Volume 114       April 17, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 21 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociotechnocosmic World Outside Us, The Sociotechnocosmic World Inside Us and Our General Inner World Conditions", September 1997 ~ December 2001 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section A & B:  "Tilaujinggong and Being-Democracies" pp. 38 ~ 48)


Gobakchew-Yelersin mechanically falling asleep, eaten by blurrrr democracy blobs - then burn their own house "Soviet Union" and put the ash into smaller container called Russian Federation and changes flag to continue...... Click images to see more!





1   During my period of existence as a being in the sociocosmic octave reflecting on the 'World-of-Nations' or TI-Sociocosmoses, the romance of the 3 ‘Ti-Kingdoms’ is just the romance of being-U.S.A, being-Russia and being-China, jockeying as to their positions in Tilaujinggong, that is, as tilau, or tijing or tigong and whereby other weaker nations have to be the tigongs.  The triad law of the highest sociocosmic stopinder has come into existence and the triad force is unremovable where each LA-stopinder works on 'striving-and-balancing-in-the-becoming-of-ownerships-and-rights-thereof' within the great geocosmic border or skin of our 'land/desert-sea/ocean-and-space/outer space.'  Ultimately, there will be 3 opposing nation blocs led by the US offensive nation group in opposition to the China led defensive nation group and the neutral nation group.

To become strong and truly powerful, a LA-sociocosmic stopinder being in the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism needs to truly strengthen its own 7 gravity-centers or main pillars supporting its body within the TI-sociocosmic stopinders or 'World of Nations' (TI), namely, for each and every LA-sociocosmic stoppinder beings big and small, truly strengthen its own:


1. Economy

2. Money

3. Finance

4. Science

5. Technology

6. Military

7. Social Media


The LA-sociocosmic stopinder beings as it always have been in history becomes bigger by eating up the SO-sociocosmic stopinder beings or state beings around them as food. As always the case, it eats small LA-sociocosmic beings or nation beings around them too .... thus become bigger, and even make itself the TI-lau being amongst all other smaller and weaker LA-sociocosmic stopinder beings in the TI-sociocosmos or 'World-of-Nations' (TI).  Only at the end of the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism or at TI gravity-center vibration and over a reasonably period of maturity or beyond this period without an accidental Armageddon for mankind, could 'Humanity-at-Large' (a Fa-lateral sociocosmic stopinder being at the TI-DO Interval) witnessed a 'United Nations' (a Mi-lateral sociocosmic stopinder being at this same TI-DO Interval) this time proper and having also received enough power of its own from the 200+ fundamental LA-sociocosmic stopinder beings that a harmonious development with reciprocal nourishment/cooperation within the Great Sociocosmos becomes a reality, leading to a healthy state.  Unfortunately, as is the case now, a reciprocal destruction of all the inner bodies and hegemonistically implantation of obedient smaller lalau ruling beings otherwise, these small rogue lalau beings and their nation-stopinders will be targeted and continuously bombed to hell and their remaining resources capitalistically plundered thereafter with a trail of hydrogens of evil hasnamussian happiness in the body of the ultra-rascal perpetrators.  Alas! Even upon this healthy mature sociocosmic being lies a still-in-wait of its own and final great natural rascooarno (death).


2   The mysterious unfailing inner urge or will of the Great Sociocosmos at TI-DO Interval to complete the construction of the last and highest sociocosmic stopinder is expressed in many forms of sociocosmic activities at the international level.  To ensure internal order and maintenance of this “World-of-Nations” stopinder at a position near the TI-DO retardation point of sociocosmic vibration, this same mysterious urge to the natural characteristics of administration, management, neutralization and maintenance of this last sociocosmic stopinder, becomes interpretable as an acceptable vibration by the power-possessing LA-sociocosmic stopinder beings to perfect a TI-laujinggong with itself as the compulsory lau-stopinder mandated to all the entities in the Great Sociotechnocosmos, and these lau beings still employ the sacred lateral political sounds and symbols beating in the name of “peace”, “security”, “justice”, “freedom”, "human rights", "democracy" and the similar dubious terms for integrating and perfecting this TI-laujinggong structure.  But in reality it is hegemonistic conquering in quotation mark.  It is just these highly imaginative beings who have cooked up all the unreal and convertible real enemies on the weaker LA-beings, that the process of this TI-ization becomes unbecoming leading ultimately to having to send their armed force beings across land/desert, sea/ocean and/or space/outer space into the body of the suspicious LA-beings to root out their enemies, and to renew its TI-laujing configuration of its LA-stopinder neighbors.

