Volume 137       December 6, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 1 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "New Trends in Dialectical Philosophy, Economic Forces in Society, Natural Sciences and Philosophy of Nature",  March 1972 ~ June 1973 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section B, C, D, E, F & G: "On Arts, Music, Drama and Dance; On Religions, Beliefs, Superstition and Values; On Understanding, Mental-Affective and Psychomotor Logics; On Psyche, Higher Dimensions and the Inner World; On Thoughts and Reflections; On Mathematical Logic" pp. 51 ~ 59)





1   The musical forms of a social class flow in a dialectical manner in line with its essence.  For a proletariat in the early twentieth century, it has a revolutionary character.  Music like other cultural forms, as Lenin puts it, “….... is like cogs and wheels for revolution”.


2   What is beauty, what is moral and what is culture?   These follow an inevitable law of nature, the law of antecedence.


3   Wagnerism:

The Theory of Richard Wagner regarding music drama, are exemplified in the construction and rendition of this own works.  Its chief point, especially that in which it differs from the method of the old Italian composers of opera, is its abundant use of the let motif for cumulative dramatic effect and its insistence on the equal participation of music, both vocal and orchestral, poetry, scenic effect, and dramatic actions, no one of these being subordinate.


4   Class-music is inevitable in a class society.  The place of music is not neutral it must fall into its bipolar relationship – proletarian music or the bourgeois music.  Extreme polarization of music ends up with the third force of neutralization taking a dominant position as a societal force in the world of music.




1   That fellow who creates God can also create god out of science.  The religious interpretation of science is the direct opposite of the materialist interpretation of science.  Yet they can be teaching the same thing in essence without using the same set of words.  Moving into their esotericity, one often sees the same in them.

“Religion must not be allowed to command science; science must be allowed to command religion.  Religion is higher superstition believing always within the spell of the unknown"


2   In the name of religion or God, the evangelists form themselves a class, stopinder and consequently engage themselves in class struggle because of opposition.  Religion is by no means capable of becoming “neutral” even if it wishes or hopes so.  It gets tossed about useful to the struggling forces.

Religion, utterly born of uncertainty and fear of all kinds, therefore, cannot exist without God as the source of reference.  God cannot exist without religion, the social foundation for the existence of God.  Religion, lacking an understanding or knowledge of the laws which govern the development of matter, finds it impossible to escape from the mystery of the universe and of life.  The scientific analysis of the objective existence of religion in a society shows that religion is not only having social functions and roots, but also having origins, development and extinction.  Religion will disappear under the higher phase of the development of society, and become just name.  Once the mental development of man has historically reaches a level sufficient for the conclusion of the impossibility of the existence of god, once this level is attained, the Darwinian struggle for survival of religion will come to an end – for it just disappear into something else.  The doctrine bearer becomes the museum specimen in history, and they become the synthesis for the terrorism, oppression and revenge caused by their own psychology of hate.  In a word, shall be buried in the “Ancient World”.  Religion the betrayal of “God”, must bear the punishment form “Him.”   (May 11, 1973)


3   By observation, mathematics is created and then the declaration that mathematics “creates” the external phenomena.  As “God geometrizes the material world just as the material world creates God.”  Religion, metaphysics and idealism had confused mankind for millions of years.  And it is still causing confusion today.  Matter is external, it has always existed; it has no beginning and nor end.  Its changes, that is, forms of matter change in a dialectical manner.  Religion, Metaphysics and Idealism are temporary forms of matter perform by human brains in a particular historical period.  Our epoch is the epoch whereby religion, metaphysics and Idealism have reached its dialectical leaping point, after so many years of quantitative changes – from less developed spiritualism to religion and metaphysics and to idealism.  Idealism is the last stage of the development of the Idea.  Idea includes metaphysics, religions, and the like.  The study of the mind has yet to complete, and you will see more discovery in future.




1   To understand is to integrate impressions from outside of our body that have been processed into finer hydrogens of the thinking, feeling and moving centers.  Projections, images, concepts, subsequent feelings, thoughts and inner efforts are some of the essential forms that emerge in the course of this integration process.

A book generally should not be assumed to consist of meanings – the meanings are in our mind.  When we read a book we always project its content in the mind.  Nevertheless, the book itself is but a material object and the mind is the active worker.  The understanding must come from the real mind.


2   There are 3 octaves to knowledge formation

1.   Inward and upward flowing sense knowledge

a) Isolated

b) Abstract

c) Combination (observation) – concrete or perceptual knowledge

2.    Inner conceptual knowledge 

a) Concrete knowledge leaps to conceptual knowledge

b) The stage of theory

c) The reflection of reflected

3.    Downward and outward flowing of applicative knowledge

a) Directed knowledge with ‘I’s moving away from the center

b) Systematic and planned knowledge enters body mechanics at the body periphery

c) Interactive changes to the outside world

Physical domain of occurrence: Brain functions

a) Neural activities in motor nerves

b) Neural activities in the brains

c) Psychological activities

The 3 fundamental knowledge octaves is a real process.  A confused man often passes only abstract, isolated knowledge of nature.  The method which I have used to study in my Upper Sixth school days is not wrong.  It is slow because I was not exam orientated.




1   It is a common error of shallow thinkers to take for granted that nature is simply “dead” objects or living beings for man to manipulate with and that to change it depends on our will, our likes and dislikes.  They have made the same mediocre mistake and have quite forgotten that it is these external objects that trick and toy their wills, their likes and dislikes.  Undoubtedly, the human activities directed towards external objects will inevitably bring about changes to nature and to man.  An apple and a man are two cosmoses of matter fill with different psyche.  When the man eats the apple, the apple changes its form and gradually it is no longer an apple.  But the man himself also undergoes changes, notably in his weight, his psychic experience, perception and quality.


