Volume 126       August 24, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A Revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views Book 23: Further Records II, Article 26, Topic: "The Bagua Enneagram: A Possible Integration of the Two World Philosophies," by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

The journey in search of Bagua Enneagram .......

The 4-bodied hethormen human being in search of the way!


Article 26, Topic



The Bagua Symbol I
(Fu Xi's Early Heaven Ba Gua)

Bagua Symbol II
(Wen Wang's Later Heaven Ba Gua)

The Enneagram Symbol (Gurdjieff)


"Dao engenders one; one engenders two; two engenders three; three engenders all things.  All things carry the Yin while embracing the Yang.  Neutralizing energy brings them into Harmony." (Lao Tzu)

"The Absolute begets the first; the first begets the second; the seconds begets the third; the third in accordance with the triad law begets to the 12th triad in all creations in accordance to the law of octave.  All creations carry the passive while embracing the active.  Reconciling them brings them into harmony." (Real World Views, on Triad and Octave laws)

For a full understanding of the Ba Gua, one can refer to:

The Center is Wuji (No Line at Level 1) or an Absolute Point '0' for which a Taiji (Triad Level 2) is in the making which give rise to 2 binary forms (Liang Yi at Level 3) of similar but opposing powers known as Yang (represented by white color or 1 unbroken line) or first affirming active force, and Yin (represented by black color or 1 broken line) or Second denying or passive force.  For the 4 Images (Si Xiang, Level 3) an  unbroken Yang line is added above into the original unbroken Yang line creating a Greater Yang (Tai Yang) and another broken Yin Line is added above to the next Yang Line to create a Lesser  Yin (Shao Yin); then a broken Yin Line is added above to the original broken Yin Line creating a Greater Yin (Tai Yin) and another unbroken Yang Line is added above to the next Yin Line to create a Lesser Yin (Shao Yin). The 4 Images gives a complete image of Taiji.  For the 8 Situations (Bagua, Level 4), a third Yang Line is added above to Tai Yang to create Heaven (Qian) and another third Yin Line is added above to Tai Yang to create Lake (Dui) and for the Shao Yin a third Yang Line is added above to create Fire (Li) and another third Yin Line is added above to it to create Thunder (Zhen); as for Tai Yin a third Yin Line is added above to it to create Earth (Kun) and another third Yang Line is added above to create Water (Kan) and for Shao Yang a third Yin Line is added above to create Mountain (Gen) and another third Yang Line is added above it to create Wind (Xun).  The result is Bagua or 8 situations or 8 trigrams of combination binary lines in a set of eight threes (a set of 8 triads) for All Worlds.  The addition of more Yin and Yang lines above produces up to 6 levels for Bagua Hexagrams and 9 levels for Bagua Enneagrams.  The Bagua Hexagrams and the Bagua Enneagram are to be combined, unified harmoniously, naturally and complementarily each other without unnecessary  wiseacring!

Never mind about the language or words used for the Chinese wenming civilization, a gradually transformation of mentation by form into mentation by binary logic of algebraic-like reasoning is in the making here!

Varying powers can be greater or lesser leading to a greater Yang or a lesser Yang or a greater Yin or a lesser Yin will be 'neutralized' or 'contained' by the border between Yang and Yin and by the full neutralizing boundary for both Yang and Yin.  The borders and boundaries are important and active 'neutralizers' or 'balancers' and are driven by 'neutralizing' or 'regulatory' or 'synthesizing' forces - as the third force where the law of unity of opposite together with the border and boundary becomes subjected to the law of triad (3) for which the law of octave (7) with its MI-FA Interval, "SO-LA Interval and TI-DO Intervals emerges.  Hidden deep and latent in the Yang is an emerging Yin inside and hidden deep and latent in the Yin is an emerging Yang inside showing quantitative transition into opposites or a first negation is happening till a transition point is reached whereby a new qualitative entity or a new stopinder is synthesized and stabilized into a new order with a second negation for which the first Yin-Yang stopinder is totally replaced by the new Yin-Yang stopinder and for which some essences of the first Yang and the first Yin is retained in the second Yang and the second Yin of the new Yin-Yang stopinder in according to the Law of Negation of Negation.

The Bagua generates the 64 hexagrams when borders and boundaries are not active but the Bagua Enneagram generates the 512 enneagrams when neutralizing borders and boundaries are as strong and as powerful as the active and the passive entities or stopinders.  The 64 hexagrams are the 64 main cosmic keys to open the upper and the lower secret chambers of the universe without opening the middle secret chamber. The 512 enneagrams are the 512 cosmic keys to open the upper, the middle and the lower secret chambers or all the chambers of Universe including its octave stopinders. The universe is created fundamentally by the law of triad (3) and the law of octave (7).  The universe in physics is an incomplete universe because it does not know at the moment or have accepted within its own captive frame of reference where, how or methods or means to include or posit bio-consciousness or cosmic-consciousness or life or psyche or cosmic psychology or cosmic properties or psyche indices into the matter or energies of the universe, although physics and the sciences know it exists and is real.

A Comparison of the Two Philosophies:

Enneagram Bagua
1 Absolute 1 Wu
1 Triad (1 Affirming + 1 Denying + 1 Resolving) = 3 forces) Taiji (1 Yang + 1 Yin = 2 forms)
6 Parts (Lower Fundamental DO-RE-MI + Interval MI-FA +  Middle Fundamental FA  + Upper Fundamental  SO-LA-TI  + Interval TI-DO  + "Interval SO-LA") 4 Images or 4 Diagrams (Tai Yang + Shao Ying + Shao Yang + Tai Yin)
1 Octave = 8 notes [DO (Point 0), RE, MI, FA,  SO, LA, TI, DO (Point 9)] 1 Bagua = 8 Gua or 8 Trigrams [Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Gen, Kan, Kun]
Outer change:
DO (0), RE, MI, FA,  SO, LA, TI, DO (9) = 1 change
Heaven (Upper change): 8 Trigrams
Inner change:
7 * 9 = 63 changes
Earth (Lower change): 8 Trigrams
Total changes:
1 + 63 = 64 changes
Total changes:
64 changes

"There is an indispensable phenoumenal divination of event happenings of the Quantumic-conscious Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation and also an indispensable phenoumenal probability of event happenings of the bio-physical and psychological will of the Organic Life  which is a biocosmic life and later includes also a technocosmic Synthetic Life at the MI-FA Interval of the same (our) Ray of Creation.  However, the microcosm man (from its will) is to the least extent able to change (or rather interfere) with the macrocosm's  phenoumenal divination process of event happenings from the TI-DO Interval (from His Will of the Absolute), and is to a greater extent able to change the phenoumenon probability process of event happenings from the MI-FA Interval.  After all he is a conscious being with a will himself at the MI-FA Interval of this same (our) Ray of Creation.  Man is therefore able to control the phenoumenal probability process at this MI-FA Interval." (Tan Man Ho)

