Volume 108       April 1, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 19 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Enneagram of the Sociocosmic Stopinders, Laujinggong and the Epoch of the Increasing Aggressiveness of the Business Stopinder Beings ", March 1996 ~ June 1996 Discourses, Chapter 8, Section D:  "The Striving for Sociocosmic 'I AM' " pp. 143 ~ 154)






1   My environment has shot me with four great "bullets" that have eventually molded my inner world.

The first was a bullet shot during the period when I was still an adolescent being at the age of 14 – 16.  The wound inflicted had later led me to a deeper understanding of the hardship of inner life struggles, the terror of poverty, the nature of reciprocal exploitation, feeding and destruction of beings and the favorite "Egyptian Pyramid" or in my word, laujinggong.

The second was a bullet shot by a kin-being or your favorite would call my being-father who was a unique talking machine with a life span of 92 years.  His continuous emanations left me with a bruise that instilled in me the followings:

  • Self-repair for my planetary body

  • Self-sensing

  • Awareness and knowledge of traditional medicine and exercises

  • Awareness and knowledge of nature, society and man transmitted verbally

  • Absorbing criticisms by him continuously

  • A new outlook concerning the world

This being-father of mine passed away on the 2nd of April, 1996 from an old age cardio-pulmonary arrest and was cremated in his own self-culture, and a very simple one.

The third bullet was a shot of immense inner world crises, a great all-centers perturbation and during the periods of minor sociocosmic perturbations in my outer world but major perturbation elsewhere on Earth. This gunshot wound could not be healed by any 'existing' teaching, religion or philosophy and physical medicines available during the period of the 1970`s.  I consume tremendous amount of 'reading food' for the cure.  None of the reading materials are truly effective for my crisis.  For this reason, I have to create the mental medicine for rearranging my inner world.

The fourth bullet was a shot from a remarkable friend who later turned into my essence friend.  It is this shot that is the most lasting and the most permanent to my inner world construction.  It is also an initiation into the inner circle of humanity and the preparation of a Gurdjeffian being-in-me as one of his great grandson.  His name is Shamsher Singh, an Indo-European being of Aryan descent.


2   Where do our 'passengers' or 'I's stationed?  This is a crucial question to reflect.  I notice that the first and very basic stationing of a group of 'I's lies in the concentration of the individual-stopinder.  This group of 'I's are directed towards basic needs of the body ‑ physiological needs, safety needs, social needs esteem needs and self-actualization needs (Maslow).  These passenger 'I's occur continuously within the context of the individual-stopinder.

In the course of social intercourse with his group of whatever interests and 'committed' directions, the continuous social interactions generate a second group of 'I's concentrated in the activities of this group-stopinder, which functioning would be continuous.

A small but very basic inner octave of vibration needs to be examined in the group-stopinder, that is, the trialectic process of the man and woman which is responsible for the creation of the third sociocosmic stopinder, the family-stopinder.  The group of 'I's would remain active so long as the trialectic of man and woman could not be stopindered essencely, through a social acceptance and a SO-recognition in a marriage.

In the event of the "conclusion" of the marriage, a new group of 'I's would emerge creating a concentration known as the family-stopinder.  At this stage, the holiest of all holy acts of I-godly creation of beings would occur as a third factor in the dialectic union of man and woman.

The passenger 'I's grow and breed further owing to the operation of a set of laws such as the multiautomarketo feeding exchanges and the economic demand for accumulation of capital and wealth.  This group of 'I's would station in the concentrations known as the collective (business)-stopinders.

This stopinder, according to my observation, extracts labor on an 8 hours day and 5 1/2 days week plus a holiday period per year.  However, careful observation shows that more and more of the collective-stopinders are demanding the stationing of tremendous amount of 'I's into their concentrations for more than just the 8 hours day, 5 1/2 days week plus a holiday plan.  This means that the psyche 'I's of man would have to split further to cater for this fourth collective-stopinder.  Owing to the extremely aggressive and unbecoming but necessary behavior in the essence of this collective-stopinder, the Cosmic Absolute engineers a cushion or a cooler of this stopinder friction.  It commanded a balancer, laujinggong, into its sociocosmic octave to harmonize the unbalanced inner forces of all the collective-stopinders as a filling for the octave gap at MI-FA interval.

However, this collective-stopinder demands stationing more and more 'I's into itself, occupying most of the limited time allocated to man by great nature.  The merciless aggression on other sociocosmic stopinders creating perturbations and 'I'-disturbances in the individual, the group and the family-stopinders, and finally behaving like sugar-coated benevolent devils, it has brought about a fifth wiseacring leading to the formation of a new and higher level balancer known as the state-stopinder.  This is one of the 'I' eaters.  Like a collective-stopinder, fixed with the three-brained shock absorbers, this state-stopinder's demand for 'I' is absolutely bureaucratic and arch-merciless with powers not of the benevolent devil but of Justice-Beelzebub.

