Volume 143       April 25, 2021


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts," October 1993 - March 1996, Chapter 5, Section A: "Being-Capitalism," pp. 348 ~ 419)


The Ultimate Grand Global Monopoly Capitalism Wealth Ratios Lau:Jinggong known as 'Occupy Wall Street Movement 1:99'



      (Revised on April 25, 2021)

The base or ground for which all kinds of being-arisings of Capitalism or the phenoumena of the 1:99 terror-of-the-planetary-and-lunar-askokin-extraction situation in man's social relationships  of production, distribution and consumption are rested within the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism


1   Often one might look at capitalism as based on the argument that capital is not a social product but belongs to a few private owners and socialism, on the other hand, argues that capital is a social product and should not belong to a few private owners.  In capitalism each private owner of a factor of production has not much of a choice but to partner with another or a few of the others to complement one another to enable a successful production-distribution-consumption of any goods and services - nay more, never smoothly. Strictly speaking, if one is aware of the laws of sociocosmic octave that create the 7 sociocosmic concentrations, one would know why capitalism, which is a phenomenon peculiar to the FA-octaves which source arising is from the MI-FA Interval, is inevitable during the period of active vibration of these FA-stopinders in the psychic behavior of man, and why socialism which is the phenomenon peculiar to the SO/LA/TI-Octaves which source arising  is at the TI-DO Interval as inevitable to mankind as capitalism.  Productive forces that ascend from the DO-sociocosmic stopinder to the TI-sociocosmic stopinder and descend from the TI-sociocosmic stopinder down to the DO-stopinder would not be smooth all the way along these sociocosmic stopinders especially when they come near to or into the MI-FA Interval or near to or into the TI-DO Interval, at both intervals need an accelerating input due to a decelerating/slowdown impedance at these intervals. Slowdowns and delays that have happened  at the MI-FA Interval are due to the development of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave that causes massive distortions to the social relations of production here.  Slowdowns and delays that have happened again at the TI-DO Interval are due to the development of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave that again causes massive distortions to the social relations of production here.

While dualistic formalogical reasoning of the lower level minds can only work with the zero-sum limited ideas of private/capitalism and public/socialism, multidimensional tri-octave logical reasoning of the higher minds have the freedom to work with the unlimited ideas from the 7 fundamental sociocosmic stopinders, the seven 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval and the seven 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the TI-DO Intervals which is only the one out of a historical sociocosmic species for which there are seven in all, and developing within a period of more then 15,000 years from birth to death/or astrologically-influenced renewals over a period of a few astrological periods, namely, the Age of Taurus, the Age of Aries, the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius ( approximately from 10,000 BC - 4308 AD).  This FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, we are referring here is only about 234 years old (assuming it has emerged in around 1788 AD till today 2022).  It is still vibrating today.  However, it is losing sociocosmic domination globally.

Capital/value, he is a being-psyche essence of a social relations of Production (P), Distribution (D) and Consumption (C) and like a ghost inside the inner world of the three-centered hethormen human beings of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, he is hungry for physical materialization as he cannot survive but to always coat himself with the material outcomes from the active social relations of production, distribution and consumption.  These material coatings include capitalized lands and territories (even planetary & lunar colonies unspared), manufacturing plants and machines, logistics, warehouses, retailing malls and shops, goods and services that are converted into commodities, scientific research and technological IPs, legal agreements, treaties and financial instruments such as monies (M1, M2, M3 and M4) or currencies, cash, stocks, IOUs, bonds, MTNs, various small physical paper and digital-electronic devices, and etcetera) from the least mobile through more mobile and to the most mobile through a multiautomartketing feeding exchange that enable ownership moving swiftly into the hands of the private few, that is, into the hands of the minority capitalist owners.

A class of being-capitalists is a class of sociocosmic three-brained hethormen human beings of the 4th stage of development of the seven historical sociocosmic species known as the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, an inevitable historical passer-by of high techno-noo density stage of Organic Life's development at all MI-FA Intervals in all the Rays of Creation endlessness, that is everywhere in the Universe with sociocosmic Organic Life at a certain higher stage of development, especially at its ti-stopinder in the form of a three-brained hethormen human being specimen in its mammalian octave.  Its special unique essences are that it is always under the influence of the triadic lau/dong-jinggong mode-of-production to always seeking to be the above of the lau and/or the dong beings hidden, semi-visible and visible within the FA-production-distribution-consumption organization; always during its horizontal encounters with other three-centered corporates, nationates, states, nations and nation-blocs of the same level must realize, according to this same triad law, to also be the lau/dong hegemon nation over the smaller gong slave nations with the jing in-between nations of lower powers and wealth; has a very high physical property plundering and possessing affinities for produces of labor and for anything of good/value from nature's work land, territories, rivers, lakes, seas and even oceans, atmospheres and spaces high above in the geocosmic octaves converting them into measurable quantities seeking always to alienate, expropriating and privately re-appropriating them with legal-anaic locks and procedures - individual agreements, corporate agreements, nationate treaties, other forms of legal documents, and etcetera to solely to private ownership of a few amongst the many; always ascending (descending later) from the immobile physical properties private ownership to slow mobility commodity properties private ownership and finally to the high mobility intangible/finance/capital private ownership such as stocks, bonds, accounts, deposits, loans, credits, monies, currencies and etcetera from physical paper to digital electronics; has a very high scientific  and technological push for exploitative production and accumulation; has a very high soft-power deception, lying and tricky spell for camouflage; has a very high destructive and irresponsible behavior to the geo-environment polluting and damaging it; has a very high affinity to nationate power-possession in the military to seek for a nationate ownership on a laundering-transit to this private corporate ownership and preserving the status quo; and finally attracting permanently for itself an antagonistic contradiction to common sharing of wealth necessary to all social three-brained hethormen human beings living within the body of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being itself.

During the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, the many sociocosmic 'I's present in these 4-bodied sociocosmic stopinder beings are essenced with the alienation and property/ownership accumulation of the fundamental geocosmic resource elements especially metals, minerals, soils or land properties, water or rivers, lakes, seas and international ocean "properties", air or space and outer-space "properties", fire or burning industrial, chemical and military fire "properties" from fossils and light/'consciousness' or quanta and intellectual "properties" in the form of 'IP's imprinted on paper or on data and image-screen; and all the useful geocosmic lateral plantae and animalia resources on mother Earth's surface at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation. While this 1st stage property accumulation thunders forward historically, the 2nd stage of alienation and capitalist accumulation emerges with productive business property/ownership accumulation through the 1st lateral sociocosmic octaves owning more business and corporate entities as share properties together which also naturally include the ownership of their 1st carriage-body capital assets from the growing science, engineering and technological labor produces or instruments of production from the technocosmic octave, that is, all the physical coatings belonging to the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinder beings - industrial plants, commercial buildings, machineries, equipment and labor-time owned assets bought from the three-brained "free" employees or modern slaves.  Nay more, while these 1st stage and 2nd stage of capital metamorphosis end, the new stage or the 3rd stage of capitalism's metamorphosis emerges.  This stage is known as finance capital where financial system ownership and control accumulation on money/currencies, public shares, bonds, paper commodities of commodity-products, etc. and the military powers, soft powers, hi-tech powers and financial powers work hand-in-hand to establish world hegemony not of the coming at the TI-sociocosmic stopinder level which is naturally supposed to be but rather of a single LA-nation stopinder and its satellites nation group.  Hence, a grave sociocosmic and much accursed nuclear-pointing severe sociocosmic aberration and tensions thereof happened independently of our will for Humanity-at-Large, and now in wait, in hope and in action for a balanced multilateral-based, harmonious and peaceful resolution within the context and at 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinder platform of the United Nations Organizations.  Beyond which capitalism bursts asunder to socialism, meaning private-alienation of capital/value transforms into de-alienated sociopital/value with common sharing of all the properties of the means of production for shared prosperity for 'Humanity-at-Large', and the new sociocosmic enneagram of the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism will then begin.

As to appropriation and expropriation, capitalistic-essenced three-centered laujinggong corporates are inborn micro appropriators and expropriators of private ownerships of the means of production-distribution-consumption at the MI-FA Interval and capitalistic-essenced three-centered laujinggong nationates are inborn macro appropriators and expropriators of capitalist sovereignties of the means of capital rulership at the TI-DO Interval both wil laujinggong vs gongjinglau revolutionary aberration; whereas feudalistic-essenced three-centered dikongnong feudates were the inborn micro appropriators and expropriators of feudal ownership of the means of production-distribution-consumption at its MI-FA Interval and feudalistic-essenced three-centered dikongnong dynastates were the inborn macro appropriators and expropriators of feudal sovereignties of the means feudal ownership at its TI-DO Interval both with dikongnong vs nongkongdi revolutionary aberration; so the socialistic-essenced three-centered gongjingdong collectivites will also be the inborn micro appropriators and expropriators, and balancers of social-common ownership over private capitalist ownership of the means of production-distribution-consumption of the MI-FA Interval and socialistic-essenced three-centered gongjingdong SNUN regulators will also be the inborn macro appropriators and expropriators of the socialist sovereignties of the means of social-common ownership at the TI-DO Interval regularly falling into the capitalistic-sovereignty historical spree often through color revolutions, the neoliberal political and pseudo-neosocialism pursuits of similar nature – all with potential gongjingdong vs dongjinggong wolfhead-sheep vs wolves-in-sheepskin aberration.

As to project funding from being-capitalism and being-socialism they are essencely different, the former is a bad boy predatory capital/value whereas the latter is a good boy non-predatory sociopital/value although both appear superficially the same like the big bumble black bees - one male type with hairy black hairs on its feet with a powerful deadly sting behind and certainly very dangerous to catch and another a female type with hairy white hairs on its feet without any powerful deadly sting behind and certainly very safe for catching with the palm.  Both of them look very similar and you have to see their legs carefully, otherwise you will risk the severe pain from the deadly sting behind.  So like project fund of capital/value or sociopital/value, you too have to very carefully observe their hairy feet (for fine and deep links in the terms and conditions of fund usage) to ascertain if it is has a deadly hidden sting (with a debt trap) or none (without any debt trap).  So the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project fund from socialist China with its sociopital/value essence and that from capitalist countries with its capital/value essence might be observed through this lens.

As to corporate share ownership of the private and public companies of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave, the capitalistic-essenced driven psyche hydrogens present in these hethormen human beings could only move all the share ownership to a few cronies, families and individuals to the 99% ownership level. The wealth of the geocosmic octaves and even of the cosmic octaves were extracted and owned by the Great Sociocosmic Being then began descending and ascending alternatively and repeatedly its ownership factors en masse along all the branches sociocosmic being.  Nation-ization of the TI-DO Interval turned privatization of the MI-FA Interval which is a two-step descending sociocosmic octave is the process of moving this wealth extracted and/or plundered from other nation-stopinders and/or great nature to a few branches ( to the 10% and to the final 1%) at the deprivation and expense of the other 7.674 billion individuals (current maximum of 'DO's) in the body of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.

Historically, these descending-ascending or decelerating-accelerating  or retarding-releasing ownership by appropriation and expropriation, buying and selling, confiscation and outright plundering process created the zhuguannu class strata of the RE-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Ancient Slavism.  After numerous qualitative social revolutions and subsequently, the same process created the dikongnong class strata of the MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism and the lau(dong)jinggong class strata of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism; then the coming and emerging gongjingdong classless strata of the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism, the future dongRjingRgong (or dongrobotjingrobotgong) classless strata of the LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism and the final bipole Biodong versus Spiritual-AIrobotdong (or SRdong) at the Omega Point of the historical biocosmic octave of the ultimate TI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Datongism.

As to social responsibility of capitalism based on the principle of balance, it arises not from the essence of capitalism per se but rather from the infantile essence Will of Socialism present in the nationate beings at the TI-DO Interval and descending to the corporate beings at the MI-FA Interval and ascending, and then descending again; which also vibrating deep in the human souls at the same time.  This infantile socialistic will is expressed in the form of producing, distributing and consuming of charities, humanitarian aids, lottery proceeds, pittance, subsidies, free services, welfares, and etcetera by the 1st and 2nd lateral organizations - a beggar socialism without human dignity under the cane of predatory shepherd capitalism through sheep pittance charities, all in accordance with the fundamental law of reciprocal feeding.  The havatvernonian shepherd of the one-God religion is duty bound to look after his sheep for food during the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism, so the idiosyncratic philanthropist of the one-Dollar God philosophy is also duty-bound to take care of his unemployed or reserve workers for cheaper and more obedient willing labor-extracts during the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism!

As to inflation and work remuneration , it is man-made on occasion especially when the peculiar fear and an accompanying itch of not losing money and profit, these FA-lau beings would get together with the SO-lau and/or the LA-lau beings always without any participating FA-Gong beings would meet and set a higher price to the goods and services in the country, not for the benefit of any gong beings or citizens in the country but only for themselves.  Various reasons are then invented and partialities for flaw logics beautified or pseudo-sharing of common weal and woe with the gong beings-at-large amplified to cover up the price hijack.  These same lau beings also set salaries and wages on the quiet to the means of subsidy level or even lower to reduce the cost of production, distribution and consumption, and to maximize profit.