The positioning of the 'gua's (triads) is not based on the 8 geosophical-relate 'gua's order (triad's order)  of Heaven (Qian), Lake (Dui), Fire (Li), Thunder (Zhen), Wind (Xun), Mountain (Gen), Water (Kan) and Earth (Kun), but rather on its own music notes of broken and solid lines - brokening from the upper level (1 Re) of a 'gua' (triad) to the Input Point 3 where all the 3 levels are broken (Yin); then solid line begins from the upper level at 4 Fa of a 'gua' (triad) to the Input Point 6 where all the 3 levels are solid (Yang); and leaving two more 'gua's at with one 'middle broken line' surrounded by solid lines above and below at 7 La and one more 'middle solid line' surrounded by broken lines above and below at 8 Ti; the Points 9/0 and the note 'Do' is meant for positioning the Absolute ('Wu').  The representation is in the abstract or algebraic meant for the purpose of positioning its general universality that would later gather specific objective examples such as in the cosmic, geocosmic, biocosmic, sociocosmic, civilizational, technocosmic forms or any other specific materialized forms discovered later.

Referring to the Triangle (in red color) in Bagua Enneagram and in comparison (also) with the Gnostic philosophy), the Table below shows the TI-DO Interval event happenings or outcome elements from divine forces of the TI-DO Interval at the (our) Ray of Creation - 3 levels all together (or a trinity or a triad). The probability forces beyond which is omitted here for discussion.

Gnostic (Cosmos) Taoist (Bagua) Gurdjieff-Ouspensky Enneagram
1. Protocosmos Taiji Trogoautoegocrat
Level 1. Ain Wu Absolute (Do or Input Point '0/9')
Level 2. Ain Soph 2 Forms (Yang and Yin) Etherokrilno  (Input Point '3')
Level 3. Ain Soph Aur 4 Images (Greater Yang & Lesser Yin and Greater Yin & Lesser Yang) Okidanokh (Input Point '6')
2. Ayocosmos Ba Gua
(8 situations or 8 trigrams)
Theomertmalogos/ All Worlds
Down the (our) Ray of Creation



The 8 trigrams (of Fu Xi's Early Heaven Ba Gua) for each observation of some obvious and immediately notice-able geosophical or geographical elements or features of nature - Heaven/Sky (Qian),  Lake (Dui), Fire/Light (Li), Thunder/Lightning (Zhen), Wind (Xun), Mountain/hill (Gen), Water (Kan) and Earth/soil (Kun).  The 8 trigrams form an octet or an octave - Do (Qian), Re (Dui), Mi (Li), Fa (Zhen), So (Xun), La (Gen), Ti (Kan) and Do (Kun) and is part of an expression of the fundamental Geocosmic Octave excluding the lateral Plantae and the Animalia octaves. The 5 main elements of change are: 1) Arising (Wood)  2) Expanding (Fire)  3) Transforming (Earth)  4) Dividing (Metal) and 5) Dissolving (Water).  This is the psychological methodology used in Chinese cosmology.

Rising from level 1 is a monogram, to level 2 is diagram, to level 3 is trigram, to level 4 is tetragram, to level 5 is pentagram, to level 6 is hexagram, to level 7 is heptagram, to level 8 is octagram and to level 9 is enneagram.  Each level is an unbroken line (a affirming point '+'), a broken line (a denying point '-') and reconciliation point  '+/-' which can be an unbroken line/broken line form the third or middle neutral element of a triad.

The process of 'Wu-Wuji-Taiji' or the 'Absolute-Eternal Unchanging-Everchanging' is a divine process without human intervention by the Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation. To decide divine outcomes by merely through earthly objects such as a coin at the MI-FA Interval at the (our) Ray of Creation has flaws and is a suspect-in-risk of a probability science to be reflected on.  By throwing a coin once (1 line), you get 2 possible outcomes (2 forms - Yang and Yin); by throwing a coin twice (2 lines), you get 4 possible outcomes (4 images - Tai Yang, Shao Yin from Yang and Shao Yang, Tai Yin from Yin); throw thrice (3 lines), you get 8 possible outcomes (8 Bagua situations - Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Gen, Kan and Kun); by throwing hexa times or 6 times (6 lines), you get 64 possible outcomes (dyadic hexagrams of changes); and by throwing ennea times or 9 times, you get 512 possible outcomes (triadic enneagrams of changes) to complete all the possible changes of the Everything Living Universe as a cosmological being both for its TI-DO Interval as well as its MI-FA Intervals.  I have added the 512 triadic enneagrams as my own understanding of the changes.

The divine powers for the lower Organic Life (human) beings at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation is subject of probability science where event happenings are determined by a range of pure numbers from '0' up to '5' and finally up to '10' or between a pure lowest 'Zero Percent' up to a pure 'Fifty Percent' and finally up to a pure highest 'Hundred Percent' of any event  happening or not happening, and remembered always made through (the hands of) a three-centered hethormen human being by engineering and various much knowledge-methodology wiseacred, intentional and unintentional actions.  Only a pure 'Fifty Percent' position is truly left for the divine participation purportedly from the higher beings at the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation without human intervention.  For example, the casting of a coin with 2 sides both have truly equal, truly 50-50 chance of an outcome for which a truly divine factor can decide on the direction of change or on the direction to further change.  How the divine participate, we, as a being of the outcome of the MI-FA Interval  in the Ray of Creation, do not truly know though we have attempted endlessly through our sciences and all other ways to know and change it - as we might be the microcosm at the MI-FA Interval of the macrocosm at the TI-DO Interval, and we might not know what is in the divine '5' or '50%' or ‘half-half’ probability, and even if strictly speaking all the probabilities, could be intervened by the divine powers to the point of absurdity.

Human intervention at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation means we try to modify the coin with our will (notably through our scientific, engineering and technological know-how from the ‘T’ of the NOO-PESTLES-PDCE Carriage sociotechnocosmic being)  to change the phenoumenal probability process to not fall at at purely '5' or 50% (half-half) of event happening or not happening purportedly from the phenoumenal divination process of event happening or not happening from the Will of the Absolute from the TI-DO Interval.  The lowest '0' or highest '10' outcome is the best of certainty.  Such intervention to change the enneagramic divine process outcomes of World War I and World War II through probabilistic intervention have already happened, and we will still do the same to this coming new enneagramic divine process outcomes of World War III and World War IV through this same probabilistic intervention.

The three most dangerous enneagrams (diagrams above) showing World War I and World II both already happened.  Man has only strove but failed to change the outcome (of not releasing any sacred askokin to the moon) by engaging in winning the battles and the wars with great casualties necessary for releasing enough sacred askokin from human Organic Life at the MI-FA Interval to serve the hunger of the ‘moon’ located at the lowest tip of the (our) Ray of Creation.  Now the enneagramic "divine" World War III is progressively auto-happening at the MI-FA Interval of this sociocosmic enneagram, and Anglo-saxon "civilizational" man  still seems not awaken enough (while others are gradually awaken) nor has the conscious energy and power to change this phenoumenal "divine" and/or lunar rascal cosmic forces with his phenoumenal probability intervention during this critical transition period from the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism into the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism within the context of a now still fragmenting, conflicting and unyoked bodies of Earth civilization.

