Volume 107       March 29, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 14, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Work, the Psychophysical Transformation and the Making of the New Human Being," March 1983 ~ November 1983 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section A: "The Enneagramic Constipation," pp. 132 ~ 138)




1   All the wastes from the three being-foods are disposed off from the enneagramic human body.  As to psyche hydrogens that are produced during the digestion process as shown in the table of hydrogens they are "excreted" or released out from the body.  All the three being-foods refined at various levels of fineness produce being-psyche hydrogens to be released.  All three types of constipation are a result of retention of wastes, inefficient and ineffective disposals of excreta - solid, water, air and noo (psychic aura).

The 3 food octaves that enter our body where psyche hydrogens are extracted and wastes are disposed off from our body are the necessary processes of our body.  The 3 food octaves are the 1st being-food octave which consists of ordinary food and water that we eat and drink.  The 2nd being-food octave is the air we breathe in and the 3rd being-food octave is the impressions we received.   All of them have waste products which need to be disposed off from our body through various excretory orifices - anus, urinary orifices, nose, sweat pores and the non-orifices such as talking-mouth, skin electrostatic magnetism and psychicism and moving limbs - as soon as possible to avoid intoxicating our body and being and even kill us.  The waste can be bulky as with ordinary food, finer as with expired air and even finer as with excreted behaviors.  Any delay or blockage or retention of this waste leads to constipation.  As to the reproductive system (Ti) at point 8, there is also an orifice in the penis for the excretory or release of sperm and a fallopian orifice for the excretory or release of the ovum and vagina for the "excretory" birth of the newborn baby.

Every constipation falls into three categories:

 (i)     Constipation of Ordinary Food (1st Being-Food)

  Which has its source in the digestive system

  Waste and toxic foods are removed by regular motion

  Otherwise, it is disposed off by the blood to every part of the body and produce visible physical symptoms leading to the formation of pimples and the like.

 (ii)    Constipation of Air (2nd Being-Food)

  Which has its source in the respiratory system

  Waste and toxic air are removed by regular deep inhalations  of fresh air and extra exhalation of wastes

  Otherwise, it is trapped in the body and produces bad "winds" and rheumatic pains everywhere.

 (iii)   Constipation of Impression (3rd Being-Food)

  Which has its source in the nervous system

  Waste and toxic impressions are removed by meditation

  They create evil thoughts and bad behaviors


How to cure piles caused by the enneagramic constipation of the first being-food:

  1. Place a pillow on the buttock so that the anus is above all parts of the body while you lie down

  2. Relax your whole body

  3. Drink plenty of water which should come with the  solid ordinary food which we eat

  4. Press the piles into the anus carefully.  Do not force them in.  Suck the anus in and hold it for some time, then relax.    Push in carefully the piles, suck again and then relax.  Repeat the action.  This is a natural method and it does work gradually.


  • Pile formation = a symptom of constipation

  • Pile formation is mechanical muscles becoming weak

  • Bleeding piles = piles without blood

  • Bleeding piles are compound in nature

Stop the bleeding by external application of medicine or lotion or surgery.  Cure mechanical piles by anus yoga exercise.  Constipation is a sign of weak muscles and veins.  Remember that each time you pass motion, you are actually giving your rectum-anus a good exercise.  Of course, if stools are hard and dry, friction between the hard stools and the surface of the skin damages the skin.  It is therefore vital to take foods that soften the stools.  Suck-in and relax is a principle which can be practiced.  When standing on your legs the anus has already been sucked in and when standing on your hands the anus can be relaxed, and vice-versa.

You can take a little laxative to soften your stool in your next rectum-anus exercise.  But take it a few hours earlier before the holy rite.


2   Common Cold phenomenon is a periodic excretory process of the body from the circulatory system of the blood in removing mucus and unwanted liquids just as urea, excess water and salt are removed by our kidneys.  The organ of excretion is the nose and the throat.  Cold constipation is the absence of such removal of sputum and the detainment of the toxic materials in the blood which soon intoxicates the body.  Sweat constipation is when our sweat pores do not or remove little of the excess water and salt in our body.  Emotion constipation is when our feeling behaviors are not released naturally and the emotional toxin is retained in the feeling center as negative affective emotions.  Mental constipation is when our thoughts are not expressed naturally (logically) and the mental toxin is retained in the thinking center as negative attitudes.  Instinctive constipation is when or hormones are not released when they are supposed to be released into the the blood stream naturally for instinctive survival of a biocosmic being as a result they are retained as endocrine toxins in the endocrine system and trigger auto-immune imbalances amongst the primary stopinders - cell stopinders (do), the tissue stopinders (re) and organ stopinders (mi) - within the endocrine system (fa).  Sex constipation is when sexual seeds (sperms and ova) and sexual hormones are not released and retained in the reproductive system for which they are supposed to be naturally released but have broken down and accumulated as "toxins" leading abnormal psychopathological behaviors in beings.  Moving constipation is when muscles are not moving or over moving, muscle bounds and lactic acid are formed and hinder movements leading to muscle sores and pains.

Nay more, the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being also suffers from enneagramic constipation in the form of its inability to properly dispose off its waste products leading to severe pollution.






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