Volume 144       June 9, 2021


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 3  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The General Laws of Nature, Real Historical Process and Early Christianity - The symbolic Mushroom and the Cross",  November 1994 - September 1995, Chapter 2, Section A, B & E: "Universe: Spherical Soap Bubbles or Shapeless","Appearance Emerging from Essence: Mother Earth Grows Like a Spherical Material Being" and "The Teleology of Nature",  pp. 24~31, 33~36)




1   One might take as a crude example the theory of Parmenides, that the one, which alone is real, is spherical.  Nothing can be spherical unless it has a boundary, and it cannot have a boundary unless there is something (at least empty space) outside of it.  Therefore to suppose the universe as a whole to be spherical is self-contradictory (this argument might be questioned by bringing in non-Euclidean geometry, but as an illustration it will serve) or let us take another illustration, still more crude – far too much to be used by Hegel.

2   All matter is capable of reflecting something else.  An organism can respond to external object, so is man.  He too is capable of reflecting something his outer and inner environment.  Even “dead” bodies can reflect, if not interact, with the environment.  There are no real “dead” bodies, although many appear dead.  Although they appear motionless they oscillate and move in time.  An iron rod on the table under the sun and under its radiation, its electrons are moving as vibration, spin and rotate although they appear static to our eyes.


3   High polymers play a predominant role in all living organic protein matter because, they alone can  manifest to a significant degree such mechanical properties as strength, elasticity, growth, tougher and harder, which are needed in varying degree by the physical form and coherence of living matter.  Moreover, the reactions that take place in protein polymerization appear to be uniquely adapted to the chemistry of vital growth because they are the only reactions that are capable of indefinite structural propagation in space.  Here we are dealing with the polymerization of psyche hydrogens into sensations, perceptions and conceptions.

4   The meaning of “soap-bubbles” universe: In the vastness, the universe is the bubble amongst the bubbles, expanding and possibly bursting, each being a bubble universe itself with empty space inside, empty space outside and the soapy layer and it grows and shrinks too.  The real universe is holistic, the soap bubble layer must include both the space-inside and the space-outside.  The ever expanding or inflating universe, so-called, is only a quantitative effect, part of the dialectical behavior of the great cosmoses.    The general trend of theorizing of the great cosmoses has been characteristics of the idealists and has led to distorted concepts of the universe.  The universe is far more complex for us to understand.  But, undoubtedly, the way it works is based on the general and specific laws of nature not entirely discovered and known to us.  The universe is unlimited in space; it is endless in time and is extremely complex.  To know the universe is to observe; what our sense organs permit us to do it and also with the aid of scientific equipment invented by us to carry out experimentation and verification but to indulge in guess work is a characteristic of inability to comprehend the relationship between the real reflections due to external objects and non-real or mirrored reflections, that is, the reflected.

The universe, therefore, works more than just in a dialectical manner.


5   If you fasten a ball to the end of an elastic string, and then swinging it round and round, you can make the ball describe and orbit very similar to that of the planet, so that your hand is not quite in the center of it.  Now, here the pulling force does not act in the direction in which the ball in going, but always in the direction of your hand, and yet the ball revolves about your hand at a tangent and never actually comes to it.  Newton supposed that the case of the planet was similar to that of the ball; that is, it was always pulled in the direction of the sun, and that this attraction or pulling by the sun produced the revolution of the planet, in the same way that the traction or pulling of the ball by the hand produces the revolution of the ball.  What there is between the sun and the planet that makes each of them pull the other, Newton did not know; nobody knows to this day; and we just call it the centripetal force and as to planets we call it gravitational force.

The known motion of the planet is precisely what would be produced if it were fastened to the sun by an elastic string, having a certain law of elasticity.  Now observe the nature of this discovery, the greatest in its consequences that has ever yet been made in physical science:

I. It begins with a hypothesis, by supposing that there is an analogy between the motion of a planet and the motion of a ball at the end of a string.

II. Science becomes independent of the hypothesis, for we merely use it to investigate the properties of the motion, and do not trouble ourselves further about its cause.





1   Essence must appear. (Hegel).  Appearance (erscheinnung) comes from essence in the course of time.

……the fact is that Hegel was an idealist.  His essence is the thing-in-itself and that it, essence, must appear.  The materialist is the world itself in definite appearance which grows and changes it in the course of history (or time).  The essence is the internal operative “fluid” which flows in continuous and discontinuous manner, and appears in different forms.  Essence is matter and consists of vastly of hydrogens (H) with all its inner sub-atomic particles and their psyche or cosmic properties.  Essence must appear …… heaven must appear in material form; mother Earth must grow; it is this appearance that the materialist will analyze to understand the essence, a process from earth to heaven.  What is this essence?  None other than that which is from our brains?!!  Only in my brain, not our friends’ brains, for that is known from my brain only.  And our friends too say “my brains”.


2   There is heaven inside spherical mother Earth.  The Earth is like a watermelon growing in size to maturity, and then shrinking and writing like a dead corpse.  This growing process takes billions of years.  And she spins too.  Can you measure it?  Half the way on her skin, we are created and we grow too.  We dream of this!

For all solar systems, every planet either expands or contracts and they all spin.  Mother Earth is living because it is growing, changing and moving – it is alive so to say.

If the planets grow they must eat.  What do they eat?  If they eat they have to eat 3 foods.  What do they eat?  Solids and liquids, atmospheres and psyche hydrogens from outside themselves such as from the suns, the other planets and from the galactic faraway “outside” within the Great Universe.

