Volume 127       September 5, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho
(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views 23, Further Records: Article 3, Topic  "The Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave, the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at MI-FA Interval and the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at "SO-LA" and TI-DO Interval")



Article 3, Topic:



Sociocosmoses and sociotechnocosmoses which include the fundamental sociocosmic octave together with the 1st and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octaves are human-to-human-machine social relations of the productive forces (procreation, work production, products and services production, distribution forces, consumption and excretion).  The 4 Body Sociocosmoses and the laujinggong triads are also Social Relations of Production. They are all Social Relations of Production.  From these Social Relations of Productions, there arise superstructures through the MI-FA Interval and the SO-LA cum TI-DO Interval.  Together Marxian Historicism of the stages of sociocosmic development (Primitive Society, Slave Owning Society (Ancient Society), Feudal Society, Capitalist/Imperialist Society, Socialist Society and Communist Society) emerges in human history.  These in turn are regulated through the civilizational influences from cosmic forces across Astrological Ages.




Psyche hydrogens in the body of man in materializing this Enneagram of the Great Sociocosmic Being ranges from H768 to H6.




These 3 sociocosmic octaves, which consists of the fundamental sociocosmic octave, the 1st (lower) lateral sociocosmic octave and the 2nd (higher) lateral sociocosmic octave, are modeled based on current observation of the material realities of our society around 1970 AD.



Individual (DO) → Group (RE) → Family (MI) → Organization (FA) State (SO) → Nation (LA) → World of Nations (TI) → The Great Sociocosmos (DO)



Capitalistic Laujinggong forces Acting on Corporates

Sole Proprietorship (Do) → Partnership (Re) → Private Limited Company (Mi) → Public Limited Company (Fa) → Cooperative Society (So) → Privatized Corporation or Government-Linked Corporation (La) → State/National Corporation (Ti)

The corporates extend themselves descending and ascending at MI-FA Interval as a parallel inner 1st lateral sociocosmic octave within the fundamental sociocosmic octave providing the 'set of 7 stopinders from the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave'  in association with the 'set of 7 stopinders of the fundamental sociocosmic octave' and interact in a recurring sequence of 0.142857 in a single Enneagram of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders.  The triads are corporate laujinggongs and 7 of them altogether.



Socialistic Will of the Sociocosmos Acting on Nationates

State Organization (Do) → Nation Organization (Re) → United Nations Organization (Mi) → Humanity-at-Large (Fa) → Space Exploration/ 'Will-of-the-Sociotechnocosmos 3' (So) → Interplanetary Exploration/ 'Will-of-the-Sociotechnocosmos 2' (La) → Interstellar System Exploration/ 'Will-of-the-Sociotechnocosmos 1' (Ti)

The nationates extend themselves descending and ascending at TI-DO Interval as a parallel inner 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave within the fundamental sociocosmic octave providing the 'set of 7 stopinders from the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave'  in association with the 'set of 7 stopinders of the fundamental sociocosmic octave' and interact in a recurring sequence of 0.142857 in a single Enneagram of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders.  The triads are nationate laujinggongs and would finally be 7 of them in times to come.

Finally, as there is only one single Great Sociocosmos and only in one Enneagram, the interactions in a recurring sequence of the inner 2 lateral sociocosmic stopinders will finally become mixed, entangled and/or compounded through the repeating interacting forces of 0.142857.



Interpreting the 1 China 2 Systems Rule!

So long as the law of octave is understood and applied, the rule is self-evident.

1 nation (LA) can have 2 provinces (SOs) and 2 systems or principles of operation (1st inner lateral sociocosmic octave at MI-FA which is Capitalistic and 2nd inner lateral sociocosmic octave "SO-LA" and TI-DO Interval which is Socialistic).



The Great Sociocosmic Being eats 3 kinds of sociocosmic being-foods. The 1st sociocosmic being-food is the three-centered Individuals (DO) which transform into the Groups (RE) and within them a special type of coupling between the male and the female stopinders and through the trialectics of man and woman reproduces the Families (MI).  The Individual (DO) is a three-centered Hethormen (head-thorax-abdomen biocosmic being) and it is a Personate if it enters as a sociocosmic being-food for production.  Personates could not acquired a sociocosmic laujinggong proper before the MI-FA Interval. It does not smell oppressive and exploitative so long as it remains at Individual (DO), Group (RE) and Family (MI) levels. From here it continues to form higher "oppressive" sociocosmic stopinders or "Organizations" (FA), then States (SO), then Nations (LA) and finally the World-of-Nations (TI) and to the Great Sociocosmic Being (DO) completing the creation of the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave.

