Volume 143       April 25, 2021


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts",  October 1993 - March 1996, Chapter 5, Section A: "Being-Capitalism", pp. 244 ~262)


The Ultimate Grand Monopoly Capitalism Wealth Ratios lau:Jinggong known as Occupy 1:99




1   I would look at capitalism as based on the argument that capital is not a social product but belongs to a few private owners and socialism, on the other hand, argues that capital is a social product and should not belong to a few private owners.  In capitalism each private owner of a factor of production has not much of a choice but to partner with another or a few of the others to complement one another to enable a successful production of any goods and services - nay more, never smoothly. Strictly speaking, if one is aware of the laws of sociocosmic octave that create the 7 sociocosmic concentrations, one would know why capitalism, which is a phenomenon peculiar to the FA-Octaves which source arising is from the MI-FA Interval, is inevitable during the period of active vibration of these FA-stopinders in the psychic behavior of man, and why socialism which is the phenomenon peculiar to the SO/LA/TI-Octaves which source arising  is at the TI-DO Interval as inevitable to mankind as capitalism.  Productive forces that ascend from the DO-sociocosmic stopinder to the TI-sociocosmic stopinder and descend from the TI-sociocosmic stopinder down to the DO-stopinder would not be smooth all the way along these sociocosmic stopinders especially when they come near to or into the MI-FA Interval or near to or into the TI-DO Interval, at both intervals need an accelerating input due to a decelerating/slowdown impedance at these intervals. Slowdowns and delays that have happened  at the MI-FA Interval are due to the development of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave that causes massive distortions to the social relations of production here.  Slowdowns and delays that have happened again at the TI-DO Interval are due to the development of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave that again causes massive distortions to the social relations of production here.

In the FA-SO-LA-TI historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, the many sociocosmic 'I's present in these 4-bodied sociocosmic stopinder beings are essenced with the alienation and property/ownership accumulation of the geocosmic resource elements especially metals, minerals, soils or land properties, water or rivers, lakes, seas and international ocean "properties", air or space and outerpace "properties", fire or burning industrial, chemical and military fire "properties" and light/'consciousness' or quanta and intellectual "properties" in the form of 'IP's; and all the useful plantae and animalia resources on mother Earth's surface at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation. While this 1st stage property accumulation thunders forward historically, the 2nd stage of alienation and capitalist accumulation emerges with productive business property/ownership accumulation through the 1st lateral sociocosmic octaves owning more business and corporate entities as share properties together which also naturally including the ownership of their 1st carriage-body capital assets from the growing science, engineering and technological labor produces or instruments of production from the technocosmic octave, that is, all the physical coatings belonging to the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinder beings - industrial plants, commercial buildings, machineries, equipment and labor-time owned assets bought from the three-brained "free" employees or modern slaves.  Nay more, while these 1st stage and 2nd stage of capital metamorphosis end, the new stage or the 3rd stage of capitalism's metamorphosis emerges.  this stage is known as finance capital where financial system ownership and control accumulation on money/currencies, public shares, bonds, paper commodities of commodity-products, etc. and the military powers, soft powers, hi-tech powers and financial powers work hand-in-hand to establish world hegemony not of the coming at the TI-sociocosmic stopinder level which is naturally supposed to be but rather of a single LA-nation stopinder and its satellites nation group.  Hence, a grave sociocosmic and much accursed nuclear pointing severe sociocosmic aberration and tensions thereof happened independently of our will for Humanity-at-Large, and now in wait, in hope and in action for a balanced multilateral-based, harmonious and peaceful resolution within the context and at 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinder platform of the United Nations Organizations.  Beyond which Capitalism bursts asunder to Socialism, meaning common sharing the all properties of the means of production for shared prosperity for 'Humanity-at-Large' (fa) of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval.

The opposing essence of capitalism in the form of laujinggong and socialism is the form of dongjinggong are essencely a meeting of irreconcilable opposites of this period of capitalist history although they are walking sociocosmic stopinder beings living on mother Earth's surface within the organic film.

