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By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 6 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "In The Light Of The Great Philosophical System Of Gurdjieff And Ouspensky - The Journey Beyond"  April 1976 ~ October 1976 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section G : "The Hasnamussianing Episode" pp. 92 ~ 108)


 Hasnamusses of the Tailed-End of the Age of Pisces and the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius 




1   First, we must try to master what is in our own fourth dimension by analyzing it.  Then we use it to ‘see’ through other physical body and to dissect what is inside this other fourth dimension - the ‘something’ moving along this fourth axis.  We keep ourselves invisible, but we ‘allow’ other ‘souls’ to issue and blossom within ourselves infinitely, that is, to expand the psychological garden.  Flowers and weeds are welcomed so that we may decide further.  If we appear, we will become visible.........  It is ‘silly’ that they appear and for that reason they are detected and destroyed.  When something antagonistic appears there is always ‘agents’ at work and these ‘agents’ are always hidden; the ‘prime mover’ must be there.  They could be destroyed.  In fact, in the world there are really people who are carriers of ‘antagonistic winds’ of the psyche, now visible now invisible, affecting the course of human history.  These winds destroy one another wherever they meet.  The basic question is which wind will dominate the whole world.  Whoever thinks communism is such an easy thing to destroy must bear in mind the ‘effect and impact’ of those countries still under the controlled of the communists. Their ‘visibility’ of being detected can be dangerous to themselves.  It is a mistake to see things one-sidedly.  Again there is ‘democracy’ and its ‘winds’, and so on and so on which become prime movers of history at times.

To appear is to appear invisibly leaving the ‘results’ or ‘materialized products’ visible, but the ‘prime mover’ remains invisible.  By such a movement, even the whole existing ‘state’, may be compelled to become invisible for fear of the opposite.


2   A church, a mosque or a temple is by no means free from the passenger-driver horse carriage principle.  Contradiction will surely arise when the passenger-driver acquires tremendous amount of wealth distinctly visible and yet continues to preach the moral of value called not-greedy.  The passenger-driver’s lunatics and hasnamussian teaching will surely be self-contradictory, and generates dissatisfaction and revenge in society.

As the saying goes:

The money of the sociocosmoses is the blood-equivalent of the mammalian biocosmoses and the share (wealth) of the sociocosmoses is the hanbledzoin-equivalent (bioelectropsychicity) of the mammalian biocosmoses.  The severe uneven accumulation of any one of the two or both of the vital elements into the hands of a few is the sign of acute illness in the sociocosmoses.  The law of feeding is at work.  The stronger animal eats the weaker animal by ways of dismembering of the whole into smaller eatable parts, so stronger nationate and corporate in cahoots eat the weaker nation by similar ways of artful dismembering of a whole nation into its parts for the delicious meal.  So nations be awake!


3   Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew)

If the hasnamussian preachers, overseers and ministers of institutionalized religions on hydrogens from the declining Piscean Age through a negation of negation recollection and recycling of hydrogens from the old are to continue religious preaching in this manner they should avoid these passages for they are bound to cause trouble in the capitalistic period of social development.  They must make them invisible by erasing the passage from the holy books or just ‘invisible’ themselves through secret contract which must not be allowed to spread amongst the horse-carriage region of a religious organizational setup.


4   Now concerning this fourth order sociocosmic organization that has turned hasnamussian, the following could occur:


Customers would not buy but steal and rob; bosses sell very expensive or would not sell.  Bosses want work but would not pay enough wages; workers want pay but would not work.  Workers destroy, steal and throw away materials and equipment and would go on-strike for ulterior motives; police shoots for rewards from hidden power; remorse of conscience disappears.

The individual sociocosmic organization would disintegrate and liberate the ‘elements’ into other fourth order sociocosmic organization as input.


