Volume 118       April 27, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 20, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociocosmic Unbecomings, The Sociocosmic Stopinder Therapeutic Methods And The Final Exit of the Great Wise Grandson of Beelzebub," July 1996 ~ May 1997 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section E:  "Askokin and Kundakin," pp. 231 ~ 249)






1   Askokin is needed by our ‘moon’ and other planets in our solar system for future creation of beings.  It is extracted during the rascooarnoing process of beings especially during increasing planetary alignments by the process of the reciprocal destruction of beings and in the process of sacrifice of any being to the Gods.  Askokin is a type of being psyche hydrogen that is released into the fourth axis of the Ray of Creation during the process of the death of beings.  The reciprocal destruction of beings in the form of wars, revolutions, genocides, murders, capital punishments and animal sacrifices and all natural cosmic disasters is periodically indispensable to feed the life that is bestowed to beings in our Ray of Creation.  When a man dies, all the psyche hydrogens inside his 4 bodies such as H768, H384, H192, H96, H48, H12, H6 and all their cosmic vivification qualities and quantities due to the process of octavization do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti at various stage of refinement are 'collected' and return to various original positions in the Ray of Creation as depicted in the diagram of everything living.  The sacred askokin is one of the sacred part of this 'collection' and it is the H12 with those cosmic vivification mi 12, so 12 and ti 12.

Mi 12 present in the impression-food octave stage (mi) called Abrustdonis for which it can be further refined into fa 6 or higher thinking hydrogens and so 12 present in the air-food octave stage (so) called Helkdonis which can be further refined into la 6 or higher feeling hydrogens.  Both the refinement for the fine from the coarse requires conscious labor and intentional suffering.  As to ti 12  for the Ovum (-) and for the Sperm (+) of the ordinary solid-food octave stage (ti), it has reached the end stage of the solid-food octave refinement process, and is unlikely to produce hydrogen 'do 6' to enter as a new hydrogen of a higher order to its newborns.  Hydrogens of (ti 12) have physical attraction energies of sexual pleasure and enjoyment in the form of kundakin 1 present in the female three-brained beings and kundakin 2 present in the male three-brained beings both able to unite in coitus to produce newborns, if otherwise tantric meditative effects.  The sacred askokin hydrogens  fa 6 and la 6 are of high value and direct immediate use for all the Sun and the planets in our Solar System.  The sacred askokin buried in kundakin is released during the rascooarnoian or death process and is much needed by our moon for its own vivification to any potential rising of a mi-fa interval there.  All other hydrogens not harvested by our sun and/or the planets or harvested (stolen) by our moon remain on Earth as part of the food cycle in the Organic Life.

The quality and quantity of askokin is dependent on the results of ‘conscious labor and intentional suffering’ for creation of higher being bodies – the higher the refinement from these efforts of ‘conscious labor’ and ‘intentional suffering’, the higher the quality and quantity of ‘askokin’.  Askokin is a totality of ti 12, so 12 and mi 12 that is formed in the lowest story of man (physical body), notably, the instinctive, moving and sex centers – from the ordinary solid- food octave it is ti 12, from the air-food octave it is so 12 and from the impression-food octave it is mi 12.  By continuing the efforts of ‘conscious labor and intentional intentional suffering’, askokin can be refined into la 6 hydrogens for the higher feeling center and also fa 6 hydrogens of the higher thinking center, that is, higher quality hydrogens for serving the upper triads of forces in the (our) Ray of Creation. Askokin compound consists of abrustdonis (mi 12), helkdonis (so 12) and kundakin which is the sex energy from ti 12, and ti 12 has instinctive energy, physical moving energy and sex energy.  Abrustdonis and helkdonis can be separated and removed and the H12 ('askokin') can be further refined into H6 in the 2nd and 3rd upper stories of man.  Kundakin stays at ti 12 as it is the finest possible refinement for this ordinary solid-food octave.  As it is his home in the lowest physical body of man, and without any possibility for transmutation, kundakin function as a long-term vivification of libido and constantly messing around with abrustdonis and helkdonis as they are all created in the lowest physical story of the human body, notably, the lumbar region of man and woman.  Kundakin is the magic sex fuel of the world of a thousand sexual desires teasing the hungry moon (lunatic) and the hungry neighboring planets (planetic) for the share of askokin needed for their own procreation and nourishment.  Both askokin and kundakin are subjected to the Laws of Reciprocal Destruction of Everything Living and the Law of Nourishment of Everything Living.  The kundakin of ti 12 is the seductive attractiveness in wait, at Ti-Do Interval of the biocosmic octave of man for procreation of new species and new physical biological beings while abrustdonis and helkdonis are for further refinement in the making of the New Higher Spiritual Man, without changing the specie-biodata or genetic code through its psyche index.  Monks would intentionally suffer to transform kundakin into the higher emotion fa 6 and yogi would suffer to transform it through kundalini work into higher thought la 6.  The Chinese acrobats and the fakir would seek to transform the remain instinctive and moving energies of ti 12 into higher instinct and higher 'moving' do 6.

