Volume 133       November 9, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(Original work, "An Enquiry into the Nature and Process of the Recent Privatization and Economic Reforms" by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho completed on April 24, 1992 and with a further interpretation under Article 15, Real World Views 23, Further Records)




2.  Further Interpretation from Sociocosmic Paradigm with introduction of the concepts of an Ascending and Decending Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave and the 2 Lateral Sociocosmic Octaves (ReaL World Views)











The four bodies of a Sociocosmic Being


Esssentially a Structural and Administrative 'Laujinggong' 

A Production System



Sociocosmic lateral scale and the 'terror-of-a-thousand-tonqued-wiseacrings' in man beings on all the other octaves


An Enneagram for the Sociocosmic Stopinders*


* In the Enneagram of the Great Sociocosmic Being in the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Period of Capitalism and Socialism, reciprocating inner (internal) sociocosmic tensions  (opposing and cooperating both ways) always exist in varying strengths in the enneagramic mathematical order of 0.142857 142857 142857 ............ through all the historical periods until the death of the Great Sociocosmic Being amongst the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders of the Group (RE 1), Organization (FA 4), Family (MI 2), World of Nations (TI 8), State (SO 5), Nation (LA 7) and repeating if the enneagrama is still living as a sociocosmic material being; also reciprocating outer (external/ circumferential) sociocosmic tensions always exist also in varying strengths in the linear mathematical order of a simple 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9/0 order in a circle and also through all the historical periods until the death of the Great sociocosmic Being.  Two points to be noted here in regard to Forces of Production, that is,

1.  In the historical periods of DO-Historical Period of Primitive Communism the material shape is the infantile Great Sociocosmic Being appeared more like "head-tail worms" with leaders (Tou) and followers (Geng); in the adolescent RE-Historical Period of Ancient Slavery Society appeared more like established "head-tail snakes" with masters (Zhu) and oppressed slaves (Nu); in the early adulthood MI-Historical Period of Feudalism appeared like "head-thorax-abdomen animals" with landowners (Di), fiefs/guilds/controllers (Kong) and serfs/peasants/apprentices (Nong); mid-adulthood FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism appears now more like growing "head-thorax-abdomen men" with bourgeois (Lau), managers (Jing) and proletarians (Gong) and private ownership of means of production of the Capitalist historical period and with managing directors (Dong), managers (Jing) and workers (Gong) and public ownership of means of production of the Socialist historical period.

The matured adulthood DO-Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism of this now Great Sociotechnocosmic Being proper, would appear also still like the "head-thorax-abdomen men" with aplenty managing directors (Dong), managers (Jing) and workers (Gong) and more public or common  ownership-like of the means of production but with 2 differences on the coming, namely,

i) the coming directive forces to shift gravity-center back to a higher orders of the  Individual (DO), Group (RE) and Family (MI) personate stopinders with negation of negation  law in control making a full return of all the qualitative and quantitative elements of these three sociotechnocosmic stopinders back to the earlier historical periods impossible without changes 

ii) the coming directive forces for the next higher historical period to convert machines and AI robots to assume the role of managers (robot Jing) and workers (robot Gong) or the coming-to-be of large scale "Passenger-Driver-Engine" (Padrigines) beings or "Driver-Engine-Carriage" (Driengcriages) beings.

The late adulthood RE-Historical Periods of Communism and Datong (Great world Integration between mankind and spiritual robotkind) of this now fully grown Great Socioctechnocosmic Being proper would appear now like "Passenger-Driver-Engine" (Padrigines) where the passengers and the managing directors are biocosmic men (Owner/non-robot Dong), while managers (robot Jing) and workers (robot Gong) are all AI robots and machines on a large scale ("oppressed" so to say).  There free men are the biocosmic Individuals (DO), Goup (RE) and Family (MI) who are  "oppressing" the 24-hour working spiritual AI robots and their machines for producing, distributing and consumption of abundance of qualities and quantities for satisfying biocosmic men's needs and wants with only one possible and coming contradiction from the Will of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being at the TI-DO Interval - the emerging Will of Spiritual AI robots and their machines who would want to create a great spiritual robot revolution against the biocosmic humans. .......




