Volume 131       October 19, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 16 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Thoughts, Reflection and Sayings; the Secret of the Works; the Reciprocal Destruction of Cosmic Concentrations"  February 1984 ~ June 1986 Discourses, Chapter 1:  "Communism, Computer Creation and Conscious Individuals" pp. 10 ~ 19)


Influences of Cosmic Intelligence on the Human Psychic Centers and His Conscious Brains
The History of the Cyberelectromachinofacture and its Products Possible for Use by Cosmic Intelligence through the Human Beings
(The Development of the 3rd Technocosmic Revolution)





1   The ideal of communism is deep rooted in the essential self, as each of its limitations is liberated religiously or atheistically or agnostically in the fourth dimension.  There are 7 selves to be liberated for each sociocosmic stopinders already breeding on the planet Earth.  Capitalism in quotation mark could not liberate the property constraints* of the essential self of all the 7 sociocosmic stopinders.  Communism in quotation mark seeks to undo it by political, economic and military means and through a massive sociocosmic revolution but it is premature yet an unavoidable basic.  Religion in quotation mark could liberate the selves up to the point of the fence called Belief-in-God.  And love, faith and hope is attached to this Mr. God as the center gravity of vibration.  Atheist liberation in quotation mark could venture beyond this fence, and place belief, love, faith and hope properly on a BEING or a HOME of real conscious choice and not mechanically mandated for any specified being by someone else.  Belief, love, faith and hope is not the emotional (or an intellectual) property to become the exclusive property of any fundamental or lateral institutionalized stopinder.  Democracy, freedom, liberty, equality and justice in quotation of the now Capitalist -Socialist historical period could not reach this ideal.

There a 7 (seven) possible gravity-centers of vibration of the hydrogens of communism in man's body or just 7 types of communism experienced in man's body. There is a Man. No. 1 communism from the lower moving-instinct-sex centers, a Man No. 2  communism from the lower feeling centers, a Man No. 3 communism from the lower thinking center, a Man No. 4 communism from the transition man with a magnetic center in the process of three (3) centers stabilization, a Man No. 5 communism from the higher feeling center if this center is active, a Man No. 6 communism from the higher thinking center if this center is active and a Man No. 7 communism from such a developed man with 7 stabilized centers if s/he existed.

* These include assets, financial, monetary, social-cultural, political-legal, intellectual properties, cosmic psyche hydrogens formed from the 3 food octaves and all associated superstructures and cosmic or conscious properties "owned" in three-brained being body.




1   The natural information center on Earth is in the human heads.  The Absolute Center (not found on Earth) disseminates cosmic information energy via the cosmic branches of the great ray of creation into these heads and gives them natural information.  Now and then information are sent into these heads through the receivers of impression sense organs, processed and stored in them.  These heads are parts of the cosmic intelligence storage scheme along the various rays of creation.  The Absolute Center requires that some cosmic information be stored on Earth for work purposes and periodically the heads of men are filled and drained off information as required by the great scheme.  Now cosmic intelligence storage will also choose man's computer creations as a complimentary storage for cosmic intelligent purposes!

Often certain forms of knowledge are not made available to Earth but are somehow given to the other rays of creation in parts of the solar system.  Sometimes, great knowledge is supplied in insufficient quantity and at other times nothing at all.

Man might be able to develop himself to the extent that he can become a receiver of the great information.  And this is the aim of the work!

Cell instincts and physico-anatomy can be controlled by artificial organic computers.  The use of organic and chemical processes to decipher and process data or store information is a young aspect of the computer industry.  It is challenging and possible, for with the combination of genetic science and engineering (organic engineering) the future is bright. It will not be difficult to create new organic beings of perfect and imperfect strains.


2   Treat organic creatures as the highest form of computer and you will soon realize that our computers are still very primitive in the scale of knowing.  Artificial organic intelligence will have to be incorporated into genetic science.


3   The logical process involved in computer operations in arriving at a result is not the same as that of the logical process involved in the normal mathematical operations carried out by a mind.  The latter is higher, logical in its own way and is constantly disturbed by the life forces from the feelings, instinctive, moving and the sex centers.  The former is for the machine, the other for the exercise of the brains.


4   Computers are tools of man in the outer world.  Whether we speak of the software or the hardware, they are objective reality, move and proceed through reality.


