Volume 112       April 13, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Methods in its Application to Problems of the Real World," March 1982 ~ September 1982 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section F: "That Peculiar Flow Which They Called Being-Business," pp. 105~112)






1   Objective business begins with the matters in possession and the finest of them is the goal directed idea, that is, in the subjective itself that propel you to be the busy man  and one of the man en masse in struggle for survival and satisfaction of needs and wants riding on money magic.  The world flows fast in the realm of production, distribution and consumption, and the disposition of waste to the environment a perfect business BE-ING for your experience.  Business therefore looks strange indeed as the businessmen sitting on the magic money carpet fly higher and higher along the sociocosmic scale, losing finally his original business nature, business names and business directions through his own tri-octaves!  What might these business men turn into at their highest quest?

It started with the business-'I's of an Individual (do) of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval of the sociocosmic octave actively driving himself in the collectives of two or more individuals building a 4-bodied hackney-carriage or organization of a simple laujinggong configuration to engage in the social relations of production, distribution and consumption of their collective work in making of goods or services or both in a combined manner for the ultimate consumption by all.  The 'I's of the lau-beings, the 'I's of the jing-beings and the 'I's of the gong-beings in the organization enter into an agreed written and/or an unwritten engagement or both as the employer (capitalist owners) and the employee (managing owning and/or non-owning executive staffs and the majority of non-owning workers) in the capitalistic-womb of captive employment within the superstructure PESTLES auras of conditioned employism that naturalize this newer version of modern slavery typical of this always aberrating polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism and always within the body of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.  Quantitative changes in increases and decreases of laujinggong configuration continue to happen for each and every PDC stopinder with twists and turns of strategic business-'I' directions from time to time and each time changes the qualitative factors too in the stopinders as the forces in the tri-octave process ascended or at times descended along this 1st lateral sociocosmic octave - from the do-stopinder, to the re-stopinder, to the mi-stopinder, to the fa-stopinder, to the so-stopinder, to the la-stopinder and to the ti-stopinder.  The nature of PDC at do-, re- and mi-stopinders (personal and private limited companies) before its own lateral sociocosmic mi-fa interval are often called by these busy-ness beings themselves 'private companies' and those as fa-stopinders (public companies) are called public companies but with quotation mark in shares, and those after this mi-fa interval so-, la-, and ti-stopinders (cooperatives, government linked companies, state and national corporations) are called 'truly public' companies with the captivity or the inside of the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave of the capitalistic-essenced PDC organism.  However, there is an innerly linked 'SO-LA Interval'  explained through enneagramic consideration an input of sociocosmic being-food at Point 6 and a TI-DO Interval proper in the Pythagorean  sociocosmic octave of 2 intervals in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave consisting of 'nationates' in the form of the state regulatorate (Do-stopinder), the nation regulatorate (Re-stopinder) and the nation-bloc regulatorate (Mi-stopinder), especially the dominating United Nations (UN) and the subsequent emerging  Humainty-at-Large/HAL (Fa-stopinder), space exploratory (So-stopinder), interplanetary exploratory (La-stopinder) and interstellar exploratory regulatorates (Ti-stopinder) - all of which have hidden deeply in their body the same  capitalistic essence in the form of fascism, colonialism, imperialism and hegemonism.  They are all found in the body of this capitalistic-essenced FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism and also in the oft obfuscated aberrating polar  FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.


2   The ministers are normally selected from the government recognized "department" which is known as political parties.  This is an important factor why people want to enroll themselves and become active in this "department" in order to await the good news of promotion and greater harvest in an informed manner to regulators and to business competitors and consumers alike.


3   Knowing the fact that man needs three kinds of food is not enough.  One must also see and note that two of the foods, impressions and air can be obtained almost free of charge.

Only the ordinary food is "costly" and you have to pay for it.  It symbolizes the survival of the man-machine conditions.  Impression foods have gradually become very costly nowadays.

Then we have the level two needs which we called Basic Economic Needs and Wants corresponding to the norm of the society ‑ viz. a house, work, an income, a business, etc.


4   One of the essential directions of an Institute of Harmonious Development of Man (IHDM) is to collect "Practical Health Programs," organized them and use them for health and development purposes.  These types of programs are commercial able.  But a fairly high fee has to be paid for acquiring them both in theory and in practice (or service).  It is thus secretive plus chargeable for a given service per program.  But the IHDM can only cater for the Self-Actualizers ..............


5   Didn't you notice that the loudness of the voices is proportional to the size of the wealth?  Material or spiritual?  Its size and ownership increases with its intensity of actions for wealth!  Didn't you notice almost every material and spiritual objects on earth has already have owners?


