Volume 113       April 15, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 21 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociotechnocosmic World Outside Us, The Sociotechnocosmic World Inside Us and Our General Inner World Conditions", September 1997 ~ December 2001 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section C:  "A Wee Bit About The Biocosmic Octaves" pp. 48 ~ 54)






1   Don't damage the surface of mother Earth, otherwise, the biological beings will have to cover the wounds with themselves.  Our cells grow to reconstruct the damage caused by a wound, so our biological beings heal a wound on Mother Earth by reconstructing the damaged wound using organic beings and nature's processes.


2   The psychic vibrations of the seven stopinders – ‘higher thinking’, ‘higher feeling’, ‘instinctive’, ‘lower thinking’, ‘lower feeling’, ‘instinctive’, ‘moving’ and ‘sex’ stopinders - are found to concentrate in only certain types of beings known as the organic beings (biological ‘notes’) of the biocosmic octave which are found on the surface of certain types of planets often known as “earths”.  These “earths” are positioned mostly at the MI-FA intervals of the Rays of Creation.

The artificial intelligent vibrations at this stage of technocosmic development consists of less than seven stopinders - “information processing center” and “moving center”- and only these two are obvious to us.

While the technocosmic beings are powered by electricity, light and various power sources, the organic beings are powered by ‘psyche hydrogens’ or ‘mind’ or ‘consciousness’ at its essence core. The latter is more evolved than the former.


3   The dinosaur active period was over, the avian active period was over, the mammal active period was also over and now, the homo sapiens active period. The individual active period was over, the group active period was over, the family active period was over and now, the organization active period.  The 3 fundamental forces of the biosphere, the technosphere and the noosphere enter in trinity as the “organization” phenomenon and together they form the new “creatures” on the surface of the mother Earth, invading the land, sea, the air and in future the outer space.  These biotechnocosmic beings consist of, like the beings of the living matter which falls into the great divide of the plant and animal kingdom, the two “kingdoms” of industrial or “commercial” or sociocosmic plant and the automobilias.  Also, the automobilias, like the animals, fall into the 3 divides - the land, the marine and the air crafts.


4   The radiation of the invertebrates (DO-octave of the biocosmic octave) was neither with an internal skeletal coating nor with the external skeletal coating.  The psyche has not instructed these precambrian beings on the rule of how to use the hard deposits of their own ingestion, and so they are not capable of the great invertebrate and vertebrate divide in the flow of forces from the psyche-directed genes present in the biocosmic octaves.  These hard mineral deposits were gradually instructed by the instinctive being psyche hydrogens through the gene-octave to gradually coat them into two ways: 1) As shells (exoskeletal)  2) As backbone (endoskeletal)


And these hard deposits must be used as protective, structure and shape stabilizing factors in coating all biocosmic beings in future.  This great Aristotelian divide between the vertebrate and the invertebrate begin to take shape in the race for being creation.  But the octave law places, the DO-biocosmic stopinder for the protozoa beings and their development into the fully fledged invertebrate as the DO-biocosmic octave, and the Chordate beings, the amphioxus (or branchiostoma) as the beginning of the divide for the RE-biocosmic octave which we called the radiation of the fishes.


5   The psyche functioning in these three-brained beings is active sociocosmicking and the so formed sociocosmoses are its instruments of a fight for dominating all organic and planetary beings in their environment.  The psyche’s quest along the biocosmic octave for better higher biological features and more powerful means of survival for these three-brained beings, from my observation, has been, hitherto, on the biological development of a better brain for the ultimate purpose of expanding the sociocosmoses which are instrumental for their survival.



6   A plant is a simple being-“worm” coated heavily with chloroplast, and could not move by itself like the automobilias.  The gap between these two beings should not be overly exaggerated or under-exaggerated.



7   The tritocosmic octave could become extinct due from sources in its smallest entity, that is, the inner octave of the cells, virus and ‘radiations’ that destroy the cells by using its nucleus stopinder in it as this nucleus stopinder is the "sun" or gravity control center to the whole cell.


8   The gravity-center of all organic physical body is the “gene-octave.”  It is the center of command for realizing the type of organic beings for physical construction.  The physical beings are simply the gene's trioctavization.  Finer than the “genetic octave” is the world of psychic octave, the instinctive dimension that acts as a psychic control center over the changes that go on in the “gene-octave”, and the changes that go on in this octave lead to changes in the cell-octave which in turn changes the tissue-octave, the organ-octave and the system-octave, and finally the organism as a whole.  The whole process enables the gene-octave to complete itself as an organism and the instinctive-octave to fill the whole organism.



