Volume 129       October 8, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 7 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Tritocosmic Venture, The Fundamental Sociocosmic Process and The Lateral Sociocosmic Venture"  October 1976 ~ April 1977 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section J:  "The Negative Interfacing and Various Sociocosmic Unbecomings" pp. 129 ~ 135)






1   Two worlds with antagonistic interests should coexist at a right distance which is the reconciling state of opposites.  Upsetting this balance, such as forcing them together will result in conflicts of the antagonistic poles leading to hardship and unbecomings.  But without antagonism, there is no development innerly and externally, that is, no progress.

Any world of different essences or different interests in their normal function coming together is bound to stand in opposition to one another leading to frequent threats.  You cannot conceal it - it is bound to become visible sooner or later.


2   The negative vibration that issues from a person does indeed harm ‘planets’ around him.  Some rebuke, others do not. For us we should not rebuke unless it is planned with a goal before hand.  And if a person has rebuked strive not to rebuke.  There are millions of ‘mind’ manifesting forms, and you cannot, no matter how intelligent or wise you are, know the exact state of the 'planets' around you at a given moment.  Any word from your body can hurt others just as any word from them can hurt you.  Even if you follow the adat of your planetary neighbor, you still can hurt him because of human mechanicalness.


3   I must warn you that the unbecoming of these beings breeding in the region where I am staying, inevitably develop the habit of being-nosey.  And to their frustration all their notions of things and people only evoke ‘trickiness’, and will tell you ‘neither this nor that’.  And if you are carrying out any essence-research on man and nature, you can be branded with suspicion.  Because any research in action must assume a special posture absolutely necessary to give positive outcomes and if it becomes, it becomes an object of human curiosity. It really becomes difficult to discover and invent partly because of this peculiar fear in men.

In other words, secretiveness cannot survive.  This reciprocal fear and spying becomes a feature of this region.  It even appears incomprehensible.  No one knows exactly what communism is.  It points toward something blur.  He who tries to be a communist only sees himself a non-communist; he who strives not to be a communist only sees himself like a communist.  In waking consciousness men manifest unconsciously.  Under such a situation, I must tell you that we are living in the midst of beings who strive to outwit one another reciprocally.

The abnormal psychic characteristics are always different.  Now and then, they manifest unbecomingly and create ugly scenes.


4   Threat will always enter the negative part of the emotional center first, and from there, reinforces the consequences of kundabuffer.  Threat will certainly affect anybody and it will depend on whom you pass it to.  If you pass it into a 'machine' which is incapable of transforming negative emotion into positive emotion, you put yourself in a ‘dangerous’ situation trapped in the knot of reciprocal destruction.  If you deliberately pass it into a machine which you know is capable of transforming negative emotion into positive emotion, and if you think it is fun to do that to everyone then you will have many enemies and you will not live in peace.


5   Two components in being ‑ the destroying and the creative components.  The destroying component is used with every “enemy” and the creative component in face of friends.


6   “To know is to know everything”, says G.  And to be able to know is a matter of real hardship, a matter of going through a problem again and again.  This involves energy and it will distract the endurance of the organism.  If you move too fast you become ‘visible’.  If you ‘conform’ you are ‘invisible’.  The trouble with most attached individuals is that they become too 'visible' and they become shooting duck.

In places where a plan and organization is not ready, it is useless to become ‘visible’ ‑ it should be ‘half-half’ as I would say neither a cat nor a cow.  If you insist on its visibility then it will be easily destroyed.  Of course, any state organization has is department of informer or spy beings.  These beings are planted in almost every organization in the country and even internationally.  Their duty is to observe and report to the ‘terror’ unit any agent responsible for the disharmonious movements of the organization ‑ they are ‘overseers’.  They use the opposites to attract opposites.  A person who chooses ‘riches’ can only do things within the boundary, and beyond which he will not sacrifice.  Besides seemingly flawless social acceptance, their presence serves the cosmic purpose of reciprocal destruction of beings.

There may be a great social transformation due to the genetic like transformation of the little “genes” in the individuals.  Let the wheel goes as it is, in the natural way.  The sociocosmoses will gradually transform with the emergence of the quality individuals.  The sociocosmic octave is essentially the excrescence of the psychic octave emanating according to law from each and every three-brained beings ‑ including therefore, you and me.


7   Now I begin to become aware that assuming the posture of science is also unsafe when living amongst these three-brained beings.  Every time I talked with them, I could feel that ‘something’ unbecoming began to happen in our psyche and a feeling, ‘better-to-leave-faster-before-something-happen’, began to grip me.

People unite as (1) instinctively (2) enslavement and threats (3) through types (4) at essence level.  Of all these, the second is the most destructive.  The fourth last the longest.


8   The way contemporary fellows allocate remuneration is rarely fair to the involving participating groups in the process of production.  For some they pay more, for others less, and most depend on greed as a basis of action.  You only think and calculate according to your own benefits.  Under your foot trampled some dying sparrows.  You are cruel and yet you preach the good.  You are a cancer of the universe.

The university is good place for studying and developing the individuals.  But as soon as these oskianers take control of the university, they immediately wield the ugly saber of authoritarianism and politics-in-disguise.


9   ‘I’s in action cause things to be.  I carry myself as others would carry themselves.  Our emerging needs and wants cause social development.  Humans generate laws and they necessarily come into conflict with one another.  Laws are always done through the guns or the gallows.

Amongst the common disharmonious vibration within the already mentioned sociocosmoses is their regular quarrel over money that possesses values.  Here it has always been the case, after much reflection on the flow of values that beings working together to produce a certain something are always and everywhere never satisfied with the share of the cake, that always and everywhere a certain minority will enjoy a bigger portion of the cake and that some are always unhappy in that they have given too much and received too little.

In this emerging sociocosmic being it chance happens that some wise beings always devise a variety of titles ranging from ‘bosses’, ‘managers’, ‘supervisors’, ‘engineers’, ‘doctors’, ‘salesman’, ‘technicians’, ‘workers’, etc.  Now do you know why there is no common cosmic harmonious motion within this great sociocosmos?  Do you know why it is sick? Do you know why the beings inside there are also sick?

Money pools unevenly in the body of our great sociocosmos leading to financial crisis at various locations and sometimes global.  And worst labor tends to issue most in the region where money is least.  Rarely have I seen one such organization that may be regarded as healthy.  All of them are already quite sick.  Antagonism from within and without amongst these beings are always there.


10   To lord, to command and to dictate instead of giving direction, guiding, serving and leading ....... these are indications of the sociocosmic disease of authority.  A good master should serve and give useful advice, rather than exploiting and giving evil advice.  To be a master to bear the suffering of subordinates, otherwise, the master is an alien who is likely to harm the group.  To serve automatons for their own selfish aim is our own enslavement.

Try not to become a master.  Then try to become a pupil.  A pupil who can be a master and yet remains a pupil is a great master.


11   When a company stops producing or gives the members a holiday, the members experience contradictory 'I's within themselves as they are intermixed and enter into one another, and when the holiday is over, the postures have become quite different.  Next moment masters and drivers may wear artificial beards and neckties the next day, and owing to some unknown fear they may remove their beards and also the neckties.  In times of danger, they exhibit the peculiar properties of organ kundabuffer.  And causes many people to suffer, fight and die or playing a hide and seek game of destruction.


12   Disharmonious ways of constructing society, shared by greed, by people who want fame and power without actually knowing what is wrong or the essence of the problem  .....  these people are responsible for a lot of hardship amongst human and non-human kinds.






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