Volume 132       October 30, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 22, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The HEIGRENS Era of Sociotechnocosmic Development, the Future of the Organic Film on Mother Earth and the Special Mysteries of Concern," March 2002 - December 2009 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section A: "The Seven Cosmoses," pp. 32 ~ 63)


V.M Samael Aun Weor



      (Revised on October 30, 2020)


1   Samael Aun Weor and the Seven Cosmos (An Extract):



The Elimination of Satan's Tail, a book by Samael Aun Weor


The Seven Cosmoses


Written by Samael Aun Weor


Kabbalah states that two cosmos exist: The Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

The first one represents the infinitely large. The second one represents the infinitely small.

This Kabbalistic teaching about the two cosmos is incomplete, because it is only a fragmentary teaching.

Seven cosmos exist, not two, as some mistaken Kabbalists assume.

The Absolute in Itself, as explained by the Kabbalah, has three aspects, which are:

1.      Ain 

2.      Ain Soph

3.      Ain Soph Aur

The Ain Soph Aur is the exterior circle.

The Ain Soph is the middle circle.

The Ain is in fact, Sat, the Unmanifested Absolute.


A Comparison of the Great Triad of the Will of the Absolute at the DO-TI Interval of the Great Ray of Creation:

Gnostic (Cosmos) ~ Taoist (Bagua) ~ Gurdjieff (Enneagram)

1. Protocosmos ~ Tai Chi ~ Trogoautoegocrat

The first cosmos could not exist within the Unmanifested Ain, not even within the Ain Soph. The first Cosmos can only exist within the Ain Soph Aur.

This first cosmos is made of an entirely spiritual nature. Its name is Protocosmos.

1st Active Force: Ain ~ Wu ~ Absolute

2nd Passive Force: Ain Soph ~ Great Yin ~ Etherokrilno

3rd Neutralizing: Ain Soph Aur ~ Great Yang ~ Okidanokh

We (I) do not know whether it is just THE ABSOLUTE or Absolute Sun in trinity!

2. Ayocosmos (1st  Order Sun) ~ 1st Order Yang ~ Theomertmalogos/Sun Absolute.  This Sun Absolute is simply all the suns and communicates amongst themselves, each gravity-center sun emanates to not just everywhere but to themselves as the same level 1st order suns  and specifically to the 2nd order suns.  In between the active okindanokh gravity-center absolute suns is the omnipresence passive Etherolkrilno endlessness.  The Sun Absolute does not just heat, but it emanates light, auroras, cosmic properties or consciousness, information and instructions to the 2nd order suns, and one of which is the (our) Milky Way which consists of millions of active 2nd order suns.

Gnostic knowledge also used in the writings of Beezlebub's Tales to His Grandson by G. I. Gurdjieff


The second is the Ayocosmos or Megalocosmos, that is to say, the Vast Cosmos, or all of the 1st Order Suns of  all of the worlds (all galaxies) of the infinite space.


3. Macrocosmos (2nd Order Suns)

The third cosmos is the Macrocosmos, which the Kabbalists refer to in their writings. This is formed by the Milky Way, with its eighteen million suns that gravitate around the central sun Sirius.  However, the number remains to be proven.  The active 2nd order suns receive emanations from the active 1st order suns, and send specifically light, heat, auroras, and cosmic properties or cosmic consciousness, information and instructions to the similar level active 3rd order suns of all the solar systems in this Milky Way, for which our sun in our solar system is just one of them.  In between these gravity-center active Okidanokh suns of the 2nd order and the 3rd order are just the omnipresent passive Etherolkrilno.


4. Deuterocosmos (3rd Order Suns)

The fourth cosmos is the Deuterocosmos, which is constituted by the Sun of our Solar System the one amongst the trillions of Rays of Creation and all of its laws.  The 3rd order suns of other solar systems in our Milky Way are in communication, and our Sun as one of the millions of active Okidanokh 3rd order suns is in communication to the planets especially to Earth which is the 4th order sun.


5. Mesocosmos (4th Order "Suns")

The fifth is the Mesocosmos, our planet Earth in the (our) Ray of Creation which has a "Sun" at its inner core wrapped strongly by a strong surface crust.  However, the Earth still receiving and communicating fine matters with this 3rd order Sun of our solar system


6. Microcosmos (5th Order "Suns")

The sixth is the Microcosm, Man which is a higher level tritocosmos or 3 compartment being with Organic Life and which has seven active psychic centers or accumulators for processing and refining cosmic psyche hydrogens ingested from the 3 being-foods.


