Volume 110       April 8, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 11 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Cupid's Songs of the Romantic Hearts, No Humans No Human Nature and No Opposites No Social Nature", December 1980 ~ July 1981 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section A, B & C:  "No Nature No Science and Technology: Great Nature, Biodynamics and Non-Living Project Network Vs Living Enneagrama" pp. 72 ~ 79)








1   What is Great Nature?  One tends to ask this question as it pertains the much known word ‑ Science.  Science interests itself to understanding this Great Nature and technology seeks to transform it.

Outside man is a vast field which we called Great Nature and here from this field, three-brained beings have generated a huge body of psyche hydrogens by digesting something that is abundantly found in them and processing them with their psychic centers.  From this, a finer body of accurate knowledge reflecting this First World Reality has been perfected and we call it Science and Technology.  The Science then forms the preliminary body of pure understanding of this reality while technology forms the application body.

The immediate Great Nature is the Earth itself.  Next are the sun, the moon, the other planets and the stars.  We can't observe them much; we need very fast and powerful spaceships to sail slowly along our branch rays of creation.

If we can create a spaceship that could function according to the principle of gravitational attraction and repulsion then space travels could take a different turn.  Man could be exploring the rays of creation with intelligent space ship that would repulse from a cosmic concentration and fall onto other cosmic concentrations along the rays.

As a natural law of nature, everything enters into everything and comes out of everything.  Everything is neither here nor there for long. Now you are here, now you are there; you are neither here nor there.  What essence current of a brain system is worthy of being the most valuable?  The psyche current in science, arts, ……. ?   Science is still the functioning of one part of the 7 “minds”.  It constitutes one pattern of the 7 patterns of human vibration.


2   However, the sociocosmos is also part of Great Nature and the principles of science apply for it.  For instance, money as a moving system is a current is sustained by individual and sociocosmic stopinder actions.  The various species of money produced from the various LA-sociocosmic stopinder beings could be investigated by the scientific method and transformed by technology.  And this body of knowledge is called economics or finance.


3   Gurdjieffian is to philosophy as Ouspenskian is to technique.  The former is the general expression of the laws and principles whilst the latter is the aspecial sciences.  Thus Gurdjieffian is the psychophilosophical expression and Ouspenskian is the technical expression.  Together they are philosophy, theory and practice.




1   The well-known body of techniques called The Project Network Analysis (PNA) an outcome of operational research in engineering practice is the body of a dead enneagram that has lost its inner triangle.  Since a being-project has no life force and is brought into being (as a technocosmic physical body) through the activities of the tritocosmic and the technocosmic beings by logical principles (and not the living principles) it can be related in a definite way to the Enneagram.  Read Irmis B. Popoff’s 'The Enneagrama of the Man of Unity' and compare it with 'The Project Network Analysis'.  The Enneagram is closely related to The Hexagram with differences in terms of presentation and principles  ‑  laws of 3 & 7 for the enneagram, laws of the unity of opposites & hierarchy of forces for the hexagram and logic, scientific & technology principles for PNA.  Read the “I Ching” – the Chinese book of changes.

At the psychological level, psyche matter obeys the Enneagram law.  This is the symbol:

A Psychological and Living Enneagrama


At the non-psychological level, when mechanics is the proper nature of matter and where there is no life, the Enneagram breaks down, leaving the 'notes' which combine according to the laws of mechanics. This is the symbol:

A Non-Psychological and Non-Living Enneagrama

G’s book is an essence source.  You can further expand the essence itself or you can treat each essence of the essence in detail and write a book on it.  Irmis B. Popoff’s 'The Enneagrama of the Man of Unity' is one such book but however only one in the hundred.

It is the symbol of the 'Random-Notes-of-the-Enneagram'.  The “Random-Form-or-the-Enneagram” has the linear component without the inner components.  It is matter without life.  Thus it is essential to add as supplement to Irmis B. Popoff’s important work on the Enneagram.

A worm is a being subjected to the Enneagram.  But engineering products such as ships and cars that have no life forces can only be produced by a broken down Enneagram.  Mechanical Enneagram becomes a Project Network.  Psychological Enneagram is what G is talking about. 

When a worm is alive, it obeys the Psychological Enneagram and when it is dead it can only obey the Mechanical Enneagram.

Let us look at the Mechanical Enneagram:

It has no triangle 3-6-9.  It does not take the three foods.  But the sequence 1→4→2→8→5→7 exists which shows that there in inner movements, that is, there is still some 'psychology in it.  But these psychological forces which bind the 'notes' 1-4-2-8-5-7 are so weak that the 'circle' will not maintain itself.  It will break further leaving the disorganized 'notes' of 1, 4, 2, 8, 5 and 7.  They are free mechanical notes.

