Volume 105       March 26, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 12, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Trialectics of Man and Woman, the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method and Other Fragments of Teaching from the Inner Circle of Humanity," July 1981 ~ February 1982 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section D & E: "On Identification and Non-Identification and the Inner Construction of Man," pp. 77 ~ 82)





1   Identify with nothing but connect yourself to as many things as available.  Identify not even with your spouse and children and establish links with them.  In this way you reduce the potential of inner sufferings.  But it does not train you to get rid of identification.


2   I cast out ‘it’s and ‘I’s in my language, feelings and actions, I am in none, and attached to none of these transient existence in wait of a real steward.

Once in a while, ‘I’ take the proud posture and all thought ‘I’ am proud.  When ‘I’ appear as a nasty person all thought ‘I’ am nasty and when ‘I’ take a naive, they thought ‘I’ am naive.  When ‘I’ issue the psyche hydrogen, sad, all thought ‘I’ am sad. When ‘I’ exist as the good person, all thought ‘I’ am a good person to be bullied.

None has yet to be able to see that ‘I’ am not What ‘I am’ and that most of my actions are genuinely good.

Emotional attachment in love is an inner slavery because the object of love is causing your emotion to depend on it.  It cannot be avoided because it is amongst the strongest kind of emotional (and others) identification that no being could miss upon entering the trialectics of the opposite sex at the second stage of social development (the 2nd sociocosmic stopinder of the fundamental sociocosmic octave)

We must set our emotions free from attachment to the first world, to spouse and to children, and to the dearest friend.  Only then can our emotions be developed and free to travel everywhere in the inner psycho-space in the fourth and higher dimensions.

We must be able to jump from a particular set of emotional attachments to another as well as negating all of them, and live in the free unattached space.

Change of breathing, change of physical postures and ‘I’s are some of the means for breaking down emotional attachment when the relationship becomes unbecoming.


3   We must not let ourselves be drown in an object outside or inside us during the period of psycho-logicking with it else we cannot ‘graduate’ out from it.  There is a great tendency for the mind to attach stubbornly to a definite pattern of thought when it is motivated into existence.


4   Man is easily identified in one or more of his centers to many beings in world one and world two.  He is identified with his language, with his religion, with his thoughts, with his ideology, with his race, with his culture and with any other perceivable beings.

Stand above all the identification of all languages, races, cultures and religions as if you are at the tip of a pyramid, and you can acquire higher cosmic experiences.  One can experience all the possible “beings” in the body without having to be identified with it.


5   Didn’t you notice that the inner world of a business person is happy only when there is a profit and most excited, sexiest and pleasurable when the profit is the greatest?  Haven’t you notice this crystallization?  What kind of person must he be when he can detach himself from such a narrow identification?  Is not then the inner work to be undertaken to shake off this yoke of identification? Is it not a seeming responsibility to his benefit?

Didn’t you notice they are caught by economic fears, fear of death, fear of punishment, fear of the unknown, etc.?  All because they are identified with fear!  When we analyze a person too much we may become identified with that person.  The same goes to analyzing any other objects of society, nature and the universe.




1   The diagram below is the Psychic Noumenal Barrel (PNB). Is there a way to rejuvenate the “Fuel Injection System”?  This is a Techno-Model for the inner construction of man.  It is Gurdjieffian.



As man has become a creature standing upright, the sedimentation of the psychic hydrogens has completed.  The densest matters settle in the lumbar region and the lightest in the head.  The coarse is below, the fine is above.  Because these matters are fine even for the coarsest and there is, however, only marginal difference in density, they are easily scattered throughout the whole body.  Furthermore, with the 7 accumulators supplying energy to the body at various locations to boil these matters, they can easily permeate the various parts of the body.

When the retort (our body) is empty, strange substances fill it quite unexpectedly and with a dim fire burning below the retort, strange combinations of psyche hydrogens are produced and experienced.  Some of these compounds of psyche hydrogens could last for an hour, others a day, some a week and some a month.  But each is the experience, the content and state of the inner being-octave and is a passenger for some time.


2   The Bible’s Cross Model for the inner construction of man standing upright is shown below:



The essence from each of the 5 main centers forms the being and it moves vertically upwards and downwards by levels while the personality also from these same centers, moves around at each level within the horizontal plane.  The physical location of the centers are positioned in three stories with the thinking center at the top and the instinctive, moving and sex centers at the bottom while the feeling center in the middle.  However, all of the centers function at the same level of being at each stage in the rise or fall of the essence own vertical movement.

The intellectual forces move downwards and the sexual forces move upwards if it is not moving downward.  The sources above and the sources below interchange.  The sex energy easily loses downward but it rises at first.  At the confluence the energies can move towards the left or right.


3   What you call truths are the various thoughts and various special movements of thought muscles associated with it that carry the special something known as 'meanings-real-only-to-you'.


4   For a developed and conscious person, the conscious sphere is not just this whole body, but the whole universe.  For ordinary man, the radius of consciousness does not cover the whole body but is confined to small areas.  Thus for him there is a big unaware region engulfing a small conscious region.


5   The ancient Chinese uses a Hexagram Model while the Buddhist uses a Pagoda Model.  The ancient Indus civilization uses an inverted Cosmic Tree Model.  The modern scientific model is the Physical Model of a phenomenal body or Periodic Tables.


6   The human being is so constructed that there are 7 entry gates above and 2 exit gates below making all together the 7 gates of a being such as man.  The 7 entry gates plus a skin surface would be able to absorb all the 7 octaves of fundamental cosmic vibrations creating the whole universe.  These 7 octaves of fundamental cosmic vibrations are light, sound, taste, touch, aroma (gas), solid and liquid octaves.

Everything is in this cauldron and the alchemy will go on so long as the being is alive.  What the ultimate results of this alchemy, what will be achieved or led to will depend on the ‘conscious work’, and nothing will change with no effort or pure mechanical process.






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