9   The biocosmic octave shortens its time to complete its octave for-each higher species.  If we study the embryological process for the construction of a human being, the whole ‘evolution’ or ‘stopindering’ of the historical biocosmic octave is repeated for its last stopinder (man) in as short as 9 months.  Man is an invertebrate ‘worm’ (do), a ‘fish’ (re), an ‘amphibian’ (mi), a ‘reptile’ (fa), a ‘bird’ (so), a ‘mammal’ (la) and a “man” (ti) in a period of 9 months in the womb of the mother after conception.  He is a compressed (zipped) historical biocosmic octave encoded in the gene-dimension.  So are other beings!  However, for lower beings, they have lesser historical biocosmic notes to compress.  So their embryological process may take less than 9 months to complete.  As man is the seventh stopinder of the historical biocosmic octave, the seven months embryological evolution would be sufficient to enable it to survive.  A 7 month baby can survive as a 9 month baby.  All mammals would take around these quanta of months to complete their embryological process in line with the psychic will encoded in the gene dimension.


10   One or two “drops” of being-psyche hydrogens with the encoded cosmic properties of sub-wills, information and instruction energies would have found their presence in any of these being-planets at FA-MI Interval of any Ray of Creation of which our Earth is only a mere example.


11   You can therefore collect many more biological beings in your intergalactic “Voyage of the Beagle”.

Depending on how the life force is dominating the environmental elements in its ability to process their three-being foods, all types of being-creatures are “logically” possible for the Great Biocosmic Octave.  I would suggest you “create” models of all kinds of creatures that might be discovered for any part of the body of our great universe. 


12   The cloned beings would only produce identical physical bodies but certainly nothing much can be done to the emotional and thinking bodies as the psyche hydrogens come from the cosmic octave not belonging to earth.


13   The search for the “do” of the reproductive octave - the nucleus of an egg, the seed of a plant, the bud of a plant, etc. these searches become a craze, why?  Because one can clone and graft the improved version of new beings by manipulating their gene octaves.


14   The systematic creation of octaves for an organic world is the same for all life forms in all cosmic concentrations capable of sustaining life, namely, from the octave of independent one-cell beings, to the plant octave and the animal octave, to the insect octave and the higher mammalian octave, to the highest tritocosmic octave (man octave) and the sociocosmic octave, and finally to the technocosmic octave.  The virus octaves are the inner content of the 'suns' or nucleus of a  living cell without proper development of the coatings of these nucleus 'suns'.


15   The plantain octave consists of those beings that do not have a highly developed moving center as those that are already vibrating as beings of the animalian octave.  As to being whose exoskeletal structural system lie on the body, they do habitat on land, sea and air.  Those on land and air, contemporary three-brained beings called them just insects and those in the sea, they called them “crustaceans”.   And those with their eso-skeletal system lodged inside the body, they are beings of the animalian octave or beings with backbone.


16   The birth, growth, maturity, decline and death of a sun regulates the birth, growth, maturity, decline and eventual disappearance of life energy on the planetary system.  The psyche hydrogens that are transmitted to the planetary system are different from those during birth, growth, maturity, decline and death.


17   The genes were thoroughly researched on by the turn of the 20th Century. The human genome library is more accurate in determining physically based model of the organism but far less accurate for the psychological model.


18   The Great Biocosmic Seed creates for itself the same being on a different scale, repeating itself as it develops; man is part of its passing phase.

Cosmic Concentration or planetary spectrum conditions where life or semi-toners leading to life, that is, 'viruses', might emerge:

o  Activities at the planetary core

o  Time factor

o  Distance from the sun

o  MI-FA position in the Ray of Creation

o  Stage of development based on a spectral series

o  The period of organic life is one of the spectral “band”

o  The environmental conditions

o  Inner “bands” of the organic life - the plant divide and the animal divide.


19   The psyche hydrogens come from the higher cosmoses, enter as psyche hydrogens of the micorcosm (all organic beings) re-“instruct” the genetic library, change the body types, the physical type, the sociocosmic and the technocosmic to create and maintain world order in the biosociotechnocosmic film.






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