However, as a balancer of all sociocosmic concentrations, the state-stopinder has to be One and a Big One, and the number of 'I’s stationed in it alone would outnumber that of the biggest collective-stopinders.  This is so because the number of lower stopinders it has accumulated would be 'fenced' into what is called its country, and only finally to realize that there are many such state-stopinders everywhere on Earth that have been active in claiming their respective countries.  And this dangerous situation would thus create global sociocosmic perturbations.  Each of these state-stopinders would then marshall all its lower stopinders in unison to battle these other stopinders.  And thus the sixth stopinder is created, that is, the nation-stopinder which is at first directed solely on national defense.

The nation-stopinder would be the next stationing of the 'I's.  However, to the surprise of everyone, the extraction for the nation-stopinder is done mostly on the state-stopinder, and rarely directly on the lower stopinders.  Only a minute per day is being spent by man thinking and reflecting on the nation.

As the state-stopinder, within the context of the nation, has become now stationed as the "obedient" jing-body number 2 man by our favorite political parties who control the nation-stopinder, and in the process of the inner laujinggongization, the extraction of 'I's from the lower stopinders has been powerfully demanding but only periodically.  Upon consolidation, the nation-stopinder would continue its 'attack' on other nation-stopinders.  The result is a demand in the psyche of man a group of 'I's known as the "International Holy See".  For a majority, the stationing 'I's in the nation-stopinder is felt as demanding especially when they pay their income tax, apply for approval of business, passport, identity cards, license or to abide the supervising police laws.  And in case of an international reciprocal destruction, they might have to contribute their 'I'-life.  Starting from "SO-LA Interval" and ending out at TI-DO Interval, the SO-Laujinggong, the LA-Laujinggong and the TI-Laujinggong are a continuously or periodically, now open now hidden, now covert now righteous source of sociocosmic perturbation and large sociocosmic shock absorbers.

As to the TI-sociocosmic stopinder concentrations, only those stopinder representatives to being-UN are stationing their 'I's there.  A majority of beings probably spend a minute a week glancing with their 'I's on such TI-sociocosmic stopinder without participation.

Upon moving out of the sociocosmic stopinders that hold their 'I's captive, man goes for his freedom as a DO-sociocosmic stopinder being, and then into the wondering world not sociocosmically.  This concentration would be the only non-sociocosmic one for the 'I's to dwell, a Balooian bare necessity of life.

Having moved oneself into all these vital and mandatory sociocosmic stations, one would still not acquire "I AMness" of a man without quotation mark.


3   Man, besides striving for his own 'I AM’’ also strives for 'RE-I AM', ‘MI-I AM’, ‘FA-I AM’, ‘SO-I AM’, ‘LA-I AM’ and ‘TI-I AM’ depending on which stopinder he is attached to and intends to commit himself in his sociocosmic life.

Man's seeking for the Absolute yonder departs from his 'i am' and journey away in 'conscious labor and intentional suffering' along an elliptical path closer and closer to his real 'I AM'.  His ‘I’s attach and identify on the way to the final 'I AM' if this could ever happen for him.


4   The goal of the entrepreneur that arises from MI-FA Interval is to venture into a new business and accumulate wealth for his own business-stopinder.  The goal of the capitalist (a tradition term) is to accumulate capital or maximize profit in his current or new business and accumulate wealth.  The goal of a management statesperson at "SO-LA Interval" is to centralize and further consolidate power into his own state-stopinder to the power mark known as the real-two-third-more-than-the-total-power-of-the-oppositions combined - the determination of which is dependent on the true accumulation and internal strength, solidarity, integrity and the firepower available.  And not just the "1 day" activity call being-voting as a way to gamble for power.  The genesis of a state or a nation-stopinder is never by vote alone.   Voting is only one such natural way of changing a lau being in the 4th or 3rd body of the same sociocosmic stopinder or as your favorite political terminologists would name it a mere-change-of-leaders-by-an-election-process.  The goal of a revolutionary statesperson is to topple a state-stopinder within a nation-stopinder qualitatively and replaces it with a new state-stopinder.  The goal of an entrepreneurial statesperson is to venture, modify or change the existing state-stopinder quantitatively to its environmental demand especially by the non-antagonistic or the potential antagonistic stopinders.

A politician is a being born of, feed on and centralized its motor-reflexes on the state-stopinder at the "SO-LA Interval" which is his center-gravity-radiation.  Although, he has other psychic centers and sociocosmic stopinders surrounding him as his unremovable sociocosmic part such as his group, his family and his business.  He might be planning on how to use the state-stopinder to fertilize his business-stopinder that arises from MI-FA Interval, his international pursuit or his deep pre-occupation with the cosmic and sociocosmic musings in personal business agenda. Neverthless, he must willy nilly fulfill his commitment to his state and nation stopinders.