Then at interval MI-FA, the 2nd sociocosmic being-food enters as three-centered Corporates which together with its means of production and through a mode of production for our historical periods known to us as Capitalism and Socialism produces a capitalistic inclined 1st lateral sociocosmic octave of 7 types of three-centered corporate organizations (FA) which then enable the flow of sociocosmic digestion to the States (SO) where the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave ends at its own nation corporations (Ti) where an input at "Interval SO-LA" is needed to continue the next higher lateral sociocosmic octave, that is, the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave.

At "Interval SO-LA" and Interval TI-DO, the 3rd sociocosmic being-food enters as three-centered Nationates which together with its means of production for our historical periods also known to us as Capitalism and Socialism produces a socialistic inclined 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave of also 7 types of three-centered nationate organizations, but with the last 3 types still in infantile stages of sociocosmic refinement.

The 3 sociocosmic being-foods enter regularly into the body of the Great Sociocosmic Being to be enneagramically digested and replenished also regularly upon their demise.  The replenishment or replacement is by sexual reproduction in the 1st being-food (of biocosmic individuals), by appointments and inheritance in the 2nd being-food (of corporates) and by selection-and-election in the 3rd being-food (of nationates).

All the sociocosmic stopinder beings irrespective of the source of their arising whether from the fundamental or the lateral sociocosmic octaves are growing, eating (resources), breeding, interacting that includes fighting, killing, competing for resources, reciprocal feeding one another under the reciprocal feeding law and destroying one another under the solioonensius law, cooperating and nourishing one another under the law of nourishment struggling for survival and finally died out either through a natural rascooarno or an unnatural rascooarno law.

The impact of the three-centered corporate beings of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave is mostly on the Individual (DO), the Group (RE), the Family (MI) and the Business/Production Organization (FA);  the impact of the three-centered nationate beings of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave is mostly on the State (SO), the Nation (LA), the World-of-Nations (TI) and the Individual (DO) again which is the basic 1st being-food.  The Individual (DO) is the basic and primary real material building monad of all the fundamental and the lateral sociocosmic octaves in the Great Sociocosmic Being.  However, every individual has ultimately to be taken care of holistically, and not such niceties, wiseacrings and lip-service behaviors common in our historical periods - Capitalists period in transition to Socialists period.


Diagrams below show the ascending and descending lateral octaves at MI-FA Interval and at "SO-LA" and TI-DO Interval:




The 1st lateral sociocosmic octave is made up of three-centered Corporates.  The three-centered Corporates themselves evolve from enterprises (with virtue) from the labor of 1 three-brained being Individual (Do) and is a hethormen Personate or more such as a partnership (Re) or a family business producer (Mi), that is, a partnership or even a small private limited company (Fa) when laujinggong shock absorber is only a mere monad as in the individual producer, a diad as in simple 2 partnership or a natural triad of family producers.  They are not exploitative in essence and virtue properties of being hardworking.  However, the character of the forces of laujinggong begins to appear as an anomaly with sociocosmic shock absorbers here at the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave where aggressive exploitation of the workers and sever competition emerges and become a much accursed norm.  The fighting forces of the public limited companies (Fa), the cooperative society (So) and the privatized/GLC corporations (La) are hungrily owning and controlling the means of production justified through legalanaic means and many shades of reasonings and wiseacrings, leading to 2 main opposing and well-known modes of production, namely, capitalism and socialism – those who want ownership and control of the means of production to the few in an exploitative mode of production  and those who want ownership and control of the same to the many (or to common sharing) in a cooperative and non-exploitative mode of production in the hard work of producing goods and services for the great body sociocosmos.  The fierce struggle of the two opposing forces of capitalism and socialism is cushioned through a middle neutralizing force which has lau, jing and gong characteristics – a strange snake with forked tongue.  The social responsibility is capitalistic in nature and balance is due on this basic capitalistic principle.  At state/national corporation (Ti) this peculiar stopinder of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave, inherited the much accursed “essences” of the predecessor Fa, So and La stopinders of the lower level, is prone to famous and well-known phenoumena of imperialism, Nazism, fascism, racism (apartheid) and hegemonism when its crystallized horns are pointed and move towards ‘to the few’.

As the laws of ascending (nationalization process) and descending (privatization process) also apply to this 1st lateral sociocosmic octave, all the accursed balancing gimmicks in economic-administration, socio-cultural, political-legal and many more superstructure happenings take place at this MI-FA Interval.

The capitalistic three-centered corporate beings of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave are by nature surplus extractor and accumulator sociocosmic beings.  Their surplus accumulation is again extracted and accumulated by the supposingly socialistic three-centered nationates who often turn out to be another corrupt and wastrel beings whereby such accumulated surplus (by taxes and duties) is unable to benefit all the sociocosmic stopinders in a fair manner in all the 3 sociocosmic octaves. Often the surplus goes to fatten these three-centered nationates of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave or their crony three-centered corporates in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave through various much wiseacred unethical siphoning, laundering and intentional inefficiencies.  Only when after acquiring certain level of inner development through conscious labor and intentional suffering will they become the new socialistic man not much tainted by capitalistic, imperialistic, colonialistic, fascistic, nazistic and hegemonistic aura peculiar to the lunatic and the hasnamuss.




