Volume 115       April 20, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 2 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Biocosmic Nervo-Reflectant and the Theory of Material Reflection in Man, Inner Development and Social Upheavals",  July 1973 ~ September 1974 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section F & G:  "The Emergence of Hasnamusses and Degeneration to Institutionalization" pp. 123 ~ 127)






1   The negative outcome after the digestion of the three being-foods from ordinary foods, air and impressions in man over the astrological or historical periods, notably, in the Age of Aries, the Age of Pisces and the now Age of Aquarius is grouped into a class of psyche hydrogens to the fullest completeness and amongst them emerge the much accursed ‘evil’ known as the hasnamuss.

The being of this hasnamuss is divided into 4 main groups lodged and crystallized in the 1st physical body controlled by the instinctive, the moving and the sex centers or in the 2nd feeling body controlled by a lower and a higher feeling center or the 3rd thinking body controlled also by a lower and higher thinking body or finally in the 4th passenger body controlled by a group of ‘it’s and ‘I’s and at its highest level, a master ‘I’.  He can be anywhere in the whole universal being.  For a hasnamuss the ultimate purpose is the negatives – destroying, dismantling, killing, victimizing, stealing, robbing, accumulating greedily, enslaving, punishing, profiteering, murdering, conducting espionage, spying, war-octaving with knives and swords, arrows, bullets, canon balls, bombs, chemicals, atomic and nuclear particles, electromagnetic waves, radiation, viruses, bacteria, insects, war-horses, war-elephants, warships, war-automobilias, war-aircrafts, missiles, rockets, guns, and hegemoning, colonizing, imperializing both on planet earth and later interplanetary imperialism and all the ‘bads’ including all kinds of titillations, feeling namo amitabhas, amens, ‘peace-be-with-you’ and deceptive wiseacrings that you can ‘to-be’ for, born and crystallized in that manner. The obyvatel would be its opposite, the seed of the possible positives – all the good deeds, feelings, thoughts and good goals of life.  Between the hasnamussian hydrogens are the many hydrogens ('313' psyche sub-hydrogen types) in an octave to obyvatel, and the thousands and thousands of years of dance of all the participants till hitherto, and no ending in future.


2  The hasnamuss seeks to ‘propagate’ and even ‘annihilates’ the irreconcilable contradiction between the state and the people.  That is the substance the true fact beneath the '‘extolment of state and its good deeds’ and beneath the propaganda.  The hasnamuss conceals to you his disbeliefs in you at every seconds, minutes, hours and days.  They apply the ‘psychologies’ on you and you ‘being a receiver or tested creature’ is a fool in his soul.  But he as ‘master’ reflected into you.  His words ‘praise you every moment, etc.’ but each praise is pre-calculated egoistically, robs you off flesh and souls by transferring you into his wage labor slave or just coolies.


3   We must not believe in the tricks of the hasnamuss of a relation between high production and irradiation of poverty.  Even if production is high, the products do not become gifts to the poverty-stricken masses, the hasnamuss cannot afford to be too lenient to them, instead of being fed, they must feed.  The hasnamuss begets ‘slaves’ and ‘serfs’ during the Age of Pisces and later begets ‘workers’ and ‘employees’ as he wiseacres with the obyvatel during the end of the Age of Pisces after receiving and feeding on oskianic particles from the constellation of the Age of Aquarius through the auroras.  At the highest level of fineness he is an eternal-hasnamuss and an eternal-contradiction in the universal being in man.




1   The spreading of materialism, idealism, ideologies, religion and all other kinds of teachings and “schools” have degenerated to institutionalization for the initial purpose of separation of ownership control, rights and power to specific groups of human beings and for social expansion globally.

Separation of theory from practice

 This educational system is an apparatus for training students to imagine in cubic boxes in the school with little practical activities.  The role of practicality is greatly reduced almost to extinction.  Each time the students are subject to rote memorizing, threats, psychological torturing, examination, physical punishment and socially ridiculed.

The children are taught to “argue” or “reason” within the range of textbook logic.  The text need not be the best of its kind.  In such a situation, attempts to philosophize thinking lend one to idealism.  Very few really can escape this educational captivity.  In a nutshell for such an institution, ‘theory is the foundation of practice’ in place of ‘practice is the foundation of theory.’  Someone will soon come to enforce for the synthesis of the two “opposite directions”.

A monkey creates a mess in a boutique

The monkey has entered a boutique of truth derived from practice, and scratching its head, playing around in the boutique and create a mess.  He steals all the show for the spectators.  Thus truth loses its show because truth is simple, essence and humble.

Embrace objects in practice like your wife and you can incubate a better theory

The more an object is embraced and subjected to manipulations by the mover, the more accurate will become his ideas and theories about the object in the mover’s experience provided the mover is able to change his inner positions.  The hardcore mover and his ideas of actual or real natural phenomena as well as his social phenomena remains as abstract and as fetishistic as his religion, right or wrong, it is hardcore – dogmatically stubborn and unchangeable.

Hard working person, including most scientists and genuine workers, who would not hesitate to turn objects right-side up and upside down, and move it here and there, and change it wherever possible.

The historical transformer workers is a transformer through practice

The historical transformer workers will not hesitate to transform raw materials into commodities, to transform capitalism into socialism and to transform capitalistic socio-cultural behavior into socialistic cultural behaviors and delegate much of the medieval and ancients into the museum warehouses.   These historical transformer workers are basic practice beings and are essential determinants of production producing all previous societies surviving till today under different names - serfs, slaves, workingmen, proletariat and employees and together with their opponents produce also societal systems ‑ ancient, medieval, feudal, capitalism and socialism.


2   The beautiful arrangement of nature is nothing more than a product of eternal conflict.  Thus the beautiful arrangement of the Jehovah Witnesses and the church group is a product of the internal conflicts amongst the Christians themselves.  We therefore conclude that religion is simply a social product.  This is more important, this religion will also disintegrate.  What is it that causes an organism to develop?  If it is not due to internal contradictions?






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