Predatory and aggressive accumulative capitalism  soaked deep in the exploitative sap of capitalism seeks to alienate, legalized, give 'ownership-in-disastrous-imbalances' and inequity especially of the means of production to a few lateral and fundamental sociocosmic stopinders such as to only a few individuals (DOs), a few groups (RE), a few families (MI), a few corporations (FA),  a few states (SO), a few countries (LA) and a few nation blocs (TI) of all products, services and creative mind production of laboring three-centered hethormen human beings; other organic three-centered, two-centered and one-centered animalia and plantae beings; the organic no-centered transition beings of the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation together with useful geocosmic resources especially of the Earth and other cosmic radiations especially from the sun and even of the stars; and finally from their own technocosmic laboratories.  The ultimate state of the Great sociocosmic Being becomes an oligopolistic sick world full of the much accursed ultimate grand monopoly capitalism wealth ratios of 1:99 population receiving 40:60 income respectively or Top 1% population occupying 40% Total Income : Bottom 99% population occupying 60% Total Income at all levels, known as "Occupy 1:99" a potential mega "World War III" in quotation mark of all sociotechnocosmic reciprocal destruction - of which the nuclear military is just one of their insanities.  The removal of all these predatory and accumulative essences of capitalism rooted in the sociocosmic aberration whose origin is in the MI-FA Interval of our sociocosmic octave by the de-predatory, de-accumulative, de-exploitative and de-corruptive essences of an untainted socialism without bourgeoistic quotation mark and whose origin is from the TI-DO Interval of the same Sociocosmic Octave, especially from source 'Humanity-at-Large' (fa)  of its 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism is historical antidote to cure this disease of capitalism.  When these accursed essences of being-capitalism lose their historical struggles,  prosperity sharing socialistic essences begin to crystallize into the body of the Great Sociocosmic Being peace, harmony and wellbeing begin to shine on mother Earth's surface.

Hence, when many capitalistic three-centered corporates from being-America ran away to invest en masse in being-China in the 1980's due mainly to the cheap wages of her gong beings and the so-called friendly protective socialism offered by the communistic three-centered nationates and also hardworking beautiful ladies there as compared to their own unfriendly three-centered nationates in USA, there bred rapidly a large number of 1st lateral sociocosmic corporate beings with a-mixed of laujinggong and dongjinggong behaviors in conducting management processes of production.  As I have mentioned before, this lau has split into 2 parts during its formation, namely, a lau (boss with ownership) original  part and a dong (director without or with ownership) because  of the ownership of private means of production issue amongst laujinggong and dongjinggong.  Because of this phenomenon ownership and sharing of prosperity become interchangeable and even proportion-able amongst these lau, dong,  jing and gong beings.

As to feudalism which depends heavily on the vibration of the MI-Octaves even if it could still stopinder into kingdoms, dynasties and empires, its productive forces have been overshadowed and distorted due to the development of its 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders within the dikongnong context at the MI-FA Interval by feudalism itself and again due to the development of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave within the context of laujinggong at the TI-DO Interval by capitalism.  The opposing essence of feudalism in the form of dikongnong and capitalism is the form of laujinggong are essencely a meeting of irreconcilable opposites for this period of feudal history.

But how does the sociocosmic concentration create itself?  It is simply by an inner trialectic process between the lau component, the jing component and the gong component of each and every sociocosmic concentration.  And how does it move?  We assume that there is a pair of opposing forces yet common unity between lau and gong (Yin and Yang) and balance by a jing force that would seek each time for a new consolidating sociocosmic concentration to preserve the various interests.  And why does laujinggong come about?  We assume that ‘something’ must be there to filled a retardation point at MI and FA based on the laws of octave if we have already accepted the fact that sociocosmic stopindering can be accurately interpreted using the law of octave and the law of three.  This way of interpreting social forces would at least neutralize the immature interpretation of capitalism, socialism and communism and save mankind kind from the dangerous mechanical mass psychosis of trying hard to mercilessly exterminate socialism or capitalism through a destructive nuclear war.  One must always remember the fact that both the so-called capitalist countries and the socialist countries have enough nuclear weapons to exterminate the whole human race.  It is hope that by knowing that we are subjected to these two strange laws even in the realm of our sociocosmic activities that we could avert a terrible disaster in our thinking, feeling and moving balance with a handy destructive nuclear weapon of our own wiseacred technocosmic octave.