In any engineering project these essential 'events' or 'notes' can combine logically and mechanically (using the mechanical parts of the human body) to produce the engineering products, viz. houses, ships, planes, instruments, TVs, radio, etc.

I will advise you if you have time to develop further what the Mechanical Enneagram means and how it links with our modern PNA (Project Network Analysis) and PD (Precedence Diagram) and hence realizes what Monsieur B. Roy & Professor John Fondahl’s origination means to us.

It is not difficult to see that we cannot fit social and engineering activities or events into the 'Nine-Note Enneagram' because real engineering projects needs more than just the nine notes.  Only when the Enneagram is broken down and stripped off the life-sustaining notes, can the mere 'mechanical notes' be used freely by logic and all kinds of engineering combinations rendered possible for their manipulations.

Whereas social and mechanical activities can be interpreted by Mechanical Enneagram, life activities of a system can be interpreted by Psychological Enneagram.

Every living being including your favorite mother, father, dog and cat is an 'enneagrama'.  Biological beings are just the psychological enneagrams with the triangle for the entry of air, ordinary food and impression.  A biological corpse has only a mechanical enneagram without the triangle.  Therefore, the psychological enneagram has the law of seven as well as the law of three in operation.  But mechanical enneagram has, however, only the elements of seven without the Holy Spirit.  Something is amiss as a musical piece is not Do to Ti in that exact order but rather operates as a harmonious unity of notes chosen from the octaves and in pleasing manner to the ears.  So our engineering projects are just these "musical" notes combined in a logical, practical and realistic way.

Engineering materials are “notes” from the outcomes of the Law of Seven in action, of material levels not psychological level.  They have to be moved by outside mechanical forces as they are corpses of the world.  Wood, cements, metals, plastics, glasses, etc. are just corpses with little life in them, and the application of the knowledge of mechanical enneagram will be sufficient to realize the project.  In mechanical enneagram, the 'notes' can be combined by logic, practice, experiment, research, technology and the scientific method.

On removing the triangle in the enneagram you give freedom to the 'notes', which can then be used with greater freedom.  They are the “corpses” of the beings without the holy ghosts and without the self-motion factor.




1   A farm, or indeed any agricultural unit, is an organism with an inner living current.  You cannot treat it merely as an economic unit without considering its living faculties.  The same inner balancing that exists in the human body must be maintained in a farm.  There should be enough cattle to produce the essential manure for the pasture and for the various vegetables.   The man, the cattle, the pasture and the vegetables should be ecologically balanced in such a way as to make the farm as biodynamical and self-supporting as possible.

How can the earth be saved from premature death?  The biological-dynamic answer is by improving the living qualities of all the ecologically beings, ensuring biodynamic balance and by eliminating all the methods that kill it.  This applies most of all to the chemical poisons that have been introduced into agriculture in modern times. The soil must not be stimulated artificially, but its natural functions must be enhanced, and this cannot be achieved by introducing dead matter in the form of chemicals.  (Rom Landau, God is My Adventure, p.189, Chapter VII)

Animals eat plants through the 3 being-foods chain, namely, 1) as ordinary food from the physical plants, 2) as better air due to the oxygen supply in the breathe-out air of the plants and 3) as light impressions due to the beautiful green leaves and colorful flowers of the plants.  On the other hand, plants eat animals through the same 3 being-foods chain too, namely, 1) as ordinary food from the decomposed dead animals, 2) as better air due to the carbon dioxide supply in the breathe-out air of the animals and 3) as tactile and warm impressions due to the movement and touch of animals and the agriculture and farming-care of man on these plants.  There is a law of feeding in this 3 being-food chains and it is called the law of reciprocal feeding.  Animals are active Yang beings and plants are passive Yin beings.  Their dialectics is a reciprocal feeding of organic beings on mother Earth's surface at the MI-FA Interval of our Great Ray of Creation.

While a biological-dynamic farm is the healthiest, a biological-static farm is the weakest.  So are our ideas and emotions, which are at stake!  An ideological-dynamic brain is healthier than an ideological static brain; an emotional-dynamic solar plexus too is healthier than an emotional-static solar plexus.  A biological-dynamic farm which is a complete and sustainable ecosystem is a holistic Enneagrama.


2   Cancer Biodynamics: The psychic disharmony could reach a point that the disorder finds its way into being-gene- ‘I’ which in turn causes it to misdirect, to mis-instruct, and to miscopy at abnormal speed and leading finally to their well-known being-cancer, the rebellious Mr. Hurry of the consequences of the growth octave of the cells.  For a farm it is  an abnormality within a harmonious and holistic enneagrama.






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