Volume 142       March 30, 2021


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views: Further Records or Book 23,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho, Article 14, Topic: "The Genesis of the Hethormen Being Called Man"



Article 14, Topic:


There is a genesis of hethormen (Head-Thorax-Abdomen) in the formation of man beings through trioctave materialist scientific and philosophic principles, and it begins thus.  It all began and continues to re-begin in an almost perpetual biocosmic cycle each time a successful conception of the sperm and the ovum during an intercourse between members of the opposite sex in the trialectics of man and woman.

From the fertilized egg through its microscopic odyssey a blastocyst, to an embryo and to complete fetus by mitosis (cell division) based on the Principle of Three that gives rise to 3 fundamental layers of stopinderating stem cells; each might not look different initially but soon becomes 3 different compartments and certainly have different functions and roles, namely, as gravity-centers for digesting the three being-foods from the external world later  .  In this microscopic odyssey, there are 2 critical stages to exit from the 2  ‘houses’ – the blastocyst needs to get out or free itself from the ‘zona pellucida’ or egg shell (blastocyst’s 1st house) to survive as an individual being by implanting and feeding with its placenta on the foods that come from the blood of the mother’s uterus. Then the long gestation period of 9 months or so for the creation and perfecting of a baby which must get out or free itself from the mother’s womb (baby’s 2nd house) into the outside world to continue the individual odyssey as a three-story human being.

We shall begin from microscopic odyssey of the blastocyst for this purpose for our understanding of the genesis of hethormen based on the action of the 3 principles or Law of Three, and a wee bit of Law of Octave for mere mention.


At the beginning of gestation which is the process of forming and perfecting the embryo and its placenta after the exit of the blastocyst which has now lodged deep into the uterine wall of the mother, the blastocyst (as embryo now) creates 2 oblong bubbles (1st and 2nd forces) one on top of the other.  Sandwiched between them is a thin layer of cells (3rd force).  These are the cells that one day may become a baby.  Then some cells begin moving towards the center.  Then they dive downwards creating a new lower layer. More cells plunge through squeezing in between forming a third layer.  Only 3 fundamental layers are formed due to a general model of the Law of Three.  The cells in the 3 layers may not look different but for each layer a very different future lies ahead.  The lower cells are destined to form structures like the lung, liver and the lining of the digestive tract. The middle layer will form the heart, muscles, bones and blood.  And the top layer will create the nervous system including the spinal cord and the brain as well as the outer covering of the skin and eventually, hair.

Gradually, the 3 layers become the cause and the source for the arising of the 3 compartments of a baby and thus the human hethormen being is formed with the head, thorax and the abdomen intact – all integrated by the model of the Law of Three .  Man is therefore a three-storied human hethormen being!

The  embryo is formed and is perfecting into a fetus according to the code of command of the genes which comes from the male as well as the female and through a complicated genetic process - the creation and perfection continues into a complete functioning and function-able baby.  Cells, tissues and organs communicate and talk psychically as if having 'it's and 'I's modeling with instinctive consciousness, chemically, physically and socially within the developing systems, the systems of which are subjected to the general Laws of Octave.  As to this 'it's and ‘I’s modeling, cells communicate psychically or spiritually with one another even ‘socially’ or within the context of a ‘sociocosmic octave of cells’.  Cells seem to ‘know’ from genes, and genes from ‘being psyche hydrogens’ or ‘elementary particles’.

The cells, the tissues and the organs which then continue to become the chemical factories as their role to produce hormones with ‘cosmic properties’ to regulate the coordination of all organs through the 8 regulatory systems of a fully functioning human being in an enneagrama.