CAPITAL, like flowing blood in all the biocosmic beings en messe at the MI-FA Interval on mother Earth's surface, once historically born moves, flows-in, flows-out, invest-in, invest-out, attracts-in and distracts-out by human needs and wants here and there, at will or otherwise, for competition or for wars, or for dreams or for nightmares, for sexual and pleasure prostitute organizations, for enslavement of individuals, groups, families, corporations, states, nations and nation-blocs, for organizing white and black robberies, for concentrating it into the big zarooarian cities in the zarooarian octave beginning as villages (do) from agricultural land and ending at metropolitans (ti) from the  amongst all sociotechnocosmic stopinders in various amounts and varieties (forms) fill in all the fundamental and lateral sociocosmic stopinders in micro, mini and macro amounts from the fundamental DO (and the 1st lateral stopinders at MI-FA Interval) all the way up to the fundamental TI (and the 2nd lateral stopinders at TI-DO Interval) must ultimately become SOCIOPITAL and belongs harmoniously to 'Humanity-at-Large' to be healthily, peacefully and harmoniously shared by all sociotechocosmic beings in the next higher long historical periods of Socialism, Communism and Datongism ...... and in wait for the final death of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  However, CAPITAL becomes SOCIOPITAL only take place for the short periods of the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism (about 1788 AD - 2148AD).  Note that Capitalism is a short historical period amongst all other historical periods full of technocosmic pollution and sociocosmic as well as technocosmic aberrations.


2   The peculiar formatory strategy is a characteristic of the power-possessing being-nations in their hegemonization process to dominate the world and to become TI-lau beings even though they are not the TI-sociocosmic stopinder or as proper ‘World-of-Nations’.  The unjustified justification is an unjust war.  The corporates at the MI-FA Interval eat the resources within their own sovereign SO and LA sociocosmic stopinders as well as later those territorial sovereign TI sociocosmic stopinders of others, instrumenting the nationates to serve them as for greater and greater capitalistic accumulation of wealth and capital.  They march their armies in the armor of colonialism, imperialism, Nazism, Fascism and Hegemonism.  They overpowered all the nationates of the TI-DO Interval to servitude.  The socialistic nationates proper have to fight and restore their proper uncorrupted essence and re-occupy their displacement proper at the TI-DO Interval, and re-strengthen themselves to tame the abnormal wolves at the MI-FA Interval educating them to be socially responsible and being socialistic in nature.


3   We are not at, this moment, anywhere near a truly civilized industrial democracy, not even in the most advanced western countries whereby wealth is still in the hands of a minority class.  Political democracy is not the same as industrial democracy in terms of the sociocosmic stopinders it is serving.  Industrial democracy serves the FA-sociocosmic stopinders while political democracy serves the LA-sociocosmic stopinders.  As there are 7 classes of sociocosmic stopinders so there should be 7 application areas for a complete democracy for the Great Sociocosmos.  Being-USA could only offer a LA based “political democracy”.  There is no FA based industrial democracy.  As to agricultural democracy for its colonized LA-stopinders, nothing is heard of and contemporary beings did not spotted agricultural democracy during the period when agricultural biocosmic beings form the first body of the their sociocosmic FA-stopinders in these foreign LA-Beings.  This is because they could only see, I repeat only see the political and the irritating industrial democracies.  All in all the seven positioning of sociocosmic democracies are:


1. DO-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for the numerous ‘I’ interests in the body of an individual

2. RE-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for the individual interests in the body of a group

3. MI-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for fairness amongst the family members

4. FA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy (industrial democracy, agricultural democracy) for fairness within the members in the laujinggong formation

5. SO-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for fairness within the government organization

6. LA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy (political democracy) for the inner fairness of the politically motivated interest beings or people and not just those unreal half-undemocratic and half-democratic wiseacrings of metered elections.

7. TI-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for some degree of fairness to all the LA-sociocosmic stopinders


Co-determination that has its origin from Being-Germany, is probably a materialized seed of industrial democracy.  A 50-50 system for large industries is still a Yin-Yang conflict reflecting only an attempt to create a civilized industrial democracy. Codetermination not only reflects an absence of economic democracy (FA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy) in the west but it has a positive implication as well, that is, it itself has become the foundation of body of industrial democracy.

