Volume 125       July 27, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A Revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 11 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Cupid's Songs of the Romantic Hearts; No Humans No Human Nature and No Opposites No Social Nature"  December 1980 ~ July 1981 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section A: "No Humans No Human Nature: The Human Description" pp. 41 ~ 49)







1   A psychological monster 'I' is created in the body and it is in charge of the whole vehicle, its thinking, feelings and actions.  Unless this monster is challenged by a God of greater might and wins the battle, the whole machine will be harmful and destructive.


2   One who does not keep one’s words is an unreliable person.  One who spends one's time looking for qualities without improving one's own qualities does not see oneself.


3   Later on you will begin to understand why I say the development of essence is more important than the development of sociability and personality.

Social verbal contacts such as ‘How are you now?’, ‘I am fine’, ‘See you again next time’, ‘Good morning’ and ‘It's nice to see you’ are all personality contacts, social verbal.  They are useless for essence.  Essence is your core.  Your esoteric ideas are your essence too.  They, social verbal niceties, deceptively keep the personality happy.

Have some time for the development of personalities but have more time for the development of essence.  When all are essences the personalities will be the real essence’s personalities.

Remember personality friends cannot last, essence friends last forever.  You cannot speak essence to people without essence; they however only treat the essence as mere personality.


4   He who has essence in him can return to this own essence. At times society or family rejects him.  Remember to ask yourself in which emotion, thought and action which you will to dwell.  For the dwelling place "makes" you and your existence; it makes your essence and your appearance.

When a being begins to communicate with you in the inner language it is the formation of the ground.  When there is no inner language there is no ground.


5   What is Earth’s good man?  Honest, intelligent, ability to plan, sense of balance of reason and emotion, strong will, not easily pull away by the Red Dust, (women, money, sex, wine), hardworking, not aggressive, more of positive emotion lack of negative emotion, self-control, handsome in the physical structure, morals, adaptability, not a pleasure seeker, does not flirt, etc.


6   The “very dangerous factor” can only be resolved by expanding its content, making it coming-into-being, “passes through determinate being, into essence” and becoming the “not-at-all dangerous factor.”


7   Consciousness rests on the normal pattern of current affairs.  There is no depth at all.  Such are the majority of people.

Language due to personality is light, not serious, and changes every now and then.  When essence shows its truth it pays lip service to it.

The average man cannot possibly possess a strong direction towards the esoteric circle.  He is floating in a dream world without the analytical mind.


8   Man’s inner worlds are varied and no two men are the same internally and at all times.  When the vibration of matter is very intense and fine, it changes into consciousness and into gods.  Matter at this level of vibration should be examined by reference to the psychological parameters.  What lies in the core of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun is the psychic energy.  If the Earth is to ascend the scale to that of the sun, that if such will be a fact, then the cause will lie in the “psychic energy” and the development on the laws of octave.

That “personality” which you have is a result of thousands of years of conditioning by the radiation from the sun, earth, moon and the stars.


9   And the greatest disease amongst these men is their drowning of their consciousness in TVs and radios.  They set for hours in front of their darling TVs and remain with these wives of theirs till their doom.  A large proportion of our contemporary pop songs and music has its gravitation in the manifestation of the erotic apparatus.  It is the opium that provides the kick for mass psychosis.


10   One and the same laws govern every three brained beings of various origins everywhere in the Universe.


11   Another man being, a friend of mine, also gradually begins to see Earth beings with two eyes with a sense of awareness suitable for the psychological approach


12   It is we ourselves who possess the elements of the good and the bad, the moral faculty of the subjective.  Religious scripture is the produce of the special faculties in man.

Religion is human principles or the attempt by certain individuals of conscience, to evolve the laws of human principles.  A Holy Book is a "textbook", and all the various textbooks which deal with this aspect of man are equally important.

A man on the path of religion is beginning to grow into being called Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad but on the other hand, he is easily identified and attached to his brand of religion which is not perfect and contains mistakes.  It is an undeniable fact that Holy books like all textbooks are written by men and contains grammar mistakes, idea mistakes, feeling mistakes, logical error, moral mistakes and often out of date too.  One may see the mistakes but refuses to challenge it for fear of the book itself or for fear that other man may punish him.  Religion titillates unassumingly (as if real) but the mere weak points in human emotions in question.

Religion can neither be higher or lower than science but rather a complementary to that area which science has not yet uncovered.


13   Man likes to look for problems, even though there are none, he loves to invent and create one.”  (Dr. S.S)  To be able to handle and solve the problems that come …… this is real life.  The essence problems are fundamentally the same for people of all races, creeds, and locations.


14   Didn’t you notice that an average automation when given a small “shock” really and truly experience a gigantic shock of infinite proportion and thus the statement applies to them, 'like a timid girl, a mouse is sufficient to do the job'?


15   Amongst the many other fears peculiar to man is the fear of words. The words of man are the culprit of human disunity.  Certain words, if uttered aloud three-centeredly are fearful indeed and when accurately sounded would chill the nerves of the listener, or spark a battle.  So beware of your words.


16   Higher essence is always straightforward and frank.  When you meet an essence individual you have to be frank and straightforward because he is straightforward.  Unless essence is developed a lot of knowledge only serves the interests of the negative personality.