The probabilistic powers of man at the MI-FA Interval has not gather enough nourishing powers to dissolve this reciprocal destruction powers and deny the sacred askokin food to the purportedly hungry lunar cosmic moon through successfully avoiding the coming two World Wars, that is, World War III at the MI-FA Interval and World War IV at the "SO-LA Interval" that would mega-release the sacred askokin from Humanity-at-Large.  The only way to avoid this from happening is to minimize the two outcomes through generating enough conscious being-psyche hydrogens of the NOO to the critical level conscious vibration en masse to successfully intervene, weaken and alter the course or direction of these two "divine" and/or lunar outcomes.

"When the coin is thick enough, there would be a 'Middle' without maximum contradiction of the two opposing faces of the coin giving rise to a triad.  When it is thin enough, the 'Middle' disappears - it is "purely" Yin-Yang or a dyad with maximum contradiction of the opposing faces, and we have intervened by forcing the divine to take side.  Man as a microcosm has often interfered with the divine forces of the macrocosm.  Should we give our future to the divine (gods) when we have imposed conditions to the divine to choose?  What if the divine's true answer is the 'Middle'?"

Besides Fu Xi's Early Heaven Ba Gua, there is also a Wen Wang's Later Heaven Ba Gua:

This He Tu River Map is associated to the passage of natural forces from the TI-DO Interval along MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  Man as a microcosm reflects the macrocosm or the world as it is from his position at this MI-FA interval with his He Tu River Map.  He leaves it to the divine above and the preordained metaphysics to take its own course at the MI-FA Interval.  It is the cosmic consciousness (Cosmic-C) of the living and active macrocosm universe at work for which the microcosm man only interpret the world in various ways.

This Lo Shu Spirits Map is associated to the passage of spiritual forces along the TI-DO Interval and the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  As a microcosm of this macrocosm, man through his Lo Shu Spirits Map seeks to change this world as it is along the MI-FA Interval, thus in his action strive to intervene and bend the preordained divine order (through sciences, arts and technologies).  It is the biocosmic consciousness (Bio-C) of the living and active microcosm man in changing the world.
The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it! (Karl Marx)

He Tu Wuxing

Lo Shu Magic Square

Within the geography and geosophy of the Sinic (Chinese) Cosmology in China as its ancient NOO-PESTLES-PDCE Carriage gravity-center as observed by certain psychological methods used by the Chinese about 5000 years ago till today.

The 8 immortals representing the 8 Wen Wang's Ba Gua are shown below:




0/7 to 6/7 (INPUT at Point 0; in TI-DO Interval; 'DO' of the 1st Octave)

0.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

0.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

0.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

0.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

0.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

0.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

0.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

7/7 to 13/7 (RE)

1.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

1.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

1.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

1.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

1.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

1.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

1.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

14/7 to 20/7 (MI)

2.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

2.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

2.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

2.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

2.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

2.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

2.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

21/7 to 27/7 (INPUT at Point 3; in MI-FA Interval)

3.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

3.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

3.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

3.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

3.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

3.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

3.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

28/7 to 34/7 (FA)

4.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

4.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

4.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

4.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

4.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

4.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

4.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

35/7 to 41/7 (SO)

5.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

5.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

5.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

5.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

5.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

5.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

5.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

42/7 to 48/9 (INPUT at Point 6; in "SO-LA Interval")

6.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

6.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

6.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

6.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

6.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

6.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

6.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

49/7 to 55/7 (LA)

7.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

7.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

7.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

7.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

7.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

7.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

7.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

56/7 to 62/7 (TI)

8.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

8.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

8.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

8.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

8.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

8.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

8.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

63/7 to 69/7 (INPUT at Point 9; in TI-DO Interval; 'DO' of the next Octave)

9.000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000  000000

9.142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857  142857

9.285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714  285714

9.428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571  428571

9.571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428  571428

9.714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285  714285

9.857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142  857142

Note that each number is a stopinder that can be expressed into material and non-material objects and subjects!

Geometrical Loops also applies to enneagram relationship and changes of stopinders besides the above nature and possibilities of change expressed numerically amongst stopinders within the inner octaves.  An example of such geometrical loops and social relationship changes when expressed as sociocosmic stopinders can be observed here:


Note that all civilizations are created based or grow from such cosmological principles, and capitalist system is just abnormal deviations of a sick or cancer civilization with incomplete and partial dangerous aberrations of a chaotic reciprocal and self-destructive cosmological hexagram or enneagram.  Marxian historicism has traced the path of human society that began from a normal stage of Primitive Communalism, to 3 stages of aberrating Ancient Slavism, Feudalism and Capitalism, and 1 Transition stage of Socialism and finally to a final non-aberrating stage of Communism.  Beyond which will depend on the future cosmological forces at work.  However, the Technocosmic octave has witnessed a possible stage of Datongism.


The 2nd Step Down (H1 - H3072) of the 12 triads table of hydrogens with cosmic properties in the Enneagram is equivalent to all the 3 Taiji (Yin-Yang), Liang Yi (2 forms) and Si Xiang (4 images) and the 8 trigrams of Bagua plus the 64 Hexagrams without the 'Middle Story' - it is for man.

The 1st Step Down (H3 - H6144) of the 12 triads table of hydrogens with cosmic properties in the Enneagram is for the Angels and Archangels, and the original 'Zero' Step Down (H6 - H12288) of the 12 triads of hydrogens with cosmic properties is equivalent to the Wuji, all the 3 Taiji (Yin-Yang), Liang Yi (2 forms) and Si Xiang (4 images) and the 8 trigrams of Bagua, the 64 Dyadic Hexagrams without the 'Middle Story' plus the 512 Triadic Enneagrams (Middle story inclusive) to form the Bagua Enneagram is for All & Everything Living, that is, the Universe Being itself.

When using the dyad rule, we have 8 x 8 = 64 hexagrams (double trigrams or 6 lines) and when using the triad rule, we have 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 enneagrams (triple trigrams or 9 lines).  All these changes will include all changes from the position as Archangels, Angels, Man (which is the one in reference now, because we are 'Man', and the narratives are from us, not others), Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Plants, Minerals, Metals and Kernels.



The Hexagram is applied to these being-psyche hydrogen forms in the thinking-feeling-moving noosphere states of man and also to the three centers of noosphere of the Universe Being or of the DAO as understood within the reference realm of the organic beings filling this MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  The expressed cosmic properties of the NOO psyche hydrogens fixated in changes are identified in Chinese cosmology thousands of years ago.