5   Hasnamussian property is due to the presence of a group of psyches that has a characteristic called ‘most-readily-interested-in-destroying-the-happiness-if-not-the-lives-of-man’ and ‘automatically’ derive instinctive pleasures from them.  This property will remain so long as this group of substance is present in the body.  If you meet one such individual, either you move away from him or you transmute these substances in him or in yourself – if you can.  These hasnamussian substances exist in every man the quantity and quality of which varies.  When the quantity and concentration of such substances become very high, the person, the group, the organization, the state, or the nation becomes dangerous. These hasnamussian substances are destructive crystallizations frequenting the value concentrations present in the emotion.  Unless reason controls emotion, the negative consequence is inevitable. The only way to cure the hasnamussian is to install objective reason and objective conscience in the body and make them the gravity-centers of decision when injuring or taking a life.


6   Vibrations coming from a hasnamuss always provoke the negative emotional center.  It is the strongest vibration that could agitate a person.  A hasnamuss will say this to you. “I will kill you one day, for no reason.”  Such words, if said ‘truly’ and ‘really’, will agitate a person’s emotional center, and his emotional center is not free from that trouble too.  And this is the best way to transform you into his member because you would report it to being-irodohahoons (being-police) for them to take action and carry out some justice and peace killings or sadistic deeds.  The desperado in fear of destruction would say such a thing to his planetary neighbor.


7   The other day, I was much attracted by a man who rebuked at me in a highly emotional manner, just over the word sly, which I have already pointed out about the necessity to have it when dealing with people.  And sly life itself has become a peculiar mode of existence for these beings.

But this man, unable to comprehend simple language began to utter in a threatening manner as follow:

If you are sly, pointing directly at me, I can be slyer.  I will do something one day to make you feel like killing me.

This strange being-state characteristic of nightmarish development of centers in a cauldron of negative elements and is proper to a hasnamuss.  I must tell you, it may take 10 years and even impossible for him to reach martfotai (sacred degree of self-individuality) for he has violated the rule of all truth seekers and has failed miserably to qualify as an obyvatel (a level one essence individual).


8   This dangerous vibration is neither good for himself, for his wife or his neighbor.  He can put himself in a very dangerous position and end in serious trouble.  He sets my center, emotional and thinking, in an active state but he cannot escape from a rapid corresponding flow of impulses in him, but I also recognize that these impulses are very useful because it makes the centers very active to provide solution to the problem immediately.  And I must also warn you that these impulses must be allowed to go on for a long time because you may notice something behind the next would-be situation and therefore capable of being-aware of the situation.  Here, there is no question of the success of yoga-sabotage, but remember, never quench those terror impulses that flow in your body during such intimidation.  Never allow it to hurt your body.  Seek a solution.  He who fears no death is not intimidated.


9   When a state adopts a particular religion and controls its teaching and administration, the possibility of man No.4, No.5, No.6 and No.7 being created is very much reduced because the state itself is a concentration of higher grade hasnamussian hydrogen from sociocosmic causes in most cases.


10   The renowned being-Kwai Chang Caine is a man with a permanent ‘I’.  He knows where he is moving; he is on the right path.  He pulls his energies together in a single direction.  He encounters many interrupting distractions.  Some even endanger his life.  One day a highly emotional man met this Gongfu expert.  The man was on the verge of destroying every being in sight.  But this renowned being never rebuked a word; only remembering his master’s words:

Never allow a secondary octave to destroy the plans of the primary octave.

So, Kwai Chang Caine bows like a slave to the powerful destroyer and he is happy about it.  Kwai stooped to conquer.  Here conquer means not to allow the secondary octaves to become master of the primary octave.  The bow saves his life.


11   In a lalaujinggong frame of reference, a good ruler is one who shares the weal and woe of the poor masses and not one who enjoys life and tours one nation after another with a ‘peacock’ exterior.  He must not disguise himself as a religious man or behavior as if he is good.  He must be so open-minded as to be able to bow to the masses, work and suffer with them in words and deeds, yet, at the same time, he is not exploited by irresponsible parasites.  Modern rulers, however, only take care of their own state organization and work towards ensuring it to last for a thousand years.  And ethics is second to construction of a Great Nation.

