Volume 119       May 6, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 5 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Canon Of Discovery, The Search For Spiritual Certainty And A Glimpse Of The Real World Views",  December 1975 ~ April 1976 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section F:  "The Material Beings and the Organic Beings" pp. 113 ~ 132)





1   Beings, material beings are formed through the operation of the two essence laws of the universe, the laws of three and the laws of seven partially or impartially.  All other laws are derived from these two basic laws of ‘psyche-matter-energy’ (psymattergy).  Depending on the continuum of relevant factors, part or whole manifestations of these two fundamental laws are operative.  For a dead material object, only the law of action and reaction, and Newtonian laws of mechanics are operative and applicable.  These laws are part of or the derived laws of three.  The organic beings including the human being are all tri-octave compliance!


2   The diversification of essence generates the special essences which on materialization appear as the various physical beings – material or organic.  This is a peculiar idea of G’s, system.

We shall focus on these tri-octave organic beings and specifically the tri-octave man as our main concern here.

My impression on the physical body of this tri-octave man as enneagramic organic beings is that it is subjected to the influence of the general laws of triad and sevenfoldness in a manner purportedly listed below:


A.   Input-Output Systems

1.    The Nervous-Psychomotor System

2.    The Respiratory-Expiratory System

3.    The Digestive-Excretory System


B.   The Input Systems

1.    The Nervous System

2.    The Respiratory System

3.    The Digestive System


C.   The Output Systems

1.    The Psychomotor System

2.    The Expiratory System

3.    The Excretory System


D.   Internal Functional Systems

4.    The Endocrine-Splanchnic System

5.    The Blood Circulatory System

6.    The Skeletal System

7.    The Muscular System

8.    The Reproductive System


E.   Psyche Hydrogens Inclusion

9.    The Psychophysical Human Being


General Description:


  1. The Nervous-Psychomotor System eats impressions and excretes the positive, the negative and the neutral psychic behaviors through the brain organs of Cerebrum, the Cerebellum and the Spinal Cord, and excrete the waste (negative emotions, negative attitudes, certain neutral and positive elements) through the psychomotor systems of physical actions in the form of speech of the mouth, expiration of the chest and the movements of the limbs.  Being-psyche hanbledzoins enter into this system in the eyes (light), in the ear (sound), in the nose (odor), in the skin (touch) and in the tongue (taste) to refine these impressions in the process of sensing, perceiving, conceiving and responding in the nervous-behavioral system.

  2. The Respiratory-Expiratory eats air and excretes waste air and water vapor through the organ called the lungs and sweating organs.  Blood iron from the blood circulatory system is needed and enters here to extract the vital oxygen in the air.

  3. The Digestive-Excretory System eats physical food and water and excretes excreta through the organs of mouth, stomach, intestines, colon, rectum and anus, and through the blood circulation system together with the excretory organs such as the kidneys, the ureters, bladder and urethra as urine. Digestives enzymes or secretions such as saliva (into the mouth), gastric secretion (into the stomach), pancreatic secretion and bile and Brunner's secretion (into the duodenum), small intestine secretion (into the small intestine) and large intestine secretion (into the large intestine) all enter into this alimentary canal to digest the ordinary foods.

  4. The Edocrine-Splanichnic System transports hormones from the endocrine glands (pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thyroid gland, thymus, adrenal gland, pancreas, spleen, ovaries and testis) into all the various targeted splanchnic viscera organs, other organs and systems in the body for specific results.  The hormones enters into the blood circulatory system to refine the oxgenated blood further for a blood with finer being-psyche hydrogens.

  5. The Blood Circulatory System transports arterial or oxygenated or venal blood and all fluids including lymph through the organs of the heart, the vessels of cardiovascular system or vascular system and lymphoid system to all the stopinders of the human body.

  6. The Muscular System transfers physical mechanical energy to its various subsystems such as the limbs and all the physiological functioning organs and systems to bring about movements of the human body.  This system receives instructions from the nervous system to move or psychomotor or to reflex.

  7. The Skeletal System is the structural foundation of solid bones connected by soft tendons and cushioned by soft bones to bear the weight of the whole physical body.  This is a passive system that moves from the active forces coming from the muscular system.

  8. The Reproductive System creates sperms and ova in the body and enables dialecticalization (union) of the sperm and the ovum to produce the newborn, after completing a mating journey through the organs of testis, sperm duct and penis for male and the organs of ovary, fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina, and mating naturally at the vagina.   The new born is housed in the mother's womb to grow further.  This system requires an opposite sex from the externals for continuation of the newborn human being.

The Psychophysical Human Being itself is a vibrating and developing Great Biocosmic Being  along the Fundamental (Internal) Biocosmic  Octave consisting of cell (DO), tissue (RE), organs (MI), Anatomical System  (FA), Physiological System (SO), Psychological System (LA), Psychophysical Body (Male or Female) (TI) and the Human Being (DO) together with the 1st Inner Lateral Biocosmic Octave and the 2nd Inner Lateral Biocosmic Octave.

