dangerous than the nuclear disasters.  The hasnamussian and hegemonistic influences from the Industrial Military-Complex of the sociotechnocosmic octave are especially intrinsic ultimate development of the harmful aggressive genetic and virus weapons just as they have already done to the nuclear research on the Uranium 235, one of the transition elements of the actinide octave of the 2nd lateral octave of the elements (atoms).  This Industrial-Military Complex is a peculiar sacred human askokin sacrificial cosmic engineered gravity-center system for the fast, large-scale extraction and release of this askokin through ‘death-by-wars’ to the neighboring lunar and planetary celestial bodies.   Such a psychic tendency of man is peculiar to our capitalistic sociocosmic beings whose origin is from the MI-FA Interval, comes into irreconcilable conflicts amongst themselves at the same MI-FA Interval and antagonistically with the socialist beings of the TI-DO Interval of the sociocosmic octave during the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism – whose 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinder beings are now on a decline for its sociocosmic dominance.





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