Volume 101       March 6, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts",  October 1993 ~ March 1996 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section D:  "The Ascending and Descending Sociocosmic Octaves " pp. 56 ~ 77)





1   During the ascending sociocosmic stopindering process, each higher level contains the lower levels as the movement negates and re-negates itself upwards.  For example, a group is an outcome of individuals interfacing one another.  A family is an outcome of the individuals (male vs female)/ groups interfacings.  A business organization is an outcome of the individuals, the groups and the families interfacing with one another.  The state is an outcome of all the gravity-center vibrations before it and is not much different from the business organization.  The next higher level of ascend is the nation, then the 'world of nations' and finally completing at the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being (DO).  Social relations of production and of other general social relationships increase during the ascending process.  The need for the principle of sharing of prosperity and of all other general sharing both of weal and woe increases during this ascend but does not decrease when a descending process occurs as the descending process is a mere redistribution of prosperity, weal and woe in the form or manner of privatization (to corporates), nationalization (to nationates) and datong-ization (to Humanity-at-Large which later includes Spiritual AI Machinality-at-Large) through the essence of grand capitalism (grand accumulation of capital for Humanity-at-Large), socialism, communism and datongism.

The forces within the sociocosmic octave ascend and descend as ascending sociocosmic octave and as descending sociocosmic octave respectively called.  The sociocosmic octave is a descending octave (maturing) that breeds the current dependent/ sponsored technocosmic octave which has not yet received the magic touch of the technocosmic type of life force in its full sense.  The technocosmic beings are still in the womb of the biosociocosmic body receiving the effects of the biosociocosmic life energy like a baby sucking the milk from its mother.  Their birthday is the day of the birth of the living machines and buildings.  For the technocosmic octave it is the ascending octave to gather artificial life forces from the milk of the sociocosmic octave which is made up of the social man and his invented instrument of production. The instruments of production is the seed of this technocosmic octave.  The descending sociocosmic octave is at once the ascending technocosmic octave with the land, marine and avian forms in preparation.

This ascending sociocosmic octave is a continuous process and it is a result of the procreative forces of the trialectics of man and woman.  With every production of a newborn DO-stopinder, the ascending octave is expected.  Forces pushing upwards to create and maintain the sociocosmos and heighten activities or gravity-center vibration or focus shifting upwards along the octave would be viewed as ascending.

On the other hand, the descending sociocosmic octave that occurs at the same as the ascending octave takes the background scene when the ascending octave is strong. But it soon sets in when this octave weakens.  In the descending octave one sees forces moving downwards to destroy and to breakup lower stopinders.  Entropy and chaotic activities or gravity-center disintegrating forces moving downwards in a civil war or a world war characterized a negative descend.  Various gravity-centers of vibrations are destroyed.  When the descending octave weakens, the ascending octave becomes active again.


2   Being-capitalism is the trialectics of the ascending sociocosmic octave moving all the way up to the TI-Sociocosmic Stopinder accumulating and monopolizing all the sociocosmoses into its own centralism within the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism.

Being-socialism is the trialectics of the descending sociocosmic octave moving all the way down to the DO-sociocosmic stopinder de-constructing and re-constructing all the sociocosmoses along its path.  It is the retardation to being-capitalism awaiting an octave-descend to settle down there at the MI-FA Interval which has been the original dwelling place of being-capitalism and it lies between capitalism and communism.

This is the enneagramic paradigm based on the application of the laws of three and seven towards the sociocosmic phenomenon relating Capitalism, Socialism and Communism (CSC-phenomenon).

Let us look at the dominating 'essence-of-capitalism' (over the dominated 'essence-of-socialism') at the MI-FA Interval breeding and growing now ascending swiftly upwards along the fundamental and the 1st lateral sociocosmic octaves extending its predatory tentacles from the MI-FA Interval into the TI-DO Interval during the FA-SO-LA-TI-Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism for which the 'essence-of-socialism'  dwelling at the TI-DO Interval is still in the state of an infantile 'Will of Socialism'.  The result is a sociocosmic aberration of 'socialism' caused by 'capitalism' at the TI-DO Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave and all the governance happening there at its 2nd lateral socciocomic octave.  This aberration of 'socialism' is improperly known as socialist governance.  There emerges 3 types of socialism-in-quotation-mark vibrating at the levels of SO, LA and TI governances:


1. The 1st type of socialism is government brought in at the TI-DO Interval by non-antagonistic political parties under the pressure of the petty lau, jing and gong beings of dubious welfare conscience in a certain way to govern and regulate all the private production-distribution sociocosmic stopinders vibrating predatorily and exploitatively at the MI-FA Interval and attempting to 'correct' triadic vertical and horizontal aberrations there such as distributing and redistributing of wealth through taxes and government spending, to make private enterprises less self-serving, to ensure minimum wages, to set price limitation, to set profits, etc. - giving capitalism a humane face and with a certain welfare focus. Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy and France are the LA-stopinders run by LA-dong beings called the 1st kind of socialist governance in the capitalist economic system still with the triadic laujinggong sociocosmic shock absorber fully intact.  There is certainly no wholesome democracy in this economic system and its political democracy is vote focus casinocratic and votemarketic in nature.  Much wiseacring and getting-around by the capitalist corporates to successfully control the government  through bribery, corruption, abuse of political power and money, serving the rich Fa-lau corporates and individuals through the instrument of free marketing and fetishistic consumerism,  etc.  This is Type I Socialism - all having about 30% socialistic state/coop ownership and 70% capitalistic private and individual/personal ownership of the means of production-distribution mixed economy excluding land/natural geo-resources ownership.


2. The 2nd type of socialism is government brought in at the same TI-DO Interval by the antagonistic revolutionary political parties of professional oppressed gong beings (working) through a qualitative socicosmic revolution sometimes by decisive election, and directly takes over the private enterprises of production-distribution into the ownership of the state (SO) and/or nation (LA) fully.  They then manage by central planning, organizing, leading and controlling  the production and distribution of goods and services in what they called a socialist economic system - still with the triadic dongjinggong and occasional gongjingdong sociocosmic shock absorbers not yet stabilized because it is an infantile essence-socialism just born and in most cases from the womb of feudalism instead of from the womb of capitalism.  There is still no wholesome democracy in this economic system too.  This is Type II Socialism and often called "Communism," an improper misused of the word over something not existing for a FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism. The Soviet Union (1917), China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Kerala in India, etc. - all having about a 90% socialistic state/coop/collective ownership and a 10% individualistic ownership on the means of production-distribution mixed economy excluding land/natural geo-resources ownership.


3.  The 3rd type of socialism is government brought in at the TI-DO Interval by either the non-antagonistic electional political parties or antagonistic revolutionary political parties or worker’s unions under the new laujinggong-dongjinggong-gongjingdong pressures creating a socialism with characteristics such as the China’s socialism with Chinese characteristics, and possible Middle-Eastern socialism with Islamic characteristics, Western socialism with Christian characteristics, and also other civilizational and techno-cultural characteristics.  This is the middle third that is what is is today according to the law of three.  Those 1st lateral sociocosmic organizations at the MI-FA Interval also acquire this type of socialism – all having about a 70% socialistic state/coop/collective ownership  and a 30% capitalistic private ownership and individual/personal ownership of the means of production-distribution mixed economy but excluding land/natural geo-resources ownership which must always be state ownership.  Perhaps in an equilibrium S:C:F (Socialist: Capitalist: Foreign) of 4:2:1 ownership of the means of production-distribution but excluding land/natural geo-resources ownership. There is a negation of negation of Capitalism and "Socialism" into a synthesis with a mixed economic systems in a polar sociocosmic enneagram as it is natural for a transitional FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism into the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Communism, where socialistic-essences is now seeking to sit at all the seven 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval  with triadic dongjinggong-in-transit-to-gongjingdong shock absorbers in place - keeping and/or replacing all the 1st lateral sociocosmic do-sole proprietorship, re-partnership, mi-private Ltd, fa-public Ltd, so-coops, la-privatized and government-linked companies and ti-state-national enterprises into do-collective 1, re-collective 2, mi-collective 3, fa-collective, so-collective, la-collective 6 and ti-collective 7 ... and to introduce real democracy to the production-distribution mixed economic system and for the TI-DO Interval with dongjinggong-in-transit-to-gongjingdong socioocsmic shock absorbers in place to ensure that they (the 2nd lateral sociocosmic Do-state organization, Re-nation organization, Mi-UN organization, Fa-Humanity-at-Large organization, So-Space exploratory organization, La-Interplanetary exploratory organization and Ti-Interstellar exploratory organization) are more wholesome democratic and also more regulatory in the process of production-distribution - both 'private' and 'public.'  This is Type III Socialism only growing to dominate the world economic system by 2148 AD as stable economic system for humanity.  Most countries are moving in this mixed economic system models on historical transit.



