Volume 145       June 13, 2021


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 5  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Canon of Discovery, The Search for Spiritual Certainty and a Glimpse of the Real World Views,  December 1975 - April 1976, Chapter 6, Section B: "The Political Canon", pp. 230 ~ 244)


Votes fished for free can be skinned for sale in the vote-market!  The point is why did the fisherman go a-fishing?



(Revised on June 13, 2021)


1   Here the reference is only for the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism, and none for the MI-Historical Periods of Feudalism and none for the DO-Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism or of any other historical periods – heralding nothing new yet but still in hope of the coming good for mankind.

In the epoch when revolutionary end is formulated as a necessary historical law, when the end justifies every means to that end, no counter-revolutionary forces can genuinely overthrow the revolutionary forces.  In another epoch when peace, harmony and real freedom and other societal health factors prevail, both the revolutionary and the counter-revolutionary forces cease to be and the forces become smaller quantitative forces of change, and auto-hypnotizing many three-brained beings into a new state of sleep-wake – in wait to be awaken again.


2   Our task is never one of the support of “oppositions” properly so-called, but one of devotion absolutely to improving the health of man and his society; the harmonious development of the sociotechnocosmoses with cooperation and shared prosperity,” said the active political three-brained beings of change.  But now as it is, the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being is an accursed as it is  a piece of organic life at the MI-FA Interval in Our Ray of Creation and subject to Law 48 and also Law 96!

When each Marxian historical classed period is paired with two opposing polar essences, one at its main Mi-Fa interval and the other emerging at its own Ti-Do interval, the 96 Level Laws apply to the Mi-Fa interval as the essence here has comparatively lost its degree of actual freedom and the 48 Level Laws apply to the Ti-Do interval as the emerging revolutionary essence here is seeking to reduce the lack of actual freedom at this Mi-Fa interval itself.  The greater the 'law number' (96) the lesser the actual degree of freedom of the mode of production realities; the smaller the 'law number' (48) the greater the actual degree of freedom of the mode of production realities. So at the DO-historical period of primitive communal mode of production, tougeng (96) vs zhunu (48) in quotation mark; at the RE-historical period of ancient slave mode of production, zhunu (96) vs dikongnong (48) with regular sociocosmic aberration; at the MI-historical period of feudal mode of production, dikongnong (96) vs laujinggong (48) with massive sociocosmic aberration at the SO, LA and TI stopinders; at the FA-historical period of capitalist mode of production, laujinggong (96) vs dongjinggong (48) with massive sociocosmic aberration at the SO, LA and TI stopinders ; at the SO-historical period of socialist mode of production, dongjinggong (48) vs dongrobotjingrobotgong (24) without sociocosmic aberration at the SO, LA, TI stopinders; at the LA-historical period of communist mode of production, dongrobotjingrobotgong (24) vs robotdongjinggong (12) with massive sociotechnocosmic aberration especially man vs his sponsored AI and spiritual robots and machines at the "SO, LA, TI" functional and operational productive stopinders; at the TI-historical period of datong  mode of production, robotdongjinggong vs humanity-at-Large seeking sociotechnocosmic historical balances; at DO-historical period of the next higher octave, none and awaiting possible natural sociotechnocosmic death of the Humanity-at-Large or just extinction naturally or even accidentally!


3   So long as colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, fascism, Nazicism, hegemonism and exploitation exists in our society, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism cannot be made to disappear by whatever means, as they are wills of shared-prosperity from the TI-DO Interval against the non-sharing predatory existing natures in the MI-FA Interval united dialectically and reciprocally changing the essences of one another in history.  New words could be invented in its place but the hidden essence cannot be removed,” said the active political three-brained beings of change.


4   To counter psychological attacks, especially from the colors and sounds, it is quite essential to shift our subjective mentation posture to the posture of knowledge of being (Gurdjieff) or shutting the eyes and ears (yoga).  Just see reality as it is!  And shut away colors and sounds.  Do not vibrate with the input else it might magnify in amplitude and frequency in your body and pressures on your organs resulting in disharmony and harmful stress.  Just keep your mental vibration low ‑ avoid unnecessary association with the outside attacks.  This could improve inner harmony and reduce stress in your body,” said the psychological three-brained beings.