A good ruler and his men are beings whose objective reason and objective conscience remains intact.  In the event of reciprocal destruction tendencies, he resorts to reason and conscience.  In times of peace, he goes for great knowledge and sociocosmic balancing, maintenance and repairs.  In sociocosmic perturbation, he goes for salvation leadership.  This is very hard indeed if you want to be good ruling leaders.  History has good examples of hasnamussian (both the atheist and the theist type) leadership with cultures very much alienated from practical life of the masses.  They prefer very beautiful palaces and enjoy parasitic lifestyles.  After a revolution, the new octave of elected rulers would gradually acquire more sophisticated hasnamussian hydrogens.  And often automaton-rulers degenerate and transform into something worse than the previous rulers.

A hasnamuss may call himself a parliamentarian, a religious ruler or a social democrat or a republican or a communist, yet he possesses all the characteristic of a hasnamuss.  Great Nature eradicates the hasnamussian leadership through periodic sociocosmic perturbations.

The hasnamussian rulers give more hardship to mankind and create an army to slaughter not the bad but the good ones as in accordance to the nature of their psyche.  Everybody who does not belong to his type is his enemy.


12   "You come to work here on your own free will.  Also, no one forces you to come here.  If you are not willing to work, you can get lost.  If you are to work here you must obey the policies, rules and regulations in this organization and not changing them according to your liking.”  Such words, of course, can be the words blasted upon you by any hasnamuss dictating in any organization.  These are the possible impressions received by the ‘empty-handed’ propertyless men.  But the hasnamussian passgener-drivers will receive the same blast from their employees. The hasnamussian organization has been breeding rapidly during our time.


13  In order to position your mentation in the right frame of reference, you need to re-read this Gurdjieff’s description of what hasnamuss is, and then to identify these sets of 7 hydrogens that is coating into the four bodies of man as humanity (civilization) moves from ‘Ancient-Kingdom Sociocosmoses’ of the Age of Aries into the ‘Feudal-Imperial Sociocosmoses’ of the Age of Pisces and now into the ‘Capitalist-Socialist-Democratic-Republic Sociocomoses’ of the tailed-end of the Age of Pisces and the Dawn of the Coming Age of Aquarius.  Gurdjieff identifies these hydrogens during the tailed-end of the Age of Pisces, and is emanated in this language and form proper to this period (of Frame of Reference). 

It runs thus:

"In its widest sense the word 'hasnamuss' designates any three-brained being - whether he has already coated his highest being-parts or consists of his planetary body alone - in whose common presence, under the influence of certain 'individual impulses,' a certain 'something' arises which participates in the 'completed formation' of his independent individuality.

"This 'something' arises in these cosmic individuals and during the process of the transformation of substances, blends with the crystallizations resulting from the action of the entire spectrum of what are called 'naloo-ossnian impulses.'

"In accordance with the chief cosmic law, the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, this 'naloo-ossnian spectrum of impulses' in its original essence consists of seven heterogeneous aspects, from the point of view of 'perceptive productions' and of 'resulting manifestations.'

"And if these different aspects of the entire 'spectrum' of 'naloo-ossnian impulses' were described according to the notions of your favorites and expressed in their language, they might be defined as follows:

1. Every kind of depravity, conscious as well as unconscious;

2. The feeling of self-satisfaction from leading others astray;

3. The irresistible urge to destroy the existence of other breathing creatures;

4. The inclination to free oneself from the necessity of making the being-efforts required by Nature;

5. The tendency to make use of every kind of artifice to conceal from others what they consider as their physical defects;

6. The serene enjoyment in the use of what is not personally deserved;

7. The striving not to be what one is.


"This 'something' which, together with these 'naloo-ossnian' impulses, arises in the presence of specific individuals is not only the cause of 'painfully retributive consequences' for these individuals themselves but also has the particularity that, whenever one of these 'imperious tendencies' ceases to act in their presence, the radiation proper to one or another aspect of the manifestation of this 'something' has a greater effect on surrounding beings, and becomes a factor for engendering the same in them.