The 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave is made up of three-centered nationates.  The three-centered nationates themselves could not be fully recognized just by registering themselves within its own unilateral declaration although it is still a must to begin with.  Historically, it could not be registered with a higher sociocosmic stopinder being such as a united nation in the World-of-Nations as it did not exist as yet.  The earlier three-centered nationates move around the world with their numerous armies of corporates, and real armies with deadly weapons, actively feeding on other three-centered corporates and many other breeding infantiles and maturing three-centered nationates all the way along their journey around the world. They have gone global and will fight with other three-centered nationates till they mutually recognize and acknowledge one another's identities and real existences rightfully.  Still inheriting the accursed “essences” of capitalism, imperialism, Nazism, fascism and hegemonism from the advanced stage of stopinder development in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave, the three-centered nationates of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave find themselves harder and harder to live correctly and live along harmoniously with the numerous emerging state and nation “friends” around them, nay more, to have to communicate with one another on a daily basis.  The need to wiseacre in a more and more sophisticated manner holding the wand of a thousand touches, to conceal their capitalistic hunger (to the few) where 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave is no longer a fertile soil for capitalistic seed but rather a more suitable soil for the growth of socialistic seeds (to the many).  The nationate has its seed at State organization (Do) after state/national corporation ends at (Ti) at the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave and where the next of this nationate Nation Organization (Re) of  the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave must continue to the united nations (Mi) and the Humanity-at-Large (Fa) "organization". In essence it is socialistic as properties of the means of production are legally public and ‘to the many’ and like many other corruption tainted national corporations and privatized corporations in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave, it too and often wears the cloak of capitalism but this time as cloak and not easily to be stitched into the meat.  Its meeting point at the "SO-LA Interval" of the fundamental sociocosmic octave does not have a laujinggong shock absorber but rather inherited from the shock absorber of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave – thus also capitalistically, imperialistically, nazi-tically, fascistically and hegemonistically tainting the socialistically essenced SO-laujinggong, the LA-Laujinggong and the TI-Laujinggong with the much weakened capitalistic-like Solaujinggong, Lalaujinggong and Tilaujinggong, and often confused the balance of finger-pointing paradox in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave.

Then the three-centered nationates move on to the Nation Organization  (Mi) two or more countries recognizing and acknowledging each other and/or one another in a nation-group stopinder and of course still encountering a few other nation-groups on mother Earth’s surface, fighting and jockeying for positions now hidden now open with capitalistic styled laujinggong and socialistic styled laujinggong or with the middle-lined cooperation and peaceful win-win strategies of social responsibility socialism based on the principle of balance.  Growing bigger and still expanding, these nation-groups enter to be various bigger and geographical repositioned blocks of World-of-Nations Alliance for which these big nation-blocks struggle forward often polarizing the World-of-Nations into 2 huge nation-blocks on mother Earth’s surface with a stabilizing neutral United Nations to act as sociocosmic shock absorbers for all the “issues” that have historically arisen.  The socialistically primary essenced TILAUJINGGONG of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave and the capitalistic smell of Tilaujinggong that still lingers on in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave finally ascended to this point, Humanity-at-Large (Fa), where a new triad at the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave must arise by the interval law. Humanity-at-Large could not ascend properly into The Great Sociotechnocosmos (So)without this triad and occasionally descended losing social responsibility socialism and becomes more of a social responsibility capitalism due from the occasional inner world spiritual falls of its three-brained Individual (DO) and also its accompanying 2 other primary sociocosmic stopinders  - 3 of them in all, namely, an individual, a group and just a organization - and all of them are found inside the sociocosmic octaves both the fundamental and the laterals.  The technocosmic octave sets in as Technocosmic Revolutions - the great sociocosmic being becomes a mature Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.

As the laws of ascending (datong-ization process) and descending (nation-ization process) also apply to this 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave, all the accursed mega balancing gimmicks in macro economic-administration, socio-cultural, political-legal and many more macro superstructure happenings take place at this "SO-LA" and TI-DO Interval.