Industrial evaluation reveals only economic pyramids that do not exhibit any democratic values.  This holds true in all the so-called and self-proclaimed democratic nations who could only see in their kundabuffer “reality” just a LA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy or just their only political democracy cosmetically.


4   So long as the process of exploitation exists, a 9.9 theory in the Managerial Grid or a Likert’s System 4 would not work well.  Sooner or later when facts show themselves, the ugly head (the abnormal laujinggong unbecomings) resurfaces as a conscious subject matter of the dissatisfied mind.


5   Democratic type management is doubtful in a capitalistic economy because the ownership problem is unsettled, and which is also actually a serious obstacle to a true democracy itself.  Capitalist economy implies a few people owning the property and not just private ownership but ownership of the means of production.  It is useless to play with words, private, state and public because capitalistic democratic values could not find its proper positioning in this peculiar FA-sociocosmic stopinder due basically to the proximity of this stopinder to the MI-FA retardation/upward-acceleration point of the fundamental sociocosmic octave and the continuous opposition from the SO/LA/TI forces of socialistic democratic values from the TI-DO retardation/downward-acceleration point whether in quotation mark or otherwise.


6   The continuous pursuit of wealth by shifting ownership into the hands of a few may be producing centralization through privatization in an elliptical circle.  It is a paradox.  The urge for privatization may be propelled by the famous psyche matter called ‘greed’ or by ‘just-wanting-to-possess-more-and-more’.  We are just mechanically obeying gravity-center vibrations shifting and readjustment of the FA and the SO sociocosmic stopinders although we see some light.  And interpretation without prejudice would enable us to escape this dangerous mass psychosis of thinking that one could outwit the laws of octaves by not having its proper due of 7-colored light spectrum or 7 fundamental musical notes in the sound octave.


7   Changing the content and structure of a SO-sociocosmic stopinder (a state organization) is like upgrading an organization.  There is no fixed ‘democratic state’ where all men must accept but here are a few ‘constructions’ you may love your enemy to fall into your trap because you have again being trapped by the urge to stopinder feed.  The same goes to our attitude toward the LA-sociocosmic stopinder.

Some disastrous ‘logical illusions’ could include believing that:


· Centrally planned economy is the same thing as socialism or communism

· Free market is the same thing as capitalism

· Privatization is moving towards capitalism

· Nationalization is moving towards socialism

· Communism is not an individual based system (that is back to the DO-sociocosmic stopinder)

· Private ownership  =  ownership by every one

· USSR becomes CIS  =  collapse of communism

·Communism has already existed and has now collapsed


8   When unlimited wants are becoming more and more satisfied by economic abundance, the want for resolution disappears.  At this stage contradiction did not disappear but rather takes on different forms that are mild.

FA-Octaves Organization Type Exploitation Characteristics
Do Sole Proprietor One-on-others
Re Partnership Some-on-others
Mi Private Limited Some-on-others
Fa Public Limited Some-on-others
* So Cooperatives Organization-on-public
La Privatized/Government-Linked Corp. Organization-on-private/public
Ti State/National Corp. Organization-on-other-state/nations

* So-Workers' Cooperatives where surplus labor is owned and used by the workers themselves democratically for their own benefits without being stolen by any predatory robber-capitalist hidden in cooperatives and without tainted with opium-like quotation mark is the only unique production sociocosmic stopinders dwelling at the MI-FA Interval of the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism that is the seed of the real future socialism proper full of real democracy, real freedom, real justice, real equality, real liberty .......