The law of three where numerous breeding LA-Sociocosmic stopinders struggling very hard fighting and eating one another in this MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation in stabilizing the multi-direction forces of these lateral gravity sociocosmic nation-gravity centers of vibration at the fundamental 'TI', after experiencing the trauma of World War I and II will gradually will settle down or synthesize at the United Nations (Mi) as the natural lateral sociocosmic platform for the resolution of all LA-issues, and finally capped by a higher new unregistered lateral sociocosmic gravtiy-center known as 'Humanity-at-Large' (Fa).

The lateral sociotechnocosmic stopinders or gravity-centers such as space exploration  (So), interplanetary exploration (La)  and  interstellar exploration (Ti) will then emerge in stages.  The sociocosmic laujinggong of the next sociocosmic octave, that is laujinggong of earthlings and non-earthlings has not occurred for these TI-lau beings in the real world as yet, the possibility is still open.  So be humble, gentle beings in this delicate process of perfecting your TI-laujinggong being where the shock at TI-DO Interval has not been perfected yet.  Get your grievances resolved at the United Nations!


3   The neutralizing stopinder beings and their being-made laws through their legalanaic postures is a third strategic piece of a strategic art of war in positioning as the “lau” in the mandatory process of TI-laujinggong. Large scale management, administration and control along the lateral sociocosmic octave would automatically generate the recognition as such “lau” in the TI-body from the TI-DO Interval and all the way down to the MI-FA Interval.

In the World-of-Nations (TI), the hegemony pursuit of a power-possessing essenced being-nation(s) works its way to be the "tilau" nation or boss nation by shifting the heavy, dirty and laborious production/ manufacturing stopinders to their "conquered" nations making them the "tigong" nation(s) where their modern slave workers nations should produce and serve obediently with their cheap labors.  The "tijing" double-headed sociocosmic management "snake" nations and non-nations alike have to wriggle and mediate the forces of production and the relations of production, alienation and appropriation of ownership and control worldwide (by military force often necessary) to keep modern nation-slavery and exploitation at TILAUJINGGONG level going smoothly in history for our FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.


4   The evolution of tilaujinggong was amongst the most painful ones in the history of humanity.  It involved two great world wars, countless battles with millions of lives lost before the few mightiest armies came to power and took control of the world.  After that the powerful ones almost permanently remain as ‘TI-laujing’ within this body of the Great Sociocosmos.

The essence of tilaujinggong is the quest amongst LA-sociocosmic stopinder for laujing position, “eternality” and perpetual prosperity for this stopinder position and its succeeding species to come.  Having thus achieving this, other parts of the body of our Great Socicosmos should be sub-ordinated to its administration, otherwise, they could be “bombed”  to “stone age” or forced to become weak and docile – a process of destroying and permanently damaging the “enemy” LA–Body.

The ultimate outcome is the emergence of a world “dominating” system as a necessary condition for creating the four orders of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  The predatory capitalistic reasoning and psychological “culprit” peculiar to those three-brained beings of the MI-FA Interval was the mass “ego” amongst these three-brained beings everywhere in the world that to be the lau or jing, the first, the most and the like is the true aim of all stopinder beings.  It is better to be a laujing being than to be a gong being.  Our history has been a process of constructing this TI-laujinggong being amongst all the LA-sociocosmic stopinder beings.