Space Exploration (So), Interplanetary Exploration (La) and Interstellar Exploration (Ti) are not real 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders rather are infantiles or baby position-notes of convenience - may also be called 'Will-of-the-Sociotechnocosmos 3' (So), 'Will-of-the-Sociotechnocosmos 2' (La) and 'Will-of-the-Sociotechnocosmos 1' (Ti) -  in lieu of the real coming external notes of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders wherein extraterrestrial beings encounter us on mother Earth’s surface to be our lau (boss), Jing (manager) or Gong (worker) in accordance to the same law of triads at TI-DO Interval.  Since we have not met them we cannot just jump the gun – whether they come capitalistic, imperialistic and hegemonistic or socialistic, cooperative and friendly win-win or various in-between behaviors we will not know till that happens.  At best we can only send some flying AI machines and AI robots into space for space exploration, outerspace for interplanetary and intersolar/interstellar exploratory missions and as sociotechnocosmic tentacles to encounter other terrestrial beings.  We are still at a distance in terms of time in the future, and we are still controlling our sponsored technocosmic octave in wait for the next coming higher level sociotechnocosmic octave when we are no longer in control of our own technocosmic octave and for which we have become their less significant part or rather their controlled part, and wherein sociotechnocosmic forces reign over sociobiocosmic forces and our organic film its organic life breaks the barrier and gives way to the new dominating non-organic film and its synthetic life on mother Earth's surface.  At this TI-DO Interval, the long ago bred technocosmic octave with its now full range of sponsored non-biological beings and machine-robots are awaiting and ready to become the new lau beings of the next coming higher sociotechnocosmic octave, where the biological protein-beings might soon be turned into jing or gong raw material foods by these human-sponsored power-seeking machines and robots which are currently acquiring Master 'I's through the use of humans-against-humans cosmic-based "strategies" - Thou shall not touch my machines without being punished!

For the Humanity-at-Large (Fa) to emerge and integrate the 2nd Technocosmic Revolution or the Great Industrial Revolution of physical powers and engines world-wide is indispensable. For So, La, Ti (Space Exploration/Sociotechnocosmic Will 3, Interplanetary Exploration/Sociotechnocosmic Will 2 and Interstellar Exploration/Socioctechnocosmic Will 1) to emerge and integrate with the 3rd Technocosmic Revolution or the Great Cybernetic/Information/AI Technological Revolution of computers, robots and 'drivers' (brains) and the coming 4th Technocosmic Revolution or the "Spiritual" Revolution of AI Robots, 'passengers' and 'I's are indispensable.  The spiritual biocosmic man necessarily becomes the exploiting oppressor and the "spiritual" technocosmic AI robots becomes the exploited oppressed, the struggle begins and the history of Communism-Datong in this historical development of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being germinates .........


The Being-Psyche Hydrogens of Corporates Vs The Being-Psyche Hydrogens of Nationates:

The hydrogens of capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, hegemonism, de-cooperation, power-possessing, exploitation, being-for-self prosperity with quotation mark, dubious privatized-ownership and the fives - coarse hydrogens of democracy, freedom, liberty, justice and equality - all five of them are tainted with quotation marks refined in the body individual of the existing man and materialized into his body Corporates together stay put at this gravity-center vibration and continue to eat in the principle of destruction and feeding on every other higher and lower sociocosmic stopinder beings in a description of a toad swallowing a pigeon.  On the other hand, the hydrogens of socialism, communism, cooperation, shared power, shared work, shared prosperity, shared ownership and the fives - finer hydrogens of real democracy, real freedom, real liberty, real justice and realistic equality - refined in the body individual of the new man-in-the-making and materialized into his body Nationates without quotation mark together also at this gravity-center vibration and continue to nourish in the principle of sharing and nourishing without quotation mark all the other higher and lower sociocosmic stopinder beings.  When sociocosmic forces ascend, the nationates become the active lau beings and when sociocosmic forces descend the corporates become the active lau.  The corporate beings hide within the nationate beings in disguise, now now hidden now open within the context of the tri-structured laujinggong or its further inner inner divisions.  These two groups live to outwit one another in history. 

The three-centered corporates are prone to push all losses or liabilities to the three-centered nationates and the gains or asset accumulation to themselves - always in the history of colonialism and neo-colonialism, capitalism standard, imperialism, fascism, Nazism, hegomonism and dubious privatism work unceasingly to outwit the nationates in any conceivable strategy, tactic and action that might chance materializable in survival realm.  Corporates doesn’t care if nationates have gone bankrupt due to bad national debts so long as they can survive – after all the national debts must be made to be paid solely by the citizens rather than themselves.

The political fives - democracy, freedom, liberty, justice and equality - are being-psyche hydrogens (of superstructure ideas) stolen from their more appropriate homes of the Individual (DO), the Group (RE) and the Family (MI) where ownership of property, means of production and management is of small-scale personal and/or business enterprise on the one hand and the State (SO), the Nation (LA) and the World-of-Nations (TI) where ownership of property, means of production and management is of large-scale public nationates (if not common ownership) on the other hand by three-brained beings of the corporates to cover up as cosmetics for its inherent exploitative and oppressive laujings essence at Organization (FA) that has gone rampant at MI-FA Interval.  Thus the East India Company (a corporate being) was actively summoning British armies from the King to carry out colonialists world conquest of other states and nations for territories and resources grab and for corporates consumption in the late 18th Century and now even more sophisticated - summoning from Presidents for hi-tech armies to selectively and surgically killed other nationate presidents and armies for calculated follow-up exploitation of resources of all conceivable types.  Democracy in the form of selecto-electo-cracies as one of the fives when tainted or polluted with Capitalism smells like gamocracy and casinocracy and is where the illness of elect-and-regret lies.