9   The properties of all become the ownership of one or a monopoly-oligopoly of a few private corporations which have become wealthier than all the wealth of smaller nations combined - repeating a 'feudal emperor ownership' in a modern capitalist paradigm.  This is the ultimate path of the abnormal development of capitalism that destroys sociocosmic harmony.  That is to say, to move closer to the boundary of the SO-sociocosmic stopinder awaiting a qualitative ‘leap’ - and while on transition-in-wait acquires the sociocosmic diseases of imperialism, colonialism, fascism, Nazism, racism and hegemonism as it venture on LA and TI sociocosmic octave waters on the land of the opposing forces from sociocosmic entities belonging to the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave.  The economic forces of capitalist accumulation resemble the natural law of reciprocal feeding by corporate and nationate beings alike to grow abnormally in size like the extinct dinosaurs of the historical biocosmic octave, resulting in sociocosmic imbalances and sickness to final extinction.  These forces already indicate positive evidence of war in doom.


10   When all unlimited wants can be satisfied almost to ‘free of charge’ or at very low and affordable prices and compulsory work is expected from every healthy individual in society and when both the inner and the outer worlds in each individual have fully developed, we have the Utopian Society.  This period that we lived is only a transition period for a possible utopia transformation of mankind ....... But as an ascending sociocosmic octave to perfection there is certainly a descending octave to destruction or destopia.


11   Man’s need for a better society is a natural quest.  The search for an ideal society that satisfies all individuals is inevitable.  Capitalism is not the ultimate societal item sought for in the market because this society implies the existence of a rich class exploiting a poor class, a have oppressing a have-not.  To some Capitalism is a chance to become rich.  Capitalism is also dislike (in the essence) by that group of people who have captured enough wealth to maintain the place in the upper and upper middle class because its real present would bring many more competitors.


12   Cultural elements of the Feudal-Capitalist period, the Capitalist-Socialist and the Socialist-Capitalist period swings can be quite different depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the active, the passive and the neutralizing forces, growing and decaying in the ascending and descending passage of sociocosmic forces.


13   Motivation in a capitalist society implies satisfaction due to acquiring tremendous amount of private wealth from a winning quest in the arduous accumulation race amongst the DO, RE, MI and FA sociocosmic stopinders.  Motivation for the working gong-beings seems to rest strongly on higher and higher pay; a fact that we often belittle when we are caught by our own wiseacring paradigms.

The acquisition of more and more factor wealth is a strong want of the FA-stopinder psychology.  The addition of each factor wealth is an addition of a reward tied to satisfaction.  For the few successful ones, the motivation and satisfaction is good.

But universalizing this conception as the ultimate norm for all by ‘democratic’ parties ‘exploitative’ states and ‘upper’ classes as a golden key for human happiness as a whole could only lead to dissatisfaction of the many because the expectation could not be met except for a handful of sociocosmic stopinder beings.

However, the path of acquiring factor wealth, the path of acquiring spiritual prosperity and longevity is a utopia that never seems to arrive but remains a life-long quest by all.


14   The most important point to look at in a sociocosmic being that proclaims itself to be a being-democracy as its essential superstructure is by studying the nature of its:


Type 1. Political democracy

Type 2. Industrial democracy (Ownership-Management democracy or O-M democracy)


The numerous gravity-centers or vote market nests are then created nicely so to say for the three-centered citizenry beings of ripe voting age to, like mother hens, freely laying their precious eggs for capitalist collection and trading besides also securing the bourgeois rights of the vote ownership for further capitalistic wealth accumulation when the voted three-centered beings have become the SO-lau or the LA-lau beings for ministerial administration in the type 1 political democracy but only for short periods of about 5 years. The political cycle then repeats with minimum quantitative and qualitative changes till losing its place in the MI-FA platform to three-centered beings from the TI-DO platform, and always within the historical framework of the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism. This capitalistic goals from the MI-FA Interval is not the final goal for humanity-at-large which has its origin from socialism of the TI-DO Interval and because its essence favors a type 2 industrial democracy, and only as such if no three-centered beings from type 1 political democratic essence has coveted underground within the proper forces at the TI-DO Interval.  Humanity-at-large has higher and nobler goals to seek rather than just this belief of a 1 or 2 casino days of gambling and vote trading (frogging) of these political vote assets at the political vote market in hope of using these votes as a means for accumulating more and more remaining economic assets left-overs by the actual oligopolies or modern capitalist emperors and nobles who have already owned most of this economic assets of this peculiar ‘monopoly-capitalist-imperialist-hegemonist-fascist-and-Nazist’ FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism-on-transit-to-Socialism.