The 1st Inner Lateral Biocosmic Octave of the MI-FA Interval consists of anatomical and physiological physical stopinders, namely, the Nervous System (Do and Point 0/9) that eats impressions, the Endocrine-Splanchnic System (Re 1), the Blood System (Mi 2), the Digestive System (Point 3) that eats solid foods/water, the Muscular System (Fa 4), the Skeletal System (So 5), the Respiratory System (Point 6) that eats air/oxygen, the Excretory System (La 7) and the Reproductive System (Ti 8) that creates offsprings.

The 2nd Lateral Inner Biocosmic Octave of the TI-DO Interval consist of psychological stopinders, namely, the Instinctive Center (Do), the Moving Center (Re), the Sex Center (Mi), the Lower Feeling Center (Fa), the Lower Thinking Center (So), the Higher Feeling Center (La) and the Higher Thinking Center (Ti).

These anatomical and physiological physical biocosmic stopinders of the  1st Lateral Inner Biocosmic Octave arise at the MI-FA Interval and the psychological psychic stopinders of the 2nd Lateral Inner Biocosmic Octave arise at the TI-DO Interval. In between is the physiological physical/psychological psychic meeting point at the "SO-LA Interval" of the Respiratory System.  The ascending and the descending forces from these 2 intervals are opposites in nature - physical/anatomical from the MI-FA Interval vibrating at the Digestive System point 3 and physical/physiological from the "SO-LA Interval" vibrating at the Respiratory System at point 6 and psychological from the TI-DO Interval vibrating at the Nervous System point Do 0/9.  The trialectics of the male sperm and the female ovum opposites is facilitated by the Reproductive System (Ti).




These anatomical-physiological physical systems can be arranged in an enneagram as follows: 


The 3 Inputs at 0/9, 3 and 6 and the anatomical-physiological systems involved are:

0/9 Impression (Do) – The Nervous System

3 Food – The Digestive System

6 Air – The Respiratory System


The 6 inner anatomical-physiological systems in the order of 1-4-2-8-5-7 are:

1.    The Endocrine-Splanchnic System

4.    The Muscular System

2.    The Circulatory System

8.   The Reproductive System

5.   The Skeletal System

7.   The Excretory System




The scientific method of the exact science on these observable physical biological systems, as distinct from the noumenal philosophical approach already explained by using the enneagram model and principles, is the phenomenal approach normally through a visual observation from outside presenting it by means of pictures can be depicted as below:


The 3 Inputs and the anatomical-physiological systems involved are:

1.   The Nervous System


2.   The Digestive System

3.   The Respiratory System


The 6 inner anatomical-physiological systems are:

1.  The Endocrine-Splanchnic System

4.   The Muscular System

2.   The Blood Circulatory System

Blood includes lymphatic fluids


8.   The Reproductive System

5.   The Skeletal System

7.   The Excretory System


3   For lower beings other than the human being, they also have most or all these systems except that they have varying degrees of development for each system -  Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La and Ti of the system’s octave.  For example, a worm is an example of a being with a no skeletal system (5 So) although it has only minimal degree of anatomical and physiological development at its nervous system (0/9 Do), endocrine system (1 Re) blood circulatory system (2 Re), digestive system (3), muscular system (4 Fa), respiratory system (6) digestive system, excretory system (7 La) and reproductive system (8 Ti).

All psychic forces are the same as to stopindering in according to the octave law.  They can never fail to create a four bodied material beings at its full development and a maximum of 7 psychic centers for them independent of the cosmic concentration of concern.  First, it must commence with a center-periphery principle based on the triad rule ‑ a nucleus, a plasma and the whole being or cell and then stopindering by sevens through its octave of development.  But what psyche hydrogens it has for its being is based on an Ouspenkian Indexation of the hydrogens in the Ray or Creation.  The psychic stopinders of hydrogens is indexed by Ouspensky and the numbers represent the finess of the psyche hydrogens (H), the smaller the finer.  The numbers also represent the number of ‘laws’ that control and obstruct their degree of freedom to move in space and time and across physical anatomical and physiological obstacles and gravity-centers.  The smaller the number the finer it is and the greater is its freedom of motion and psychic gravitation.  So do not be surprised if the psyche events run about like the disobedient ‘Monkey God’ in the human body as if not in control by the cells, tissues, organs and systems physical gravity-center.  You backache might be treated by massaging the abdomen and your neck ache might feel like head ache!  The hydrogens in the Ouspenskian food octave might be produced not at the exact spots thought to be in the specified physical system.  The 7 psychic centers in the human body are approximated locations in the three-stories of man – head, thorax and abdomen. They are most difficult with the exact locations of the instinctive, moving and sex center.  Psyche hydrogens being wave-particle beings cannot really be imprisoned by the physical system completely.







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