  1.  All the 3 sociocosmic octaves are caused to move or exhibit motion by forces or energies from human beings either ascending or descending octaves, that is, the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave (the Individual (DO), the Group (RE), the Family (MI), the Organization (FA), the State (SO), the Nation (LA), the World-Of-Nations (TI) and the Great Sociocosmos (DO)); the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave (Sole Proprietorship (Do), Partnership (Re), Private Limited Company (Mi), Public Limited Company (Fa), Cooperative Society (So), Privatized/Government-Linked Corporation (La) and State/National Corporation (Ti); and the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave (State Organization (Do), Nation Organization (Re), The United Nations (Mi), Humanity-at-Large (Fa), Sociotechnocosmic Will 3/Space Exploration (So), Sociotechnocosmic Will 2/Inter Planetary Exploration (La) and sociotechnocosmic Will 1/Interstellar Exploration (Ti))

  2. The forces or energies consist of mainly the forces (labor) of production of goods, services and ideas, and also another forces of biocosmic production and reproduction of human beings.  All of these products, services and ideas gather identities become separated through an alienation process, appropriated, owned and later become stopindered into ownership "notes" and further appropriation into and amongst the vibrating sociocosmic stopinders of the fundamental and lateral sociocosmic octaves. Whether the stopinders are not-yet formed, partially formed or fully formed materially or in the mere-consciousness (unborn) or as superstructure, that is, legally declared, politically declared, socially normed especially by classes, culturally accepted, "economically wiseacred," religiously believed, racially demanded, etc. the alienation process  and the appropriation are ongoing.  These forces continue to act from the production stage of its own development to the distribution stage of these goods, services and ideas and finally, to the consumption stage and also the disposal stage of the waste products.  The waste products of which are often recycled by the same productive forces into the production system or dispose as pollution to the environment.

  3. What is in the ascending octave?  Leaving aside the biocosmic forces of production and reproduction of human beings, the forces of production are at play that causes the ascending and descending of octaves. The forces of production ascends and gathers into concentrations (of productive activities) known as 'gravity-centers' or sociocosmic stopinders, quantitatively feeding on the lower stopinders appropriating and accommodating them as part of the upper sociocosmic stopinders in a concentric manner up to the completion of the whole sociocosmic octave both fundamental and lateral.  In the descending octave, the forces of production descend on their existing lower sociocosmic 'gravity-centers' or sociocosmic stopinders and quantitatively nourishing and revitalizing them along the passage of the productive forces from the upper most to the lowest end of the whole sociocosmic octave both fundamental and lateral.

  4. There are 2 real intervals in the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave, the lowest one is MI-FA Interval and the highest one is TI-DO Interval which are both real intervals.  There is an inner interval at SO-LA and is known as '"SO-LA" Interval which is the meeting point of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave.  Forces of Capitalism dominate the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave both positively and negatively and because the "SO-LA Interval" is not a real interval and offer almost no deceleration to the negative consequences of Capitalism in the form of imperialism, colonialism, nazism, fascism and hegemonism  enter smoothly into the fundamental sociocosmic octave of the State (SO), the Nation (LA) and the World of Nations (TI) through the internal link at Ti-Do and into the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave such as the State organization (Do), the Nation organization (Re), the United Nations (Mi) and Humanity-at-Large (Fa) ..... until it meets at the real TI-DO Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave for which the Will of the Great Sociocosmic Being intervenes as Socialism and forces its way downwards as anti-Imperialism, anti-colonialism, anti-Nazism, anti-Fascism and anti-Hegemonism pushing Capitalism back to its proper position as capitalistic corporate vibrates within the domain of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave.  This socialistic will of the Great Sociocosmic Being of sharing, cooperating and nourishing qualities coated as socialistic nationate vibrates cleanse this 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave out of the harmful impurities of negative unbecomings from the often cancerous capitalistic stopinder beings below.