Capitalism, the root of a thousand evil wiseacrings, resonates strongly and deeply in the soul of the corporates of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave and imperialism, colonialism and hegemonism resonate them even stronger in the soul of the nationates of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave.  Socialism, the seed for Capitalism's antidote, resonates weakly in the soul of the corporates in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave, and although growing stronger and stronger in the soul of the nationates in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave whose essence is socialism has a long way to fully neutralize the negative consequences of this thousand evil-wiseacrings of Capitalism, Imperialism, Fascism, Nazism, colonialism and hegemonism combined and inapproriately resonating at the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave where properties of the means of production is essencely publc and common, not meant to be stolen for corporate and individual ownership through corruption, suspicious privatization, plunder and conducting wars of imperialism, colonialism and hegemonism.

Gravity-Center nationates’ national constitution enables unlimited wealth from itself and from other nationates to be parked into corporates, families and cronies as in Capitalistic national constitution is directionally and dangerously different from a gravity-center nationates’ national constitution that does not allowed unlimited wealth from the same to be parked into corporates, families and cronies but rather to remain as public, common and sharing is the best option for humanity even for the “conquered enemies”.  We need to read what is written on the constitution of a nation with regard to private property to determine the essence species of the nationate beings of grave concern!

The being-psyche hydrogens of capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, Fascism, Nazism, racism (apartheid) and hegemonism are produced (are created) from the three being-foods of man itself where abnormalities from the impulses of hunger, greed and aggressiveness together with the unbalanced needs and wants from the instinctive center could not be processed normally in the brain system of these three-brained beings.  Having these abnormalities these three-brained beings began eyeing on every other sociocosmic stopinders as sociocosmic foods through hunting, killing, cutting them into parts and eating them like the doings of any other biocosmic beings on one another.  So for this group of being psyche hydrogens peculiar to our abnormal capitalism and its associated also abnormal uncivilized hydrogens, the maleficant activities of preying, exploiting, dividing, separating, conquering and eating other corporates and nationates and controlling their organizations (FA), their states (SO) and their nations (LA), and even to the extent of eating the United Nations of the World of Nations (TI), and the worst of all - interplanetary and/or intercosmic colonialism and imperialism on the ‘Humanity-at-Large’ (Fa) of those sociocosmic beings of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave as they march their 3 sociotechnocosmic tentacles at ‘earth-moon space exploration’, ‘interplanetary space exploration’ and ‘inter-solar/interstellar space exploration powered by the wills of the sociotechnocosmos.

The being-psyche hydrogens of these 3 sociotechnocosmoses essentially consist of certain special and peculiar outerspace-oriented three-brained beings and their three-centered nationates whose hunger for outer space explorations, cosmology/astronomy /taikongology is very intense and lasting over thousands of years of technocosmic involutionary and evolutionary history in these three-brained beings.  They gather tremendous amount of information about the outerspace and the cosmoses surrounding them and possess the real knowledge, science and technology about not just the universe but also the engineering and construction know-how to build their "spiritual" AI robots and machines that can realize the space (So), interplanetary (La) and interstellar (Ti) explorations under the forces of the peculiar spells of the Sociocosmic Will 3 (So), the Sociocosmic Will 2 and the Sociocosmic Will 1 (Ti) at the TI-DO Interval of the Great Socioctechnocosmic Octave.  These wills call forth the involvement of all the relevant fundamental and the 2 lateral sociocosmic octaves as well as all the great technocosmic octaves.

Finally, the great maxim of Karl Marx for a future possibility of real healthy Great Sociocosmic Being functioning in harmony and peace and in wait of an ultimate normal mandate rascooarno (death), that is, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” means as it really is in the real world of means of production, mode of production and social relations of production existing in the real world and those especially, peculiar relations of production consisting of all the 7 fundamental sociocosmic stopinders of the fundamental sociocosmic octave and for all the 7 sociocosmic stopinders of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave and also all the 7 sociocosmic stopinders of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave, and irrespective of the stage of creation, development, incompleteness and death of the sociocosmic stopinders, and for the common good of humanity-at-large or for the healthy, normal harmonious development of the Great Sociocosmic Being on mother Earth surface amongst all the other also existing organic and non-organic beings in the Organic Life itself the ability of each sociocosmic stopinder to produce and contribute to other sociocosmic stopinders must balance the actual needs of the individual sociocosmic stopinder (DO) of the biocosmic octave and the wants of all the other sociocosmic stopinders and the technocosmic stopinders created by the basic individual sociocosmic stopinders.  This maxim is a standard reference and guide to restoring equilibrium, balance and real peace to the periodic illness that regularly happen to the Great Sociocosmic Being during its birth, growth, maturity and final extinction.