3   The actual forces coming from the cosmic octave and proceeding in a sociocosmic octave, contrary to popular notion is not DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI and DO but DO, TI, LA, SO, FA, MI, RE and DO.  This means that the descending octave is from the individual (DO), the group (TI), the family (LA), the organization (SO), the state (FA), the nation (MI), the World of Nations (RE) and the Great Sociocosmos (DO).  This notion does not seem to reconcile with the current notion of the ascending octave from the individual (DO), the group (RE), the family (MI), the organization (FA), the state (SO), the nation (LA), the world of nations (TI) and the Great Sociocosmos (DO of the next octave).


In terms of size, the upper most sociocosmic octave note, the Great Sociocosmos is the largest. It contains all the other fundamental and lateral sociocosmic octaves and notes in concentric circles which are all inner sociocosmic octaves and notes of the Great Sociocosmic Being.


If we examine the cosmoses in the Ray of Creation from the world of atoms (DO), the world of cells (RE), the tritocosmos or organic life or the microcosmos or man (MI), the mesocosmos or planets (FA), the Deuterocosmos or sun (SO), the Macrocosmos or milky way (LA), the Ayocosmos or all worlds (TI) and the Protocosmos or Absolute (DO), we will discover that the Absolute contains everything, that is, the cosmic octave.  However, forces still come down from the absolute in the descending order of Do, Ti, La, So, Fa, Mi, Re and Do.  What moves down is the very fine ‘particles’.  You can call it the various notes in the octave of atom.  The vibration brings them to us from the Absolute.  Massive fragments move in accordance with mechanical laws.


In the sociocosmic octave, the Great Sociocosmos would be able to send forces down into its finest monad and that is the individual who is analogous to the atom.  The content of the Great Sociocosmos and all the other sociocosmoses consist of the fundamental vibration of DO, that is, the individual.


Thus cosmic forces can use the monad or individual, to influence the nations which in turn can influence each state and the respective organization(s).  This in turn can influence, the family, the group through the individuals.  The individuals identified with the cosmic forces would close the paradox or cycle.



4   Nationalization is the process of shifting the active gravity-center MI-stopinder of the FA-sociocosmic octave upwards to the Ti-stopinder or Do-stopinder of the next octave, and privatization returns the active gravity-center to the La-stopinder or even lower down in the same inner FA-sociocosmic octave.  The unbecoming of the interfacing process of the sociocosmic notes DO, RE MI and FA in the general sociocosmic octave could trigger state intervention in restoring stability through a shift of the gravity center upwards.


Contemporary political brains from Nation-stopinder are dualistically conditioned to see itself as ‘Nation’ and every sociocosmic stopinders outside it as Private-stopinder.  Their brains easily take in the 2 processes – nationalization and privatization processes between the 2 centers of gravity.



5   In the language of Real World Views, John Naisbitt’s championing cause for the individual as the determining factor of social megatrend would be a shift of the human awareness focus back to the DO-sociocosmic stopinder.  In fact, in the process of the separation of the sociocosmic seed into its seven notes all the notes are important.  The individual is as important as the group.  So are the family, the organization, the state, the nation and the world of nations.  The symphony laws enable some of the notes to vibrate more actively on the awareness stage and the musical composition played in a harmonious way enable the stopinder players to occupy the 4th body factor in the body of the great sociocosmos. Once the music is over, other stopinder players would insist on their presence on this stage.


As the individual is always present in all the seven sociocosmic levels, he is the basic and ultimate determinant of the sociocosmic trialectics.


Prior to the 1980’s, the great music was played at the level of SO, LA and TI as the basic theme of most thinking in our brains.  In the 1990’s the symphony went to the level of SO, FA and DO.  Beings of the stopinder, Singapore, has expressed some flashes of the importance of MI because of the process of rapid MI breakups worldwide due to the diminishing being-time available for the creation and maintenance of the MI-sociocosmic stopinder, and serious sociocosmic perturbation in the trialectical process of man and woman has halted the smooth emergence of this stopinder.  The perturbation of the value octave of this trialectics leading to the active functioning of the demonimmoralian octave of this value octave also contributes to its rapid breakup.  I must further warn you that most courtship triads of the second sociocosmic stopinder (RE) related to the man-woman triad have broken up even before they are able to consolidate themselves as MI-sociocosmic stopinders.