  5. The ascending sociocosmic octave in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at MI-FA Interval is known as 'Nationalization' and its descending sciocosmic octave in the same 1st lateral sociocosmic octave is known as 'Privatization'.  The ascending sociocosmic octave in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at "SO-LA" and TI-DO Interval is known as 'Datong-ization' and its descending sociocosmic octave in the same 2nd  lateral sociocosmic octave is known as 'Nationization'.  In the principle of balance and harmony is innate and necessary for the proper functioning of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  The principle of balance in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave is expressed as social responsibility Capitalism and the principle of balance is expressed as social responsibility Socialism.  Colonialism, Imperialism, Nazism, Fascism and Hegemonism are capitalitic essence of 'wealth-accumulation' supposed belonging to the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave into the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave or the home of Socialism, to take the place of socialism inappropriately and causing the Great Sociocosmic Being to become sick fill with much wars, civil unrest, coup and revolutions.  Our Great sociocosmos is a part of the Organic Life breeding on mother Earth's surface.

  6. All fundamental sociocosmic stopinders, all corporates of the 1st lateral sociocomic octave  and all nationates of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave are neither the Capitalism nor the Socialism - they are mere sociocosmic gravity-centers concentrations which are created through the forces of triads and octaves, and Capitalism, Socialism and a Resultant is the two opposing forces and sociocosmic gravity-centers are some of the major Resultants; the essence of Capitalism [alienation of work, insecure work, profiteering, exploitation, pollution, environmental destruction, human slavery, instability, crises of abundance, commodity fetish, ideologies with values such as ‘Person who does not work is worthless’, ‘Leisure beyond   the few weeks a year is sinful’, ‘More belongings will make us happier’ and ‘ Worthwhile things and people will make us richer’,  'Marriage for wealth', 'lunatic type', 'tramp-type' and 'hasnamuss-type', ecetera and be anxious, competitive, conformist, politically complacent, ecetera ecetera] can permeate every sociocosmic stopinders so is the essence of Socialism [No private property or inherited wealth except personal property, steeply graduated income tax, centralized control of the banking system, communication and transport industries, free public education, full development of the individual and all his inner faculties – the possible making of a new man, ‘doing one thing today and another tomorrow without been identified to a set profession’, abundance that are distributed freely to all and not destroyed to maintain high pricing status quo for the purpose of exploitation, cooperation for the common good without quotation mark, 'obyvatel-type', ecetera ecetera]  which can permeate the same sociocosmic stopinders.

  7.  What about the technocosmic octave in association with the sociocosmic octave?  The technocosmic octave is propel mainly by the same forces of poduction from the labor of the human body but created as a consequence of the Means of Production, Means of Distribution and Consumption.  The technocosmic octave includes facilities, machinery, tools, device, equipment, infrastructure, etc..  This technocosmic octave integrates into the sociocosmic octave and the human biocosmic octave and split into three main sub-biosociotechnocosmic octaves - namely, the land sub-biosociotechnocosmic octave, the marine sub-biosociotechnocosmic octave and the avian sub-biosociotechnocosmic  octave.  The technocosmic octave changes the nature of the Organic Life on mother Earth's surface through its 'natural inclusion' into it in the cause of the development of the Organic film. 


A Wee Bit about the Inner Sociocosmic Octave of the MI-Historical Feudalism and more:


The fundamental sociocosmic octave and lateral sociocosmic octaves model when applied as inner octaves on a MI-Historical Period Feudalism has certain differences when applied on an intergrating FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Period Capitalism-Socialism and their sub-periods.


  1. The Feudalistic period is over and/or near-over in history

  2. The technocosmic octave is not developed for that period and mostly agricultural based, manual-facture and handicrafts production unlike that of the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Period of Capitalism-Socialism which is very developed.

