Volume 103       March 20, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 21, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociotechnocosmic World Outside Us, The Sociotechnocosmic World Inside Us and Our Inner World Conditions," September 1997 ~ December 2001 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section A: "The Great Universe Being," pp. 168 ~ 181)





1   In astrobiology, “concentrations” of biocosmic vibration are abundantly found only at the MI-FA retardation on such planet bearing the name “earth”.

In astropsychology, psyche hydrogens of very high orders are also abundantly concentrated at the MI-FA Retardation and located normally at such planets as “earth”.  The psyche works as the “I”, the “driver” and the “horse” for the biological creatures. They are all stored in the psychic centers.  These psyche hydrogens are a level below those at TI-DO retardation in the Ray of Creation.  At TI-DO, the Will of the Universe Being vibrates and designs its Universe Code.



My view is that all the Rays of Creation, according to scientific findings by contemporary scientists (such as Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt) consist of atoms and their elementary particles  occupying 4% and the Dark Matter which consists of invisible force carriers or fields such as the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force occupying 24% making a total of 28% of the Great Universe Being.  The other 72% are Dark Energy or the Theomertmalogos (Emanation of the Sun Absolute) and the Omnipresent Okidanokh (Active element or Prime source-Arising) with cosmic consciousness properties together act on the Dark Matter or All Worlds (All galaxies) to continue the accelerating/ascending growth, decelerating/descending death, distancing/separation or destruction or rebirth of the rays of creation.  The rays of creation shine endlessly in the vastness of the dark energy. The visible matter, the dark matter and the dark energy are one in the triad of the Great Universe Being.  Be a biocosmological physicist instead of being a cosmological physicist!

Diagram showing 4 branches of the rays of creation, namely from the Milky Way (a Galaxy) to 4 sun systems (stars) or 4 branched-rays of creation.

Seeing the far and the very small must not forget seeing the near and the obvious of the body of our Great Universe Being! Now around you in the outer world which is also a micro-detail body of this (our) Great Universe Being, and much easier to observe is the Geocosmic Octave, the Earth and of course, being a host to an Organic Life at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, “She” is a special member of the family of planets or one of the 4th order “suns” under the current ONE “head” of the family called the (our) Sun - an astrological harmonious and balance implication aligned and necessary rule to a ONE PARTY Governance on an Earthly Nation, also implying that if there are 2 Suns in our Solar System, we probably might need a TWO PARTY Governance to be astrologically aligned to this designed nature of our Solar System to avoid disharmony and nation disintegration.  At Humanity-at-Large (fa) of the sociocosmic octave which is also a micro-micro part of the Great Universe Being along sociotechnocosmic dimension at the MI-FA Interval of this the (our) Ray of Creation the ultimate ‘Unity-in-Harmonious-Diversity principle’ is still the design nature. Everything here is simply a micro-micro-part of this Great Universe Being.


Our solar system is a family of planets and their moons with the Sun as the head of state!



Notice that all the planets including or Earth are treated as 4th order "suns" although not much of the sun-essence is left or present in these planetary-concentrations for us to observe as they lied deep in the core - a sun-essence core being – buried deep by the mantle and the crust.  Therefore the planets are 4th order suns of varying levels.  Only on occasions when heat, power, electromagnetism, fire and light gather strongly within, it tremors from the core outwards to the geocosmic crust into being-earthquakes or being-planetary quakes around weak tectonic faults and if severe enough erupts as being-volcanoes ejecting the lava, the fire and the light leaving craters here and there showing us the planets are still active and alive. The latent warm and the occasional burst of the volcanic fire/light of the Earth’s surface come from this 4th order sun-essence at the core but on a daily natural basis they come from the (our) Sun and from the technocosmic octave especially from man-made electricity.

The ascending and descending octave of the (our) Ray of Creation apply to the (our) Earth and all the other planets as well as the (our) moon and other planetary moons.  The sun-essence of our Earth for a ascending octave in the (our) Ray of Creation will transform the sun-essence at the core eating and transforming all the mantle and crust above it and changing the Earth into a higher level sun equivalent and playing a substituting role on-transit as the 3rd order Sun with possible transitional  double-sun Solar System and the some of the bigger moons might become planets or the 4th order "suns" with a possibility of capturing new moon(s) for itself.  Whereas for a descending octave, the sun-essence at the core of the Earth will cool down causing the Earth to fall to the last level of the moon and perhaps the (our) moon be captured as a moon to another bigger planet in the grand rearrangement within the (our) Solar System itself or due to Solar Systems collision outcomes.