5   Having realized the great potential and power of the sociocosmic stopinders in acquiring for itself wealth and various physical and money-value fatteners, the wise grandson looks at his great grandson and asks:

    As you are now already an individual-stopinder continuously acquiring 'something' for yourself in a circle, and since you are being commissioned to Earth to fulfill your duty here, have you made up your mind to be a lau being, a jing being or a gong being?

And the wise grandson adds more to your mission:

    To be a lau being, as you are lucky enough to belong to the only great bio-group capable of laujinggonging, you must deliver the babies of the FA, SO, LA and TI sociocosmic stopinders by yourself or adopt one from others, in the course of the multi-automarketo process.


6   This striving for a higher sociocosmic ‘I AM’”, warns the wise grandson, “is never good without also striving for a basic individual-stopinder  ‘I AM’.  That is to say, you must be ‘I AM’ for yourself as well as ‘I AM’ for the group or organizational stopinders you have coated yourself with.

And the wise grandson says:


   Just keep on wiseacring around a well-chosen own-stopinder mission, dancing and advertising the ‘need’ all your life and make sure, before your rascooarno day, someone could continue the mission in the same or modified manner.


7   Each sociocosmic stopinder is regularly modified, changed and re-engineered by these beings themselves to increase its power to achieve its intended goal.


8   The vision and the mission of a sociocosmic stopinder being are affected not just by the environmental variables but also by the cosmic purpose which a particular sociocosmic stopinder is created for.  In general, the vision, mission and purpose of all stopinders (sociocosmic, biocosmic and cosmic) would embrace creation, maintenance, repair and ensuring the survival of the stopinder, and to use the environment for this purpose.

A RE-sociocosmic stopinder being would embrace the same but with the everpresent visions and missions of the individual-stopinder incorporated. 

A MI-sociocosmic stopinder being would embrace the same but with the everpresent visions and missions of the individual and the group stopinders incorporated.

A FA-sociocosmic stopinder being would embrace the same but with due consideration for the prevailing visions and missions from the individual, the group and the family stopinders incorporated.

A SO-sociocosmic stopinder being would embrace the same but with due consideration for the prevailing visions and missions of the individual, the group, the family and the organizational stopinders incorporated.

A LA-sociocosmic stopinder being would embrace the same but with due consideration for the prevailing visions and missions of all the sociocosmic stopinders below itself.

A TI-sociocosmic stopinder being would embrace the same and with due regard to every sociocosmic stopinders.

The Great Sociocosmos seeks to realize all the visions and missions of all its inner stopinders.

The transition and specific visions and missions can be short-listed by every sociocosmic being from period to period, but none are so demanding as that of the state-stopinder.


9   The inner strivings for ‘I AM’ by the various dynamic stopinders create numerous stopinder identities along the sociocosmic octave.


10   The beginning of the vision and mission necessitate the body coatings, in the course of time by each of the sociocomic stopinders.  The diverse directions would have to be steered and aligned by the higher stopinders.

Having pondered over this difficulty of creation, maintenance and repair, and ensuring stopinder survival, the wise grandson felt a fear for the future of this great sociocosmic system and sighed:


   The saddest thing to feel for all the visions and missions of all the sociocosmic subsystems is to discover their own being-entropy.  And the merriest is that it is still a long time away.


11   In the Pseudo-lau type of sociocosmic stopinder where owners park their wealth using the name of other beings or “nominees”, the striving for sociocosmic “I-AM” is tainted always with the word “pseudo”.  The being that got his name used also has to shoulder all the risks – liabilities, guarantee, criminality, fines, etc.

Thus the revelation is:



DO-'I AM' is mechanically and unknowingly surrounded by many DO-'I is's and DO-'it is's

RE-'I AM' is friendly and deceptively surrounded with RE-'You Are', RE-'We Are' and a ‘They Are’

MI-'I AM' is lovingly, sincerely and hypnotically surrounded with MI-'You Are', MI-'We Are' and a ‘They Are’

FA-'I AM' is cooperatively, competitively and covertly filled with FA-'You Are', FA-'We Are' and a ‘They Are’

SO-'I AM' is sincerely, faithfully, servingly, patriotically, hideously and cunningly expressed in SO-'You Are', SO-'We Are' and a ‘They Are’

LA-'I AM' is sincerely, faithfully, servingly, patriotically, hideously and cunningly expressed in LA-'You Are', LA-'We Are' and a ‘They Are’

TI-'I AM' is sincerely, faithfully, servingly, worldly, hideously and cunningly expressed in TI-'You Are', TI-'We Are' and a ‘They Are’

DO-'I AM' is finally to be as there should be no more 'You Are' nor 'We Are' nor any 'They Are' but rather 'All of Us Are' - the BIG 'I AM'






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