Volume 111       April 10, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 4 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "A Critique of Material Reflection, On the Modern Innovation to Old Materialism, The Emergence of Tri-Octave Materialism and Some Remarkable Individuals", September 1975 ~ December 1975 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section D:  "A Human Animal and the Animal Society" pp. 159 ~ 164)








1   The cruelty to human “animals” amongst domestic and national structure increases proportionally with the economic and political crises.  Personal revenge did not give way to a more matured struggle.  Humans still struggle like animals, this time in a sophisticated professional way.


2   Automatons are very noisy and they do not really know what they are talking about.  They could only talk mechanically and in a way that happens for them depending only on their accidental “will”.


3   For many people, their feelings and thoughts are often not ONE.  When solving feeling problems, they force thoughts through and for thinking problems, they force feelings through.


4   The harmonious development of the individual cannot be achieved on a socially grand scale under socialism, capitalism or feudalism except on the basis of small little experiments.  This is due to the fact that social pressures prevailing in each of these social political systems deny the freedom for individual pursuit.  For the average individual with weak wills, the environmental forces could easily halt their pursuit.  However, for the few strong-willed individuals such development still strives unfailingly.  Under capitalist exploitation of labor power or machine power, the greedy rape of the labor of the proletariat (8 hours a day and 6 days a week or even more) and the power of the machines practically uses up every humans and machines alike, and mercilessly.  We declare a revolution to the environmental material conditions of life alongside the spiritual quest.  The necessities of life are determined by the external conditions of life so much as by life itself.  The harmonious development of the individual becomes an inner and an outer revolution at the same time.  In order to achieve this harmony, a transformation is mandatory, and in fact, we are as yet far from achieving real inner and outer harmony.  Attempts to harmonize the inner dimensions, in Gurdjieff-Ouspensky manner, can be effectuated in conjunction with social transformation and containment of exploiting forces.

If you want a true harmonious development of the individual, you must carry out revolution not only with yourself (your essence) but also with the material conditions of existence of your external world ‑ of nature and of society making all a better and safer place to live in.


5   A town is nest for personality to breed and rural area for essence.  Learn how to grow personality in the town and learn how to render it more passive in the rural areas.  A town and a rural area can become a deadlock for perpetual perturbation and uneven concentration of wealth accumulation.


6   So long as you are asleep, so long will you remain a machine for use in a factory, amongst friends and by Mother Nature.  So long as the consciousness of the masses remains asleep machine-like, so long will they be moved by the director and managing beings.  But surely there is a limit to such mover-moved "exploitation".  A limit whereby the workers cannot really give more of their vital forces or else their life and existence will be threatened.


7   The man of logical mind who demands proofs for everything, at the present time, for instance, looks for the cause of the world economic and political crisis everywhere except where it actually lies.  And even if he were told that the causes of the crisis lie in the existence of the Soviet government in Russia, and in the recognition and support of this government by other governments, he would never understand it.  He is accustomed to in a certain way and he is unable to think differently.  For him the Bolsheviks are a “political party” like any other party, and the Soviet Government is a "government” like any other government.  He is unable to see that this is a new phenomenon different from anything he knows before.

"Where are the proofs of this?"  He would ask.

"And he will never see that this needs no proofs as it is just facts.  Just as no proofs are needed for the inevitable appearance of the plague in his house when there is plague in the house opposite against which no steps whatever has been taken on the spot.  But a man of logical mind says that Soviet Russia is a plague-house.  He prefers to believe in the “biggest” social experiment in history, or in the “evolution of Bolshevism", or in “Bolsheviks giving up propaganda”, as though plague can “give up” propaganda and as though negotiations and treaties and “pacts” with plague were possible.  In this particular case, of course, the man of logical mind errs almost consciously because he cannot resist the temptation to take advantage of the opportunity of snatching a profit out of the plague-house.  The inevitable result is that the plague appears in his house.  But even when it appears the man of logical mind still does not want to understand from where it has come, and demands proofs.”  (P.D Ouspensky, A New Model of the Universe)


8   We are most interested in the view that different classes of people have their own properties.  We are also very interested in the view that political ideas are classified as left and right and economic classes as the proletariat and the bourgeoisie based on dualistic principle.  In fact we are always blind to the third factor ‑ the individuals, the neutral groups and the neutral organizations.


9   In a society where class struggle and struggle for properties and basic necessities of life are in perpetual disparity, surely there will be a time when sparrows use their knives against the eagles.  But if a sparrow is caught surely the law knows no truth, knows no reality.  It will say 14 years jail and 20 strokes!

Here you see the sparrow, been robbed off land and the basic necessities of life by the eagle is also receiving “niceties” from the eagle.  A charming “cruelty” indeed!


10   To cure is to shatter all the ‘it's (animals), shatter completely to the very root all the ‘it's, institutions of spiritual sabotage.  The professional ‘it's – the most subtle aristocratic forms are held fully responsible for their natural-performance of crime against humanity.


11   The class above all is the productive class, and also the oppressed one, and the low caste one.  It is strange that the oppressed class did not gradually degrade according to the ‘survival of the fittest’ rule.  The oppressor is the dangerous perverted class that dictates the most pathological laws to solve the problems of humanity.


12   When a given social system is on the verge of extinction, even if a minute trace remains, it will continue to fight for life.  When a state bans an organization, it seeks to kill the organization by the book that it has invented to consolidate its power.


13   Ouspensky and Maeterlinck made this “mistake” when they treated “communism” and “Marxism” as something ideal.  He assumed that the “Marxists” and “communists” are utopists.  They conceived “Marxism” and “communism” in a manner similar to what “Communism” and “Marxism” have been interpreted by the exploiting class.  We notice “Marxism” and “Communism” precisely in “Ouspenskism” and “Gurdjieffism”.  This seems very mysterious but it is not mysterious at all.  We have to distinguish genuine “Communism” and “Marxism” from the distorted forms.  All are playing with words, concepts and raw emotions in line with nature's law of reciprocal destruction of beings.  By doing this you may have to convert all people in China, Russia and Eastern Europe (about half the population of the planet Earth) into enemy (which will uncalled for happen in your mind independent of your weak will) , taking your most destructive weapon to wipe out half the population of the world before you might be wiped out by them.  This is the cold war pattern of thought on the path of doom.


14   A wrong working policy in the educational system can be hazardous to humanity if driven by covetous group.  The creation of the new men requires molding in the educational system.  The terminology that has to be learned in an educational system is exceedingly important in the question of education.  Words although they express the human psyche, depend greatly on the material condition of existence of man.  Without altering the material condition of existence of man, certain psyche and definite words will persist in the brain for a very long period of time.






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