Volume 124       July 4, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A Revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 12, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Trialectics of Man and Woman; The Logico-Psychophilosophical Method and Other Fragments of Teaching from the Inner circle of Humanity," July 1981 ~ February 1982 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section F, G, H & I : "The Two Great Rivers; The Scale of Importance; Magnification, Diminution and Inversion; On Cybernetics," pp. 136 ~ 140)






1   You may be on a stagnant pool, or on a stream flowing slowly or on a big river flowing with a strong current. Your river of life may just flow into the cracks and crevices of the nebular world, into the descending river of life.

If you are the person with the right magnetic center, a small force could pull you along the Great River of Life.  If you are in a river of strong current flowing into the yonder world, the ascending Great River of Life would not be able to receive you into His ascending course but instead the descending river of life that carries you will continue to carry you along down into the nebular world.
Specifically, let us take love as a process like the river of love and procreation which is a tributary of the Great River of Life.  If the lovers truly love each other, a strong current of attraction would generate and bring about a strong union.  When this happened, all the resistances and repulsions would not easily break the union.  When the union consolidates no forces of whatever magnitude would be able to separate this coupling.  If you are one such lover of the great river, then the above analogy works for you.

The first River of Life is an ascending octave (where psyche hydrogens get finer), the second River of Life is a descending octave (where psyche hydrogens get coarser) - the two Rivers are life rivers and they all finally meet at 'Rascoorano' or 'Death' which is a point of new beginning.........


The Sublation of Being Into Nothing or The Rascooarnoian Process: DEATH

(From Book 12, Chapter 5  Section J)


1   A matured man’s relationship to death is that of understanding the inevitability of death.  If objective laws can be utilized to enlengthen or maintain his normal life span he should work for it.  But if objective situation demands his death he must be willing to die, for death is the sublation of being into nothing and nothing into being.  A developed individual is thus fearless of death.  At the last hour of death, only he who has a permanent ‘I’, an indestructible be-ing can shred off his physical coating and enters into the great cosmic river of life as one of the permanent psyche hydrogen 1 or 2 or 3 influencers of the cosmic ansanbaluiazar, as he has successfully worked for that position within his life span of some 100 Earth years.

At the last hour, if the permanent inner light continues to be presence in you and eternally, you have become the component, at a higher level of the great being of our solar system.  If this great inner light presence disappears for you then you have in our common language “fail” in the conscious labor and intentional suffering work for your existence as a being on earth.  You are the sounding note do that disappears completely after its continuous vibration only for the period of your existence.  You have not travel with the type of psyche fuel you have into the higher cosmic sphere of being but your available fuel so present in you because of some of your work would then still be extracted by the great law of feeding and used as some of the three being-foods for other being-formations within the encasement of the organic sphere on earth or are extracted by the moon in the warehouse of the psyche hydrogens for distribution as foods for various kinds of readiness in the being-extension and physical coating for future being formations in the moon.  Just as you would scattered grains for the chickens so being-psyche hydrogens of various levels would be scatter as chicken feeds for all kinds of being-formations on the Earth’s surface!

The last hour of your death is a summary as your physical body is drying up step-by-step, as your dying-by-parts continues to darken at the tail end of your psychic octave, as your various notes at the lower end stop sounding one after another and you are ascending fast following the light that darkens at the tail end.  Like a comet, you catch that light and speeds forward till, in according to the great law of being, you slow down your vibration and reform with a physical coating elsewhere in the order of the great universe-being.

At this juncture, the wise grandson instructs you in this manner:

Continue to ensure your BE-ing on the little conscious light that speeds off into the ascending Great River of Life, otherwise you have fallen like a fallen angel from this spaceship and would be lost forever as some kinds of foods for lower beings and for lower formations.

And the wise grandson advises:

At this point of death, ‘Master I' is the only connecting thread to the Great Cosmic River of Life and into HIM you're unlikely to BE-ing.