Now for the first time, the body of a LA-stopinder could be castrated by systematic and integrative smart bombings as a punishment for disobeying the dictates of a higher TI-authority.  It is this same ego of the MI-FA Interval reverberating at the TI-DO Interval of our Great Sociocosmic Octave that drives many of these three-brained power-seeking beings to seek for such tilaujing positions.  The actual socialistic will of the TI-DO Interval is at infantile stage and growing strongly at this interval to rid its interval off these capitalistic social, economic, political, legal and cultural constraints and obstacles - colonialistic, imperialistic, fascistic, Nazistic, hegemonistic pysche hydrogens from the MI-FA Interval.


5   The military researchers with hasnamussian ‘I’s would not hesitate to test their latest weapons on an invented enemy group, organization or another state.  The best way to do this is to discover or create a legalanian situation in the "United Nations" or an international legalana paradigm to justify their “tests” in order to preserve, peace, harmony and consolidate world domination against an invented enemy make real by themselves independently of the will of the Great Sociocosmos at this unavoidable TI-DO Interval.  However, only the most powerful ones can act unilaterally.


6   Each time, man is tricked because of his intelligent wiseacring at a very high level, and each is their great plan to dominate, divide and rule other nations under the excuse of peace, justice, freedom, human rights, democracy-in-quotation-mark, etc., but they are all slaves of their own self-projected sociocosmic will of a TI-DO Interval as they are essencely at MI-FA Interval but see themselves as if they are already the essence representative of the Real Sociocosmic Will at the TI-DO Interval proper in the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism which is actually the seat for REAL SOCIALISTIC WILL.  With all the wealth and modern slaves in his corporate ownership at MI-FA Interval these three-brained beings seek to become the representatives of a Real Socialism of a public state or common ownership state at the TI-DO Interval proper.


7   Why laujinggong beings grow and breed in large numbers in the body of Our Great Sociocosmic Being:

It was during the sociocosmic vibration of the fourth octave (at FA) in the historical sociocosmic scale of the growth process of this Great Sociocosmic Being, that emerged countless hungry “ghosts” called there by the name “corporations” as they took physical sociocosmic shapes through the legalanaic and also the non-legalanaic gates.  Thanks to their hunger to keep themselves survive, they actively took to such indispensable laujinggong structure for developing and perfecting themselves ready to prey like tigers on mother Earth.

The baby laujinggong beings only knew a few fundamental survival instincts and often misbehaved themselves.  Once in a while having got burnt in the buttocks, they gradually learnt bit by bit to become partially socially responsible laujinggong beings and contributed to the reduction of trouble in the much troubled “sociocosmic perturbation” on mother Earth.

When they buy they were truly fuzzy customers, and customers must be absolutely right!  When they sell they were truly cunning and cut-throat, and customers were right only if they bought at the price already fixed! The highest form of psychology was applied to meet this good!

Corporations and all the stopinders in the 1st and 2nd lateral sociocosmic octaves to them were tools, and a tool must be used on somebody.  The more useful the tool is the better it is.  And it must be used more often!  It was a belief then that these laujinggong corporations were good in pooling beings in large numbers to make one rich and lead prosperous life.  It was the golden key to make one as rich as possible.  So they bred in large numbers like the dinosaurs in the fourth biocosmic octave (at MI-FA Interval of the Biocosmic Octave) “fighting” and “killing” themselves, which they were fully aware of along their dangerous journey to perfect the fourth sociocosmic octave pre-set in their robot-formatory psyche by “somebody” somewhere else.

Having noticed the unpleasing root behavior of 'finger-pointing', ‘fighting’ and ‘killing’ during their adolescent stage of development and now, having become mature and civilized, they preferred to ‘compete’, ‘take over’, ‘merge’, ‘buy over’, ‘joint-venture’, ‘quality service’ and ‘squeezing the competitor out of the market’.

