Volume 136       December 1, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 21 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociotechnocosmic World Outside Us, The Sociotechnocosmic World Inside Us and Our General Inner World Conditions",  September 1997 ~ December 2001 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section E & F: "Being-Zarooaries, A Wee Bit of the Address Octave and the New Year Superstructure Auras" pp. 100 ~ 105)





1   The formation of being-zarooaries of a sociotechnocosmic nature bearing the name villages, towns and cities by those beings everywhere on those “fertile” places on the surface of Mother Earth also called there nucleus or gravity-centers of being-districts, was rapidly materializing as our Great Sociotechnocosmos within the organic film.


These being-zarooaries have become more and more like the ‘acupoints’ of this great sociotechnocosmic construction.  The points of active emanation of sociotechnocosmic labor and rapid physical coating, and become the habitat for all power-possessing beings and multicenter distribution of zarooarian power - the power of being the active principle to the suburb or the periphery of themselves.  The bigger these being-cities are the greater their status and the greater their chance to become the capital of a SO- or even a LA-sociocosmic stopinder being.


Although these power and status hungry being-zarooarian cities have still not bestowed themselves to be the “capital-city” in the world or unlike some declared "city-states" (a Piscean-like Putrajaya, a Piscean-like Islamabad, an Aquarian Singapore, a Piscean-like Holy See or Vatican-City, an Aquarian Federal Territory, etc.) nevertheless their pursuit to outwit one another to be the capital city of the world could not be easily stopped.  Through the rapid expansion of their existing sizes, they soon reciprocally swallow up other cities or what is the same thing in modern language, city-merging.  While the rural areas or the passive principle areas, owing to their slow development of their sociotechnocosmic octave, tend to assume the status of the periphery or poverty-end being-city-rural paradigm being, nevertheless they were active in the passive position for developing the agricultural and natural octaves.


The active function of the law of three principles still continues hitherto, in these zarooaries, with the being-cities as the “lau” beings, the being-outskirters as the “gong” beings and the “in-betweens” or suburbans as the “jing” beings.


The zarooaries themselves breed, grow and expand from the powers of the sociocosmic laujinggong with the "lau" beings taking the lead to anchor a suitable gravity-center-location for more wealth accumulation, wealth ownership and domination of the means of production as well as possessing many high-priced commodities and enjoys higher quality services emanating its own peculiar odor of culture and general life styles.  The lau beings differentiated itself into three or more classes - the upper class and sub-classes (upper-upper, upper-middle, upper-lower), the middle class and sub-classes (middle-upper, middle-middle and middle-lower), the lower class and sub-classes (lower-upper, lower-middle and lower-lower) and natural to invent more and more ego-and-fear names to camouflage itself from real and imagined "enemies" surrounding them.  The zarooaries flourish in larger and larger number  on mother Earth's surface and become more and more sophisticated during the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of the development of our Great Sociocosmic Being at especially at the end of eighteenth century till today.


Owing to the geographical distances apart, these zarooaries would take a very long time to merge, but in the meantime, they must constantly communicate, that is to say they send and receive vibration in accordance to the sociotechnocosmic laws of “World Integration” and to ensure that the body of the great Sociotechnocosmic Being remained intact as a living enneagram, infrastructures such as roads, rails, sea/ocean routes and air routes are constructed with vehicles, trains, ships and planes running through them respectively.


The process of multiautomarketo feeding exchanges are so vigorous in these being-cities that the “supply” of goods and services accumulated there is in enormous amount and the “demand” for the same saw no depth.  And one has to be a paranoid to prevent oneself from being “eaten” when staying in a zarooary.  It is also, I must remind you that in these being-zarooaries various kinds of economic, social, cultural, political and legal dis-eases are periodically endemic for them.


