Volume 101       March 6, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts",  October 1993 ~ March 1996 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section D & E:  "The Ascending and Descending Sociocosmic Octaves and The Historical Biocosmic Octaves" pp. 39 ~ 49)





1   During the ascending sociocosmic stopindering process, each higher level contains the lower levels as the movement negates and re-negates itself upwards.  For example, a group is an outcome of individuals interfacing one another.  A family is an outcome of the individuals (male vs female)/ groups interfacings.  A business organization is an outcome of the individuals, the groups and the families interfacing with one another.  The state is an outcome of all the gravity-center vibrations before it and is not much different from the business organization.


The sociocosmic octave is a descending octave (maturing) that breeds the current depending technocosmic octave which has not yet received the magic touch of technocosmic type of life force in its full sense.  The technocosmic beings are still in the womb of the biosociocosmic body receiving the effects of the biosociocosmic life energy like a baby sucking the milk from its mother.  Their birthday is the day of the birth of the living machines and buildings.  For the technocosmic octave it is the ascending octave to gather artificial life forces from the milk of the sociocosmic octave.  The descending sociocosmic octave is at once the ascending technocosmic octave with the land, marine and avian forms in preparation.


This ascending octave is a continuous process and it is a result of the procreative forces of the trialectics of man and woman.  With every production of a newborn DO-stopinder, the ascending octave is expected.  Forces pushing upwards to create and maintain the sociocosmos and heighten activities or gravity-center vibration or focus shifting upwards along the octave would be viewed as ascending.


On the other hand, the descending octave that occurs at the same as the ascending octave takes the background scene when the ascending octave is strong. But it soon sets in when this octave weakens.  In the descending octave one sees forces moving downwards to destroy and to breakup lower stopinders.  Entropy and chaotic activities or gravity-center disintegrating forces moving downwards in a civil war or a world war characterize a negative descend.  Various gravity-centers of vibrations are destroyed.  When the descending octave weakens, the ascending octave becomes active again.



2   Being-capitalism is the trialectics of the ascending sociocosmic octave moving all the way up to the TI-Sociocosmic Stopinder accumulating and monopolizing all the sociocosmoses into centralism.


Being-communism is the trialectics of the descending sociocosmic octave moving all the way down to the DO-sociocosmic stopinder de-constructing and re-constructing all the sociocosmoses along its path.


Being-socialism is the retardation awaiting an octave-descend and it lies between capitalism and communism.


This is the enneagramic paradigm based on the application of the laws of three and seven towards the sociocosmic phenomenon relating Capitalism, Socialism and Communism (CSC-phenomenon)



3   The actual forces proceeding in a sociocosmic octave, contrary to popular notion is not DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI and DO but DO, TI, LA, SO, FA, MI, RE and DO.  This means that the descending octave is from the individual (DO), the group (TI), the family (LA), the organization (SO), the state (FA), the nation (MI), the World of Nations (RE) and the Great Sociocosmos (DO).  This notion does not seem to reconcile with the notion of the ascending octave from the individual (DO), the group (RE), the family (MI), the organization (FA), the state (SO), the nation (LA), the world of nations (TI) and the Great Sociocosmos (DO of the next octave).


In terms of size, the upper most note, the Great Sociocosmos is the largest. It contains all the other notes and the sociocosmic octave is an inner octave of the note, the Great Sociocosmos.


If we examine the cosmoses in the Ray of Creation from the world of atoms (DO), the world of cells (RE), the tritocosmos or organic life (MI), the mesocosmos or planets (FA), the Deuterocosmos or sun (SO), the Macrocosmos or milky way (LA), the Ayocosmos or all worlds (TI) and the Protocosmos or Absolute (DO), we will discover that the Absolute contains everything, that is, the cosmic octave.  However, forces still come down from the absolute in the descending order of Do, Ti, La, So, Fa, Mi, Re and Do.  What moves down is the very fine ‘particles’.  You can call it the various notes in the octave of atom.  The vibration brings them to us from the Absolute.  Massive fragments move in accordance with mechanical laws.


In the sociocosmic octave, the Great Sociocosmos would be able to send forces down into its finest monad and that is the individual who is analogous to the atom.  The content of the Great Sociocosmos and all the other sociocosmoses consist of the fundamental vibration of DO, that is, the individual.


