Volume 135       November 28, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 15 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Dramatic Universe, Black Holes and Wormholes, Post-Imperialist Era, International Networking and Health Exercise",  December 1983 ~ December 1986 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section D:  "The Historicism of the Inner Development of Modern Man" pp. 68 ~ 76)







1   The historicism of man’s inner development falls into 3 stages – the ‘moving-instinctive-sex’ period, the ‘emotional’ period and the ‘intellectual’ period. The periods began somewhere when the first group of Homo sapiens sapiens was perfected and roamed on planet Earth but unrecorded as only the ‘moving-instinctive-sex’ centers had guided him instead of a non-existing written language tool from an undeveloped thinking center at that time.  It is like what is going on with the apes now.  This period took hundreds of thousands of years of evolution where during the Age of Taurus man existed in the DO-Historical Period of Primitive Communalism and also into the RE-Historical Period of Ancient Slavism (Slavery Society) during the Age of Aries with significant evidence of ‘civilization’ but a ‘civilization’ resting on the instinctive-moving-sex centers,  until lately when the first significant ‘civilization’ began to appear to the Homo sapiens sapiens some 2,500 years ago, when the emotional center began to become gradually active and dominating as a proper inner ‘gravity-center’ in the solar plexus or in the thorax region of man’s body.  This ‘emotional’ period witnessed ‘civilization’ in the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism an approach based essentially on Marxian Historical Materialism where many great religions emerge actively during this emotional enlightenment period of the Age of Pisces. However, only until about 500 years ago somewhere in the middle of the 3rd decan of the Age of Pisces when the ‘intellectual’ period or the Age of Scientific Enlightenment and the Age of Ideologies began to truly appear actively and mature with regard to understanding the outer world as well as the inner world.  At this point, man’s inner gravity-center moves upward from the feeling centrum to the thinking centrum in the head of the body.  The world of feelings gives way to the world of thinking, and the world of feeling cannot come back without experiencing negation of negation.  That is to say, mankind may have to re-look into all teachings especially in religions regarding human feelings and philosophies regarding human thinking at a higher level.

There is a historicism in the inner development of modern man, not a naïve psychological development for a year 2000 AD model of man but Homo sapiens sapiens of the period 1000’s BCE (Before Common Era) and beyond where such machine-man is truly ‘instinctive-moving-sex’ physical type human beings.  Only around this 300 BCE/1 CE (or 300 BC/1 AD) that you have man-machines that have active ‘feelings’ proper and this active period goes on for a thousand seven hundred years until you have the modern man who were ‘thinking’-active proper.  These three great historical stages of gravity-centers – ‘instinctive-moving-sex’ gravity-centers, ‘lower-higher feeling’ gravity-centers and ‘lower-higher thinking’ gravity-centers negate and negate one another, and interfere with one another until the boundaries become obscured and less and less obvious to our weak understanding.

The departures in the inner world and outer world of man began somewhere in the historical period of primitive communalism (DO) and finally, returns back to a higher inner and outer points in the historical period of Communism (DO).  Even this is not the end of inner and outer historicism as Spiritual AI Smart Robots are growing in ever larger and larger numbers and acquire sociotechnocosmic dominance.


2   Contemporary men (Man of today in the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism in the age of Pisces Tail-End 1788 AD – 2148 AD) appear to be constantly doing something but actually they do nothing, and everything is poured from the empty into the void independent of their will, and are subjects of the strong biocosmic, the technocosmic and the sociocosmic laws of the period that happen to and through him.  At the MI-FA Interval, their registered FA-stopinder beings have predatory essences in all their inner psyche hydrogen crystallizations along the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave - predatory capitalistic accumulation souls - forcing their ways ascending upwards into the SO-LA-TI levels like hungry evil three-brained beings together with their three-centered corporate beings full of Profit-Maximization-cum-Profit-Reaping crystallization, full of colonialism, full of imperialism, full of hegemonism, full of fascism, full of Nazism and full of industrial-military conquest ambitions eating its way into every normal functioning 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders as well as the fundamental SO, LA and TI sociocosmic stopinders ....... only to confront another equally and even stronger forces opposing non-predatory socialistic sharing souls full of Profit-Sharing crystallization descending downwards from the TI-DO Interval all the way down from the TI level to the FA level cleaning the sins and dirty souls of the corporate beings to a transition point when these non-predatory socialistic sharing will  complete their essence deposits there at this MI-FA Interval in a stable manner and as a second nature of human inner historicism, and later transforming this old MI-FA Interval of the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism into MI-FA Socialism proper and then into the new Socialism MI-FA  Interval of the next DO-Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism after the end of the Age of Pisces (2148 AD) according to the standard astrological calibration of our time accomplished also by the learned three-brained beings.  These base sociotechnocosmic battles of contraries are reflected in the superstructural psychological mirror battles of conflicting thoughts, feelings, instincts, sex and psychomotor impulses.