The size of these laujinggong beings during maturity could be very big, much bigger than those comparative beings called dinosaur in the biocosmic world.  During the abnormal change of direction towards monopoly, these three-centered laujinggong beings could be very  “evil” ‑ truly a black-eats-black being.

They were often directly the destroyers of the families and the prime cause of wars amongst states.  They did not spare the individuals too because they would even ‘demand’ 24 hours plus ONE minute extra time of a day from these 24-hours-ONLY-a-day beings!  They play the unfair game amongst members from the individual, the group, the family, the state and the nation sociocosmoses by projecting themselves as the indispensable saviors of the Great Body Sociocosmos.

They have burdened the labors of the regulatory stopinders of the higher levels in creating and maintaining the harmonious development of the sociocosmos.


8   Wait, wait wait!  The enneagramic sociocosmic specie bearing the name China is more than 5,000 years old of wenming civilization with not much of a difference in language and culture till today, and in history has become great feudal LA/TI-power-possessing beings seven (7) times through 7 sociocosmic enneagramma on planet Earth - during the 1st fully unified Qin Imperial Dynasty (221 BC) (LA/TI), the Han Imperial Dynasty (LA/TI), the Tang Imperial Dynasty (LA/TI), the Song Imperial Dynasty (LA/TI), the Yuan Imperial dynasty (LA/TI), the Ming Imperial Dynasty (LA/TI) and the Qing Imperial Dynasty (LA/TI) and One (1) enneagramic sociocosmic specie known as  Capitalist-Socialist power-possessing beings bearing the name the People's Republic of China (LA/TI) from 1949-present and with a population of now 1.402 billion (2020).  Whereas for the 245 years old infantile Capitalist United States of America of 5th century Anglo Saxon origin now with a population of 329.5 million (2020), it was born out from the womb of a colony of Great Britain in July 4, 1776 when it became independent, and also having destroyed a great wenming Red Indian Civilization there now camped in 326 Indian reservations on impoverish land as a museum relic sociocosmic specie enneagram.   Russian has a population of 144.1 million (2020).  Russian wenming civilization began with the Rus' state in 862 AD spanned a period of more than a 1000 years of Slavic, Tatar, Finnic, Viking and steppe people, invaded by the Mongol and became a Tsardom (SO/LA) in 1547 and a Russian Empire (LA/TI) in 1721, became Soviet Russia in 1922, became Soviet Union in 1922 and back to Soviet Russia in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  Geographical same location-positioning for China began in 1250 BC and earlier, that of the USA is 1776 AD and that of Russia is 862 AD.  The romance of the 3 'nation-states' (or 'dynasty-kingdoms') would need to take into consideration these additional factors besides the population and unified wenming.  What about India?





1   Very unfortunately for these ill-fated three-brained beings' typical daydream of having a real democracy for humanity, and because of these laws of three and seven themselves ‑ the law of three produces laujinggong and the law of seven distribute it into periods for all the sociocosmos – humanity by law is denied an absolute freedom, an absolute equality, and absolute liberty and an absolute fraternity, that is, the ideal democracy which is non-existent and the current election-based democracy (without meritocratic selection) practiced is opportunistic, predatory, serving the few rich classes and truly cheap stuff ...... and mutated into various democratic species.  Practically all are flawed and  seriously lacks the quality of a wholesome democracy.  Even in the biocosmic octave, the hethormen (Head-Thorax-Abdomen) and various differences forbid these fine ideals.  The fact is three-brained beings exploit by actions through these organizations in a manner ultimately leading to the accumulation of as much power for themselves and to consolidate it for the future generation.  Owing to this fact, three-brained beings of the planet earth had wiseacred for more variations to their democracies to cater for its artificial violation of other laws of man, nature society and the universe, the unequal law, the law of reciprocal feeding, the law of inevitable death, the law of constraints to freedom of motion, the law of laujinggong, the uneven distribution of power, etc.