Where is the equilibrium point of these two descending and ascending octaves?  Of the descending essence-of-socialism from the TI-DO Interval to the MI-FA Interval and of the ascending essence-of-capitalism from the MI-FA Interval to the TI-DO Interval in terms of the capital-mass of production sociocosmic stopinders to be considered balance within a  a LA-Sociocosmic stopinder? Of the foreign production-distribution stopinders?

There is a proposed standard reference S:C:F = 4:2:1 or   Socialist : Capitalist : Foreign over means of production-distribution mixed economy (good non-predatory sociopital-value or funds used only for social, public or  common projects especially by socialists without quotation marks : bad predatory capital-value or funds used for another predatory/exploitative projects or fetishistic personal private activities of self-serving projects not for the benefit of social, public and the common people : foreign investment '-pital'-value extractive and of dubious purposes, all the funds are amixed-in-circulation within a state/nation-stopinder) excluding land/natural geo-resources ownership at:

  • S=4/7 (State/Nation production-distribution corporations, worker coops and 'collectives')

  •  C=2/7 (Private production-distribution corporations including individual/personal enterprises)

  • F=1/7 (Foreign production-distribution corporations)

Now the disequilibrium occured when the capital-mass production stopinders move away from this equilibrium point - more of socialistic-essence when S is greater than 4/7; more of capitalistic-essence when C is greater than 2/7; more of foreign-domination when F is greater than 1/7.  However, this equilibrium stopindered and locked for LA-nations and TI-nation-blocs  is meant only for the late FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism as the historical sociocosmic species near 2148 AD (beginning Age of Aquarius) and continues thereafter  prior to the vey high sociocosmic aberration years  from 1788 AD - pre-2148 AD for the One Great Sociocosmic Being on mother Earth's surface.




The Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave

DO:  The Individual

RE:  The Group

MI:   The Family

1st Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

FA:  The Organization (Business/Corporate)

SO:  The State

Inner Beginning of the 2nd Sociocosmic Shock

LA:   The Nation

TI:    The World of Nations

2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

DO:  The Great Sociocosmos


The Inner Octave of the FA-Sociocosmic Stopinder from the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

Do: Sole Proprietorship

Re:  Partnership

Mi:  Private Limited Company

Further Mi-Fa Interval within the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave

Fa:  Public Limited Company

So:  Co-operative society

La:  Privatized (Government Linked or GL) Corporation

Ti:   National Corporation or State Enterprise

Further Ti-Do Interval within the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave

Do ⇔ SO: State Organization


The Inner Octave of the SO-Sociocosmic Stopinders from the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

Do:  State Organization

Re:  Nation Organization

Mi:  The United Nations Organization

Further Mi-Fa Interval within the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave

Fa:  Humanity-at-Large

So:  The Great Sociotechnocosmos (plus some associated organic creatures besides AI robots & "spiritual" machines)

La:  Space Exploration/ Sociotechnocosmic Will 3 (spaceships, space stations and satellites plus organic man and non-organic robots or Will of the Sociocosmos 3)

Ti: Interplanetary Exploration/Sociotechnocosmic Will 2 (spaceships, space stations, satellites, planetary and moon stations, planets and moon(s) plus organic man and non-organic robots or Will of the Sociocosmos 2)

Further Ti-Do Interval within the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave where sociocosmic becomes sociotechnocosmic

Do: Inter-Solar System or interstellar Exploration/Sociotechnocosmic Will 1 (all of the above plus sun(s) or Will of the Sociocosmos 1)


Note added in April 8, 2020:


1.   In the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Period(s) of Capitalism-Socialism, the social relations of production for the purpose of production enters as:


i) the fundamental Individual for production (DO) at the TI-DO Interval and is known as the Personates of the stopinder notes Do (Sole Proprietor production /business), Re (Partnership production/ business) and Mi (family production/business) with descent minimal or without exploited employee of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave or just lower level corporates before the Fa stopinder.  They are naturally non-exploitative, essentially not an origin of the 1st lateral socicosmic octave input and is a 'virtue'.