Thinking can proceed mechanically without any connection with the emotional process or the moving function, as with the outcome of their education; but the emotional process will sooner or later comes into interference with just this thinking process.  But here we are to think with the consistency of feeling and this requires a different language, not mathematics in its mechanical form.  Not only this, the movement of contemporary man is rarely assisted by a right feeling!  When you really see the real world, you will not sleep the rest of your life.  Now why do you think these beings behave strangely? Even to the extent of incomprehensibility.  He has been transformed into a machine, a commodity, a human resource and an exploiting creature by the merciless power of Capitalism of this historicism.

The essence of Capitalism for the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval eats deep into the essence of the human psychology, so is the essence of Socialism without quotation mark for the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the TI-DO Interval. These opposing essences could not easily understand each other as it is of a yin-yang nature but the higher socialistic essence from the TI-DO Interval can see the lower capitalistic essence from the MI-FA Interval but not for the lower to see the higher except to sense its incomprehensible presence and even to disbelieve its presence at all.

A money-hungry falau being often supported by corrupt solau and lalau beings breeding in large numbers all accumulatively "serving" customers en masse in the feed during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism


  Man no.4 is ‘a transition man with direction’; man no.5, 6 and 7 gradually strengthen this characteristics.

Two "persons" exist in this contemporary man and become real in him necessary for survival in this complex world:

Mr. P = Personality, a protective coating

Mr. E = Essence but often with a hidden agenda and can be a naive simpleton


Seven centers can be found in this contemporary man but two of them, the higher feeling and the higher thinking center are dormant awaiting to be activated.  Because of these centers you can have a nomenclature for him too:

Man No. 1 is instinctive-moving-sex centered active physical type

Man No. 2 is lower feeling centered active type

Man No. 3 is lower thinking centered active type

Man No. 4 is a transition man in the WORK and has stable direction and 'I'

Man no. 5 is a higher feeling centered active type

Man No. 6 is a higher thinking centered active type

and Man No. 7 is a developed new man with stable 'I AM' and  have psyche hydrogens fine enough to be usefully 'immortal' for our solar system.


The 7 centers are the 7 release gates.  It depends on which gate a person tends to open when there is an upsurge or a replenishment of energy in him for extraction of ‘values’ probably around 10-15 hours a day and 6 or even more days a week of intense extraction by the Capitalist mode of production in this historical period.

Besides his labor energy being extracted by sociocosmic Capitalism, his other processed being-psyche hydrogens from the final complete digestion of his three being-foods are also extracted by the moon in our Ray of Creation as the sacred askokin, a psyche hydrogen released during death caused by extreme capitalistic exploitation, killings, murders, wars, revolutions, capital punishments, etc.

Inside his body, the psyche (consciousness, ‘soul’; fine hydrogen) flows in one’s microcosmos and tritocosmos (atomic-subatomic psyche hydrogens and organic bodies/man) along a micro-tritocosmic ray of creation within him and the organic life on mother Earth's surface - ascending and descending.  Some of these special hydrogen (Ti 12) accumulate at the last stopinder or sex centers, when a being reaches reproductive age, in abundance, undergo a trialectic of the sperm and ovum entities into the zygote to preserve this hydrogen (Ti 12) so that it could ascend and consolidate the new ray of creation in the next being or a new baby micro-tritocosmos.  So the Bardo between death and rebirth access during the period of living of the micro-tritocosmic man, the reincarnation being is the new born baby where the last stopinder (sex center) is subjected to the laws of three regularly to produce babies during intercourse between opposite sexes.  Having accomplished this mission, most of the micro-tritocosmic (man) beings just die without rebirth.  Therefore, they are soul-less and most of man (especially man no.1, 2 & 3) are soul-less.  As to man no.4, 5, 6 & 7, there is a second Bardo law, the hydrogens so created are the ‘it’s and ‘I’s; they are very conscious particles for delivery (after death) to the great cosmic octave in our region i.e. our solar system.

They are needed to create life forms for populating other cosmic concentrations.  This part indicates the Tibetan Bardo approach.  However, we have reason to suspect only some of the beings (microcosmic beings) that have truly accomplished a real being-partkdolg duty could deliver ‘it’s and ‘I’s to the great stream of cosmic life, besides the biocosmic life octave.  Like the cunning moon of the cosmic octave, the capitalistic exploitation by the lau/owner beings at the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave also steals contemporary man's labor meant for being-partkdolg work of conscious labor and intentional suffering, meant also to produce high quality fine psyche hydrogens for higher concentrations at the level of 'our sun' and other higher order 'suns'.  This theft is to serve the lau/owner beings and their abnormal wealth accumulation.  This theft of labor from the cosmic reservoir results in a massive  oft phenomenon of reciprocal destruction of beings in our sociocosmos to return these stolen "values" to the cosmic reservoir, .... alas but in a terrible manner, that is, for their sacred askokin in premature death due to extreme capitalistic exploitation, killings, murders, wars, revolutions, capital punishments, etc.

