Volume 122       May 31, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 21 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociotechnocosmic World Outside Us, The Sociotechnocosmic World Inside Us And Our General Inner World Conditions"  September 1997 ~ December 2001 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section G & H:  "The Anatomy and Physiology of Man's Possible Response in Relation to Biosociotechnocosmic Demand; What is Life?" pp. 121 ~ 129)


 Possible Anatomy and Physiology Responses to Biotechnocosmic Demand
Sociocosmic Man's (DO through TI) Fundamental and Lateral Sociocosmic Responses to Sociotechnocosmic Demand 




1  We have done to our animals and plants by genetic engineering to alter their anatomy and even physiology in a manner serving the special demand of the sociocosmic stopinder beings through the market.  We demand quality meat from our animals, quality fruits and vegetables from our plants, and we want them to function for us in the way we want.  We have tried out “trainings,” cross-breeding for the right outcome and now we go all out for genetic engineering.  We have given a direction to biocosmic evolution through human intervention from the pressure of our psychology and our sociocosmic stopinder psychology.

From this point of view, there are three lines of “evolution” for all animals (including man) and plants – the natural course without intervention; from the external factors such as man, the human-related course of human and technological interventions; and the higher cosmic course due to “instructions” from upper psychology of the Great Cosmic Being of which the biocosmoses are its subordinates.  The responses are natural evolution and involution with possible quantitative changes (common), qualitative change of specie-anatomy and physiology (occasional) and abnormal malfunctioning anatomies (likely failures).

Our intervention in the biocosmic octave could be “instructed” by the Cosmic Above in a subtle and intelligent manner without our suspicion.  The curiosity of our own knowledge has led us to experiment on the genes leading to a much accursed laboratory breed and specimens of abnormal genetically modified organic beings kept in cages or glasses and hidden from the public due to the risk of facing punishing ethimoralian forces - hidden, nay more disguised with the highly imaginative and creative latest propaganda of Hollywood movies of the  aliens, and 'Extraterrestrial Beings' (E.T.) from outer space as cover-ups of our own potential ethimoralian wrong doings!


2  Gong beings would give birth to gong beings; jing beings to jing beings; lau beings to lau beings; similar ‘I’s reincarnate into similar ‘I’s; a horse could only give birth to a horse.  On the laujinggong structure in all sociocosmoses, you must set your direction right as to which position you are heading for or to be reincarnated into, sociocosmically.  There is a weakness in the sociocosmic order and it is an opportunity for you, as it is a limited choice.


3  A sociocosmic octave of fourth Way stopinder-individual, groups (centers, formal and informal) organizations, and participating in the state, the nation and the World of Nation levels as a mandate amongst all other lower and higher sociocosmic concentration realities.

Just like every Piscean Great Religion has to complete themselves to the level of the SO, LA and TI-levels (Kingdom, Dynasty and Empire levels), so every Aquarian Great Ideo-emotion has to complete themselves to the same levels (State, Nation and 'United-Nations' levels).

The mission, philosophy, values premises and strategies would determine the structure of its stopinder body at three levels ‑ individual, group and organization.  Three octaves of sociocosmic creatures would be brought to life for the body of our Great Sociocosmos.  It should be a healthy, active and strong sociocosmic species for both regulatory and market demands in this human sociocosmos.




1  Although it is quite obvious that the nourishment of the physical body is useful for fertilizing the soil for other beings, the nourishment of the psyche body for the “intelligent matter of the universe” is not obvious.  If our intelligence is refined to a higher level, the fertility of intelligence for our universe would greatly increase.  The Absolute of this universe breeds us so as to harvest our being-psyche hydrogens when the time is ripe, HE values our psyche more than HE values our physical body.  The Earth is HIS breeding laboratory placed by HIM according to the Octave Law at the MI-FA Interval in our Ray of Creation and it is unlikely that HE will forbid us from breeding our stock in other rays of creation because if we could do this, we would further develop our fine intelligence for further benefits of our ever conscious universe.  The more we cultivate our psyche, the more HE values us because HE would enjoy a fine harvest for the awakening of many beings in HIS universe.  The harvesting of being psyche hydrogen by the universe can be continuous, periodic, occasionally, “seasonal” and “not harvest”.  The choice is not for us.


2  Life is something determinable by two sets of axes – three time axes and three space axes if space is not ‘voluminous’ for life, then life would be moving along the three time axes.  If time is not “given enough” that is one axis and space is large, life would be one dimensional and move in the space axes.  Reincarnation, eternity, life, non-life, and life-motion are all possible depending on how and where the life line moves.

When a being is dying, it is withdrawing from the space axes and approaching and moving more and more on the time axes.  Being–psyche hydrogen is extracted and redistributed through the time axes into various “time axes” of the universe, before finally, they move out into the space axes again to create the phenomenon of birth, reincarnation or creating new life.  When life continues to be retained and continuous exchanges keep its presence, irrespective of the flow of time, it is eternity.


3  The organic beings are created to produce the psychic energy necessary for the maintenance of the rays of creation.  The light energy is created for brightening these rays.  The psyche hydrogens have also gathered in the World Wide Web or the internet world in HIS technocosmic rays.  All these energies are the “absolutes” in the body of our Omni-Great Cosmos.


4  If the FA–sociocosmic octave, the SO–sociocosmic octave and the LA–sociocosmic octave become the abnormal King of the Great Sociocosmos, the MI–sociocosmic stopinder (family-stopinder) would become empty shells with no parent and children around.  There are many homeless individuals and family breakups in the world.