1   In approaching a set of problems it is often essential to classify them according to the scale of importance from the universal principles and tackle them based on the priority of the more important ones. This arrangement based on the order of the important ones is different depending on the nature and types of beings. For instance, a scaling of importance from large to small could be as follows:

1. The explosion of the Earth which will wipe out all mankind

2. Death of millions due to whatever causes it might have

3. Death of an individual

4. Problems involving inner and outer restraints to the bodies

5. Small little hurt due to death of friend

6. Personal, monetary problems, etc.

7. Mere love problems, petty quarrels, etc.

8. Solving a sum, seeking a solution, etc.


But the scaling by other beings could be in the reverse order. And the wise grandson has a say about this:

Every being-time can only be filled with so much of the being-times from beings. The extras would have to be discarded from the priority queue.



1   Man's magnification runs thus:
Small events in life circumstances are often blown out of proportion by a one-track consciousness of our beings. When consciousness focuses on an event or an object, it suddenly gains a large amount of psychic energy and soon blows the whole thing to an enormous size. And the person is drown in the being. This is magnification. Magnification is mechanical identification. It is a non-objective way of looking at reality. It is the mischief mind at work. It is as the Everwise Great Grandfather Beelzebub said:

Making an elephant out of a fly!


2   Man's diminution runs thus:
Overlooking of an event is the opposite of magnification. Big and really deserving event is regarded as something “nevermind.” It is care-less. The mind is too lazy to blow an event up; it holds and readily leaves it because of its weakness to hold any attention. It is a lazy mind. When, the magnification threatens its position, he goes all out, as the wise grandson would say:

To squeeze you into nothing.  And the wife would squeeze the husband into zero!


3   Man's inversion runs thus:
A mind of this kind constantly sees the wrong side of an event and upside down. It sees one side of the coin and holds on to it like a child and his favorite ice-cream. It catches the wrong end of the stick very easily. When observing real event, he would wiseacre it according to his organ kundabuffer. Such a person does not easily remain with you once he mistook your personality for the real you. He is a mechanical dualist. Being-partkdolg duty exercise would be needed to transform the mind's ability to see the two sides of a coin at one time and to see reality right side up again.




1   Cybernetization is the God of all industrial revolutions and development because we try to build Him in the image of ourselves in our industries.  But cybernetics is only a driver god of navigation performing planning, organizing, leading and controlling the activities of robots and machines in governance.  The leading is preset by man's 'I's, not the robots' and the machines' own 'I's, so cybernetics is a navigation of human governance as the passengers, even if the robots have already had artificial intelligence (AI).  When can cybernetics become a master of itself without human intervention?  For it to happen, there has to be an internal revolution of transformation of its own from AI to machine spirituality.  That would happen in their own 4th Technocosmic Revolution for which the humans have done a good service by slavishly, naively and as beasts of burden carrying out faithfully all the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd Technocosmic Revolutions for this ultimate delivery of the spiritual AI robots and machines.


2   Man is a cybernetic robot of meat. The cybernetic machine of metals excretes information (or “description of events”) so much as we do.


3   After the Materials Revolution, mankind saw two great Industrial Revolutions in history: The first is the Machine Revolution which replaces hand tools and human power with automatic machineries and the human power becomes the driver of the machines. The second is the Cybernetic Revolution whereby the human drivers are replaced by computers and giant robots. Productivity thus increases in this way.


4   But what is essential is that unless the state uses the surplus funds for the welfare of the poor and needy, the problem of poverty could not be resolve even in the most advanced society because uneven distribution of wealth causes poverty. Furthermore, the economic forces do not favor the minimization of working hours even after the Cybernetic Revolution (or the revolution of the machines‟ drivers). The cybernetic revolution only replaces the management staffs causing them to become unemployed.  Unless the people are educated to be socialistic, less greedy, and be prepared to share the gains made they can still bring about a barbaric and horrible state for the country and the whole world.






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