2   Each being-zarooary or being-city is a sociocosmic gravity-center of high intensity of activities.  That, like the “nerve cells” of the nervous system, would seek to link with all the other zarooaries and yet would prefer to maintain its personality as a sociocosmic being amongst the other gravity-centers in the world of zarooaries.  The Zarooarian Octave is itself a 7 stage development. The stages or octave of development are:


1. Tree Dwellers (Do)

2. A small group land settlers near the tree dwellers (Re)

3. A small village (Mi) 

4. A Pekan or a small town (Fa) 

5. A Bandar or a town (So) 

6. A Bandaraya or City (La) 

7. A Metropolitan (Ti)  …....

8. A Zarooaritopia (Do of the next higher Zarooarian Octave)

Be cautious three-centered beings, this ever branching zarooarian octaves on mother Earth's surface, growing rapidly during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism is certainly a sociotechnocosmic aberration all the way along the octave but the zarooarian network is like an unbalanced runaway system of hungry nerve cells or three-centered beings leaving the massive agro-lands in search of foods to satisfy their needs, wants and money in these capital-intensive zarooarian gravity-centers losing their  massive agro-lands. Before any capitalistic crises that might happen for which they could not return under capitalism, and only under socialism that they could return, mega socialistic plans must be launched to prepare many of these potentially ill-fated three-centered beings to return to these massive agro-lands in an organized and sustainable manner when the capitalistic crises happens.




(An extract from Real Vorld Views, Book 22, Chapter 7, Section C, "The Zarooarian Octave" pp 202-203)


3   The Zarooarian octave begins with a sociocosmic group or a colony of human bipeds habituating on trees and living in places where foods can be abundantly or at least within routine reach.  These places are near the rivers and on fertile grounds in the mountains or valleys.  Living style of these human bipeds resembles primitive communalism. Unable to build a hut on the ground or even if they can build one, they would build it on the tree for better protection against other dangerous bipeds and quadrupeds roaming about on the land.

Later through the process of mitotic reproduction of more and more such human bipeds begins to settle ‘permanently’ in a colony or a village later at one place hunting for their foods or through ‘agri-culture’ and ‘farming’ exploiting the survival resources nearby.

In the core of the village sprang a pekan which is a trading therefore a market and also the essence of an infantile capitalistic seed from which grows gradually into a Bandar, which is a town and later growing further into a city of a million bipeds.  Finally, the whole area becomes urban and metropolitan

The Zoorarian Octave in the organic film on mother Earth’s surface is:

Do – Tree-dwellers

Re – A small group or colony of land settlers together with the tree-dwellers

Mi – A small village or kampung which is a typical stabilized sociocosmic zarooaries

// Mi-Fa Interval

Fa – A Pekan which is a very small town and the beginning of early capitalism or commercial (trading) activities.  It is an infant capitalistic zarooary.

So – A Bandar which is a bigger town and more active commercial activities and whose aggressiveness is dependent on the population size, the intensity of commercialization and exploitative behaviors of the human bipeds

La – A Bandaraya or a City where the town has grown very big with a population of a million human bipeds in one single sociocosmic gravity-concentration in a geographic area of substantial size.  It is at its adult stage of development.

Ti – A Metro or Mature Zarooary one or more urban areas and includes satellite cities, towns and intervening rural areas that are socio-economically tied to the urban core, typically measured by commuting patterns.  They are fully developed Metropolitans or fully developed Zarooarian sociocosmic entities.

// Ti-Do Interval

Do – This is a new zarooaritopia created by large-scale production of zarooarian cities and the natural principle of creation is the already mentioned HEIGRENS principles.  Such zarooaritopias take on various proper names, may be called a ‘Forest City’ like in Iskandar Johor, Malaysia or eco-city, or Garden City, etc. The concepts such as Holistic, Educational, Integrated, Green, Responsible, Evolutional, No-Harm and Sustainable or in short ‘HEIGRENS’ are put together and materialized into these zarooaritopias.  Some of these mega zarooaritopias can be constructed in just 3 years!  This is the ‘DO’ of a new Zarooarian Octave, sponsored and constructed by the human bipeds instead of the earlier naturally evolved zarooarian octave.  Both the old zarooarian octave and the new zarooarian octave co-exist in certain way – distinctively different from each other, one that consists of zarooaries while the others are zarooaritopias.