7. Tritocosmos  (6th Order "Suns")

The seventh is the Tritocosmos or other Organic Beings also three (3) compartmental, and are the big creatures as well as the small micro-organisms such as the viruses, germs, cells, microbes, insects,  and etcetera - all having 'trito' or three (3) emerging compartments or fully formed three compartments in the physical design, and also the Avitchi, the Abyss, the lowest level of life (Hell in religious terminology).


8. The Mysterious Eight

The eighth is something very different.  It includes the compounds, the minerals, the atomic elements, the sub-atomic particles or elementary particles of the three generations of matter such as the elementary fermions, three generations of anti-matter such elementary anti-fermions and the interactive force carriers such as the elementary bosons which do not have Organic Life but rather Synthetic Life and might be converted into the spiritual particles and always in association with the cosmic consciousness of the Divine or Will of the Absolute and His sun orders, the cosmic consciousness of which is present everywhere in the Great Universe Being or Singularity.  The 1st Quantum Revolution in the inner world of the microcosm or man is only able to acquire in man a depository of the crystallization or essence from the work of knowledge and being and enable the radiation of this cosmic consciousness in man except for the still remaining 'undetermined, uncertain and unexplained' spooky quantum which would require a 2nd Quantum Revolution to overcome this still remaining inner conscious deficiency in body of man to have the divine particles in him during his continuous observation or eating process as an eating observer to extract and digest these spooky quanta  present in the Great Universe Being.  However, owing to the vast ENDLESSNESS of this cosmic particles, spatial, temporal and eternal presence amongst all the sun orders - the 1st Order Suns, the 2nd Order Suns, the 3rd Order Suns and the 4th Order Suns of the Absolute, our limited brains would still be unable to eat or digest all of these Sun issuings.


[Commentaries by Tan Man Ho:

The Microcosmos (Man), the Tritocosmos (Organic Film on mother Earth's surface) and the Mysetrious Eighth (the infinitely small) are re-explained in my own way as understood by me.  The idea of the 'Sun Orders' is added also from my knowledge and understanding.  All of which will still be a subject of further exploration.

Being Pysche Hydrogens are spiritual in nature and with cosmic properties – consciousness, psychic, soul, life, vital energies, god, ghost, demons, etc.  It is an Ouspenskian way to name them in a new way.  They are something much smaller in scale and dimension to what the Gnostists have called the 'tritocosmos' as the 7th cosmos.  But Gurdjieff and Ouspensky would prefer the word 'microcosmos' for the 7th cosmos because this word 'micro-' means the very small entities such as viruses, small organelle, etc. – that have cosmic properties too although unexplored by our physical inclined contemporary scientists.  However, 'trito-' would mean three or third or tertiary or three compartments or just three-brained beings or three-centered beings of the Organic Life that most animalia and plantae have - head, thorax and abdomen compartments in most animals and root, trunk and leaf compartments in plants.  So the Organic Film on Earth's surface is the tritocosmos or tritocosm which is subjected to 96 laws as a whole for which man who is a higher special organic being is a microcosm subjected only to 48 laws.

The Protocosmos has in it the ‘Spiritual’ Absolute Above, the Etherokrilno and the Okidanokh acted as the Will of the Absolute at the DO-TI Interval of our Ray of Creation. The Ayocosmos has in it the Theomertmalogos or ‘Word-God’ of the 1st order sun or Sun Absolute of All Worlds (Constellations) and the Macrocosmos has in it the 2nd order suns or All Suns of our Milky Way and the Deuterocosmos has the 3rd order sun(s) but only one in our Solar System and the Mesocosmos has in it the 4th order “suns” or planets.  The Tritocosmos has in it the Organic Life with instruments/machines of production, organic 'consciousness' or ‘Spirit’ of the biocosmic Organic Life, notably in Man. So the ‘tritocosmos’ would be the preferred 6th cosmos for which man is microcosm at the highest apex of the organic life and mineral “life” at the FA-MI Interval of our Ray of Creation.

These being psyche hydrogens permeate all the Rays of Creation including the ABSOLUTE ABOVE.  They are “housed” in the cosmoses from the Protocosmos (World 1 hydrogens), the Ayocosmos (World 3 hydrogens), the Macrocosmos (World 6 hydrogens), the Deuterocosmos (World 12 hydrogens), the Mesocosmos (World 24 hydrogens), the Tritocosmos (World 48 hydrogens where man is a three-brained highest microcosm), the Microcosmos (World 96 hydrogens) and finally to the Absolute Below or the Abyss or Black Holes.