These hexagrams apply to human life or living encounters and experiences - so it is associated with the psychological and psychic centers.  Note that the enneagram for man eats three being-foods, namely: the ordinary solid food and water in lake, the air (in wind) and impressions (all the octet trigrams due to the light) - so our psyche hydrogens is refined from them.  Hence, we are have their cosmic nature in our psychic centers.  Further more man eats the plants and other animals.

Hexagram 1

Other titles: The Creative, The Symbol of Heaven, The Creative Principle, Force, The Key, Creativity, The Originating, Creative Power, Primal Power, Yang, The Life Force, Kundalini, God the Father
Hexagram 2

Other titles: The Receptive, The Symbol of Earth, Submission, The Passive Principle, Field, The Flow, Responsive Service, Yin, Natural Response, The Bearer
Hexagram 3

Other titles: Difficulty at the Beginning, The Symbol of Bursting, Sprouting, Hoarding, Distress, Organizational Growth Pains, Difficult Beginnings, Growing Pains, Initial Obstacles, Initial Hardship
Hexagram 4

Other Titles: Youthful Folly, The Symbol of Covering, Immaturity, Uncultivated Growth, Youth, Acquiring Experience, Youthful Ignorance, Enveloping, Folly, Darkness, "Often the I Ching uses this hexagram to show us that we should not be asking this question." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 5

Other titles: Nourishment, Calculated Inaction, Attending, Biding One's Time, Nourishment Through Inaction, Waiting for Nourishment, Moistened, "Waiting with the assurance that a blessing will come." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 6
Other titles: Conflict, The Symbol of Contention, Strife, Litigation, Quarreling, Arguing, Lawsuit, "It is important to mind one's step at the very beginning then things will have a chance to work out all right." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 7

Other titles: The Army, The Symbol of Multitude and of Army, Legions/ Leading, The Troops, Collective Force, Discipline, Soldiers, Group Action, A Disciplined Multitude, Ego Discipline, Willpower, "Can refer to mourning but its essential meaning is Discipline." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 8

Other titles: The Symbol of Subaltern Assistance, Union, Unity, Grouping, Alliance, Co-ordination, Leadership, Merging (as with tributaries of a river), Seeking Union, Unification, Accord, Subservience, Individuation, Integration
Hexagram 9

Other titles: The Taming Power of the Small, The Symbol of Small restraint, The Lesser Nourisher, Taming the Small Powers, Small Accumulating, Small Harvest, Small Obstruction, Nurturance by the Small, Restraint by the Weak, Restrained, Minor Restraint, The Weak Force, The Force of the Small, Weak Forces Restrain Strong Forces, "The restraint is small, success follows. Overcoming something small which is poisoning or nagging. Partially relieving a situation. Influencing that which one cannot change.” -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 10

Other titles: Treading, Conduct, The Symbol of Stepping Carefully, Proper Conduct, Cautious Treading, Proceeding Cautiously, Watch Your Step, Proceed at Your Own Risk, Advancing With Care, "Illustrates the difference between courage and foolhardiness." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 11

Other titles: Peace, The Symbol of Successfulness, Prospering, Pervading, Greatness, Tranquility, Prosperity, Conjunction, Major Synthesis, Hieros Gamos, Holy Marriage, "Yang supporting yin and going to meet each other. Good prospects for a marriage or partnership." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 12

Other titles: Standstill, The Symbol of Closing, Stagnation, Obstruction, The Wife, Obstructed, Decadence, Disjunction, Impasse, "Yin supporting yang which is wrong, they part company. Bad prospects for marriage or partnership. " -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 13

Other titles: Fellowship with Men, The Symbol of Companionship, Lovers, Beloved Friends, Like-minded persons, Concording People, Gathering Men, Sameness with People, Universal Brotherhood, Fellowship, Community, United, Human Association, Union of Men, Integration of Forces, Minor Synthesis, Cliques, Concordance, To Be In Accord With, Confirmation
Hexagram 14

Other titles: Possession in Great Measure, The Symbol of Great Possession, Sovereignty, Great Having, Great Possessing, The Great Possessor, Great Wealth, Abundance, Having What is Great, "Often means things other than material possessions or achievement. Count your blessings for they are many." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 15

Other titles: Modesty, The Symbol of Humility, Moderation, Humbling, Respectful/Humble, Yielding/Retiring, 1. Obtaining this hexagram implies that modesty is needed in our attitude, meaning, to allow ourself to be led without resistance. – C.K. Anthony. 2. A Humble or modest person is thought of as having an “empty or unoccupied” mind, meaning a mind without prejudice. – Chung Wu. 3. Only superior people who practice Tao know where to stop, disregard what they have and appear to have nothing. – T. Cleary.
Hexagram 16

Other titles: The Symbol of Harmonious Joy, Repose, Happiness, Providing-for/Provision, Excess, Merriment, Self-confidence, Contentment, Harmonize, Excitement, Intemperance, Self-deception, "Repose in the absolute confidence that the action now being taken is right. Also refers to music." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 17

Other titles: According With, Acquiring Followers, Adapting, Adjusting, To Accord With, To Accompany, Concordance, Conformance to The Work, "Learn to serve in order to rule. Quit the old ways." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 18

Other titles: Work On What Has Been Spoiled, The Symbol of Destruction, Decay, Arresting of Decay, Work after Spoiling, Fixing, Rectifying, Corrupting, Branch, Degeneration, Misdeeds, "Can refer to heredity and psychological traits.” -- D. F. Hook
Hexagram 19

Other titles: The Symbol of Advance and Arrival, Nearing, Overseeing, Condescension, Getting Ahead, Promotion, Conduct, Drawing Near, Becoming Great, The Forest, Advance, Advancing, "Two people advancing together; or a good influence which hasn't been seen or felt for some time, is approaching." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 20

Other titles: View, The Symbol of Steady Observation, Looking Down, Observation, Viewing, Looking Up, Observing, Admiration, To Examine, Rulers and Their Subjects, Introspection, Perception, Contemplation of the Work
Hexagram 21

Other titles: Biting Through, Gnawing, The Symbol of Mastication and Punishment by Pressing and Squeezing, Gnawing Bite, Severing, Chewing, Punishment, Reformation, Reform, Differentiation, Discrimination, Making a Distinction, Getting the message, "Something which should be, or has to be bitten through. This is essentially the legal hexagram. When asking about a man's intentions, he is probably married." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 22

Other titles: Grace, The Symbol of Decoration, Elegance, Gracefulness, Luxuriance, Adorning, Public Image, Adornment, Beauty, Conceit, Vanity, Veneer, Façade, Manners, Embellishment, Superficiality, Superficial Appearances, Form vs. Function, "Art," Ego-trips, "Often refers to conceit, vanity or beauty. It stresses that the content is more important than the outward appearance." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 23

Other titles: Splitting Apart, The symbol of Falling or Flaying, Peeling Off, Decay, Flaying, Stripping Away, Intrigue, Deterioration, Collapse, Fracturing, Tearing, Disintegration, Ruin, Unraveling, "Can refer to a physical parting. Making a secure foundation." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 24