In the common presence of every three-brained being, there can arise during the process of his planetary existence any one of four kinds of independent hasnamuss individual.

"The first kind of hasnamuss individual is a three-brained being who, while acquiring this 'something' in his common presence, still consists only of his planetary body and who, during the process of the sacred rascooarno is subject to the consequences of the properties of this 'something' in him and is thus destroyed forever such as he is.

"The second kind of hasnamuss individual is a three-brained being in whose common presence the 'kesdjan body' has already been coated with the participation of that same 'something'; and, as is proper to such a cosmic arising, having acquired the property of 'toorinoorino,' that is, 'nondecompostion' in any sphere of that planet on which he arose, has to exist such as he is, undergoing certain transformations, until this 'something' has been eliminated from him.

"A hasnamuss individual of the third kind is a three-brained being in whose common presence the highest being-body, or 'soul,' has been coated, again with the participation of this 'something'; and this highest being-body also acquires the property of toorinoorino, but this time corresponding to this highest coating, that is to say, it is not subject to decomposition, either in the spheres of that planet on which he arose, or in any other spheres of the Great Universe.

"The fourth kind of hasnamuss individual is like the third, but with this difference, that the hasnamuss of the third kind has the possibility of at some time becoming so to say 'cleansed' from this 'something,' whereas for the fourth kind this possibility is lost forever. 

"That is why the fourth kind of hasnamuss is called an 'Eternal Hasnamuss Individual.'

"For these four kinds of hasnamuss individuals who have this 'something' in their presence, the 'retributive consequences' I have mentioned do not entail the same suffering, but correspond to the nature of each as well as to the 'objective responsibilities' flowing from the original foresight and hope of our Common Father for these cosmic actualizations.

"For the hasnamuss of the first kind, who acquires this 'something' while consisting only of a planetary body, the decomposition of his planetary body does not proceed according to the general rule; that is to say, all the various sensed impulses in his organism do not stop functioning simultaneously at the approach of the sacred rascooarno, that is, death.

"But the process of the sacred rascooarno already begins in him during his planetary existence and proceeds in stages, that is, one by one his 'separate spiritualized localizations' gradually cease to function in his common presence - or, as your favorites would say, in such a being first one of his brains with all its functions dies; later on, the second one dies, and only then does the final death of the being occur.

"In addition to this, after the final death, the disintegration of all the active elements of which the 'planetary body' was formed proceeds much more slowly than usual, and is subject to the inextinguishable action - lessening only in proportion to the volatilization of the active elements - of the 'naloo-ossnian impulses' sensed during his life.

"For the second kind of hasnamuss individual, in whose common presence the 'kesdjan body' has already been coated, the 'retributive consequences' are that, on the one hand, such an indeed unfortunate arising, freed from the planetary body of a three-brained being, and not having the possibility of perfecting himself independently without a planetary coating, does not succeed in eliminating from his presence this maleficent 'something,' which is not necessarily acquired by his own fault, and which always and in everything in the Universe is an obstacle to the correct flowing of the 'common-cosmic trogoautoegocratic process'; and on the other hand, owing to the property of 'toorinoorino,' that is, not being subject to decomposition in any sphere of that solar system in which he arose, he must inevitably be coated in a new planetary body, usually with the exterior form of a being of a one- or two-brained system; and in view of the generally brief existence of such beings and of his not having time to adapt himself to any one exterior form, he must constantly begin all over again in the form of another being of that planet with all the uncertainty as to the result of this coating.

"And as for a hasnamuss individual of the third kind, namely, a three-brained being in whom the highest being-body has been coated, but with this 'something' participating to the extent that he has not lost forever the possibility of freeing himself from it, his fate is still more terrible.  For, as a higher cosmic arising predetermined by the foresight of the First Principle of everything existing to serve as a help in the administration of the enlarging world--who from the moment of his completed formation, even before being perfected in reason, was held responsible for every subjective manifestation, voluntary or involuntary - he has the possibility of eliminating this 'something' from his presence, but solely through the action of the results of intentionally actualized partkdolgduty, that is to say, of conscious labor and intentional suffering.