The external physical structure or shape or boundaries or cosmic capsules are respectively called by physical observation, the ‘Absolute’ (shapeless), ‘All the Worlds from All the Clusters of Galaxies’, ‘A Galaxy or Group of Suns’, ‘The Sun, Solar System’, ‘The Earth, or any of the Planets’, ‘The Philosophical Earth, Human Being’ and ‘The Abyss, Hell’. Tan Man Ho]

The Mesocosmos and the Deuterocosmos exist between the Microcosm, Man, and the Macrocosm. Therefore, the phrase which states, “Man (the human being) is the Microcosm of the Macrocosm,” becomes a little capricious.

[Man is made having special status because we are man!  Tan Man Ho]


Each one of the seven cosmos has its own laws. The Gnostic Initiate has to study the laws which govern all of these seven cosmoses, with the goal of knowing the place that he occupies in life and what he must do in order to achieve the Final Liberation.


The Ray of Creation


The Master G. states that the Ray of Creation begins its development from the Absolute and ends in the Moon. Master G.’s mistake consists in believing that the Moon is a split-off fragment from the Earth.

[For Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, the Tritocosmos or the 7th Cosmos would be Organic Life which includes Man, as a special microcosm of the Organic Tritocosmos consisting of  organic molecules such DNA, RNA and the microbes with Organic Life.

The Mysterious Eight or the "8th Cosmos" or Absolute Below would be the micro world of 'atoms,' all the sub-atomic particles or elementary wave-particles - bosons (forces), fermions (matter) and leptons (matters), quarks, fields and force carriers - potentials of Synthetic Life - for which their next possible ascending transformation would be to the level of the Protocosmos.  Tan Man Ho]

The Moon is much more ancient than the Earth. It is already a dead world, a planet which belonged to another Ray of Creation.

Truly, our own Ray of Creation began in the Absolute and ended in the Inferno, Infernus, Avitchi, Greek Tartarus, Roman Averno, or Submerged.


Mineral Kingdom, which is the fatal abode of the sub-lunar tenebrous entities.

The proper arrangement of the Ray of Creation is as follows, according to the Gnostic Teaching:

1.   Absolute - Protocosmos

2.   All the worlds from all of the clusters of Galaxies (Constellations)- Ayocosmos

3.   A Galaxy or group of Suns - Macrocosmos

4.   The Sun, Solar System - Deuterocosmos

5.   The Earth, or any of the planets - Mesocosmos

6.   The Philosophical Earth, Human Being -Microcosmos

7.   The Abyss, Hell - Tritocosmos




The Brethren of the Gnostic Movement must deeply comprehend the esoteric knowledge which we give in this Christmas Message, in order for them to exactly know the place that they occupy in the Ray of Creation.


We need to know the path in depth, with the goal of achieving the Nativity within our heart and the Final Liberation.

The Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute with the Protocosmos.

All of the worlds in the Ray of Creation correspond to the Ayocosmos.

All of the Suns of this Milky Way (Galaxy) correspond to the Macrocosm in the Ray of Creation.

The Deuterocosmos within the Ray of Creation is the Sun (Solar System).

Each Mesocosmos within the Ray of Creation is composed of planets of any Solar System. Our planet Earth represents one among them, the one with Organic Life.

The Microcosmos is the human being within the Ray of Creation.

[Gurdjieff and Ouspensky called this Microcosm 'part of the Tritocosmos or human being part of the Organic Life' and still place it as the 6th cosmos and Organic Life or Tritocomos is the 7th Cosmos.  Tan Man Ho]

The Tritocosmos is the bio-atoms and the Abyss.

[Gurdjieff and Ouspensky called this Tritocosmos the Organic Life.  In other words from Gurdjieff's and Ouspensky's standpoint both Gnostist's Microcosmos and Tritocosmos would be just called Tritocosmos for which man (often called microcosm subject of 48 laws) is in the higher level in the Tritocosmos (an Organic Life) and the lower levels of Organic Life would have lunar or moon-related influences (subject of 96 laws).