ii)  the fundamental Productive Organization for production (FA) at the MI-FA Interval and is known as the Corporates proper of the stopinder notes of Fa (Public Limited company), So (Cooperative society), La (Privatized corporation/Government-Linked Corporation or GLC) and Ti (State/National Corporation) of the 1st lateral socicosmic octave or just higher level Corporates below the next of Do.


iii)  the fundamental Regulatory Organization for production and all others - non-productive forces, wars, etc. at the "SO-LA Interval" and is known as the Nationates of the stopinder notes Do (state organization), Re (Nation Organization), Mi (United Nations Organization), Fa (Humanity-at-Large), So (The Great Sociotechnocosmos) and the three exploratory sociotechnocosmic tentacles notes of La, Ti and Do, namely, the La-Space Exploration (spaceships, space stations and satellites plus organic man and non-organic robots or Sociotechnocosmic Will 3), Ti-Interplanetary Exploration (spaceships, space stations, satellites, planetary and moon stations, planets and moon(s) plus organic man and non-organic robots or Sociotechnocosmic Will 2) and Do-Inter-Solar System or interstellar Exploration (all of the above plus sun(s) or Sociotechnocosmic Will 1)


iv)  the fundamental "Spiritual" and AI-Robot Individual for production (DO of the next higher sociotechnocosmic octave) and might be known as the Robot Personates .......


2.   The 1st Force of Creation in the sociocosmic octaves is always an ascending force for the purpose of creating the sociocosmic stopinders and is always there till completion although it might not be able to complete them.  The 2nd Force of Destruction in the sociocosmic octaves is always a descending force for the purpose of destroying the sociocosmic stopinders and is always there until the full destruction of all the sociocosmic stopinders. As soon as a sociocosmic stopinder or more have being created, two forces emerge, an ascending force and a descending force of nourishment and maintenance for these sociocosmic stopinders.  The Ascending Force of Nourishment and Maintenance (the Ascending Octaves) acts by shifting the gravity-center focus of nourishment and maintenance upward along the sociocosmic octaves both fundamental and laterals.  The Descending Force of Nourishment and Maintenance (the Descending Octaves) acts by shifting the gravity-center focus downward along the sociocosmic octaves both fundamental and laterals.  The unnourished and unmaintained stopinders weaken and often died off from the inherent destructive force within it with negative, positive or neutral consequences to the Great Body Sociocosmos.  These forces are the forces for the harmonious development of the Great Sociocosmic Being and in future for the harmonious development of the Great Socioctechnocosmic Being on mother Earth's surface.


3.   It is important here to point out the severity of sociocosmic perturbation in the development of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave beginning at SO-LA Interval and ending at TI-DO Interval and possibly beyond.


It is important to note that where the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave ends is also the starting point or beginning of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave (higher order octave) and this is important - all the notes from the 2 lateral octaves can easily become mess up due to our own abnormal process of digestion of the three being-foods to produce the hydrogens that could have been harmonized easily for normal man.  This is the accursed perturbation in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave!


4.   Socialism from Below vs Socialism from Above and Capitalism from Below vs Capitalism from Above


Psyche hydrogens formed in a human being is a subject of the outcome(s) or consciousness social or non-social of the digestion of three being-foods, namely for the non-social individual or biocosmic man - impression food, air food and ordinary foods - and  for the social corporates and nationates - intangibles (information, finance, communications, working capital, capital, labor, surplus labor, etc.), people (human beings or workers) and materials (machineries, lands, equipment, buildings, raw materials, materilized accumulated/stored labor, etc.) - and for the Great Sociocosmic Being - the individual (DO) as the 1st  sociocosmic being food, the corporates as the 2nd sociocosmic being-food and the nationates as the 3rd sociocosmic being-food.  No guarantee as to the exact latent form that might be hidden in the three-brained beings dwelling in all the 1st lateral socicosmic stopinders at MI-FA Interval (the Below) and those dwelling in all the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at TI-DO Interval (the Above).


If the psyche  hydrogens of strong Socialism become the lau forces at the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave then such psyche hydrogens of Socialism acquires an ascending power and move up the octave creating the phenoumenon of "Socialism from Below" and if on the other hand, the same psyche hydrogen of Socialism, after a successful revolution and become the lau being dwelling in all the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at TI-DO Interval having also acquire this same strong power as is normally the case then descend downwards, the phenoumenon becomes "Socialism from Above".