“It was obvious to many of us that Ouspensky has always been a little apprehensive of the attitude of the British public authorities to his secret meetings.  After his experience with the Russian police it was quite natural that he should be a little frightened of the British police.  He felt that there was a possibility that they might suspect that he a Russian, and presumably a Bolshevik, was engaged in Communist activities.”  (Kenneth Walker, The Making of Man, p. 96)


5   Recently (1975), I met a being who invited me into his strange politicocoon which three-centered beings called it the gravity-center mahuastopinder of which its psyche would solve the politicocoon problems.  My membership, he said, would add a strength to them.  The members were told to pay a certain sum of money per year for lubricating the cogs and wheels of that politicocoon, which from my observation would be a business-opportunity-politicocoon.  The three-centered beings there were themselves theoretically shortsighted and could see only small benefits for themselves.  Nothing would happen!  Everything would remain the same because they dared not change the existing state.  For this matter, the funds they gained would be your generous one-way donation.  To join therefore was to destroy!  This was the ambition of some dreamers.  I joined this mahuastopinder and went to sleep almost immediately after that.


6   Political parties are superstructure being-parts not being-wholes and each 'part-y' tends to represent a part's interest but always wearing the cloak of 'as if wholeness' in the nation stopinder it dwells, fights and eats and always obey this law of mutually leading one another astray to achieve what it wants to achieve.  As these are political three-centered sociocosmic beings whose origins are also from the capitalistic MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave and eyeing predatorily to be the Solau and the Lalau beings at the TI-DO Interval improper for their dwelling essence due to the absence of an important peculiar psyche factors in their inner constitution and only proper to the will of a real TI-DO Interval, they like ‘wolves-under-sheepskins’ also vibrate as three-centered nationates beings – similar from the exterior as any other real three-centered nationates proper to this interval. Many people are quite frightened by the word, ‘communism’ but none of them knows how it looks and feels like as it has become the historical bogeyman.  Some who called themselves communists are not communists, some who do not called themselves communists are.  From young we are brain-washed to fear being-God and the unknown, being-Communism, the CIA beings, the FBI beings, and all the dangerous spy beings of all kinds.  People who belong to the unknown are to be feared.  The communists abolish one another, quarreled with one another and make friends with one another.  So are the democratic fighters!  It is good and bad to be “anti-communist”.  When you move towards the north, you must become less hostile to ‘communism’ and when you move towards the west, you must be ‘pro-democracy’ and use the latest cosmetics to survive in disguise. They are all mixed up between the two MI-FA and the TI-DO intervals! They practice either Euro-Superiorism or American Superiorism and Middle-Eastern-Inferiorism or Asian-Inferiorism at the level of the ‘World of Nations (TI)!


7   For those predatory business persons who use the policy of money and capital to control the masses, they (the masses) would regard them as their “enemies”.  We, on the other hand, think that the world can be changed by skillfully ‘guiding’ the propertyless mass into assisting social change and sociocosmic improvements.  Some might advocate war communism for social transformation.  All parties live in fear, and they fear most the ones who would sell out their comrades.  The whole process creates suspifear even amongst friends, relatives and wives.  And they keep close watch on one another.  There are also the very committed and cooperative ones amongst them. There are also groups, which appear cooperative but in reality they are not.  The petty bourgeoisie, the national bourgeois and even the international bourgeois are just such people irrespective of the positions at the fundamental and the lateral sociocosmic octave. Because these beings may get good money from politicking, so they, having learnt the skills, begin performing the sacred gimmicks or Great Nature’s magnetic spin, for every unsuspecting prey, of course, after swallowing some pills from the hasnamussian being of the political parties.  Some of these fanatical political beings from being-Wutong, being-Mahua, being-Indu, being-Mingzuxingdong and a few more such peculiar politic beings truly exhibit ‘madcap’ hypnotic property with socio-mechano duty of the blind leading the blind to nowhere!  These beings are sociocosmic entities for coating ‘administration’ in the upper bodies of the various levels of the state to be the lau beings for their terms of nationate service. I am warning you now because I have met one such ‘madcap,’ only yesterday! I sense and see nothing in their so-called democracy they are talking about.  When I look at the world outside around me, I could only see quite something else.  I look inside I cannot see it too.  The only thing I could see is three-brained beings using democracy for the benefits of themselves or as a means to defeat their unnecessary invented enemies. Capitalism and political democracy is a historical mismatch! The accumulative, exploitative and predatory essence of capitalist mode of production is never essencely democraticable - never a government of the people, by the people and for the people (Abraham Lincoln) at any point in the real history of mankind - as it stopinders and vibrates at the fundamental octave of the state (SO), the nation (LA) and the ‘World-of-Nations’ (TI) levels in the midst of the active lateral sociocosmic vibration at the MI-FA and the TI-DO intervals during the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism (1788AD – 2148 AD). Political democracy as practiced by the western countries (LAs and their Las) are in the state of transition awaiting to be changed because the economic base-mode of production is matured but has not completed its transformation into the socialist mode of production as yet.