There would then be a Tritocosmos or a 7th Cosmos for everything in the bio-atomic and sub-atomic world (subject of only 96 laws) and where these bio-microcosmic wave-particles are in transition to acquiring cosmic properties of higher and higher psyche orders or higher and higher density of vibration and/or lower and lower density of matter and with indication of synthetic life prepared and ready for the Absolute Below.  Man's unquenchable taste in atom smashing or elementary sub-atomic particle smashing to find out, to research, to experiment, to know, to control in the image of the Absolute Above in the Protocosmos.  Well, he might a day destroy his own civilization (especially in his Kardashev Type 2 and 3 civilizations) from his own unquenchable doings in the contribution of some "Back Holes" to the Mysterious Eight or the Abyss or 8th Cosmos order or Absolute Below which have always exist in the Ray of Creation for the Grand Cycle in the Ray of Creation.

The Mysterious Eight or "8th Cosmos" is the Absolute Below (DO), "Black Holes" of material conversion in returning cycles back to the Protocosmos or the Absolute Above with 'spiritual nature', in the grand cycle of cosmoses.

Matter or Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only their forms both physical and psychical are changing and the Law of Conservation of Matter or Energy still applies.  Tan Man Ho]

The unique law, the law of the Absolute, exists within the first cosmos.

[Here there is no light but only vibrations which are gathering mass and matter - radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays – the 1st law already emerged and 2 more laws to 3 laws on the becoming.  Tan Man Ho]

The law of the first cosmos is converted into three laws within the second cosmos. Thus, three are the laws which govern the second cosmos.

[Elementary particles formed with mass and matter. Light in the second cosmos which are created there are 3 color-centered - red, green and blue - and are subject to triad law and an emerging octave law. Tan Man Ho]


The twelve laws are duplicated in order to become twenty-four laws within the fifth cosmos.

The three laws are converted into six laws within the third cosmos.

[Light in the third cosmos would be 7 colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and with inner octaves of colors - and is subject to octave law.  Tan Man Ho]

The six laws are duplicated into twelve within the fourth cosmos.

[Material laws of three and seven fully operate and give more and more material forms.  Tan Man Ho]


The twenty-four laws are duplicated within the sixth cosmos, thus converting into forty-eight laws.

[Gurdjieff and Ouspensky would consider this Microcosmos as a Miscrocosm (Man or a Human Being), a higher part of the Tritocosmos.  Tan Man Ho]

The forty-eight laws are converted into ninety-six laws, by means of duplication, within the seventh cosmos.


Therefore, the will of the Absolute, the unique law, is fulfilled within the Protocosmos.

This great Law is converted into three within the second cosmos, which is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or Positive Force, Negative Force and Neutral Force.

Mechanicity starts within the third cosmos, because these three primordial laws divide themselves in order to become six laws.

Life becomes much more mechanical within the fourth cosmos, since there are no longer six laws, but twelve laws which govern in this cosmos.

Life becomes very much more mechanical within the fifth cosmos, and almost has nothing to do with the will of the Absolute, because the twelve laws have become twenty-four laws.

Life turns tremendously materialistic and mechanical within the sixth cosmos, so that the existence of the will of the Absolute is not even remotely suspected.

We live in a mechanical world of forty-eight laws, a world where the will of the Absolute is not fulfilled, a spot in a very remote corner of the universe, a terribly dark and painful place.

The position which we occupy in the Ray of Creation is sorrowful because in our world the will of the Absolute is not fulfilled, not even the will of three Divine Persons, called Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is fulfilled.

Forty-eight frightful, mechanical laws govern and direct us. We are certainly wretched, exiled ones who live in this valley of bitterness. Underneath us, in accordance with the Ray of Creation, only the disgraceful souls of the abyss exist, who are governed by the horrifying mechanism of ninety-six laws.

We need to liberate ourselves from the forty-eight laws, in order to pass into the fifth cosmos (the one of twenty-four laws).

Then we need to liberate ourselves from the fifth cosmos, in order to pass into the fourth cosmos (the one of twelve laws).

Afterwards, our work of Final Liberation continues passing from the fourth cosmos into the third, and then into the second cosmos in order to finally reach the Absolute.

All of the substances from all of the seven cosmos are within ourselves.


We have the substance of the Protocosmos within our thinking brain (head).

We have the substance of the Ayocosmos within the thinking system or motor brain (distributed throughout the spinal cord).

We have the substance of the Macrocosm within the conscious brain, which is made up of all of the specific nervous centers of the human organism, and likewise so on.