Furthermore, as to this sacred askokin present in man at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, it is periodically extracted or stolen vertically by our moon and horizontally by a planetary neighbor known as Mars both of them are "interested" to nurse some lower level organic beings on their surfaces as there is always a possibility that the Will of the Absolute from the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation could have sent for some unknown reasons of our weak being a small will fragment allowing Mars to own a MI-FA Interval store house on its geocosmic Mars surface.  As the MI-FA Interval has already been given to Earth, our moon has been denied therefore a MI-FA Interval.  Thus in order to satisfy her hunger, the moon has to resort to mischievous stealing of this sacred askokin by causing periodic cosmic wars amongst  these three-centered hethormen human beings dwelling on Earth's geocosmic surface.


2   Kundakin is another type of being pysche hydrogen generated by the man through its gravity-center called exioëhary (ti 12), regularly released into the atmosphere and has its origin from the fragments of the breakdown organ kundabuffer (as its consequences).  Kundakin is created and released in abundance while the being is alive but not during death as the extraction of askokin is completed in death.  All these mi 12, so 12 and ti 12 are kept in the body for continuing digestion of coming foods such as do 768, do 192 and do 48 and refining them to remain alive.  They must be returned to Earth, moon and any other known places from the Ray of Creation upon death for a purpose - that is, as being foods for other planetary and moon bodies.  The finest la 6, fa 6 or do 6, also known as H6 will be rewarded to the Sun or the ‘All suns’ higher up in this Ray of Creation.

Kundakin produces such effects as seeing-reality-upside-down, pleasure, fun and wild enjoyment, greed of all kinds and has ‘opium’ properties.  It is created to neutralize the terrible pain in the consciousness of a three-centeredly sensed, inevitability of one’s own death.  Kundakin and its buffering abilities prevent this sensing and is thus a kind of ‘panadol’ or psychedelic pills or opium.  It enables the ‘trick-of-extraction’ of askokin much smoother in the process of the final death – natural or artificial.  It provides the pleasure and act as a kundabufffer to enable smoother extraction of an otherwise painful extraction of the sacred askokin by the moon such as human sacrifice to gods, wars and epidemic and/or pandemic life threatening diseases.  Kundakin is needed by the opposite sexed three-brained beings to produce newborns and by parallels (planets) and also the below (moon) especially the moon for purposes of building new life on our moon. 


3   The Kundakin Therapy for all sociocosmic stopinder beings could temporarily elevate human sufferings and, I repeat, has also become the ill-fated sensitive tool of prostitution, capitalistic accumulation, money-making, espionage, ruling and strategic works for the hungry politicians and power-possessing beings who want to consolidate their positions in the higher stopinders using this “opium-properties” reverberating in abundance at its original dwelling place in the MI-FA Interval and eating madly upwards into the TI-DO Interval of the Great Sociocosmic Being during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, and where the infantile Socialism Proper struggle hard to strengthen and grow its essential self down into the MI-FA Interval and stays there.

The Askokin Therapy is for the opening up of conscience, as being would be deeply disturbed on consuming some askokin from those rascooarno beings during the process of natural deaths, wars, accidents, capital punishments, murders, fights and religious sacrifice of life of selected beings.  Absorbing this askokin also generates the same askokin in you as part of the process of final digestion of the impression food.

Planets and moons need askokin’s kundakin to produce subconscious sexual pleasure in the process of creating deaths in large quantity, that is, life energy.  Askokin is served to the ‘moon’ and also to those hungry planets and sociocosmic stopinders by a less painful extraction due to the aura of kundakin.