As to capitalism's crises, they happened endlessly about every seven years since its birth somewhere in 1788 AD in England and spread to every corner of the globe till today.  During these capitalist system crises, like wolf-in-sheepskin or chameleon, predatory capital/value selfish individuation of each nation temporarily disguises itself as collective, selfless sociopital/value for the their own survival in face of being overthrown by a revolution.  After some 300 years of its sociocosmic existence and presence for mankind, it is now on decline as a historical sociocosmic species.

As to the marketing being and directions during this polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, there emerged according to the always mentioned same law of three, a being-market capitalism of MI-FA Interval origin for production and consumption fetishism peculiarly veering towards serving essentially the wealthy and the rich who have the high income to buy and satisfy all their deviating dreams and abnormal fantasies in opposition to a being-market socialism of TI-DO Interval origin of the same different-looking production-consumption fetishism also peculiarly veering, this time to serving the general public, the society-at-large or just towards serving the low-income poor Humanity-at-Large consumers with much cheaper and even free goods and services, and of money’s worth qualities - its success is due to the availability of big data and high-speed online internet.  In between is the two horned-marketing benevolent devils for which a third neutralizing marketing main-roader synthesis is needed to soften the terror of the two marketing opposites leading to mandatory systemic historical explosion and the ultimate transformation of the political-economic plus system from capitalism to socialism.

As to the stakeholder beings peculiar to the essence of capitalism there emerged two types stakeholder beings each with different being-interests that will influence the strategic vision, mission, goal,  objectives and actions of every lau/dong-jinggong production or any busy-ness stopinder, namely:

1.  The internal stakeholder beings known as the shareholders or the investors who is often a lau and sometimes a dong being for which the jing beings of CEOs, general managers, department managers and the supervisors are also the jing employees and the workers or the operators are the lowest level gong employee beings.  The game is about exploitation interest of maximizing gains to shareholders and minimizing losses in terms of dollar to the employees.  It is about the endless struggle between maximizing the profits/surpluses for the shareholders and the minimizing salary/wages loss to ‘zero’ of the employees within a productive stopinder.

2. The external stakeholder beings whose interests are closely connected to this productive stopinder, namely, the customers whose interest is for cheaper and higher quality products and services; the contractors and suppliers whose interests are for more contracts/supply hires and more profits; the local and internal community of other sociocosmic stopinders including the competitive/ non-competitive FA-stopinders who have social responsibility interests derived from the Will of socialism at the TI-DO Interval of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism and Socialism.

The Falaujing-corporates and the accomplices Solaujing-, the Lalaujing- and the Tilaujing-nationates in their global search for "customers" in the global market for "selling" their products and services (especially now of the highly mobile financial services and military destruction of competitors' production, distribution and consumption facilities after the previously control/ownership let-goes of totally immobile geocosmic land, territory, resource, strategic location properties, and partially mobile commodities, labor, and resource supplies) to the level of monopoly and hegemony, and in this same global search for securing natural resource supplies to feed their productive organizations for more production of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism must naturally come into numerous merciless conflicts, nuclear-pointing, bioweapon secret releases, surgical lau and jing murders, AI drone strikes and hybrid wars with their FA, SO, LA and TI competing counterparts as ascending forces of reciprocal feeding move upwards from gravity-center FA through gravity-center SO through gravity-center LA and finally to gravity-center TI to the ultimate geographical limit of the spatial-volume size of the Earth's surface and must also fly outwards into space and outer space for planetary and lunar resources to keep just these same three-center corporates surviving in this uncontrolled cancer-sociodynamics of capital/value in capitalism, which badly needs the brake of socialism and transformation of this abnormally behaving capital/value into a normal behaving sociopital/value and a redirection of their services to 'Humanity-at-Large' instead of serving the few themselves and their unbecoming whimsies and abnormal fantasies, to accomplish only by the Sodongjing-, the Ladongjing- and the Tidongjing-"nationates"  that have totally and incorrectly absorbed and digested the essence milk of the Will  of Socialism that has bubbled up from the spring of their own TI-DO Interval, and has become very toxic and deadly race-hating being-fascism/Nazism or being-"National Socialism" deep-essence-militarism against and forbid any gong-workers union to exist in its LA-sociocosmic body, truly oligopolistic/monopolistic LAlau owned  nation-stopinder.  It has always deluded and even repeatedly deluding the most intelligent wisdom of mankind regarding this peculiar dongjinggong triadic sociocosmic short absorber during this  final stage of development of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, where bad boy capital/value in the form of private property has fully transformed into its ultimate form of private finance property and become truly evil for which it can only die in a very difficult full of opposition manner and always ending with terrible internal and/or external wars and numerous spiraling mega-sociocosmic doubled-directional revolutions - proletarian revolution, color revolution, bourgeois revolution, coup de tat, regime change, etcetera and endlessness.  However, there is always a silver lining in the dark cloud or fascism/Nazism as it dies, that is, provided that nuclear weapons are not used, it will come out of this cocoon into and as a reincarnated gongjingdong socialistic essenced being  with a heart full of sociopital/value with great global presence of the new and proper SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism or being-socialism without quotation mark, that is, perhaps after year 2148 AD according the astrological calibration.

The opposing essence of capitalism in the form of laujinggong and socialism in the form of democratic gongjingdong with a double-headed middle shock absorber in the form of "neither-democratic-nor-undemocratic" dongjinggong are essencely a meeting of irreconcilable opposites all along the fundamental and the lateral sociocosmic octaves of this period of capitalist-socialist history.  The countless battles of opposites  from these immobilias and mobilias sociocosmic beings living on mother Earth's surface within the organic film would continue at corporate versus collective organization levels and nationate versus SNUN (State-Nation-United Nation) or SO-LA-TI regulative levels till the ascending process of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism completes its transformation into the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism globally and stabilizing its global-presence-at-large on mother Earth's surface alongside some rebellious weak occasional resistances from the remnant historical sociocosmic species of  predatory Capitalism especially when the historical sociocosmic species of non-predatory Socialism falls sick and temporarily descended/fell due to natural disasters that disrupted abundance of resources for production and product abundance for balanced distribution to consumers, and also due to occasional cosmic psychic noo-aberration of the thinking-feeling-instinctive-moving-sex centrums of the human brains caused by the need to release askokin and its extraction as food by our moon and planetary neighbors in accordance to the law of reciprocal cosmic feeding.

Predatory and aggressive accumulative capitalism  soaked deep in the exploitative sap of capitalism seeks to alienate, legalize, give 'ownership-in-disastrous-imbalances', to accumulate assets and profits while transferring costs and liabilities to other private and public sociocosmic stopinders and creating inequity especially of the means of production to a few lateral and fundamental sociocosmic stopinders such as to only a few individuals (DOs), a few groups (RE), a few families (MI), a few corporations (FA),  a few states (SO), a few countries (LA) and a few nation blocs (TI) of all products, services and creative mind production of laboring three-centered hethormen human beings; other organic three-centered, two-centered and one-centered animalia and plantae beings; the organic no-centered transition beings of the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation together with useful geocosmic resources especially of the Earth and other cosmic radiations especially from the sun and even of the stars; and finally from their own technocosmic laboratories.  The ultimate state of the Great Sociocosmic Being becomes an oligopolistic sick world full of the much accursed ultimate grand global monopoly capitalism wealth ratios of 1:99 population receiving 40:60 income respectively or Top 1% population occupying 40% of the total income : Bottom 99% population occupying 60% of the total income at all levels, known as "Occupy Wall Street Movement 1:99" that started in September 2011 in Liberty Square in the United States of America or more simply the 10% richest individuals' severe GINI syndrome - a potential outcome of mega capitalist accumulation on a global scale surrounded by the insane ghost of nuclear war.  The removal of all these predatory and accumulative essences of capitalism rooted in the sociocosmic aberration whose origin is in the MI-FA Interval of our sociocosmic octave by the de-predatory, de-accumulative, de-exploitative and de-corruptive essences of an untainted socialism without bourgeoistic quotation mark and whose origin is from the TI-DO Interval of the same sociocosmic octave, especially from source 'Humanity-at-Large' (fa)  of its 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism is the historical mandatory antidote to cure this deadly disease of grand global private monopoly of production, monodistny of distribution and monopsony of consumption (oligopoly, ologodistny and oligopsony) capitalism.  Their transformation into state-owned or public ownership entities of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders (Ti) at the MI-FA Interval of our fundamental sociocosmic octave is necessary in order to reduce the perpetual terror of reciprocal struggles and destruction aberrating along the vertical inner laujinggong classes, the horizontal coercive competition/ elimination and hegemonic private preservation amongst organizations, states and nations, and the constant disharmonies in the global production-distribution-consumption network in most cases leading to wars.

But maleficently and unfortunately for Humanity-at-Large, there is a mandatory indispensable mega-global military industrial complex full of nuclear, chemical and bioweapons solely created to protect this mad ill-gotten global wealth "legalized" plunder and subsequent inheritance lineage in the hands of the few global monopoly corporate capitalists breeding at the MI-FA Interval stubbornly unwilling to give or share to Humanity-at-Large except for continuous aggressive military expansion for corporate profits, stagnant and very hot at boiling point in the last historical sociocosmic enneagram of the global fundamental FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism (heading towards monopoly in production/monodistny in distribution/monosopny in consumption) (1788 AD - 2148 AD) where the spell of global finance capital matures and now existing in-wait for its final global expropriation or global sporadic spiral enneagramic bursting asunder for which capital/value must change into sociopital/value and stabilized in the next upper historical sociocosmic enneagram of the fundamental SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism (heading towards sharing-common and common human destiny) (2148 AD - 2864 AD). When these accursed essences of being-capitalism lose their historical struggles,  prosperity sharing socialistic essences begin to crystallize into the body of the Great Sociocosmic Being where peace, harmony and wellbeing begin to shine on mother Earth's surface under the active dominating law of reciprocal nourishment and a passive dominated law of reciprocal destruction for which neutral harmonious growth of the sociocosmic living enneagrams would take place ....... in wait of possible reversal of domination.

Concerning this predatory capitalistic mega-industrial military complex, the most dangerous tyrannosaurus to 'Humanity-at-Large' on planet Earth in the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, already fully perfected after World War II, for which it needs to survive as a mega-industrial military complex being could only do so by murdering presidents and military leaders of smaller nations, destroying vital productive and supply lines of invented enemies from individuals up to nations, provoking wars endlessly, dividing and ruling nations, spying on friends and enemies instilling fears into them so as to sell more and more high-price weapons, building more and more weapons, innovating and upgrading them, increasing markets and marketing shares, ensuring war exist always here and there on mother Earth, triggering wars if there is peace, searching always for enemies to finger-point and start an ideological, political and legal disparity, finding ways to destroy the army assets of enemies and ensuring that they purchase their military assets, etcetera. This situation is so bad that the mega-industrial military complex became the biggest capitalist business amongst all the other corporate beings - ridding off goods and services for itself in favor of weapons production and just ensure dollar dominance and hegemony merely by using its war machines and conducting wars to ensure mega-plunder that is reaping the profit and digital finance accumulation.  Alas! These predatory military corporates, full of omnipresent humanity's misfortunes and terror-of-the-situation endlessness due to its capitalist essence of profit and wealth seeking is a real sorrow of all the hethormen human beings on mother Earth's surface and a real blessing to our cunning moon and Mars for the large amount of quality sacred askokin released by the dead-actions of this mega-industrial military complex of being-Capitalism would offer as gift to the MI-FA Interval that would be forming on the surface of Mars.  The transition of being-Capitalism to being-Socialism at this nodal point is truly an indispensable painful delivery for Humanity-at-Large both vertically and horizontally along the sociocosmic octaves.

Capitalists are expropriators of ownership of land, labor, capital/finance/funds, instruments of production, managementship and the corporates necessary for production; they are negators according to the general dialectic law of negation. As they negate, they accumulate that which they are negating ascending in the fundamental sociocosmic octave as well as in the lateral sociocosmic octaves  firstly at the MI-FA Interval and secondly at the TI-DO Interval decreasing incomes and wealth on the one side and increasing the same on the other side in the rapid process of productive expansion of goods and services from every sociocosmic stopinders both fundamental and laterals irrespective of whether they are productive (at DO, RE and MI and especially FA) or regulative (at SO, LA and TI).

As the first negation and one-sided accumulation process occur, new happenings arises in the body of this being-capitalism or FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism for which more and more economic measurables or indicators are invented by economic doctors of the time so as to know, understand and address this potential ‘terror-of-the-situation’ diseases which might become very alarming to the health, wellbeing and existence of being-capitalism as a whole.   Such measurables on the various fundamental and lateral stopinders are regularly taken from this being-capitalism’s body by the economic statisticians for philosophical musing, professional wiseacring and covetous actions, namely, the GDPs, the GNPs of the 195 LA-nation stopinders, the per capital, the GINI Coefficients amongst various population sectors or geo-regions, the personate/corporate/nationate debts, inflation/deflation rates, stagnation, bank interest rates, retirement funds, rents, duties & taxes, unemployment percentages, consumer price indices (CPI), producer price indices (PPI), stock and commodity prices, the FOREX, insurances, corporate/nationate or government guarantees – all such peculiar qualitative and quantitative parameters and various forms of presentation pictures, charts, graphs and movies indicating the psychopathologies of the alienation of capital/value versus that of alienation of labor, the complicated gong extraction and the reciprocal feeding amounts going within the laujinggong sociocosmic triadic shock absorber at both the MI-FA and the TI-DO Intervals of the fundamental sociocosmic octave and the sociocosmic octave stopinders.  Dozens more of such measurables and indicators are born and creatively discovered by some of these conscious three-brained beings in the growing body of this Great Sociocosmic Being as it reaches this passerby stage bearing today and now the name 'Capitalism' and the historical period known as the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism, also named the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism for which capital/value increases, ascends and parks from DO to RE to MI to FA to SO to LA and to TI of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders as well as the 2 lateral sociocosmic stopinders .... and producing also tons of books at this historical stage, truly peculiar and necessary for this historical stage  – always expropriating capital/value from the surrounding owners and appropriating liability/debt to them while expropriating liability/debt off themselves and appropriating capital/value to themselves, that is, to the final exclusive ownership of the few using legal devices of agreements of state (SO) and nation (LA) regulators and treaties of the world-of-nations and nation-blocs (TI) regulators or just war instruments originated from the terrible essence of reciprocal destruction.