Therefore, the necessary materials for the Great Work are found within the human organism.  If we achieve the creation of the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, then, as a fact, we attain the liberation from all of the cosmos, including the seventh, in order to finally enter into the Unmanifested Absolute, Sat, Ain.

The seed-germs for the creation of all the existential superior bodies of the Being are found deposited within the semen.

The development of these seed-germs is necessary and is only possible with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

We have already spoken about the existential superior bodies of the Being in our former publications and messages. Therefore, our Gnostic students are already informed about the subject.

We know that the Astral Body (do not confuse it with the lunar body), is governed by twenty-four laws and that the physical body is governed by forty-eight laws.

If we create the Astral Body, then it is clear that we liberate ourselves from the fatal world of forty-eight laws. Thus, we convert ourselves into inhabitants of the world of twenty-four laws.

If we create the Mental Body, then we liberate ourselves from the world of the twenty-four laws. Thus, we enter into the world of twelve laws. Let us remember that the Mental World is governed by twelve laws.

If we create the Causal Body or the Body of the Conscious Will, then we enter into the world of six laws. Thus, we convert ourselves into inhabitants of that world, because the Body of the Conscious Will (the Causal Body) is governed by six laws.

The work with the Maithuna and the dissolution of the “I,” plus the sacrifice for humanity, allows us to make new creations within ourselves, in order to be liberated from the world of six laws, thus passing beyond the Ayocosmos and the ineffable Protocosmos.

It is necessary for all of our Gnostic students to comprehend this Christmas that they can only achieve the Final Liberation by creating the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, by celebrating the death of their “I,” and by celebrating the Nativity in their hearts.

The Being can only enter within the one who has created the Superior Existential Bodies.

The Nativity of the heart can only be truly celebrated by the one who has created the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being.

The constitution of the intellectual animal, mistakenly called “man,” is the following:

1.   Physical Body

2.   Vital Body

3.   Lunar Body of desires

4.   Lunar Mental Body

5.   Pluralized “I”

6.   The Buddhata


The three aspects of Atman-Buddhi-Manas, Divine Spirit, Spirit of Life, or Human Spirit, have not incarnated within the human being because he still does not possess the Solar Bodies, that is to say, the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being.

The whole of our efforts are aimed towards the liberation of ourselves from the moon, which disgracefully we carry within our lunar bodies.

We liberate ourselves from the lunar influence when we create the Solar Bodies.

The luxury of creating our Solar Bodies can only be achieved with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic), because the seed-germs of such bodies are found within the semen.

The lunar bodies keep us living in the world of forty-eight laws, in this valley of bitterness.

The lunar bodies are feminine. This is why the men from this world are within the internal worlds (after death) as subconscious, cold, phantasmagoric women.

It is very pitiable that the Theosophist and the Pseudo-Rosicrucian writers, etc., have not been capable of comprehending that the present internal vehicles of the human being are the lunar bodies which we must disintegrate, after we have created the Solar Bodies.

To liberate ourselves from the world of the forty-eight laws without having created the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being is impossible.



This chapter is from The Elimination of Satans Tail (1965) by Samael Aun Weor. The print and ebook editions by Glorian Publishing (a non-profit organization) are illustrated to aid your understanding, and include features like a glossary and index. Buy the book, and you benefit yourself and others.



Gurdjieffian-Ouspenskian Classification

(Spiritual Hydrogens)








Astronomical-Cosmological Science and Experiment

- A Study of the Mysterious Eighth



Historicism of Particle Physics

(Excluding the psyche hydrogens or cosmic/cosmos properties)


The Way of Particle Physics: The Stages of Particle Development of Matter as a Historical Octave

DO  - Big Bang (10-43 - 10-35 seconds)

TI   - Age of Leptons (10-35 - 10-6 seconds)

LA  - Age of Nucleons (10-6 - 225 seconds)

SO  - Age of Nucleo-Synthesis (225 seconds - 1,000 years)

FA  - Age of Ions (1,000 years - 3,000 years)

MI  - Age of Atoms (3,000 years - 300,000 years)

RE  - Age of Stars and Galaxies (300,000 years - Present)

DO  - The present universe as it is from a phenomenal (non-noumenal) approach!

Note that 'Big Bang' (DO) and its octave is a major physical octave of 'The Absolute Above' (DO) as it octavizes into the Ray of Creation.  The former is pure physical while the latter is functional/psychical but the two octaves are of ONE, that is, integrated into ONE!  The 'Black Holes' of the 'Absolute Below' assist to return material of highest fineness and 'spirituality' back to the Absolute Above for cosmic occasional replenishment, nourishment, maintenance and repair.