Now as I have already told you that these psyche hydrogens are created from the digestion of the three being-foods, so it can dwell in the bodies of these same three-brained beings anywhere in all the stopinders of all the 3 sociocosmic octaves, fundamental or laterals.  When psyche hydrogen of Capitalism at MI-FA Interval continues to ascend like a mad wild horse hungry for wealth, it takes the phenoumenal form of Colonialism, Imperialism, Nazism, Fascism, Hegemonism and of similar traits as they enter into the SO, LA and TI octave notes not a proper natural dwelling place for them but rather meant for the psyche hydrogens of Socialism. This phenoumenon would be "Capitalism from Below", and when the same psyche hydrogens wiseacred covertly into the bodies of the three-brained beings dwelling in all the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders at TI-DO Interval, and from there they "restore Capitalism" downwards as a descending octave, the phenoumenon is known as an aberration of "Capitalism from Above" - an aberration of Fascism because their natural home is not at the proper place where Socialistic Will of TI-DO Interval dwells and where property is public and belongs to the many or is common.


"Capitalism from Above" is normal only when it is in the MI-Historical Period of Feudalism where Capitalism dwells at the TI-DO Interval acting from "Above" and Feudalism dwells at the MI-FA Interval acting from "Below".


When three-brained beings much coated in the essence with being psyche hydrogens bearing the name Racialism cum Capitalism dwelling either at the MI-FA Interval or at the TI-DO Interval the same ascending and descending phenoumenon will happen – Racialism from Below and Racialism from Above; it is Nazism. It is very much ill-fated for the three-brained beings dwelling on the planet Earth.


The ascending and the descending forces are possible for all the fundamental sociocosmic octave, the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at "SO-LA Interval" and TI-DO Interval and the direction and goals of each are different from one historical periods to another.


Below is the models of the ascending and descending octave for 1) the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, 2) the DO-Historical Periods of Socialism and Communism and 3) the RE-Historical Periods of Communism and Datongism.


1. The FA-Historical Period of Capitalism






2. The SO-Historical Period of Socialism





3. The LA-Historical Period of Communism





1. The 2 consensus in macroeconomic policies of nationate economic planners and regulators to accelerate growth of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders, reduce poverty amongst the masses, stimulate the healthy growth of the Great Sociocosmic Being during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism


During these MI-FA and TI-DO bounded intervals of our FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, and also after World War II,  2 consensus appeared for macroeconomic policies models of nationate economic planners and regulators to stimulate and accelerate growth of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders aimed at reducing poverty amongst the masses, ensure the healthy growth of the Great Sociocosmic Being, somewhat wiseacred and appeared on mother earth surface, namely the one called by these three-centered nationate beings as the Washington Consensus (1946 - 1979) based mainly on the Keynesian Model/neo-Keynesian variants and the other more successful one called the Tokyo Consensus (1960 - till today) based on Shimomuran-Werner Model.  It must be understood both these macroeconomic models are still under the spell of the capitalistic-socialistic contradiction within the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism of a diametrically exploitative/oppressive versus anti-exploitative/anti-oppressive modes of production within and without each and every productive sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA interval of the Great Sociocosmic Being, and that will mathematically and technically end by astrological measure in 2148 AD.  The former Keynesian model of the Washington Consensus which wiseacredly favors the rich exploitating class being the winner of World War II  preferred by the US, UK and some other western countries, whereas the loser of this war (Japan/Germany) and the devastated nations (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.) which dubiously but more in favor of the general populace preferred the Shimomuran-Werner Model.

The Keynesian Model mainly of the Fiscal/Monetary policies and neo-Keynesian variants with imperialistic and hegemonistic gains and various-top ups. Being strong and war winners, they are able to enjoy the benefits of imperialistic and hegemonistic gains and top-ups from other exploited nationates to be included as a contributory support to the macroeconomic agenda. However, their continuing stimulation of the macro economy towards three-centered corporate advantages all positioned at the MI-FA Interval at the expense of the common citizens does make the US great but only to the greater benefit of the upper capitalist class.  As to education in the universities this Keynesian Model and its neo-Keynessian variants is the approved macroeconomic model as mandated - others including the Shimomuran-Werner Models or the Marxian Models are not allowed be taught in the universities except for mere mentioned.