17   Fear, suspicion, revenge, greed, murderous ……. these are the elements of emotion in man that has been most abused and exploited.  As to the positive  emotions, under capitalism, they have incubated as callous cash gain, wealth accumulation, power-seeking and control.


18   Even living in the same house, the same country, with the same religion and with the same ideology man is again different.


19   You define the results first before anything else.  You analyze so as to lead to the already fixed results.  This is pro-analysis.  And it is no good.  It is the argument whereby the road leading to God is already defined prior to actions.


20   When I say you have emotional understanding, I mean you are able to understand the emotions of a person with your feeling and your mental centers.

Emotional stability exists for a period.  But elements of feelings, viz. greed, infatuation, restlessness, ambition, self-exaltation, pride, vanity, delusion, craving, anger, ill-will, hatred, irritability, bad habits, sexual excess, attachments, etc. are indications of emotional instability.  The negation of all these means Thy kingdom come!


21   Did you not realize your mind catches "things” and is caught by them, as if in a magic circle?  When will you be able to let them go and thus gain your freedom?  Minds trapped by various religions, ideologies, traditions and cultures generate barriers amongst men.  It leads to the existence of other worlds, alienated worlds which are foreign to your own.  Why? Because yours is the only world crystallized in you.


22   The trouble with contemporary men is that when they listen to music or learn to sing a song, they only concentrate on those from their own culture.  As a result their mantra body is perfected in a manner prejudicial to other mantra bodies. They have least the faintest idea that only by intentionally-be-in-all that they can escape from his mantra captivity.


23   He comes and he goes silently.  Everywhere is noisy, but he is silent.  He is the conscious creature, unseen, unheard of and invisible.


24   Developed man, because they shine, are often despised; because the average mechanical man will condemn the smallest scar present the ocean of qualities without the least realizing the fact that he has “converted” a housefly into an elephant and without realizing the weakness of his type.


25   Once upon a time a cat and a fox were discussing about everything dangerous in the world ….. and then they come to a point when the cat asked thus: What will you do if a wolf attacks now?

The fox answered immediately and proudly that he has a hundred and one ways to deal with it.  He said that he could pretend to die, discuss with the wolf, trick him, offer him different foods, etc.

Then after answering the question he thus asked the same question and the cat answered, “I do not know of any great ways but I know only one way – that is to climb up the tree.”

The fox laughed loudly on hearing this and said, “What a timid way.”

Then suddenly a wolf did really come and the cat as in accordance to his ‘Only one way’ idea, shot up to the top of the tree at once.  While the fox, being the most unready, was indecisive and he was devoured”  (Talking with Dr. S. S while strolling along a mountain path ......)


26   When objective reason is the master of your negative emotions, the developed man is at your door.  When attitude emotions tend to go negative and one makes an effort to correct it, one has in fact attempted the work!


27   Intelligence must be accompanied by positive feelings or else it may serve negative feelings and cause sufferings.  Negative emotion is a sore in any social gathering.  Intelligence serving negative emotions is dangerous.


28    The help:




 'A' has a problem and 'B' helps him to solve that problem.  Now what is the nature of 'A's problem?  And what do you mean by HELP?

Some problems deserve to be given help others don't.  Whenever we speak of helping a person we must reflect the nature of his problem and find out whether it really deserves the help it claims for.

Do you give help that is aimed at exploitation or make a bourgeois richer?  Such help only serves greed.

Rest not on the childish nursery moral tale that 'helpfulness is the golden rule,' for such a moral like opium is often the instrument of exploitation.  One has to know which is which.

If they provide a help, they would want their names to be published in the most popular newspaper to ensure nothing is given completely free.

It is often necessary to steer our “spaceships” away from the pool of beings who ask for help, which they do not deserve it.

Help like religious aim is often impractical.  They are now treated somewhat like a cloak of deception and worst that it would sew a seed of lazy habit.

Help has been help-for-hello-sake and help-for-a-return.


29   A man’s heart”, I once read in a book by a Muslim sage, “does not lie to him – it is always the brain that lies?"  (Rom Landau, God is My Adventure, p.230)


30   What is this peculiar “pool-in-the-feeling” which is made up of the elements of emotion called sad, moody, angry, inferiority complex …..?  It is visible but burn silently without out-bursting.  It is tolerable at this moment so far according to my observation.

And the young is filled with the elements of the 'Little Thrills' and 'fun seeking'.  You have to be able to satisfy them some times.  The young has the energy but the energy is wasted in unconscious and mechanical activities.


31   ‘Common ownership’ begins to germinate in the fertile soil of the family, the peer group, predictive organization and the state.  But for this country such seeds do not flourish well owing to the constant interference of the pest named ‘private ownership’, which is somewhat confused with ‘individual ownership’.  Governments uses the “army of private ownership” to carry out business “invasion” or “investments” on their neighboring countries.  They use diplomacy and humanitarian aids to carry out “invasion” on neighboring countries.  Humanitarian aids generate non-financial gains and even powers.  Humanitarian aids are given always with one invisible finger pointing at sociocosmic entity of your foe.  This is exploitative capitalism at its highest level that cares nothing for the citizens except lip services and in cases murder ……….






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