Thus the United Nation can use the monad, individual, to influence the nations which in turn can influence each state and the respective organization(s).  This in turn can influence, the family, the group through the individuals.  The individuals identified with the United Nation would close the paradox or cycle.



4   Nationalization is the process of shifting the active gravity-center Mi-stopinder of the FA-sociocosmic octave upwards to the Ti-stopinder or Do-stopinder of the next octave, and privatization returns the active gravity-center to the La-stopinder or even lower down in the same inner FA-sociocosmic octave.  The unbecoming of the interfacing process of the sociocosmic notes DO, RE MI and FA in the general sociocosmic octave could trigger state intervention in restoring stability through a shift of the gravity center upwards.


Contemporary political brains from Nation-stopinder are dualistically conditioned to see itself as ‘Nation’ and every sociocosmic stopinders outside it as Private-stopinder.  Their brains easily take in the 2 processes – nationalization and privatization processes between the 2 centers of gravity.





The Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave

DO:  The Individual

RE:  The Group

MI:   The Family

1st Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

FA:  The Organization (Business/Corporate)

SO:  The State

Inner Beginning of the 2nd Sociocosmic Shock

LA:   The Nation

TI:    The World of Nations

2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

DO:  The Great Sociocosmos


The Inner Octave of the FA-Sociocosmic Stopinder from the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

Do: Sole Proprietorship

Re:  Partnership

Mi:  Private Limited Company

Fa:  Public Limited Company

So:  Co-operative society

La:  Privatized Corporation

Ti:   National Corporation or State Enterprise

Do ⇔ SO: Stateship/State Organization


The Inner Octave of the SO-Sociocosmic Stopinders from the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Shock

Do:  Stateship

Re:  Nation Group

Mi:  World-Of-Nations Alliance

Fa:  Humanity-at-Large

So:  Space Exploration (spaceships, space stations and satellites plus organic man and non-organic robots)

La:  Interplanetary Exploration (spaceships, space stations, satellites, planetary and mon stations, planets and moon(s) plus organic man and non-organic robots)

Ti: Inter-Solar System Exploration (all of the above plus sun(s))


5   In the language of Real World Views, John Naisbitt’s championing cause for the individual as the determining factor of social megatrend would be a shift of the human awareness focus back to the DO-sociocosmic stopinder.  In fact, in the process of the separation of the sociocosmic seed into its seven notes all the notes are important.  The individual is as important as the group.  So are the family, the organization, the state, the nation and the world of nations.  The symphony laws enable some of the notes to vibrate more actively on the awareness stage and the musical composition played in a harmonious way enable the stopinder players to occupy the 4th body factor in the body of the great sociocosmos. Once the music is over, other stopinder players would insist on their presence on this stage.


As the individual is always present in all the seven sociocosmic levels, he is the basic and ultimate determinant of the sociocosmic trialectics.


Prior to the 1980’s, the great music was played at the level of SO, LA and TI as the basic theme of most thinking in our brains.  In the 1990’s the symphony went to the level of SO, FA and DO.  Beings of the stopinder, Singapore, has expressed some flashes of the importance of MI because of the process of rapid MI breakups worldwide due to the diminishing being-time available for the creation and maintenance of the MI-sociocosmic stopinder, and serious sociocosmic perturbation in the trialectical process of man and woman has halted the smooth emergence of this stopinder.  The perturbation of the value octave of this trialectics leading to the active functioning of the demonimmoralian octave of this value octave also contributes to its rapid breakup.  I must further warn you that most courtship triads of the second sociocosmic stopinder (RE) related to the man-woman triad have broken up even before they are able to consolidate themselves as MI-sociocosmic stopinders.




It is important here to point out the severity of sociocosmic perturbation in the development of the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave beginning at SO-LA Interval and Ending at TI-DO Interval and possibly beyond:


What sociocosmic perturbations or terror in Interplanetary Imperialism might occur for this ill-fated growth in the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Shock?