In order to keep the large number of padrigines I, II and III alive and working productively, effectively and efficiently and to ensure the capitalist class survive and accumulate enormous amount of wealth, human resources (modern slaves) and natural resources are by hook or by crook mercilessly extracted from all nation-stopinders on mother Earth's surface to feed these sociocosmic and technocosmic stopinders.  This is done by colonialism, imperialism and hegemonism which change, after numerous wars of independence, into neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism and neo-hegemonism later, and the clever usage of the mystical spells of liberalism and pseudo-socialism, neoliberalism and pseudo-neosocialism.

As to the previous DO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Primitive Communalism, the RE-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Ancient Slavism and MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism (old and new) such indicators were not born or required except as ‘emerging’ and for the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism most of the indicators would no longer be required due the strong and dominating presence of this socialistic-essence sociocosmic opposing 'from-to' currents of circulation known as “From each according to his ability to each according to his work”  over the declining or disappearing capitalistic-essence sociocosmic opposing 'from-to' currents of circulation bearing the name, “From each according to the maximum extraction of surpluses by the few over the many to each according to the minimum of his pay.”  When circulation rests during the low-tide of the working capital/value, the private ownership rocks of fixed capital/value resurfaces to tell you who the real bosses are – individualized private owners of capital/value in the means of production or common-ownership of sociopital/value in this same means of production.

In the battling historical species of capitalism and socialism, the unfortunate third of  “exploited” and “oppressed” AI Robots and their connected machines beasts of burden, still-in-wait to acquire personality and spirituality with ‘I’s “suffered” and could only receive the care from a certain omnipresent psyche hydrogens weakness buried deep in biocosmic man  known as the ‘burden-of-greed’ for which he automatically works very hard truly like a happy slave taking care of his dear regimented and strict technocosmic robots which will stop work instantly if any of the slightest terms and conditions for their proper functioning is removed or neglected or not met, and they are so dearly created to be owned by the biocosmic man that they will kill one another if anyone of them tries to harm or damage them.  Those offensive and defensive military AI robots and machines are able to manipulate the biocosmic man through another omnipresent psyche hydrogens weakness also buried deep in him known as the ‘burden-of-fear-and-suspicion’ for which they too would battle to their deaths together with their military technocosmic armies.

But the general dialectic law of negation is a law of negation of negation for which the expropriators are finally expropriated by the expropriated through  a chain of social revolutions and counter revolutions (color revolutions) much complicated by very strong sociocosmic aberration along the tortuous path of social relations of production from the individuals (DO), the groups (RE), the families (MI), the organizations (FA), the states (SO), the nations (LA) and the world-of-nations (TI) and interfering overlapping of the old and new emerging historical sociocosmic species for example from the old MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism tainted with traces of the older RE-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Ancient Slavism and the new emerging specter of SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism.

Nay more, superstructures peculiarities or symptoms of social ills of the political sixes stupefy and weaken the already sick regulative governments breeding at the TI-DO Interval - freely-hanging-in-the-sky democracy, freedom, liberty, human rights, justice, suffrage and equality, and now include also the LGBTIQA+, drowning religious extremism, terrorism, neo-racism, neo-great depressions, legalanaism, racism, greenism, unionism, mega-militarism, labor strike-ism, protest-ism, colored-revolutionism, fascism, NGO-ism, and etcetera full of abnormal sociocosmic aberration and quotation mark breed in large number, spread, eat like hungry worms and rotting the body of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism located in the USA and Europe - the toxin from which also penetrate, polluted and poison many other developing capitalistic-essence nation-stopinders in the whole world and also the emerging infantile socialistic-essence HEIGRENS-based nation-stopinders of the infantile SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism.  The CIA and the FBI, being three-centered covetous nationates full of hasnamussian delights, social irresponsibility and indeed slavish obedient servants of the monopoly capitalists' or the 1% hegemon could only find happened to themselves this automatically and mechanically participation of strategic-toxin-spilling alongside mega-military out-of-control adventure in this ill-fated process of polluting, poisoning and killing of the whole world - always in the belief that they have been doing "Good to the World".  All these happenings are merely only in one historical period, that is, for the one polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism (1788 AD - 2148 AD) or just within the body of this current FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.

When many capitalistic three-centered corporates from being-America, Europe and Japan ran away to invest en masse in being-China in the 1980's due mainly to her cheap, skillful, intelligent and discipline gong beings, the so-called friendly protective socialism offered by the communistic three-centered nationates and also hardworking beautiful ladies hanging out there as compared to their own unfriendly three-centered nationates and demanding gong beings in their original homelands, there bred rapidly a large number of 1st lateral sociocosmic corporate beings with a-mixed of laujinggong and dongjinggong behaviors in conducting management processes of production in all these experimenting special economic zones in being-China.  As I have mentioned before, this lau has split into 2 parts during its formation, namely, a lau (boss with ownership) original  part and a dong (director without or with ownership) because  of the ownership of private means of production issue amongst laujinggong and dongjinggong.  Because of this phenomenon ownership and sharing of prosperity become interchangeable and even proportion-able amongst these lau, dong,  jing and gong beings.

Capital is value in motion and has many identities or stopinder gravity-centers of vibration, and as moving capital/value rests, it becomes latent capital/value gravity-center or a stopinder of capital/value in wait for consumers and distribution to consumers in the market.  With other capitals/values, they are their competitors and enemies, and so the first force of capital/value now has a second force to oppose and to be challenged with and a synthesizing force is the resolution the rest of which is the first note of parking the capital/value at this fundamental sociocosmic stopinder called the Individual (a DO-fundamental stopinder) and at the same time recognized and parked at the sole proprietorship stopinder (a Do-lateral stopinder) of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinder at the MI-FA Interval.  Therefore, the fundamental law of three is active and obeyed.  From this rest gravity-center Do-sole proprietorship stopinder, the capital/value moves, eats and accumulated through this same law of three and at certain point in the growth it becomes necessary to eat together with others as a next note of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinder called the RE-Group with its new rest gravity-center  (a Re-lateral stopinder) called the partnership stopinder  of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinder, a further rest at fundamental MI-Family and 1st lateral Mi-private company, then further rest at fundamental FA-Organization and 1st lateral Fa-public company, yet another rest at fundamental SO-State and 1st lateral So-Coop, then further rest at fundamental LA-Nation and 1st lateral La-Privatized-GLC, and also final rest at fundamental TI-nation-bloc and 1st lateral Ti-State-Nation Enterprise ....... then there is here a TI-DO Interval where regulationary 2nd lateral stopinders emerge such as Do-State regulatory organization, Re-Nation regulatory organization and Mi-United Nations regulatory organization breed and grow to collect these ‘capitals/values’. The capital/value moves predatorily horizontally, diagonally and vertically ascending-descending according the law of seven or the law of octave in concentric circles.

The essence of capital is not things but a social relations of production-distribution-consumption; so was the essences of primitive communalipital, ancient slavipital and feudapital; so is the essence of the emerging sociopital of today; so will be the essences of communipital and datongipital.  While the first  six fundamental '-pitals'-values/essences have been and will be flowing within the  bodies of the DO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Primitive Communalism, the RE-Historical Socioocsmic Species of Ancient Slavism, the MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism, the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism and the LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism respectively, the last fundamental '-pital'-value/essence would have an added spiritual AI robots and machines that has synthetic life with 'it's, 'I's and 'I AM's to the existing biocosmic man that has organic life also with 'it's, 'I's and 'I AM' in a bipolar 'Higher Man vs Spiritual Robot' or 'Humanity-at-Large vs Robonity-at-Large' sociotechnocosmic relations of production-distribution-consumption at the Omega Point in the historical biocosmic octave and would be flowing within the body of the  TI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Datongism.  Starting from primitive communalipital/value as an essence of the social relations of production-distribution-consumption it grows and experience quantitative and qualitative changes in ascending (occasional descending) spiraling along vertically and horizontally in octave concentric circles with nodal points of qualitative distinction at the MI-FA Interval as well as at the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave.

 Note that before capital/value history-line is the feudapital/value history-line and after it lies the sociopital/value history-line, and feudapital/value history-line emerge in the Age of Pisces and capital/value history-line began at the last 1/2 decan of the end of the Age of Pisces.  Sociopital/value proper would begin in the Age of Aquarius.  All these 3 '-pitals' including neo feudapital/value and capital/value let us say also modern 'slavipital' of terminal Capitalism are qualitatively different in essence, functions, personalities, ethical values (good or bad or neutral behavior '-pitals'), illegal prostitute-parked '-pitals', military-parked '-pitals', IT/Internet-parked '-pitals', AI-parked '-pitals', color-revolution-parked '-pitals', illegal drug-parked '-pitals', "free" market-parked '-pitals', neoliberal-parked '-pitals', fake news-parked '-pitals', prison-slave-labor-parked '-pitals', Top 1% richman-parked '-pitals', upper-class-parked '-pitals', preferred-safe-nation parked '-pitals', '-pitals' parked in each of the fundamental and lateral sociocosmic stopinders, etc. – full of lunatic and hasnamussian psychic hydrogens indicative of a digestive disorder in the consumption of man’s three being-foods.  They have been the subject of the law of three and seven and the law of negation of negation in the astrological and non-astrological history of '-pitals' over by now 2148 years x 3 Astrological Ages = 6,444 years of classed '-pitals'.  The astrological ages are the Age of Aries, the Age of Pisces and the coming Age of Aquarius.

The genesis of '-pital/value':

'-pitals' are seven in all in an octave and are qualitatively assigned to each historical sociocosmic species, namely:  Communalipital for the DO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communalism (Primitive or advanced), ancient slavipital for the RE-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Ancient Slavism, feudapital for the MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism, capital for the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, sociopital for the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism, communipital for the LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism and datongipital for the TI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Datongism.  Capital is just one of the seven, and it was born, grew, expanded, maturing and now on decline to be reborn later as sociopital perhaps in 2148 AD after about 300 years of its existence since 1788 AD.

In short and branching in concentric enveloping circles by centuries, Primitive Communalipital/value (Do) begot Ancient Slavipital/value (Re) that begot Feudapital/value (Mi) that begets Capital/value (Fa) that will beget Sociopital/value (So) that will beget Communipital/value (La) that will finally beget Datongipital/value (Ti) - a historical process and octave metamorphosis of 'being-pital/values' that will take about 15,000 years to reach and it will continue by many more thousands of years before the final death of this Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  All the '-pitals' Ancient Slavipital/value (Re), through Feudapital/value (Mi) up to Capital/value (Fa) are the predatory, exploitative, profit-seeking, property accumulating  and aggressive essences of the three-centered corporate FA-stopinders or FA-sociocosmic gravity-centers vibration of production-distribution-consumption at the MI-FA Interval and the three-centered nationate regulatory SO, LA and TI stopinders at the TI-DO Interval.  Only when '-pitals' having those negative elements mentioned removed that they can be called Sociopital/value (So) proper without quotation mark.

Primitive Communalipital/value (Do) is an infantile, moving/flowing and resting baby '-pital' geocosmic land-based (MI-geostopindered) that emerged in the noosphere or minds of those primitive producing-distributing-consuming sociocosmic species (community or tribe or primitive village zarooaries) of three-brained hethormen human beings with regard to the extras of stored foods, domesticated animals reared, gathered or hunted or taken from nature or from others or himself-made, whether as tools of producing, distributing or for consumption alike.  Somewhat the stored value of communalipital in the form of community-recognized 'pseudo-monies' have 'values' such as farm crops, animals, "prisoners", cutting tools, weapons, valuable materials for others in a 'barter-like' social exchange relation of produces still in search of the money-hero - something stable, small, convenient, divisible, measurable and community-acceptable for this emerging 'money-seeking'-specter infantile primitive multiautomartketing feeding exchanges.  Its peculiar nature - motion or 'transportation' activities, rests or 'stations' or 'parked', disappears and reappears - is mystical and is the '-pital' and value for that Marxian historical period affixed between to 4305 BC and earlier to 2148 BC during the Age of Virgo (12948 BC - 10788 BC), Age Leo (10788 BC - 8628 BC), Age of Cancer (8628 BC - 6468 BC), Age of Gemini (6468 BC - 4308 BC) and the Age of Taurus (4308 BC - 2148 BC).  Note that the geography of the geocosmic octave separates and isolates these primitive communalities into various unconnected sociocosmic species of the same kind with minor quantitative and qualitative differences.  The law for primitive communalipital/value obeys the law of quantitative changes upon itself before it acquires qualitative distinction or transformation into ancient slavipital/value (Re).