2   A newborn SO or LA-sociocosmic stopinder being is a delivery of joy with a period of suffering.  Their birth is where blood always spills, just as blood is always loss from the mother during the birth of a child.  Hardly is there an occasion of a bloodless birth.  Although election which only operates as Law of Quantitative Changes has been tried unsuccessfully for the birth of a SO or LA-sociocomic stopinder being, nevertheless, it is an attempted peaceful means to “rob’ and “plunder” from the existing body of the “legalanaically” acceptable stopinder being, through instrumenting freedom, peace, justice, liberty and democracies for making private wealth at the expense of others.

Democracy brings about the change of lau beings for sociocosmic stopinders rather than the ‘creation’ of a new stopinder which could only come about through a qualitative, comprehensive and holistic sociocosmic revolution.  Democracy is too weak an instrument for any qualitative sociocosmic revolution because it is a lateral sociocosmic octave ‘vibration’ meant for small quantitative sociocosmic changes, that is, minor component changes within the already stabilized SO- and LA-Sociocosmic stopinders.

But the birth of being-democracy in the lateral sociocosmic octave and later coated itself a stable vibration in the fundamental sociocosmic octave, is a qualitative, comprehensive and holistic bloody birth from the mitotic “womb” of being-of-absolute-monarchy.


3   You can capture the lau position of a SO-sociocosmic stopinder by using the organizational stopinder bearing the name ‘political party’.  But you cannot hope to change much of the content of the SO-sociocosmic stopinder even after you have captured and ruled it.  There is a “gambling gate” to this lau position and it is called “election” - a few days dollar gamble could earn the political party a huge stake of benefits for 5 years, the normal period in the cycle of the LA-sociocosmic stopinder being.  There is a constitution of supreme laws of the country, and your low minds may try to change or bend the laws for lowly crony gains.  The critical point lies in "selection" ....... who decide on the selection and by what means?

A Real World View bared on deep reflection of a real situation behind real human psychological discovery does not expect you to belittle this fact.  This expression of the “will of the individuals by vote” has not yet matured into its octave through a division by stopinder vote, that is, besides individuals having multiple quantum-vote based on their position in the laujinggong structure or their relative importance in society, all associations, legal organizations and even the state can cast their quantum vote to exert this ‘will gamble’ of the electrocratic ‘octave’.  Democratic election in quotation mark becomes a terrible money-driven election, and the selection predating it is also classed and money-driven in the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.

These few days’ expression of the peoples’ will can easily be cheated through superior, doubtful, ethically word-wise and power manipulation.  The ‘checks and balances’ regulations could not function properly after the election silence for 5 years.  That is why after a multiple of these 5 year periods, there is always a non-electional bloodbath in their “change of leaders” -  individual or ‘party’.  Quantitative sociocosmic changes such as democratic elections are simply elections with much regret!

The selection-election process becomes a vote extracting or vote mining or vote milking process from the passive common three-brained beings to increase one's own private vote wealth. Capitalistic accumulation of votes extracted from these three-brained beings by the power and wealth seeking would-be production FA-lau, the regulatory SO-lau, the regulatory LA-Lau and the regulatory TI-lau beings peculiar to the three-brained beings dwelling at the MI-FA Interval is certainly and essencely different from the genuine socialistic selection-election voting process without quotation mark and notably, this is important, not for increasing private wealth by these would-be production FA-dong, SO-dong, LA-dong and/or TI-dong beings natural to genuine socialistic three-brained beings dwelling at the TI-DO Interval under the constant original-source  influence of the Will of Socialism, and also unsoaked by the lingering opportunistic toxic psyche hydrogens of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, fascism, nazism, racism, havatvernoism (religionism) or hegemonism that are found at the end of the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism.


One man one political vote is an immature self-deception without one man one economic share of wealth in the means of production!


4   It must be understood that predatory democracy is a lateral sociocosmic function amongst many superior others and can only be fundamentally given an established stopinder identity as its coating after it has won the battle for a LA-orbit.  And there is no guarantee historically as a staying power or as an emerging power!






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