The Law of Reciprocal Nourishment of Everything Existing is in equilibrium with the Law of Reciprocal Destruction of Everything Existing. The Law of Conservation of Life Energy holds true and conserved for all Rays of Creation.  In short when human population is high extraction of askokin becomes necessary to restore and conserved life energy in our Ray of Creation.  It is this law of nourishing and maintaining cosmic stopinders especially our cosmic stopinder moon and also our neighboring cosmic stopinder, planets, that sacred hydrogens need to be sent from Earth's organic film to maintain them - only occasionally, not enough or of low quality.



4   When the demand for the vibration, askokin, increases, there also engineered (by the last cosmic stopinder, the moon) such psyche vibration within these three-brained beings a fanatic belief of the self-calming Evil-God known there in forms as ‘in-the-name-of’ the ‘good’, ‘peace’, ‘love’, ‘justice’, ‘democracy’, ‘communism’ and ‘morality’ to outwit enemies and kill them in the name of these being psyche hydrogens.  Although, during their two world wars and revolutions tremendous amount of askokin was extracted for this last stopinder by the device called ‘democracy’ and the like, the process of destruction could increase through this sociocosmic lateral instrument.  The repayment of life that is given was demanded occasionally!

And the wise grandson notices this:

The eating of a chicken becomes less noticeable if we use special names to the slaughter.  Global peace does not exist in the process of TI-laujinggong.  Even wiser, is the ancient who has tricked the hungry moon or the unsuspected planetary neighbors by releasing lower grade sacred askokin through the religious rites of animal sacrifice to the Gods (moons and planets).  But the ancient Mayan used human sacrifice in offering the higher grade sacred askokin to the gods.


As a vertebrate himself, man eats many vertebrates (H192, H48 and H12), some invertebrates (H384, H96 and H24), mostly plants (H768, H192 and H48), some minerals (H1536, H384 and H96) and some of metals (H3072, H768 and H192).  Assuming that his ordinary food and water is H768, his air food is H192 and his impression food is H48 his creation of being-psyche hydrogens can be depicted in the diagram below:



What about refined abrustdonis (mi 12) and helkdonis (so 12)?  They too will be extracted by our moon in the lower triad of forces and our Earth as well as the planets in our Solar System during the process of rascooarno or death as they are still cosmic properties of being psyche hydrogens in the physical body.  Only when they are refined further into hydrogens 6 such as fa 6 from mi 12 at mi-fa interval and la 6 form so 12 at so-la interval through a second shock called 'Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering' and have also acquired a different quality and a different identity in the higher thinking and higher feeling centers can they be offered to the lowest divine order of the gods in the 1st and 2nd Triad of Forces, otherwise the hydrogens 12 have to remain in the original 3rd Triad of Forces in our organic life system.  Only those hydrogens 6 offered to the 1st or 2nd Triad of Forces shall stay in our solar system – and I repeat, still confined within our Solar System as its permanent or fourth body of this Solar System itself and not present anywhere higher to the 1st Triad of Forces.  The remainder askokin will become food for our moon at the 4th Triad of Forces.

The monks through 'intentional kunda-suffering' (or what is also the 2nd Conscious Shock) deflect and convert the kundakin sex of the physical being-exioëhary, ti 12 (sperm or ovum) of this last stopinder of the ordinary food octave into do 6  and place them in any of the 2nd and 3rd story of the body and rank them the same finest level with la 6 at the 2nd story and with fa 6 at the 3rd story but all of them in the higher centers.  An inevitable result is that the 'successful' monks should appear more fat and chubby and also look younger physically due to this conscious and astral vivification of do 6 which is often mistaken from the vivification of ti 12 due to similarity of appearance.  Now, both the Buddhist celibacy, the Taoist 'fangzhongshu' and the Hindu 'Tantric sex' who make use of the kundakin 1 of the male and the kundakin 2 of the female together and preventing the release of or delaying ejaculation or actual copulation of the sperm and ovum of the positive and the negative exioëharies to produce do 6 are in a state of constant friction and in dilemma where all the forces and energies of ti 12 - kundakin 1, kundakin 2, ovum and sperm, man and woman are in constant friction must return to the state of balance or equilibrium, otherwise, either of the man or the woman or both become being-zouhuorumo or as contemporary man would called ‘crazy sexual psychopaths’.  Without any 'intentional kunda-suffering' on ti 12 and its charming hypnotic aura kundakin, the Darwinian law works its way forward, and through the normal quantitative change law of dialectics, after normal Mechano-Coinciding-Mdnel-In shock of ti 12 (sperm) with another opposite ti 12 (ovum) from outside, the sharing of genes from each takes place and a newborn is created into the physical world, otherwise, in rare case history through a special qualitative change law of dialectics a special Higher Mechano-Coinciding-Mdnel-In shock occurs and a newborn species is created.  Bruce Lee, the world famous Kung Fu master and numerous established Chinese acrobats have converted his lower moving energy and lower instinctive energy from ti 12  to do 6 and place it in the Higher Moving Center and the Higher Instinctive Center respectively.