Other titles: The Turning Point, The Symbol of Returning, Revival, Recovery, To Repeat, Renewal, Restore, Return to the Way, Cyclic Repetition, "Return to virtue or happier conditions." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 25

Other titles: The Unexpected, The Unintentional, The Symbol of Freedom from Error, Integrity, Without Embroiling, Pestilence, Fidelity, No Error, Freedom from Vainness, Instinctive Goodness, The Simple, Correctness, Subconscious, "Whatever happens, keep calm and do what is right." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 26

Other titles: The Taming Power of the Great, The Great Nourisher, Taming the Great Powers, Great Accumulating, Great Accumulation, Great Storage, Nurturance of the Great, Great Buildup, Restraint of the Great, Restraint by the Strong, Potential Energy, The Great Taming Force, Energy Under Control, Power Restrained, Sublimation, Latent Power
Hexagram 27

Other titles: The Corners of the Mouth, Providing Nourishment, The Symbol of the Cheek and of Nourishment, Jaws, Lower Jaw, Nurturing, Swallowing, Sagacious Counsel, Nourishing, To Feed,  "Can mean money, usually as the result of effort." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 28

Other titles: Preponderance of the Great, The Symbol of Great Passing, Excess, Great Excess, The Passing of Greatness, Great Surpassing, Great Gains, Experience, Greater than Great, Greatness in Excess, Dominance by the Mighty, The Passing of Greatness, Excess of the Great, Law of Karma
Hexagram 29

Other titles: The Abysmal, The Symbol of Sinking, Water, The Abyss, Gorge, Repeating Gorge, Repeated Entrapment, Double Pitfall, Multiple Danger, Double Water, The Deep, Dark Forces, The Perilous Pit, "May not be as bad as it sounds, but whatever happens, remain true to yourself." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 30

Other titles: The Clinging, The Symbol of Brightness and of Separateness, Flaming Beauty, Radiance, Fire, The Net, Allegiance, The Cosmic Mean, Synergy, Sunlight, Perception, Pertaining to Comprehension, The Light, Consciousness, Lucidity
Hexagram 31

Other titles: Influence, Wooing, Attraction, Sensation, Stimulation, Conjoining, Feelings, Sensitivity, Sensing, Affection, Influencing to Action, Tension, Seeking Union, Persuasion, Courting Response, Importuning
Hexagram 32

Other titles: Duration, The Symbol of Constancy, The Long Enduring, Constant, Persevering, Standing Fast, Continuity, Constancy in the Midst of Change, Holding Firm, "Get yourself into a fixed routine like the orbiting planets." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 33

Other titles: The Symbol of Retirement, Yielding, Withdrawal, Retiring, Wielding, Strategic Withdrawal, Inaccessibility, Disassociation from Inferior Forces, “When an opportunity for something better comes along, do not quarrel with an impossible situation.” -- D. F. Hook
Hexagram 34

Other titles: The Power of the Great, The Symbol of Great Vigor, Persons of Great Authority, Great Strength, Great Invigorating, Great Maturity, Accumulated Force, The Strength of the Mighty, Righteous Power, Excessive Force
Hexagram 35

Other titles: Progress, Prospering, The Symbol of Forwardness, To Advance, Advancement, Making Headway, Getting the Idea, “Comes the Dawn”
Hexagram 36

Other titles: Darkening of the Light, The Symbol of the Appearance of Clear Intelligence Wounded, Injury, Wounding of the Bright, Brightness Hiding, Calling Pheasant, The Darkened Light, Concealment of Illumination, Injury of Illumination, Light Obliterated, Intelligence Unappreciated, Censorship, Hiding One's Light, The Dark Night of the Soul, Ignorance, "Not necessarily as bad as it sounds, may just mean being restricted or restricting yourself." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 37

Other titles: Family Life, Clan, Home, Linkage, Dwelling People, The Psyche, "May indicate a situation where the family can and should help." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 38

Other titles: Opposition, The Symbol of Strangeness and Disunion, The Estranged, Opposites, Polarizing, Alienation, Distant From, Perversion, Disharmony, Separated, Contradiction, Estrangement, Incongruity
Hexagram 39

Other titles: Obstruction, The Symbol of Difficulty, Arresting Movement, Trouble, Obstacles, Barrier, Halt, Halting, Limping, Afoot, “Sit Tight—Don’t move,” "One is surrounded by an underwater reef and should wait for assistance." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 40

Other titles: Deliverance, The Symbol of Loosening, Release, Eliminating Obstacles, Taking-apart, Untangled, Solution, Dissolution, Relief, Unloose, Release of Tension
Hexagram 41

Other titles: Decrease, The Symbol of Lessening, Loss, Diminishing, Reduction, Diminution of Excesses, Decline, Bringing into Balance, Dynamic Balance, Sacrifice, "Not necessarily material loss. Can mean decreasing the lower self to increase the higher." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 42

Other titles: The Symbol of Addition, Gain, Augmenting, Help from Above, Benefit, Advantage, Profit, Expansion
Hexagram 43

Other titles: Break-through, The Symbol of Decision, Resolution, Determination, Parting, Removing Corruption, Eradication
Hexagram 44

Other titles: Coming to Meet, The Symbol of Meeting, Contact, Sexual Intercourse, Encountering, Coupling, Infiltration by Inferior Men, Adultery, "Contains a definite warning about a person or situation which may appear harmless but will prove dangerous." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 45

Other titles: Gathering Together, Massing, The Symbol of Gathering into One, Assembling, Congregation, Gathering, Unity, Accord, Making Whole, Focusing, Marshalling One's Forces, Clustering, Finished
Hexagram 46

Other titles: The Symbol of Rising and Advancing, Ascending, Ascension, Rising, Promotion, Advancement, Sprouting from the Earth, Organic Growth
Hexagram 47

Other titles: Exhaustion, The Symbol of Repression and Confinement, Adversity, Weariness, Confining, Entangled, Hardship, Depression, Tiresome Restriction, Dried Up, ""Actions speak louder than words." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 48

Other titles: Welling, Potentialities Fulfilled, The Source, The Deep Psyche, "A resurrection or transformation. Generations coming and going and the continuance of life and development." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 49

Other titles: Revolution(s), Transformation, Skinning, The Bridle, The Symbol of Change, Molting, Leather, Skin, Molt, Cut Off, Changing, Radical Change, Overthrowing
Hexagram 50

Other titles: The Cauldron, The Vessel, Rejuvenation, Cosmic Order, The Alchemical Vessel, "A complete transformation of a person or circumstance." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 51

Other titles: The Arousing, Thunder, The Symbol of Startling Movement, Shake, The Beginning of Movement, Shocking, The Thunderclap, Action, Motion, Sudden Change, Surprise! "The necessity to keep tranquil in the midst of upheaval." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 52