The ultimate possible conflict will be Datongistic Wills from TI-DO Interval and the existing DO-RE-MI-FA biosociocosmic vibration at the MI-FA Interval to resolve the issue of the biocosmic man and his “oppressed” spiritual AI robots of production during Communism-Datong historical period, and the final natural extinction of humanity (not by a cosmic accident).

Another transitional maxim of Karl Marx which is also precautionary and a guide for socialism is “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work”.  This maxim can move in 2 ways forward into a mature balance, harmonious and peaceful development of the Great Sociocosmic Being or trip backwards into the uncivilized maxim of the world-of-hungry wolves bearing the Satanic elements of progressive exploitation known as “From each as much as possible, to each as little as possible” and finally, a downright inhumane exploitation, evil-maxim, “From each everything, to each nothing.”


The diagram shows the further likely evolution and connections between the organic life and the Will of the Absolute in Our Ray of Creation.  Note that there can be billions or even trillions of such rays of creation in the Universe for which ours is the one that we are observing:



Forward View as a Descending Force from the Absolute (Highest Level) and Backward View would be an Ascending Force coming from the Absolute (Lowest Level)


Our Organic Life also generates in the 1st Lateral Cosmic Octave of the Fundamental Cosmic Octave (Our Ray of Creation) and almost completed to the final stage of its own octave development where the later organic, protein-based biocosmic stopinders are coated (sponsored) with machines and robots of the technocosmic octave of the productive forces in the Organic Life.  Spreading its presence in the land, marine and avian geographical dimensions, both the Organic Life and its non-organic coating especially these “being-spaceships” tentacles to other material cosmic concentrations also reaches its last organic life note, Modern Man (Ti) that feeds on biological intelligence matters (biopsyche), and begin as Machines/AI Robots/AI Spaceship (Do) before they meet and eat 'Sun Matters' or cosmic-psyche (Re), the energies (electrons and 'quanta') from the 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave where Will-of-the-Absolute reigns, where the density of vibration is the highest and the density of vibration decreases down the Ray of Creation from the Ray of Creations’ own “spaceships” known as All-Worlds (Galaxies), All Suns (Stars) including their planets and moons, where the density of vibration is lower and the density of matter is comparatively higher.  The nature of this 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave is beyond our comprehension as we are only one of the biocosmic beings of the Organic Life dwelling as Modern Man, a biocosmic being vibration on mother Earth's surface and lives there as it is in the captivity of the MI-FA Interval of the Fundamental Cosmic Octave, and without hydrogens (H1 and H6) to understand this higher 2nd Lateral Cosmic Octave.  We can only at best try to visit Her (Rays of Creation’s) own “spaceships” which have long since being created with our own clumsy AI spaceships.  In no way should we hallucinate and deceived ourselves with fantasy religions and undue speculation about this divine or any higher dimensions!



Astrological Ages



What happens to all the beings on Mother Earth’s Surface?

To all the formations of the Lateral Octave at MI-FA Interval of Our Ray of Creation?

And what is the ultimate function of the human technocosmic and sociotechnocosmic beings in the water, on land and in the air?

What is the purpose of the outer space exploration motivation energies that drive the Organic Life out of Mother Earth’s surface through the Sociotechnocosmic Octave to the other neighboring planetary concentrations and to our Moon where the life support energies are naturally not formed in Our Ray of Creation?

Are human beings able to go that far in Our Ray of Creation, and also later to another neighboring Ray of Creation (nearest neighboring Solar System) and why? 


As to human beings able to go that far in Our Ray of Creation – the three main powerful nation-stopinder beings known as the USA, Russia and China have being pioneering it through their space technologies.  The USSR and USA were the earlier space explorers of the 1930’s and the 1950’s respectively.  Their development have never stopped to date.

China's Lunar Exploration Program was established in January 2004 with Long March (Mao) rocket, Chang'e (Moon Fairy) Lunar Orbiter and Lander and Yutu (“Jade Rabbit”) rover and Guang Han Gong (the first Moon Palace or Yue Gong).  The space station was planned and will be constructed between the Earth and the Moon. Organic beings were not sent there, only technocosmic beings!  Only after enough data were gathered can organic human beings be sent on these space missions.