The tree dwellers (Do), the small group land settlers (Re) and the small village (Mi) have origins from the earlier historicism of a tougeng primitive communism, a zhunu ancient slavery and a dikongnong feudalism. Only at the Mi-Fa Interval a sociocosmic shock absorber in the zarooarian octave emerged and laujinggong capitalism began to take sociocosmic essence and form.  Now at the Ti-Do Interval of this same zarooarian octave of the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods, the socialistic will of the sociocosmos here emerges as a retardation as well as an acceleration that would descend down to be the coming dongjinggong socialism proper vibrating in the house of the Mi-Fa Interval in place of the now intoxicated and exploitative ownership-crazed laujinggong capitalism during the next coming historical period.


4   Nay more, the physical shells or types of building paradigm or the 1st physical body types for the housing of these three-brained beings and their sociocosmic groupings for stay and rest and for productive work, notably the family stopinder beings breed and grow through various stages in design and architecture also in specific manner, to wit, and increasing additively around specifically selected gravity-centers of the zarooarian octave vibration to coat itself the various physicalities from hutfam, to high-rise flatfam, to tersinstorfam, to doustorfam, to semidetfam, to sky-scrapper condomifam (apartfam), to bungalofam and housing them together in huge cities as well as their suburbs.




1   Many a completion goes for ‘7’.  The notes must tie to the sociocosmic octave, otherwise we cannot find the three-brained being if we sit in the body of the Great Sociocosmic Being unless you have a globe in front of you and an eye to see him directly on the globe.  The address shows an octave or just ‘7’ lines to complete; strange but why like that!


DO - Name of persons, companies, etc.

RE - Number & street

MI - Avenue, park, garden, etc.

FA - City, town, etc.

SO - State, province, etc.

LA - Country

TI -  Continent, nation bloc, world.  


2   Being-Santa Claus is a Piscean holy allegorical being of the “new year octave” called ‘Christmas’.  He is the Holy ‘particle’ of the superstructure aura of the lateral sociocosmic stopinder being call “Christianity” whose most sacred “being-in-human-form and symbolic gravity-center of religion and culture” bears the name Jesus Christ.  This holy being-Santa Claus blesses every celebrity of the octave “Christmas” to periodic bliss.


During this great day of celebration many varied forms of other allegorical beings are revived and propagated through the mass media to every part of the world to reach the psychic world of every being-Christian center.


Mysteriously and in accordance to law, these superstructure auras of the lateral sociocosmic allegorical beings are divided into three groups based on the values rule of three - the good beings from the ethimoralian octave, the bad beings from the demonimmoralian octave and the middle roaders of the values neutralizing octave.


For those New Year Octaves of Chinese origin, the God-of-Wealth or Divine being-‘Caishen’ together with the 3 other divine beings ‘Fu’, ‘Lu’ and ‘Shou’ of the then emerging Chinese superstructure auras of the lateral sociocosmic octave would also do the same as being-Santa Claus.

Caishen and the 3 Fulushou

Santa Claus and the flying reindeer


3  As to their strong need for periodic releases of tension and renewal of memory and refreshment of life, various “days,” “weeks” or even “months” along the time axis are selected to carry out these grand being-celebrations and grand-vivification of our life cycles in association with the higher particles from  the divine cycles.

Various beings, events (process) and ideas are selected as the gravity-center focus of cultural exteriorization, and these include, in our contemporary presence, those ‘gods’, “devils,” “first” day of the calendar year, ‘gong or labor beings’, ‘fasting-event’, and all other celebrations of the lateral sococosmic stopinders.  Those being-celebrations of the ‘gods’ include ‘Christmas’, ‘Hari Raya Puasa’, ‘Deepavali’, etc.  Those of the ‘Devils’ include ‘the 7th month Ghost Festival’, etc.  Those of processes and unique events include the Chinese New Year, the ‘English New Year’, etc.  Those of the gong beings include ‘May Day’, ‘Teacher’s day’, and days of various social groups.






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