Within a miracle short period of 9 months from the perfecting of this human hethormen being in the mother's womb, embryo's 2nd house, the millions of years of the historical odyssey of evolution and involution of the specific type of hethormen beings of the biocosmic octave from the vermes (Do), the insecta (Re), the pisces (Mi), the amphibia (Fa), the reptilia (So), the aves (La) and the mammalia (Ti) that has been remembered, genetically coded and stored in the DNA/RNA is quickly retraced, released and rapidly "pass over" in the womb of the mother - about a month allocated for each specific type of hethormen being. By the time this hethormen being frees itself from the mother's womb it has become a truly subspecies baby Homo sapiens sapiens of a TI-hethormen three-storied and three-brained (cerebrum, cerebellum and spinal brain) human baby being.  With a little quantitative and minor evolutionary qualitative changes or alteration, also in accordance to the fundamental law of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice versa, the baby (Do) changes into an altered biocosmic cum sociocosmic child (Re), an adolescent (Mi), a youth (Fa), an adult (So), a matured adult (La) and a final old person (Ti) within a period of about 80 years.

The Human Hethromen Beings on mother Earth's surface (the last womb) is their 3rd house

Gathering technocosmic energies and developing sociotechnocosmic octaves with an inner coded laujinggong triad sociocosmic shock absorber

These biocosmic cum sociocosmic human hethormen beings soon acquire technocosmic energies, subject to technocosmic trioctave laws and are able to create many technocosmic beings for his fundamental sociocosmic octave and all its lateral sociocosmic stopinders. All of them finally gather at their MI-FA Intervals the necessary triad sociocosmic shock absorbers (Dikongnong, Laujinggong and Donjinggong) for their sociocosmic beings and the necessary triad technocosmic shock absorbers (passenger-driver-engine (padrigine) or driver-engine-carriage (driengcriage)) technocosmic beings or machine hethormen (padrigine) beings especially during the FA-SO-LA-TI Laujinggong/Dongjinggong historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism which is also the current 3rd house of this human hethormen being after leaving the 1st house in its zygote/blastocyst form and entering the 2nd house in its embryo/fetus form and leaving it as a baby/adult human hethormen being in its earlier odyssey.  Death would be the last stage after leaving this 3rd house - the mother Earth's surface and in the womb of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being. Also included are those diad and triad sociocosmic shock aborbers of the earlier historical periods of Tougeng DO-historicism of Primitive Commun(al)ism, Zhunu RE-historicism of Ancient Slavery Society and of Dikongnong MI-historicism of Feudalism. The being psyche-hydrogens or cosmic properties so formed are sociogenetically and technogenetically encoded in the biocosmic brains of the human hethormen being or modern man also for the purpose of shortening this long historical periods or historical odyssey of some 6000+ years of "human civilizations" into this same 9 months period in the womb.  Each new homo sapiens sapiens or modern man once born is able in a very short period of time, independent of their will made-to-enrol for a sociotechnogenetic information training and rehearsal,  for their oskiano or contemporary education that could quickly, retraced, released and rapidly "pass over" efficiently in the full 18 years period of oskiano or education in the institutional womb of the oskianic or the so-called educational institutions of our time - in order to quickly prepare these young human hethormen beings upon graduation to successfully handle and manage the existing sociotechnocosmic base and superstructure that has been created by their ancestors on mother Earth's surface en masse.

That the experiences gained in the course of handling and managing these base and superstructure of the FA/FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism might later re-enter into the sociotechnogenetic code in these human hethormen being to continue the same base and superstructure of the same historical period(s) or from it arises a revolutionary new human hethormen being for designing, architecting, handling and managing a new future base and superstructure of the SO/DO-Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism.

Man's Anatomical and Physiological Enneagram


The head houses mainly the nervous system at the TI-DO Interval (Point 0/9) which has its main gravity-center of biocosmic vibration called the brains (Cerebrum and Cerebellum) and it eats impressions (light, sound, odor, taste, touch and other perceptions and receptions); the thorax houses the respiratory system at the “SO-LA Interval” (Point 6) which has its main gravity-center of biocosmic vibration called the lungs and it eats air (mainly for oxygen); and the abdomen houses the digestive system at the MI-FA Interval (Point 3) which has its main gravity-center of biocosmic vibration called the alimentary canal and it eats ordinary solid foods and water.  Putting the three together gives a truly head-thorax-abdomen being – a human Hethormen Being.