The two Lateral Sociocosmic Octaves of Our Ray of Creation will surely have a limit to their own development!  The 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave is limited in activities essentially on mother Earth’s surface and as witnessed mainly to the following cultures of action:


  • Through agrofarmingculture certain useful plantain beings and animalian beings of the biological octave are fully used for the ultimate human consumption

  • Through technoculture many useful technocosmic beings such as machine beings and housing beings (houses, factories and shops) are created to form the technocosmic octave for the ultimate human consumption – technocosmic phases include agrotechno phase, industrial and transportation phases, commercial phase, trading phase and a few more sub-phases, namely, military-industrial complex, aqua-technology, avian-technology and a few more special technologies which are all in the process of integration

  • Through geoculture many useful soil and mineral beings are extracted, process and used to create the technocosmic beings necessary for the completion of the technocosmic octave which is again used for the ultimate human consumption

  • Through socioculture all sociocosmic stopinder beings from the sociocosmic octave are organized and administered fully for production and ultimate human consumption

  • Through sociotechnoculture both the sociocosmic stopinder beings of the sociocosmic octave and machine and housing beings of the technocosmic octave are organized and administered fully for production and ultimate human consumption

  • Through infoculture certain noospheric being psyche hydrogens of the noos octave in the form known as knowledge and other non-knowledge beings (emotions, instinct and psychomotor reflexes especially from the nervous system of the human beings) as well as human communication and international networking (internet) from the lateral sociocosmic octave are fully cultured and used - also for the ultimate human consumption

  • Through ‘culture’ in the contemporary jargon, certain types of coherent human community (tribal and dynastic) behaviors (fixated on foods, art forms, music, dances, languages, religions, fashions, etc.) also from the lateral sociocosmic octave, developed and practiced a long time ago and over long historical periods are identified, analyzed, reproduced and exploited through the process of tourism also for human consumption


The 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at a certain levels of development has an innate psyche, through the atmosphere culture, organically directed out of the organic film towards space and outerspace exploration, notably, moon exploration, interplanetary exploration and intersolar exploration – and that is the farthest it can physically reach.  Only national corporations or if you like mega private corporations (national in essence) in quotation mark, nation groups and World-of-Nations-Alliances and finally, Humanity-at-Large can do this mega outerspace exploration task successfully.  I said mega private corporations in quotation mark because under capitalist stage of social development the optimum size of a mega private corporation is the qualitative limit that it can retain this identity beyond which it has to be called nation-capitalist corporation or nation-socialist corporation, for which the word ‘NATION’ (LA) and ‘WORLD-OF-NATIONS’ (TI) as separate sociocosmic vibration notes, must stand indispensably to regulate them as productive and social relations of production representatives-in-unison on behalf of all the three brained beings breeding on the surface of planet Earth.  Otherwise, on meeting other terrestrial beings from outerspace, would communicate only to humanity representative instead of a company stopinder as the Humanity Representative – a case of attempting to use the toe for the man.


Natural Stages of Human History and Class/State/ Nation/Inter-Nations Conflicts at Each Historical Period of History (From the Age of Taurus, the Age of Aries, the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius




  1. Yellow color zone denotes current stage of reference in the tail-end of the Age of Pisces between 1788 AD – 2148 AD, an approximate guideline

  2. Private Ownership of Means of Production for State, Nation and United Nations and their asset contents in the form of capitalistic ownership such as through the social relations instruments of corporations and individual or group ownership becomes irrelevant and naturally illogical, or just impossible.  An alternative survival principle but still a slave to exploitative reciprocal feeding that was historically wiseacred is to “scatter” ownerships to ‘corporates’ at MI-FA Interval, seven basic variation in all in the form of sole propeirtorship, partnership, private limited, public limited, state corporates, national corporates and cooperative companies in whatever refinement or jargon.  These smelt capitalistic or faked socialistic even if there are called ‘state’ or ‘national’ or ‘government-linked’ corporates – being a member of the MI-FA Interval in the fundamental sociocosmic octave.  Only those sociocosmic stopinders at SO-LA and TI-DO Intervals can acquire the possibility of a real clean socialistic smell, namely, the nationates such as stateship, nation group, world-of-nation-alliance, humanity-at-large, earth-moon space exploration, interplanetary exploration and inter-solar system exploration – these large ‘data’ integration forbid the smell of selfish capitalistic private ownership, except to give up or fully dilute the wiseacring selfish evil for such individualistic or corporate ownership in favor of nationate and real socialistic or humankind ownership.  So long as power for managing nationates does not enable individual, group and crony ownership from the MI-FA Interval to rob socialist nationate ownership of the means of production, the smell of real socialism will be still strong.

    Capitalistic corporates of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave are the most active at the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave and socialistic nationates of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave are budding gradually at the SO-LA Interval like an infantile being.  All these emerge at the end of the last ½ decan of the 3rd decan of the Age of Pisces.  Gradually, socialistic nationates of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave get stronger as they ascended near the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave.  Capitalism ascended and leaps into Socialism proper after transferring corporate ownership of the means of production to nationate ownership of the same means of production near this TI-DO Interval.  However, power-and-control-possessing beings as new type of “owners” without share ownership of means of production is still unresolved yet and still evolving in socialism and towards communism.