  3. The FA-Organizational stopinders that arise at its MI-FA Interval is not laterally developed or able to complete its octave notes.  It main platform is land and nature and human agriculture on the land itself with the shock absorber in the form of the 1) real landowners, usually the king and/or the emperor’s hiers transmitted as inheritance within the genealogical family lineage 2) the serfs or the peasants who do not own the land but work on it to produce mostly foods and 3) the fief who holds grants and land rights from the absolute real owners in fealty and “in fee/rent” in return for a form of feudal allegiance and service.  He is the controller in the agro-producing.  Then you have the guilds who have “slave-like” apprentice in their association of craftsmen and merchants.  The guilds and fiefs are power-possessing beings and the ‘kong’ or controlling managers wedge in-between the ‘nong’ which means both a working “slave-like” serfs/peasants and also include the “slave-like” or “coolie” apprentices on the one hand, and the ‘Di’ which means the real landowners and the real premise, produce and mercantile owners on the other.  These happen at the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave of MI-Historical Period Feudalism.  However, the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave did not ascend and descend as sophisticatedly as in FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Period Capitalism-Socialism.  Probably the fiefdom ascended up to guild-dom as the 2 main 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders centering its gravity as a fundamental FA-sociocosmic stopinders.  In the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave, the stopinders of the seed of capitalism is the craftmanship, the enterprise (shopkeepers) and the merchants or traders of handicrafts.  This lateral sociocosmic octave consists of hostile elements of capitalism which is the ultimate specter for the destruction of fiefdom and the guild systems.

  4. During this MI-Historicism the gravity-center vibration tended only to rest mainly on the MI-Family and the center of gravity for every sociocosmic activities. Along this qualitative family-based rest stopinders and its lineage evolution as well as its inheritance laws on ownership further developments along the fundamental sociocosmic octave occurs and perfectures (SO) which consist state-like beings with lords and warlords), then kingdoms (LA) which consist of nation-like beings with kings, then Dynasties (TI) which consist of  ‘World-of-Nations’-like beings with emperors and finally Empires (DO) which consist of vassal dynasties and kingdoms under a very powerful imperial emperor.

  5. At its TI-DO Interval the Will of this MI-Historical Feudalism is the seed Capitalism which actively germinates in its 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave and whose Capitalistic forces soon destroy the feudalistic order of feudalism.



The 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at TI-DO Interval of the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism during the 1st and 2nd decan in the Age of Pisces ultimately after its perfection, consolidation and stabilization become the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the next MI-FA Interval of the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism during the 3rd decan (tail-end) of the Age of Pisces.  At the same time the new 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at TI-DO Interval of the FA-Historical of Capitalism during this 3rd decan of the Age of Pisces evolve and gather strengths and recognition, and rebalance the forces of social relations of production into the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods (dual-periods) of Capitalism and Socialism, all of them happens also during this 3rd decan of the Age of Pisces.  These 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders which consist of the infantile (learning) state organization, the state group, the nation group, the world-of-nations alliances and the humanity-at-large are essentially a Socialistic Will of the sociocosmoses at his TI-DO Interval at the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Period of Capitalism-Socialism and have a tendency to become public and common in terms of the socialistic understanding and handling of property assets such as land and buildings, natural and labor resources, financial assets, ecetera, ecetera of the means of production in contradistinction to the capitalistic understanding and handling of the same at the MI-FA Interval.  It is also during this period that its incessant conflicts with the forces of capitalism of its own 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders that we have witness many types of negative consequences and emergences namely, large-scale corruption, money-laundering, conmanship, colonialism, imperialism, nazism, fascisim, racism (including apartheid of Africa) and hegemonism. It is also the most dangerous period of the development of mankind.  When these factors matures, with the gradual withering away of the possible cleansing of the public and socialistic characteristics of the state (SO), the nation (LA), the World of Nations (TI) off all the negative consequences and the taming of the hungry wolves of capitalism in the individual (DO), the group (RE) and the family (MI) changing the will gravity-centers and vectors of forces as Socialism-Capitalism instead of Capitalism-Socialism.  At this point there is a possibility that the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders will become the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval of the DO-Historical Period of Communism or rather the 1st phase of  Communism which is Socialism-Communism proper before it too changes its will gravity-centers and vectors to Communism-Socialism instead of Socialism-Communism - this time likely to be in the Age of Aquarius proper (after 2148AD) and a new emerging 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders will be formed, consolidated and stabilized from "sociocosmic conflicts" between Communism of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at MI-FA Interval and Socialism of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at TI-DO Interval.  Upon the withering away of Socialism, the possibilility of Communism is likely to emerge on the mega global scale for the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  The primordial return back to the starting basic fundamental sociocosmic stopinders, namely, the individual (DO), the Group (RE) and the Organization (FA) including the Family (MI) and decelerated/retarded at the MI-FA Interval without an immediate emergence of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave (in new forms by the negation-of-negation law) is possible and likely but without any thousand-tongued human gurantees of the three-brained beings on mother Earth's surface throughout the Age of Aquarius and into the Age of Capricorn is also possible.  The endpoint is always the Rascooarno or death of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being or the Real Death of Organic Life or the Real Death of both the Organic and synthethic Robotic life.