Now concerning what goes on with the 3 being-foods intake at points 0/9, 3 and 6 and the digestion or the refinement of our foods' cosmic properties or psyche hydrogens. The solid or ordinary food octave (do 768) are refined into finer and finer being psyche hydrogens in the course of digestion, and this digestion is not just our contemporary scientists digestion of the physical solid food but also a refinement of being-psyche hydrogens in the food itself, for which these being-psyche hydrogens are shocked at mi 192 (1st shock) by do 192 from the air octave and shocked again at ti 12 by mi 12 from the impression octave (2nd shock) and so 12 again from the air octave for the 2nd time.  In the reproductive system, psyche hydrogens ti 12 fuse with portions of psyche hydrogen so 12 and mi 12 to form a real triadic organic being with 'mental-feeling-physical' potentials - mental potential from mi 12, feeling potential from so 12 and physical potential from ti 12. This triadic organic being is either a haploid gamete (yin ovum) if the source being is a female  or a haploid gamete (yang sperm) if the source being is a male. During mating when sperm enters unfertilized ovum, a fusion process or meiosis takes place that complete in a few days where a diploid fertilized ovum or zygote is formed. The zygote then through mitosis changes into a being called 'blastocyst' with a 'placenta' to be attached to the mother's womb to eat from there psyche hydrogens and other nutrients present in the blood of the mother like an accepted alien. Later to grow into a fully matured fetus in about 9 months ready to leave the mother as a newborn baby that must soon discard its ‘placenta’, eat air food and process its nutrients for its own survival.  This baby is either a yin type (female) or a yang type (male) and might be a future in-between yin-yang proportional or disproportional sharing type of hethormen human being if yin and yang forces did not separate strongly in him.

In this trialectics of man and woman, a quantitative repeat newborn baby (do of the next quantitative repeat of the same cycle) and also after hundreds of thousands of years, a revolutionary  transformed new type of newborn baby species will soon begin from the same lineage.  The cycle continues .....



Before the genesis of the human hethormen beings, witnessed many other hethormen beings in a long historical evolutionary process and subject to inner genetic principles of much quantitative and statistical discoveries of our contemporary genetic scientists and engineers after having formed the ‘being-psyche hydrogens of quantitative analysis’ also from their foods consumption and refinement of cosmic properties in them.

The essence of vermes (Do) of the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental geocosmic octave enters into the biocosmic exoskeletal hethormen insecta (Re) [which separate into the  insecta radiations to serve pollination function to the higher plantae beings or the plants of the 1st lateral geocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval] into the biocosmic endoskeletal animalia hethormen  beings of the 2nd lateral geocosmic octave - fishes (Mi); the essence of fishes enters into the amphibians (Fa); the essence of the amphibians enters into the reptiles (So); the essence of the reptiles enters into the avians (La); the essence of the avians enters into the mammals (Ti); the essence of the mammals enters into the Homo sapiens through qualitative changes and after undergoing gradual transformation from Australopithecus (3.5 million years ago) through the Homo halibis, Homo ergaster, Homo erectus, Neanderthal and all the way along the biocosmic journey to the ultimate Homo sapiens, the development of the Homo sapiens changes quantitatively with minor qualitative changes till today and finally to the last Ti-form (subspecies) of which is the Homo sapiens sapiens (Modern Man), the Human Hethormen Being.

Other Hethormen Beings

Each and every one of these  other dear hethormen beings also, like the human hethormen beings, continue to eat regularly  their peculiar sacred 3 being-foods, namely, ordinary solid or liquid food, air and impressions to keep their enneagrams living.

The Human Hethormen Being


Modern scientific nomenclature, classification and structure of the three-brained and three-story hethormen human being:


Familia: Hominidae
Subfamilia: Homininae
Tribus: Hominini
Subtribus: Hominina
Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens sapiens

Anterior view of human female and male with labels

Posterior view of human female and male, without labels


Thus the genesis of the hethormen being called man is explained and revealed through these scientific cum philosophic trioctave materialist principles.






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