5  Man would have to seek for a right and balanced path with his inner and outer nature.  The outer nature comes to him as octaves – the tritocosmic octave the sociocosmic octave, the technocosmic octave, other biocosmic octaves, the cosmic octave and the wave-particles universal exchanges such as the light octaves, the octave of the other elementary particles, the psyche hydrogen octave, the sound octave, the atmosphere octave and the asteroid octaves of the Great Cosmic Being.

“He” is still inside his tritocosmic octave (man-octave) as its apex of fine vibration “note”.  A way of life in all previous “philosophies,” “teachings” and “religions” would only be an “isolated path” that would encounter difficulty as it has to survive side by side with all the other octaves.

And the wise grandson said:

“One must not absorb one religion but must absorb all religions, and everything else in the universe to have and to be an integrated part of it.”

This is his living path.  At the end of this living path, he must “let go” completely, and let everything take its own course ‑ to the rascooarno (death).  Along this path, he could only “let go” partially.  When he “let go” he meditates, when he “absorb” he acquires and learns, and when he dies, he releases everything from him to the respective octaves.


6  The development of the cosmic octave theory is an attempt to find a way to “locate” organic beings for other Rays of Creation.  It is a mathematical postulate based on the theory of harmonic octave vibration.  It is proven for our Ray of Creation, but not proven for other rays.  However, it can help us to choose the “right” planet for detail observation.


7  Askokin is so vital to the moon that some of it are extracted through the process of ‘accidents,’ ‘legalanaic capital punishment,’ ‘wars’, ‘fights,’ ‘murder,’ ‘manslaughter’, ‘suicide,’ ‘homicide’ and mysterious deaths of human beings.  Also lower grade askokin are extracted from the lower organic beings and some emanations from the sun and earth.

When more and more laws are created by these three-brained beings at the service of the forces of solioonensius and askokin demands, more and more deaths occur for the maiden askokin supply.   A legalanabuffer is necessary to distort the view of a “killing by the law at the third factor.” It means Man 1 (1st factor) kills Man 2 (2nd factor) becomes Man 3 kills Man 1 by decision of a court (at 3rd factor) or One kill becomes 2 kills.  An added rascorano for the moon!


Our moon is hungry for sacred askokin released during rascoorano (death) of organic animalian beings on Earth!


8   To give independence to their techno-beings from the biocosmic beings of the biocosmic octave, these learned technologists work very hard day and night to create and perfect the third body (driver body) of all their techno-beings and over many decades.  And one such consequence of hard work was the successful perfection and stopinderation and digitalization of the “electronic concentration” of this third body.  Electronic equipment were developed to microprocess these electrons, and one such successful equipment was the robotic computer which could wonderfully microprocess and program the electrons to “instruct” the second and the first bodies of all the very important techno-beings.

Nevertheless, some “intelligences” have been extracted and micro-processed from the “electronic concentration” and this new concentration mass is called “artificial intelligence” which is supposed to be a level lower than the more superior “natural intelligence” already “perfected” in the biocosmic beings.

However, the biocosmic beings, besides processing the “electrons” for artificial intelligence, could also process being-psyche hydrogens for developing natural bio-intelligence, which possesses life force whereas the other possesses synthetic life force.


9  At HIS MI-FA interval life forming being psyche hydrogens are abundantly created and accumulated through those biocosmic beings there breeding in large numbers and trioctaving at various degree of development and are coated on the surface of all His cosmic stopinders bearing the name ‘Earths’.  It is from these reservoirs of being psyche hydrogens that life is siphoned to various neighboring cosmic stopinders for the posterity plan.


10  Each solar system has at least one (or two or none) planets that produces and stores being psyche hydrogens in abundance.  These being psyche hydrogens are elementary particles in the elementary octave that would transmit intelligence or consciousness or awareness or mind or psyche or knowledge or life.

However, the ‘octave of photons’ and other accompanying ‘octave of electromagnetic waves’ are continuously sent to all the planets and their orbiting satellites as raw ‘foods’.  Only the organic beings on Earth are actively processing them for “intelligent storage” in the “storeroom” of each and every organic being.


11  During this Industrial Revolution Period, these scientists and engineers who worked hard on the processing of “electronic beings” were then very successful in producing a variety of electronic based machines for the growth of the technocosmic octave.  Nevertheless, none of these ‘electronic and electricity-run’ beings have been able to use being-psyche hydrogen for running them, as with the organic beings which is run by being-psyche hydrogen as well as electricity.  Thanks to this difference, future electronic machines would continue to remain as member of the technocosmic octave, and would “create” for themselves, logically, an artificial intelligence world run also by certain primitive being-psyche hydrogens of the organic octave.  These special breeds of intelligent electronic-machines are also gradually moved out from our factories into the ray of creation or the cosmic octave for doing their little role in the maintenance and vivification of the ray, without which the ray would “die”.



12  The creation of a face is never left out with every organic construction of a spherical hollow shell.  Thus a coconut or an oil palm fruit has a face built in the shell, so is the construction of a head of man.  There is a link between ‘face’ and ‘spherical hollow shell’.  Every natural spherical form of the biocosmic octave tends to take a form like this!



13  He runs about in his own body and never leaves it.  I, too, run about in my own body and never leave it.  Not even during astro-traveling or rascooarno.  In rascooarno, I am switched off and cannot remember myself because I have drunk Meng Po, the ‘water-to-forget-everything’ including the memory of all my past lives.






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