As the wise grandson says:

If you want to eat chicken without a churning stomach and a disturbing peace, you must decorate it into the tastiest and nicest food.

So here is democracy – a kundabufferic device for the gnawing to the bone of the prey by the predators!


8   Now, the three-centered beings were puzzled due to the sudden active movement of one being-political party called Mahua and which, strangely enough were actively ‘collecting English-educated members’ by merely filling in being-forms.  Eagles and chickens were then bound together with these papers as if they were friends without quotation mark.  If the eagles’ claws were revealed and the lau beings showed their ‘guns’, the chickens would run away like little timid mice. In other nation-beings, these politic beings with such similar psychic issuings are given other political names, which names must spin in a manner creating a visible attractive aura to its political predatory targets all for the sake of catching votes.  In every country being, we have a few such being-parties and we called them, under objective observation and objective qualifying, ‘……. that which comes from the non-antagonistic class’. This ‘non-antagonistic class’ that arouse your curiosity is universal and repeats the same always within the same historical period so that the historical sociocosmic species did not evolve into another historical species and continue to retain its original form.  It is also called ‘opposition classes’, and its holy existence has long been identified although, it is not totally aware of its historical position or its ultimate destiny.  It is not esoteric nor has it the ability to become one.   Sometimes, such a political being-party can become so powerful that it can become a truly ruling being-party without quotation mark.  It can truly become independent because it has captured both the state machinery and the other higher level-notes of the sociocosmic octave and begin its governance of the people, for the people, and by the people with/without quotation.  Both the existing state power and the peoples’ power are captured in this manner. And our internal left-overs Mahua beings and Indu beings and the external left-outs Mingzuxingdong beings, Iselan beings and the others could only ‘cooperate’ or ‘oppose’ for the rest of their period of existence – all reciprocally eating one another till they become the Solau and Lalau being-party one day but as of now remain as they are and still wondering ‘Why it is is’.  Often they could unite ‘en masse’ as a united front against the dominating ruling power who historically rarely loses in that ill-fated ‘electocratic-casinocratic-votemarketic’ system that has emerged from the forces of production and the relations of production.  All these political struggles are superstructure struggles within the lateral capitalist mode of production at the existing MI-FA interval, not even coming any closer to the lateral socialist mode of production at the TI-DO interval that would transform the nature of production at the next new and upgraded MI-FA Interval of a clockwise spinning sociotechnocosmic enneagram.  However, despite all these political struggles, life would still continue as usual amongst the ordinary people intermixing and communicating daily in other sociocosmic octaves and variables. Their political Solau and Lalau leaders would soon relax their ‘struggles’ and become corrupted awaiting their final fall in the emerging reforms.  So, my dear brave reader, you would somehow sense something fishy in all these political processes all the time, and you would always wonder.


9   Mechanical happenings are varied; we have happenings of the political type typical of these earth roaming political being-parties increasing and  decreasing in numbers over our current historical capitalist mode of production making only quantitative changes to the same model such as improving, maintaining and repairing the same superstructure of capitalistic politicocoons without changing the substructure within the lifespan of this capitalist mode of production.

They politically exploit, use and “gobble” up all resources to their corporates and corporate-dominated nationates in their hungry mission, sometimes believing they are championing humanity-at-large.  They can only do this when they have “free” time for hunting, when they become exploiters and also when there are ready exploitable unemployed free preys loitering around on mother Earth’s surface in search to-become the modern slave.


10   Political revolution has to solve political, economic, social, legal and cultural problems too while political evolution only need to change them petty quantitatively.  However, the methods used would be different for each major problem and for each major change in the mode of production.  The political dystopia always has a bulb of dim light of possible great political enlightenment in front.