Other titles: Mountain, Keeping Still, The Symbol of Checking and Stopping, Desisting, Stilling, Stillness, Stoppage, Bound, Reposing, Resting, Meditation, Non-action, Stopping, Arresting Movement, "Refers to meditation and yoga." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 53

Other titles: Development, The Symbol of Progressive Advance, Gradual Development, Infiltrating, Advancing, Growth, Developing, Gradualness, Dialectical Progression, Step by Step, "The slower the stronger." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 54

Other titles: The Marrying Maiden, The Symbol of the Marriage of the Younger Sister, Marriageable Maiden, The Marrying Girl, Subordinate, The Second Wife, Converting Maidenhood, Returning maiden, Making a young girl marry, Marrying a young girl, Marrying a Maiden, Unilateral Action, Impropriety, Improper Advances, "Deals with life and death, sex and birth. It contains a warning about a person or situation. It deals essentially with discrimination. The first step on the Path without which we are useless." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 55

Other titles: Abundance, Fullness, The Symbol of Prosperity, Greatness, Abounding, Richness, Prolific, Fruitful, Luxuriant, Zenith, Affluence, Correct Action, Lucid Behavior, "Generally means that one will have enough for one's needs with a little over. Does not mean large wealth as a rule." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 56

Other titles: Abundance, Fullness, The Symbol of Prosperity, Greatness, Abounding, Richness, Prolific, Fruitful, Luxuriant, Zenith, Affluence, Correct Action, Lucid Behavior, "Generally means that one will have enough for one's needs with a little over. Does not mean large wealth as a rule." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 57

Other titles: The Gentle, The Penetrating, Wind, The Symbol of Bending to Enter, Willing Submission, Gentle Penetration, Ground, Calculations, Complaisance, Penetrating Influence, The Penetration of the Wind, Humility, Devoted Service, Submission
Hexagram 58

Other titles: The Joyous, Joyousness, Pleased Satisfaction, Encouraging, Delight, Open, Usurpation, Self-indulgence, Pleasure, Cheerfulness, Frivolity, Callow Optimism
Hexagram 59

Other titles: Dispersion, Dissolution, Disintegration, Dispersal, Overcoming Dissension, Scattering, Dispersing, Unintegrated, Reuniting, Evaporation, Reorganization, New Deal, Re-Shuffle, Course Correction, Catharsis
Hexagram 60

Other titles: Limitation, Restraint, Regulations, Articulating, Receipt, Restraining, Containment
Hexagram 61

Other titles: The Symbol of Central Sincerity, Inward Confidence, Inner Truthfulness, Sincerity, Centering- Conforming, Central Return, Faithfulness in the Center, Sincerity in the Center, Insight, Understanding, The Psyche, "Take the middle road and avoid extremes." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 62

Other titles: Preponderance of the Small, The Symbol of Excess in Small Things, The Small get by, Slight Excess, Small Exceeding, Small Surpassing, Excess of the Small, Small gains, Conscientiousness, Smallness in Excess, Exceeding the Mean, Proliferation of Details, "Like a bird, do not fly too high or attempt too much because this will lead to disaster." -- D.F. Hook
Hexagram 63

Other titles: After Completion, The Symbol of What is Already Past, Already Fording, Already Completed, Settled, Mission Accomplished, Tasks Completed, After the End, A state of Climax
Hexagram 64

Other titles: Before Completion, The Symbol of What is not yet Past, Not-yet Fording, Not Yet Completed, Tasks yet to be Completed, Not yet, Yet to be, Before the End, Mission yet Unaccomplished, A State of Transition

Extracted from James Dekorne's Official Website:


Bagua Enneagram:

The 8 trigrams are no longer associated with geosophical or geographical elements or observation of nature or of heaven and man and its order of arrangement as in the Early Heaven Ba Gua of Fuxi and in the Later Heaven of Wen Wang, but rather on: 1) the Thinking Center lines (solid or broken) inside the head of man and 2) the Instinctive-Moving-Sex Center lines (solid or broken) inside the abdomen-lumbar-limbs of man, and 3) the Feeling Center lines inside the thorax/chest of man (solid or broken not shown here but shown in the geographical feature associated 64 Bagua Hexagrams and the human psyche centers associated 512 Bagua Enneagrams).  This is man-based Bagua Enneagram with 1 Re, 2Mi and Input Point 3 for Female trigrams, 4Fa, 5 So and Input Point 6 for Male and the 2 opposing trigrams (7 La and 8 Ti) for the LGBTQIA+.


The Head-Thorax-Abdomen or the Three-Storied Man or the Upper-Middle-Lower Man or the Head-Chest-Body Man or the Hethormen Man or the Thinking-Feeling-Moving (+ Instinct-Sex) Man suitable and more appropriate to man's experiencing of the real world. [At the MI-FA Interval of the Ray of Creature with the TI-DO Interval above.  The Universe is also a 3-Centerd Being with both MI-FA Interval, "SO-LA Interval" and TI-DO Interval]

The Universe is four-bodied!

There are 8 trigrams for the Upper Story, 8 trigrams for the Middle Story and 8 trigrams for the Lower Story and altogether there are 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 Enneagrams, each with 9 lines either unbroken lines or broken lines and no middle (in-between) lines in accordance with the Law of the Excluded Middle.  There are 2 Intervals, Mi-Fa Interval and "So-La Interval" for which the 1st lateral triad and lateral octave forces will have to enter and provide the 1st shock at Mi-Fa Interval and rises (refine) up and enter at the ‘So-La Interval’ to provide an inner 2nd shock to produce a 2nd lateral triad and lateral octave forces which will be fully expressed at the ultimate Ti-Do Interval.

There 3 inputs or source-arising being-foods, that is, the 1st source-arising being-food Absolute or Wu (Do 9/0) at Ti-Do Interval where the 1st being-food enters as a becoming fundamental octave, the Great Yin (3) at Mi-Fa Interval where a 2nd source-arising being-food enters to provide a 1st Yin shock to this 1st source-arising being-food and itself continues as a becoming 1st lateral octave and the Great Yang (6) at "So-La Interval" where a 3rd source-arising being-food enters to provide a 2nd Yang shock to this 2nd source-arisng being-food and itself continues as a becoming 2nd lateral octave.  The becoming will finally reach the TI-DO Interval again where a shock from the Absolute or Wu is required for the motion to continue as ascending next higher level or descending next lower level of the fundamental octave or just repeating the cycle at the same level again.  The above is the description of the 3 being-foods of the Bagua Enneagram.

Note that the 'Head' can be the "Head" of the Universe as being, the 'Chest' can be its "Chest" and the 'Body' can be its "Body."