Proclaiming political democracy by silencing O-M democracy is a deception, it is a halfway democracy.  The trouble is that not all sociocosmic stopinders can operate as a genuine democratic entity.  It is hard to have a DO-stopinder democracy, a RE-stopinder democracy, and a MI-stopinder democracy.  Of all the FA-stopinders only the co-operative society has a truly real democratic form and is often compromised and manipulated.  Allowing one to vote does not make one rich.  The wealthy remains wealthy, the poor remains poor.  Both wealth and poor play with the game ‘voting’ in a political democracy generally to increase benefits not just for themselves alone but to all their strategic allies.

A participative and collective democracy for ownership-management fairness, which is still at its infantile stage even after some 200 years western democracy, would be the most important subject matter for organizational change.  Man has successfully experimented some of these sample sociocosmic ‘notes’ such as on being-private limited company and being-public limited company, which are popularly wiseacred sociocosmic ‘notes’ delicious to business beings breeding in UK, US and later everywhere in the so-called non-communist countries.  Others include being-cooperatives, being-privatized corporations and public corporations have been wiseacredly discovered during the period of my presence on mother Earth.  Continuous exploration and search along the FA-Octaves of mainstream production at the MI-FA Interval and SO-LA-TI Octaves of regulatory organizations at the TI-DO Interval for more useful and better functioning sociocosmic concentrations have been tried by these beings, and they have only discovered their existence based on octave theory or the laws of three and seven.  These beings continue other experiments on their already formed sociocosmic organizations of the inner FA-octave even to the extent of finding a ‘permanent cure’ for the mysterious configuration of laujinggong present in their sociocosmic concentrations.

They experimented with real industrial democracy as a progressive step towards the development of better organizations.  To this day real industrial democracy is still at its infantile primitive stage.  The democratic antidote for the 7 forms of sociocosmic stopinders is never applied uniformly or integratively.  One often finds that the west only applies democracy, only and only for the SO and LA sociocosmic stopinders.  But the beings of Being-Germany, Being-USSR and Being-China dare to experiment real industrial democracy to and on such sociocosmic stopinders as the production FA-stopinders and all 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval and also to the unbecoming regulatory SO-LA-TI stopinders reverberating as the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval.

A fair distribution of wealth through a proper system along the sociocosmic octaves which does not lead to continuing domination is a possible solution for this strange sociocosmic musical composition of the sociocosmic octaves.  There are still many sociocosmic beings that come into the world for ‘prosperity’ at the expense of other sociocosmic beings in the sociocosmos and are not willing to part whatever ‘gains’ in the Type 2 Democracy.

Western power-possessing beings are allowing only Type 1 Democracy to be practiced in the area of their dictatorship (by vote).  These countries are called Type 1 democratic countries in that they practice political democracy but not Ownership-Management Democracy.  The Type 2 region is a big question mark (?) to cure its own dis-eases.  Such a sociocosmic being would have to diagnose its own Type 2 region and be more and more democratic about it, instead of drumming and wiseacring only with the word or election known as being-democracy to be the alpha and the omega of everything in the name of liberty, freedom, rights and equality while in reality dominates as elite to all sociocosmic beings.

Man examines inflation ultimately to discover the need to control and change it, and yet they must be done under the called name free market.  Making money, becoming rich and competing is the nature of man.  It is as old as the origin of man.  Competition, market economy and profit making are sociocosmic forms, which we chance, called “capitalism”.  Capitalism is a shape, a form.  And like feudalism, socialism, nationalism and communism are emanations from the 7 psychic centers of man and are therefore matterless psyche hydrogens collected and gathered along the sociocosmic field centers forming the lateral sociocosmic octaves.