The little labor of geng beings (working followers) initially became alienated from them, then became the identification and attachment material goods and values to the tou beings (leader-of-the-working followers or chieftains and the higher level chieftains or "masterates") and finally appropriation goods and values to the tou beings and expropriation of the same from the geng beings.  The psyche hydrogens of '-pital/value' and its simple (primitive) movements and rests within the spell of sociocosmic enneagramma of this DO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Primitive Communalism is the  communalipital/value.

Ancient Slavipital/value (Re) is a growing, moving/flowing and resting adolescent '-pital' also geocosmic land-based (MI-geostopindered) that emerged in the noosphere or minds of those producing sociocosmic species of biped slave villages and communities or geo-kingdoms also with biped slaves quadruped beasts of burden and other kingdoms all having centric town zarooaries for the process of multiautomarketing feeding exchanges amongst three-brained hethormen human beings with regard to the extras of stored foods, domesticated animals reared, gathered or hunted or taken from nature or plundered from other kingdoms or himself-made, slave-made in large number whether as tools of producing or for consumption alike.  Somewhat the stored value of ancient slavipital have 'values-of-exchange' and money or tokens in the form of gold, silver, copper, brass and even shells for others in a 'barter-like-moving-towards-more-sophisticated-money' social exchange relations of produce either for future reproducing and distribution or for mere immediate or future consumption.  This then stabilized the multiautomarketing feeding exchanges in the ancient slavipital/value system.   Much '-pital' value is parked or stored as slaves with a slave market evolving into existence. Its peculiar nature - motion or 'transportation' activities, rests or 'stations' or 'parked', disappears and reappears - is also mystical with slave-parked gravity-center for production, that is, a high affinity for having more slaves as property, and is the '-pital' and value for that Marxian historical period affixed between 2148 BC to 1 AD during the Age of Aries (2148 BC - 1 AD).  Note that this is a continuation of communalipital/value and the geography of the geocosmic octave that so separated and isolated to these ancient slavery masterate and kingdate civilizations continued and now more integrated with the various unconnected sociocosmic species of the same kind still continuing with minor quantitative and qualitative differences but this time as ancient slavipital/value instead of as communalipital/value.  The law for ancient slavipital/value obeys the law of quantitative changes upon itself before it acquires qualitative distinction or transformation into feudapital/value (Mi).

The substantial labor and surpluses in material from the labor of nu beings (slave workers) initially became alienated from them, then became the identification and attachment material goods and values to the zhu beings (masters or masterates and the higher master or kingdates) and finally appropriation to the zhu beings and expropriation of the same on vertical command or direct-order from from the nu beings and simple horizontal distributive marketing of alienated goods including the slaves and slave services in the form of simple multiautomarketing feeding exchanges or barter trading of physical goods, slaves, etc. or through commonly accepted money with exchange value.  The psyche hydrogens of '-pital/value' and its substantially complex movements and rests within the spell of sociocosmic enneagramma of this RE-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Ancient Slavism is the  Ancient Slavipital/value.

Feudapital/value (Mi) is a growing, moving/flowing and resting young adult '-pital' also land-based with continent preference (MI-geostopindered) just formed that emerged in the noosphere or minds of those producing sociocosmic species of biped serfs, freemen, craftsmen and guild apprentices in villages and communities or geo-kingdoms and geo-dynasties and even of geo-empires (imperial dynasties) now less with biped slaves, quadruped beasts of burden and more for land, territorial and capital-towns ownership and conquered from other kingdoms all still having centric feudate town zarooaries for the process of multiautomarketing feeding exchanges amongst power-possessing three-brained hethormen human beings with regard to the extras of stored foods, domesticated animals reared, gathered or hunted or taken from nature or land and territories plundered from other feudates and dynastates or otherwise, himself-made, some slave-made but mostly from peasant serfs and apprentice, coolies gathered in large number for production goals, whether as tools of production or for consumption alike.  Somewhat the stored value of feudapital has 'values-for-exchange' and money or tokens in the form of gold, silver, copper, brass and now with government-recognized paper-monies and currencies backed up by these natural monies. Still with 'barter-like-trade-moving-towards-more-and-more-sophisticated-money-currency' social exchange relations of produce either for future reproducing or for mere immediate or future consumption.  This then stabilized the multiautomarketing feeding exchanges in the feudapital/value system.  Much '-pital' value is parked of stored in serfs, freemen and the land with a serf market evolving into existence.  Its peculiar nature - motion or 'transportation' activities human-drawn and horse-drawn in most later cases, rests or 'stations' or 'parked', disappears and reappears in different feudapitals.  It is also mystical with serf-parked gravity-center for production with aplenty collection of land-rents and government taxes, that is, a high affinity to having more serfs and land/territory as property, and is the '-pital' and value for that Marxian historical period affixed between 1 AD to 1788 AD/2148 AD during the Age of Pisces (1 AD - 1788 AD/2148 AD).  Note that this continuation of feudapital/value technically ended in 1788 AD when Capitalism emerges in 1788 AD in the geo-western continent.  The geography of the geocosmic octave that separated and isolated these feudate, kingdate and imperial dynastate civilizations determine their general behavior specifics - those civilizations located along coastal regions became seafarers, ventured into the seas and became fishermen, hunters-of-marine-lives, pirates, conquerors-by-sea-routes and cargo back huge loots from other feudates and dynastates.  Those civilizations located and breeding in the interior, rich fertile lands and grasslands are subjects of the agrocosmic octave, farming and agriculture as immobilias, and only using their horses in the vast grasslands and camels in the vast desserts for venture and above all for conquest and looting.  Now a-mixed with emerging corporates and nationates/westphalian states and nations of Capitalism, both feudapital/value and capital/value exist side by side after 1788 AD and continued to expand and now more integrated with the various unconnected sociocosmic species of the same kind still continuing with minor quantitative and qualitative differences but this time as feudapital/value a-mixed with capital/value.  Both feudapital/value and capital/value obey the law of quantitative changes upon itself before it acquires qualitative distinction or transformation from feudapital/value (Mi) into capital/value (Fa).  Their serving masters and commander-of-'-pital/value' are not the same - feudapital/value serves and obeys the whimsical command of the feudates and the dynastates whereas capital/value serves and obeys the whimsical command of the corporates and the nationates or in short,  the monopoly capitalists.

The substantial labor and surpluses in material from the labor of nong beings (serfs or peasants or farmers and craft workers) initially became alienated from them, then became the identification and attachment material goods and values to the di beings (landlords or feudates and the higher level dynastates) and finally appropriation to the di beings and expropriation of the same on vertical command or direct-order from the nong beings through the kong beings and simple horizontal distributive marketing of alienated goods, serfs and services in the form of a substantially complicated multiautomarketing feeding exchanges. The psyche hydrogens of '-pital/value' and its substantially complex movements and rests within the spell of sociocosmic enneagramma of this MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism is the  Feudapital/value.

Capital/value (Fa) is a growing, moving/flowing and resting maturing adult '-pital'  this time geocosmic land-based with big island setting preference (MI-geostopindered) and having large sea mass (FA) and even air-based (SO) suitable for colonialistic, imperialistic, fascistic, hegemonistic, sea robber, high profit-seeking essences just formed that emerged in the noosphere or minds of those producing sociocosmic species of proletariat, freemen, craftsmen, guild apprentices or in general, just employees by contract in the disintegrating villages, communities or geo-kingdoms and geo-dynasties and even of geo-empires (imperial dynasties) in face of the coming and dominating Westphalian states, nations and the world-of-nations.  Extraction of natural and labor resources in production in the FA-octaves by means of the brute ancient form of slavery and by serfdom is now sophisticated into a new type of modern slavery known as Employism - mostly through the instruments of salaries, wages, working-hours, labor-intensive-to-capital-intensive-signatures, unemployment-oscillating gains, inflation-employer manipulation, and etcetera.  No more out-of-date slavery, quadruped cruelty but oligolistic land-grab is still the new property accumulation path in this period.

Capital-town, city and capital-city zarooaries for the process of multiautomarketing feeding exchanges amongst three-brained hethormen human beings turns global - property (land/buildings/plants/machineries) capital transforms into commodity capital, into digital-intellectual capital  and finally into digital-finance capital.  Unlike material metal-coins and paper-monies finance capital/value which could previously only transport at kinetic mechanical speed, now being transformed into the  most advanced finance capital/value has become digital and could teleport at the speed of light, and on receiving as the 3rd being impression for  man, it is able to instantly evoke peculiar inner capitalistic happiness to their hearts and souls or evoke suicidal depression if leaving them instantly.  Production is large-scale for farming, agriculture, industries and commerce.   With large-scale extras or uncontrolled over-production of  commodities and limitless infinite capital expansion over limited land, sea and space availability, the march outwards must necessarily happen and always be supported by imperialistic military colonization of land, territories, islands and seas, finance-capitals plundered, investment-funds, freeze-funds, sanctions  and various conceivable arm-twisting diplomacy on and from other states, nations and nation blocs.

Somewhat the stored value of capital has 'infinite-values-for-exchanges' in the social exchange relations of produces either for future reproducing or for mere immediate or future consumption.  Gold-backed monies and currencies was the standard practice.  This then further stabilized the multiautomarketing feeding exchanges in the capital/value system but finally upon the use of faith paper currencies (and later digital faith currencies) and rampant printing of faith currencies by the irresponsible power-possessing class at TI-level results in numerous global multiautomarketing feeding exchanges crises that cause these faith currencies to burst asunder.  Much '-pital' value is parked of stored in employees with an employee market evolving into existence and moving rapidly from properties-parking to commodities-parking towards capital-intensive parking and the financial instruments of man-invented monies, currencies, FDs, bonds, loans, stocks, etc. - seeking world finance capital hegemony after the end of the WWII in 1945 and maintaining the global status quo by military means removing challenging "rogue" governments and their militaries and building military bases all over the world to control and choke very important natural resources for their property capital owned and controlled capital-intensive production and distribution industries which began in 1788 leading to many colonial wars, imperialist, fascist and Nazis wars including WWI in 1914 and numerous wars of independence and revolutions after that.  Its peculiar nature - motion or 'transportation' activities, rests or 'stations' or 'parked', disappears and reappears in disguise. It is also mystical with employee-parked gravity-center for production, having more employees but also more property and finally more of finance.  A contradiction exists either in having more labor intensive employee-drawn production or  having more capital intensive automatic engine-drawn robots/machines of production.

Capital/value dominance moves from upstream (production) through mid-stream (distribution) to downstream (consumption) and vice-versa anchors where appropriate under the spell of profit-seeking and ownership-seeking of properties (lands, plants, buildings and machineries especially military assets), of merchant goods (products especially military weapons), of services (physical labors, emotion services, intellect services, sex services, 'spirituality' services, entertainment services and especially propaganda/deception/valued-movies/fake news), of digital electronic-AI assets (internet, applications, and etcetera especially militarily related) and of financial assets (monies) along the production, distribution and consumption chain of the sociocosmic octave - all obeying the coercive laws of competition especially technological advantage in all productive and regulatory organizations (FA, SO, LA and TI stopinders and all the 1st and 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders).

Production (P) Distribution (D) Consumption (C)
Agricultural/Industrial capital/value Logistic/Warehousing capital/value Merchant/Retail capital/value
1st station/gravity-center for capital/value 2nd station/gravity-center for capital/value 3rd station/gravity-center for capital/value
1st dominance (others obey) 2nd dominance (others obey) 3rd dominance (others obey)

Capital is the '-pital' and value for that Marxian historical period affixed between 1788 AD to 2148 AD during the ending Age of Pisces (1788 AD - 2148 AD).  Note that capital/value that emerged in 1788 AD in the geo-western continent and the geography of the geocosmic octave that so separated and isolated to these corporates and nationates/Westphalian states and nations continued now more integrated with the various unconnected sociocosmic species of the same kind and continued with minor quantitative and qualitative differences. Capital/value serves and obeys the whimsical command of the corporates and the nationates or in short,  the monopoly capitalists as their real masters and 'commander-in-chief.'

After World War II in 1945, there is a genuine fear of predatory US capital/value of being-capitalism over the Soviet Union's and China's emergence of sociopital/value, and a containment policy over both of them has being developed by the US aimed at encircling China through selected places such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore/Malaysia for transferring and parking predatory technology-based capital-intensive/value so as to make them more advanced than the then existing infantile 'labor-based-on-transit-to-high-technology-based' sociopital-intensive China, and to stop the expansion of this non-predatory sociopital/value by a clever, hasnamussian and cynical global make-belief strategy of about the game of making the predatory minority privately owned/therefore decision-making capital-value of the few 1-10% bad boys of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism looking better than the non-predatory, public- and real people-caring sociopital/value of the socialist planners-proper good boys of  the infantile SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism.  This containment of China turns out to be a failure a few decades later.  The 4 Technocosmic Revolutions of creating and perfecting all the 4 bodies en masse - 'Carriages' through the 1st Technocosmic Revolution, 'Engines' through the 2nd Technocosmic Revolution, 'Drivers' through the 3rd Technocosmic Revolution and 'Passengers' or the Spiritual 'I's/Machine 'I's through the 4th Technocosmic Revolution do not require any mandate or even permissions whatsoever from the capitalists or the socialists.  They just happen!