Ranking fourth in the orders of the suns, some of these planets, at least perhaps one such as the unique Earth might be found and gifted with a MI-FA Interval of the Ray of Creation where Organic Life can breed, grow roam and die there together with its instruments/machines/robots of production that has become technocosmic AI/AGI Smart even spiritual.


2   The universe is not just mechanical, relativistic, quantic, biologic, soundic and heatic, it is also psychological.  And it is a BEING!  The way we name its inner content is the source of our lopsided view.  But the Sociotechnocosmic Being is part of the Universe Being.  We sit as being-rulers of a sociocosmic nation as the frame of reference and reflect the bigger universe being - the frame of reference is transforming over periods of historical time!  To rule a nation with a philosophy centering on 4 pillar beings – being-workers, being-students, being-farmers and being-soldiers; to rule a nation using a philosophy centering on cosmic beings; and to rule it using deities and mystic beings.  These are the rulers' own busy inside to keep them going mechanically in history!


3   The learned scientists of the continents, America, Russia and China, having learnt that organic beings that have adapted to living on this planet Earth for the past millions of years might be able also to “adapt” to living on these other planets not meant for the habitat of brained beings.  Although, they partially suspected these being-psyche hydrogens could flow along this Ray of Creation and that these beings must be on the path to tap life forces from the main-stream, they do know that they could maintain life force for these beings by “channeling” a life support system in their planned voyage to other destiny in the Ray of Creation.  They know they have to carry along with them these life support systems in their future voyage.

Experiments have been regularly conducted by these learned scientists through the energies derived from their lateral sociocosmic octave to send three-centered, two-centered and one-centered beings to “orbits” far away from the gravity-center of life forces on the planet Earth to find out whether these minor displacements from the center could significantly damage the life system of these beings.  On one grand occasion 2,000 of such organic creature have been sent to the outer space to test their respond to zero-gravity environment by the spaces shuttle, Columbia, and all three-brained scientists are currently ( April 18, 1998 ) waiting for the result of the experiment on zero-gravity effect to beings.


4   My great grandfather was quite careful about steering the ship karnak near such cosmic stopinders as the ‘asteroids’, the ‘black holes’, the ‘vortices’ and the ‘suns’ - especially the ‘suns’.  These suns consist of highly unstopindered matter in the state of “elementary particles” and the spaceship which is made up of stable and contained stopindered matters could not venture near them without disintegration into elementary particles similar to that of the suns.  Furthermore, the ‘black holes’ would suck every matter into them without hope of coming out.

The branches of the Ray of Creation forbids a free reeling travel of their inner “specimens” to travel everywhere in space as they like.  A cell at our toe would not travel to the brain!  Our spaceship could not travel, to the sun.  Even our destiny to such neighboring solar system has to be very carefully conducted.

We feared meeting a black hole, a worm-hole or colliding with space debris.  We feared our psyche hydrogens might be absorbed away or being channeled into various mysterious centers or cosmic concentrations for recycling into different organic beings.  We feared that we might enter certain regions of the body of this universe which could not support the presence of any group of being psyche hydrogen.  We feared that our physical content, structure and shape would be modified as we stayed in zero-gravity, medium-gravity and high-gravity from period to period.  We feared that the rapid change in gravity would crush us or dilate us to bursting.  We have to manage gravity by ourselves as we travel along the great Ray of Creation, ENDLESSNESS.


5   Near the ABSOLUTE at TI-DO Interval are, just those logic, emoting, and various psyche hydrogens emanating cosmic concentrations or stars.  These logic-emoting stars are regularly sending ‘intelligence, ‘emoligence’ and other sub-conscious elements to various cosmic concentrations in the body of our Great Cosmos.


6   From the avian technocosmic octave sprung the bud of the new space travel system with the group of technocosmic beings called spacecrafts, satellites, rockets, etc., as the starting point of an interplanetary octave that would consist of artificial intelligent flying machines growing and breeding on and amongst the empty spaces between various cosmic concentrations of our Ray of creation.

