Volume 128       September 19, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 7 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Tritocosmic Venture, The Fundamental Sociocosmic Process and The Lateral Sociocosmic Venture"  October 1976 ~ April 1977 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section L:  "The Reciprocal Destruction Process" pp. 138 ~ 143)






1   The propaganda strategy always leads to the same end ‑ the “destruction” of the target enemy.  If we are not fully aware, we easily fall prey to the destructive consequences of such propaganda.  One can be used like a toy to one’s own detriment.  The propaganda message brainwashes and fits into the souls of many something bad that would unite the sociocosmic entities against the target.


2   I conceived a group of beings who would define themselves their own brand of democracy, capitalism, socialism, religion, communism and to destroy without mercy every such defined beings, even their fathers and mothers.  With their deadly weapon, many a killing deserves only the honor of The Great Murderer.  They have become criminal with a thick buffer that prevents them from seeing their own evil crimes.

Not only are these cows capable of ‘lining-up’ instinctively one by one into the slaughter house, they are trained beforehand to die quite willingly one by one.

The prison is an organization, very similar to other organizations, for processing the beings called criminals ‑ some to be locked up, some to be caned, some to be hanged, some to be tortured and many to be processed based on the newly invented techniques of body and mind transformation.

This organization is connected to the court that is connected to the police, the mafias and the organization that makes laws, the parliament.  The three-brained beings are the targets for regulation.  Break the laws and you will be put into the proper channels, like cows being lined up one by one into the slaughter house.  But man has not yet devised a “prison” for “torturing” snakes and cows.  It must be understood that losers have to be put on trial one by one for crimes, imagined, invented, conspired or real.  The first act, whether institutionalized or not, of group by group and of group on the individual falls into the category of the winners circle.  Laws are regulatory weapons for “shooting” down people whom you dislike only on the one black spot on the huge body of a spotless leopard.  Unless many of these “laws” are invented, executed and regularly reformed by the right individuals, the suffering of the people might not be elevated.


3   The armed force moves through information, strategies, diplomacy, maneuvers and actual wars. Its movement can also pour from the empty into the empty leading to disastrous ends.  When the armed force expands too rapidly, others suffer because there are more people who do not carry out productive work.


4   Reciprocal fear leads to suspicion.  Hasnamussian action would produce the ‘imprisonment-of-bipeds-by-bipeds’ and according to what are called ‘laws’ and even justice for that matter.  The unfortunate qualified bipeds are locked-up in cages called ‘prisons’, where impression foods are provided in limited quantity.  Here only air and ordinary food are given to the bipeds and the impression food consists only of propaganda and brainwashing materials, and even white- colored prison room.


5   Being-manifestation of the type, ‘striving-to-overpower-the-prime source-of-spirit-issuing’, that is to say, similar to ‘what-a-being-receives-knowledge-from-another-being-that-knowledge-is-in-turn-used-to-hit-back-the-very-person-who-gives’.  Destruction that aims everywhere, even at prime source-issuing, is a sign of weakness in the being.


6   According to the law of reciprocal human attraction and repulsion, the disciples often come into conflict with the master partly because they have received too much radiation to become masters in their own right and also their new power begin to pose dangers to the existing master.  The hierarchy in the group and organization always follow this accurse anomaly.


7   In confronting a destructive “machine” one should, in order to balance the forces of destruction and construction, emanate constructive behavior – always ensuring reciprocal destruction harmony.  Construction and destruction are two ends of a stick.  The eventual outcome depends on the pole he gives you. For some people you have to give the destruction pole so that he gives you the construction pole; for others you have to give the construction pole so that he gives also the construction pole; there can be situation such that even if you give the construction pole, the other gives only the destruction pole.  When in doubt, always give the construction pole.


8   The present international world power, the United States of America, the Soviet Russia and the People’s Republic of China are in a state of “equilibrium”.  Should any two of them fights, the other will gain strategic advantageous position.  So they would not fight.  Should any two of them combine to fight the third, the third would collapse whilst the winner could be permanently ruined.  If one of them becomes too strong, the other two will combine together to balance the increasing power of the first.