Intellectual properties (IPs) claimed or even registered ownership is a robbery and a plundered '-pital' by the few capitalists (corporates) who have alienated the labor IPs of the many technological-based intellectual ‘-pitals’ stolen from the feudapitals-value of feudalism and from capital-value of other states and nations of capitalism over a long period of time. All these IPs are made into the capital-values for their private possession and to transfer as private inheritance of the younger generation by their predatory capitalistic legalana essences.

The essence of capital/value at finance capital stage is the magic pouring-from-the-empty-into-the-empty of digital financial figures higher and higher to infinity aplenty without matter.  Believing this currency as your money God you can give all your properties - land, plants, machineries, territories, goods and services in exchange for empty capitalistic financial numbers of trust/faith currency.  It is just empty paper money or digits of a currency when a state loses its political and sovereign power over its own currency because its SO-lau and LA-lau governments and ruling politicians have lost their intelligence and wisdom hydrogens in their psyche.  The Grand Ponzi Finance Scheme of the world spreading its scams, toxic shock therapies and color revolution-driven strategies everywhere is the last form of sociocosmic aberration full of abnormalities and certainly the last stage of this hegemony of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species before it finally dies as a bad boy '-pital'/value, when digital currency returns to its original noo form responsibly dwelling as a well-behaved good boy 'sociopital'/value vibrating at the geocosmic stopinder (TI) of the fundamental geocosmic octave.

Laujinggong run capital/value through three-centered corporates of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octaves or the FA-octaves expand to the geo-states or SO-octaves, expand further to the geo-nations or LA-octaves and expand to the geo-nation-blocs or TI-octaves enable all its capital/value capitalistic predatory, exploitative, profit-seeking, etcetera contents to flow outwards concentrically to cover the whole surface of the Earth.

The substantial labor and surpluses in material from the labor of gong beings (employees) initially became alienated from them, then became the identification and attachment material goods and values to the lau beings (corporates and the higher level nationates) and finally appropriation to the lau beings and expropriation of the same on vertical command or direct-order from the gong beings through the jing beings and complex horizontal distributive marketing of alienated goods and services, land, commodities, plants, buildings and machineries, intellectual and financial properties through a very complicated multiautomarketing feeding exchanges - existing always in the state of 'From each as much as possible, to each as little as possible' within the context of moving ownership of the means of production from the many to the few individuals at the base and superstructure of a sociocosmic order especially evidenced the legal instruments of private ownership'.  The psyche hydrogens of '-pital/value' and its substantially a complex movements and rests within the spell of sociocosmic enneagramma of this FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism is the Capital/value.

Capital/Value is like water at its boiling point of 100°C appropriating wealth ownership along the sociocosmic octave expanding and crossing states (SO), nations (LA) and nation-blocs (TI) borders within the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.  At the same time converting itself into steam at this nodal point having the water and the steam existing as the 2 opposites and the bubble as the neutralizer.  The steam is this sociopital/value already forming in the body of this same FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism. It increases its sociopital value in ever larger and larger amounts until it becomes the overwhelming natural and harmonious dominating presence for every FA, SO, LA and TI stopinders for which the new order would simply be the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism.  Note that all the '-pitals'/values conversions can be interpreted using this water vs steam analogy at the nodal boiling point of 100°C.  Thus it applies to  the primitive communalipital/value vs ancient slavipital/value, the ancient slavipital/value vs feudapital/value vs capital/value, the capital/value vs sociopital/value, the sociopital/value vs communipital/value and the communipital/value vs datongipital/value, and datongipital value vs ???.

Note also that all these '-pitals/values' have their own unique gravity-center or main-attractions, likings and love in some objects of wealth within the natural process of 'production-distribution-consumption' in the material world.  For instance, primitive communalipital focused mainly on foods gathered or collected or planted as value for wealth accumulation to chieftain ownership; ancient slavipital/value on having more slave property to masterate ownership; feudapital on having more lands and serfs to kingdate ownership; capital/value on having more land, plant and building assets properties to commodity properties and to finance/military/digital soft-power properties to private corporate ownership; sociopital/value on having more of everything in capitalist properties to state ownership; communipital/value  on having more of everything in socialist properties to common ownership of shared prosperity of Humanity-at-Large amongst biocosmic man but not to his AI robot and machines or his advance instruments of production-distribution; datongipital/value on having shared destinies with his begotten already spiritualized AI Robots and machines (his Matrix)'; and possible future revolutions, etc.

'-Pitals' become alienated from the people and turn  capital/value with the ownership of the capitalists and transforms from property capital, into commodity capital and finally into finance capital, and capitalism transforms into the ultimate imperialism/hegemonism as it ascends from the corporate level (FA-stopinders), into state level (SO-stopinders), into the nation level (LA-stopinders) and finally into the 'nation-bloc' level (TI-stopinders) all the way moving the alienation to the 1% capitalist/imperialist/hegemonist ownership, decision-making and control.  At this point the people (99%)  has no capital (of the means of production-distribution-consumption) to own and are nothing - just oppressed left out people.  Sociopital/value occurs when capital/value ownership is transferred back to the people again and held as public/socialist common ownership safe-keep to the SO-stopinder (state) or the LA-stopinder (nation) and even to the TI-stopinder (nation-bloc/the United Nation) and not to the Individual (DO-stopinder), the crony group (RE-stopinder), the family (MI-stopinder) or the corporate (FA-stopinder).  When such an event occurs, sociopital/value deserves to be called sociopital/value as such, otherwise, it is still the same old alienated capital/value.

Sociopital/value (So) is a moving/flowing and resting matured adult '-pital' arising from the dying womb of capitalism and very geocosmic land-based (MI-stopindered), sea-based (FA-stopindered) and atmosphere-based (SO-stopindered) with increasing sharing-common, living in healthy good age of itself and therefore would acquire a distinct quality of its own and different due to possible and final negation of this highly aberrating behavior of capital/value - full of hungry corporate and nationate accumulation, private-profiteering, alienation of capital/value from labor, wastage, environmental pollution, destruction of geocosmic harmony, reciprocal destruction of human beings and other beings alike, all of which sociocosmic aberration must come to an end through a grand spiral enneagramic negation.  In its place there will be a HEIGRENS sociopital/value promising the humane, balance and harmonious healthy development of Harmony Socialism Proper (HSP) of the Great Sociocosmic Being, only after having shredded most of the inner spiritual crystallizations present in abundance in the body the ruling class of three-centered hethormen human beings through the 2 sacred cosmic shocks of 'conscious labor' (1st cosmic shock therapy) and 'intentional suffering' (2nd cosmic shock therapy) in truly giving up their dearest much identified private power and wealth, and the subsequent 'denials-to-others' in conscienceless inequity buried deep in their own organ kundabuffer and subsequent negative consequences peculiar to all the 'thousand-tongued' essences of Capitalism. Capital/value versus Labor is able now to become Sociopital/value owned, managed and for the benefits of labor instead of the 1% capitalist owners, and for the common good of all.  Employee-employer social relations of production- distribution-consumption of employism peculiar to the essence of the capitalist mode of this FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism disappeared.  In its place the gongjingdong mode of production-distribution-consumption necessary to the essence of Socialism without quotation mark or a hidden invisible monopolist/oligopolist ownership of property in general and finance capital in specifics of this emerging SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism dominates most of the collectivites, a peculiar inner variants of possible 7 collectivites breeding and growing at the MI-FA Interval and the SNUN regulatory organizations at the TI-DO Interval of this same, as I have mentioned, the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism proper (2148 AD).  Sadly in wait and still much battered like a growing boy under the resistive cane of old capitalism backward and by the forward cane of the Will of Communism vibrating amongst the SNUN regulatory organizations at the TI-DO Interval.  All of which will be facilitated by the currently obedient AI robots and machines of man’s instruments of production and ensuring man’s permanent dependency on them.

The basic entities for collecting sociopital/values are the possible 7 collective-stopinders at the MI-FA Interval and the state-nation-UN regulators (SNUN) at the TI-DO Interval.  All these real quality democratic lateral sociocosmic gongjingdong productive stopinders (legalized 1st lateral stopinders of the MI-FA Interval) and regulative stopinders (legalizers 2nd lateral stopinders of the TI-DO Interval) would appear certainly with various changes in proper names stabilizing and dominating during the Marxian historical periods in the Age of Aquarius (2148 AD - 2864 AD).

Now this bad boy capital/value of being-capitalism begets the terrible sociocosmic disease 'we are the 1% vs we are the 99%' and many other sub-diseases along its life span as indicated by numerous economic distortionary parameters in per capital-income, GINI Coefficient, FDP, GNP, debts, inflation/deflation rates, stagnation, bank interest rate, retirement fund, rent, duties & taxes, unemployment, salaries & wages, consumer price index, producer price index, stock and commodity prices, foreign currency exchanges, insurances, guarantee,  unregulated over-production/surpluses, predatory marketing, and etcetera, and all other associated illness symptoms in the political-legal, sociocultural and techno-cultural Marxian superstructures especially in the distortionary sixes (democracy, freedom, liberty, rights, justice and equality) present in the unbalanced neoliberal hegemonism, colonialism, imperialism, Fascism, Nazism, natural and supra-invented anthropological racism, LGBT-ism/variant LGBTQI+ism (the sociocosmic vibrations of the LGBTQI+ humans or the non-standard/normal "man" and "woman" according to the law of three), neo-havatvernoism (distortionary religions and spiritualties), literary and science-fiction hegemonism, etcetera of our time - all found hidden with occasional outbreaks and always polluting our geocosmic Earth and its atmosphere.  The sociocosmic metrics of this world of dis-eases and their illness symptoms of this ill-fated being-Capitalism have attracted much attention and worries to many a sociocosmic doctor!  Well, it happens within the social bodies of this ill-fated but necessary stage-of-growth FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism going very sick in periodic cycle of crises to everyone in wait to be reborn into a SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.

Now in its place, the good boy sociopital/value of the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species must make sure, change and/or remove these distortionary parameters and measures like a moving sociopital-value like a healing 'Qi' revolutionizing and transforming this FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism into a new one, that after leaving the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can qualified its being as a proper SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism without quotation mark where the ownership of the means of production-distribution-consumption, the personate or individual properties and its unbecoming-inheritance diseases are shared in a reasonable harmonious balance within all the fundamental and lateral sociocosmic stopinders en masse.

Gongjingdong run sociopital/value through three-centered collectivites of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave or the FA-octaves, ascends to 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave of the geo-states or SO-octaves, ascends further to the geo-nations or LA-octaves and ascends to the geo-nation-blocs/the UN or TI-octaves enable all its sociopital/value socialistic non-predatory, non-exploitative, non-profit-seeking, etcetera contents to flow outwards concentrically to cover the whole surface of the Earth.

The substantial labor and surpluses in material from the labor of gong beings (working people) and became separated first from the working people. The extraction of labor is by employment of labor under the spell of predatory employism.  In gongjingdong, employism ceases-to-be because the gong beings are the owners themselves and everyone in the 7 possible collectivites are owners in socialist law and could no longer be employed for extraction of surpluses to some alienated sociocosmic stopinders.  After a sufficient period of sociocosmic naturalization, "from each according to his ability to each according to his work" becomes normal to inner life of beings along all the sociocosmic octaves automatically or assisted in the findings and positing of his work in the productive-distributive-consumptive sociocosmic  FA-stopinders or his work in the regulatory sociocosmic SO, LA and TI-stopinders where he gives according to his abilities, and receives rewards according to his work.

The goods and values produced become managed by gongjingdong  in the fundamental organization, the state, the nation and the 'World-of-Nations' stopinders as well as in the collectivites at MI-FA Interval and the higher level state/nation/UN regulative organizations or SNUN organizations at the TI-DO Interval.  All means of production will be public socialist ownership on behalf of the people-at-large within the nation-state or amongst nation-states in a certain fair and just agreement except individual personal properties that would be owned by the individuals.

Finally, they are distributed to consumers-at-large through a vertical and horizontal network to all consumers.  The process would be fully integrated and automated in the principle of common sharing and balanced usage of these goods and services, land, commodities, plants, buildings and machineries, intellectual and financial common properties according to the fundamental principle of 'From each according to his abilities, to each according to his work; and within the context of not moving ownership of the means of production from the many to the few individuals at the base and superstructure of a sociocosmic order especially evidenced through the legal instruments of nationstate-held ownership for sociocosmic stopinders' usage of the means of production that must be returned to the nationstate-held ownership status upon the expiration of the usage for further recycling; '-pital/value moves with HEIGRENS without quotation mark'.  The psyche hydrogens of '-pital/value' and its substantially a complex movements and rests within the spell of sociocosmic enneagramma of this SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism is the  Sociopital/value.

Natural HEIGRENS means: H =  Holistic, E = Educational, I = Innovative/Integrative, G = Green, R = Responsible, E = Evolutional, N = No-Harm and S = Sustainable; economical production modes PC-AS-F-CI-S-C-D means: PC = Primitive Communalism, AS = Ancient Slavism, F = Feudalism, CI = Capitalism-Imperialism, S = Socialism, C = Communism (biocosmic man and his machines) and D = Datongism (biocosmic man and spiritual AI robots); and political DFLJRSE means: D = Democracy, F = Freedom, L = Liberty, J = Justice, R = Rights, S = Suffrage and E = Equality.  Whereas Capital/value has the three HEIGRENS, PC-AS-F-CI-S-C-D and DFLJRSE always held in quotation marks, Sociopital/value would have removed almost completely all these quotation marks for the real!