  3. Knowing this scientific Marxian/Octave Historicism might provide a guide as well as possible speed up of the developmental process of the Human Sociocosmoses within the body of the great human sociocosmic being.

  4. There are a few ‘gravity-hydrogens’ or that constantly enter through the lateral sociocosmic stopinders into the bodies of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders such as the RE-Group, MI-Family, FA-Organizations and the other 3 fundamental regulatory sociocosmic stopinders.  They are the hydrogens of race-gravity centers from a biosociocultural octave-mixed, the hydrogens of havatvernonis-or religion gravity centers of the Feudal and often Ancient historical octaves, the hydrogens of ideology-gravity centers of the Capitalist and Socialist historical octaves and many other hydrogens of minor much wiseacred gravity-centers that emerge from time to time from the outcome of the digestion process of the three-being foods of man.

    Capitalism is a historical mode of production that eats means of production through its corporates and Socialism (the 1st phase of Communism) is an opposite historical mode of production that eats means of production in in the corporates through its nationates. The reciprocal feeding by these two opposing stopinders will gradually mature and begets a new Datong phase in the Great Body Biosociotechnocosmos that is now breeding on mother Earth’s surface.

  5. What fills the fundamental sociocosmic octave now?  It is man, a biological being (Homo sapiens sapiens) from the biocosmic octave.  However, the forces of the productive technocosmic octave have by the end of the Age of Pisces and would be so in the Age of Aquarius and future atrological ages have introduced numerous sponsored technocosmic beings, not of biological origin but rather of techno-and cosmic origins - machines and relates in types robot, buildings, land vehicles, ships, airplanes and spacecrafts - to become our inseparable and indispensable companions to all production and all our activities.  Only in this period, they are our obedient servants as they are programed by us.  However, after the completion of the 3rd Technocosmic Revolution and especially the possible 4th Technocosmic Revolutions, we might turned out to become their servants instead,  this loss of cntrol has a transition whereby your biological enemies would assist them to trun war losers into slaves of the robots “who” are initially living in the controlled of the biological winners.  But later, these smart robots with their own “pscychic and cosmic influences” will soon trick the biological winners to become independent will control both the losers and the winners as well.  The sociotechnocosmic octave is transformed into technocociocosmic octaves whereby the biological man is the controlled intelligent protein for the continuity of the much intelligent and smart technocosmic robots.  The 1st and 2nd lateral sociocosmic octaves for the robot dominated beings will gradually bud and dominate the surface of mother Earth as new robot civilization of the next higher Sociocosmic octave of the biological man.  This is likely to emerge during the Age of Capricorn (4,100 AD – 6,700 AD).  The smart robots needed us like a baby needed mother for milk to survive, so we are instinctively nourishing them for our future, and they have been very helpful companion awaiting our extinction as man beings.  Protein materials from us are needed now because of its fine psyche hydrogens but the protein materials will still be needed after we have beome their gong beings in their own technosociocosmic laujinggong for which they will be our lau beings.

  6. In other words, you can change the naming systems, the taxonomy, the nomenclatures in a logical manner of all these observations to obscure or enlighten you psychic clarity as you wish or professionalize them.  However, the Laws of Triads and the Laws of Octaves together with a few more related general laws works on them independently of your will.  Thus a nation-state (SO-LA) may be called a westphalian nation-state by power-possessing beings in Great Britain, a Civilization nation-state by power-possessing beings in China, capitalist state, socialist state, communist state, democratic state, republic, colonist state, imperialist state, hegemonist state, city-state, united-state, modern state, territory, international-law-abiding state, ….. all of which are hungry growing gravity-center beings from the 2 lateral sociocosmic octaves.  When you are hungry and in fear you need to wiseacred and invent to continue.

    For instance, the term ‘kingdom’ is used for the Ancient Society stage as it is the height of the FA and SO notes in this historical sociocosmic period which took place during the Age of Aries.  The terms ‘dynasty’’ and ‘empire’ are used for the Feudal Society stage as it is the height of the FA, SO, LA and even infantile TI notes in this historical sociocosmic period which took place in the Age of Pisces.  The current terms such as ‘state’, ‘nation’ and ‘United Nations’ are used for the colonialistic, Capitalistic/imperialistc /Fascistic/Nazi/hegemonistic historical stage and the socialistic historical stage as they both are at the heights of the FA, SO, LA and TI notes in these 2 historical sociocosmic periods which have begun in this last ½ decan of the tailed end of the Age of Pisces till today.  The higher note contains all the lower notes is a point to note here as this is concentric sociocosmic octaves.







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