Although the root of this system lies in the avian stopinder of our technoconmic octave nevertheless, it still bears great similarity to the construction of its predecessor despite difference in function and objectives.


7   It is hope that our science of cosmic psychology would be developed to a sufficient level to enable us to use psychic energy to link us to all the other rays of creation and tap being psyche hydrogens of high quality to enable us to “know” about the great cosmic being for which we are a small part.


8   Psymattergy is the trinity, the fundamental cosmic “notes” that could produce the great being called ‘universe’.


9   How does the tip of a Ray of Creation grow?  Regularly through explosions, massive and fine materials are thrown off by the sun (or planetary collisions of concentrations) which then distribute around the various existing planets in the ray, some becoming moons and others satellites, and the tip (moon) if it is of a large size could become a planet after acquiring, from the massive matter debris, its own ‘moon’.  It is normal that the ‘tip’ could acquire its own ‘moon’ from explosions elsewhere in other rays of creation.  The very fine atomic particles and the psyche hydrogens for life force are regularly sent down along the ray to integrate all the ‘concentrations’ into a holistic ray of creation.  Planets of smaller physical size do not get their ‘moons’ instead they get the smaller ‘satellites’.  Particles from the psychic octave via the energies from the Will of the Absolute at TI-DO Interval  are sent regularly into the MI-FA interval and biocosmic beings are created especially at these intervals - they are fertile concentrations for such breeding with the right physical conditions for life to emerge.  Being psyche hydrogens so harvested are meant to nourish the other ‘deprived’ or psyche deficient cosmic concentrations.

Materials for sociocosmic functioning only arise after the biocosmic octave has matured, that is, when they have enough of the biocosmic beings of the same kind to form a RE-sociocosmic stopinder.  ‘Laujinggongs’ are formed as inner constructs for levels based on the tried principles.


10   The periodic table of being psyche hydrogen is a complementary component of the periodic table of elementary particles which in term is a component of the periodic table of elements.  The periodic table of the sociocosmoses, the periodic table of the biocosmoses, the periodic table of the cosmoses and the periodic table of the technocosmoses are all periodic tables of very large material bodies such as human beings, cosmic bodies and machines.  The periodic table of the microcosmoses is based on the fundamental block known as the atoms and the periodic table of micro-organocosmoses is based on the fundamental block called the cells, the periodic table of races is based on the biological man and the octave is a tritocosmos.  The periodic table of colors is based on the photons and the periodic table of sounds is based on the musical notes.  We have only documented this body of the Universe Being in our own way!


11   The universe being has no outside, everything outside is just its inside.  It has no externals, and everything external is just its internal.  It is the same whether it begins with a ‘seed’ or ends in a ‘plant’.  Both beginnings and endings are inside it.  Its Big Bang is also the seed!


12   Special materials and their forms (including amulets, idols, images, and the like) that could ‘rub’ fine matters finer and enable them to function as ‘spirits’ and ‘gods’ have been used by humans long ago.  These fine hydrogens are able to exhibit psychic properties of consciousness, reflection, wakefulness, thoughts, feelings, will, pleasure, pain, instincts and “motions”.  They are godlike particles or soul particles.


13   The BIG BANG is not just ONE BIG BANG but many big bangs and we are not sure the universe we observed now is the first BIG BANG or just one of the big bangs.  Each bang is the first note ‘DO’ of an Absolute that would in very short period of time octavizes into All Worlds (TI), All Suns (LA), a Sun (SO), its Planets (FA), its Earth (MI)  with the potential of organic life and its moon (RE) and an Absolute (DO) which we have yet to examine for it is likely to be a potential note for the birth of a huge or a small ‘BLACK HOLE’ that will re-absorbed the universe in part or in whole of its ray(s) of creations for another BIG BANG or small branch bangs during reborn.  A BIG BANG or a small branch bang is just the seed ABSOLUTE (DO) or another seed absolute (do) that has become active and is growing its All Worlds (TI) or all worlds (Ti) expanding outwards ……..

The BIG BANG is not just a wave-quantum bang or MATTER BANG but is also a PSYCHE BANG of hydrogen (H1).  It is the work of the highest density of vibration and the least density of matter.  It is the work of the highest order of materiality giving rise to an array of psyche hydrogens as depicted in the 12 triads of forces in the Ray of Creation.







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