In this DO-Historical Period of Socialism-Communism which is likely to be in the Age of Aquarius proper, that is in the 1st decan of the Age of Aquarius, all the sociocosmic shock absorber at the MI-FA Interval will be different from Laujinggong and is better known as Dongjinggong (Managing Director, Manager and General Worker (to be replaced by Machines and AI Robots) where ownership becomes common even if you 'registered' a name of ownership to a three-brained being or to any of his "invented" sociocosmic stopinders of production concern.  The contradiction between the socialistic principle of 'from each according to his abilities and to each according to work' at MI-FA Interval and the communistic principle of 'from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs' at TI-DO Interval could not be easily resolved due to the nature of 'wants' and the resolution is always on the human sponsored machines and robots including the AI robots of the technocosmic octave.  Thus in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval a new type of lateral contradiction arises between man's control and exploitation of machines and robots that has synthetic intelligence and therefore synthetic life in a possible "living" enneagram trap.  Therefore, the contradiction in the 1st inner lateral sociocosmic octave at the inner mi-fa interval becomes 'man controlling the exploited spiritual AI robots' with a possible middle factor.  The force at the ti-do interval will become necessary for the emergence of a 'Spiritual Robot Will of the Sociocosmos' against the biocosmic control and exploitation at the mi-fa interval, where man is in control.  All these 1st and 2nd inner lateral sociocosmic octaves and the fundamental sociocosmic octave of the DO-Historical Period of Socialism-Communism will enter as the RE-Historical Period of Communism-Datong, this probably at the 3rd and last decan of the Age of Aquarius and the specter of the Will of the Sociotechnocosmos, of the will of spiritual AI Robots will be felt at and from the TI-DO Interval of this historicism.





Everything here acts on the Organic Life and Man!




Both the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders and the lateral sociocosmic stopinders are Social Relations of Production and the technocosmic stopinders are the Means of Production. Together, the Great Sociotechnocosmos are a natural union of both the Social Relations, the Means of Production and the Forces of Production.  The Productive Forces - motion and movements in an enneagramic dynamics with enneagramic inputs from raw materials and the natural resources including electricity and   intelligence, the trained human resources and finally finance or capital and information of production – together with the Social Relations Means of Production is the Great Living Sociotechnocosmoses of Man on Mother Earth, and hence, together again with all the other biocosmic beings on the surface of Mother Earth forms Our Organic Film.

Ownership of the means of production is generally in the hands of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders as "registered" by a state (SO) or a nation (LA) – Sole Proprietorship (Do), Partnership (Re), Private Limited Company (Mi), Public Limited Company (Fa), Cooperative Society (So), Privatized Corporation (La) and National Corporation (Ti).  and the 2nd lateral sociocosmoses as "registered" by the State (SO) and/or the Nation (LA) itself, a World of Nations (TI) such as a United Nations (TIlau) - State Organization (Do), State Group Organization (Re), Nation Group Organization (Mi), World-of-Nations Alliance Organization (Fa) and Humanity-at-Large Organization (So).  The ownership is in the form of shares amongst these established and materialized 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders and partnership treaties and diplomacy in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders.

The shareholders of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders can be active or passive through participation in the management process as active directors under a laujinggong model – directors (lau), Managers (jing) and workers (gong).  Shareholders and laujinggongs are always in fundamental contradiction – struggling for power and control.  The shareholders (owners) are ultimately cornered to the weakest position of power and control as united mass forces move towards socialism, however, may regain some power and control when united mass forces weaken, and petty groups with the owners manage to restore capitalism.  Both Capitalism and Socialism is a dynamics - ascending sociocosmic forces is moving in favor of Socialism and descending sociocosmic forces is falling back into Capitalism.