"Such a higher being-body must therefore suffer unremittingly, according to the degree of 'cognizance of his own individuality,' until this 'something' is entirely eradicated from his common presence.

"As a place for the suffering existence of the high orders of hasnamuss individuals, the Higher Sacred Individuals have intentionally allotted from all the large cosmic concentrations four small planets, disharmonized in their subjective functioning and situated in various most remote corners of our Great Universe.

One of these four disharmonized planets, called 'Expiation,' is specially prepared for the Eternal Hasnamuss Individuals, and the other three for the higher being-bodies of hasnamusses who still have in their presence the possibility of ridding themselves at some time or other of this maleficent 'something.'

"These three small planets exist under the names of:

  •   Remorse of Conscience

  •  Repentence

  •  Self-Reproach

"Here it is interesting to note that from all the highest being-bodies that have been coated and perfected in every kind of exterior form of three-brained being of the whole Universe, only 313 have, so far, reached the planet Expiation, two of whom had their arising on your planet; and one of these is the highest being-body of precisely this Lentrohamsanin*

"On that planet Expiation, the Eternal Hasnamuss Individuals must constantly endure those incredible torments called 'inkiranondel,' which are like the suffering of 'remorse of conscience' only much more intense.

"The greatest anguish of this state of the highest being-bodies is that they must always endure these terrible sufferings, fully conscious that there is no hope of their ever coming to an end."

(Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, pages 360-62, Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.)



* Lentrohamsanin hydrogens is not alone; He (psyche hydrogens) has in all his four bodies (or individuals-inside) also those hydrogens historically processed within the body sociocosmoses collected from the hasnamussian hydrogens of the ‘Ancient-Kingdom Sociocosmoses’, ‘the ‘Feudal-Imperial Sociocosmoses and the now emerging ‘Capitalist-Socialist Democratic-Republic Sociocosmoses’ and deposited as presence through the fundamental laws of unity of opposites, the laws of quantitative changes and qualitative transformation, the law of three, the law of negation of negation and the law of octaves – capable and indicative of the phenoumena of the Age of Ideologies , the Age of Science and Technology, the Age of Artificial Intelligence and World War I and World War II ……

The dominating consequences of the “works” en masse  of Lentrohamsanin's three-brained family had gradually forced the descendants of the earlier sacred individuals to develop in their brain-flow a new understanding of the "sociocosmoses" and the human sponsored "technocosmoses" ~ "society", "politics", "dictatorships","orgainized religions", "democracies", "laws", "states", "governments", "nations", "welfare states", "capitalism", "colonialism", "imperialism", "nazism", "fascism", "racism", "socialism" and the perfection of the lateral sociocosmic octaves - "engineering technologies", "management strategies", "sciences of all kinds", "arts of all kinds", "mathematics", "IT", "AI", and the biggest and very dangerous nuclear-ed toy-machines of reciprocal destruction, etc. ~ and to investigate them in relation to the nature and the future situation at the tip of the Ray of Creation, both from the inside and from the outside as a single flow. The contemporary Lentrohamsanin Period as the New Age Movement believes it to be, is by Astrological Age calculation, the Age of the Aquarius (Mentating gravity-center) after the earlier Age of Pisces (Emotion gravity-center) and an earlier one known as the Age of Aries (Instinctive-moving-sex gravity center) and has witnessed World War I and World War II and numerous revolutions, civil wars, international conflicts, etc. It is a very difficult period for mankind.  Learned beings of the Lentrohamsanin period, where Objective Reasoning is historically maturing, required also the deeply buried matured objective feeling (or Objective Conscience) energies of the once perfected beings of the Pre-Lentrohamsanin's Pisces period  to now perfect their own Objective Reasonings and Objective Feelings, to become a new perfected being without been trapped as an eternal-hasnamuss individual being where the chance of connecting objective conscience is permanently lost.  During the so-called Cold War Period, psychic hydrogens of the Lentrohamsanin individuals irrespective of the sociotechnocosmic stopinders of their arisings began to shed away some of their 'hasnamussian' properties, and acquired more positive higher reasonings and higher emotions.