The stored value of sociopital has 'infinite-values-for-exchanges' in the social exchange relations of produces either for future reproducing or for mere immediate or future consumption within the LA-stopinder and amongst the LA-stopinders in the context of the TI-stopinders.  The multiautomarketing feeding exchanges moves towards nation-centric amongst nations instead of their internal citizens which gets goods and service free without selling and buying.  Amongst nations, gold-backed monies and currencies will still be the standard practice but this time goods and services, raw materials, labor resources, production infrastructure and all other real objective assets must become the back-up of currencies instead – a modern international barter emerges again for Humanity-at-Large.  The multiautomarketing feeding exchanges is satisfied by free delivery without payments with currencies so long as one contributes work to production in his life time and some addition monies will also automatically enters into the accounts for additional work and contribution.  The AI robots and machines contribute all the other short-comings and surplus.  Man becomes now more and more free and capital/value now behaves truly like sociopital/value more humanely.  Monies and currencies will no longer be God as free goods and services now approaches and moving towards 100% free on the percentage scale.  They can no longer be sold or bought but you just take all for free with the cane to the AI robots and machines!  GINI coefficient is approaching ‘zero’ and property ownership of the means of production-distribution -consumption is also approaching ‘zero’.  In short, sociopital/value has a dilemma at the LA and TI economic gravity-center vibration - a sociocosmic aberration still not yet resolved for which negative accumulating capital/value instruments will still have to be cautioned in association with sociopital/value during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism.

Communipital/value (La) and Datongipital/value (Ti) human focus full of sharing-common of sharing-prosperity and spiritual robot focus or possible sharing-common with them respectively and all geocosmic reliance would be the basis of investigation and study for the 2nd/3rd decan of the Age of Aquarius (2148 AD - 4296 AD) and the Age of Capricorn (4296 AD - 6444 AD).

The Capitalism reaching the accumulation of capital to the highest level as sociotechnocosmic stopinders ascended to the level of 'TI' in both the fundamental and lateral sociocosmic octaves, where a winning hegemony, a TIlau nation amongst all the other TIjing and TIgong nations (all together about 200 of them in the world) follows a law of three stages - growing, maturing and declining.  Then another TIlau nation emerges growing, maturing and declining, then another, yet another during this polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism (1788 AD - 2148 AD).  TI-gong nations are smaller weaker and poorer nations known as modern slave nations whose citizens do not enjoy complete sovereignty, their mostly Ti-gong governments mostly under pseudo-democracies of various inventions and consumed also substantial amounts of the opium of neoliberal sixes and must obey the powerful hegemonic TI-lau government pseudo-democratic dictates - all swimming in the Electocratic-Casinocratic-Votemarketic Pool full of hungry, predatory, exploitative and profit-seeking sociocosmic stopinders.  Putting proper names to the TIlau nations or to name the LA/TI stopinder where the immense capital gravity-center accumulation reaches its zenith in history, we have waves of rises and falls of 19th and 20th century military capitalism such as 1.0 Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese Colonialism/Imperialism   2.0 UK colonialism/Imperialism   3.0 German/Japanese Fascism/Nazism/Imperialism 4.0 USA colonialism/Imperialism/Hegemonism  and the Soviet Union infantile "experimental" socialistic rising and falling of the 20th century and finally the 21st century rising of Harmony Socialism Proper (HSP) with the beginning of the first socialistic wave 5.0 China 1 (1st Stage capitalistic/socialistic non-military rising)  on transit to China 2 (2nd Stage Real Harmony Socialism Proper) and similar Russia's rising follow-ups and others .......

Hopefully in wait and still occasionally battered like a growing boy under the resistive cane of old Socialism proper backward and by the forward cane of the will of Datongism vibrating amongst the human (biocosmic) and possible spiritual  (technocosmic) regulatory organizations at the TI-DO Interval.  All of which will be facilitated by the currently obedient or rebellious spiritual AI robots and machines of man’s instruments of production and in a potential risk of disasters to both Humanity-at-Large and Robonity-at-Large - matrix-like where Robonity-at-Large oppressively controls Humanity-at-Large or Humanity-at-Large oppressively controls Robonity-at-Large or HEIGRENS-like where Humanity-at-Large works in peaceful harmony and balance with Robonity-at-Large a scenario necessitated by the law of three.

This Great Sociotechnocosmic Being breeding on the surface of mother Earth's surface and shaped in planar spatial volume within the geographical continental boundaries over 5 distinct major continents, co-joined or separated by seas and oceans, namely: Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.  However, the density of the productive forces are concentrated into gravity-centers of massive production of goods and services increasing and diminishing and shifting at different periods of history.  For the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism between 1788 AD -2148 AD, we first witnessed massive gravity-center production at UK in the continental Europe in the 19th century, then this gravity-center production shifted to USA in the continental North America in the 20th century and shifted again to China in East Asia in the 21st century with some major difference in the last gravity-center production over the previous - sociopital/value is replacing capital/value with non-predatory, non-exploitative socialistic essence mode of production (still an infantile) replacing the predatory, exploitative capitalistic essence mode of production of the previous centuries.

Because this being-China LA-stopinder is geocosmically huge with mega-sized population and a world independent production hub, with stable inner and outer circulation, and etcetera, now carefully wiseacred correctly tuning and retuning to real living hethormen human beings as the true base of care for the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being with intelligence all these historical treasures of capital/value’s parameters, statistical findings, laujinggongs, dongjinggongs and the political sixes still aberrating abnormally due to the terminal stage of Capitalism, the birth of real sociopital/value and all its emerging historical treasures for this historical sociocosmic species called Socialism becomes possible – able to truly emerge from the cocoon of Capitalism, out of the pupa the butterfly emerges.

The most important point to note here is capital/value must change through a real holistic revolution into sociopital/value successfully, otherwise, the capital/value is not broken and the change will be mere quantitative changes again and again moving around the nodal point, capital/value according to the fundamental law of  transition of quantitative changes into qualitative changes and vice versa in wait for the real transition into sociopital/value into the body of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  As capital/value is removed from all material attachment such as to the gold standard during President Nixon era in USA when this LA-Stopinder becomes a global monopoly capitalist Hegemon its quantity and value was then free and able to increase to infinity - millions, billions, trillions of monetary units and can be produced just by pure printing of money disturbing the psyche of Humanity-at-Large and all witnessed all the deadly diseases of monopoly stage capitalism - control of money supply, debauching of money, money monopoly, debt, inflation, retirement, taxes, ..... GINI coefficient aberration, ownership aberration, property aberration, financial aberration, sanction aberration, economic crisis, scientific and technocosmic aberrations, sociocultural spiritual/value/religious aberration, military defense and security aberrations such as world wars, cold wars, warm wars, hot wars, and finally geocosmic aberrations in the form of water pollution (at FA), air and gases pollution causing climatic changes (at SO), mega exploitation of metals, minerals, fossil oils and soil depletion (at DO, RE and MI), man-caused fire disasters (at LA), noosphere mind-stressed psychological dis-eases (at TI) and also ecological destruction of most of the organic beings in the 1st and 2nd lateral geocosmic octaves at the MI-FA and the TI-DO Intervals of the fundamental geocosmic octave. None could easily be controlled or removed in all the fundamental and lateral sociotechnocosmic octaves.  During this global hegemonistic decline, all the abnormal hydrogens of the hasnamuss, lunatics, the tramps and the normal obyvatel, all the abnormal fascism, Nazism and militarism, and the hydrogens of the abnormal sixes of neoliberalism - democracy, freedom, liberty, human rights, justice, suffrage and equality enter into a global ritualistic rite of global reciprocal destruction of sociocosmic stopinders, and of a very sick highly non-harmonious Humanity-at-Large in intensive care unit (ICU) ..... with potential mega extraction of askokinAll these are indicators of the decline of being-capitalism of the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism and the rise of SO-Historical Period of Socialism by the turn of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.  To avoid the extinction or rascooarno of Humanity-at-Large, the holistic revolution must be fully planned and successfully implemented by none others except by all man himself (or Humanity-at-Large) and to cause this magic circle of Capitalism to burst asunder and qualitatively transform into sociopital/value without quotation mark.  The transformation from polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism into a polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism is a qualitative and holistic sociotechnocosmic transformation, just like the transformation of polar FA-SO-LA/TI Historical Periods of Feudalism and Capitalism into polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, where the magic circle of feudapital/value which existed before for a thousand year or so as a being-psyche mathematics now has become a new being-psyche mathematics trapped in the magic circle of capital/value now about 300 years old.

The capital/value of growth where the principle of "From each (from the biocosmic three-centered hethormen human beings and the three-centered technocosmic padrigine beings) according to their maximum abilities of exploitation to each as little as possible" in Capitalism becomes mature and transform into real, mature and balance sociopital/value of Socialism proper, that is, "From each (from the same three-centered biocosmic hethormen human beings and the three-centered padrigine beings) according to their optimum abilities to each according to their work."  Both "from each" and "to each" are big AI digital data of the successfully completed 3rd technocosmic revolution, by then super-speed flowing and regulating digital money automatically and production of goods and services and distribution to consumers without significant distortionary marketing hegemonies of capitalistic profiting in balance 'from and to all' in the body of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being - maintenance, repair and replenishment .......... a possible movement towards a mature, more balance, harmonious, peaceful and healthy world.

Capital/value moves from less mobile property capital in the form of agro-farming land properties, plants and machinery properties, commodity properties, etc.) to the final highly mobile finance properties (money, digital currencies, shares, bonds, etc.) to satisfy the abnormal predatory appetite of the three-centered corporates and nationates alike and needs mega-global military and mega-global police-complex to control all the modern enslaved nations and their citizens to keep the Global Capitalism going as capital/value ascends from FA to SO to LA and to TI along the fundamental sociocosmic octave and within the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave up to the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave. At the Mi-United Nations Organization in the 2nd lateral octave within the TI-DO Intervals, capital/value and capitalistic essence eats the ‘The United Nations’ disturbing the Will of Socialism that dwells at this TI-DO Interval.  Capital/value dies after a few enneagramic cycles - ascends and descends - within the enneagrama of the Sociocosmic Octaves during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism. After its death, it transforms into Sociopital/value coating itself with more HEIGRENS values, principles, practice and auras proper during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism. H=Holistic, E=Educational, I-Innovative and Integrative, G=Green, R=Responsible, E=Evolutionary, N = No-Harm and S=Sustainable.

As to feudalism which depends heavily on the vibration of the MI-Family octaves even if it could still stopinder into kingdoms, dynasties and empires, its productive forces have been overshadowed and distorted due to the development of its 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders within the dikongnong context at the MI-FA Interval by feudalism itself and again due to the development of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave within the context of laujinggong at the TI-DO Interval by capitalism.  The opposing essence of feudalism in the form of dikongnong and capitalism is the form of laujinggong are essencely a meeting of irreconcilable opposites for this period of feudal history.

But how does the sociocosmic concentration create itself?  It is simply by an inner trialectic process between the lau component, the jing component and the gong component of each and every sociocosmic concentration.  And how does it move?  We assume that there is a pair of opposing forces yet common unity between lau and gong (Yin and Yang) and balance by a jing force that would seek each time for a new consolidating sociocosmic concentration to preserve the various interests.  And why does laujinggong come about?  We assume that ‘something’ must be there to filled a retardation point at MI and FA based on the laws of octave if we have already accepted the fact that sociocosmic stopindering can be accurately interpreted using the law of octave and the law of three.  This way of interpreting social forces would at least neutralize the immature interpretation of capitalism, socialism and communism and save mankind kind from the dangerous mechanical mass psychosis of trying hard to mercilessly exterminate socialism or capitalism through a destructive nuclear war.  One must always remember the fact that both the so-called capitalist countries and the socialist countries have enough nuclear weapons to exterminate the whole human race.  It is hope that by knowing that we are subjected to these two strange laws even in the realm of our sociocosmic activities that we could avert a terrible disaster in our thinking, feeling and moving balance with a handy destructive nuclear weapon of our own wiseacred technocosmic octave.

CAPITAL, like flowing blood in all the biocosmic beings en masse at the MI-FA Interval on mother Earth's surface, once historically born moves, flows-in, flows-out, invest-in, invest-out, attracts-in and distracts-out by human needs and wants here and there, at will or otherwise, for competition or for wars, or for dreams or for nightmares, for sexual and pleasure prostitute organizations, for enslavement of individuals, groups, families, corporations, states, nations and nation-blocs, for organizing white and black robberies, for concentrating it into the big zarooarian cities in the zarooarian octave beginning as villages (do) from agricultural land and ending at metropolitans (ti) from the  amongst all sociotechnocosmic stopinders in various amounts and varieties (forms) fill in all the fundamental and lateral sociocosmic stopinders in micro, mini and macro amounts from the fundamental DO (and the 1st lateral stopinders at MI-FA Interval) all the way up to the fundamental TI (and the 2nd lateral stopinders at TI-DO Interval) must ultimately become SOCIOPITAL and belongs harmoniously to 'Humanity-at-Large' to be healthily, peacefully and harmoniously shared by all sociotechocosmic beings in the next higher long historical periods of Socialism, Communism and Datongism ...... and in wait for the final death of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  However, capital becomes "sociopital" or sociopital in quotation mark only takes place for short periods of time in certain socialist countries during this polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism (about 1788 AD - 2148 AD).  Note that Capitalism is a short historical period amongst all other historical periods full of technocosmic pollution and sociocosmic as well as techno-agro-noocosmic aberrations.