The situation is equally the same for human behaviors during the great sociocosmic period known as feudalism, except both essence and forms are different. Capitalism is not a human constant claimed by some economist.  It has 1/7 chance of the 7 human historicism for capitalists world-wide to drum it extremely loud.  We have also the individuals, the group, the family, the state, the nation and the world of nations to drum within each human historicism, and each historicism could not last to anywhere about 2,148 years - capitalism along could not last a decan of 700 years.  Capitalism is the emanation psychic thinking when the sociocosmic being is creating its own FA-stopinders as part of its long-term preordained plan from “instructions” flowing from just own psychic hydrogen 3 and 6.  It is a stopover in the adulthood for our sociocosmic beings in the course of reaching the sacred rascooarno (sociocosmic death).  And this emanation is the proper lateral sociocosmic soft coatings indicating the vibrations of all the inner substopinders of the stopinders of our fundamental and lateral sociocosmic octaves.  Feudalism emanations of our fundamental and lateral sociocosmic octaves have outlived its function as most of our MI-stopinders are no longer the active vibration concentration drumming in the fundamental sociocosmic octave.  During the period of my presence on Earth's surface, the feudal mode of production and its superstructure aura become numerous receding and dead branches   still visible and co-existing constitutionally if still alive and as archeological artifacts of the museum if already dead. Feudalism receded to become the docile remnants amongst the powerfully, emerging, stabilizing and replacing capitalist mode of production and its new superstructure aura.  Socialism emanations originated from the SO-stopinder and nationalism originated from the LA-stopinder have been equally active “being-social responsibility drummers” during the same FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism during my presence.


15   Although the reciprocal destruction of feudalism of the fundamental MI octave, capitalism of fundamental FA octave, socialism of the fundamental SO octave and the two nationalism and internationalism of the fundamental LA and TI octaves respectively could not claim any victory over one another, one could still sense an ascending active presence of this 7 psychic centers emanations upward trending.  This is because the great sociocosmic being is still perfecting all its MI, FA, SO, LA and TI stopinders, and has not been able to consolidate and harmonize its inner stopinder-gravity-centers’ vibration, and each leading to just these sorry civil wars, revolutions, counter-revolutions, patriotic wars and world wars.


16   Man’s most powerful weapon to release death forces along the MI-FA Interval of our cosmic octave is the nuclear bombs and all weapons capable of mass destruction including chemical, genetic and virus weapons.  Nuclear activities are equivalent to sun’s activities.  More nuclear activities means more ‘sun materials’ on earth a tendency to transform earth to sun, so to say.  The sociocosmos appears to be in-charged of this changing of the earth to sun or the earth is showing itself through some weak spots in the sociocosmos that crave for more and more nuclear power.

If the sociocosmic activities continue and behave in this manner, we could only conclude an ascending octave for our Ray of Creation.  We do not know when the descending octave would occur.


17   Configuration of the Laujinggong within the Sociocosmic FA-Stopinders is shown below:


Configuration of the Laujinggong within the Sociocosmic FA-Stopinders of the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at MI-FA Interval


(Sole Proprietorship)

Very lau centered laujinggong; non-electional lau



Electional at lau; a divided lau center leads to more friction; employment from jing to gong

r(Private Limited Company)

Formal laujinggongstructure with separation of conflicts;; electional at lau; appointment or employment at jing; employment at gong


(Public Limited Company)

Formal laujinggong with an inner separation of lau into an externalized shareholders and internalized Board of Directors; electional lau; appointment and employment at jing; employment at gong



Democratic based laujinggong with industrial democracy or electional laujinggong; employment at gong; natural presence of economic equality and fairness from within


(Privatized/GL Corporation)

Formal type laujinggong; appointment at lau and jing; employment at jing and lau


(State/National corporation)

Formal type laujinggong; appointment at lau; appointment or employment at jing; employment at gong


18   Would you launch a business unit into the sociocosmos or a satellite into the cosmos?  The business organization resembles a sociocosmic egg that would grow out of itself into one of the FA-sociocosmic beings.

A political organization is also one such sociocosmic being.  These sociocosmic beings are again grouped into a system that we called an industry and the various being-industries are integrated into a total system.  The state is just one such system that regulates all the sociocosmic stopinders in all the industries.


19   Privatization is very attractive to the DO, the FA and the SO beings because the selling of what is easily got from the public is a strategic opportunity to the expansion of stopinder wealth. A windfall of stopinderable public property awaits the hungry and aggressive FA-beings to take their bite.  The method of ‘stealing’ is highly sophisticated and highly white.  Once you get a piece of gold after denying the right of others, you will treasure it and use it to create wealth for yourself, but alas, poverty and dependency still looms due to scarcity.  On the surface and at the initial phase it creates some commotion and healthy competition of public ‘theft’.  But finally it creates non-cooperation, jealously, revenge, murder, and revolution when polarization of people becomes antagonistic.  We thus repeat history again over a piece of cake. Privatization going out of hand causes history to repeat.