The expansion and contraction of the watermelon Earth leads to surface disturbances such as natural and sociotechnocosmic calamities as expressed in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Again if the planets eat from foods from outside, the inside must do the digestion work to enable them to grow.

If the planet expands and grows rapidly and powerfully, it looks like it is going to move up the Gurdjieffian scale to become a sun.  The Sun is the “planet” that has expanded so fast that it has cross its limit (dialectical node) and remains permanent as a fireball for which it will continue to reduce itself into a black hole.

The planets are like various types of fruits in our Ray of Creations hanging in a cosmic octave whose nourishment comes from the upper region of the ray especially from its center, the sun.


3   A large proportion of the psyche materials or hydrogens of the centers (Gurdjeff and Ouspenskian Centers) are recycled on mother Earth itself.

Mini and micro-black holes and wormholes eat and recycle psyche and matters and emerge as new material beings.  The processes give the appearance of growing, dying and disappearing of all material beings.  The unique ones are the biocosmic, sociocosmic and the technocosmic beings.


4   The law of three is the law of motion of the content, not the form nor the crust which is governed by the law of seven.  When the law of three reaches its zenith, it must produce the characteristic of sevenfoldness, of qualities which is called the law of seven.  The forces that shape them all are the 5 forces of the universe, namely, the strong nuclear forces, the weak nuclear forces, the magnetic forces, the gravitational forces and the psychic forces.

There are 5 main forces in the universe known to us, and they are:

  1. The nuclear force that binds the nuclei elementary particles together throughout the universe
  2. The weak nuclear force that binds all the atoms together in the universe
  3. The magnetic force that binds all the magnetic materials in the universe
  4. The gravitational force that binds all the materials in the universe
  5. The psychic force that binds all the conscious psyche hydrogens in the universe

Together, they constitute the weather of the universe with all the wonders and calamities to every corner of the universe!




Zone E of the Organic Film at the MI-FA Interval:

The teleology of the Universe, Biocosmoses and Technocosmoses exist with design, purpose and aims from the energies of direction at the MI-FA Interval of Our Great Ray of Creation and under the influence of the Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval which changing Wills transform and change the direction, design, essence and appearance of the Organic Films at all the trillions of MI-FA Intervals in the Great Universal Being.  Note that for the trillions of all Rays of Creation and not just our own Ray of Creation, all at the MI-FA Intervals or even of otherwise, the Organic Film will repeat this paleontological cycle of development or this teleology of development in approximately the same manner, at its own MI-FA Interval and elsewhere in other MI-FA Intervals with minor variations and differences.  The Organic Film at this MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation is a mere objective good sample of the trillion others out there in the body of our Great Universe for inference. All the Historical Biocosmic Octaves, the Inner Biocosmic Octaves, the Sociotechnocosmic Octaves, the Technocosmic Octaves and the Marxian Historical Sociocosmic Octaves and the Historical Technocosmic Octaves will repeat themselves in the numerous cycles of development in the Organic Film of all the trillions of MI-FA Intervals - all according to standard laws of development and also new laws of development and its inner sub-laws yet to be discovered will also be an inclusive option.

For a better understanding on this teleology, one can refer to:

1. The Historical Biocosmic Octave and the Inner Biocosmic Octaves  

2. Cosmic Secrets and the Various Paradigms of the Ray of Creation

3. The Historical Sociocosmic Octaves


1   It must not be imagined that man is not an agent responsible for the teleology of nature.  The so-called great cities are man’s “creations”. The teleology of nature is indispensable and is a product of universal internal development of nature, that is, uncountable contradictions within the universe between opposing forms of matter from time immemorial; the universal law is the law of unity of opposites. It is the opposites’ unity that is responsible for matter to move and to change, the reflection is of motions and forms of matter.  The so-called the reflections of nature, is an immediate reflection by the mind which is itself the highest forms of matter.  The immediately of reflection is “static” in character…… but many continuous reflections will lead to the dynamic characteristics of nature.  Nature is therefore dynamic.  The teleological state of nature is therefore dynamic with its own design, aim and purpose from its own genetically-coded gravity-centers and finally from its Absolute-Center. We are now in the Holocene Epoch where the technocosmic octave becomes the active force of this octave teleology.


2   The transformation of matter into a man with consciousness is no more than the transformation of man into other forms of matter.  Thinking is just this ‘element’ that comes into being and ceases to be just like any other forms of matter.  The inversion, the idealistic humbugs are just as normal as the eternal evolving matter.


3   The geometry of material beings and the geometry of its “aura” present to us a beautiful teleology of great nature, indescribable. It almost appears like harmonious and perfect when in natural equilibrium and balance.  But all are transient.

Its teleos is in Nature but some claims that it is in God and claims for many questionable personal and motivated unwarranted inputs!


4   The biocosmic beings - plantae and animalian alike; the technocosmic beings - land, marine and avians-alike tend to strive escape from the gravitational forces and the psychocosmic forces that trap them to the MI-FA Interval of the Great Ray of Creation under the 48 and 96 laws.  The vector (of forces) is always against the direction of gravity and their physical shape tends to gradually evolve from the horizontal to the vertical.  Animalian yang man such as the homo sapiens gradually learn to walk standing vertical shaping against gravitational direction like his yin plantae such as the more developed plants, and biocosmic avians such as insects and birds that strive to fly and glide higher also against this gravity and the finally, the technocosmic avians taking vertical rocket and air craft shapes to fly and glide much higher to the heavens - space, planetary and interstellar protrusions - striving hard to find escape from the captivity at this MI-FA Interval.






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