The details of the 512 Enneagrams (64 x 8) of the Bagua Enneagram with Head (Upper Story), Chest (Middle Story) and Body (Lower Story) are shown below:

1. 64 Enneagrams Middle1Re

2. 64 Enneagrams Middle2Mi

3. 64 Enneagrams Middle3Interval

4. 64 Enneagrams Middle4Fa

5. 64 Enneagrams Middle5So

6. 64 Enneagrams Middle6Interval

7. 64 Enneagrams Middle7La

8. 64 Enneagrams Middle8Ti

64 Hexagrams of the Bagua Enneagram omitting the Middle but retaining the Head and the Body


Explanation of the Bagua Enneagram Integration:

The enneagram is a nine-pointed figure usually inscribed within a circle. Within the circle is a triangle connecting points 9, 3 and 6.  The inscribed figure resembling a web connects the other six points in a cyclic figure 1→4→2→8→5→7 - 1→4→2→8→5→7 - …..  This number is derived from or corresponds to the recurring decimal ...142857= 1/7.  These six points together with the point numbered 9 (9 or ‘0’ is the Absolute ‘Do’) are said to represent the main stages of any complete process, and can be related to the notes of a musical octave, 9 being equivalent to "Do" and 1 to "Re" etc.  The points numbered 3 and 6 are said to represent "shock points" which affect the way a process develops.  The internal lines between the points; that is, the three-point figure and the six-point figure, are said to show certain non-obvious connections, although here very little elucidation is offered.

The answer to the 6 points non-obvious connections are found in the Bagua (8 trigrams) of I Ching each point is a ‘gua’ or a trigram and there are 8 basic ‘gua’s or 8 basic trigrams. All the 8 basic trigrams exist for the Heaven or ‘Above’ and likewise all 8 basic trigrams exist for Earth or ‘Below’. 2 trigrams (equivalent to an Ouspenskian Triads) can be put together to form a hexagram consisting of  Heaven and Earth or ‘Above’ and ‘Below’ or ‘fine’ and ‘coarse’ or ‘Upper’ and ‘Lower’, so altogether, as the trigrams combined in all possible ways there will be 64 possible Hexagrams in the Chinese Hexagram.  Inside each trigram are 3 lines (a line is a ‘movement’) and each line can be in the moving state of Yang (unbroken) line or in a moving state of Yin (broken) line.  In a hexagram, there will be 6 such lines.

This is unlike the 64 Hexagrams of I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes:

The 64 Hexagrams of I Ching or as below:

These lines (energy and/or force lines of nature and psyche) are found in all the trigrams, hexagrams and the enneagrams to form the ultimate Bagua Enneagram.  Together with the trigrams, hexagrams and enneagrams, the Bagua Enneagram is the complete symbol of everything living and changing in the Universe!

Gurdjieff-Ouspenskian Table (H1 - H3072 are all found in the Human Organism)


Background of the enneagram in Gurdjieff's cosmology (revised from Wikipedia):

The Enneagram according to Gurdjieff shows the "Law of Seven" and the "Law of Three" united and so some explanation of these laws is necessary here. The Law of Seven or law of octaves, according to which phenomena evolves in seven steps; and the Law of Three, according to which phenomena are produced by three forces, are presented by Gurdjieff as global laws appearing on all scales and essential to his cosmology.  This cosmology offers a view of how the world operates said to derive from alchemy and more ancient sources, and to complement or complete modern experimental science rather than to contradict it.  According to this cosmology everything is material, including consciousness and spirit, and all matter can be assigned a "density"; consciousness and spirit for example having lower "densities of matter" (and therefore higher "densities of vibrations") than, for example, water while, for example, rock has a higher "density of matter" and lower "density of vibration" than water, and so on.

The diatonic scale in music is said to be an ancient application of the Law of Seven and a convenient way to study it.  The major musical scale is used with short intervals at mi-fa and ti-do (Ouspensky refers to Ti as "Si" and So as "Sol" and the diagrams on this page reflect his usage).  In other words if one thinks of a standard musical keyboard and takes for example middle C as Do then the following six white keys, DEFGAB will represent the rest of the octave, and the next white key will be the higher C.  There will be black keys between each of the white keys, except between E and F (the mi-fa interval) and between B and the higher C (the si-do interval).

In any process described in terms of the Law of Seven, the Mi-Fa interval and the Ti-Do interval are said to be shock points where outside help is needed if the octave is to continue to develop as intended.  A failure to recognize this in terms of human projects is said to be a major reason why things go wrong in general.  The octave of electromagnetic radiation that appears as visible light, and the periodic table are said to be examples of physical phenomena where the underlying Law of Seven can be detected (although no detail is offered here).  The musical scale Gurdjieff is quoted as using is not the modern standard musical scale but Ptolemy's intense diatonic scale, a just intonation scale associated with the Renaissance composer and musical theorist Gioseffo Zarlino.

The Law of Three holds that three forces act on any event, which can be called Active, Passive, and Neutralizing forces, or simply First, Second, and Third forces respectively.  These three forces can appear in any order, 123 for example or 312, giving 6 possible "triads" of forces describing 6 very broad types of event. A ‘note’ is a ‘concentration’ or ‘stopinder’ (can be of energy or force or entity), which means do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti are ‘concentrations’ or ‘stopinders’.  In each ‘concentration’ or ‘stopinder’ consists of 2 opposing forces – Active Force (Unbroken line) and Passive Passive (Broken Line) and 1 Neutralizing Force (either Unbroken or Broken Line) to complete a ‘gua’ or a ‘trigram’.

Humanity is said to be "third force blind", to have difficulty recognizing the third force, which may appear to us in the guise of a result or of a background environment with a dominating unbroken line or dominating broken line. "People cannot perceive the third force directly any more than they can spatially perceive the 'fourth dimension,' " Gurdjieff is quoted as saying.  But in any trigram, the third force or third line must neutralize with either an unbroken line (Yang) or a broken line (Yin) but no exact middle if movement must happen, otherwise it is a temporary ‘stop’.  Even the slightest (Greater Yang) the line would be unbroken and treated ‘Yang’ or the slightest (Greater Yin) the line would be considered broken and treated as ‘Yin’.  There is no middle and the third force is made blind to enable motion.  If there is a third line that introduced uncertainty, then all the answers to the trigrams, hexagrams and enneagrams will fill with uncertainty, and uncertainty will become the only eternal principle of change – the uncertain answer or ‘maybe's for every answer; this would call for probabilities!  Those loving material beings that do not appears to have developed middle part such as a worm, a tree, a slug, corals, and the like, the middle trigram can be ignored and a hexagram (instead of a enneagram) can be used to interpret the nature of these beings.

