Volume 117       April 26, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 16 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings; The Secret of the Work; The Reciprocal Destruction of Cosmic Concentrations",  February 1984 ~ June 1986 Discourses, Chapter 8, Section D:  "The Third Line of Work" pp. 166 ~ 173)


G-Movement Work-Piscean/Aquarius

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Adam Weishaupt Illuminati- Piscean/Aquarius

Marx-Lenin-Mao Working Class
- Piscean/Aquarius




1   One evening, on the 15th of August 1985 while discussing with Dr. S.S, we touched on the subject of giving a name to our center, we finally agreed to call our center the Center for All Round Development known, in short, as the CARD.

From now onwards we are all members of the CARD”, he said.



2   To begin the third line of work, i.e. work-for-the-school, the establishment of a name for the school is essential, although not mandatory.  The name of the school can vary depending on locations, cultures, etc.  Names such as The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being (IDHHB), Center for the Development of Harmonious Man (CDHM), Fourth Way Research Group (FWRG), The Center For All-Round Development (CARD, an idea from Dr. S.S.) and Kontra Kundabuffer are suitable names.

The idea that the group must exist before the name is only a measure against the premature formation of a school in quotation mark!

Money is essential for the development of the Center for All-Round Development.  CARD should not be an individual property but and should be an institutional property.  The work circle is an inseparable part of CARD.  However, at the beginning stage, it is always a ‘sole proprietorship’ and the group would be a ‘partnership’ or just a selfless relationship.  In short, voluntary and yet rewardable.

The quality of the people forming the Center for All Round Development (CARD) determines the quality of the school as a social being.  The CARD should never become a name in quotation mark, otherwise, it ceases to exist even though its lights are still visible as is the case of the light of an extinct star.


3   This is a work circle, and one work circle is going to beget another work circle.  And so on and so on!



4   We are now on the verge of the third line of work.  This line is work for the school.  In reality, it is a tree penetrating the societal animal both its roots and its branches.  The laws of triads and octaves are responsible for the growth of this tree.  The notes are the work circles.  Branches connect the work circles or groups.  Each group has a group leader. When a group leader has succeeded in sponsoring a number of potential individuals, it expands.  If within the group, there arises one man who is highly evolved, then the group is ripe to have a new group whereby this man becomes the leader of the new group.  The growth of the way marks a milestone in the third line marketeering.  In the non-commercial growth of the tree, the fourth way cannot move without material possession; therefore, as the great tree grows, it must maintain itself by material coatings.  If the fourth way were sold cheaply, then it would not grow.


5   The production of the members of the school emerges into accountable asset, an expression of wealth of a sociocosmic stopinder.  The essence is the center of gravity of its sociocosmic appearances.  From appearances the content can be derived and the essence can be identified.


6   The work circle is said to exist when and only when fourth way essences meet and commit.  The work circle has no existence once the psyche hydrogen of the work disappears and is no longer the right type binding the individuals together.  To evaluate a work circle, one must start with the fundamental block, that is, the members constituting the circle.

The expansion and contraction of the circle is dependent on the biocosmic, the sociocosmic and the cosmic forces.  When quality psyche hydrogens from the great ray of creation did not come to Earth timely, then the level of being of man and all beings falls.  The work simply means the work for the presence of higher psyche hydrogens for Earth. The work circle has existed long before you could sense its presence.


7   The third line of work cannot expand but through the involvement of more and more human beings.  The field of business is human beings.  The sociocosmic ray of creation representing the third line of work is people-on-people.


8   A work circle means transition men at work to become the harmonious men.  There is a time period, and after that the work circle might be just a name, and an enneagram without the triangle inside.

The sociocosmic expansion of the fourth way group would generate a system of down-lines and up-lines linked together in a historical organizational tree.   The principle of sociocosmic being-level is at work.

This pattern is forward moving, and generating more and more sociocosmic front line individuals and groups.  The organizational structure is by nature loose with no legitimized obligation.  The process of transmission of information and auto-adjustment of being-level would continue.  The opportunity for transformation into Man no. 7 in the course of the work is open.  A few could make it.


The Work Sponsoring in the Third Line of Work


9   One has to be “sponsored” into the fourth way.  In reality, one is in the fourth way only when one is ready.  And one can be disqualified from the fourth way without one’s knowledge.  Fourth way sponsoring is based on essence measure.  It can never be putting down your signature in a form.  A person is automatically de-sponsored when he has lost his purpose with group.


10   A work circle is like a part of a distribution tree.  All the work circles that are connected would become the distribution tree.  The fourth way distribution tree has a role to produce harmonious human beings.  It is essentially a sociocosmic tree. It requires “sponsoring” into the distribution tree.  Both have breakaway points.  While direct selling breakaway point is based on a quantitative achievement, fourth way breakaway point is based on the level of being of the work circle.  If a work circle is qualitatively higher than its parental work circle, it becomes the center in its own right and would break away.


11   The connection of man to man in the sociocosmic distribution tree is not merely subjected to the law of pattern and beauty decoration but to an inevitable law of octave whereby there are acceleration and deceleration shocks, sleep and death.

He who knows how to apply the correct shocks knows how to supply the necessary vital energy to cause the sociocosmic octave ray of creation to branch and grow.  By giving periodic shocks to the first level downlines, the second level downlines, and until the seventh level downlines the whole tree could grow enormously.  Accelerated growth has meaning for those who know the Law of Seven.

The sociocosmic ray of creation of the fourth way always function in this way, through shocks and Law of Three and Seven, as ascending and descending octave, sleep and awake, growth and decay, acceleration and deceleration, tuning the ‘I’s and training the horses, etc.  All these are done independently of the individual will and they continue to happen for the great sociocosmic being.

To grow a sociocosmic tree we use the same technique.  When the hackney-carriages are directly and indirectly linked, materials and information can flow up and down, ascending and descending.  The tree becomes alive.  The branches can be alive, dead or asleep.

The fourth way tree can grow through “sponsoring” just like some direct selling trees.  Accumulated happiness, positive attitudes, good, vital energies, truths and vital information at the root a tree could easily be transmitted to the branches.

Similarly evilness, negative attitudes, dead energies, wrong knowledge, false information can easily be transmitted through the same channels.  For this transmission, you need transport lines such as telephone lines, letters, wireless telecommunicating and telecomputing technocosmic-beings.


12   A group leader or a group lau is necessary for work growth and finally, a laujinggong is also necessary but this laujinggong is the hardest to become the harmonious sociocosmic being as it enters at the MI-FA Interval, moves along in the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave and receives further shock at SO-LA Intervals, transforms into a higher level being and moves along the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave on a mega-scale, also receives further Shock-Out at TI-DO Interval into Earth's atmosphere, space and outer space and elswhere inter-planetly and inter-solarly.  Working with the right group leads to creation whereas working with a wrong group leads to mutual exhaustion and stagnation. 



13   The application of the art of getting rid of a wrong company for the workgroup is essential.  It is useless to be attached to a company of kunda beings who have no work-passengers.  'I' do form workgroups not just casual friends to continue the Third Line of Work in its fragile degeneration to A and B Influences.


14   Working together for the common good of mankind.  Why do we need it?  Because mankind is too lonely as a species in the remote corner of the universe........  And yet we have to face the destructive type  ...........


15   Treat your fellow beings like human beings.  Ours is an association of free exchanges without any chains, obligations, commitments, and so on.






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