2   Good absorbers of radiant heat are also good emitters of radiant heat.  Black bodies are good absorbers of heat.  This simply means that it has a high capacity of absorbing all the heat energy that strikes it.  Although its electrons vibrate, they have not blocked the photon or the electromagnetic waves entry or exit.  They are always good emitters of electromagnetic waves (radiant waves)


3   The natural processes of nature, man, society and the universe also continue into the brains.  Elements from the environment, whether it has already existed or is in formation, enter the brain as impressions and experienced as reflections.  The reflected contains the many ideas, the many theories, the many measures, the many plans, etc. or in short, conceptions.  The reflection (as explained by Marx in The German Ideology) to me is the reflected – according to my essay on “refection”. (On nervo-reflectant-clarification)  A non-nervo-reflectant activated superstructure needs not necessary disintegrate on its own accord.  Its disintegration has its cause in some other development of some other nervo-reflectant activities.  Nervo-reflectant is made up of hydrogens of impressions and some degrees of refinement.


4   All that is external is to an organic being specifically, material being generally, must appear in a particular manner to the said being that is reflecting.  This means that all material beings, be it organic beings or material objects, have the ability to reflect all that is external to them.


5   Light can be transformed into mass and vice-versa.  Light and matter were initially seen as not connected, not convertible under the Law of Conservation of Energy and Matter.  But Einstein observes this law.  Both are forms of energy and inter-convertible.  Consciousness or the spirit, the minds or gods or God should follow this fundamental law too!  None is located outside because everything is inside including all outsides!  Empty spaces is inside, time and eternity are just inside.

Light can be transformed into mass and vice-versa.  Light and matter were initially seen as not connected, not convertible under the Law of Conservation of Energy and Matter.  But Einstein observes this law.  Both are forms of energy and inter-convertible.  Consciousness or the spirit, the minds or gods or God should follow this fundamental law too!  None is located outside because everything is inside including all outsides!  Empty spaces is inside, time and eternity are just inside.




1   The causes of development of organic being (including thinking) and the universal is in a dialectical manner.  Confusion is the result of contradiction within one’s thinking process.

A reflection is not equal to a reflected. A reflection is transformed into the reflected, but the reflected is not transformed into reflection directly but indirectly, through our activities to change and bring about new forms of matter which again is the source of new reflections.  And the process goes on and on.  New reflection need not necessarily comes from our activities but it can and always has been from the activities of other forms of matter.

Thought and reflected.  Thought is a category, a member, of the reflected.




1   Mathematical logic consists of:

   1.  Reductio ad absurdum

2.  Law of contradiction

3.  Law of exclude middle

4.  Commutative Laws

     a)  Commutative law for addition : a + b = b + a

     b)  Commutative law for multiplication : a * b = b * a

5.  Associative Laws

     c)   Associative law for addition : ( a + b ) + c = a + ( b + c )

     d)   Associative law for multiplication : ( a * b ) * c = a * ( b * c )

6.  Distributive Laws

     e)   Distributive law for multiplication over additon : a * ( b + c ) = ( a * b ) + ( b * c )

7.  Propositional function & non-propositional form

8.  Topology

9.  Negation


11. Set theory

12. Logicist concept of Mathematics

13. Intuitionist concept of Mathematics

14. Formalist’s concept of Mathematics

15. Postulate

16. The mathematical concept called Entropy


2   There is a direct correlation between mathematics and the physical world around us.  All mathematics are mirrors of this world.



(An Extract from Real World Views, Book 22, Chapter 3, Section E, pp.127-129)


1   Why in the enneagram calculation 3/3 and 7/7 are not expressed as 1 but rather, they are expressed as 0.999999?

It is a mathematician’s choice to express in a way that can reveal certain truths in the sequence.  Six decimal places are needed show all the number differences in the decimal presentation.

Laws Fractional Presentation Decimal Presentation Enneagram Numbers
Law 1/3 0.333333 3
of 3 2/3 0.666666 6
  3/3 0.999999 9
Law 1/7 0.142857 142857
of 7 2/7 0.285714 285714
  3/7 0.428571 428571
  4/7 0.571428 571428
  5/7 0.714285 714285
  6/7 0.857142 857142
  7/7 0.999999 9
Take note that the 1st number after the decimal is the same as the number in the numerator of the fraction, for example:
0.1     (Re) 
  0.2     (Mi)
  0.3      Comes from the law of three
  0.4     (Fa)
0.5     (Sol or So)
  0.6      Comes from the law of three
  0.7     (La)
  0.8     (Si or Ti)
  0.9      Comes from the law of three

Enneagram Numbers Expressed in the Enneagram Symbol.

The law of 7 is the law of octave - Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So  (Sol), La, Ti (or Si).

The decimal system is the only way to present the inner octaves of the law of seven and to show inner movements of the 6 different inner stopinders in a special sequence.  The 6 different stopinders are identified with numbers 1, 4, 2, 8, 5, 7 plus one outer stopinders which is 9.

Using the decimal system to present the inner “octaves” of the law of three does not reveal stopinders of different numbers but the same number repeated continuously, in the same “force” as 3 or 6 or 9.

If 3/3 and 7/7 is presented as 1 the intention is not to reveal the nature of the inner octaves of the law of three.

The Enneagram is a mathematical and an abstract model.  It needs to be interpreted with the objective concrete ‑ the Ray of Creation as the starting point of all and everything.  Inside this great ray are many more “enneagrams” (to the trillions of trillions in the Great Ray of Creation or Universe in the fullest sense).






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