Volume 130       October 12, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 3 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The General Laws of Nature, Real Historical Process and Early Christianity - The Symbolic Mushroom and the Cross"  November 1974 ~ September 1975 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section E:  "The East Versus the West" pp. 92 ~ 97)





1   Those three-brained beings from the West that came to colonize the weaker three-brained beings dwelling in the East were also actually and actively completing some of the major growing branches in their existing sociocosmos, namely, their economic, industrial, military and administrative octaves.  The automatic mechanical ‘assignments’ they received from the lords at the headquarters were aimed to objectively get what they must get without caring for the negative outcomes of their command.  Some of the very valuable raw materials indispensable for the survival and continuity of their industrial octave include tin ore, iron ore, rubber, oil palm, spices, etc. – the demand depends on the input requirements of their hungry industrial beings.


These hungry bipeds on setting foot to this soil began to ‘advise’, ‘direct’ and ‘administer’ work functions to those native beings to ensure the continuous and smooth raw materials flow to the West.  They recruited the obedient heads or various tribe leaders into supporters for this upward flow and served them without ever allowing any venture beyond the ‘coachman’ level.  For the greater part of their lives, they remain at the ‘horse’ level.  These western beings manage to do this “miracle” by manipulating the organ kundabuffers of the Eastern bipeds or by force when soft methods failed.  While these western later bipeds can only do so much as their predecessors, they, nevertheless, tried to do better by contributing more sophisticated forms of exploitation.


This ends the first episode of our western bipeds’ venture to the East at the end of nineteenth century.


The ‘horses’, of course, follow instructions, which any brown ‘cow’ will do when being tied by the nose.  But at first they will not listen to beings other than themselves.  So our Whites, much learned and trained bipeds from the motherland had devised a clever method to do the job – stroking, rewarding and military punishment.  And they found this method really worked out well but only temporarily.  Owing to the abuse of some of their compatriots themselves, they had also decided after much seemingly fruitless discussions, that tickling those negative consequences of the ‘organ kundabuffer’ inherent in man such as jealousy, grace, hate, self-love, show-off, vanity, identifying, etc. amongst the ‘horses’ themselves so that if chance some of these ‘horses’ may be raised to the level of ‘coachman’ and would at the same time received the awards of the ‘passenger’, would also cause more troubles.


While the western bipeds were normally created for the automatic perfecting of the ‘passenger-coachman-horse-carriage’ configuration in line with their latest administration paradigm, the rebellious Eastern bipeds sought to create similar models of such a kind for themselves ‑ thus assisting directly the western sociocosmic expansion.  The consequence was there were many wars ‑ civil, national and international in character.  At last of course, these western bipeds had learnt this serious unbecomings and the danger even to travel in these mad countries.  Many of these eastern coachmen were most ready to throw off the ‘passengers’ and occupied the comfortable seat themselves.  The coachmen had transformed into political parties to stir the ‘horses’, and created confusion and tension.  And finally, owing to the ‘fear’ of the accidents that were common to these mad beings the passengers decided to leave and thus caused the ‘coachman’ to split themselves into two factions (1) passengers (2) coachmen.


Then something also happened to the Japan bipeds who also like the western counterparts aggressively worked their way towards military expansion and contributing also a major role in producing the Great Sociocosmic Perturbation known at that time as World War II.  The outcome was a terrible period for all the bipeds.  This phase consisted of the rise and the final fall of the Japan bipeds and the fall, rise and final fall of the western bipeds.


Take the case of the ‘Britobipeds’ and the ‘Malabipeds’.  During the ‘passengering’ of the Britobipeds through the massive import of Jinabipeds and Indibipeds to cohabit with the local Malaibipeds and to loosely form them as the Malabipeds one saw the chronic irritating friction from the Malabipeds, and in the long run the Britobipeds faced countless difficulties.  The Britobipeds not only have to fight a battle with the Japbipeds which they had finally succeeded, but also to fight with such beings bearing the name ‘communists’.  And in this protracted battle both the Britobipeds and the Combipeds got worn off and silent off – the former withdrew their sociocosmic branches back to its origin and the latter silent off like a dim light.


Also when the Britobipeds left their holy seat in the pyramid, the problem arose as to the right and proper future order of the ‘passenger - driver - horse - carriage’ arrangement.  However, a new order had taken off.  This arrangement was equally imperfect and even “hated” by the various bipeds.  And worst, they were also unfortunately, unremoveable.  Even if they were destroyed the successor bipeds would still repeat the same model as they know no other ways to create newer and better models of their own accept the ones taught by their ancestors almost pseudo-religiously.


It was found that at this period these sociocosmic organizations were very sick creatures.  The ‘blood’ (money) did not circulate properly, and clogs and blockages were everywhere.  The ‘nervous system’ and other structures (infrastructure, transportation and communication) were in a terrible condition and constantly ‘information’ was not transmitted properly.  Furthermore, there were many communication barriers amongst various conflicting groups along the long sociocosmic octave.


When the Britobipeds left, they had only brought the situation up to a certain level and they left the ‘order’ to the Malabipeds still with a rope tied to some parts of the body of the Malacosmos.  The Malabipeds misruled and lack of experience of the model taught by their ‘papa’, the Britobipeds almost lost control of the sociocosmic being, Malacosmos, which were then in a state of chaos due to the lingering emergency created by the antagonistic contradiction from those existing bipeds beings known at that time as the ‘communists’.

Gradual holistic healing in all the factors took place but as to total autonomy in all these factors would be an impossibility for such a Malacosmos.


This ended the second episode of the perpetual friction between the western and the eastern bipeds and the victory of the eastern bipeds in the middle of the twentieth century.


While many uncertain decisions were cursorily made, some thought it would be best by ‘choosing’ communication with the developed nation-stopinders and to limit the number of ‘horses’ capable of talking to the biped beings of the developed nation-stopinders and to allow only the ‘coachman’ and the ‘passengers’ to talk to members of the developed nation-stopinders especially on scientific and technological matters.  And also to ensure a generation of ‘horses’ to be permanently bred and maintained in these eastern nation-stopinders, other forms of non-military psychic elements should be sent through the lateral sociocosmic octaves regularly – these include ‘oskiano’, ‘aids’, ‘consultancy’, ‘counseling’, ‘advices’ and occasionally the ‘moral supports’.


There was a group which acted on the basis that the old order ‘passenger-coachman-horses’ should be equally rewarded, the power of the ‘passenger and coachman’ should not be antithetical to that of the ‘horses’ and chance must be given for the ‘horses’ to become ‘coachman’ and ‘passenger’ or moving upwards and the ‘passengers’ and the ‘coachmen’ to descend downwards and vice-versa.  No eternal positing of rank should be encouraged.  And the diagram of the cone (pyramid) should be transformed into a network.


But this group turns out to be the most irritating amidst many others.  However, the three race stopinders had set on the pyramid and each component stopinder-race had jockeyed much for positions in the widely scattered pyramids in a more and more perturbed manner to near collapse, hitherto.


This ends the third episode of what is happening to the activities in the Malasociocosmos after that - one simple line of observation of the East vs West storyline.  The bigger holistic observation would be the Real World observation and holistic and the development would have to be in the context of the Geocosmic Octave perceptive on a mega-scale.






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