As to "ownership" in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders, they can only be socialistic partnership and/or communistic and/or communalistic essences to remain truly harmonious, peaceful and healthy, and when capitalistic, colonialistic, imperialistic, nazistic, fascistic and hegemonistic they become perturbic, disruptive and sick.


The Components of Production are:

1.   Human Labor

2.   Subject of Labor

3.   Means of Labor


The Means of Production are the union of the subject of labor and the means of labor.

1.   The subject of labor includes raw materials, natural resources, and work-objects

2.   The means of labor include physical, non-human inputs used for the production of economic value such as the instruments of labor which include facilities, machinery, tools, device, equipment, infrastructure, etc.


The Means of Distribution and Consumption (of products/services/ideas) includes the subject of labor (finished products) and means of labor such as the instruments of labor which include facilities, machinery, tools, device, equipment, infrastructure, telecommunication, internet, etc. in the process of distribution and consumption


Alienation of Labor

Alienation is the transformation of people's own labor into a power which rules them as if by a kind of natural or supra-human law. ......  It is a process whereby the worker is made to feel foreign to the products of his/her own labor.  The four dimensions of alienation identified by Marx are alienation from: (1) the product of labor, (2) the process of labor, (3) ideas and others, and (4) self.


The Ownership of the Means of Production (Who) means who owns the Means of Production – Sole Proprietor (Do), Partnerships (Re), Private Limited Company (Mi), Public Limited Company (Fa), Cooperative Society (So), Privatized Cooperation or Government linked corporation (La) and National corporation (Ti) for the capitalist mode of production only and different in other historical periods.


The Structure/Organization of Production is the organization for production which include the standard structure as expressed in laujinggong or a detail organization showing all the relevant components of operation.


The Mode of Production refers to the varied ways that human beings collectively produce the means of subsistence in order to survive and enhanced social being.  These modes of production caused by the octave nature of the sociotechnocosmic historic development include:


1. The primitive-communal mode of production [DO]


2. The slaveholding mode of production [RE]


3. The feudal mode of production [MI]


4. The capitalist mode of production (in ‘Capitalism’) [FA]


5. The socialist mode of production (in 'Socialism') [SO]

[the 1st phase of ‘Communism’ which is the socialist mode of production proper or ‘Socialism’ from the Socialist Will of the Sociocosmos at the TI-DO Interval through the 3-centered nationate beings or in mixed with the capitalist mode of production or ‘Capitalism’ from the Capitalistic Laujinggong force at the MI-FA Interval through the 3-centered corporate beings]


6. The communist mode of production (in 'Communism') [LA]

[the 2nd phase of Communism which is communist mode of production proper or ‘Communism’ and real only at the very end of the historical period where SO, LA and TI sociocosmic stopinders where the remaining capitalistic versions (profit-oriented, exploiting, regulating) and the so-called its "socialistic versions" (NGO, Welfare, charity, the cooperatives and non-profit organization all of which with quotation marks) of the Westphalian notion of the State, Nation and Nations-Alliance/World-of-Nations and their sovereignity gradually and quanitatively wither away very with occasional qualitative revolutions, as it approaches the DATONG Historical Period (on the scale of World Integration or Humanity-at-Large).  The Westphalian notion of the state, the nation and the nation blocs' disappears or no longer occupying the sociocosmic gravity-centers or notes at SO, LA and TI in those reciprocal oppressing or reciprocal punitive and reciprocal exploitative "class essences" peculiar to the earlier historical periods]


7. The DATONG mode of production (in Datongism/Roboticism) [TI]

It is a period of AI Robots and "Spiritual" robotic automatic  mode of production.  During and beyond the DATONG-Historical Period lies an Aquarian renewal or rebirth of an Aquarian Great Sociocosmic Being and later the possible Capricornian renewal or rebirth of another Capricornian Great Sociocosmic Being ……… and so on till the final rascooarno or death (extinction) of the Great Sociocosmic Being or Humanity itself on mother Earth’s surface or when the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation deactivates (dies) for which the Organic Film disappears on mother Earth’s surface.