Read this TASS news for a wee bit of mental arousing of your thought with regard to the Laws of Appropriation by sociocosmic stopinder beings:


 MOSCOW, April 7. /TASS/

Attempts to seize the territories of other planets are harmful to international cooperation, Deputy Director General of Roscosmos for International Cooperation Sergey Saveliev said on Tuesday.

"Attempts to expropriate outer space and aggressive plans to actually seize territories of other planets hardly set the countries for fruitful cooperation," Saveliev said.

He recalled that there were examples in history when one country decided to start seizing territories in its interests. "Everyone remembers what came of it,"Saveliev added.

In turn, Director General of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin on his Twitter page noted that Trump's two decrees "on the actual assignment of the moon and other celestial bodies to the United States" and on the state of emergency in the United States due to coronavirus can be related. "We are trying to understand how these decrees are interconnected," he wrote.

US President Donald Trump signed an executive decree on Monday to support commercial exploitation of resources on the moon and other celestial bodies, directing the US administration to resist any attempt to view outer space as the public domain of mankind. The document, in particular, emphasizes that the United States does not recognize the Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, adopted by a resolution of the UN General Assembly in December 1979.

According to the resolution, exploration and use of the moon is attributed to all mankind and is carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries, regardless of the degree of their economic or scientific development.


It is important to note that where the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave ends is also the starting point or beginning of the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave (higher order octave) and this is important - all the notes from the 2 lateral octaves can easily become mess up due to our own abnormal process of digestion of the three being-foods to produce the hydrogens that could have been harmonized easily for normal man.  This is the accursed perturbation in the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave!




The Historical Sociocosmic Octaves


Fundamental Sociocosmic Stopinders



Popular Sociological Name


Lateral Sociocosmic Active Force

1.   The DO-Historical Sociocosmic Octave:


Individual (DO)

Primitive Period (Primitive Communism)


None, animal living

2.   The RE-Historical Sociocosmic Octave:


Group (RE)

Slave-Owning Period

(Ancient Period)

Paganism, primitive religion, tribe, beneficial handicraftivity


3.   The MI-Historical Sociocosmic Octave:


Family (MI)

Feudal Period

Religion and philosophy, MI-beneficial Handicraftivity

4.   The FA-Historical Socicosmic Octave:


Business Organization (FA)        

Capitalist Period 

Materialism, science & technology, FA-beneficial productivity

5.   The SO-Historical Sociocosmic Octave:


State Organization (SO)

Socialist Period

Integrated materialism, science & (socialist marketing) technology, independent value & ethical system, SO-beneficial productivity

6.   The LA-Historical Sociocosmic Octave:


National Organization (LA)


Socialist Period (National)

Integrated materialism, science & technology, independent value & ethical system, extraction of what is good in the earlier systems, LA-beneficial productivity

7.    The TI-Historical Sociocosmic Octave:


World of Nations Organization (TI)

Socialist Period (World Integration/Datong)

As above but on a higher scale unity of parts and whole, TI-beneficial Global Marketism (Internalized productivity)


1.             The Great Sociocosmic Being

(DO of the next octave)

Communist Period (Planetary Exploration, Intersolar Exploration, etc.)

Very DO-Stopinder based 7 psychic center emanations, DO-beneficial productivity and highly technocosmic but forces as a whole  move planetary, interplanetary, solar and even intersolar .....




1   Having thought deeply about the time horizon for the development of the whole sociocosmic being, the wise grandson thought again about the sevenfoldness and begins to depict a schema for the movement of all sociocosmic stopinders as a whole.


This concludes the available ways we can wiseacre with historical sociocosmoses round and back to ourselves.  After going for a long journey to create the great sociocosmic being we finally have to add one more wiseacring, that is, back to ourselves as the basic sociocosmic stopinder.  By this time the great sociocosmic being is already at maturity and is quite near its rascooarnoian happening (sociocosmic death).


Propelled by the trialectic laws, the historical octave (sociocosmic time-based octave) is gradually on the forming as a ‘now’ moving development.  During my period of existence the trialectic sociocosmic process is probably in the time ‘notes’ between the FA focus, the SO focus, the LA focus and the TI focus, moving at a predictable rate, sometimes ascending, sometimes descending to and fro.  The dominating fundamental inner octaves are from the fundamental FA, SO, LA and TI octaves.









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