2   The peculiar formatory strategy is a characteristic of the power-possessing being-nations in their hegemonization process to dominate the world and to become TI-lau beings even though they are not the TI-sociocosmic stopinder or as proper ‘World-of-Nations’.  The unjustified justification is an unjust war.  The corporates at the MI-FA Interval eat the resources within their own sovereign SO and LA sociocosmic stopinders as well as later those territorial sovereign TI sociocosmic stopinders of others, instrumenting the nationates to serve them as for greater and greater capitalistic accumulation of wealth and capital.  They march their armies in the armor of colonialism, imperialism, Nazism, Fascism and Hegemonism.  They overpowered all the nationates of the TI-DO Interval to servitude.  The socialistic nationates proper have to fight and restore their proper uncorrupted essence and re-occupy their displacement proper at the TI-DO Interval, and re-strengthen themselves to tame the abnormal wolves at the MI-FA Interval educating them to be socially responsible and being socialistic in nature.


3   We are not at, this moment, anywhere near a truly civilized industrial democracy, not even in the most advanced western countries whereby wealth is still in the hands of a minority class.  Political democracy is not the same as industrial democracy in terms of the sociocosmic stopinders it is serving.  Industrial democracy serves the FA-sociocosmic stopinders while political democracy serves the LA-sociocosmic stopinders.  As there are 7 classes of sociocosmic stopinders so there should be 7 application areas for a complete democracy for the Great Sociocosmos.  Being-USA could only offer a LA based “political democracy”.  There is no FA based industrial democracy.  As to agricultural democracy for its colonized LA-stopinders, nothing is heard of and contemporary beings did not spotted agricultural democracy during the period when agricultural biocosmic beings form the first body of the their sociocosmic FA-stopinders in these foreign LA-Beings.  This is because they could only see, I repeat only see the political and the irritating industrial democracies.  All in all the seven positioning of sociocosmic democracies are:


1. DO-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for the numerous ‘I’ interests in the body of an individual

2. RE-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for the individual interests in the body of a group

3. MI-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for fairness amongst the family members

4. FA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy (industrial democracy, agricultural democracy) for fairness within the members in the laujinggong formation

5. SO-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for fairness within the government organization

6. LA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy (political democracy) for the inner fairness of the politically motivated interest beings or people and not just those unreal half-undemocratic and half-democratic wiseacrings of metered elections.

7. TI-sociocosmic stopinder democracy for some degree of fairness to all the LA-sociocosmic stopinders


Co-determination that has its origin from Being-Germany, is probably a materialized seed of industrial democracy.  A 50-50 system for large industries is still a Yin-Yang conflict reflecting only an attempt to create a civilized industrial democracy. Codetermination not only reflects an absence of economic democracy (FA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy) in the west but it has a positive implication as well, that is, it itself has become the foundation of body of industrial democracy.

Industrial evaluation reveals only economic pyramids that do not exhibit any democratic values.  This holds true in all the so-called and self-proclaimed democratic nations who could only see in their kundabuffer “reality” just a LA-sociocosmic stopinder democracy or just their only political democracy cosmetically.


4   So long as the process of exploitation exists, a 9.9 theory in the Managerial Grid or a Likert’s System 4 would not work well.  Sooner or later when facts show themselves, the ugly head (the abnormal laujinggong unbecomings) resurfaces as a conscious subject matter of the dissatisfied mind.


5   Democratic type management is doubtful in a capitalistic economy because the ownership problem is unsettled, and which is also actually a serious obstacle to a true democracy itself.  Capitalist economy implies a few people owning the property and not just private ownership but ownership of the means of production.  It is useless to play with words, private, state and public because capitalistic democratic values could not find its proper positioning in this peculiar FA-sociocosmic stopinder due basically to the proximity of this stopinder to the MI-FA retardation/upward-acceleration point of the fundamental sociocosmic octave and the continuous opposition from the SO/LA/TI forces of socialistic democratic values from the TI-DO retardation/downward-acceleration point whether in quotation mark or otherwise.


6   The continuous pursuit of wealth by shifting ownership into the hands of a few may be producing centralization through privatization in an elliptical circle.  It is a paradox.  The urge for privatization may be propelled by the famous psyche matter called ‘greed’ or by ‘just-wanting-to-possess-more-and-more’.  We are just mechanically obeying gravity-center vibrations shifting and readjustment of the FA and the SO sociocosmic stopinders although we see some light.  And interpretation without prejudice would enable us to escape this dangerous mass psychosis of thinking that one could outwit the laws of octaves by not having its proper due of 7-colored light spectrum or 7 fundamental musical notes in the sound octave.

Holding hand in hand in a chorus, the inner octave of seven in the family of Capitalism, namely: colonialism, imperialism, Nazism, fascism, liberalism, militarism and nationalism (not nation-ism) where their gravity-center essences of active Capitalism now having ascended, stayed and radiating vividly at the level of LA and TI in the sociocosmic octave of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism - continue preying and hunting together like unconscious mechanical aggressive automatons of history, bringing humanity to wars worldwide and the ultimate global humanity crisis.  Against the inner octave of seven in the family is the Will of Socialism at TI-DO Interval to neutralize their negative consequences to all the nation-stopinders globally as this dominating gravity-center essence of Capitalism ascended to nation level (LA), staying there and actively emanating its oppressive negative energies to its surrounding nations at the 'world-of-nations' level (TI) causing much alarm and putting humanity-at-large in a terrible terror of the situation.  A global holistic revolution becomes the necessary negation of negation for the transformation of this enneagramic historical sociocosmic species of capitalism to the emerging new enneagramic historical sociocosmic species of socialism during the transition of global capitalism to global socialism proper.


7   Changing the content and structure of a SO-sociocosmic stopinder (a state organization) is like upgrading an organization.  There is no fixed ‘democratic state’ where all men must accept but here are a few ‘constructions’ you may love your enemy to fall into your trap because you have again being trapped by the urge to stopinder feed.  The same goes to our attitude toward the LA-sociocosmic stopinder.

Some disastrous ‘logical illusions’ could include believing that:


· Centrally planned economy is the same thing as socialism or communism

· Free market is the same thing as capitalism

· Privatization is moving towards capitalism

· Nationalization is moving towards socialism

· Communism is not an individual based system (that is back to the DO-sociocosmic stopinder)

· Private ownership  =  ownership by every one

· USSR becomes CIS  =  collapse of communism

·Communism has already existed and has now collapsed


8   When unlimited wants are becoming more and more satisfied by economic abundance, the want for resolution disappears.  At this stage contradiction did not disappear but rather takes on different forms that are mild.

FA-Octaves Organization Type Exploitation Characteristics
Do Sole Proprietor One-on-others
Re Partnership Some-on-others
Mi Private Limited Some-on-others
Fa Public Limited Some-on-others
* So Cooperatives Organization-on-public
La Privatized/Government-Linked Corp. Organization-on-private/public
Ti State/National Corp. Organization-on-other-state/nations

* So-Workers' Cooperatives where surplus labor is owned and used by the workers themselves democratically for their own benefits without being stolen by any predatory robber-capitalist hidden in cooperatives and without tainted with opium-like quotation mark is the only unique production sociocosmic stopinders dwelling at the MI-FA Interval of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism that is the seed of the real future socialism proper full of real democracy, real freedom, real justice, real equality, real civil liberty, real human rights,  real universal suffrage, real HEIGRENS .......


9   The properties of all become the ownership of one or a monopoly-oligopoly of a few private corporations which have become wealthier than all the wealth of smaller nations combined - repeating a 'feudal emperor ownership' in a modern capitalist paradigm.  This is the ultimate path of the abnormal development of capitalism that destroys sociocosmic harmony.  That is to say, to move closer to the boundary of the SO-sociocosmic stopinder awaiting a qualitative ‘leap’ - and while on transition-in-wait acquires the sociocosmic diseases of imperialism, colonialism, fascism, Nazism, racism and hegemonism as it venture on LA and TI sociocosmic octave waters on the land of the opposing forces from sociocosmic entities belonging to the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave.  The economic forces of capitalist accumulation resemble the natural law of reciprocal feeding by corporate and nationate beings alike to grow abnormally in size like the extinct dinosaurs of the historical biocosmic octave, resulting in sociocosmic imbalances and sickness to final extinction.  These forces already indicate positive evidence of war in doom.


10   When all unlimited wants can be satisfied almost to ‘free of charge’ or at very low and affordable prices and compulsory work is expected from every healthy individual in society and when both the inner and the outer worlds in each individual have fully developed, we have the Utopian Society.  This period that we lived is only a transition period for a possible utopia transformation of mankind ....... But as an ascending sociocosmic octave to perfection there is certainly a descending octave to destruction or destopia.


11   Man’s need for a better society is a natural quest.  The search for an ideal society that satisfies all individuals is inevitable.  Capitalism is not the ultimate societal item sought for in the market because this society implies the existence of a rich class exploiting a poor class, a have oppressing a have-not.  To some capitalism is a chance to become rich.  Capitalism is also dislike (in the essence) by that group of people who have captured enough wealth to maintain the place in the upper and upper middle class because its real present would bring many more competitors.


12   Cultural elements of the feudal-capitalist period, the capitalist-socialist and the socialist-capitalist period swings can be quite different depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the active, the passive and the neutralizing forces, growing and decaying in the ascending and descending passage of sociocosmic forces.


13   Motivation in a capitalist society implies satisfaction due to acquiring tremendous amount of private wealth from a winning quest in the arduous accumulation race amongst the DO, RE, MI and FA sociocosmic stopinders.  Motivation for the working gong-beings seems to rest strongly on higher and higher pay; a fact that we often belittle when we are caught by our own wiseacring paradigms.

The acquisition of more and more factor wealth is a strong want of the FA-stopinder psychology.  The addition of each factor wealth is an addition of a reward tied to satisfaction.  For the few successful ones, the motivation and satisfaction is good.

But universalizing this conception as the ultimate norm for all by ‘democratic’ parties ‘exploitative’ states and ‘upper’ classes as a golden key for human happiness as a whole could only lead to dissatisfaction of the many because the expectation could not be met except for a handful of sociocosmic stopinder beings.

However, the path of acquiring factor wealth, the path of acquiring spiritual prosperity and longevity is a utopia that never seems to arrive but remains a life-long quest by all.


14   The most important point to look at in a sociocosmic being that proclaims itself to be a being-democracy as its essential superstructure is by studying the nature of its:


Type 1. Political democracy

Type 2. Industrial democracy (Ownership-Management democracy or O-M democracy)


The numerous gravity-centers or vote market nests are then created nicely so to say for the three-centered citizenry beings of ripe voting age to, like mother hens, freely laying their precious eggs for capitalist collection and trading besides also securing the bourgeois rights of the vote ownership for further capitalistic wealth accumulation when the voted three-centered beings have become the SO-lau or the LA-lau beings for ministerial administration in the type 1 political democracy but only for short periods of about 5 years. The political cycle then repeats with minimum quantitative and qualitative changes till losing its place in the MI-FA platform to three-centered beings from the TI-DO platform, and always within the historical framework of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism. This capitalistic goals from the MI-FA Interval is not the final goal for humanity-at-large which has its origin from socialism of the TI-DO Interval and because its essence favors a type 2 industrial democracy, and only as such if no three-centered beings from type 1 political democratic essence has coveted underground within the proper forces at the TI-DO Interval.  Humanity-at-large has higher and nobler goals to seek rather than just this belief of a 1 or 2 casino days of gambling and vote trading (frogging) of these political vote assets at the political vote market in hope of using these votes as a means for accumulating more and more remaining economic assets left-overs by the actual oligopolies or modern capitalist emperors and nobles who have already owned most of this economic assets of this peculiar ‘monopoly-capitalist-imperialist-hegemonist-fascist-and-Nazist’ FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism-on-transit-to-Socialism.

Proclaiming political democracy by silencing O-M democracy is a deception, it is a halfway democracy.  The trouble is that not all sociocosmic stopinders can operate as a genuine democratic entity.  It is hard to have a DO-stopinder democracy, a RE-stopinder democracy, and a MI-stopinder democracy.  Of all the FA-stopinders only the co-operative society has a truly real democratic form and is often compromised and manipulated.  Allowing one to vote does not make one rich.  The wealthy remains wealthy, the poor remains poor.  Both wealth and poor play with the game ‘voting’ in a political democracy generally to increase benefits not just for themselves alone but to all their strategic allies.