Whether there is abundance or not at all levels of production and over-production, the psyche of three-brained beings does not guarantee wants to have limits although abundance of needs is fully qualitatively and quantitatively satisfied for the future history of man!


20   Both capitalism and socialism (and the industrial revolution) are disintegrating activities for the earth’s organic life and its crust.  Their cosmic function is to liberate some ‘substance’ to the sun, the moon and other nearby ‘stars’.  We do not know exactly why we exploit everything on earth merciless.  It appears as if there is a Mysterious Invisible Cosmic Hand directing man’s activities through the sociocosmic instrumentality of capitalism and socialism under such stopinders’ pursuits as profit-maximization, economic growth, win-win, wealth accumulation.  The ultimate cosmic purpose is to help in the cosmic process of releasing some energies to various concentrations above and below the cosmic octave.  There are too much life forces trapped in the organic film which have to be released and dispatched to the moon.

We utilize economic and management theories as an arrangement to help in the rapid release of these locked up energies.  These theories are cosmic buffers to lessen the shocks on labor extraction when management hastens the rapid release of energies.  Neither management nor labor knows how to prevent this comic release-plan in accordance with the octave principles.  When management and labor collaborate, ‘nature’ is forced to liberate the askokin (a type of being psyche hydrogen needed by certain cosmic concentrations for evolving their own living beings).  When management and labor clash resulting in police and military intervention further release of askokin from humans takes place in what we call wars be it business or otherwise, according to the Principle of Reciprocal Destruction.  The buttons of detonation of a political-military complex is also the cosmic button of the consequence of the operation of reciprocal destruction for a rapid release of askokin to the moon from any of the hot spots of mother Earth.  Bilateral agreements of the nation-states embolden the nation groups and the cosmic factors easily tricks them into regional wars.


21   Privatization is an expression of the active operation of the sociocosmic feeding process by the lower stopinders (that of FA-beings) on what is present in the body of the SO-being or distribution of the feed to the member of the SO-stopinder as they move to become beings in the FA-sociocosmic octave.  Like any other delicacies, dressings are essential for the food to look and taste good.  So wiseacring theories, excuses and propaganda are mandatorily vital (when a being or class of beings saw its chance) to lubricate the process of sociocosmic feeding.  However, the aids to the Fa-sociocosmic stopinder need not be morally unethical.  You need to breed aggressive FA-sociocosmic beings to assist in the ‘sure’ win battle with all other FA-sociocosmic beings in the world.

The much accursed world today is due chiefly to 'corporatization' or making into private ownership or private profiting business control or private production of everything possible predatorily stolen from the resource components present in the SO, LA and even TI sociocosmic stopinders - the most valuable resource is the extremely cheap labor from the criminals contracted from the states to be fully exploited at the primitive and slavery level by law, nay more and as far as possible no death sentence should be imposed otherwise, this cheap labor could not be enjoyed for predatory private profit.  The industrial-prison complex might turn out to be a very big lucrative profitable corporate business.

Beings who fail to acquire a portion of the commonwealth soon find themselves and their generation moving down the sociocosmic wealth scale rather bitterly.  The power-possessing beings soon find themselves ascending the sociocosmic hierarchy bringing along the package of ego, happiness, vanity and arrogance in their psychological bag.

How do these power-possessing stopinder nations such as Being-USA and Being-USSR conduct their accursed process of "reciprocal" destruction of the enemies?

Unilateral /Self-Justification

A Nation
1. Use the most destructive weapon as threats
2. Attack wherever and whenever the time is ripe
3. Use defense as a means and excuse to build up military might
4. Work towards enemies' self-disintegration

An Enemy Nation 
A Thousand-Tongues
Sing songs; play guitar as if everything is fine; bribe the mass media; diplomacy; manipulate information, manipulate social media, etc.







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