I must relate to you this story of “The Crane and the Clam.”

"Chao was going to attack Yen.  When the King of Yen heard about it, he sent for his senior officers.

“Can you tell me what to do?” he asked them.

Su T’ai said, “I have a plan.  Let me go and speak to the King of Chao.”  The King of Yen agreed.

When Su T’ai arrived at Chao, he saw the King.  “Your Majesty,” he said, “when I was coming here this morning, I passed the River Ye.  There I saw a clam lying in the sun.  Suddenly, a crane came along and tried to open its shell and eat it up.  The clam caught the crane’s beak in its shell. The crane tried to free itself but was unable to do so.”

“You can try as hard as you like," the clam said, "but you cannot escape.”

“Unless you let me go," the crane answered, "you will not be able to return to the river." 

“Neither of them wanted to give way.  Not long afterwards, a fisherman passed by.  He stopped and caught them both without any trouble.”


Now the same situation will apply to three “triangulated” powers.  Two opposing powers fighting to their death will both be defeated by the third power.


9   A society whose organs of production which have somehow become more or less functionally fixed and the whole being of man somehow one-sidedly conditioned to service to satisfy the requirement of the sociocosmic scheme, is but a passing phase of a grand sociocosmic construction process.  Each organ, if it could speak of its inner life always and everywhere will tell you that the certain-certain most demanding works make them more dead than alive – that is to say, we are coming to an epoch where the planners’ social demand must come into conflict with the all-powerful nature’s wrath.  To clarify the point, the life of man is so ruined by many of these wild directors of sociocosmic stopinders that the region called ‘sociocosmoses’ of our biocosmic octave become more and more abnormal.  And abnormality leads to further abnormality and it would not be impossible that a spark may create great wars within the sociotechnocosmic octave.

Man sees man in its use-values, that is, using things in consumption.  And they feed on them in a scientific besides devouring.  Unless man is on guard against being “eaten up” by beings of various kinds including his favorite being-friends, he is easily gobbled up.  So long as man remains asleep, not on guard, a new sociocosmic bud can never shine; a new structure can never be built.  But he must not be asleep.  Once asleep, the fattened “pig” would find its way on the menu.


10   They move about without any useful ‘I’s, like beings lost in the midst of a dark forest.  To gather and centralize them to a number of locations and to guide them to pursue ends as part of their life activities is a long task that would never move smoothly.  A being is fished out from these groups from time to time and scape-goated.


11   So long as ‘it’s rule a nation, peace vanishes.  ‘It’s are not objective, run by raw instinctive forces that thirst to kill, derive pleasure from destruction and lack moral values.  ‘It’s replaces ‘I’s and we act mechanically.  Always and everywhere reformulate your ‘I’.  Set a time for formulating them.  Without available time it is difficult to formulate even an ‘I’ of a somewhat simple form.


12   One of the subtlest realities of life is that opposite sociotechnocosmic vibration always unite and form a unity of opposites each revolving round another.  Two people of exactly contradictory essences, if deliberately arranged to meet and communicate one another, would ultimately leads to reciprocal conflicts and they can revolve round each other trying to annihilate one another.

13   Forces of solioonensius become mysterious active in man at the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation, increasing his evil, aggressive, exploitative, predatory and destructive capitalistic-essenced energy and readiness for the activation of the law of reciprocal destruction of man.  Powerful heat generation, entropy and maleficent behavior soon set into the body of man leading him to produce large quantity of mass destruction weapons through his hungry corporate industrial-military complexes and preparing them for wars.  These wars prepare man to give up their lives for the great sacrifice of the sacred askokin to the hungry moon and the planetary cosmic beings in our Ray of Creation.  The laujinggong armed forces of security and defense together with the predatory corporates unconsciously, mechanically and hasnamussianly  arrange periodically, this planetary-moon harvest and offer of the sacred askokin through wars, unilateral bombings, etc. on all imagined and real enemies - a perfect exploited and oppressed slave of lunar and planetary sacred askokin extraction.






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