Those 'intentional sufferings' can be divided into   1) 'Intentional Conscious-Suffering' on mi 12 of the Impression Octave for conversion into la 6 in the higher thinking center  2) 'Intentional Astral-Suffering' on so 12 of the Air Octave for conversion into fa 6 in the higher feeling center and 3) 'Intentional Kunda-Suffering' on ti 12 of the Ordinary Food Octave for conversion into do 6 in the higher feeling center or in the higher thinking center.


5   Besides selling the normal range of its products or services the sociocosmic stopinder beings are actively promoting their own kundakin emanations for creating various 'sexual impulses', ‘happiness’ and ‘fun’ for all other stopinders.  Noticing this hedonistic deviation in man or woman, the anti-sex mediocre monk goes to the other extreme of not having sex to perfect themselves to the ‘divine’ level - an extreme form of kundakin-askokin therapy.  But without knowledge of hydrogens of mi 12, so 12 and ti 12 and the energy balance mandate, the much sociocosmic accursed regulatory laws, rules and regulations devised by them and their institutions have actually assisted the planets and the moons for the extraction of askokin.


6   Somewhere in the 18th Century of our Calendar during the Great Industrial Revolution of the European Communities of biped beings, in the period where many infantile sociotechnocosmic beings were actively feeding, growing, expanding in size, developing in structure and organization, reproducing themselves and behaving like those biocosmic beings of our once extinct Great Reptiles and Dinosaurs ‘ancestors’ in the Mesozoic Period of the Life of Our Great Biocosmic Being, there emerged this such great hunger to feed and survive through large scale exploitation of all natural resources.  The Great Sociotechnocosmic Being must live and behaves in the way of the Reptilia-Dinosaurian Biocosmic Being.

Once such great hunger and large scale exploitation is ‘electricity’ from the cosmic octave of nature, and this had forced the whole of the planet Earth to bear all the consequences of the unbalanced deprivation of this extraction and large scale ‘digestion’ of electricity for the perfecting of the body of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  With this large amount of processed or transformable ‘powerful electricity’ consumed, the ‘metabolism’ in the body of our great being is greatly increased to uncontrollable limit.  But the limitation of this resource is a cause for the imbalance for which the future bipeds would have to bear the consequences of nature’s own ‘revenge’.

While electricity is not life as yet, it is able to reciprocate with life energy according to the law of conservation of the energy system – especially between life energy and electrical energy – diminishing one at the expense of increasing the other.  Both the energies of being-psyche kundakin and that of the final being psyche askokin are subjected to this law.


7   When 2 or 3 or more planets or with our moon or other planetary moons are in a near-straight or partially aligned line (s), the abnormal vivification of kundakin (while living) and extraction of askokin (when dead) from Earth’s organic film will be very powerful and you will expect a very high degree of both lunaticism and planetism in man and other organic beings where catastrophes such as world wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, diseases, plaques and other calamities would occur taking countless lives.  The life energies so extracted necessarily flow down our Ray of Creation to the moon.  The closest that 8 planets will come to align approximately 30 degrees is calculated to be on May 6, 2492 in the Age of Aquarius.  However, 5 planets, namely, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury will be in the same part of the sky on September 8, 2040 at the tail-end of the Age of Pisces.  The last time, the 8 planets appeared aligned closely to 30 degrees was in 561 BC near the end of the Age of Aries.