There are 3 lines in the Upper Trigrams, 3 lines in the Middle Trigrams and 3 lines in the Lower Trigrams according to the Law of Triads.  Upper, Middle and Lower Trigrams are also a Triads according to the Law of Three.  As real world examples, you can take it as:

Head, Thorax and Abdomen; Coachman, Horse and Carriage; Driver (Passenger), Engine and Vehicle Body; Lau, Jing and Gong (Biosociocosmic) including Falau, Fajing and Fagong; Solau, Sojing and Sogong; Lalau, Lajing and Lagong; Tilau, Tijing and Tigong; Dong Jing Gong (Biosociocosmic) including Fadong, Fajing and Fagong; Sodong, Sojing and Sogong; Ladong, Lajing and Lagong; Tidong, Tijing and Tigong; Dong (Biosociocosmic), Jing (Technosociocosmic) and Gong (Technocosmic); Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class; Heaven, Man and Earth; Sun, Earth and Moon; Upper Center of the Universe Being, Middle Center of the Universe Being and the Lower Center of the Universe Being; Owner Employers, Employed or Owner Managers and Employee Workers; Directors (with share or without share), Managing Directors or Executive Directors or Managers (1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level) and General Workers (mental or manual); Thinking Center, Feeling Center and Moving Center; Instinctive Center, Sex Center and Moving Center; etc.   The fundamental sociocosmic octave, the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave consisting of corporates in the Capitalistic mode of production where means of production is mainly owned by falau beings and not by fajing or fagong beings, the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave consisting of nationates in the Socialistic mode of production where means of production are owned by the public (within the stopinder boundary of a nation) or just nationates but often eaten by corporates of the 1st lateral octaves through being-corruption, being-money-laundering, being-legalanaic bills, and all such similar sociocosmic hungry wiseacrings.  Triads are required for inputs at MI-FA Interval and TI-DO Interval not necessary for "SO-LA Interval."

At MI-FA Interval of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave we have the triad, Public Ltd. Company (fa), Cooperative (so) and Privatized Corporation (la) all three forces have triad properties. No triad at “SO-LA Interval” but rather the meeting point of an ending 1st lateral sociocosmic octave (capitalistic) and the beginning of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave (socialistic) that needs an inner shock to cushion the terror of reciprocal feeding exchanges that might happen.  Another triad happens at TI-DO Interval where Humanity-at-Large (Fa), Space Exploration or just outward push-out from the Organic film on mother Earth’s surface (So) and Interplanetary Exploration (La) a further outward push-out into our solar system are also a peculiar triad which will become more obvious when earth beings encounter extra terrestrial beings.  Since we have not yet encountered any of these alien beings but only amongst earth beings ourselves, our 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinderation is only an infantile growing octave at best.  We have been only capable of sending space-crafts outward,  mostly on a one-way or just with return tickets without real encountering of another real sociocosmic stopinder aliens from outer space be fully conscious of this 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave.

In terms of the Law of Seven one of the three forces appears as the "do" of the octave and the other two appear as the "shocks" (which also function as the ‘do’ of new octaves).   The explanation of these laws in In Search of the Miraculous is largely in abstract terms, with some detail given for the so-called "food diagram" described below and the cosmic octave, the Ray of Creation.

The enneagram shows the Law of Seven and the Law of Three in a single symbol with the three forces joined in a triangle at the 3, 6 and 9 points, and in addition six inner lines (hexad) following the 1, 4, 2, 8, 5, 7, 1,... sequence.  The meaning of these six inner lines is not, by Ouspensky's account, made clear by Gurdjieff.  This can be the hexad forces where the whole motion or movements can be found in the Chinese Hexagram or the Bagua of Chinese Cosmology found in I Ching or the book of Changes (added by Tan Man Ho).  One shock point is shown on the enneagram at point 3, which is the Mi-Fa interval where it might be expected which needs a powerful Yin Force (from all broken lines) or a powerful Yang Force (From all unbroken lines).  However the other is at point 6, at the “So-La interval” is an interval without portfolio and stays neutral but slyingly always express itself at the Ti-Do Interval.  Expressed as Yang Force if the Mi-Fa Interval is shocked by a Yin Force and expressed as Yin Force if the Mi-Fa Interval is shocked by a Yang Force or if Yang Force is expressed at Ti-Do Interval, Yin Force would be expressed at Mi-Fa Interval and vice-versa.  The “So-La interval” ("SO-LA Interval") might have been expected to be at the Ti-Do Interval as its stopinder has begun at SO just as the MI-FA Interval as its stopinder has begun from DO and ends at SO, and Gurdjieff is presented as offering this apparent mistake as a mystery to be solved.  Ouspensky offers the solution that the shock at point 3 itself develops as an octave to point 6, where its own Mi-Fa interval occurs. This second octave cannot develop unless it has a shock at its own Mi-Fa, and this is the shock which in fact occurs at point 6.  The example of the "food diagram" enneagram summarized below might clarify this.

SO-LA Interval is an anomaly.  It is not from the fundamental octave which has only 2 intervals - MI-FA Interval and TI-DO Interval. There are 2 inner lateral octaves to every fundamental octave that arise at TI-DO Interval and MI-FA Interval. The 2 lateral octaves are shocked at "SO-LA Interval" of the fundamental octave by an input there which enables the 2 internal lateral octaves to integrate at their own MI-FA and/or TI-DO intervals. Owing to our aim of drawing a 9-pointed Enneagram in a circle (the circumference meant for the fundamental octave), the inclusion of a triangle for the three inputs (to represent the triad) and the inner forces through a repeated sequence of 142857 (to attempt to explain the working of the 2 inner lateral octaves that have first emerged from the TI-DO Interval through a 1st shock there and gets a 2nd shock at the MI-FA Interval there to complete the 1st lateral octave and finally a 3rd shock should theoretically be there (law of three) at "SO-LA Interval" to push  or boost the 1st lateral octave into the 2nd lateral octave, and to finally complete the link at TI-DO for a next higher fundamental octave or the next cycle.

There is a Bagua Qian where the Hexagram is interpreted through a sign language known as  wushu art  or a Movement Calisthenics.  Taji Quan is also a type of sign language for this Hexagram, if you are able to decipher ti.

Gurdjieff’s Movements is a sign language of the Enneagram besides having the therapeutic effects of breaking up mechanicalness of our bodies.

There is a Haida Yoga from Gurdjieff’s Teaching, an important and significant part of it is known as Gurdjieff's Movements or G-Movements which grows out from Haida Yoga and a symbolic, sacred sign language dance and an exercise!  Gurdjieff's Sacred Dance is based on the understanding of a philosophy and theory of the enneagram or octaves, whereas Taiji Quan is based on the philosophy of Dao and Bagua or Hexagram, and Hatha Yoga is based on the OM or Yoga philosophy and the  asanas or poses. Both Taiji Quan and Hatha Yoga Asanas have postures of animals from the biological octaves, whereas the Gurdjieff's Movements is dominated by abstract signs and symbols of a languaged-dance.


Wudang Bagua Zhang


Taijiquan-Long Form or 108 Form - A movement language to represent the hexagrams in various ways


Gurdjieff Dance


The 1 plus 9 fixate postures in the fixated enneagram of Gurdjieff's Movements above.


Fixated enneagram is normally used when the triads are not real inputs or "real eating" in an actual living and integrated entity.  It is more of representative symbols or signatures in symbolic logic to express meanings rather than actually analyzing objective material systems or cosmoses.  From these basic or standard fixated postures together with organized patterned movements, dances of many forms can be derived for understanding and WORK aims.


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