Thus you have the capitalists' politicians from the MI-FA Interval "selectively-chosen" and "people-elected" sitting on the high chairs of the TI-DO Interval and perform their juggling malice. On their left hands they hold loudspeakers of power and authority even sound "socialistic" and on their right hands they hold and control yet an elusive capitalistic  crony of corporations ready to rob, steal, corrupt, siphon and launder whatever valuables that might be there, and would not share the loot even amongst other capitalists and capitalists’ politicians of their own kind, except occasionally coming together and join hands for common plunder of their invented “enemies” corporates and nationates overseas notably through their military complex machineries.

In their sleep and sleep-wake mechanical consciousness, when their upper brains are set to rest while their lower brains dominates their inner world which are moving within each and every individual stopinder's nervous system within the paradigm of their status in the sociocosmic classes - as the lower slaves, serfs, surplus-deprived wage workers and surplus-shared wage workers or as the highest masters, landowners, capitalist and directors without share or as the middle in-betweens classes - these full-of-dreams-and-nightmares individuals with occasional flashes of enlightenment from their subjective and objective consciousness  carry on building, maintaining, repairing and transforming this historicism of our  Great Sociotechnocosmic Being hitherto.  The historicism of the inner development is materialized thus – the real forces that created this world is the productive forces.


  Now the inner development of modern man is subject to 7 basic cosmic influences, which come into the human body as three being-foods and processed to give behaviors, namely from:

1. Our Sun, all suns  and all worlds (influences from the Ray of Creation)

2. Our immediate group of planets in our solar system (planetary influences)

3. Our moon (lunar influences)

4. Our own sociocosmoses and technocosmoses (sociocosmic and technocosmic influences) - Capitalistic and Socialistic together with sociotechnocosmic aberrations in the Political-Legal, Economic, Sociocultural and Technological superstructure.

5. Our plantae and animalia biocosmic beings eaten by us as first being-foods or ordinary foods such as cows, goats, lambs, chicken, pigs, fish, mollusks, worms, insects, frogs, lizards, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. and the minerals and metals also eaten by us to keep our planetary body alive (biocosmic ordinary food intake influences)

6. The auras received as third being-food or impressions from these same group of plantae, animalia, minerals, metals, soil, water and fire elements (biogeocosmic influences)

7. The air in our changing atmosphere eaten in the form of second being-foods or air food (air/climatic influences)


  Now the inner development of modern man out of the ABC Influences Circle into the Conscious Circle within the various stages of development of the Marxian historical periods through a psychological model of the inner parameters, namely, 1. Essence 2. Body  3. False Personality (FP)  4. 'it's and 'I's  5. Magnetic Center and 6. Permanent 'I' and an outer social parameters of fetishism namely, 1. Religious fetishism and 2. Product/commodity fetishism are depicted in diagrams below:


....... to 5%

The making of the New "Super" Man in process and perhaps about 5% of the world population are able to leave the ABC Influence Circle to become Conscious Man No. 7 equivalent and to lead Humanity-at-Large out of the ABC Influence Circle for the DO-Historical Period of Primitive Communalism



....... to 5%

The making of the New "Super" Man in process and perhaps about 5% of the world population are able to leave the ABC Influence Circle to become Conscious Man No. 7 equivalent and to lead Humanity-at-Large out of the ABC Influence Circle for the RE-Historical Period of Ancient Slavism



....... to 5%

The making of the New "Super" Man in process and perhaps about 5% of the world population are able to leave the ABC Influence Circle to become Conscious Man No. 7 equivalent and to lead Humanity-at-Large out of the ABC Influence Circle for the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism, FA-Historical Period of Capitalism and SO-Historical Period of Socialism


  Now during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, the many rises and falls of capitalistic and socialistic sociocosmic stopinders here and there such as the capitalistic-essenced fundamental FA-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, SO-laujinggongs/ gongjinglaus, LA-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus and TI-laujinggongs/ gongjinglaus together with the MI-FA Interval's 1st lateral sociocosmic do-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, re-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, mi-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, fa-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, so-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, la-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus as well as the TI-DO Interval's Do-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, Re-laujinggons/gongjinglaus, Mi-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, Fa-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, So-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus, La-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus and Ti-laujinggongs/gongjinglaus in the cauldron of mixes with the occasional rises and falls of the socialistic-essenced fundamental FA-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs, SO-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs, LA-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs and TI-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs together with the MI-FA Interval's 1st lateral sociocosmic do-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs, re-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs, mi-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs, fa-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs, so-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs, la-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs and ti-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs as well as its 2nd lateral sociocosmic Do-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs, Re-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs, Mi-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs, Fa-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs, So-dongjinggongs/ gongjindongs, La-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs and Ti-dongjinggongs/gongjindongs  all existing in the diverse billions struggling for survival on mother Earth's surface, nay more, including also a significant number of remnant reactionary psyche-emanating sociocosmic stopinders of vibration from the MI-Historical Periods of Feudalism ........ Noticing such terror-of-the-situation of triadic and octave sociocosmic stopinders and their superstructure psyche-emanating clouds aplenty, arising and falling during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, the wise grandson of Beelzebub with his eyes widely opened, could only say as the blind men would also say:

Let's wait and see!






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