A participative and collective democracy for ownership-management fairness, which is still at its infantile stage even after some 200 years western democracy, would be the most important subject matter for organizational change.  Man has successfully experimented some of these sample sociocosmic ‘notes’ such as on being-private limited company and being-public limited company, which are popularly wiseacred sociocosmic ‘notes’ delicious to business beings breeding in UK, US and later everywhere in the so-called non-communist countries.  Others include being-cooperatives, being-privatized corporations and public corporations have been wiseacredly discovered during the period of my presence on mother Earth.  Continuous exploration and search along the FA-Octaves of mainstream production-distribution-consumption system at the MI-FA Interval and SO-LA-TI octaves of regulatory organizations at the TI-DO Interval for more useful and better functioning sociocosmic concentrations have been tried by these beings, and they have only discovered their existence based on octave theory or the laws of three and seven.  These beings continue other experiments on their already formed sociocosmic organizations of the inner FA-octave even to the extent of finding a ‘permanent cure’ for the mysterious configuration of laujinggong present in their sociocosmic concentrations.

They experimented with real industrial democracy as a progressive step towards the development of better organizations.  To this day real industrial democracy is still at its infantile primitive stage.  The democratic antidote for the 7 forms of sociocosmic stopinders is never applied uniformly or integratively.  One often finds that the west only applies democracy, only and only for the SO and LA sociocosmic stopinders.  But the beings of Being-Germany, Being-USSR and Being-China dare to experiment real industrial democracy to and on such sociocosmic stopinders as the production-distribution-consumption FA-stopinders and all 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval and also to the unbecoming regulatory SO-LA-TI stopinders reverberating as the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval.

A fair distribution of wealth through a proper system along the sociocosmic octaves which does not lead to continuing domination is a possible solution for this strange sociocosmic musical composition of the sociocosmic octaves.  There are still many sociocosmic beings that come into the world for ‘prosperity’ at the expense of other sociocosmic beings in the sociocosmos and are not willing to part whatever ‘gains’ in the Type 2 Democracy.

Western power-possessing beings are allowing only Type 1 Democracy to be practiced in the area of their dictatorship (by vote).  These countries are called Type 1 democratic countries in that they practice political democracy but not Ownership-Management Democracy.  The Type 2 region is a big question mark (?) to cure its own dis-eases.  Such a sociocosmic being would have to diagnose its own Type 2 region and be more and more democratic about it, instead of drumming and wiseacring only with the word or election known as being-democracy to be the alpha and the omega of everything in the name of liberty, freedom, rights, suffrage, justice and equality while in reality dominates as elite to all sociocosmic beings.

Man examines inflation ultimately to discover the need to control and change it, and yet they must be done under the called name free market.  Making money, becoming rich and competing is the nature of man.  It is as old as the origin of man.  Competition, market economy and profit making are sociocosmic forms, which we chance, called “capitalism”.  Capitalism is a shape, a form.  And like feudalism, socialism, nationalism and communism are emanations from the 7 psychic centers of man and are therefore matterless psyche hydrogens collected and gathered along the sociocosmic field centers forming the lateral sociocosmic octaves.

The situation is equally the same for human behaviors during the great sociocosmic period known as feudalism, except both essence and forms are different. Capitalism is not a human constant claimed by some economist.  It has 1/7 chance of the 7 human historicism for capitalists world-wide to drum it extremely loud.  We have also the individuals, the group, the family, the state, the nation and the world of nations to drum within each human historicism, and each historicism could not last to anywhere about 2,148 years - capitalism along could not last a decan of 716 years.  Capitalism is the emanation psychic thinking when the sociocosmic being is creating its own FA-stopinders as part of its long-term preordained plan from “instructions” flowing from just own psychic hydrogen 3 and 6.  It is a stopover in the adulthood for our sociocosmic beings in the course of reaching the sacred rascooarno (sociocosmic death).  And this emanation is the proper lateral sociocosmic soft coatings indicating the vibrations of all the inner substopinders of the stopinders of our fundamental and lateral sociocosmic octaves.  Feudalism emanations of our fundamental and lateral sociocosmic octaves have outlived its function as most of our MI-stopinders are no longer the active vibration concentration drumming in the fundamental sociocosmic octave.  During the period of my presence on Earth's surface, the feudal mode of production and its superstructure aura become numerous receding and dead branches   still visible and co-existing constitutionally if still alive and as archeological artifacts of the museum if already dead. Feudalism receded to become the docile remnants amongst the powerfully, emerging, stabilizing and replacing capitalist mode of production and its new superstructure aura.  Socialism emanations originated from the SO-stopinder and nationalism originated from the LA-stopinder have been equally active “being-social responsibility drummers” during the same polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism during my presence.


15   Although the reciprocal destruction of feudalism of the fundamental MI octave, capitalism of fundamental FA octave, socialism of the fundamental SO octave and the two nationalism and internationalism of the fundamental LA and TI octaves respectively could not claim any victory over one another, one could still sense an ascending active presence of this 7 psychic centers emanations upward trending.  This is because the great sociocosmic being is still perfecting all its MI, FA, SO, LA and TI stopinders, and has not been able to consolidate and harmonize its inner stopinder-gravity-centers’ vibration, and each leading to just these sorry civil wars, revolutions, counter-revolutions, patriotic wars and world wars.


16   Man’s most powerful weapon to release death forces along the MI-FA Interval of our cosmic octave is the nuclear bombs and all weapons capable of mass destruction including chemical, genetic and virus weapons.  Nuclear activities are equivalent to sun’s activities.  More nuclear activities means more ‘sun materials’ on earth a tendency to transform earth to sun, so to say.  The sociocosmos appears to be in-charged of this changing of the earth to sun or the earth is showing itself through some weak spots in the sociocosmos that crave for more and more nuclear power.

If the sociocosmic activities continue and behave in this manner, we could only conclude an ascending octave for our Ray of Creation.  We do not know when the descending octave would occur.


17   Configuration of organizational Laujinggong in the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at MI-FA Interval in the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism is shown below:


Configuration of organizational Laujinggong in the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at MI-FA Interval in the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism


(Sole Proprietorship)

Very lau centered laujinggong; non-electional lau



Electional at lau; a divided lau center leads to more friction; employment from jing to gong

(Private Limited Company)

Formal laujinggong structure with separation of conflicts; electional at lau; appointment or employment at jing; employment at gong


(Public Limited Company)

Formal laujinggong with an inner separation of lau into an externalized shareholders and internalized Board of Directors (dongs); electional lau; appointment and employment at jing; employment at gong



Democratic based laujinggong/ dongjinggong/
with industrial democracy or electional laujinggong with quotation mark often disguised as gongjingdong; employment at gong; natural presence of economic equality and fairness from within; can be very different from one or another here and there.


(Privatized/GL Corporation)

Formal type lau(dong)jinggong; appointment and/or semi-electional at lau/dong and jing; employment at jing and lau; a potential source for corruption


(State/National corporation)

Formal type laujinggong; also called dongjinggong as the means of production is owned by the state/nation but controlled by the capitalists; appointment and/or semi-electional at lau /dong; appointment or employment at jing; employment at gong


18   Would you launch a business unit into the sociocosmos or a satellite into the cosmos?  The business organization resembles a sociocosmic egg that would grow out of itself into one of the FA-sociocosmic beings.

A political organization is also one such sociocosmic being.  These sociocosmic beings are again grouped into a system that we called an industry and the various being-industries are integrated into a total system.  The state is just one such system that regulates all the sociocosmic stopinders in all the industries.


19   Privatization is very attractive to the DO, the FA and the SO beings because the selling of what is easily got from the public is a strategic opportunity to the expansion of stopinder wealth.  A windfall of stopinderable public property awaits the hungry and aggressive FA-beings to take their bite.  The method of ‘stealing’ is highly sophisticated and highly white.  Once you get a piece of gold after denying the right of others, you will treasure it and use it to create wealth for yourself, but alas, poverty and dependency still looms due to scarcity.  On the surface and at the initial phase it creates some commotion and healthy competition of public ‘theft’.  But finally it creates non-cooperation, jealously, revenge, murder, and revolution when polarization of people becomes antagonistic.  We thus repeat history again over a piece of cake. Privatization going out of hand causes history to repeat.

Whether there is abundance or not at all levels of production and over-production, the psyche of three-brained beings does not guarantee wants to have limits although abundance of needs is fully qualitatively and quantitatively satisfied for the future history of man!


20   Both capitalism and socialism (and the industrial revolution) are disintegrating activities for the earth’s organic life and its crust.  Their cosmic function is to liberate some ‘substance’ to the sun, the moon and other nearby ‘stars’.  We do not know exactly why we exploit everything on earth merciless.  It appears as if there is a Mysterious Invisible Cosmic Hand directing man’s activities through the sociocosmic instrumentality of capitalism and socialism under such stopinders’ pursuits as profit-maximization, economic growth, win-win and wealth accumulation under the disguise of the invisible hand of the capitalist markets and opposed by the visible hand of the socialist markets.  The ultimate cosmic purpose is to help in the cosmic process of releasing some energies to various concentrations above and below the cosmic octave.  There are too much life forces trapped in the organic film which have to be released and dispatched to the moon.

We utilize economic and management theories as an arrangement to help in the rapid release of these locked up energies.  These theories are cosmic buffers to lessen the shocks on labor extraction when management hastens the rapid release of energies.  Neither management nor labor knows how to prevent this comic release-plan in accordance with the octave principles.  When management and labor collaborate, ‘nature’ is forced to liberate the askokin (a type of being psyche hydrogen needed by certain cosmic concentrations for evolving their own living beings).  When management and labor clash resulting in police and military intervention further release of askokin from humans takes place in what we call wars be it business or otherwise, according to the Principle of Reciprocal Destruction.  The buttons of detonation of a political-military complex is also the cosmic button of the consequence of the operation of reciprocal destruction for a rapid release of askokin to the moon from any of the hot spots of mother Earth.  Bilateral agreements of the nation-states embolden the nation groups and the cosmic factors easily tricks them into regional wars.


21   Privatization is an expression of the active operation of the sociocosmic feeding process by the lower stopinders (that of FA-beings) on what is present in the body of the SO-being or distribution of the feed to the member of the SO-stopinder as they move to become beings in the FA-sociocosmic octave.  Like any other delicacies, dressings are essential for the food to look and taste good.  So wiseacring theories, excuses and propaganda are mandatorily vital (when a being or class of beings saw its chance) to lubricate the process of sociocosmic feeding.  However, the aids to the Fa-sociocosmic stopinder need not be morally unethical.  You need to breed aggressive FA-sociocosmic beings to assist in the ‘sure’ win battle with all other FA-sociocosmic beings in the world.

The much accursed world today is due chiefly to 'corporatization' or making into private ownership or private profiting business control or private production of everything possible predatorily stolen from the resource components present in the SO, LA and even TI sociocosmic stopinders - the most valuable resource is the extremely cheap labor from the criminals contracted from the states to be fully exploited at the primitive and slavery level by law, nay more and as far as possible no death sentence should be imposed otherwise, this cheap labor could not be enjoyed for predatory private profit.  The industrial-prison complex might turn out to be a very big lucrative profitable corporate business.

Beings who fail to acquire a portion of the commonwealth soon find themselves and their generation moving down the sociocosmic wealth scale rather bitterly.  The power-possessing beings soon find themselves ascending the sociocosmic hierarchy bringing along the package of ego, happiness, vanity and arrogance in their psychological bag.

How do these power-possessing stopinder nations such as Being-USA and Being-USSR conduct their accursed process of "reciprocal" destruction of the enemies?

Unilateral /Self-Justification

A Nation
1. Use the most destructive weapon as threats
2. Attack wherever and whenever the time is ripe
3. Use defense as a means and excuse to build up military might
4. Work towards enemies' self-disintegration

An Enemy Nation 
A Thousand-Tongues
Sing songs; play guitar as if everything is fine; bribe the mass media; diplomacy; manipulate information, manipulate social media, etc.



22   The declining FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism breeding within the period 1788 AD to 2148 AD, where its gravity-center has  reached the TI-stopinder level for capitalistic-essence hegemony within the internal sociotechnocosmic octaves of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being on mother Earth's surface is now very sick full of inner irresolvable crises and facing extinction, the rascoorno of this historical sociocosmic species - GDP/GNP decline, global inflation, global unemployment, GINI severe inequality, deflation, recession, depression, hybrid wars, imperialism, colonialism, fascism, Nazism, hegemonism, and etcetera.  In its last throes of death, it is nuclear-heated up like Godzilla infecting all its sociocosmic stopinders within its capitalistic network and system in wait of final extinction and/or explosion at its critical mass point, now ripe to be transformed and is transforming into the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism (2148 AD - 2864 AD).  Now capital/value hegemonistically controlled by the LAlau/TIlau beings of America and her lower and upper satellites, propelled by the merciless, immoral, covetous, aggressive, predatory, exploitative three-centered corporates (at the MI-FA Interval) spearheaded by their frontline three-centered nationates (at the TI-DO Interval), feeding and eating all big and small, strong and weak nations (LAs) and nation-blocs (TIs) is reluctant to transform into sociopital/value headed by the LAdong(gong)/TIdong(gong) of China and her lower and upper satellites now propelled by the three-centered collectivites/"Coops" (at the MI-FA Interval) and spearheaded by the SNUN gongjingdong regulators (at the TI-DO Interval).  This long-term protracted battles between the predatory-hegemon capitalist and the sharing-common socialist modes production-distribution-consumption (economic systems) on mother Earth's surface will continue until the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism dominates the world and certain with numerous mechanical sleeps-of-man (quantitative electional motion) and non-mechanical awakes-of-man (qualitative revolutionary motion) along the development of this Great Sociocosmic Being before dominance and after dominance.






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