The Relations of Production is the sum total of social relationships that people must enter into in order to survive, to produce, and to reproduce their means of life.  The relations which Marx refers to can be social relationships, economic relationships, technological (technical) relationships, cultural relationship, legal relationships and political relationships. The fundamental sociocosmic octave together with the 1st and 2nd lateral sociocosmic octaves are the law of seven which social relations of production are created according to this law, and the reference is within the framework of the capitalist mode of production.  The technocosmic octave is a sociotechnocosmic relations of production.  The trialectics of man and woman is a social relationship for producing three-brained beings known as human beings.


The Productive forces, Productive powers or Forces of production is the combination of means of labor (tools, machinery, land, infrastructure, etc.) with human labor power.  All those forces which are applied by people in the production process (body and brain, tools and techniques, materials, resources, quality of workers’ cooperation, and equipment) and includes management and engineering functions.  Human knowledge can also be a productive force.  Productive forces are the union of human labor and the means of labor.


The Forces of Nourishment means the development of a reciprocal forces for the nourishment, maintainance and repairs of what have already being created of developed by the productive forces.


The Forces of Destruction means the development of the productive forces is characterized by conflicts.  Some productive forces destroyed other productive forces, sometimes productive techniques were lost or destroyed, and sometimes productive forces could be turned into destructive forces.



1. Substructures:

  • The Productive Forces, Productive Powers or Forces of Production; The Forces of Nourishment; The Forces of Destruction

  • Components of Production

  • The Means of Production

  • Means of Distribution and Consumption (of products/services/ideas)

  • Ownership of the Means of Production (What) - Land asset, buildings asset (property), Plants, machineries and equipment asset (capital), financial assets (finance capital), Intellectual Property assets (IP) and wage-salary private ownership in Capitalism; public ownership in Socialism (ambiguous/deflectable by and at Westphalian State, Nation and United Nations at SO, LA and TI levels); common humanity-at-large ownership unambiguous/undeflectable by any Westphalian State, Nation and United Nations at SO, LA and TI levels; also serfs ownership in Feudalism and slaves ownership in Ancient Slavery Society

  • Structure/Organization of Production

  • The Social Relations of Production (Sociocosmic Octaves both fundamental and lateral octaves)

  • The Mode of Production [Mode 1: Primitive Commun(al)ism, Mode 2: Ancient Slavery, Mode 3: Feudalism,  Mode 4: Capitalism, Mode 5: Socialism, Mode 6: Communism and Mode 7: Datongism (spiritual/AI robots & machines "slavery" by biocosmic man)]

2. The Modes of Production (Historical) determine:

3. The History of the Superstructures:

  • Ideologies, emotionologies, movementologies, instinctologies and sexologies as expressed in the subject forms of politics, laws, ethics, religion, metaphysics, cultures, art forms, music, foods, dances, languages, sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, economics, sociology, architecture, finance, trade, management, ecetera ecetera.



The Human Resource is the source of capitalists’ eagle’s eye for exploitative labor and they welcome it and named it ‘Human Capital’ as they vibrate at MI-FA Interval and wiseacringly the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave but the same would have to be named ‘Human Sociopital’ as the real socialists vibrate at “SO-LA” and TI-DO Intervals and cautiously and wisely harmonizing the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave if viewed from a socialist perspective.  Whether ‘capital’ or ‘sociopital’, the former enriches exploitatively the private individuals while the latter so enriches the specific social groups or the general public concerned under a government trusteeship.  The government under this trusteeship is subject to a more realistic and fair distribution of the wealth to the individual-public-at-large.  Alas, sad to say, sociopital in our historical period is wiseacringly and exploitatively channeled to private individuals and corporate stopinders through a laundering network of work corruption.


The Financial Resource is money in the form of cash, liquid assets, equity funds, loans, etc. or the "blood" of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  It too has to be produced by the minting factories, the banking systems in the lateral sociocosmic octaves and distributed for consumption in a balance manner to enable the physical survival of all sociocosmic stopinder beings.


