Volume 139       January 15, 2021


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Principles of the Logico-psychophilosophical Method in its Application to Problems of the Real World", March 1982 - September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section E: 'On Being-Religion' pp. 134 ~ 140)




(Revised on January 15, 2021)


1   Religion is the womb which brings forth an esoteric child.  As in accordance with the law, the esoteric child has ultimately to detach from the womb.  The slow birth of the esoteric child may render it unable to detach from it.  Even if it is born it will still need the milk from its mother, and so it is not able to separate from her. 


2   It, religion, is an emotional lesson, an exercise of the mental, the heart and the action postures - a perfect set of spiritual cake.  Deep in it are the weal and woe of an infantile conscious labor and intentional suffering being who is an easy prey to the unscrupulous exploiters around while in pursuit of the promised land of blessings and grace often implanted by the same unscrupulous exploiters.  The religious exploiters such as the politicians, the economists, the pseudo-religious teachers, etcetera, could easily take advantage of you, use you for their benefit and even use you for war.  If you do not want to fall into their trap ....... Be awake always!


3   Real Buddhism like all other real Piscean religions and Aquarius ideologies too is a map, a blueprint of emotional, intellectual and motor postural map originated from ancient time.  Following this map, fine matters in us can be transformed accordingly into a material-psychic system of the higher orders which eventually created the sacred individuals. In order TO BE, the process requires separation of oneself from oneself many times over our own inner layers of materiality.

We must be able to be outside each layer of materiality as we ascend to enable separation of oneself from one's own havatvernonian Self to be able truly To Be the real sacred individual and not just those personality “saints”, “priests”, “monks”, “imans”, “gurus”, “achans”, … etc. who can only depend on titles  to continue their dubious path.  They learn like parrots where their voices are just imitations.  Following them you will be misled sooner or later.


4   A religion is a button which can cause the rich to be less greedy.  It can ensure a flow of money out of their pockets to help the poor.  But the rich needs a greater return from such a help – and unlikely to be money but for a more terrible hidden sinister plot.


5   The bourgeoisie, besides having many other private businesses, also builds and organizes such religious institutions to hide some of the dirty work of their businesses.  Charity is often a cover-up.  Mind you they are part and parcel of a strategic marketing plan in action.  Often, it is a compensating balance between the ethical and the unethical business.  The directors and managers who do not own the means of production stand in between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and become the double-headed religious and ideological preachers in the famous laujinggong configuration and in accord with the general law of three.  It is of my opinion such objective phenomenon is a motivated one.  It is a misleading factor for which havatvernonis or religions are the tools.


6   Didn't you notice that even the heads of various secular institutions who have enrolled themselves in the religious institutions and have become active through them soon realize that they have become mere functioning appendages of their higher ranking the monks?  Didn't you notice the different powers in the hierarchy soon dissatisfied these people and lead to power struggle causing occasion social perturbations?  They have become the main agents of many of the disagreements, conflicts, mishaps, coup and revolutions?  Become culprits themselves?


7   People's thoughts are likely to be conditioned by the phenomenon of group thinking which is common to most socialization.  An organizational-inclined religion concentrating on social expansion soon becomes sociocosmic in nature and would exhibit more societal characteristics as the sociocosmic laws of three and seven already act through it.  [This is a point not direct from Gurdjieff, It is a description about our thought as a reflection of our real actual social being where the sociocosmic law of three and seven have already acted on us not as an individual alone but rather a social being as we really are.  The wonders of all the social institutions today is due to the work of these two basic laws together with their huge supportive families of superstructures, and whose source of power is derived from the laboring productive forces of man himself.]


8   Some 7,000 years ago, a psycho-solar system from the zodiac constellations of the Aries and then the Pisces, known as religion descended and dwelled in the three enters of man, and regularly controls and sometimes even enslaves him.  This system, like all other psycho-sociosystem, has been truly active for quite some time creating numerous sacred individuals before losing its cosmic influence after their demise as our Earth enters the zodiac constellation of Aquarius in wait of new Aquarius sacred individuals.


9   Religion is a hypnotizing dance.  Like any art of black magic-in-white, it is learnt and transmitted.  Through training and exercise, you perfect the horn.


10   Even religions are tree branches for monkeys to dwell and play games.  They may even come to a point whereby they will refuse to leave the branches absolutely for an unknown fear.  Recognize your ‘I’s all the time and everywhere especially when they, like these monkeys, perch on one of these religious branches.


11   Differentiate between a religion with exploitative motives and the one without them.  To a business person, religion is but the useful art of spiritual opiating of the minds of the exploited workers for monetary gains.  Preaching and praying imposed are but the art of imposed self-calming of the nervous system of the unsuspecting victims.  They cultivate one’s unquestionable submission to the exploitative above, increase productive obedience and enrich the wicked private few through the instrumentation of the private ownership law ultimate looting of the surplus wealth from the natural and common ownership pool.


12   A snake temple, properly so-called the snake house, is a way of rearing such and such beings which is no different from the rearing of beings known as chicken in my own backyard.  The mystical husk of religion is but expressions of visions through the instrumentation of a snake temple.  Other religio-beings could include tortoises, being-idols, old trees, rocks and mystical objects.


13   Gods create and are created, whether plural or singular......


The Gurdjieff's Points:


  1. Many existing forms of religious and spiritual tradition on Earth had lost connection with the original meaning and vitality of the real sacred individual and so could no longer serve humanity in the way that had been intended at their inception.

  2. Humans were failing to realize the truths of ancient teachings and were instead becoming more and more like automatons, susceptible to control from outside and increasingly capable of otherwise unthinkable acts of mass psychosis  such as world war I & II, cold wars with the USSR and the recent hybrid wars with China.  Irresponsibly and hasnamussianly implanting fake news to the sleep-wake many through social medias and the internet in the sinister hope of producing automatic mass psychosis leading to countless deaths........

  3. The current surviving sects and schools are mostly meso- or exoteric and could only provide a one-sided development which could not produce a fully integrated human being.


The Gurdjieff Quotes:


  1. The greatest untold story is the evolution of God.

  2. Conscious faith is freedom. Emotional faith is slavery.  Mechanical faith is foolishness.

  3. Awakening begins when a man realizes that he is going nowhere and does not know where to go.

  4. The crowd neither wants nor seeks knowledge, and the leaders of the crowd, in their own interests, try to strengthen its fear and dislike of everything new and unknown.  The slavery in which mankind lives is based upon this fear.

  5. A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually dead.  It is unfortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it.  If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.

  6. If you meditate and the Devil comes, make the Devil meditate.

  7. You can never awaken using the same system that put you to sleep in the first place.  [Commentary: This system that can ever put you to sleep in the first place is always your special system that you have been unaware of.  so you will always be put to sleep again and again till the day when your miracle shock of awareness happens. If you can ever able to use it then it will become the aware and known shock that will gradually bring you out from this sleep.  It is also at this point that you can begin your Work-On-Self ........]

  8. Real love is a cosmic force which goes through us.  If we crystallize it, it beomes the greatest power in the world.

  9. If a man could understand all the horror of the lives of ordinary people who are turning around in a circle of insignificant interests and insignificant aims, if he could understand what they are losing, he would understand that there can only be one thing that is serious for him - to escape from the general law, to be free.  What can be serious for a man in prison who is condemned to death?  Only one thing: How to save himself, how to escape; nothing else is serious.






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