  If there is to be business, there must be business 'I's.  Business begins from what you have at hand.  Socialist or large scale corporate business begins from the available materials which it has and the creative thought energy available.


7   The proletarian has no "country" because he has no property.  His citizenship is his given intangible asset whereby he is given the right to be exploited under a well-calculated system of business equations within a historical period of sociocosmic evolution.


8   The ray of business has its decision in accordance with the principles and laws of that ray, the ray of friendship, in accordance with the principles and laws of friendship.  Therefore, two persons can be friends as a matter of friendship law and adversary as a matter of business principles.  Beware that you do not fall into the trap of people who use friendship to exploit you along the business direction.


9   Mr. Greedy suddenly emerges from the mud, stretches his famous bow and arrow and shoots you down.  Life is tough living in a society of parasites.  It, the economic vehicle is a necessary aggressor.


10   In a bourgeois society a labor supplier should not be too generous as to give free services everywhere.  His labor should be divided into real free labor for essence friends and commercial labor for business friends.


11   Property whether class or individual is "legal attachment" of the "thing" and the class or individual.  Therefore, the possessor cannot see its departure without "catching" another for exchange.

In a world where labor is a commodity you cannot expect to get free labor for your own property expansion nor are you prepared to give everything free.  One must use his or her labor for transformation into his or her own individual property.  At class level class property, at national level, we speak of national property.


12   The produce of labor and of nature taking the form of tangible and intangible material objects, scattered everywhere on the planet earth and forming the vast garden which man treads and lives with, as his objective environment, is also the source of all conflicts and destruction.


13   When the acquisition of intangible property is concerned, one must understand that it is acquired not just through real labor but often through commercial principles of buying and selling.


14   Airs and impressions are economic value in so far as they are products of nature modified by business men for economic aims.

Natural air and impressions are abundant and are free foods of man.  Only ordinary foods (coarse foods) are the most expensive of the three.

The more material possessions we have, the more they will enslaved us because we may not be able to look after them as they are always outside us.  Thus, our spirit is chained to them.  Their wastes are our headaches.

No law shall compel man to look after the property of another unless it is a real necessity and unless there is no exploitative motives or unintended damaging outcome to another.

But unfortunately exploitation is a truth and visible phenomenon proper to human society and has been in existence from time immemorial.  It is a by-octave of the process of feeding.


15   When we speak of business contact we should also see "materials" possessed by the ‘beings-which-are-in-contact’.  In business contact, man is looked upon as "use-values" or "exchange-commodity"..….. this is the spectacles worn by the bourgeois when he chit-chit-chat-chats with you, and by the proletarian and various in-betweens when in contact with you.


16   It is when they want to get quick money that they become evil acnes of the earth's surface.  The corporation has all the earmarks of large scale exploitation of the Earth.  It needs a more tolerable form of the state (and its practicing principles) to assist in this global exploitation.


17   Play money and property, do not let them play you!  Money, like pawn in the chess, is for you to manipulate.  But you have to know the rule of the game.  And there are many players who only know one law, the Law of Sharkism.

Remember that the money is always in the pockets of humans and mother earth is always the chessboard.

Don't be a slave, a donkey to money!

They are to be the pianos and you are to be the pianist!

The formation of a gravity center psyche in the body of man called "economy", from primitive formation to advanced formation is an endeavor burying many a human conscience.

This kind of formatory apparatus which lodges among the Thousand-Petal Lotus (the brain) is often the cause of many social ills and environmental destruction.  And why?  Because the mechanistic order interferes with the normal circulation of the natural centers.


18   Ah!  This deceptive business organization is one that is set up to do business as any other company.  The point however is that it conspires with some people in the big financial organizations to siphon out their resources as it heads toward the preplan goal of bankruptcy.  This is just an example of the countless organizational feeding that prevails in our sociocosmoses that are regularly monitored by their said newspapers.

19   For the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, that peculiar flow which they called being-business is either of a flow of the business activities of the capitalistic-essenced corporates of the MI-FA Interval regulatory supported by the capitalistic-essenced nationates of the TI-DO Interval profiteering, plundering and oppressing within the nation-stopinders to the full creating a terrible state of GINI coefficient aberration within itself, and flowing outward into other nation-stopinders eating aggressively into these other nation-bodies all the resources by these corporates and nationates ensuring their deprivation and eternal poverty, partialities here and there.  Beating around the bush, including dropping two nuclear bombs, chemical bombs and invisible virus bombs, it is NOT never able to hop into that SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism during their pursuit for all quarters human common prosperity.






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