Volume 104       March 22, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 5 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Canon of Discovery, the Search for Spiritual Certainty and a Glimpse of the Real World Views", December 1975 ~ April 1976 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section C:  "The Religious Canon" pp. 244 ~ 248)


All Major Religious or Esoteric Symbols

A Bagua Enneagram






1   The core of all religion, the one intended in the essence is esotericism.  The practice of the church, the mosque and the temples to cater for group and organizational vectors has institutionalized religion and transform it into exotericism.  The way of the values, productive work, work on health, social welfare and others are other exotericism too.  It is impossible to believe that the exploiters can uphold a true religion.  Yet, it happens!


2   So you see, there is to be a negation of all the existing religious teaching ‑ Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Confucianism, etc., into an integrated new system.  This negation cannot be avoided because of the existence of their opposites, great schools of materialism ‑ all scientists works regarding the science of man, nature, society and the universe, and the works of all materialistic philosophers.  The number of such messengers of mattergy (matter and energy) is much more than the religious prophets.  The outcome of this struggle is the emergence of a new negating system that recognizes psymattergy.  The messengers of Mattergy are different from the messengers of God (psyche) and the neutralizing fight is the emergence of the messengers of Psymattergy which is the separated ABSOLUTE.


3   About the development of religion that we are studying, the source of its vibration can be traced to the same three-brained beings’ usual wiseacrings about everything ‑ the only specimen of earthly being possessing this peculiar habit suitable for spreading this maleficent mechanical religious propaganda.  The transmission process would produce the same vibration in the new initiates.  Unfortunately contemporary beings tend to ignore this transmission from religious beings.


4   A very peculiar characteristic of every ideology or religion is that it is a body that tends to permeate into the individuals, the groups, the families, the business organizations, the states, the nations and the world.  What goes on in China is a result of schools at work.  In Cambodia, the bourgeois class just perishes!  And would come back again!


5   My meeting with some of my students had led us to discuss about a book called Al-Quran.  Although, I had read this book, my mind could see it to be like those sacred books of the other religions but under B influence, that is, as secondary sources but not C influence which means a real prophet existed in your vicinity.  While discussing and to my curiosity, these beings emanated to me a certain word-sound ‑ Al Taubat.  I was suspicious because I did not fully know the meaning at that time.  I chose to remain silent and said nothing.  Later I disappeared.  At home, I took out my dictionary and searched for the word, taubat, which means repentance.

I soon learnt that in the psyche of these very young beings were implanted by their parents just the crystallization bearing the property of internalizing into identification with an external fortress.  And the crystallization is just called Islam and being an essence crystal, it transformed into a gravity-center and the three brained beings of this Havatslam would call themselves being-Muslimin.  Having identified with this word-God, these beings would see all other beings as non-Muslimin or even anti-Muslimin.  And the havatvernonian history proceeds.


6   For true esoteric havatvernoni, God does exist, but for exoteric havatvernoni gods exist.  Esoteric havatvernoni does not preach man to pray in temples, churches and mosques, but to work according to realistic and practical principles.  But exoteric havatvernoni does.  Never mind now, about these churches, temples and mosques for each being goes there for different purposes.  And if the preachers could not see, these places are good places for personal aims, and if the learners are not wise enough, the preachers convert them into the lambs of the ferocious lion.


7   What Moses had said regarding the slave-master relationship, is in absolute contradiction with what Titus had said.  Whereas Moses rose against the master ‘pharaoh’, Titus told the slave to heed the master.  (The Living Bible, p. 1158)

When the bible becomes living, it becomes a tool.  And it now depends on whose hand it has fallen, and the purpose of its usage.


8   The word ‘God’ can arise because it has (1) meaning (2) visible shape (3) sound form (4) a word for communication.  It tickles every psychic crystal and prefers the heart to the mind.  It circulates the inner currents elliptically within the neuronal network.   It does not look beautiful to me.  But to some it is beauty; it is God.  And here you are, the word pops out again and again.  Are you frighten of it?


9   The fact that one is religious does not mean that one is pure, one is able to possess no ‘centers’, does not requires being-foods and ‘manifestations’ of economies and sciences.

The state does not interfere with these ‘old traditions’ not just because this is a democratic society but because it is identified with them.  The state contains in its ultimate resolution, men, and men do not generally escape the forces of Great Nature.


10   Religious system, philosophical system and other ideo-emotional systems that enter our mind should be questioned intelligently and be quarreled with so as not to let  “dust particles” accumulate in our own mind and others.  Hitherto, we have considered religion as a  “lump” devoid of differences amongst the devotees.  We criticize it.  But we criticize it in view of what we called the peculiar unbecoming of  institutionalized contemporary religions  ‑  the fixed rules for the moving, instinctive, sex, thinking and emotional centers, trapped behind bars, setup fears to other three-brained beings and punishing them for not obeying the command of the institution.  They become pseudo-religions.


11   Tactical in display as if to trap you to become good boys and girls and to give you “good opium” under a situation whereby even out religious men are tempted also to do the dirty ‘dollar’ business.  Such is the picture of a real world at our crucial period; no religion really can be spared of this ‘dollar’ attempt in this period.  Religion dissolves and purified itself under its own negation.  Even atheism just grows out from religion, and stands above it.  The basis in both cases is different.


12   We are to see real man not religion.  Religion does not make decisions but real man does.  Under the name of religion, through institutionalized religious practice, man creates the most irreligious crime.  Under the name of God, all sort of mistakes may still be committed.  God is the unknown and in this unknown nothing concrete can be known.  Of the messages, more unknowns will emerge and invented.


13   My highly curious madcap brain was still very actively involved in collecting pupils even though I was assigned as an “oskianic prisoner” in one of these oskianic organs.  My peculiar task now somehow took a peculiar direction for enabling psych-metamorphosis in my pupils through a systematically regulated injection of medicinal vibration for the ultimate cure of the endangered beings in the body of our Great Sociocosmic Being.  One day, I made a decision to re-observe some of my research “objects” and in particular just havatslam vibration that had taken deep root in this region of the sociotechnocosmos.  And so setting definite type of quality vibration from my part, I managed to evoke for my research specimen a certain psychic tickling to unreel the latent havatslamic energy and released them as visible form for my ongoing diagnosis, analysis and judgment.

On that day I “tapped” on the idea of “eternal recurrence”, and these beings of mine began their cock and bull story that on the day of ‘kiamat’ the Earth will explode and break to pieces.  Human beings will die, houses will be destroyed, and so many other things coming from above.  However, if you belief in Havatslam and repent you might be spared from the hell.

As you see, my peculiar madcap brain will never hesitate to ‘dig’ into some special features of my “pupils”.  They see them as real and feel the fear of something, which they called the Almighty.  And seeing their fear I told them that I fear nothing.  And they were so hopeful that I would become one of them.






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