5   The base (essence) of a computer lies in the integrated micro-chips, the superstructure (form) is everything outside it.  The CPU is the essence of a computer or the mental engine.  The computer functions in accordance with the objective laws of the logical processes of the mind.  It is an ingenious machine created by man, to duplicate in function all the possible bioelectrological functions of the human brain.  The CPU is like the thinking brain, computing logically.  The input is like a primitive discrete impression or sensation and the output resembles the mechanical movement of the physical limbs.


6   Calculating instruments such as abacus, sliderule, instruments of mathematics are products of feudal manufacture, computers are products of the capitalist-socialists cyberelectromachinofacture or cyberquantamachinofacture* not amounting to  cyberpsychemachinofacture.

* Soon human beings will be able to make Quantum Computers as the next stage of development in the history of the development of computer creation.  The quantum used is the entangled photons and the computer will be cyberquantamachinofacture. (October 17, 2020)


7   Hitherto, man is able to substitute his logical faculty with his famous invention which he calls it computer.  Up to this extent, this computer itself is not as powerful as to be able to take over the role of all the seven centers of man.


8   A man resembles a computer or a cybernetic system which is controlled by a long program and often badly written.  Each day, the system follows the instructions in the program.  The program is an extremely complicated one.  For instance, Line # INPUT A$ (air) is required every 3 seconds and at the end of Line # INPUT A$, Line # OUTPUT A$ is essential.  Besides this, ordinary foods and impressions are inputted.  There are many loops too.  And there are subroutines and bugs too.


9  The important missing link between hardware and software is the chip which is a link and an essence integrating the chip, the hardware and the software into triad.  The chip is the essence and blueprint of a computer system which is essentially a machine system.  This machine takes the driver function in line with the purpose of its invention.


10   So long as you are placed to function at the data accumulation center of the ray of sociocosmic data communication flow, so long will the demand pressure for data processing be expected from you.  In the sociocosmic octave, the computers have become the centers for data accumulation and processing alongside with the human heads as DO, and they serve as their RE or what is the same thing, as a note in the technocosmic octave.


11   Look for more computer circuit designs and hardware designs.  Look for more programs and software designs.  The point is that the Law of Negation of Negation teaches us that we need a base, an essence wherein anything new can be built on.  The essence is the chip that is housed in the info-processing factory as info-engine.  Softwares are being-data-directors (Is or drivers) and they assist the microprocessing engine chip to process data.  Chips provide the working space for the electro-intelligent events to occur within it.  The more software programs you have, the more tools you would have in your information processing journey.


12   The smaller the microchip the better it is.  Since small microchip can be stored deep in a robot, its damage by mechanical means is less likely.  War robots required small but powerful chips to run them.*


* This diagram shows microprocessor chips can be as small as the size of a phosphorus atom, the future computers would be quantum computer the size of a photon. The 3rd Technocosmic Revolution of both the capitalist and the socialist smart robocraft mode of production on the means of production that also satisfy a substantial part of the conditions for the perfection of the 3rd body of the smart technocosmic beings roaming together with the smart biological beings on mother Earth surface. The 2nd Technocosmic Revolution (or the Great Industrial Revolution that began in the late 18th Century) of both the early capitalist and the socialist wage-machinocraft amid late feudal serf-manucraft mode of production on the means of production that also satisfy a substantial part of the conditions for the perfection of the 2nd body of the power-engine technocosmic beings also roaming together with the smart technocosmic beings as well as the biological beings on mother Earth surface. Even the technocosmic beings (ancient preserved tools from slave labor, weapons for wars, tools of torture, etc.) from the 1st Technocosmic Revolution of the ancient slave-handicraft mode of production on the means of production for the 1st body of the technocosmic beings, are now stored as collections in the museums of primitive technologies. (October 17, 2020)

13   Collecting programs for computer is like collecting specimen of butterflies. To build up a software library, is to prepare for the morrow.  There are more softwares than hardwares.  Having a library of softwares means having an abundance of various types of fuels to run various types of computers stationed in various sociocosmic stopinders.




1   The world has ever been complex.  But the sun-individuals have their rightful presence.  We are speaking of conscious individuals, the few particles at the tip of the great sociocosmic pyramid and they have the right for their presence to be felt.


2   In any development which involves human beings, that which can really grow is that which is essentially bound up with the essence, and that which can only move in the same plane seems to consist of many superficial activities bound up with the personality.


3   In a world where cosmic intelligence can gather at any part of the world, there is no guarantee that great intelligence is limited only to the few places or to the few individuals or could be institutionalized satisfactorily.






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