11   To be a capitalist whose origin is from the MI-FA Interval, you need to exploit, make maximum profit, own and ensure ownership and control of all kinds of resource to your personal, group or corporate benefits especially economic, to use politics, to fight, to compete, to plan wars and sanctions against another country (at SO, LA and TI levels), full of cunningness, and most importantly to change both GINI Coefficient and Asset Coefficient into ONE (1)* or Perfect Inequality if it can be done, etc.  Nothing will be spared in this madcap predatory capitalistic accumulation; even the intellectual, emotional and psychomotor  properties are a-plundered. Individual IPs are immediately "collected" through the instruments of copyrights and patents by these non-human legalana corporates and nationates of the lateral sociocosmic stopinders for the same accumulation goals.  And your competitors and enemies give more laws to you too …... making 96 Laws unto you.


A socialist proper whose origin is from the TI-DO Interval is supposed to be 48 Laws unto them - sharing prosperity, caring, cooperative and harmonious, and not to be greedily rich,  and most importantly to change both GINI Coefficient and Asset Coefficient* into ZERO (0) or Perfect Equality if it can be done, etc. and only achievable if all the sociocosmic stopinders around him are less and less capitalistic, losing its exploitativeness and aggressiveness ........

To be a socialist proper at the TI-DO Interval is much accursed unfortunately due simply our position in the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism especially still at its low ascending level and can only be "socialist" in quotation mark, that is, those providing social welfare, charities, etc. where receivers are unemployed like beggars without dignity but beautified through cosmeticism peculiar to capitalism  and the "socialist" givers are the good men but still having very strong deeply hidden capitalist psychic impulses, with concealed claws.  The socialist proper is only a subject of 48 Laws without quotation mark and would be truly 48 Laws if the sociocosmic enneagram reaches its TI-DO zenith turning clockwise historically to be the dwellers of the coming new MI-FA Interval where capitalism is no longer the lord of the house there.

The 1st lateral sociocosmic vibration at the TI-DO Interval is 'nationate' or 'collective' by nature and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic vibration at the MI-FA Interval is 'corporate' or 'private' by nature.

If octave and intervals are not studied carefully and understood, our politicking would be lopsided.  If we divide it into 2 worlds - Capitalism and Socialism - we will still make the same mistake of dualistic thinking.

* Asset Coefficient is even more important than GINI Coefficient because Asset Coefficient measures ownership of productive factors such as how many acres of land, houses, high-rise commercial buildings, banks, factories, plants, machineries (vehicles, ships, aero planes, rockets, military hard wares, etc.), equipment, intangible financial instruments (shares, FDs, savings, etc.), intellectual properties, power ownership including termed vote asset and foremost islands and territories you own or use one of those DO, RE, MI, FA, SO and LA sociocosmic stopinders to collect and own them by law.


12   Now as is the case, the psyche hydrogens within the Law 48 and Law 96 at the MI-FA Interval of Our Ray of Creation for Aquarian cosmic reception and transmission within the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, all of which are run essentially by 'capitalist', 'socialist' or 'nationalist' political systems with different personality center-of-gravity focus respectively and some 23 governmental personality types (LA-lau personality beings) much identified, endowed, extoled and practiced by these cloak-wearing politic beings historically. The following sociocosmic personality gravity-centers of political polities, due also to the way 3 sociocosmic being-foods and 3 biocosmic being-foods are digested in the human body to produce such politicocoon psyche hydrogens, namely:


1. Republic 

2. Theocratic

3. Technocratic

4. Anarchic 

5. Oligarchic 

6. Tyrannic

7. Federal 

8. Junta 

9. Democratic

10. Autocratic

11. Nazistic

12. Fascistic

13. Monarchic

14. Plutocratic

15. Totalitarian

16. Kleptocratic

17. Socialistic

18. Nationalistic

19. Dictatorial 

20. Colonialistic

21. Imperialistic

22. Hegemonistic

23. Racist

24. etc.


Capitalism and Socialism are the contradicting sociocosmic base Essences at work during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism while the 23 government type polities of these politicocoons are their changing cloak-wears for sociocosmic superstructure Personalities of political convenience.  The game of finger-pointing if not missile-pointing also becomes a way to continue the sociocosmic eating by the same hungry sociocosmic beings.


13   And the wise grandson says:

Your politics does vibrate from your cells!  It is in your essence for which you have become.  And the word, “people” is only a cheap stuff always for your convenience!  Every big and small things you tickle become big hollow elephants!






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