8   Now, when these three-brained hethormen human beings die, the laws of destruction, decay and disintegration become the dominating active law over the law of nourishment.  All the atoms and the cosmic properties (being-psyche hydrogens) associated with them that constitute the four bodies of man, namely, the 1st physical body, the 2nd horse body, the 3rd driver body and the 4th passenger body where all the seven psychic centers stay and where all the psyche hydrogens during a life time have been produced, stored and regularly emanated outside the bodies are distributed in the (our) Ray of Creation respectively.  Cosmic properties of the instinct, the moving, the sex, the lower feeling, the lower thinking and the last special or very fine matters that always stay in the periphery of the physical body - the higher feeling and the higher thinking as the aura of the "Yellow Halo" will be distributed rapidly at the speed of light (Ti) or even at faster that the speed of light as they (psyche hydrogens) are a special state of matter in the form of Cosmic Consciousness (TI) associated with the Quantum state of matter (SO and LA) and all other states of matter, and as independent cosmic properties in terms the noumenal hydrogen indices purportedly present in them similar to like time and space.



Now, there are about 7.7 billion hethormen human beings existing  today (2019), and perhaps more than a 100 billions have died since the dawn of Humanity-at-Large through natural deaths and wars.  How are the physical atoms, quanta and psyche hydrogens (cosmic properties/consciousnes) distributed?  According to the law of conservation of energy in the forms of matter including the cosmic properties known as the psyche, the microscopic elementary particles and the psyche are conserved.  The coarse matters with cosmic properties or psyche hydrogens,  H768 (do 768), H384 (re 384) , H192 (do 192 and mi 192) that are present in these three-brained hethormen beings stay in the ground and gradually get distributed in the geococosmic octave in its 1st lateral geocosmic octave of plantae beings at the MI-FA Interval and also in its 2nd lateral geocosmic octave of animalia beings at the TI-DO Interval during the grand process of reciprocal feeding or in the grand food chain innerly connecting the two lateral geocosmic octaves of our fundamental geocosmic octave as they have meet the minimum requirements of being a being-fooda to these three-brained hethormen human being, so to say.

The finer matters or psyche hydrogens, H96 (re 96 and fa 96) initially refined would be used for the tritocosmos or the Organic Life in general as foods as the vivifying aura for both the plantae and the animalia beings on mother Earth's surface but regularly stolen (extracted) by the moon for nourishing its own insufficiency (hunger) of this type of H96 psyche hydrogens produced only by the Organic Life at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation - to share out the produces between the Organic Life and the moon. This ids done by causing occasional wars and unnatural killings  by these three-brained hethormen beings during the process of rascooarno (dying) and the subsequent extraction of the sacred askokin from them to correct lunar - organic life imbalances.  Another way of this extraction is the subsequent creation of intense psychological curiosity and arousals in these three-brained hethormen human beings to activate the gifted/bestowed infantile hydrogens of 'Science and Technology' buried deep in their higher feeling and higher thinking centers ...... and to bring live-energies to lunar and planetary surfaces through an ongoing long-term plan, first in the form of creating biodome space stations and later biodome lunar bases (for H96 lunar being-food), martian biodome bases (for H24 planetary being-food), and etcetera without pre-matured killings through wars.  The occasional wars through the cosmic method of creating wars for releasing these valuable hydrogen foods to them for the immediate correction of occasional cosmic properties of cosmic psychic imbalances are still unavoidable.

The much finer psyche hydrogens with cosmic properties, H48 (do 48, mi 48 and so 48) would still stay in the 2nd lateral cosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  However, those psyche hydrogens with cosmic properties, H24 (re 24, fa 24 and la 24) would be distributed within our planetary system and our moon.

Those psyche hydrogens, H12 (mi 12, so 12 and ti 12)would stay in our Solar System, and finally some traces of the very fine psyche hydrogens, H6 (fa 6 and la 6) due mainly to the success of Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering from the WORK would be able to move to the neighboring solar systems or the stars in the Universe - as proper cosmic "divine" individualities of very high density of vibration matters in the 1st lateral cosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation and to play the role in part in the grand design, creation, nourishment, maintenance, replenishment and repair all the dimensions of Great Omipresent Universe Being.






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