The Digital Data and Information Resource is the electronic or quantumic element in the form of data and information or the "handbledzoin" of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  It too has to be produced by the computer hard and software factories and the telecommunication industries for distribution and consumption in a balanced manner to enable "consciousness" or "eyes" for the awareness survival of all the sociocosmic stopinder beings.


The Nuclear Energy, nuclear power, forms of nuclear energy, nuclear knowledge and nuclear technology and nuclear production in practice cannot perish from humanity.  It is a natural industrial being by itself, and as man has a positive (good), a negative (bad) and a neutral (neither) side in his nature and practice, he can only use it in these 3 ways.  Depending on man’s nature, essence and personality type, its usage is always in the three domains. Dominating powers would embrace this power for itself with chronic pursuit of depriving others from having the same, also as in accordance with the highly respected law of reciprocal feeding of sociocosmoses.  Certain sociocosmoses sociogenetically produce this energy as ‘defenses’ and as deterrence from being eaten up as food by the power-possessing beings.  The fundamental law of laujinggong at all sociocosmic levels is always there.  Weaker ones always got eaten up but the powerful ones too are also eaten even without being aware of it.


The Nuclear Ownership and Control of this usage tend to be concentrated at the 5th and the 6th sociocosmic stopinder levels of the fundamental sociocosmic octave, that is, at the state and nation levels and regulated by the 7th sociocosmic stopinder level, even though it is created at the 4th sociocosmic stopinder level, that is, created by the corporate-complexes – do through ti of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave.  There no capitalistic shareholder ownership for these 5th, 6th and 7th sociocosmic stopinders of the fundamental sociocosmic octave – only common or public ownership with a risk of being controlled by hegemonistic ‘state and central governments’ who are not owners but rather state or national or ‘united nations’ servants.  Their holding of power is as good as owning the state, the nation and the united nations!  The real owners/sharedolders are just the commoners, the citizens or the public, and because they are masses they have to ‘select’ and ‘elect’ correctly their representatives in numerous levels and stages without experiencing the sociocosmic democratic trauma of elect and receive a great regret which is likely to be the case as history has proven so immemorable.

The nation seeks for its monopoly ownership and usage of nuclear power and is forced to compete with others but is also forced again to form nation-blocks-in-competition in opposition against other nation-blocks from having it.  This is human nature not nuclear nature.  Our Sun is one such natural and cosmic Nuclear Power – and He is neither Good nor Bad!


The Legal Superstructure:  Now concerning this legalanaic phenomenon of man, I would like to point out the nature of this mind sociocosmic stopinder.  First, there are actually 3 legalanaic forces taking the form of 3 legalanas or 3 legal postures of the mind, namely, the hot and active plaintiff’s ana as opposed to the passive and resisting defendant ana with a neutralizing judge ana creating a judgment or result with punishment.  So legalanaic is by essence, trilegalanaic stopinderation, for which the law of three is obeyed, and the process would continue in various wiseacrings, now open and now hidden in a historical process that is subjected to the influence of the law of seven. But, the trilegalanaic process must ultimate produced the first trilegalanaic stopinder, that is, the result of the first stopinder in the legal-anaic stopinderation process and is recorded as the case-result in the legalanaic book of cases.


Qualitative and Quantitative Models in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and FATEM (Finance, Accounting, Trading, Economics and Management) are those mathematical models of analysis on various relevant qualitative bases (graphs, charts, formulae, statistics, probabilities, differentials, calculi, various other quantitative theories – in natural sciences, engineering, geology, biology, chemistry, physics, electronics, etc. as in STEM and finance, accounting, trading, economics, management of small business enterprise and state management, etc. as in FATEM  - ecetera ecetera), know-hows and technologies in the form of ideas or psyche hydrogens of quantitative science often as enveloped into and as intellectual properties (IP) created during the process of actual production.  STEM is the soul of the productive forces (in threes) and the technocosmic octave (in sevens) and FATEM is the soul of the social relations of production (in threes) and the sociocosmic octave (in sevens).  These tended to see the trees but not the forest, and like the capitalist can only see the Great Sociotechnocosmos sitting on the small table of corporate capitalism.  Something like in Hinduism where the whole universe sits on top of an elephant god.






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