The Age of Lentrohamsanin is the age of infantile ideologies and the beginning of the weal and woe to acquire Objective Reason in the context of an atrophied Objective Conscience in the brain system of man, and during the Lentrohamsanin historical arising there were great mishaps of World Wars whereby the elements of Objective Conscience leftover from Ashiata Shiemash teaching was again re-triggered to blend with the maturing Objective Reason of Lentrohamsanin.  The resulting neutralizing energy gave rise to a global trend known as the Lentro-Shiemash (Objective Reasoning and Objective Conscience) peculiarity in the psychic behavior of our contemporary serious individuals - the so-called emerging New Age Living, and not just those shallow New Ageists but Real Objective New Ageists with "I AM" where objective reasoning and objective conscience exist in  "harmony". We are now deliberating on this ill-fated matter with Lentrohamsanin, whose aura is 'modern-and-techocosmic-like' typical of the age of industralization of machines, information and knowledge' during this first decan (716 years) of the three decans (2,148 years) of the Age of Aquarius.  The Aquarius Seed of Initiation (ASI) of the incumbent Age of Aquarius began in year 2,148AD.

Lentrohamsanin is the last sacred individual in the historical note at the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius where the spirituality of the hydrogens in our Sun has changed due to the influences coming and received from other suns and sun systems of the Aquarius Constellation. He is the last and strangest 'Prophet'  where 'Hearts of the World' lose spiritual energies or forced to share spiritual energies to an emerging all powerful and unstable 'Reasonings of the World' .... All the emotion-based Sacred Individuals listed during the Age of Pisces (Feudalism and monarchy) as revealed in all the identified 'Holy Scriptures' on mother-Earth have become history due to an ending historical period or Age of Pisces or  'Age of Emotional Enlightenment', and all the Sacred Hasnamusses of Capitalism, Socialism and '-cracies' have emerged due to a coming historical period or Age of Aquarius or 'Age of Objective Reasoning Enlightenment'  and Sacred Great Minds have become the new Aquarius 'prophets' (in contradiction to the already known spectrum of Piscean prophets).  The transition hasnamusses (World or Totality or Spectrum of Naloosnian-impulses of World Thinkings and Thoughts arising from the intellectual faculties) have all the possibility of inner purification of both feeling and mentating crystallization into higher balanced beings, if chance with right conscious labor and intentional suffering on the mini-hasnamusses crystallization present in their bodies, into enlightened white Lentrohamsanins who have successfully acquired Objective Reasoning without quotation mark or disguises or tendencies in the emotion, to wit, coating of 'I love You' on bombs and even nuclear bombs and bio and chemical weapons such as viruses, bacteria and deadly chemicals to be delivered by sheer cunningness and in the name of justice or the 'Good' to 'invented' enemies for the purpose of extracting the nourishing vitamins of egoistic self-satisfaction of wants and especially on behalf of their established sociotechnocosmic stopinder beings that have crystallized in their inner world.  After Lentrohahamsanin, a series of new Aquarius 'Prophets' or 'Leaders' has and will continue to emerge from this New Age transition period henceforth - it is then 'Lentrohamsanin-like' ........ (As observed by Prof. Dr. Tan Man Ho)


14   A hasnamuss comes along with 3 more companions, namely, a lunatic, a tramp and an obyvatel.  Their psyche hydrogens are good food for the various cosmoses above and below the Ray of Creation.  The psyche hydrogens of the hasnamuss, the lunatic and the tramp are askokin food for the moon below.  The psyche hydrogens of obyvatel is the infantile food not yet converted to food for our sun above.  If the obyvatel can become the higher man no. 5, 6 or 7 their fine psyche hydrogens are certainly good food for our sun, otherwise, any degeneration of this food would also become askokin for the moon.






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