The Shimomuran-Werner model is mainly no-cost credit creation for productive investment purposes to the advantage of baby or infantile three-centered corporates and some still not-killed or bombed established three-centered corporates also all positioned at the MI-FA Interval. Being weak and war losers mostly, they are unable to enjoy the benefits of imperialistic and hegemonistic gains and top-ups from other exploiting nationates to be included as a contributory support to the macroeconomic agenda. It too was much approved and mandated for education at the universities. Growing fast the result is a miracle and has produced some small competing capitalist Asian economic tigers - indeed it should be as there is a feel of peoples' care in this macroeconomic approach initially but unfortunately for Japan and even South Korea were damaged after the 1980's due to the disastrous US and its allies UK, West Germany and France imposed Plaza Accord 1980 (Tokyo Plaza Agreement) and later Louvre Accord 1987 both detrimental to Japan's international finance - the two swords of financial extremes one killing Japan's finance and another stabilizing and “eternalizing” the killed-financial state to Japan. For the other ill-fated competing capitalistic Asian economic tigers their fall is due mainly to the outbreak of their own inner endemic capitalistic disease from their own essence of greed, corruption, moral values and exploitation deep-rooted in their biosociocosmic genes.  Except for Singapore of strong biosociocosmic genes which holds strict to meritocracy, strong ethical control, checking on corruption and taking immediate action of remedy most final outcome of these other Asian economic tigers dwindled badly. 

China by the 2012 is the only one nation (while the US, the UK and some western nations that uses the Keynesian and the neo-Keynesian variants show evidence of decline) that has grown big and also independent enough in the Shimomuran-Werner venture assisted by the much 'not-allowed-to-be-understood' Marxian socialistic essences of common and shared prosperity instead of the capitalistic essences of only 'prosperity-to-the-few' philosophy with a sugar-coated cloak in disguised.  China's production is Shimomuran-Werner for all three-centered urban or zarooarian corporates at the MI-FA intervals as well as the socialistic collectivites (of the rural suburb) and State/National Corporates at the MI-FA Interval and the Will at the TI-DO Interval permeates deep for the Historical Periods of Socialism  proper - all-rich and no-poor with minor acceptable rich-rich sociocosmic aberrations and aplenty "oppressed" technocosmic AI smart robotic machine productions of all goods and services to serve the "oppressing" biosociocosmic humanity and whereas biocosmic humanity is only beginning to learn how to share prosperity amongst themselves which is likely to emerge as an infantile en masse starting from 2148 AD according Astrological measure.

However, a point to note in the law of reciprocal destruction and law of nourishment and decay, to this ascending path much perturbed by the already troubled presence of their own military-industrial complexes for defense, the future root of possible ascending failures and a possible descending path to a decadent body of our Great Sociocosmic Being is and must be noted.


Comparative Data on Poverty, 2017, George Tait Edwards

Tokyo Consensus Economies (TCE Zone) vs Washington Consensus (WC Zone)


2. What sociocosmic perturbations or terror in interplanetary imperialism and interplanetary colonalism might occur for this ill-fated growth in the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Shock?


Read this TASS news for a wee bit of mental arousing of your thought with regard to the Laws of Appropriation by sociocosmic stopinder beings:


 MOSCOW, April 7. /TASS/

Attempts to seize the territories of other planets are harmful to international cooperation, Deputy Director General of Roscosmos for International Cooperation Sergey Saveliev said on Tuesday.

"Attempts to expropriate outer space and aggressive plans to actually seize territories of other planets hardly set the countries for fruitful cooperation," Saveliev said.

He recalled that there were examples in history when one country decided to start seizing territories in its interests. "Everyone remembers what came of it,"Saveliev added.

In turn, Director General of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin on his Twitter page noted that Trump's two decrees "on the actual assignment of the moon and other celestial bodies to the United States" and on the state of emergency in the United States due to coronavirus can be related. "We are trying to understand how these decrees are interconnected," he wrote.

US President Donald Trump signed an executive decree on Monday to support commercial exploitation of resources on the moon and other celestial bodies, directing the US administration to resist any attempt to view outer space as the public domain of mankind. The document, in particular, emphasizes that the United States does not recognize the Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, adopted by a resolution of the UN General Assembly in December 1979.

According to the resolution, exploration and use of the moon is attributed to all mankind and is carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries, regardless of the degree of their economic or scientific development.






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