2   In the ‘Work’ of the earlier monks of the Piscean Age, when Aquarian hydrogens of natural sciences, hydrogens of mathematics, hydrogens of engineering technologies, hydrogens of economics, hydrogens of administration, hydrogens of logic, hydrogens of laws, hydrogens of sociology, hydrogens of astronomy, hydrogens of history, etc, were not produced in their divine (thinking) body, the work could only be done on the already existing hydrogens of the astral body (feeling, instinct and sex) which were negative, namely, hydrogens of evil, hydrogens of greed, hydrogens of lust, hydrogens of jealousy, hydrogens of hate, hydrogens of hunger, hydrogens of revenge, hydrogens of desire and hydrogens of some science, some mathematics, some simple technology, etc.

When the increasing formation of the hydrogens of the divine (thinking) body takes place, as it is today, the ‘work’ must also be this work of the divine (thinking) body, besides also having to work on the ever intricate and obscured or buried astral (emotion, instinct and sexual desire) body.  Well, the brain’s logics, illogics, psychophilosophical methods, tri-octave methodologies, were in infantile stage to most Piscean men.  The Aquarian men have potentials for spiritual development with the higher divine-based thinking active.  The contemporary monks, priests, imams, yogis and the other divine individuals are no longer Piscean in the period they were borne but Aquarian by their being born in the Age of Aquarius.  The energies of higher divine thinking at its height are still at infantile stage, at HIS TRUE POWER HAS YET BEEN FELT.


3   Hydrogens of the ‘subjects’ - of physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, astronomy, economics, finance, management, mechanics, engineering, etc. ~ and all thinking being sets are stabilized psychological vibrations with specific gravity-centers and they are not just run by H96 but are run by H48, H24, and H12 depending on which hydrogens are used to propel them.


4   The man in the Tao, the devoted monk, takes on a journey "detached" from the sociocosmic in his world; not to stopinder a group, a family, a business organization, a state, a nation or get entangled in the affairs of the world.

Neither could he remove nor transform the sociocosmic octave, and the best path for him is to detach, observe mindfully and beware of the influences that occur outside and inside him all the time.

When entangled with a beautiful courtship ready female counterpart in a group stopinder, the trialectics of these two parts can easily delude him into the couple stopinder which rapidly mature into a family stopinder, with future reproductive beings.

When looking for foods, shelter, security and survival, he gets entangled with many others of his same motivation, and easily organizes the business stopinder to accumulate more for his employees or accumulates for it as its employee.

When unbecomings, frictions, conflicts of stopinder interests, unfair practices and others started to drum on the stage, the regulatory stopinders of the state, the nation (central government) and the United Nations began to complicate his inner psychological scenario as the full sociocosmic octave has grown and breed deep-rootedly in him and in his neighbors despite the daunting lack of understanding of the holistic presence of this sociocosmic octave.

When he travels round the world physically and in the world outside, he would see the full real spectrum of the Great Sociocosmic Being outside him and built by the many beings similar to himself.


5   The consequences of the law of seven that begets the infinite stopinders of life and weighing us down through its huge network of octaves is the immediate realities that “I” have to struggle and swim upstream though the principles of the law of three to BE near the Trogoautoegocrat (HIM) in me from the TI-DO Interval and never periodically also swimming downstream to BE with the consequences of his law of seven in the Tritomechanoegocrat also in me from the MI-FA Interval.

We can conclude that the higher 1st lateral cosmic octave of Will (Wills, wills, higher psyche, etc.) at DO-TI Interval reverberating ascending and descending along the fundamental cosmic octave and the lower 2nd lateral cosmic octave of Organic Life (Lives of Man, lives of lower organic beings, etc.) at FA-MI Interval also reverberating ascending and descending along the same fundamental cosmic octave meet at some point(s) or boundaries and even a-mixed and ex-changed psyche hydrogens between a Macrocosm (supreme being above) and Microcosm (organic beings below or man in specific) and with middle cosmoses, all of which arises from the forces of the 2 lateral cosmic octaves for the creation and regular maintenance of the fundamental cosmic octave and also for creation and regular maintaining themselves (as lateral octaves).


6   The greatest liberation for the seekers of inner truth is to be able to detach from god (except GOD).  He who is able to detach from him (except HIM) is, and he who is not has not been able to achieve full liberation.






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